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Car seats

Any suggestions on toddlers best/comfortable car seats? Want to invest in something well worth for my soon to be 2 year old. Don’t get me wrong he has 1 from Walmart but we want dad to have 1 in his car too. Thanks


I’m looking for brand recommendations for swimsuits for a 2.5 y/o girl. Decently priced, holds up well to a summer of frequent beach and pool days. Thanks in advance!

Fireplace hearth baby safety

I’m looking to purchase padding for our fireplace hearth. There is a company out in Oregon that makes foam that covers entire hearth, but it’s pretty pricey. Does anyone know of a similar company?

  • Joanna

    Wow. That is pricey! We just used the regular foam bumpers that we bought for the coffee table from Amazon.

  • Diana

    I went more simplistic: I had an extra runner rug and after I put it on I was happy with the level of padding. Even with my child climbing ball over it, it’s never shifted or moved out of place. You could try a padded bathroom runner, they’re thick and have no slip bottoms

Anonymous posted in Dental Health Feb 14

Toothpaste help

Anyone have recommendations on toothpaste for beginner? Fluoride or not? I've also heard of xylitol as well and dont know what to get. Help! He doesn't know to spit out when brushing yet.

  • Taylor
    Feb 16

    what im gonna do is, now she just chews on her toothbrush with a dot of flouride free toothpaste before bed.. and when i notice she's actually brushing at the sink after showing her every day how to, then switch to regular toothpaste if you wish to use flouride or not that's your decision of course 🐣

  • Jenn

    Kids aren't really able to fully comprehend spitting until around 6 years old. We use fluoride free toothpaste at the recommendation of my dentist. If you buy something with xylitol, be aware that if you have dogs, it is extremely fatal for them to ingest.

Merlin’s Suit Transition/Face Down Sleeper/Torticollis?

My 5 month old has been rolling in her summer sleep Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit, so we have still put her in the heavier, bigger winter one. She has started trying really hard to roll in that one as well, so I called the company and they recommended I transition her out of that one too. They suggested keeping the room really cool and putting her in 2 cotton sleepers and a sleep sack to give it we... More

  • Anna
    Feb 11

    Thanks, Jenn! We actually decided to order this: Just wanted to have peace of mind! I’m sure she will learn, but it’d be nice in the meantime not to be up every 5 minutes panicking.

  • Cheryl
    Feb 11

    I agree with Jenn. My LO rolls over in his crib and likes to fall asleep with his face in the mattress. I gently turn his head. He’s NEVER liked sleeping on his back. I tried everything and eventually gave up. I just check on him as soon as he falls asleep and whenever I’m up in the night. Just last night he turned his head by himself.

Stroller for multiple kids

Hey guys I’m pregnant and I have a 7 month old and a one year old I need a three seater stroller but I have no idea what could work for me in this situation

  • Joanna
    Feb 08

    No personal experience, but maybe a board attached to the back of double stroller for the older kid to stand on.

  • Alexis
    Feb 10

    Love the joovy cool! Its convertible and can seat up to three kids. The third seat is a bench seat but if your 1 year old is big enough to sit up and walk well then he/she should be able to ride on the bench. It has a strap to fasten them in so they cant just jump off and run away and so they dont fall.

WayB car seat

Has anyone considered getting the WayB car seat? Or know of something comparable? It looks great for ease of travel but is expensive so I'm wondering if there is a good alternative that is as small/light. Thank you!

  • Joanna
    Feb 07

    We have the Ride Safer vest. Actually my niece used it 4 years ago (older model) and now my 4 yo uses it whenever he's in my sister's car. My son is too small/light for a Bubble bum or Mifold. I think it's good, light and safe. For airplane travel we have a CARES harness. If your child is on the larger size, I don't think you'll get the value out of the WayB because you... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 09

    I’d look into the crash test ratings for all of these. The mifold in particular has terrible crash test ratings. I wouldn’t risk my child’s spine for the sake of convenience.

Boppy uses

I used my boppy primarily as a lounger, when she was younger, I draped a blanket over the Boppy and she laid there. I guess it’s the same as boppy newborn where basically the center is sewn shut? We also use it as a pillow on the couch, for adults. Any other uses beyond breastfeeding?? Also, I found out the Boppy goes around my thighs perfectly. 🤪 I’ve just never used it for nursing!

  • Ashlea
    Feb 03

    Tummy time with a cake pan with water and toys in it! My daughter loves the water and playing it

  • Jenn
    Feb 04

    An obstacle to help with learning to crawl over things.

Aye posted in Babywearing Jan 29

Suggestions for babywearing

I’ve heard of moby, boba, etc but they’re all super pricey. What are your favorite wraps or carriers? For a newborn and 1 year old.

  • Kalen
    Feb 02

    Ergo baby has been great for us! I got ours used at a consignment store so it was much less expensive.

