Resources, questions and advice on pumping, storing and feeding expressed breastmilk to your child.

Is there a difference on using frozen expressed breast milk from baby month 1 or 2 vs frozen breast milk from the last 2 weeks (she’s 3.5 months now) nutrition wise?

  • Andrea

    I’m not sure if this is relevant, but for what it’s worth... generally speaking, I send the oldest frozen breast milk with my son to daycare, just so I don’t waste any. However, if my son is sick, and I know that he might benefit from any antibodies or additional nutrition that I might be making to help compensate, then I’ll send the most recently expressed milk to help boost his immune system. But I really only do that when he’s sick. Otherwise, I send oldest first.

  • Anonymous

    Yes - your breastmilk changes as baby ages as far as levels of nutrients - composition fluctuates. But It’s all still healthy and fine to feed the older milk. I had to use donor milk and the recommendations was best choice is from a mother who has a baby your baby’s age and second best is breastmilk from mother with baby any age.

my LO in 23 months. He was unable to latch so I pumped for 6 months 4-5 times a day. Prior to pumping I used to enjoy nipple stimulation during foreplay/sex. Now it feels like nails on a chalkboard. Did the pumping damage my nerves? Anyone with similar experience.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly this happened to me too. It got a tiny bit better with time but it was never the same again :(

Does pumping cause pain in arms, forearms and around the areola?? Pain specially in arms. I feel like my arm veins are also getting pulled?

  • Jenn

    Are you tightly holding the flanges around/on your breast while pumping? I found I would get fatigued and then over time loosened my grip while pumping. Make sure to use the proper size flange as well.

I’m a new mommy with 3week old son. I breastfeed him but I don’t know is he full or not. He takes hour to bf. He drinks expressed milk mostly from evening to morning from bottle(I do pump every 2hrs in these hrs n this pump is making my nipple soooo sore 😞). I think he just don’t want to bf, he gets full through bottle only. When i see him drinking from bottle I feel so bad like I couldn’t feed him. How should I console myself!

Any tips on pumping to build up a supply? I have to go back to work in January and want to be sure there’s enough milk for my baby while I’m gone.

  • Heather

    Pump every 3 hours for 20-25 minutes each time. You can stretch it out to 4 hours at night. Fenugreek tabs 4 capsules three time a day helps too.

I feel confused about how much expressed Breast milk to leave my baby when she is bottle fed- she is 3 months old. I go back to work soon and she is exclusively breast fed so I have no clue how much milk she takes in. She eats 8-10x in a 24 hour period . How much does she need in each bottle?

  • Sabrina
    Dec 06

    Try about 4 oz I exclusively breastfed my first child and I didn’t have any idea until I just pumped some milk and put it in a bottle to see how much she would drink. At Around 3 months she drank 4.5 oz. but every baby is different just experiment to see how much she’ll take.

  • Sara
    Dec 06

    You can always err on the side of putting less in a bottle (2-4oz per bottle) so that if the caregiver needs more she can heat up additional bottles and if not you don’t waste the rest and can freeze extra later. Especially since she’s still eating frequently throughout the day id just pump a bunch of small bottles.

Has anyone ever used another moms breast milk to feed their baby? Any thoughts on doing so. I have a friend that is offering since I’m having a little trouble creating a supply at the moment.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 02

    I don’t like the idea of my baby using someone else’s milk. You don’t know what they’ve ate, how clean they handled the milk, etc

  • Heather
    Dec 07

    I have twins who were premature, so I struggled to produce enough milk when they were born. The hospital where I gave birth was set up for new moms to be able to use donor milk from a milk bank. Then our pediatrician wrote my girls a prescription for donor milk supplied by the Mother’s Milk Bank. The donors are all screened, tested, and their milk is pasteurized, so I know it’s safe for my girls. My twins are seven months now, and we’re still using donor milk. It has been so wonderful knowing that they’re getting the breast milk they need even though I am not able to produce enough for both of them.

I am returning to work from maternity leave in 3 weeks and my mom will be watching my daughter. Right now I exclusively breastfeed and my husband gives her one bottle at night which she takes reluctently. I want to get her used to taking a bottle easier and also not be so dependent on comfort feeding on me since I will not be around while at work. I need my mom to be able to soothe her too and right now its only me that can. I am thinking of pumping and giving a bottle or two during the day in addition to the night bottle in the next few weeks leading up to my return to work to get her used to it. Does that seem like a good idea? Will it ruin my supply? Any other tips to make the transition to work easier? Im getting so nervous...

