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Play mat/rug

Hi. I am looking for a large, thick mat/rug for my baby to play on during the day. The ones that I have come across so far are small and too thin. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Has any one had experience using the Evenflo Advanced pump and/or Medela starter pump?

  • Lisa

    The pump I got free through my insurance was the Medea pump in style for each of my kids. I exclusively pump and it is and has always worked fine. I like how compact it is and easy to transport

  • Anonymous

    I received the Medela pump from my insurance and liked it. My friend had the Medela pump for her first child and has the Evenflo for her second child. She says she likes the Evenflo better because it seems to "empty" her more than the Medela

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Wednesday

Straw sippy

This is a weird question but how did you “teach” little one to drink from a straw sippy? My son is 9 months but just chews on the straw or licks it... is it something he just has to play around with until he gets it?

  • Khushboo

    Thank you all so much!!

  • Rachel

    My 10 month old daughter one day took my moms coffee an somehow figured how to suck been drinking juices boxes an straw cups since 7 months old

Costco car seat

Does anyone have the Dorel 4 in 1 car seat from Costco? If so, do you like it? Thanks!

Costco diapers

If you’ve tried Costco’s Kirkland brand diapers, how do you like them? I want to try them, but they come with 198 in a box, so I’d like to hear your thoughts first. Do they leak or hold up pretty well? Thanks!

  • Ryanne

    Love the costco diappers and wipes! So problems with them so far.

  • Rozee

    Love them!!!!

A car seat for car-less parents?

Hey everyone so my baby just graduated his keyfit 30 and we need to get him a new car seat. My only issue is that we don't have a car so we uber all the time! The keyfit was very convenient in the sense that we could easily click it into the stroller and push it around but we can't with the stage 2 car seat! This has been stressing me out! Any suggestions are welcome!

  • siham

    @Sara loved the article! Thank you!!

  • Jesse

    I was super disappointed when my daughter outgrew the infant car seat. We also don’t have a car, plus we live in a small apartment in San Francisco, so we don’t exactly have a lot of storage space for one. I ended up getting a Britax Marathon ClickTight and the Britax travel cart. It weighs a ton and takes up way too much space, but the travel cart makes it easy to roll out whenever we need to ... More

Video Baby Monitor

I’m a little overwhelmed by the options for video monitors on the market right now and can’t decide which is best. Basically, my highest priorities are: -good night vision -works with an app -can not be hacked by creepers Things that I’d like to have: -two-way talk -easy set up -no more than $100 Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Daniela

    My husband got us Nest because it was the only WiFi camera he trusted. He waited until it was on sale and we also had a gift card.

  • Brittany

    Wyze is s good camera too! I can use an app through my phone. The picture is amazing! It has sound and motion alerts and it was only $20!!!

Anonymous posted in Grade Schoolers Aug 10

Thoughts on backpacks

Do you buy or allow your child to pick out a new backpack/bookbag every school year? That’s what we did when I was growing up, but then I see how expensive the better brands like LL Bean and PB are, and I am hesitant! My son is going into Kindergarten next month😁

  • Rebosarl

    Skip Hop also has really cute and good quality backpacks.

  • MaryAnn

    I think kids build self confidence when choosing their own backpack it's actually important for them to be confident with fitting in and that helps build a bridge for learning! Take him to 5 below and let him pick it out a cheap lightweight bag. Time to break him in on carrying his own backpack don't get into the habit of carrying it for him. Great opportunity to learn independence!

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Aug 10

Stroller Question/Poll

FTM here. We got a travel system (Graco Modes Jogger) as a gift and I was just wondering—when is it safe to put baby in the so-called “toddler seat” when we go out? As in—we just want to walk around the local park and aren’t going in the what weight/height is laying in the recliner regular seat (rather than the infant car seat) okay? It doesn’t say in the manual, only calls the not-... More

  • EM
    Aug 12

    Does it lie flat like a bassinet? I have the graco remix and that completely flattens into a bassinet style which is how we used it till he was able to sit at 6 months. But we still use the car seat version too (even at 7.5mo) because it’s easier to transport around. So it’s really up to you

  • Katelyn

    Reading these, I waited awhile. I did around 9 months. My daughter isn't very big but I moved her when she wasn't comfortable in the infant seat

Replacement stroller tires?!?!!

Does anyone know where I can find replacement tires for my Graco Modes Jogger stroller? I have tried online on the Graco website and it always says that the amount needed is unavailable, I need two 😑. I’ve tried amazon and I can’t seem to find the right sizes. Anyone know? Thank you!!

  • Andrea
    Aug 09

    Have you tried to call Graco instead of looking online? Sometimes the older models won’t always be listed on the website.

  • Enid
    Aug 09

    No I didn’t think of that!! It’s only a year old so I was so mad when the tire popped mid run this morning 🤦🏻‍♀️. Lol. But I’ll try that thank you so much

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Aug 07

Double stroller

Looking for recommendations. I have a 4 year old, 1 year old, and an infant. Have a bugaboo donkey that I really like, but it’s a pain to get in and out of the car. Also, seat is getting a bit cramped for my oldest. Considering an alternative and hoping for suggestions/recommendations. Would be used for quick trips (store/school drop off) for younger two, so hoping for lightweight and easy (one... More

  • Jess
    Aug 09

    I have the city select by baby jogger. Pros: (actually major pro) is that it has lifetime warranty. I’ve already had a good experience with them about that. Smooth and easy to guide. They have “extras” you can get like a glider board that you hook on so a child can stand on and ride. They have an attachment for almost every rear-facing car seat. That way you can have your infant ride in the c... More

  • Jenifer

    I have the Mountain buggy duet with the added scooter option for the older kids to ride on instead of sitting. We have a Subaru WRX and the stroller just fits in room for anything else though.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Aug 06

Video Monitors

Looking for some recommendations for an affordable and quality video monitor. $100+ seems like a crazy amount to me. Anything $50 .or under would be ideal for us....

