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What kind of bottle do you guys recommend as a night time bottle?

  • Jessica

    It might take some getting used to but, You’ll do great 👍

  • Kassandra

    Thank you! 😊

Baby monitors?

Does anyone have suggestions for a good baby monitor under $100?

  • Sam

    We use NEST cam

  • Sarah

    We have the YI Dome Camera (purchased on Amazon) and we love it.

Double Stroller

Looking for an economical double stroller. Any thoughts on brands or stores? Thank you in advance!

  • Brittany

    I have the joovy ultralight double stroller side by side and I love it!

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Tuesday

Any recommendations for a baby monitor to add to baby registry?

  • Benji
    6h ago

    Second for Nest Cam. Best. You can listen for notifications or leave it open on your phone all night. Alternatively if you want to save, you can go with Wyze Cam. Extremely cheap cameras with a very similar set of features to Nests non-subscription features.

  • Heather
    4h ago

    We use Snug from Amazon. I love it!

New teeth!

Looking for recommendations for toothbrushes and toothpaste for 6mo with fresh teeth!

  • Annie

    I use the all natural bamboo toothbrush (bought it on Amazon a family pack) and for toothpaste, I use Toms natural children's toothpaste fluoride free...


Anyone have any advice on bottles for breastfed babies ?

Hi everyone!

Just needed some brush up facts about bottle warming and how long can you leave breastmilk out before you have to throw it away? Also, do any of you have a bottle warmer that is safe and works? Thank you!

  • Julie

    Oh I never used bleach to sanitize my bottles...I’m not sure about that. I just washed with dish soap for a few months before I learned that it was okay to use the dishwasher 😊

  • Vicki

    Never used bleach. I washed with babyganics dish and bottle soap and then used the steamer bags to microwave. At a certain point I just switched to the dishwasher and ran it on the sanitize cycle.

I want to get my LO who’s 18 months a 3 in 1 scooter. Any recommendations?

  • Kat

    I bought this one for my 2 year old and he loves it

  • molly

    my 18 mnth old lives globber 3 in 1.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Monday

Hello! Need advice:)

Hello! I have a 13 month old little boy. He doesn’t drink out of a sippy cup! I have tried every kind! He doesn’t even hold his bottle I have to still hold it. Any advice would be great thanks!!!

  • Jay
  • Patricia

    Mine didn't want sippy or straws or miracle cups either. Ikea dog sippy cup worked because it free flows without the need to suck. And also drinking out of a glass.

Toddler proofing a fireplace

We have a fireplace in our new house and it's brand new basically. We hadn't proofed it cause there was nothing in there. Well, fall is upon us and winter will be here in a blink. I was looking at those fireplace screens and covers but they can be moved or pushed. How have you guys protected your toddlers from the fireplace?

  • Audrey

    I have glass bifold doors on my fireplace that I put a lock on the handles... still makes me nervous she’ll break the glass banging her toys lol.

  • JJ

    We have a heatproof gate around ours that are attached to the walls so they cannot be moved. We also have rubber bumpers on it so when the gate is open and it’s not on during the warm seasons they don’t smash their head off the stone.

Willow pump or freemie liberty?

I used a medela with my first and wasn’t impressed (I hate being tied to a pump). Now that I have a toddler and another on the way I would really like honest opinions about both of these hand free pumps! Let me know what your experience was! Thank you! Side note: I am large chested when it comes to breastfeeding (i got up to a 34F with my son) I know that can have implications with some pumps!

We're prepping for our 1st baby due in December. Anyone have feedback on the Owlet Sock?

Any feedback on the Owlet Sock or different options? My wife and I are debating whether it's something we want to get. It says something like "94% of people reported getting better sleep", but I wanted to get some real feedback from the Winnie community before we decide. She's a bit concerned about too much data on our baby, but if we can both get better sleep, I'm all f... More

  • Vijaya

    Hated it and stopped using it after 2 nights. Too many false alarms

  • Anne

    I used a different but similar product and got worse sleep because of all the false alarms. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I think these products have to be pretty sensitive to be effective with such tiny humans, but that also means they can go off at a hair trigger. With my second child I just kept him in a cosleeper bassinet next to the bed and didn’t bother with the devices.

Car seat

Recommended carseat for 1 year olds? And advice on using it in a truck with no back seat?

  • Katie

    Depending on which one you get, they will come with instructions and usually they have like a level thing on the side to help and a place to put the strap through

  • Katie

    If you buy a used one from someone.. i did with the first infant car seat.. i looked up a video on YouTube for guidance

Nested Bean weighted blankets. Worth the $$?

Has anyone tried the Nested Bean weighted sleep sacks and noticed an improvement in their child’s sleep? I’m intrigued by the concept, but don’t want to spend the money if they don’t really work.

  • Sarah

    Worked fabulously for our daughter until she was about 4mo— then she because too restless and wanted to sleep on her tummy once we started crib naps and such. But while she slept in her bassinet, it helped her sleep through the night once she had it on!

  • Jessica

    My son absolutely hated his. But he will not sleep in a sleep sack period, so I can’t really say it was this particular brand 🤷🏼‍♀️

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Sunday

Sippy cup help?

I introduced my baby to water at 6mo, first in a regular sippy cup, then in one with a straw. She’s 1 now, and acts like she doesn’t know how to use a regular sippy cup - she just sucks it like she would with a straw! (I’ve also tried those no-spill cups with no “spout”, she just doesn’t know to tilt her head back to drink.) Do I need to be worried, and only give her the regular sippy cup inste... More

  • Allie

    Tilt it up for her. Once she gets some out she should start to catch on.

  • Dani

    Both my kids use the contiego water bottles. They have straws. It’s the only thing my kids drink out of and it actually doesn’t leak 🙌🏽

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Sunday

Any recommendations for a good car seat cover for the winter?

  • Burgundy

    Target normally have some nice ones with elastic so they just slip around the carseat. Easy kn and off

What kind of pillow for a 2 1/2 year old?

I’m trying to find a small pillow because an adult pillow is way too big. Toddler pillows I’ve seen online are $20 and up. I also saw a traveler pillow on Walmart. I’m just tired of having to fold his blankets as pillows just for him change his mind which blanket he wants as a pillow. Thanks!

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