Resources, questions and advice on pumping, storing and feeding expressed breastmilk to your child.

Nipple Cream

Any good suggestions for nipple creams? I’m currently using the honest brand organic nipple cream. I was thinking of trying something new. I don’t really like the consistency of the Lanisoh creams that the hospital gave me.

  • Jackie

    I’m a fan of madermas nipple cream ☺️. One tube goes a long way!

  • Diane

    I second coconut oil! It also helps prevent thrush.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding May 14

What's the best way to stop pumping gradually? I have a healthy nine month old and I travel a ton for work. My goal was to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months and I have been pumping and supplementing with formula for the last three. I'm down to 2 pumps per day (morning and night) for 30 minutes each. Should I just start reducing pumping time by 5 minutes every few days?

  • Nisha

    I used one of the travel opportunities to stop pumping

  • B

    I reduced by 10 min a day, and then just stopped. It hurt for a few days, and then was fine

DIY office lactation room

Don't just wish the new working moms in your office a happy mother's day. Support them in the workplace! There's really no excuse for not having a private lactation room. Go team Winnie! 🙌🏼

  • Jenn
    May 11

    Although my old job didn’t have space for something like this, they did try to make the conference room comfortable for me and the one other mom. They also provided menstruation products - actually a part of the annual budget in office supplies. Granted, the organization was 75% women and all women administration.

  • Ameera
    May 11

    This is great. A friend of mine is a CEO of small business and is about to have his first breastfeeding mom on the team, followed shortly after by two more! They are very excited for all these babies!

Tips for increasing breast milk supply

Hey everyone! I saw tons of people asking how to improve their breast milk. My son was a micro preemie and was hospitalized for about ten months without coming home, so I spent a ton of time with lactation therapists. Here’s what I learned and I have literally two deep freezers full of milk. I struggled and here’s how I got this far, Easy things: drink tons of water, eat lots, and take your pre... More

  • Ava
    May 10

    Well my littlest son is one and he drinks formula because I couldn’t stand it any more every time I sat down bobby mommy bobby mommy so I just gave up lol

  • Susan
    May 11

    I had extremely low milk supply and was struggling hard to increase my milk production. After trying a bunch of remedies finally got luck with Healthy nursing tea and now I'm successfully breastfeeding my LO!!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding May 09

Looking for advice- my supply has dropped :( my daughter is 8 months and I used to be able to pump 5-7oz a session and now I barely get 2-4oz. I’m at a loss and fell so defeated I want to make it to a year breast feeding 🤱🏼 I’m just not ready to give it up yet!

  • Melissa
    May 09

    Keep going mama, you can do it!! Just keep pumping, drink lots of water, take fenugreek, drink mothers milk tea, eat oatmeal, take a multivitamin! You can do it! 🙂

  • Reen
    May 10

    I made lactation cookies and it helped boosted my supply right back up. I also pumped between feedings.

Has anyone tried the 12 hours by 12 weeks method? Did it work for you? If you were exclusively BF did you pump and bottle feed to control the ounces or just do timed BF?

  • Sarah
    May 04

    We tried. It sort of worked, we were down to 1 wake up a night for awhile (maybe by 14 weeks) and sleeping 10-11 hours at night. Now at 15/16 weeks we’re all over the place with wakeups, usually 3 a night. I did timed BF

At what age did you leave your little one overnight for the first time? If you breastfed, did you wake up to pump in the middle of the night?

  • Haley
    May 04

    3 months with my parents, I definitely had to pump (large supply). And I demanded updates/pictures/texts all night 😋

  • Mar
    May 04

    Thanks ladies!! I actually don’t have any plans soon but fantasize about it while also having a bit of anxiety. I may wait until after sleep training next month.

Radha posted in Pumping Apr 30

Why is it more painful during breast pumping than breast feeding?

  • Lauren
    May 01

    Use a lubricant! Bamboobies boob lube is great

  • Radha
    May 02

    Thank you all. I will try to work on the flange size and would also consult a lactation specialist. Really appreciate your time and thank you once again for giving me the right tips.

