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Lisa posted in Pumping Jan 07

Hands-free breast pump vs. cord mess?

I'm interested in the simplicity of a hands-free breast pump, like Willow, but I am curious to hear from real people who have used this product and compared it to the Medela Symphony or other stationary/corded pump?

  • Kay
    Jan 09

    Hi there, I’ve been using the Willow since November and have had nothing but issues. I have three kids so I was so excited to use a hand free pump! The first time I got mastitis I stopped using the Willow and used my standard Medela instead. The issue would get resolved by pumping with the Medela or being put on a prescription. I’ve had clogged ducts due to using the Willow pump as well. After... More

  • Kay
    Jan 09

    Congrats by the way!

Random Let-Down

Has anyone else experienced this?: My 8 month old is on a feeding schedule, so my let down occurs during those times even if I'm away from him and have to pump later than the feeding time. The past two days I have had two random let downs at times that are not his normal feeding time. This has never happened to me before, so I wanted to see if I wasn't alone. I should mention that I... More

  • Maranda
    Jan 06

    This is totally normal. I’ve been breastfeeding for over 2 years now, and I had random let downs for the first year.

  • Kristina
    Jan 06

    Maranda, thank you! It's never happened before, so I wasn't sure if something was wrong or maybe it was hormones from my period.

Growth spurt - pump at similar intervals??

If baby is having a growth spurt and it started during the week while I’m pumping at work at normal intervals, it would make sense that my milk doesn’t match to her needs right? So by the time the weekend is over, my supply should increase to meet her demands and I should pump at simile intervals (2 hours versus 3 hours?)

  • Anonymous
    Jan 04

    Correct. Although, growth spurts usually only last up to a week (well for us)

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jan 03

Drop in supply

Baby is 6 months old, barely started BLW for maybe 2 meals over the holidays. My usual “fullness” (not engorgement, that was during my mat leave so I know it’s not enforcement), no longer happens when it’s about time to nurse/pump. Been back at work 2 days now and I’m barely making enough for baby’s bottles (today I had 10 oz.) whereas I use to make a little more, and would freeze maybe 1-2 bag... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 03

    Thank you!! Forgot about power pumps

  • Kerry
    Jan 03

    Your welcome, I hope that helps. Mothers milk tea is also supposed to help. I only pumped for 6 weeks so cant say wether it works or not.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Dec 21

Breast pump recommendations

Hi everyone, I am currently in between the Ameda Finesse breast pump and the Evenflow Deluxe. I am someone who needs a lighter, convenient pump since I'll be attending grad school and will have to pump in school. These I've found are the most convenient and easy to clean but I wanted to see if anyone had personal experiences with either of them and what you would recommend!. Thanks in advance!

  • Lisa
    Dec 21

    I had the Medela in style advanced, it was nice and light weight, and it was free through my insurance with a prescription from my OB for it about 1 month before I gave birth. If not near a water source, Medela also makes sanitizing wipes to clean the parts till the next use, or till you get home to clean more thoroughly

Breast pumps

Thinking about getting a new breast pump-I have an old manual one that I’m thinking about replacing...kind of interested in the haakaa, thoughts?

  • AVG
    Dec 16

    I had the haakka, worked great but wasn’t able to self pump milk. Only catch the let down from the boob I wasn’t nursing from. However it would sometimes fall if not suctioned well. Would catch about 3-4.5 oz sometimes.

  • Kristina
    Dec 17

    Some health insurances pay for a breast pump. I went with Medela because they have great customer services. I just emailed them with my insurance information and I got a pump in 1-2weeks and didn’t have to pay for it!! And it’s a great pump.

Im weaning my son but I cant figure out how to put him to sleep without the boob.

He never took a bottle or got used to a pacifier.

  • Ira
    Dec 15

    Try using sippy cup. My son was like that too. His pedia recommended to use a sippy cup and it works for him.

Sudden breastfeeding pain

My daughter is 5.5 months old. Breastfeeding and pumping hasn’t been painful since the very beginning. Now it hurts. Not constantly during a feeding or pumping session, but definitely noticeable. Is this normal? She is teething. Maybe that has something to do w it?

  • Marisa
    Dec 17

    I started my period. I’m doing some research about breastfeeding and menstruation. “Nipple tenderness occurs for some women during ovulation, during the days before a period, or at both times.”

