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Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Monday

Low milk supply

My husband is deployed and I have a one year old and a one month old. Between pumping every two to three hours and feeding him bottles at night I wasn’t getting enough sleep, my supply dropped over the past week and I’m trying to build it back up since my husbands coming home in the next week Any tips or advice on bringing it back??

  • oohhhruth

    Milkmaker cookies are the truth! I LOVE THOSE COOKIES they are expensive but I promise you that they work. IMMEDIATELY dont knock it till you try it :-)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you all!

Jackie posted in Pumping Sep 17

Exclusively pumping

I have been EP for 11 weeks. My supply has started to diminish (12oz to 2-3oz a session). It’s getting very discouraging and so time consuming to produce so little so I decided to stop (that was 36 hours ago). However, I think I want to start again and give it another chance or atleast until my freezer stash runs out, which should be a week. I am wondering if what I just pumped is colostrum o... More

  • Lisa
    Sep 18

    Are you taking the prenatal? For sure you want to continue that, is the pressure on the pump up to the level you feel a strong suck? You want the suction up to a comfortable yet strong level. Are you drinking lots of water, and staying destressed? These are more possible factors

  • Emily
    Sep 19

    Also, if you aren’t already, up your consumption of water majorly! I returned back to work and pump at lunch. I was only getting less than an ounce, so I figured supply was just diminishing. I have been drinking 20+ ounces from morning to lunch, and been pumping 5+ ounces each time. I read somewhere breast milk is like 90% water.

How much milk is enough to last a yr.

I’m trying to guess how much milk I need to stash to last my baby a yr. I’m wanting to stop pumping just because I have 6 other kids and I’m always on the go and baby only take bottles she was born early and never really got the hang of breast and don’t really want to so I just pump. She is 4months old on sept 27th and she takes probably about 25-30 oz a day. I already have probably over 3,500 ... More

  • Elle
    Sep 17

    Our six month old (who is one the smaller side - birth weight was 6.3 lb) does 4 feedings of 8oz plus a top off 4 oz before bed, so that's 36oz/day. For most of the first year, food is for experiencing, and mooost of baby's nutrients are supposed to come from BM/formula. So, it shouldn't cut down on milk very much. Using 40oz as a rough daily guide, here's how it might work f... More

  • Amanda
    Sep 17

    Thx for the guesses I will continue to pump hopefully until she is 6month or so

Samantha posted in Pumping Sep 15

Breastfeeding Question

My baby is 1 week old and 2 days. I bottle feed her formula and breast milk. I pump in the morning and get 4 oz then I pump again every 2-3 hours throughout the day and only get 1-3 oz and if she’s not full or if I didn’t pump enough I feed her 2 oz of formula. Is this a normal amount to be pumping? If not, how can I produce more?

  • Jenna
    Sep 16

    Remember how much their little tummys can hold

  • Casey
    Sep 16

    She will tell you if shes hungry still, i promise. I had these exact specs for my first kid and was supplementing also. It's entirely normal to pump the most after first waking in the morning. And staying on the pump longer doesn't necessarily mean you will get more. It seems you are doing well. I'm not sure what others did past 3 months though as we went back to exclusively breastfeeding by then.

Anonymous posted in Pumping Sep 11

Help! Left breast suddenly not producing much

My son is 3 weeks old and due to issues at birth, I am exclusively pumping for him. At first I wasn’t producing anything - partly due most likely to the fact that he was in NICU away from me most of the day. Once we got home from the hospital I used a manual hand pump and eventually my milk came in - and pretty strong! Since then I’ve been pumping about 8oz a session thru an electric pump, usu... More

  • Nandi
    Sep 12

    Also, when you breast feed, you are only pumping what your LO drinks. For example, if my daughter snacked around 2 pm today, then the next day at 2 I would only pump an ounce.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 12

    I only pump, he wasn’t able to latch

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Sep 10

Exclusively pumping

At this point I am exclusively pumping. Would love to breastfeed again but for now it’s not in the cards. That being said I have the medela pump in style advanced, does anyone have a better breast pump that they can recommend. Preferably something I can walk around and use.

