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Bike trailer recommendations

Recommendations on a bike trailer needed. What brands? What features should I be considering and why? I have two small dogs and baby...can I fit them all in a double? There looks to be ones that only attach to the bike and others that can convert to being used as a stand alone...pros and cons?

What floaty-type pool things are good for babies around 10 months?

As in, arm floaties or ones they sit in. . .

Sanaz posted in Child Care Monday

Preparing for daycare

Hi everyone. I am sending my 11 month old baby to daycare. I was wondering what kind of bags and containers you use to send all these items to daycare? Also what kind of food do you prepare and send with your baby? Thanks

  • B

    Ask your daycare. I didn’t send food after 1 year, because they provide. Before that I had small tubberwares. Buy name labels (I got mine from dinkleboo) and put them on anything you send.

Any recommendations on good teething toys, products, etc?

My 5.5 month old doesn’t like much the teethers we gave him. Instead he prefers non teethers like hard toys & even furnitures (wood coffee table & chairs!). It’s only his first teething. Thanks!

Best booster seat for babies ?

What’s the best baby booster seat to buy? Looking to get a great one for my daughter

  • Lisa

    Graco 65 is very nice and the 5 point harness is big enough to go till she is 4’ or even taller!

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Jun 14

What sunscreens do you use on your kiddo?

  • Taylor L

    Thinkbaby! And it smells so good!

  • Courtney

    Aveeno Sensitive Skin Sun Lotion it’s made with Zinc Oxide and mineral based so it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. SPF 50 and water resistant also!

Breast pumps reccs !!! I have a choice between Medela pump in style Freemie hands free pump Evenflow delux advances Lansinoh Smart pump. In the past I’ve used medela wondering if any of the others are considered better ?

  • Amy
    Jun 14

    @mal - much quieter too! The mother's room at my office has thin walls, so much more comfortable using this. I actually even take calls while pumping. The lower settings are very quiet. Spectra allows you to tune the frequency of the suction AND the strength. Also, it vibrates a bit, feels like a baby's suckle.

  • Heather
    Jun 14

    Willow pump looks amazing! Haven’t used it as it came out after I bought my medela. Medela was rated the best and I would describe it as fine. Spills happen and the suction isn’t always great.


Ok so my 8 month old just wants to hold my hands and walk all day long! My back is killing me! Have any of you tried walking wings? Or do the baby walkers work very well on carpet?

  • Jennifer
    Jun 12

    We used this kind of walker with an activity center. It goes pretty well on carpet and they just push it. You can also lock the back wheels for when they are learning so it doesn’t roll as fast and get away from them

  • Diane
    Jun 12

    I have the same walker as Jennifer. Toys R Us had them for 50%off just this weeks, maybe see if the one by you has!

Car seat locations for a newborn and 3 year old

When my daughter was born we were always told to put her car seat in the center part of the backseat. So that’s where she was for 3 years. A few months ago her preschool offered a free car seat check by the local sheriff and we come to find out she should be behind the passenger seat, so we moved her seat. Now we are expecting our 2nd child in 3 weeks, does anyone know how the car seats should ... More

  • Jane
    Jun 12

    some car seat manufacturers and some car manufacturers allow for a car seat to lightly touch the seat in front of it. read both manuals to see what is allowed. a lot of the issue with the center seat is many cars don’t have LATCH in that position and people accidentally borrow the anchor from the neighboring seat. or the center seat is too small, like you said if there are car seats installed... More

  • PKS
    Jun 13

    Your car manual will give you the recommended position for your car seats to be in. In addition you can go to the firehouse and someone there should be able to help you.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Jun 11

Do crib aquarium soothers work?

Do they help to get your baby to drift off to sleep or are over-stimulating? Was thinking of getting one for my 9mo old who is having a hard time falling asleep on her own.

  • B
    Jun 11

    Mine never worked, and my daughter is at best indifferent, at worst over stimulated. My nephew loved his and used it to self soothe. Must be baby specific?

Nicole posted in Newborns Jun 11

Dock A Tot worth the money?

Is the dock a tot worth the money? I’m having my second child and we have the halo bassinet but I feel like it could be used for the couch and you can take it places with you. Is it safe for co sleeping? Thanks

  • Sue
    Jun 11

    I also bought the snuggle me. It was awesome for co-sleeping, supervised naps, tummy time.. and I loved that it was organic. My baby outgrew it at 6 months, so now it's a fancy breastfeeding pillow Lol.

  • Heather
    Jun 12

    I bought one after I took my daughter out of her swaddle (around 12 weeks). It’s amazing! At night, I put it in the Halo (without the mattress) and during the day I put it in the crib in her nursery in preparation for when we move her into her own room overnight. I was super suspicious of it but I observed her sleeping in for the first time and found that she couldn’t physically stuff her face... More

My crock pot officially broke today 😭

Now I have to decide - another slow cooker or jump on the instant pot band wagon?! Anyone super happy/ unhappy with their instant pot?

  • Stacey

    I have the crock pot slow cooker/pressure cooker and it's literally all I use anymore lol. I got it on sale around Christmas. It was significantly cheaper than the instant pot version so it was a no brainer.

