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JoEllen posted in Pumping 5h ago

breastmilk plateau??

I pump for my two month old and up until this point she’s had formula only twice but she’s starting to eat more and i’m still making the same amount of milk which is only 2 1/2 oz every 2-3 hours. I really don’t want to give her formula but I’m having to start supplementing with it. And yes, I’m eating lactation cookies with flax seeds in them and taking fenugreek and blessed thistle pills twic... More

  • Jasmin
    2h ago

    You could try a tea called Mother's milk, or oatmeal

  • Lisa
    34m ago

    I know this sounds odd, but cut your pumping back to every 4 hours, be sure to pump at least 20 min at a time (I was told it doesn’t count if you done pump that long), I usually do 30, and make sure the suction is strong enough you feel it... around 2 ish months I started increasing my suction knob slightly which got me more production. Good luck.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Thursday

Supplementing After mild mastitis, I’m finding my supply is low. I’m struggling to pump as my little one is sick with a virus and constantly wanting to nurse, and his older brother is also sick and clingy. Though when I have done a few days ago, I found I had very little come out. LO is 7.5 months and EBF, and I have noticed less wet nappies, his not always reaching a satisfied stage post-f... More

  • Shruti

    I would weigh the little one pre and post nursing to get a good idea on how many ounces he's getting from the breast. I do agree that less wet diapers and wanting to constantly nurse probably means that he's not getting as much liquids.

Has anyone used Freemie collection cups?

I have the Medela Instyle pump and was looking for an eaiser way to pump. Anyone tried the freemie collection cups? I would love to get a portable pump but not sure it is worth the money.

  • BE

    I loved them!

  • Caley

    Freemie was awesome! I loved using it so much more that my Medela.

Working moms who pump!

I’m going to start working soon and I’m a little scared about how to go about pumping at work. More than anything I just don’t want my supply to decrease since I won’t be able to pump as often. What did you do to prevent that from happening?

  • Kate

    Read the book “Working and Breastfeeding Made Easy”. It has some great practical information on pumping. Put it on the kindle app on your phone and read while breastfeeding!

  • Nina

    I successfully breastfed three while working. I stuck to every 4 hours and drank tons of water in between. Like tons! I learned more and more with each kid. Like my oldest I only breastfed to 8 months, because I was pumping more than latching baby. I learned that the more you latch on baby when you are with baby, the more you keep your supply strong.

Pumping without a pump

Anyone here “pump” without a breast pump? Sounds intriguing. I personally would love to learn in case I forget my pump and don’t have the baby with me! https://www.thecut.com/article/pump-without-a-breast-pump.html

  • Sarah
    Jul 13

    My let down was so crazy I could nurse on one side (or pump) and fill half a bottle by jut holding it up to the other side! I stayed home with my first one and would use collected let down milk or hand expressed milk if he had to take a bottle. With the second I worked so I used an electric pump!

  • Shelby

    Hand expressing is a chore sometimes, but it will work. I’ve been engorged before and it was the only way for relief. I’ve seen cups one can use while baby nurses or one pumps and it will catch the let down. I too could practically fill a bottle with a let down.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jul 09

Pumping & Returning to Work

I should start by saying that I'm very lucky in that I got paid time off after having my baby-6 weeks disability, 8 weeks paid family leave. However, those weeks are coming to a close and I need to return to work, which I am SO not ready for. One big issueis that I have to leave my current job as the hours are long and I wouldn't be able to afford child care. So I got a weekend job at a... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 09

    Oh, wow! It seems so overwhelming going into it for the first time so I think I just needed some input from some more experienced mamas to put it into perspective. I don't know anyone who's been successful in keeping up with milk production so I'm kind of always on edge worrying that I'm just going to suddenly stop producing overnight. Lol. But you're totally right, sticking... More

  • J
    Jul 09

    so if there are more than 50 employees, i think it is legally required to make accommodations. maybe you could use the manager’s office? every woman is different — i pump for ten min and then there is no more breastmilk. with set up and clean up, looking at 20 min max. good luck!

Small storage capacity

Is it just me or do breastfeeding articles about storage capacity frustrate any other small storage mom's? They all say oh as long as you feed your baby often enough your supply is fine! Well, 12 times a day is every 2 hours around the clock! I try to hold down a job where I can't spend all day in the mother's room and I try to sleep at night. All of this has led to a reduction in m... More

  • Allison
    Jul 09

    Your baby needs less milk as they get older. I felt the same way when I went back to work. You’re doing great!