What double stroller would you recommend?

I have a 2 year old who is off the charts for his age and a baby on the way. My son still naps (and is a runner) so I feel like I need a double stroller with an actual second seat (not just a bench). What would you recommend? His feet already hang off of the countours and city select ones. Im assuming a tandem would be easier to maneuver than a side by side.

  • Sarah
    Aug 06

    I LOVE my Phil and Ted’s. Putting our youngest on the bottom seat is a little awkward, but the overall stroller maneuvering and incognito baby are the best perks. You get the double stroller without adding extra length or width! I get compliments all the time WHILE having a super smooth turn radius and no bulk! I also have the Graco double with a sit/stand/bench option... but honestly... nothi... More

  • MaryAnn

    Love my daughter's 700$ Bob Hate folding it up ( it's like wrestling an alligator) Love love love my super cheap britax because I can fold it with one hand while the baby is on my hip and a 3 year old stands next to me Plus it fits great in my teeny tiny trunk! Awesome!

Snack tray!

After 4 years, it’s still requested: “snack tray!” One of my favorite discoveries was using a silicone muffin tray for his at-home lunches/snacks. (Though, he makes me fill each cup with a different food, so sometimes there’s the added stress of finding 6 snacks for lunch.) Anyway, it’s novel, practical, doesn’t slide around, and keeps stuff like applesauce separated without added dishes.

Tiny baby hair elastics?

My baby has super fine hair and the clear elastics I bought seem too big. Are there any smaller ones out there?

Beach tent or umbrella?

We’ll be spending some time on the beach during our vacation. We have a 9 month old and a 3 year old. What are your experiences and recommendations about using a beach tent versus an umbrella? Does it get too hot inside the beach tent?

  • Jenn
    Aug 03

    We have a beach tent bc my husband and kiddos get red really quickly (we actually had it before the kiddos were born. We LOVE our tent (it’s a Kelty Cabana that we got on super sale). It’s a little bit more work and if can get a lil hot but it’s a solid “command” station, great for resting and changing, keeps food nicely tucked away w/lil sand contact and you can zip it closed and feel a bit mo... More

  • Michelle

    We love our beachtent too! We got ours on amazon, tons of options even ones that fit up to 6 people and pop up instantly for fast set up. We have one that has windows on two sides and has the option to close completely. Allows for great airflow for beach naps, privacy if you have a potty trainer and bring a small travel potty with you. It makes a day at the beach 100% doable. My sister in ... More

Baby food maker recommendations

Looking for recommendations on baby food makers. We have an almost 6 month old ready to start eating!! So many options out there from baby bullet, baby brezza, infantino, beaba, babymoov,...its like getting a stroller all over again(ugh). What do you moms recommend?

  • Diane
    Aug 03

    I have a cusinart baby food processor/steamer. The steamer feature is nice but honestly a small prep food processor would be fine too.

  • Heather
    Aug 06

    I have twins and make all of their food. The Beaba has been amazing. I have the Plus because I’m cooking twice the food, but honestly, I would buy it if I just had one baby because of how efficient it is.

Air quality/temperature for nursery

Does anyone here recommend an AC or air purifier for the nursery? We don’t have air con currently in that room and I have read that it can be overkill and too much for an infant. Wondering if a fan would be good? Also does anyone else use an air purifier instead of or in addition to a humidifier??? So many ways to go with this it makes my head spin.

  • Stephanie
    Aug 01

    I’d probably go for simplicity and you can always get things later. I have a humidifier that I use only when my LO has a cold. I live in SF where it’s pretty mild and find a fan works fine on hot days - don’t need AC. I do have an air purifier but only because I live in an old house and it makes me more comfortable knowing the air is super clean. Tbh it’s probably overkill - I wouldn’t recommen... More

  • Kelly
    Aug 01

    Fellow Seattlite here! 🙋‍♀️ We have two portable AC units, but not one in our I just use fans to route the cooler air in that direction. The nursery itself has a ceiling fan and I also bought an “in-window” fan that can both intake and exhaust, so when it’s hot out I set it on exhaust to pull the hot air out and then reverse it at night when it’s cool. Also highly recommend room ... More

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Jul 30

Baby monitor suggestions

Hi everyone! I’m looking for some suggestions to buy a baby monitor that doesn’t work with WiFi. We had a Motorola brand before, but we need something that isn’t going to stop working 6 months from now. Thank you!!!!

  • Michelle
    Jul 31

    I love my Summer Infant In View 2.0 Color Video Monitor. About $100 online/Walmart. At one point the parent device stopped charging when plugged in and SI sent me a brand new one within the week. Love them!

  • Khushboo
    Jul 31

    Infant optics. Has worked great for us for 5 months now. So far so good!

Fight for the sun in CA!

Hi guys! Is there any recommendations of kids’ sunscreen? So you think it’s better to use a face stick instead of sunscreen face lotion?

  • Pamela
    Jul 30

    We use babyganics 50+ spf and hat. I like babyganics bc its tear free and goes on easily. I put it on before we leave the house and now my toddler loves ‘doing the cream’ because she knows it means outdoor time. I keep a travel size in the diaper bag for reapplying and in case I forgot to apply.

  • Lindsey
    Jul 30

    For kids, it’s important to have them wear a hat and/or upf (spf) clothing as well as sunscreen. Please check the EWG guide (in the link in an above comment) for safe sunscreen, your skin is your largest organ and what you put on it does get into the bloodstream. That being said, kids are showing up with vitamin D deficiency from the constant use of physical sunscreens (sit on top of skin rath... More

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