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Car seats

Any suggestions on toddlers best/comfortable car seats? Want to invest in something well worth for my soon to be 2 year old. Don’t get me wrong he has 1 from Walmart but we want dad to have 1 in his car too. Thanks

  • Julie

    Having said that, we use the grace milestone and it works great!!!

  • PK

    We have the graco4ever in my car and the graco milestone in my husband’s. I second what Julie said about all car seats being safe so you really just have to find what fits your car and budget. We just really like Graco

Anonymous posted in Pets Wednesday

Unleashed neighbor dogs

We just moved to our new house and we found out that our neighbor's dogs will come by our yard and roam all the way down the street completely unleashed and without their owner ... They have destroyed our path lights and they poop and pee in our yard... They are two very huge German Shepherds. I’m so scared because we have a nine month infant and he will probably be walking by summer. The ... More

  • Fuzzyjelbud

    Ugh. As a dog owner, I get so mad at straight up lazy, irresponsible and inconsiderate dog owners. I had two German Shepards growing up, and they are definitely big enough to knock down an adult, let alone a toddler. Call animal control. Do not feel bad about calling animal control. Do these two dogs have a pact mentality? Are they aggressive in any way? Besides the poop issue, it is ju... More

  • Mel

    We have had a similar issue with a neighbor’s dogs. They bark and lunge at anyone who gets near and are constantly pooping in our yard. The neighbor is nice about it but has neglected to put up a fence or do anything to prevent the dogs from roaming. She mostly only lets them out at night so it’s not much of an issue for our toddler, except for the poop!!! This summer as the days grow longer an... More


This might be a ridiculous question... Can I put neosporin on my 10 month old? He has a scratch down his arm.

  • Christa

    Yes, absolutely!! It will help heal the scratch!! Also, totally a reasonable question!!! When it comes to our children’s safety- no such thing as a ridiculous question!! If you’re uncomfortable putting Neosporin on baby, you can use aloe gel, or coconut oil- they both have amazing healing prosperities!!!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget that you can build up a tolerance to neosporin. Our own (grown-ups) doctor recommended you trade off using neosporin and generic polysporin (3 vs 2 active ingredients respectively) to help avoid that.

Anonymous posted in Family Life Tuesday

How to address grandparents oversharing their grandchildren on social media?

This is all about my own MOM. Yes, of all people that could get into my nerve about oversharing on social media, it’s my own mother. She’s a 1st time grandmom who loves facebook! I’ve talked to her on so many occasions about this topic but I’m getting to a point now that I feel like I don’t want to send her his own grandson’s pictures or limit it or maybe snail mail her printed pictures because... More

  • Kelly

    My husband and I have a "no sharing on social media" rule with all of our relatives. I highly recommend it because then everyone is on the same page and knows that it's not their place to post about your child. My husband and I decided that if our relatives went against our wishes, we would no longer give them pics of the kids until they took them down. So far we have had no probl... More

  • Anonymous

    Facebook oversharing of baby photos and ultrasounds led to a blacklash and the rise of private sharing apps like Snapchat. Now there's tons of baby album apps designed to share with and only with who you want. I highly recommend that route. I just searched for "baby photo album" in the App Store or Google Play and picked one. Some even give you the option of putting your photos in... More

John posted in Behavior Monday

Head bonking

My lo has a issue with bonking his head on the ground out of frustration. What do i do to stop this behaviour?

  • Noemi

    Could be a sign of teething. Try giving him a teether. Infant Baby banana teethers help get the back teeth.

  • Kerry

    If you feel its hurting your child you can just pick him up and place on a cushion, beanbag or something soft. I agree its frustration and it usually goes away with ignoring it. You could try to verbalize his frustrations at 1 they do understand alot.

Fireplace hearth baby safety

I’m looking to purchase padding for our fireplace hearth. There is a company out in Oregon that makes foam that covers entire hearth, but it’s pretty pricey. Does anyone know of a similar company?

  • Joanna

    Wow. That is pricey! We just used the regular foam bumpers that we bought for the coffee table from Amazon.

  • Diana

    I went more simplistic: I had an extra runner rug and after I put it on I was happy with the level of padding. Even with my child climbing ball over it, it’s never shifted or moved out of place. You could try a padded bathroom runner, they’re thick and have no slip bottoms

Any recommendations for a tool box for young toddler?

My daughter is about to be 14 months and seems very interested in all kinds of nuts n bolts. She’s touching chairs, door hinges etc. so my question is any one ever used any tool box with their young kiddo that is not a choking hazard?