  • Melissa
    Sep 14

    The Willow leaked for me one time but after my free coaching session I learned it was because I didn’t attach the flex tube properly

  • Jessica
    Sep 19

    LISA thank you so much for the honest advice, your answer was exactly what I was looking for. You’re awesome mama

J posted in Breastfeeding Sep 10

Declining breastmilk

My supply is decreasing and I cannot stop it nor figure out why. Maybe you might have some ideas? Baby 7.5 month old feeds 5 times a day, and i’m breastfeeding him 4 of those times and pumping at work. That afternoon pump is like 1-2 oz each breast instead of 3-4. And at his last feeding at night, i have began supplementing with formula because he was crying after feeding. There is just so lit... More

  • Kali
    Sep 17

    Okay so I found out that the reason my supply was low with BOTH babies was because I had low thyroid levels. I had to supplement with my first, but still breastfed until he was 1 1/2 but with my 4 month old I finally went to the doctor (I had other small symptoms too) and she prescribed me medicine and it’s made a world of a difference! If you’ve tried absolutely everything, get your thyroid ch... More

  • Lola's mama
    Sep 18

    I drink traditional medicine organic mother's milk tea. Whenever my supply seems low, i drink it and i don't have to wait long for the result. My supply is low mostly because the day before or so, i didn't nurse my baby on schedule backed by 2 to 3 hours so the milk is responding as like supply and demand. Less demand, less supply. That's why i need the tea. Also some other time... More


I had my son 10 months ago and I started out breastfeeding and he wasn’t latching right so I switched to formula because I couldn’t pump much. I stopped pumping after 2 months because I just wasn’t getting anything. After I stopped I started getting a slight pain in both breast. It comes and goes and doesn’t happen every day. Is this normal?

  • Sarah
    Sep 10

    It could just be engorgement or it could be clogged milk ducts. I would definitely consult with a lactation consultant

  • Chelsey
    Sep 10

    Even though it’s been 9 months since I last pumped or breastfed?

Can I pump every 4 hours instead of 3?

My LO is 2 months. I’ve been breastfeeding and supplementing with formula. If I pump every 3 hours, I get 1 1/2oz -2 oz. I noticed if I pump every 4, I get 3-4 oz. Would pumping every 4 oz drop my supply? I know I’m supposed to produce more than 4oz per session :/. (I’ve been having issues with increasing my supply)

  • Katrina
    Sep 06

    4oz per session is actually a big amount! Many women never pump more than 2-3oz per session, and still have enough milk for baby. Is there a reason you'd need more? Why are you pumping? What timeframe do you need to spend away from your little one? From 1 month until sometime after six months, baby needs about 25-30oz per day. Even healthy well-developing breadtfed infants shouldn't s... More

Andi posted in Pumping Sep 02

Exclusive pumping

Anyone know how to make one boob make more and one boob slow down? Should I just pump extra on my slow side? My right is making 6 oz plus and my left tops out at 5 (on a good pump) usually 3.5-4 oz max. I don’t mind the milk production, but I don’t want to look lopsided. Advice?

  • Sara
    Sep 02

    This is pretty normal. Most people have one side that out performs the other (I do). You could pump extra on the low producer but I usually don’t worry about it.

  • Zenaida
    Sep 02

    Yes pump a lil more on the slow one that’s what I did to correct the problem I breastfeed my 18 month and my 3 month old

cocomac posted in Pumping Sep 01

Stupid question - pumping at work

I use the Similac app to track baby’s nursings and it varies between 1hr and 2+hr. Recently has gone back to 1hr or so. I go back to work in 3 weeks but will simulate my work schedule for a couple days before I go back. How often should I pump? I know “whenever baby nurses” But what do you think given recent changes in her schedule? I leave the house a bit after 8am, and get home around 5/5:... More

  • Amy
    Sep 01

    Pump as often as your employer will allow you to. I was only able to pump twice during work hours with my first baby & it diminished my milk supply. I eventually dried up after a month & had to resort to formula. I was so upset... So my advice to you is to pump as much as you possibly can without getting fired.

  • B
    Sep 02

    Another option is to also pump in the car as you drive to work (if you drive). Allowed me to get a third pump in. My routine was to wake up early, pump one side, wake the baby and feed her on the other side (I had enough milk first thing to make that work), get us all ready for the day, pump again around 10, 2, pump as I drove home, feed at home, etc, and then do a last pump before I went to be... More

Anyone tried the BabyBuddha Breast Pump?

Would you recommend it?

  • KCS
    Aug 31

    What are the pros/cons to it? I pre-ordered one. I already own a Spectra S2, Medela PISA, and Willow Pump but none of them drains me out well enough.

  • Jac
    Sep 03

    I had a Spectra 2 and the Baby Buddha was far more effective for me. Faster, multiple let downs, drains me completely where the Spectra never did, and in 2/3 of the time. Plus as a commuter who walks and trains it to work, it is fantastic being able to carry a normal bag with a tiny pump in it. I can also walk around the house and use both hands for stuff with it. The charge doesnt last lon... More

For those of you with young babies that are sleeping through the night...are you getting up to pump?

