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Anonymous posted in Safety Friday

Where are my shorty mamas?

I am 4’11 and have had to lower my son’s crib as he can pull himself up now (14 months). However in order to lay him down I’ve literally got to crush my abdomen and literally lift my feet off the ground 😅😖 How do pregnant moms do it?? I’m trying to have baby #2 and worried that it’ll be very difficult to lay my toddler safely down while he’s sound asleep and be pregnant at the same time🤰🏻 help!

  • Jade
    4h ago

    I’m the same height as you! I totally feel your pain. I have a small step stool that I use to put my daughter in her crib. If you have hardwood floors just make sure it has rubber grips on the bottom so it won’t slip around. Hope this helps!

  • Liza M.
    2h ago

    Preach! Same height here, and my husband is 6'2" so it's hard to find middle ground (haha). Due in a few weeks for baby #2 and we transferred my first baby to a toddler bed at floor level at 16 or 17 months. It worked really well because she couldn't open the door and escape and I didn't have to rent a power lift to get her out of the crib every day. Plus now the crib is av... More

Wenonah posted in Safety Friday

Traveling with a toddler

When your going out of state with a you bring your car seat with you? Like riding in an Uber or Lyft. I’m just dreading bringing my LO’s car seat with me. Seeing as I’ll be traveling by myself. That’s just a lot to carry. I’ve been looking online for traveling light weight car seats but so far I’ve only see travel booster seats. She’s one so that’s no going to work. Any suggestions... More

  • B

    You 100% need a car seat. Most Uber and lyft cars don’t have them (some places have Uber family option but it’s unreliable). Another option is to buy one wherever you are going and have it waiting. Some places have rental places that will meet you at the airport. But that’s expensive. Id just bring it and check it at the airport. They even sell little carts you can pull it on if that’s help... More

  • PK

    Could you rent a car wherever you’re going? Bring your own car seat and rent so that you don’t have to constantly install and take out the car seat when riding in a car.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Jun 18

My 2yo Throws herself back

Whenever my daughter gets upset she throws herself back. I’ve told her not to do it, and explained to her she will get hurt; but as soon as she gets upset, she does it. She’s hurt herself in MANY occasions and will not stop. I have tried ignoring her, but honestly she’ll do it anywhere like on a concrete floor, or the edge of the couch or bed, so most of the time I find myself catching her befo... More

  • Jess

    I was hoping someone would have a solution too...

  • Genesis

    Put a helmet on her at all times just so she can have some kind of protection when she does do it and no one is able to catch her in time. I hope it helps.

ChildSafe Kit...?

Has anyone ordered a free ChildSafe Kit? Would you recommend it? I’m skeptical on “free” things that ask for your address and such. Thanks!

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira
    Jun 17

    I have.. I've never recieved mine! That was last year lol

  • Destinee

    I did, and I wouldnt do it again. They randomly showed up at my house to do it because one of their representatives has to do it for you. I get that part. But they make both parents be present when the kit is being done, which isn’t going to happen for me because my husband works crazy irregular hours. When I told them that they wouldn’t leave me alone. They kept showing up and calling me for w... More

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Jun 12

I was at the park with my young children and I witnessed some 10-12 year old boys engaged in what looked like serious bullying of another child. They were hitting him and he was sitting in silence. I wanted to say something but I wasn’t sure if it was my place to do so and also wanted to protect my own kids. What would you do in a situation like that?

  • Jeanie Payne

    Hitting is not bullying. It is assault. Police should be called if you witness assault. Take a short video or picture, call the police, and tell the kids you called the police.

  • Uju

    Did you end up doing anything? It is your place to say and do something! They're 10-12. Not full blown teenagers. More likely to be afraid of you and will run if you start screaming at the top of your lungs. Such a sad scenario.

Anonymous posted in Safety Jun 12

Toddler jumping on baby belly

I keep meaning to ask my OBGYN about this, but always forget! It doesn’t happen very often, but there’s been a couple times my 3 year old has come down pretty hard on my 31+ weeks pregnant belly! He’s sat down hard on it once and also stepped on the side of it once when I was laying down. Both times it hurt, but I’d always pay close attention and would be able to feel the baby moving around lik... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jun 12

    So I agree with first poster on what to watch out for. And honestly, I wouldn’t be too hard on your three yr old. He’s not gonna think about it when he gets super excited, sad, mad etc. that’s a lot to expect. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant, and have a. 4.5, 3, and 1.5 ur old. I cosleep, with the exception of my First, each child has received accidental kicks or head first hugs when they were... More

  • Vonda
    Jun 13

    I’d probably explain that a baby is in your belly and he has to be gentle etc.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jun 11

Ever wonder how your kids are - or how they're treating others - while they're at daycare?

