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Recalled Fisher Price rockers

Given the recall, does anyone have any recommendations for a safe rocker/basinet/other? We have a fisher price (used for our firstborn) but with our second newborn we are not risking it given the recent recall news.

  • Vonda

    We have the guava family lotus. It has a bassinet system that rocks and it travels amazingly. Carry on size.

  • Andi

    If you follow the directions in the rock and sleep. It does say 0-3 months or until child can turn over. It also says to strap in securely. Unfortunately I bet neither of those things were followed. I have used mine for my two and given it for my sis to use with no problems

Anonymous posted in Behavior Apr 10

Suggestions/advice needed on how to handle a two year old runner...

My son thinks it’s funny/a game... or sometimes he just wants to get away. He does this in stores, in the front yard (towards the street), and so on. I know he’s 2 and curious... but am I suppose to constantly chase him? Do I not let him walk on his own? I have a backpack leash I’m willing to try out... just didn’t know if anyone held the key to make a toddler listen and not run off.

  • PK
    Apr 11

    Red light, green light!! That’s such a great idea!! Stealing! 😁

  • Anonymous
    Apr 15

    We saw a developmental pediatrician for this issue. It started at two and continued into three (and beyond). We were playing red light/green light for practice as others mentioned, but pediatrician strongly advised against a game as this age group won’t differentiate with what happens on street. She said use one, short word “stop!” or “freeze!” And practice in “real” (but safe) situations. Also... More

Diane posted in Gear Guide Apr 05

Rock and Play Safety

  • Sara
    Apr 10

    So scary! I used this with my baby (always restrained though)

  • Lexi
    Apr 11

    This is sadly not surprising at all. Instead of people getting upset with Fisher Price they should be upset with the parents who did not restrain their babies and/or used the rock n play after the infant was rolling over already. Anything for children, especially if used improperly and against what the instructions say, is not inherently safe for hour baby/child. Read the warnings and heed them... More

Interesting video on the benefits of risky play!

Thoughts? Would you let your kids play with tools?

  • Anne
    Apr 05

    Wonderful!!!!!! There is so much evidence that giving kids more credit for learning risk management pays off. The example I think describes it best is the old fashioned porcelain tea sets. When they were popular, how many girls were reckless with them?

Bethany posted in Safety Apr 02

Baby headphones at a hockey game

My daughter is 15 months and loud noises don’t really bother her. I don’t think the hockey game is too loud but I would like to hear other people’s opinion. Do you guys vote yes for her headphones or do you think she will be ok without them?

  • Mama
    Apr 10

    I would still protect her ears

  • Becca
    Apr 11

    I purchased a pair of ear protectors on Amazon that I always take to events but we normally sit in the 200-300 level seats for hockey games. She doesn’t seem to be affected by the sounds at all (and loud noises have scared her in the past), but best to be safe and purchase/bring a pair...having them and not using them is better than sitting through a game worrying and cringe-ing every time a lo... More

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Mar 28

Forward-facing back to rear-facing car seat...

At my child’s 3 year checkup, our pediatrician said the suggestion has changed...that children should be rear facing in their car seat until age 4. Anyone have experience switching their kid back to rear facing position? My child will NOT be happy about not being able to see out the front windows after riding forward facing for over a year (?).

  • Ivy
    Mar 28

    It’s recommended by weight and height, not so much age. And it’s also not enforced legally (though the legal age has changed to 2 years in most states). I do believe in extended rear facing as long as possible, but I would say it’s not worth the fight at age 3, if he won’t have it. My second is 2 and I wanted to have him rear facing much longer like his older brother was, but his older brother... More

  • Lily
    Apr 11

    Yeah, it's not age. It's hight and weight. Unless your little one is really little still, I am sure you are fine staying forward facing. But definitely go with what you feel is right for you.

MM posted in Safety Mar 25

GPS Tracker

My little one is going to start pre-school in August and will be bused from school to daycare. I'm looking for a reliable tracking device that she won't lose. She isn't really good with jewelry. So I'm not sure if a watch works be a great idea. Any suggestions?

  • annag
    Mar 25

    bicycle helmet? jacket? mittens? of course, those can all get lost, too.

  • PK
    Mar 25

    They make gps trackers that have a loop so that you can attach it to their belt or shoelaces

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Mar 06

Car seat for travelling internationally

Hello everyone So I ll be travelling to Canada in July with my 18 month old boy that time. Wondering what to do about a car seat.. Buy another one after going there? Don't want to spend much.. Won't be taking it with me because no checking luggage.. Won't have a seat for him as he is a lap child.. What s your experience and suggestions? What have you done with your little ones? ... More

  • Jess
    Mar 07

    Airlines have to check them for free. I think there’s a law because they all do. You can check it at the gate if you don’t have other checked luggage.