  • Perry

    My son is 2 and absolutely loves this little tool bench. He doesn’t try putting anything in his mouth anymore but I suppose if that’s still a concern you could tighten or remove some of the blots those are really the only semi small pieces

  • Raji

    Thanks for posting this Perry..... I did see this and looks fun. Definitely an option for when she is a bit older as she just started putting things in her mouth 🤦🏻‍♀️ @ Julie.... haven’t found anything that doesn’t have small pieces. We are considering husband trying to make a busy board for her but it’s not exactly nuts n bolts.

Anonymous posted in Safety Feb 10

Should i change car seat?

My LO is already 2 and we’re wondering when to change the car seat. Although i don’t feel him uncomfortable, though his legs are already bent, when in the seat and goes way past it. He only weighs 24-25lbs so i’m wondering when you changed car seats of your LO or anyone you know is fitting these profile, too

  • Anonymous
    Feb 11

    Keep rear facing as long as possible! SOOOOO much more safe♥️

  • Anonymous
    Feb 11

    Thank you, mamas! All noted ❤️

WayB car seat

Has anyone considered getting the WayB car seat? Or know of something comparable? It looks great for ease of travel but is expensive so I'm wondering if there is a good alternative that is as small/light. Thank you!

  • Joanna
    Feb 07

    We have the Ride Safer vest. Actually my niece used it 4 years ago (older model) and now my 4 yo uses it whenever he's in my sister's car. My son is too small/light for a Bubble bum or Mifold. I think it's good, light and safe. For airplane travel we have a CARES harness. If your child is on the larger size, I don't think you'll get the value out of the WayB because you... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 09

    I’d look into the crash test ratings for all of these. The mifold in particular has terrible crash test ratings. I wouldn’t risk my child’s spine for the sake of convenience.

Amanda posted in Safety Feb 02

Toddler proofing his room

I need suggestions on how to kid proof his nursery before going to big boy bed. He’s pulling on the camera chord from his crib, he’s climbing on everything, he can open doors. I would love ideas to keep his room safe if he gets out of bed. How does everyone toddler proof the camera chord?

  • Diana
    Feb 07


  • Meghan
    Feb 07

    As others said, the cord concealer strips for the cord up to the camera. Outlet box covers to prevent stuff that is plugged in from getting pulled out. Straps all the furniture to the wall, if you have lamps or anything, some sort of rope/strap to wall so can’t pull over. Gates on door or door knob covers so contained in room. Make sure windows can be locked or put guards up on those (esp if 2n... More

Brittany posted in Bathing Jan 22

How long do you let your toddlers stay in the tub?

My 2.5 year old has a massive bedtime routine and I hate to do less books or less songs but he also LOVES the tub. Trying to figure out if I’m being a massive push over here 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Julie
    Jan 23

    Same as April!! As long as she wants...which is usually 30 minutes or so.

  • Jenn
    Jan 31

    Up to half an hour, depending on the day and how much cleaning I have to do in the bathroom lol. Normal amount of time is about 15 minutes.

Jamie posted in Safety Jan 21

How to make paved area safe for play?

We are moving to a house with a paved yard. We're used to having a big grassy yard and I'm nervous about my toddler hurting himself. He's got a roller coaster, slide, and all sorts of little rolling toys he could fall using. Any ideas about something cost-effective we can do to make the area safer, or do you think being an overly worried mama and playing on concrete is fine?

  • Jamie
    Jan 22

    Thank you for your responses. Very helpful.

  • A
    Jan 23

    We have a concrete area in our backyard and it’s actually great for play. We do chalk, ride trikes - we put a sandbox there on the cement so it doesn’t kill our grass. My kids have never gotten more than a scrape playing on it. I wouldnt worry too much. Do you have any grass? The roller coaster slide would probably be the only thing to work me.

Juli posted in Safety Jan 18

I need a toddler-proof trash can!

My little one has been interested in getting into the trash ever since he could walk. I'm hoping someone has found a trash can that is secure against a toddler's prying hands. I'd prefer this to a lock, since I don't have good luck with those in general.

  • MommyDear
    Jan 21

    No such thing, toddlers will get into anything, anytime, anywhere 😂 Best thing to do is try to teach him that it’s dirty and distracting him with something else or better yet, buy him his own mini trash can, kept clean of course for him to play and add/remove his own toys. Then again, this could be a good learning experience, make the best of any situation 😉. Good luck!