  • Samantha
    Nov 20

    Same boat. Don't stress! You are doing what you have to to support your girl! As long as she is only eating what you pump that day your supplt and demand equation will even out! Try bottles when you are not in the room so she can't smell you! I pump 3 x and he eats that at daycare then I feed him as much as he needs in am and afternoon. You are doing awesome!

  • Rochelle
    Nov 20

    Pump and stash. Feed your baby at night and save that pumped milk. I went back to work when my baby was 4.5 months. I prepped 4 bottles of 3oz each which she drank every 2 hours. I pumped 2-3x at work. Before lunch, during lunch, after lunch. As much as you pump, it’s not as effective as your baby at removing milk from your breast. I lose 2 oz a day (I pump 10 oz total vs the 12 oz she takes when I’m at work) but luckily I have a huge stash in my freezer. I will eventually supplement her with Holle Lebenswert. In the beginning she would not take to the bottle, I’ve tried: mimijumi, Comotomo, munchkin latch, dr brown, avent, and playtex (I was desperate bc I only had 2 weeks). The only one she took to was Lansinoh Momma. If you feel how the nipple feels, it’s completely different from all the others. It’s really soft and squishy, similar to how your own boob is like. Try It! Also my baby girl took to her bottle as long as she was being entertained (with toys or taking a tour of the house) or distracted enough to know that she was drinking from a bottle.

Any tips on traveling and pumping? I'll be leaving my 5 month old for three days in January. What's worked best for you while away from your little one?

  • Jennifer
    Nov 09

    I took a long road trip and bought a block of dry ice from a local grocery store to put in a cooler to freeze and save the milk I pumped. Worked very nicely.

  • Malisa- Daycare Detector
    Nov 26

    Use the mini fridge to store it in the room and on the last night, ask the hotel to freeze it for you. Then have a cooler with ice packs ready for the trip home. I had to fly back with mine and the airport was totally cool with everything. All they did was look in the cooler.

Before having a baby I never understood why mothers breastfed. I was formula fed & turned out just fine, right? After doing some research I decided to try breastfeeding without knowing how much work was involved. This week my son had croup. I'd heard that breastmilk changed when your baby was sick. I am so fascinated after comparing milk pumped when he was sick this week (11/1) to tonight's pump (11/4). 11/1 is clearly more thick and more yellow in color. After seeing this I feel more than ever that all this hard work is best for my boy! How cool is this???

I just returned to work and I pump At work 3 times and once I get home to baby I feel like she isn’t interested in nursing.she nurses on each side for at least 5 -10 min I’m not sure if that is ok.

  • Alexandria
    Oct 25

    That’s definitely ok! As long as she’s gaining weight and doesn’t seem fussy she should be fine. :)

  • talina
    Oct 25

    Google paced bottle feeding... It's a way to bottlefeed that helps bf babies not lose interest in nursing. Lots of YouTube videos

How much breast milk should my wife be getting every time she uses her pump. She is barely getting anything and is pumping for like a half hour which amounts to literally nothing is this normal ?

  • Susie
    Oct 26

    No kidding, my daughters nurse in the NICU told me to try chicken vegetable soup and it worked wonders. That, lots of water (one big glass after every time she pumps) and at least one good night sleep. The soup has protein, veggies and liquids. My mom made me a huge pot and I ate it for lunch and dinner for almost a week.

  • Srey
    Oct 26

    ^^^My Mom told me the same about soup! That’s all I had when she was staying with us. Our pediatrician told me that I needed to drink 8 ounces of water everytime I nursed.

Going back to work this week! I am EBF but will have to bottle her (not formula) while I'm gone. My baby girl is 4.5 months old. How much milk did your babies take at that age? She feeds every 2 hours usually. (8-10x a day).! I need to know so I can prep her bottles for my sitter

  • Anonymous
    Oct 23

    At this age you should work on spacing the feedings - every 3/4h and then baby can take what she wants to take

  • Lida
    Oct 23

    My 5 month old takes 5 daytime bottles and 1 nighttime bottles of 4oz each while I’m traveling. When I’m home I EBF 5 Times per day and twice at night...so he’s taking a bit more per feeding from the bottle I guess...

