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Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Thursday

Swim floaties for toddler less than 30 lbs

I’ve been researching and can’t find swim floats for toddlers that weigh less than 30 lbs. I was able to find life jackets for as young as infant but my son (15 months) is terrified of wearing the life jacket as it’s hard to move his neck and see with it on. While I intend on holding my son in the pool this summer and he’s signed up for swim lessons, he’s a very independent child, he’s quite st... More

Sleep aids between swaddling and nothing?

My 8 month old is able to turn on his side, and general advice is to stop putting him in things that restrict movement, such as the Halo sleep sacks that wrap the arms down and close to the body. He still needs the cozy, snug feeling of his Halo to fall asleep though. With his arms free he will. Not. Sleep. What can I use now that he's supposed to transition out of his Halo wrap position bu... More

  • C

    I should probably say that I meant sleep sacks; he got too big to fit in swaddles by month 4, but I've come to refer to anything that binds him in some way for sleep to mean swaddling, like Halo sleep sacks, etc. Sorry for the confusion. I'll edit the original post to reflect this. But yes, I thought that once they can turn in their sleep, babies are supposed to sleep without any sort ... More

  • Jackie

    Sleep sacks are fine. All it really is is a wearable blanket. Gives them extra warmth since nothing is supposed to be in the crib for first 12 months. Our sleep sacks aren’t “binding”.

Recalled Fisher Price rockers

Given the recall, does anyone have any recommendations for a safe rocker/basinet/other? We have a fisher price (used for our firstborn) but with our second newborn we are not risking it given the recent recall news.

  • Vonda

    We have the guava family lotus. It has a bassinet system that rocks and it travels amazingly. Carry on size.

  • Andi

    If you follow the directions in the rock and sleep. It does say 0-3 months or until child can turn over. It also says to strap in securely. Unfortunately I bet neither of those things were followed. I have used mine for my two and given it for my sis to use with no problems

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Apr 13

Mattress protection

My 4.5 year old is still wearing Pull Ups to bed at night and I am so over it. What is the best way to protect his mattress while we transition from Pull Ups to underwear only at bedtime? We have a mattress pad that goes under the sheet, but I know I will need more protection than that. Thanks all!

  • Joy
    Apr 15

    There are plastic zip on covers for all size of mattresses. To save my mattresses I have one on each bed. I hope it helps.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Apr 11

2nd child. I am having my second child (both boys), what will I need? Boys will be 21 months apart.

A double stroller? A high chair (or will my older son be out of his), a crib (or will my older son be out of his by the time the new baby moves out of our room at 6 months) etc.

  • K
    Apr 11

    I had twin girls when my son was 2.5. He was in a toddler bed since he was 15 mth bc he was climbing out of his crib. But, we knew we needed his crib, so we transitioned him before the girls came. He loved his new bed and the foam bumpers are amazing. Even with my huge belly I was able to lay with him and they went right back into shape. As for high chair, you have a few months. My son was out ... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Apr 15

    I had my first two 17 months apart, and my second and third 20 months apart. I got a double stroller, an extra cheap booster seat and that has worked well. Other purchases that happened sooner than normal were transitioning the older one to a toddler bed (or getting a new crib), getting a new car seat, and another baby monitor. I had one in my room for baby and one in the older ones room. I al... More

Has anyone used these before? Do they work?

  • Ashley
    Apr 11


  • Cara
    Apr 11

    My LC told me that you'd have to drink a ton of tea to really get any benefit from it. And then you'd have to drink a ton more water to accommodate the diuretic effects! ☹️ I haven't tried this brand of pill specifically but I know that pills are more likely to work because they're a much higher concentration. I had a problem with low milk supply and my DD pediatrician said to i... More

Toddler table and chair

Looking for recommendations for a toddler table and chairs for a small space! Small space and a compact table/chairs is key. TIA!

Diane posted in Gear Guide Apr 05

Rock and Play Safety

  • Sara
    Apr 10

    So scary! I used this with my baby (always restrained though)

  • Lexi
    Apr 11

    This is sadly not surprising at all. Instead of people getting upset with Fisher Price they should be upset with the parents who did not restrain their babies and/or used the rock n play after the infant was rolling over already. Anything for children, especially if used improperly and against what the instructions say, is not inherently safe for hour baby/child. Read the warnings and heed them... More

Anyone used the boppy lounger for twins? Is the boppy lounger worth it?

  • Jer
    Apr 04

    Thanks! Planning to get it as a gift, it’s not on her registry but i heard great things.