  • Tiffanie
    Feb 08

    Our garbage has a lid that locks, we bought it at Walmart

Katie posted in Safety Jan 12


Any suggestions on keeping our LO from climbing out of his bed? We have already dropped the mattress as low as it will go.

  • Katie
    Jan 14

    After more thought I think that’s a better idea. If we put the mattress on the floor my wife and I will not be able to reach to lay him down.

  • Toni
    Jan 19

    When they can climb out it may be time to change to a toddler bed. Our kids were early climbers and after a few thumps to the floor with the first kid we switch to the toddler bed. With the other two, we just switch as soon as they made the first full climb out. Lol. We put a gate up so they couldn’t go down stairs and a handle on the light switch so they could turn the light on when they climb... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jan 08

Tattoo while breastfeeding

Hello everyone, I start this post with a very heavy heart. I have an 8 month old daughter, and I am a pumping mom. When she was six months old, I got a tattoo— totally oblivious to the fact that the ink could potentially lead to the breast milk when I made the appointment. My artist finished the outline and then remarked that had he known I was, he probably wouldn’t have done it. He said it was... More

  • Heather
    Jan 11

    I had a tattoo done within a few weeks of my baby’s birth. I did a lot of research and talked to a lot of people and the general consensus was that it was fine even though I was breastfeeding and pumping

  • Devon
    Jan 11

    I got tattooed when my lo was 2 months. She's 6 months now and she's fine. Your tattoo artist likely didn't want any liability. I would not worry about it.

Is it ok to use microwave to cook baby food

I have been using microwave to boil fruits to make purée for my baby as she has recently started eating solids. It is less time consuming and boils fruit chunks in 5 mins or less. Was wondering is it fine to use the microwave? Please suggest.

Anu posted in Safety Jan 06

9 month old always jumps from heights

My baby is expert in crawling now and I don’t know why she loves jumping off the table, bed, stroller etc. i usually keep her as engaged as I could but for a fraction of second if I take my eyes off she just jumps off even the stroller if i get delayed in securing the belts. I am so so tense. Is it normal for babies to do such things? Do they get serious injuries during such incidents?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 07

    I’d say maybe once a week my son gets a big lump on his forehead, black eye, busted lip since walking. He also has a death wish 😂 I definitely think it’s normal. As soon as he could move freely at that same age he began those same things! Whining to be on the couch just to throw himself off and things like that. I think it’s just their way to explore boundaries.... unfortunately haha some are m... More

Madi posted in Safety Jan 06

Is it normal for my 9 month old to pull his blankets to his face when he’s sleeping? It worry’s me.

Even if I pull the blankets down he’ll still do it :/ and he shifts around his crib and lays on his side still doing this.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 07

    Sleep sacks are easier if you are worried. But recommendations are made based on mass population and to cover people’s butts. You know your baby’s capability and you make a judgement call based on what they need and you are comfortable with.

  • sunshine's mom
    Jan 13

    I'd personally cut a favorite blanket into a much smaller size that's not so worrisome and give that. Or alternately, they make little blankets with stuffed animals attached, that might work. It's not about warmth. It looks more like self soothing, a security blanket.

Baby gate/ cat gate?

My LO is a crawling maniac with a death wish so we installed baby gates at the stairs. All is good for him but my cats, who I thought would just jump over the gates, are stuck too! This would be simply amusing except this blocks them from the litter box. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Jennifer
    Jan 06

    They have gates with cat/dog doors. We just put a gate up in our kitchen that’s also where I keep cat food. He’s been having trouble jumping if because it’s extra tall so we are getting one with a cat door

  • Jennie
    Jan 13

    Litter on both sides is not a possibility. It’s been days and so far the only one being trained is me. They have learned to start whining at the gate to be let in or out. And so I open it for them... 😽 I think the trouble is when they jump over it’s farther down... too scary for cats?🙀

Triny posted in Safety Jan 05


So I just found one of this soap packs like this. 😣. Im guessing my 3yo did it. I’m glad she didnt go any further 😞. Ughh I didnt think she would reach at them. Watch ur kids at all times please!!!

  • Anonymous
    Jan 05

    Those stick together and subsequently pop very easily! I think your child would’ve made it clear if she had consumed it one way or another. Safety locking the cabinet is probably the best bet anyway :)

  • Anonymous
    Jan 05

    Yeah, those are a huge safety concern. Make sure they are locked up

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