Anonymous posted in Pumping Apr 24

Rather than pumping at work, I have my husband bring our kiddo to my office for nursing twice a day (11am, 3pm and I leave one pumped bottle from the early AM to supplement the day). Does anyone else do this? Just curious. I love it because I get to see our babe throughout the day even though I work FT. The catch is I have to interrupt work- but I would for pumping anyway.

  • Haley
    Apr 25

    I wish! But it would be so hard to hand baby back! ❤️

  • Julie
    May 01

    I have been doing this, with my now 14 month old who refuses to stop nursing. My husband brings him during my lunch and I feed him. Otherwise he’ll stave all day and refuse everything.

sondra posted in Pumping Apr 24

What helped your milk supply? Im exclusively pumping right now for my baby in the nicu and im not getting much. Im eating lots of oatmeal, greens, water, milk, and granola as well as taking upspring fenugreek+blessed thissle supplement. Not really doing much...any other suggestions?

  • Joanna
    Apr 24

    If available, try the hospital grade pump.

  • Kristin
    Apr 26

    I rented out the Medela Symphony hospital grade pump since I gave birth, I’ve been using that. You can call Medela directly & inquire where you can rent one ie Medela retailers near you. We used to rent from the hospital but was very expensive.

Does anyone love or dislike the Freemie pump? It’s one available to me through insurance and looks a lot less cumbersome than a regular double electric pump I’ve used in the past. Thanks!

  • Meggo
    Apr 21

    Thanks, ladies. I should be receiving it in about a week! :)

  • Jacqui
    Apr 22

    I have the freemie liberty which is the totally portable one. While it is nice to wear out (I've grocery shopped and gone out to dinner with it... I definitely don't pump out as much as I do with my spectra s1.

Ely posted in Pumping Apr 15

FTM and first day pumping today, my baby is 18days old and I decided to start pumping since I’m in excruciating pain every time I feed her (crying and screaming) So I’m giving myself (and my nipples) a break until we sort out what’s wrong. She took the bottle just fine, but my concern is I’m pumping exactly what she needs for each feed (3oz), so what happens if she decided to cluster feed? How ... More

  • David
    Apr 24

    My wife visited the lactation specialist at Fairfax Pediatric Associates and she helped her a lot with solving nipple pain.

  • Sarah
    Apr 25

    Could be gas. My little guy was doing this and I was so confused about the behavior until an older mom friend mentioned it might be gas. Yep, soon as I started doing bicycles and burping him more it got much better.

Sara posted in Pumping Apr 13

I’m building a small lactation room for my office at work. It’s been a little while since I pumped (and I never pumped in an office before) so I’m looking for tips on what are must-haves for the space. I’m going to put a mini fridge in there but unfortunately there will not be a sink inside the space. Any other must haves? Comfy chairs you love?

  • Julie
    Apr 15

    I forgot we also have a microwave and toaster oven and one of those electric tea pots as well.

  • Anna
    Apr 15

    Julie, your workplace sounds awesome! 👏

Ely posted in Pumping Apr 11

FTM, 2 weeks old baby girl. She has a good latch, my supply is good but i have a horrible pain all throughout the feeding... i know they say it’s like pins and needles but hell I had my share of needles during my pregnancies and they did not hurt like this!!! Lactation consultant basically said have to suck it up 🤷🏽‍♀️ she said I don’t need a nipple shield since the latch is good. Any advice? ... More

  • Ely
    Apr 12

    Went to see the pediatrician and he said there’s nothing wrong with her. He told me to try nipple shield and if it still hurts to pump for a couple days 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Taylor
    Apr 13

    Definitely gets better! I swear by Earth mama angel baby nipple cream- worked so much better than anything else for me and still use it randomly.

