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Breast engorgement at night

So my 10 week old recently started sleeping longer stretches at night and feeding less,I usually wake up with my breast so full,he will have the morning feed from one breast and I pump the other breast and what ever is left. I usually offer that to him in a bottle couple times during the day,would my supply get affected since I'm basicly skipping a feed?

  • Anonymous
    Dec 30

    I second Kieli - You can pump at the time of the night feeding your baby is now sleeping through, and that way you'll keep your supply up and have extra milk in the freezer (a perk!) and keep your breasts pain-and-engorgement-free!

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 04

    If you want to save milk, pump. Otherwise, just let it ride. Your body at the stage knows that the baby’s needs are gonna change and it’ll be ready. I’m on baby 4. For me, my first baby I pumped and worried that if I didn’t he would need milk and I wouldn’t have it. With my last two, I tried to just trust the process and enjoy nights where the baby let me sleep and nurse when I had to. I alway... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding May 24, 2019

Hand-me down haakaa breast pump?

If I boil it, is it safe?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 01, 2019

    I ended up receiving it a few days ago, I washed it and sterilized it and feel much better about using it. It looks brand new.

Can I get some recommendations for foods or supplements I can take to increase my milk supply?

  • Elizabeth
    May 23, 2019

    Oats! (Oatmeal or Cheerios), coconut, pecans if you’re able, dried apricots, sweet potatoes, quinoa. A lot of the spices in Indian food are also help produce more milk, of which Fenugreek is one. But if you’re diabetic or prediabetic then I would skip Fenugreek pills. And of course drinking lots of water! Pumping once baby claims to be done nursing helps increase supply but isn’t always feasible.

  • Sarah
    Jan 29

    Fenugreek gives my baby stomach problems, but I’ve been successful with oatmeal in the mornings and Legendairy Milk supplements. They are fenugreek free.

Supply down in one night ☹️💔

I normally pump about 3 oz from each breast every two hours at work and on my days off I just feed my son on demand and pump before bed. Yesterday I woke up with a clogged milk duct and I could only pump 1 oz (or less) from my right breast every two hours 🙃😭 Today my breast is feeling a lot better but I’m still not getting any milk when I pump or feed my son. It’s breaking my heart. My son is... More

  • Ashley
    Apr 11, 2019

    Oatmeal cream pies!! I promise you, heaven sent! 🙌🏽

  • Abigail
    Apr 11, 2019

    You’re not a machine. No need to boost your supply. Drink water, eat, keep your stress low and apply warm compresses on your breast and latch that baby as often as possible. It’ll clear the duct and increase your production. You have to move milk to make milk it’s hormonal. Your body knows that pumping isn’t a baby nursing. The hormones only get released when the baby is actually latched on.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Apr 08, 2019

Formula during the day/ breastmilk at morning and night

I am a full time working mom who is tired of pumping at work. I am considering breastfeeding when I am with my baby ( morning and bedtime feed) and giving formula during the day. Will this affect my supply?

  • A
    Apr 08, 2019

    Sara did your LO not wake during the night?? Just curious that’s been our struggle as of lately

  • Sara
    Apr 09, 2019

    She's been sleeping through the night (7:30pm to around 7am) since she was around 3 months old. She's now almost 11 months old and the only times she wakes up in the middle of the night is if she's sick. In addition to breastfeeding her at night I usually also "top off" with some formula to make sure she's had enough to eat.

Breastfeeding Vent session

I am struggling to breastfeed my 3 week old baby! We started using a nipple shield in the hospital right after she was born. We began using it because baby girl had a severe tongue tie and my nipples are flat. We ended up getting her tongue tie snipped but still couldn't get her to latch without the shield. Now we are 3 weeks in and she has barely gained any weight (she is 1 oz over her b... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 03, 2019

    I had a very similar situation. My daughter was tongue tied and we found out a bit late. I ended up getting thrush after having her back on the boob. So took time off to clear that. Needless to say I have been exclusively pumping since and my daughter is now 11 months. I would get a different lactation consultant and go to a free breastfeeding support class. If you are trying to increase your s... More

  • Gloria
    Apr 03, 2019

    First of all, you're doing great mama! You're doing the best you can and you're trying. Don't beat yourself up over it. I was in a similar situation with my son. If you're on Facebook, PLEASE join this group ASAP! The Cleavage Club: Breastfeeding Support. It's led by an amazing IBCLC named Cass who has extensive training and experience in ties. She's actually based i... More

Alcohol Test Strips

Breastfeeding momma’s: What test strips would you recommend one use to detect alcohol in their breast milk?!