  • K
    Apr 04

    They are a great gift! One if those things you probably wouldn’t pay for yourself but are super happy someone did!

Katie posted in Bathing Apr 03

Honest Baby

Has anyone experienced their honest baby soap change colors. We got so much baby soap for my baby shower 4 years ago. I am just now getting to the Honest Baby sweet vanilla orange stuff. And some of it is clear and some dark orange and some in between. I’m assuming it’s because it’s somewhat organic? Thought I could easily google it but came up with nothing.

  • Michaela
    Apr 04

    Maybe it’s supposed to be mixed/shaken. But also check for an expiration date.

Sara posted in Fitness Apr 03

Beware of the Britax BOB jogging stroller

Crazy read about how this stroller should have been recalled long ago after the front wheel kept falling off. I actually have this stroller but never got around to using it. Now I feel lucky I was lazy! More

  • Elle
    Apr 03

    Only pertains to models made up until 2015. A search of government databases conducted by CR did not find any reported incidents or injuries related to wheels detaching on the models post-2015 redesign.

  • emily groendyke
    Apr 04

    I have a BOB and I recommended this stroller to a friend the day before I saw this article. I can’t in good conscious continue to do so. The fact that the company fought the potential recall is so disturbing; I vote with my dollars and I can’t endorse this kind of corporate behavior.

Baby bedding

Any websites or store where they sale crib bedding for a reasonable price? I would prefer a bedding set for a nursery. Every where I’ve looked only sale 4pc bedding sets. Looking for something with more than 4pc (amazon, buybuy baby)

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Mar 28

Forward-facing back to rear-facing car seat...

At my child’s 3 year checkup, our pediatrician said the suggestion has changed...that children should be rear facing in their car seat until age 4. Anyone have experience switching their kid back to rear facing position? My child will NOT be happy about not being able to see out the front windows after riding forward facing for over a year (?).

  • Ivy
    Mar 28

    It’s recommended by weight and height, not so much age. And it’s also not enforced legally (though the legal age has changed to 2 years in most states). I do believe in extended rear facing as long as possible, but I would say it’s not worth the fight at age 3, if he won’t have it. My second is 2 and I wanted to have him rear facing much longer like his older brother was, but his older brother... More

  • Lily
    Apr 11

    Yeah, it's not age. It's hight and weight. Unless your little one is really little still, I am sure you are fine staying forward facing. But definitely go with what you feel is right for you.

D E S I T I N?

I started using desitin ob my baby’s Neck. I noticed that it gets red everytime she spitsup/throwup. I’m not sure if I want to use Vaseline. Any recommendations for Cream? Also my baby has infant acne.

This contraption holds your baby while you pee

I wish every restroom had this!

  • Rody the donkey
    Mar 28

    There something similar in the Seattle airport

  • cocomac
    Apr 04

    Yup. Saw in japan last month and it’s mfkng genius. Japan is also super clean too. They had the same contraption in the FRONT of the airport luggage carts!!

Baby Monitor

Any recommendations on a good monitor for a decent price? I’m looking for one that has visual, two way audio, and night vision.

  • Kieli
    Mar 20

    Of course! Oh it has the date, time and temperature of the room on the screen as well!!

  • Erika
    Mar 20

    Did she get it from this website? Just asking so I know it’s safe to order from it.

Elvie Pump

Does anyone have an Elvie pump? Reviews?

10 month old with cough

Hello everyone, My poor little baby boy has had a cough. He’s coughing so much he keeps throwing up a couple oz at a time. Took him to the doc Thursday, followed what she said. His cough is getting a little worse though and the doctors office is closed today. Has anyone used this? It says for 4 months + but I’ve also heard you shouldn’t use cough syrup for children. If you’ve had experience w... More

  • Jenn
    Mar 19

    I've used something similar, but I use it sparingly. They say not to give cough syrup because they want to get the mucus out. Those cough syrups don't have actual medicine and are just to help coat the throat. I have used it when my LO is coughing so much, they can't sleep at all. I try to only use it one night. I would also suggest vick's or zarbee's baby chest rub on the ... More

All natural cleaners

What do you use for regular household cleaners that are more natural? Looking for less toxicity and more environmentally friendly alternatives to Lysol etc. (Cleaner for kitchen and bath, toilets, mirrors etc).

  • Diana
    Mar 16

    When my young child is ‘helping’ me clean, I always use white vinegar - safe and effective (but I still like my Lysol on occasion after she goes to sleep!)

Motif Twist Breastpump

Has anyone used the Motif Twist Automatic BreastPump? What is your opinion of Motif products?

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