My 9 month old started full time daycare mid-May. Since then I've seen some worrying things when I've come to pick him up. There were the scratches on his face a few times when I picked him up from daycare - nothing huge, but the scratches were almost touching his eye, that's how close they got. Another time there was an ink stain on his pants. The staff said nothing at every instan... More

  • Mrs. HHH
    Jun 14

    Kieli that story of your firsthand account is terrifying! Ughhh imagine how many other evil “caregivers” are being paid a big sum of money to take care of our most precious children when in fact the opposite is true. I talk to my son after every time I pick him up from daycare. I ask questions and probe information out of him. I feel bad for the kids who can’t talk or communicate what’s happen... More

  • Jenn
    Jun 15

    Please switch daycares. This is not normal. Go to other daycares for tours and observation. Use your gut. I hope legal action is taken against these terrible people.

Anonymous posted in Safety May 29

Life jacket

What life jacket is good for my 1 year old?

  • Lynn
    May 30

    If you have a Costco in your area, they currently have infant life jackets.

  • Vonda
    May 31

    REI has life jackets for infants too at the moment.

Anonymous posted in Safety May 28

Sleep sack?

So my 5mo daughter recently just started rolling from back to belly (yay!!) and I was curious to see when your LOs started sleeping on their belly? (or if they just never did). Also was wondering if she’s still able to wear a sleep sack if she’s rolling? We just weaned her off of her swaddle 2 weeks ago, just in time, and started putting her in a sleep sack to keep her warm.

  • Stacey
    May 30

    We had our son in a sleep sack from a little before he could roll over (he hated the swaddle) until he started standing up because he would trip on the sleep sack. We let him have his hands free because he liked to sleep with his hands above his head or on his tummy with his butt in the air.

  • Jenn
    May 30

    My almost 2 year old is still in a sleep sack lol. We put her in a zipadee zip (similar to a sleep sack but hands are covered and it's tighter) at around 4mo. Transitioned to sleep sack when she seemed to want hands free a few months later. She's in it now to prevent crib scaling...she walks & repositions herself perfectly fine in it. To answer the belly sleeping question, I think... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health May 27

Son fell off the playground

My 22- month son fell from a pretty high part of the playground.. He caught himself but got gashes in his chin. No bumps on the head or noticeable scratches anywhwre else. I am concerned because he seems to be sleeping a lot . He acts normal, but seems to sleep more. Should this be concerning?

  • Anonymous
    May 27

    If you're concerned and have the slightest worry that something is wrong go to a doctor.

  • Mrs. HHH
    May 29

    I would call pediatrician right away and explain on phone. They’ll tell u if it warrants a visit. Poor little guy I hope he’s ok!!

Car seat doesn’t fit

Anyone else feel their car is too small for car seat?? We upgraded to a multi year seat and it really fits snugly my front seat is uncomfortable for anyone over 5 ft and my son hates the angle it’s at ( loves dads truck tho). I know it’s not the end of the world just wondering if others are dealing with this

  • A
    Jun 01

    I really dont think it’s avoidable after your comments lol I’m just glad it’s not only me. I drove an Escalade and then downgraded to a CTS car even in the suv LOs car seat was against my seat and we just moved him behind driver seat in car yesterday which works better. Safety is always first but nice to have everyone comfortable

  • A
    Jun 01

    We have a graco and safety first car seat m. Both are great in our minds the chest clip on graco seems to slide a bit easier which I’m not a fan of

Timothy posted in Safety May 22

Car seat buckle hidden

Any tricks on how to prevent this seat belt from going under the kids butt and having to dig it out.. thanks

  • Mrs. HHH
    May 23

    I have the same issue! And my kid is much bigger than yours 🙄

  • Hope
    May 23

    Try laying it out before you set your child in the car seat!