  • Erika
    Mar 26, 2019

    I used the ones from Walmart. 🤷🏻‍♀️ They worked great.

Elvie Pump

Does anyone have an Elvie pump? Reviews?

  • Shawn
    Apr 30, 2019

    We use Spectra and love it.

Having problems with breastfeeding

So I've been trying to pump and it's been working for my left boob but on my right boob hardly any milk comes out, and now my right boob is starting to hurt and it's getting firmer and I dont know what to do ! Can anyone give advice ?

  • Kristen
    Mar 16, 2019

    Also, if nothing is being expressed and you are getting engorged you may have a clogged duct. Heat, massage and gravity (lean forward when pumping) may help with that as well. Clogged ducts are awful and I had to do some pretty aggressive massage and marathon pumping sessions with my chest between my knees to finally get it to unclog.

  • Lisa
    Mar 16, 2019

    Nice hot shower before you pump, and massage the breast. Then be sure all parts are set up correctly, may be the pump line has a whole on one side. Be sure to pump every 4 hours or so for about 30 min to have optimal output. The more regular you pump the more total volume in a day you will make... and yes you must pump overnight

Motif Twist Breastpump

Has anyone used the Motif Twist Automatic BreastPump? What is your opinion of Motif products?

Does anyone have experience using Kiinde pumping/feeding items?

A co worker was raving on about this system. I’m about to have baby #2 and am wondering if it’s worth it to switch over. I used just a normal medela pumping stuff and normal milk bags with dr brown bottles the first time around.

  • Shawn
    Apr 30, 2019

    We are using the Kiinde bottle warmer and it is super simple to use. We have seen a big improvement in how our little guy takes his pre-sleep bottle because it’s warmer than room temperature.

  • Mom
    Jul 25, 2019

    Never used Kiinde bottles or warmer but just reading reviews didn’t buy it. We are using TommyTeepee bottle warmer (very simple and warms milk quick) and bottles steamer, love both. I use Freemie pump with closed system cups (bought directly from Freemie) and can’t even imagine going back to Spectra, which broke down btw. Freemie tiny pump is extremely strong and having both hands free makes a ... More

Surge of happiness before pumping breastmilk?

Has anyone experienced this? Right before i start pumping i get this weird overwhelming feeling of happiness, to the point where I'm on the verge of tears. It only lasts a few seconds. My milk starts to express right away and then the feeling subsides. I dont particularily enjoy pumping itself but this happens to me before every single session. I know oxytocin is responsible for milk let-do... More

  • Megan
    Mar 20, 2019

    I start laughing and get surges of happiness when my daughter is nursing and I have a big let down! I thought it was strange too but just thought I’d let you know you’re not the only one!

  • Mimi
    Mar 20, 2019

    Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one, although it's weird that I mostly feel that way when I start pumping and not so much with nursing... And I also need to be relaxed to be able to pump. Hearing a baby cry actually makes me feel stressed and milk just won't come out, no matter how full I am.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Feb 12, 2019

Working moms: how often do you pump at work/how long does it take?

I am evaluating changing jobs after my leave, and I’d be starting a new job 5-6 months after my daughter is born. I’d like to try to breastfeed until she’s one, but I’m worried about how to make it work. At that point, how many times a day should I expect to be pumping, and how long does each session take? I’ll have a Spectra S1 (and possibly a Willow, a gift from a friend). The company I h... More

  • Tiana
    Feb 17, 2019

    https://www.worklawyers.com/lactation-break-law-california/ the law is on your side. Look up the specifics and ensure that you’re getting what you need.