Just pumped this after I drunk one of these pink drinks from Starbucks!! I fed my baby when we came home cause she was hungry and then during her nap, I felt engorged and had to pump and I over filled both bottles! Apparently the coconut milk in the drink builds your milk supply. The drink tastes SOO GOOD!! I’m not recommending it but if you’re breast feeding and you like Starbucks just try it!... More

  • Geena
    May 02

    Just buy the Tazo Iced Passion (caffeine free). In a glass, add 1/3 coconut milk (i use Silk coconut milk but that coconut milk at Whole Foods taste better sorry forgot the brand) and fill up with the tea til almost full, a teaspoon of lemon juice and sweetened with your choice of sweetener. For steeping the tea, i boil 7 cups water and the add the tea bag and steep, at the same time cool overn... More

  • Ana
    May 02

    Yes i would cause i had lots of milk

Anyone out there scald their breastmilk before freezing? My baby won't take BM that has been frozen for more than a few weeks. I'm pretty sure it's due to high lipase as it smells metallic after it's thawed. If you had a similar issue / solution, did it work for you? I'd love to hear some other people's input. I really want to build up a supply of milk that my LO will dr... More

  • Julie
    Apr 10

    Sorry, to answer your specific question I have not scalded mine but I also was never an overproducer so it was very seldom that I was freezing extra milk.

  • Miranda
    Apr 10

    That was recommended by my lactation consultant but I have yet to do it. As far as the milk already frozen, she said to add a little bit of alcohol-free vanilla extract. Seems to help a little. Before I spoke with her, I threw out a bunch of milk because I though it was bad 😩Turns out I had the same issue as you.

Anonymous posted in Pumping Apr 09

Started pumping at night (3-3:30am) after my baby nurses, to increase my supply. Baby only drinks from one breast, but i pump both. I notice milk from the breast he nursed from is thicker/ creamier (hindmilk) and the other breast only pumps watery grey (foremilk), even when I keep pumping for longer... is this normal? I thought I’d get the thicker hindmilk if I pumped for longer, but I don’t.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 10

    Thank you both 🙏🏽

  • Joanne
    Apr 10

    I wouldn’t worry too much about it as when I stored my milk, I would combine them in the bags anyway. So in the end I think it’s pretty natural for you to get a good ratio of some foremilk and some hindmilk mix together anyway. Try eating more oatmeal, I noticed that a bowl a day helped boost my production too. 👍

Any recommendations on an affordable but reliable manual breast pump? I'll be away from my son for the first night for a work event, and I won't have access to my electric pump. I've seen good and bad reviews on Amazon about the Medela manual pump. Any recommendations from personal experience?

  • Cecil
    Apr 08

    I bought a Lansinoh for the car. I used it for the first time today. I brought breast milk in a bottle but should’ve brought another and didn’t think to nurse baby while we were somewhere I could’ve nursed her, started getting hungry in the car so I pumped while hubby was driving and I was able to pump an ounce that was enough to keep her satisfied until we got home. It was very easy to use and... More

  • Caitlin
    Apr 10

    I prefer taking two haakaas to an electric pump.

Anonymous posted in Pumping Apr 04

Getting anxiety about pumping at work. Any advice?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 14

    SR -when refrigerating parts.. do I rinse anything? I just put it all in a ziplock bag disassembled and put in refrigerator

  • Danielle
    Apr 21

    All great comments above..I would also say if haven’t already purchased a pumping bra to make it hands free.. do it! And also, if you don’t have breastfeeding tops you can do the two shirt method like with breast feeding. I also had to add an additional note on my door sign because people with keys kept coming on in my room even with the door locked. It now says, please come back later and that... More

How many ounces of breast milk did you build up in storage before returning to work? I have 70 ounces so far, but don't know a good (or realistic) goal. I struggled to keep my supply up after my first, and I didn't build up any storage ahead of time. Trying to get better at pumping and have more back up this time around. Thanks!

  • Sarah
    Apr 02

    If you plan to pump at work you only need about 2-3 days worth. I always had about a week extra it worked out perfectly!

  • Anonymous
    Apr 03

    I think pumping 1-2 times a day every day until you return to work makes sense. I’m in the same boat and am trying to have 20 days in reserves. There are days at work I don’t get a chance to pump and those reserves go very quickly. If it’s 20 oz per day, in an 8 hour period it is 6-7 oz needed per work day.

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