  • Angel
    Dec 17

    I have/had this ever single cycle.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Dec 12

Which breast pump for FT working mom

I have been using Medela for about two months now, but it seems to lose power over time. I hear a leak somewhere. My breasts still feel full after a twenty minute pumping session. Plus, the machines so freaking loud! My whole office can hear it and its embarrassing. One part finally broke (thanks to my hubby who tried to disassemble it and help me clean the parts yesterday). I am considering... More

  • Cheri
    Dec 13

    Recently switched to the Spectra S1 (with the rechargeable battery). So worth it and much better than what I’d been using for the first six months (Ameda Purely Yours). Quieter and better suction (strong but not uncomfortable).

  • Myrtle
    Dec 15

    I agree that your pump should still be working so I would contact the manufacturer to try and get it replaced. In the meantime probably you need to rent a pump. The Medela freestyle has a battery so it’s portable. I noticed that sporadically the pump didn’t work as well to get my milk out (even though there was nothing wrong with the pump). I learned how to hand express which was super helpful ... More

how much bottled pumped milk to leave for babysitter?

Our first night out is this weekend (yay!), and a friend is babysitting. My LO (almost 4 months) is breastfed on demand and tends to be a grazer - she nurses enthusiastically for 5-8 min,takes a break, & eats again, 3 or 4 times. And many evenings she seriously clusterfeeds. She has recently started taking a 4-6 oz bottle of pumped milk (success!!) but usually breastfeeds also within a coup... More

  • Raji
    Dec 11

    I would leave one 4 oz bottles and 3 2 oz bottles. This way she won’t go hungry n won’t necessarily waste any.

  • Kim
    Dec 11

    I would leave 12oz., 6-8oz thawed and the rest frozen as a backup. If you are gone that long you will probably need to pump while you are out to A) keep your supply up, and B) relieve yourself so you don’t get engorged. I will travel with a hand pump since they are smaller for a night out or when on the road.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Dec 09

Time to throw in the towel on breastfeeding?

So my LO is almost 15 months and still breastfeeding. I was in the ER this weekend and diagnosed with Shingles. Since then she won’t nurse from me. She will take a cup or bottle but when I offer her to breastfed morning or night she just sits there and refuses. I don’t want to force it because honestly I’m hurting and exhausted but still heartbroken this might be the end of our journey. I was h... More

  • Sara
    Dec 10

    If you're not ready to stop then it doesn't have to be the end. If you're sick it can reduce supply and also certain antibiotics and medications can change the taste of breastmilk. When you recover so will your supply and your daughter may go back to nursing just fine. Of course if you're ready to stop then you should but don't feel like you have.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 10

    My rash is on my neck and head so it can be covered

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Dec 09

Breast pump recommendations??

Hi ladies - first time mom here and wondering which breast pump to get. Things I care about: - easy to use - easy to clean - easy to use at home or at work - ideally won’t require me to be chained to a wall Would love any advice or recommendations, thanks in advance!

  • Christie
    Dec 12

    Spectra S2 was the best! I went through 2 Hygeias and a Medella before that. The Spectra has so many different settings and it is really easy to clean. I feel like it's a superior product.

  • Lindsey
    Dec 12

    Spectra!! I exclusively pumped for 13 months and loved it.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Dec 09

Can I go back to breastfeeding after 3 months of weaning?

I thought I was sure that I wanted to wean my son at 12 months, and from 8 months, I weaned him off night feeds- giving him water instead- and reduced nursing to twice in 24 hours. I barely feel any let down, if at all in one breast, and my breasts have considerably reduced in size etc. Now I’m on the way out, I really wish I was could continue. Could I try again? I still nurse him twice a ... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 10

    Yes! Aje said it perfectly. If you are still producing at all then I think you will be able to pick back up. It’s all about demand. If your baby is at the boob more and demanding more than I think that will really helps production

  • Anonymous
    Dec 10

    Thank you very much for your responses. My baby is just over 12 months, so I ‘met my goal’ and as he never took the bottle, he just has (goat) milk with in his cereal, with his dinner or cheese, yoghurt etc. So I’m not thinking so much of the nutritional need as emotional. I underestimated how much it meant to us both, and feel terrible when he wants to nurse and I’ve so little- not enough to s... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Dec 05

Dumb question breastfeeding STTN

If my baby sleeps thru the night, does she consume more per feeding or does she start to eat more often? I can’t figure our what to do if she night weans or I decide to night wean. I pump a little more than she eats per day, and I nurse her evenings and weekends. I’m so afraid of losing supply, even though I have a huge frozen stash (almost 11 gallon ziploc bags). Thank you!!!