  • Jessica
    Mar 08

    There is also a new car seat that is still in production but will start shipping in April called the Pico by Waybe. It is fully compliant with all 5 point harness laws and can fold small enough to fit in the overhead compartment and weighs less than 8 lbs. you can also buy the back pack carry case.

Babygates that don’t screw into wall?

I’m looking for a baby gate for top of staircase, preferable one that won’t screw into wall to avoid it being pulled out. Any suggestions?

  • Amanda
    Feb 26

    I'm just gonna throw this out there. Apologies if I sound soap boxy . My 2year old is 28lbs and 3 feet tall. Our baby gate is screwed into the drywall with butterfly bolts (no studs due to angle). He has thrown himself full force at that gate at the top of the stairs 5 days a week because he's excited to see daddy and the gate has never so much as wiggled. If you don't want to dam... More

  • Rebecca
    Feb 27

    Dream baby works well for me. For me I just used the old fashioned one you put up and down on some of my stairs because that was my only option. It also forced myself to start teaching my kid how to use the stairs. Our house is full of stairs. We used gates. But my main goal was to feel safe with them on stairs because I can’t block it all off. So I teach how to do it and do it with them. So... More

Nancy posted in Safety Feb 24

Need safety advice about wall heater

Hi, our daughter is turning to 1 year old and starts walking all around. We have a wall heater in a narrow corridor (see photos). We googled online and most people used fireplace gate but it will not fit in our home as the corridor is really narrow. And advice will be appreciated! Thanks!

  • Lynn
    Feb 24

    With one kid it wasn’t an issue. With 2, it was a lot more unsafe. Ours was in a hallway smaller than by code and the fireplace screen worked quite well. We had less room to walk, but it was enough. Get 4 panel so you can angle it as you walk by.

  • Anne
    Feb 25

    If you need to use the heater, i would build something to protect the base, but maybe get some help as you don’t want it to be a fire hazard (if wood, make sure heat and fire resistant). We had these in one of our apartments and we just never turned that radiator on. We got a space heater instead and put it in a safer place. Used more power but it was less worry.

J posted in Safety Feb 23

How to..

How do you get over the fear of she chocking or gagging? I know if you hear noise that’s a good sign because her airway isn’t blocked but my husband freaks out which in turn makes me freak out. I’m also afraid that she will shove the whole thing in her mouth if I give her slice of something cut big enough for her to hold onto or that she might be able to break off a good size piece of food.

  • J
    Feb 28

    Yes usually steam the veggies. We did broccoli the other night but when she went to feed herself she shoved the whole floret in her mouth! So I ended up feeding her

  • Tiana
    Mar 09

    Do infant cpr class so you’re prepared in case of worst case scenario. My child has never choked, but gags quite a lot. Keeping calm, keeps him calm when it happens. I also talk to him after. Wow! That bite was TOO big. Good job coughing to get it out! Let’s do a small bite next.

Car seats

Any suggestions on toddlers best/comfortable car seats? Want to invest in something well worth for my soon to be 2 year old. Don’t get me wrong he has 1 from Walmart but we want dad to have 1 in his car too. Thanks

  • PK
    Feb 22

    We have the graco4ever in my car and the graco milestone in my husband’s. I second what Julie said about all car seats being safe so you really just have to find what fits your car and budget. We just really like Graco

  • Alexis
    Feb 23

    We have the graco 4ever and the graco 4ever extend2fit. Both are great. I also have a carseat safety page on my blog that lists 40+ different seats in different price ranges (not just convertibles, but still helpful). If youd like to check it out, its

Anonymous posted in Pets Feb 20

Unleashed neighbor dogs

We just moved to our new house and we found out that our neighbor's dogs will come by our yard and roam all the way down the street completely unleashed and without their owner ... They have destroyed our path lights and they poop and pee in our yard... They are two very huge German Shepherds. I’m so scared because we have a nine month infant and he will probably be walking by summer. The ... More

  • Mel
    Feb 21

    We have had a similar issue with a neighbor’s dogs. They bark and lunge at anyone who gets near and are constantly pooping in our yard. The neighbor is nice about it but has neglected to put up a fence or do anything to prevent the dogs from roaming. She mostly only lets them out at night so it’s not much of an issue for our toddler, except for the poop!!! This summer as the days grow longer an... More

  • Kelligrace
    Feb 24

    Call animal control and report him


This might be a ridiculous question... Can I put neosporin on my 10 month old? He has a scratch down his arm.