  • Alexis
    Aug 31

    Oh gosh...I tried to skip nighttime feedings and ended up with mastitis which quickly turned into two abscesses. I ended up in the hospital with MRSA. I know, it's a really scary story. It's not really common so take it for what it is. But if you do start skipping night sessions please pay close attention to your body and don't ignore any strange symptoms!

  • Vonda
    Sep 02

    I night pump. I go to sleep when my son does (~8pm) Get up at midnight to pump. Then go back to bed after until he wakes up. I mostly breastfeed. But this helps me keep a stash for when he goes to his grandparents for a few hours on the weekends. I tried to not pump at night but I ended up getting clogged ducts. So I keep pumping at night.

Does anyone know what is best to increase breastmilk supply ??🍼🍼

  • Paola
    Sep 05

    Milk with oatmeal eat it in the mornings

  • Racheal
    Sep 13

    Lots of protein, anything with Coconut water or milk, and oatmeal.

Anonymous posted in Pumping Aug 26

Haaka - formilk vs hindmilk

For those who pump with the haaka how do you make sure you are saving fatty hindmilk?

  • cocomac
    Aug 26

    I feed one breast at a time, so I use to drain the other breast before/during/after the session. But I also had an oversupply - that guaranteed both fore and hind milk ... now that I’m a bit more regulated (and 2 weeks into the mini pill), I just pump a little to relieve engorgement and/or to slow the flow as I also have a fast let down. I’m sure what I’m getting is more foremilk than before,... More

Anonymous posted in Pumping Aug 22

How to increase milk supply

I have been exclusively pumping and feeding my baby. I had a breast abscess surgery and quit pumping for around 25 days. My baby couldn't take formula so I had to start pumping again. I am still struggling to boost my milk supply. Anyone has suggestion on how to increase milk supply in my case.

  • Misty
    Aug 27

    Fenugreek and blessed thistle. Oatmeal

  • Ady

    Have one glass of warm milk with cumin powder before bed

Tips to start breast milk freezer stash?

My 7 month old won't currently take a bottle but I'm hoping to keep encouraging it every once in a while so my husband can feed him too. I'm pumping between feedings and getting about 1oz each time, usually 4 times a day if I can. I want to start a freezer stash, does anyone have experience trying to pump regularly at this stage while continuing to nurse?

  • cocomac
    Aug 22

    Maybe this isn’t a good idea as it would increase supply, but as my now 2 month old would sleep longer stretches at night, I would have to pump to relieve engorgement, and I’d get at least 3-4 ounces overnight. And make sure to drink water AS you pump too.

  • Sarah
    Aug 23

    For me, pumping in the morning yields the same 1oz as any other part of the day because he snacks throughout the night lol

Power pumping

How long can one see results from power pumping? My supply has decreased from 3 1/2 to 1-2 ounces per session. My breasts has also been lacking to fill up. I tried mother’s milk tea but I’ve noticed it boosted up my supply but also made it drop over time. I ordered emergency brownies from Milky Mama and I’m hoping it helps boost my supply. But for meanwhile I’ve been powerpumping and today is m... More

  • Michelle
    Aug 22

    My supply has dropped too! I tried lactation cookies but it made my little guy extra gassy. I've been trying not to stress about it but I know it's easier said than done! We just need to remember to that as long as baby is happy, we'll figure it out!

  • Jenn
    Aug 22

    I noticed an increase on day 3 and it was permanent as long as I kept on top of my schedule.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Aug 21

Lol engorged and out and about

Oops, had such a good lunch with an old friend that because I didn’t feel like changing her diaper yet, she fussed on my left boob, so she’s finally eating 4 hours later after I changed her diaper, but my right boob is like wtf, ain’t it my turn, and gonna explode, and I didn’t bring my pump 😭 never gonna think I won’t need my pump when I’m out 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Liz
    Aug 22

    I would bring a hand pump it’s smaller and that way if you want to store it you can as well

  • MJ
    Aug 22

    Keep a manual pump in your car for emergencies I also have the Nature Bond silicone manual pump suction that I keep in my purse or diaper bag

Jennifer posted in Pumping Aug 21

Pumping incorrectly?

I recently returned to work—it’s only day 2. When I pump it doesn’t seem like much, but I can manually express quite a bit after the standard 20 min. When pumping it seems like my breasts stall—I have to re-do the “let down” cycle on the Medela on an even stronger setting than I start with in order to draw more milk out. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Susan
    Aug 21

    Look at photos of your babe while you pump. That helped me a lot!

  • Lisa
    Aug 21

    The lower production may also be partly due to the stress of leaving your baby and returning to work, remember relaxation is key!! As long as the nipple is centered in the cone, and the tubes are all connected, you are doing it right. On Medela turn the on/off/pressure nob around to the pressure that is as much as you can comfortably take, you should feel the sucking in the breast, and do it ... More

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