  • Alejandra
    Dec 06


  • Jennifer
    Dec 06

    Consumes more per feeding has been my experience with my 3 daughters. I used to pump at night when they dropped a night feed.

My baby is 5 months old. I recently started working part time, but I’m going back to full time.

I want to stop breastfeeding and I want to teach him to sleep in his own bed. Any tips?

  • Jessica
    Dec 05

    I did the same as Christa as far as reading Babywise and used a Sleep coach. Everything they said I tried (including 5/10/15 Cry it out method) At that age as long as they are fed, dry, and not sick it is important to teach them independence, self soothing, and how to go to sleep from being awake. It really helped our son get a great nights sleep after only a few days, and now he’s over 2 an... More

  • Elle
    Dec 06

    CIO is the best and fastest way to minimize sleep deprivation. Babies need 16+hrs sleep/day at this age. Nothing is worse for a baby's development than lack of sleep. The sooner you do it (after 2-3 mo), the better. For bottles, see if you can borrow 1 bottle of a few different types from friends. Try seeing which baby takes to over the couse of a week. Then buy some of those. Comotomo is ... More

Breastmilk oversupply

So for the first couple months I pumped frequently and have a huge oversupply in my freezer. I stopped pumping and just directly feed and my baby is almost 4 months. What can I do with all this milk? I would cry if I had to toss it, but other than milk baths idk what to do.

  • Christina
    Dec 04

    Thanks everyone I decided to donate, I found a family through a Facebook group that just adopted a two week old boy

  • Yelena
    Dec 22

    4850 E. Main St.  Ste 140 Columbus, OH  43213 Office XXX-XXXX Ohio Mother's Milk Bank I had a lot of breast milk and I donated it to this organization. They ask some questions and do blood work and if you qualify (if not sick with anything or haven't had mastitis and baby is healthy you should be ok) they send you a box which you fill with milk and send it over night. They pay for t... More

I have stopped the breastfeeding my breast are in pain any advice other than pumping that will help

  • M
    Dec 02

    I would not wear tight-fitting clothing as that could lead to clogged ducts and mastitis. Definitely avoid hot water hitting your breasts directly. I’m not here yet so I’m not speaking from experience for how to dry up but this general advice for how to avoid pain and illness that I think is pretty valuable for you.

  • AlfreyLinet
    Dec 02

    Thank you all for the advices Right now I am at 5 days 4 nights without any breastfeeding so I feel save to say its over It helped a lot the cold gel to relieve the pain also I have only got out the milk once a day the first 3 day it felt a little painful but now I am almost dry and its been less than a week Haven’t drink any pain reliever and everything is good Good luck to you all trying t... More

Help! I’m sick of washing bottles

I pump when I’m at work so between all the little plastic Medela bottles I pump into to store my milk and the glass Dr Browns bottles I use to feed my daughter, I feel like I’m constantly washing bottles. Is there a better system? Maybe a bottle I can directly pump into or I should be pumping into bags I can throw away when I’m done with them? I just need some way to reduce all the stuff I have... More

  • Misty
    Nov 29

    You can use Dr Brown bottle with Medela pump, they will screw onto connectors directly. You can also put a dr brown nipple on medela bottles.

  • Kristen
    Nov 30

    Yes, pump directly into the dr Browns! Right now after a pump I pool into one of the bottles for storage and keep the other bottle in the fridge with my pump parts for the next pump. Or there are bag systems; a friend of mine is using the kiinde ones and loves it.

Kristina posted in Pumping Nov 27

3 month old

My 3 month old son usually sleeps from 9-10pm to 5-6am. Should I pump at night to maintain my milk supply? I used to set an alarm and wake up at 2am to pump, but I noticed that alarm and me moving around wakes the baby up. What other moms do in that kind of situation?

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Nov 27

    I would try dream feeding, but based on my experience they often only sleep through the night for a few days and then wake up to nurse again. I always worried about pumping but never did ( was too tired and lazy) and I always seemed to have milk when they needed it.

  • Brandi
    Nov 27

    No don't get up to pump, your milk will adjust to the needs of your baby.

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