  • Vonda
    Jul 13

    I eat oatmeal to help my milk supply. But also keep in mind everyone’s milk supply is different. Even what we pump isn’t the same as what our baby gets from us. I didn’t pump over 8oz a session until my LO was almost 6 months. Maybe even older. And most of the time I don’t get that much when I night pump even now. I usually get 5oz. My LO is almost 10 months. But I can breastfeed him all day lo... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jul 05

Pumping at work

I work outside my home on Tues and Thurs only where I pump 2x while at work. Would my supply be effected if I drop down to pumping 1x on these days (so long as Im comfortable re: engorgement)? I BF on demand all other days and before and after work. I should add my daughter is 9.5mo.

  • Allison
    Jul 09

    Pump as often as you would feed her. I did three times per day during work (10am, 1pm, 4pm)

  • Stephanie
    Jul 10

    I switched from 3 to 2 times a day and saw a drop in supply. I probably could have increased it by pumping longer but instead I added back the third session again. You can give it a try and worst case switch back.

My left breast clogs all the time and doesn't fully drain. Any advice?

  • Misty

    I started taking lechin a week ago, works like a charm! Thanks everyone!

  • Jenn

    My husband was my secret weapon 😆 (seriously... yes, gross but it works!)

Breast milk

I recently had a baby last Friday amd am trying my hardest to breast feed but it seems that my milk will not come in. I'm going on day 7 postpartum and am only producing about 15 ml every time I pump. Any suggestions?

  • Kia
    Jul 01

    Consult a breastfeeding consultant they will and can def help you to get more milk flowing,good luck momma!

  • Andreka
    Jul 01

    At 7 days pp that’s all baby should need to be full. Their bellies are tiny. As the previous posters said, pumping is not an accurate depiction of how much you produce. Also, pumping this early can definitely lead to an over supply because it takes a few weeks before your milk supply is regulated. The more you move milk the more your body thinks it should produce. Wet diapers and weight gain is... More

Teaching and Pumping

Hi! So, I am due in December with my 4th baby. This is the first time that I will be going back to work full time teaching after the baby is born (obviously after maternity leave). I'm super anxious about how to fit pumping into my schedule. Teaching is especially unique because I can't really make my own breaks and when I teach a class, someone has to be in the classroom with my stude... More

  • Holly
    Jun 29

    Pretty sure you have a right to time for pumping during your workday. I teach high school and have a few different people that take over classes so I can pump. I time my lessons so kids are working independently and have clear directions before I leave.

  • Maribel
    Jun 29

    I pumped before school (7am) , at lunch (11am), and right after school (3pm). Sometimes I needed to pump a bit more so I had a title teacher or even my principal covered my class!

Has anyone traveled internationally while having to pump?

I might have to do a work trip to France at the end of August. My baby will be 4.5 months by then. I’m currently breastfeeding and hope to still be at that time. If I’m away from her for a few days for this trip, I’ll have to have a lot of frozen milk. I’m wondering if anyone has had to pump while on an international flight and any tips or tricks you might have? I assume I’ll have to pump in t... More

  • Divya
    Jun 29

    It was stored in the hotel freezer, I transferred to one of my carry containers from Medela that had an ice pack in it (which I also asked them to freeze beforehand). And I just carried it on the plane. You just go through additional security. They do a swab test. I’ve never had any issues, just allow for a little additional time for security. So by the time I got off the plane the milk was sem... More

  • Katie
    Jun 30

    Sarah first off don’t feel like you have to pump in the airplane bathroom. If people are bothered by what you’re doing, that’s their problem not yours! If you can maybe a window seat so you can turn into the window so you feel like you have a bit more privacy and use some kind of coverup so you feel comfortable. And I definitely recommend a battery powered or a rechargeable breast pump while yo... More

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Jun 26

Is something wrong with me?

I’ve been struggling with having energy since my pregnancy. I have an 8 month old baby boy and he’s everything to me! I also have exclusively pumped since he was born, every 3 or 4 hours, around the clock. Most days I want to go for a walk or to the park with him or simply just leave the house but when it comes down to it I’m tired. 😓 I don’t have much energy ever to do much. I feel as if I’ve ... More

  • Coral
    Jun 28

    Talk to your physician, you may have a bit of postpartum depression. I would also take advantage of any baby sitters or grandparents that may be available. Even if it’s just for an hour to get a nap in. Don’t feel bad asking for help! :) hope things get better

  • Alexandra
    Jul 06

    There’s a new thing doctors are starting to recognize as part of the pregnancy process - which is post partum depletion. That is, your body gives everything to your baby(ies) and you may need a little extra help getting your nutrients back up. Pumping is exhausting - but at the age you should be on the mend. Maybe see a nutritionist and figure out what you’re lacking - and how to get balanced a... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jun 25


Has anyone been able to or has attempted to re-lactate? I have not breastfeed or pumped going on 3 months now. My baby is about to be 7 months. During the last week I’ve gotten the strong urge to pump/breastfeed again and started reading up on it and saw it was possible. I’m not sure if it’s the knowing this is my last baby that has me wanting to enjoy something that I couldn’t with my other t... More

  • Aye
    Jun 27

    Constant pumping, letting the baby latch on (then give them a bottle so they aren't so fussy) and there's also teas that help!