  • Aby
    Feb 03

    All great suggestions here. We have a Tula and love it. I got it on a sale at 50%off. Otherwise all the good ones are pricey. If you have a Target nearby, they have open box/sale items in baby section for 50-75%off sometimes. I've seen ergo baby couple of times. Worth checking out.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Jan 28

Skiing with Kids

Any good websites for second hand ski equipment and gear for kids?

Crib bumpers

I know crib bumpers are not recommended anymore for a baby but has anyone found ones they love. My 4 month old rolls everywhere in her crib and most nights ends up with her arm or leg hanging out. I am worried she will get it stuck and hurt herself in her sleep.

What are some good sippy cups that don't leak everywhere?

  • molly
    Jan 26


  • Raji
    Jan 26

    I also use the munchkin 360 cup; tho it does leak when thrown.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Jan 20

Strollers with 2 kids

I will have a two year old and a newborn in about 5 months and I was wondering what everyone did to get two kids around. Is it worth it to get a double stroller or is there an easier way?

  • Nana
    Jan 24

    Double stroller all the way. As long as you have not aloud your child freedom to roam. It is hard to go backwards. Buy a used stroller and when your done you can resale it. Double strollers can be a challenge to shop with. I love having a Bob stroller.

  • Dee
    Jan 29

    Go for double. Suggesting baby jogger. Worth the investment for long term until from baby even 5-6yrs. Testimonial, rented one last year for Disney for 6yr old daughter & niece. By far, most light weight, convenient stroller.

Dry formula electric water mixer dispenser?

Our daughter uses dry powder similac formula, and I’m curious if there is a device out there that automatically mixes water and formula and can pour out into a bottle automatically.

  • Perry
    Jan 21

    Hi MommyDear, Thank you for your feedback :) I won’t go into the reasons why I’m asking about a device, but it would make life easier in our household.

  • Wenonah
    Jan 25

    Yes I agree with Amanda. I got the baby brezza as a baby shower gift and it is a lot of work too took apart and clean. It’s just not worth it. I donated it to goodwill after cleaning it for the last time.

Suction dinnerware

Hi all! Any recommendations on suction dinnerware? I currently have the Munchkin bowls and Tommy Toddler plate but both don’t suction very well. My toddler can easily pull the dinnerware off of tables and trays.

  • Andrea
    Jan 18

    We tried probably 4 or 5 different versions and they NEVER worked. None of them. Our boys smacked them all off within seconds of being put down. We found it easier to just dole out the food instead of putting a full plate down until he figured out not to swipe it off his tray. Even now, we have to basically eat one handed and keep a hand on his plate so it doesn’t get flipped. I wish they were ... More

  • Marti
    Jan 19

    We never found one that worked either. Our son had them all off in seconds.

Walker troubles

My daughter hatesss her walker as soon as someone puts her in it she has a tantrum, but she loves she loves sittin in her high chair i want her to love her walker. So she can get practice on walking as well. Btw i want to buy her a new walker she pretty tall to tall for her current walker, so any ideas on walkers i can get? Please and thank you

  • PK
    Jan 16

    Vtech sit to stand learning walker. It’s a push walker and not something they sit in. My son is now two, has been walking for over a year and still plays with that thing.

Best car seat for shallow back seat?

The Winnie fam came through with a great recommendation for an infant car seat that fit really well in our shallow back seat. Our little guy has now outgrown it and we need a rear facing car seat to replace it. Ideally something that he can use for a while with longer term height and weight max, but number one priority (besides safety obviously) is something that will fit behind the passenger s... More

  • Destinee
    Jan 15

    My research said that the Graco Extend2Fit was the most compact seat front to back and I think that’s probably accurate. We have it and it fits in my subcompact car with room to spare

  • Sara
    Jan 21

    Thanks Destinee- that’s what I was reading generally, but some mixed reviews on the actual install, so glad to hear that from a family who uses it. We ordered the extend 2 fit. Thanks again everyone!

Travel System

When did you guys transition from your travel system to a regular stationary car seat? My LO is only 4.5 mos but I feel like he’s not comfortably fitting in his Britain’s travel system car seat anymore (is this even possible?). So when did you switch? Also, is it a huge pain? I feel like the travel system is so convenient (especially in the winter) since you can pack them up indoors and just ca... More

  • Alexis
    Jan 15

    We moved both our babies to the convertible seat by 6 months. I actually planned to use it from birth but my first baby was so tiny that he just didnt really look comfortable in that big seat. Almost all convertibles are safe from about 4 lbs so if you are ready then go ahead and make the switch!

  • Shannon
    Jan 17

    We moved our little guy from the infant seat at 4 months because he was an inch from being too tall fir it, based on the guidelines.

Best booster seat for toddler?

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