  • Christa
    Feb 20

    Yes, absolutely!! It will help heal the scratch!! Also, totally a reasonable question!!! When it comes to our children’s safety- no such thing as a ridiculous question!! If you’re uncomfortable putting Neosporin on baby, you can use aloe gel, or coconut oil- they both have amazing healing prosperities!!!

  • Anonymous
    Feb 20

    Don’t forget that you can build up a tolerance to neosporin. Our own (grown-ups) doctor recommended you trade off using neosporin and generic polysporin (3 vs 2 active ingredients respectively) to help avoid that.

Anonymous posted in Family Life Feb 19

How to address grandparents oversharing their grandchildren on social media?

This is all about my own MOM. Yes, of all people that could get into my nerve about oversharing on social media, it’s my own mother. She’s a 1st time grandmom who loves facebook! I’ve talked to her on so many occasions about this topic but I’m getting to a point now that I feel like I don’t want to send her his own grandson’s pictures or limit it or maybe snail mail her printed pictures because... More

  • Kelly
    Feb 20

    My husband and I have a "no sharing on social media" rule with all of our relatives. I highly recommend it because then everyone is on the same page and knows that it's not their place to post about your child. My husband and I decided that if our relatives went against our wishes, we would no longer give them pics of the kids until they took them down. So far we have had no probl... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 21

    Facebook oversharing of baby photos and ultrasounds led to a blacklash and the rise of private sharing apps like Snapchat. Now there's tons of baby album apps designed to share with and only with who you want. I highly recommend that route. I just searched for "baby photo album" in the App Store or Google Play and picked one. Some even give you the option of putting your photos in... More

John posted in Behavior Feb 18

Head bonking

My lo has a issue with bonking his head on the ground out of frustration. What do i do to stop this behaviour?

  • Noemi
    Feb 19

    Could be a sign of teething. Try giving him a teether. Infant Baby banana teethers help get the back teeth.

  • Kerry
    Feb 20

    If you feel its hurting your child you can just pick him up and place on a cushion, beanbag or something soft. I agree its frustration and it usually goes away with ignoring it. You could try to verbalize his frustrations at 1 they do understand alot.

Fireplace hearth baby safety

I’m looking to purchase padding for our fireplace hearth. There is a company out in Oregon that makes foam that covers entire hearth, but it’s pretty pricey. Does anyone know of a similar company?

  • Joanna
    Feb 18

    Wow. That is pricey! We just used the regular foam bumpers that we bought for the coffee table from Amazon.

  • Diana
    Feb 18

    I went more simplistic: I had an extra runner rug and after I put it on I was happy with the level of padding. Even with my child climbing ball over it, it’s never shifted or moved out of place. You could try a padded bathroom runner, they’re thick and have no slip bottoms

Any recommendations for a tool box for young toddler?

My daughter is about to be 14 months and seems very interested in all kinds of nuts n bolts. She’s touching chairs, door hinges etc. so my question is any one ever used any tool box with their young kiddo that is not a choking hazard?

  • Raji
    Feb 20

    Thanks for posting this Perry..... I did see this and looks fun. Definitely an option for when she is a bit older as she just started putting things in her mouth 🤦🏻‍♀️ @ Julie.... haven’t found anything that doesn’t have small pieces. We are considering husband trying to make a busy board for her but it’s not exactly nuts n bolts.

  • Elle
    Mar 05

    As first commenter suggested, maybe thread some nuts and bolts through some hemp/rope?

Anonymous posted in Safety Feb 10

Should i change car seat?

My LO is already 2 and we’re wondering when to change the car seat. Although i don’t feel him uncomfortable, though his legs are already bent, when in the seat and goes way past it. He only weighs 24-25lbs so i’m wondering when you changed car seats of your LO or anyone you know is fitting these profile, too

  • Anonymous
    Feb 11

    Keep rear facing as long as possible! SOOOOO much more safe♥️

  • Anonymous
    Feb 11

    Thank you, mamas! All noted ❤️

WayB car seat

Has anyone considered getting the WayB car seat? Or know of something comparable? It looks great for ease of travel but is expensive so I'm wondering if there is a good alternative that is as small/light. Thank you!

  • Joanna
    Feb 07

    We have the Ride Safer vest. Actually my niece used it 4 years ago (older model) and now my 4 yo uses it whenever he's in my sister's car. My son is too small/light for a Bubble bum or Mifold. I think it's good, light and safe. For airplane travel we have a CARES harness. If your child is on the larger size, I don't think you'll get the value out of the WayB because you... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 09

    I’d look into the crash test ratings for all of these. The mifold in particular has terrible crash test ratings. I wouldn’t risk my child’s spine for the sake of convenience.

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