  • Momof2
    Feb 23, 2019

    Everybody’s different but my milk supply was pretty sensitive when I was away from my babies so if I did not pump every two hours my supply would diminish. With my first child people told me I needed to pump for 10 to15 minutes so that’s what I did. With the second I did not pump for a certain length of time but just until I got the volume I wanted usually 3 to 4 ounces (usually took 5 to 10 mi... More

Supply increase after a year

Any tips on increasing supply after 1year. I’d like to build up my freezer stash so he can drink BM well into 2 years especially if I were to discontinue feeding him ....I tried pumping last weekend along with feeding and became completely frustrated since I only got about an ounce I’ve also been taking fenugreek- any suggestions are appreciated

  • Sara
    Feb 11, 2019

    The best thing you can do to increase supply is nurse and/or pump more often. In the beginning you won't get much since your supply has regulated but if you continue to stimulate the breast with more pumping or nursing then eventually your body will establish more supply to keep up with demand. However, I'd caution against trying to really increase your supply just so you can build a s... More

  • A
    Feb 12, 2019

    Thank you all appreciate the input

Drying Up Breastmilk Concerns

I've started the process of drying up my milk. I was already nursing my 9 month old on a 4 hour feeding schedule (he sleeps through the night, so it was basically 4 feedings a day). Last week I nursed him morning and bedtime, gave him bottles for the middle two, and only pumped once during. Then for about three days I dropped the midday pump, and then dropped the morning feeding. I offical... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 26, 2019

    My doctor told me to take Sudafed to dry up! It helped dry me up. In addition, I iced them when they were sore. If you are worried I’d say just try hand expressing a small amount in the shower. Obviously you wanna avoid mastitis, even if you delay a complete dry up for a few days to prevent it. For me, I never touched mine, I completely let them be and I was fine. But of course all boobs are d... More

Hands-free breast pump vs. cord mess?

I'm interested in the simplicity of a hands-free breast pump, like Willow, but I am curious to hear from real people who have used this product and compared it to the Medela Symphony or other stationary/corded pump?

  • Kay
    Jan 09, 2019

    Congrats by the way!

  • Shawn
    Apr 30, 2019

    Spectra has a model that has a rechargeable battery so you can make it portable if that is an option. We also use the silicone Haaka to collect milk if a feeding is skipped or there is a lot of pressure that needs to be relieved.

Random Let-Down

Has anyone else experienced this?: My 8 month old is on a feeding schedule, so my let down occurs during those times even if I'm away from him and have to pump later than the feeding time. The past two days I have had two random let downs at times that are not his normal feeding time. This has never happened to me before, so I wanted to see if I wasn't alone. I should mention that I... More

  • Maranda
    Jan 06, 2019

    This is totally normal. I’ve been breastfeeding for over 2 years now, and I had random let downs for the first year.

  • Kristina
    Jan 06, 2019

    Maranda, thank you! It's never happened before, so I wasn't sure if something was wrong or maybe it was hormones from my period.

Growth spurt - pump at similar intervals??

If baby is having a growth spurt and it started during the week while I’m pumping at work at normal intervals, it would make sense that my milk doesn’t match to her needs right? So by the time the weekend is over, my supply should increase to meet her demands and I should pump at simile intervals (2 hours versus 3 hours?)

  • Anonymous
    Jan 04, 2019

    Correct. Although, growth spurts usually only last up to a week (well for us)

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jan 03, 2019

Drop in supply

Baby is 6 months old, barely started BLW for maybe 2 meals over the holidays. My usual “fullness” (not engorgement, that was during my mat leave so I know it’s not enforcement), no longer happens when it’s about time to nurse/pump. Been back at work 2 days now and I’m barely making enough for baby’s bottles (today I had 10 oz.) whereas I use to make a little more, and would freeze maybe 1-2 bag... More

  • Kerry
    Jan 03, 2019

    Your welcome, I hope that helps. Mothers milk tea is also supposed to help. I only pumped for 6 weeks so cant say wether it works or not.

  • Frida
    Feb 01, 2019

    Have you tried the mother’s milk tea? That helps me whenever I feel like I’m not making enough, and just drink lots of water!

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