How do you transition from breastfeeding to pumping so that you can return to work and baby can still get the benefits of breastmilk?

  • Agata
    Oct 18

    I started pumping 2-3 weeks before my return. I tried to do days when I would pump every 2-3h even if there was little milk, just to build supply. It was extremely challenging to pump while taking care of baby. My doc gave me advice: pump first thing at work, it's easiest to find time, and then just before leaving work. And then find one more break inbetween. In reality, I was able to pump once a day at work, which allowed me to keep some supply, but baby was consuming mostly formula at that time. I now work part time and at night so she is mostly breastfed again.

  • Agata
    Oct 18

    Another advice my nurse gave me: pump right after breastfeeding when baby is full. Even if there's very little left, it will stimulate more supply.

I am an exclusively breastpump mom but i want to breastfeed again does anyone know if it can be possible ? My son is 4 months

  • Selenia
    Oct 13

    How did you transition ? @jacqui

  • Crystal
    Oct 19

    You could try using a Medela nipple shield if the baby is having trouble latching? It's a life saver!

Hi, first time here. I have a 3 and a half months old son and he got his 3m checkup the other day and was told I need to pump more and feed him more often since his weight gain was lower end of growth chart. Though he doubled his weight from the birth weight, I decided to feed him more often like 3-4hrs instead of 4-5hrs. Then suddenly he stopped drinking as much and started to wake up more often at night. So I started giving him my breastmilk in a bottle before going to bed after he'd drink breastmilk only from one side. Now he sleeps better and wakes up once a night and would drink both sides of breastmilk again. He woke up this morning and I knew he'd be hungry again but he only drunk one side..ugh I just don't know whether if it's my milk supply or he's really n... More

  • Kayliegh
    Oct 08

    My daughter always ate from one breast at a time. Her pedi didn’t want her weight dropping any more so suggested instead of 4 hrs apart try 2hrs and so far she’s been good! Don’t let them scare you too much. As long as he seems happy trust your body is doing its job. I’ve heard tons about how your supply regulates around this time so maybe that’s what is happening also. If you do feel like your supply is low you could take fenugreek 2x a day which is what I started doing around 3 months. I mostly just follow my daughters cues and we’re still breastfeeding at 6 months. :)

  • Keshana
    Oct 09

    Breastfed babies only take what they need! So if his feeding changes he simply isnt hungry at that moment. Don't worry my kids weight was a bit off at first now he's over 20lbs. He's at 100% now things change the older they get

Ok I need breastfeeding help I'm 7 months pregnant and my one year old twin daughters are still nursing. It's hard I didn't plan this pregnancy and wanted to breastfeed till my girls were two, because I just think it's best. but they are 12 months old by the time I have the baby they still won't be two and I have a hard enough time nursing the two of them as it is I'm thinking maybe start pumping. I may just wean them off or pump and give them my milk that way and maybe nurse them at night. I'm not sure any suggestions.

  • Kelsey
    Oct 06

    My doctor has told me nursing my twins while pregnant is completely fine :)

  • Ali
    Oct 07

    Just go with the flow. If kids teach us anything, it's that we can only plan so much, but eventually we just need to go with what seems best for all. I got pregnant when my oldest was 15 months and then she kind of weaned herself. I would ask if she wanted cow milk or mama milk and she just gradually started asking for cow milk. Every child is different. Just the fact that you're asking tells me that you're a great mom.

Going back to work soon and i will be pumping. I don't want to have to pack my pump and its parts everyday to work. I was thinking of buying a manual pump to leave at work or vice versa. Anyone know the pros and cons of using the manual pump?

  • Octavia
    Oct 04

    What is the let down like on the opposite breast? Will it leak?

  • Lesley
    Oct 05

    Keep the Manual at home and take the good one to work

Do you pump and clean all your parts and bottles at work? I'm looking for some tips. We have a common kitchen which is a little bit of a walk from the new mother's room. How do I avoid embarrassment for me and my largely young work friends? I know I know its my baby's lunch, but it's also my bodily fluid.

  • Rayanna
    Oct 02

    I just washed it in the sink. I was slightly embarrassed at first but then I got over it. We're all adults at the office. They know what's happening. Why hide? Not one person would dare say anything.

  • Vicki
    Oct 02

    Rayanna , I wish I could work at your company! People at my office had no problem being nosy and saying things they shouldn't or asking questions that were none of their business!! 😂

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