  • Je'Nelle
    Jul 02

    Fenugreek is a great supplement as well. It’s also in a lot of the mothers milk teas I think.

Breast pumps reccs !!! I have a choice between Medela pump in style Freemie hands free pump Evenflow delux advances Lansinoh Smart pump. In the past I’ve used medela wondering if any of the others are considered better ?

  • Amy
    Jun 14

    @mal - much quieter too! The mother's room at my office has thin walls, so much more comfortable using this. I actually even take calls while pumping. The lower settings are very quiet. Spectra allows you to tune the frequency of the suction AND the strength. Also, it vibrates a bit, feels like a baby's suckle.

  • Heather
    Jun 14

    Willow pump looks amazing! Haven’t used it as it came out after I bought my medela. Medela was rated the best and I would describe it as fine. Spills happen and the suction isn’t always great.

Working breastfeeding pumping mom

How often should I be pumping? My coworker said she pumped every 2 hours before she went back to work to boost her supply, so she can pump every 3 hours at work. Then she would pump every 3 hours at home too. Even when her baby slept through the night, she would still pump. I noticed my supply began going down through the week during my first week of work. I only pumped at work. Should I be pum... More

  • Tiffany
    Jun 10

    It depends on if you are nursing as well. Pumping is supposed to mimic how often your baby eats so you are signaling to your body to produce more milk. Before my daughter had any solids I pumped every 3 hours, and then only nursed her once I got back. One she started eating more solids, I started stretching out the time between pumping. Good luck! There's a lot of math involved in determin... More

  • Stephanie
    Jun 12

    I would try to do that evening pump after baby was in bed on weekends too just to have extra milk to send in/store.

Anonymous posted in Pumping Jun 08

What if you pump and baby wakes hungry immediately after?

Do you bottlefeed? If you breastfeed, what if baby cries because no milk is coming out?

  • Miranda
    Jun 09

    I would still nurse, your never completely empty and your baby is most likely better at getting milk out than your pump. If anything, start on the breast (offer both) then supplement if you need to.

C posted in Breastfeeding Jun 07

Breast Pump Advice

Has anyone had any experience with the Spectra 2 breast pump? Is it good for first time pumpers??

  • Dulce
    Jun 25

    Spectra beats out all others whenever I see this question asked in mom groups. I got the S1 for the rechargeable battery. I plan to keep it at work to use and will use the Ameda ( only one insurance covered) for home use/backup as needed. Def recommend measuring for proper shield size. I got 17mm from MayMom off Amazon.

  • Samantha
    Jun 30

    I have the spectra 2 and love it! I had the medela with my middle son and it broke after just a couple months of having it.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jun 03

What does it feel like when you stop breastfeeding or pumping?

After 12 months I was ready to wean. Plus, I wanted to start on regular birth control cause those mini pills were horrible. The baby was on 70/30 breast milk and formula as I wasn't producing enough. I started introducing cow milk to the bottles so he'd start getting used to it. As soon as I started the pill my supply took a nose dive and I took that as the sign I was waiting for to sta... More

  • Elle
    Jun 05

    The cabbage leaves is old wives tale because its correlative not causative - there is nothing in cabbage leaves themselves to help with pain, inflammation, or discomfort; most babies do not like the small/taste, so it helps oth weaning. People who put thr leaves in the fridge are merely getting the benefit of something cold being against their breasts. Use cold compress, supportive bra, face a... More

  • Anonymous
    Jun 05

    Thank you all for your feedback. Here's the update in case it helps others. After 5-6 days they soreness is finally gone. I didn't have to express or pump. I just rubbed/massaged the area. I only had just that one day incident when my boob leaked. Woohoo! I think I'm finally over the hump 😁

Water is LIFEEE💦

My milk supply went down last Saturday because I haven’t drank water lately like I normally do. I bought a jug and been drinking bottles and cups daily of water and thank you Jesus my supply boosted through the roof. I pumped this yesterday morning before work and over filled the right bottle 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 By the way, I’m not saying if your supply is low this will work for you. I’m just sharing my ... More

  • Kelsey
    May 31

    When my supply is dropping I know I hadn’t had enough water. water really is a great thing

  • J
    May 31

    woot woot! i just started back at work and i’m drinking a ton of water and hopefully my supply will keep up!

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