  • Rebecca

    The instant pot is incredible! My sister and I even make greek yogurt in ours. It's one of the best appliances we have. I'm about to buy an 8 quart one and bequeath my 6 quart to my best friend.

Stephanie posted in Babies Jun 09

Baby monitor apps?

We already have one baby monitor but now that we have a second child, we’d like to set something up for both rooms. We have an old iPhone we were thinking of using as a monitor but not sure what app works best and is most secure and reliable. Any recommendations?

  • Kendall
    Jun 09

    We have the iBabyCare monitor that you view through an app on your phone! You can connect more than one camera too. We LOVE it. My husband likes to look from work too 😂🙄

  • Diana
    Jun 10

    We have a Motorola camera that has the monitor and you can download and app to watch from your phone wherever you are

Need some suggestions for a good baby monitor that comes with 2 cameras

We had the summer infant In view with one camera and it broke on us when my daughter turned 2. It was so frustrating, the monitor wouldn’t hold a charge..I purchased a new charger and a new battery and it still didn’t work! So now we are expecting our 2nd child in 4 weeks and need to purchase a monitor. We would like something with 2 cameras so that we can keep an eye on our 3 yr old and also t... More

  • Sarah
    Jun 10

    Did you try emailing summer infant customer service about your issue? They have great customer service. I wouldn't be surprised if they replaced the whole thing

  • Lindsey
    Jun 10

    Yea we did, they didn’t do much for us..we bought the new battery and charger and they said that something must have been wrong with the monitor itself and I want to say they offered to give us a percentage off to buy a new one but it wasn’t really worth it, at that point I didn’t even want another summer infant monitor because I was afraid I’d deal with the same issue

C posted in Breastfeeding Jun 07

Breast Pump Advice

Has anyone had any experience with the Spectra 2 breast pump? Is it good for first time pumpers??

  • C
    Jun 08

    thank you ladies so much

  • Adria

    I was working full time after 6 weeks of maternity leave and was dedicated to having my son be fully breastfed. This pump is super portable and quiet- it let me pump discreetly and comfortably! Love the “letdown” massage mode. It really is a very gentle but strong pump.

Abby & Finn Diapers

Anyone ever tried Abby & Finn diapers? How is the fit, quality, absorbency, etc? I love the mission of the company and that they’re an eco-friendly option that’s cheaper than Honest. Just can’t find a ton of reviews online yet!

  • Allison
    Jun 08

    I just ordered the free sample yesterday! Only reason I’ve considered this over Honest is the reviews I’ve read say these are softer. I love everything about Honest except how rough they feel. I’ll see what the samples are like 😃

  • Megan
    Jun 08

    Yeah they are a little paper-y.

Getting rid of mosquitoes

Anybody know of something safe that I can spray or attach to a stroller that will prevent mosquitoes from coming near? Once those little bastards fly under the stroller hood, it’s impossible to get them to fly out, and I’m afraid of them attacking the baby!

  • Dmpnyc
    Jun 11

    Skin So Soft works

  • Didi
    Jun 12

    There are some awesome essential oil “recipes” in Pinterest - I’ll see what I can find

Ethel posted in Flying Jun 05

Travel gear for 14 month old

What's the best, most comfortable travel crib ? Phil and Teds, Baby Bjorn, or any other? Also, what's better -- checking a car seat or buying an extra ticket and having toddler sit in the car seat on the airplane? If so, what's a safe, easy to install car seat? Any other recommendations or suggestions for traveling with toddler? TIA!!

  • Lisa
    Jun 05

    I’ve used the Guava lotus travel crib for two kids. Very light and compact. Just find the lightest car seat. Not many people buy an extra seat, it’s a real pain carrying that seat onto the plane. But it’s safer and if your kid is a good sleeper you’ll be much more comfortable.

  • Laura
    Jun 05

    14 months old was the last time we flew (cross country) with toddler as a lap infant. Wished we had bought a seat and ended up buying one for all the next flights. If you can afford it, it's definitely worth having that extra seat and bringing on a carseat. Evenflo Tribute LX is the best lightweight convertible carseat for airplane travel (also perfectly good to use in a car). If you don... More

Is a sit me up chair really necessary to have ?

  • Andrea
    Jun 05

    Depends on the baby, and on the parents, I think. With my first, I used it all the time. Every day. Multiple times a day. With my youngest approaching 1 year, we’ve used it a handful of times, certainly, but nowhere near as much. My first was more thoughtful and could sit with a toy longer. The baby just wants to run after his brother and there’s no keeping him down in a chair. We still use it ... More

Toddler sippy cups

Hello everyone ... Looking for recommendations for sippy cups for my 2.5 year old toddler. What are some of your favorites? My son's bottles are getting quite old.

  • James
    Jun 07

    Open cuo

  • Vonda
    Jun 08

    If you want to go the plastic-free route. Pura is a great option. I love it because it is his sippy cup, and milk bottle now. But will become his water bottle and straw bottle later.

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