Anonymous posted in Safety May 21

My ten month old choked on medicine

My ten month old choked on medicine ( Claritin ) horribly couldn’t stop coughing to breathe. It was awful. Should I be concerned now that it’s over? Has anyone been through this. It’s all I can think about now

  • Anonymous
    May 23

    Yes, you can gag with liquid. Also, another thing that may offer some peace of mind, if they are coughing, they're breathing. Coughing, gagging, etc. Still gets air to the lungs.

  • Deneen
    Jun 17

    Coughing is the natural reflex to prevent choking. If there is choking, you will not hear a peep. If the baby is coughing, they will most likely dislodge it themself. If they stop coughing or crying and look wide eyed red or blue in the face or putting their hands near mouth or throat. Quickly pick up the baby put them face down on your one arm head towards floor and smack the hell out of thei... More

Holli posted in Safety May 20

Two year old accidentally sat on my pregnant belly

My toddler wanted to me to read to him and I was sitting at the couch but not completely sitting up so he came to sit on my lap and sat on belly instead. I’m six months pregnant. Should I be worried? I feel a bit crampy now, what should I watch out for?

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    May 21

    I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m growing baby four, and all my kids are less than 2 years apart, and we co-sleep. I’ve gotten a lot of accidental kicks in the belly, or head charges to the belly. I would drink water, and then not worry about it. If there is blood or severe cramping, then call the dr. The baby is floating in there still so they just move around.

  • Kieli
    May 22

    Like the other posts above, if your bleeding or notice no/less movement then call. But my almost 2 year old did the same thing all the time, and my newborn is healthy as can be.

Anonymous posted in Babies May 19

Sitting in backseat w/ LO

At what age was your little one when you stopped sitting in the backseat with them? My son is 7 months and I still sit in the backseat with him, I don’t mind but I would like to be in the front enjoying the outside view and holding my husbands hand. It’s the little things I miss...

  • Natasha
    May 22

    Two weeks. When I saw that he was falling asleep as soon as the wheels started turning, I took advantage of the time adulting with my husband lol

  • Anonymous
    May 22

    I sat in the back maybe a handful of times when my daughter was getting used to her car seat and then bought a mirror that I could see from my rear view. I had to do errands on my own with her

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear May 17

Car seats 5 years after date of manufacture (DOM)

Is everyone getting rid of car seats older than 5yrs DOM? I just realized I have one in MILs car that’s DOM is 2013. Is it true the plastic on the seats start to “break down” after the 5years? Is it truly unsafe to use?

  • PK
    May 18

    I think it depends on the car seat make and model. We have the graco 4ever which I believe is 10 yrs. Check the manual or search the car seat for an expiration date imprinted somewhere. If you can’t find it, find a number to call the company and ask them how many years. But YES, car seats do expire. The plastic can break down. Even in the slightest bit, it might make the car seat unsafe. Imagin... More

Car seat after accident

I was in a car accident and was rear ended. Luckily I didn’t have the kids with me an no one was injured. The car behind me was rear ended into me. All 3 cars involved were SUVs. I had my two convertible care seats in the car. My question is if I should get the car seats replaced. The insurance company didn’t think the car seats would need replacing but they were willing to replace if I see so... More

  • Jennifer
    May 20

    Definitely replace if car insurance is covering. And like the above post, make sure you find out what are the procedures in submitting receipts, etc.

  • Sara
    May 28

    I was in the same situation! I’m so glad the babies weren’t with you and you are okay! We got our replaces and insurance covered it completely. We were prepared to argue with them, but it really was very easy (we just showed them a picture of the page in the manual that says they should be replaced and they were totally cool with it). For me, it was totally worth it for peace of mind. Apparentl... More

Anonymous posted in Safety May 12

20 month old gagging herself!?!

My daughter has been intentionally gagging herself with fingers in her throat for a few weeks. It’s kind of freaking me out. I know with a million percent certainty that she didn’t see this behavior and isn’t mimicking. She just started doing it. I get worried and kind of yell when she does it and then she laughs and does it again. I try to ignore her but I’m afraid she will induce vomiting. An... More

  • Krystal
    May 13

    My daughter used to gag and make herself vomit at that age... then she'd laugh. Of course it used to bother me too. She stopped before age 2.. so it was just a phase.

  • Jennifer
    May 13

    My son kinda did this for a bit around that age. Must be developmental

Lindsay posted in Safety May 11

HELP! 1.5 YO is climbing out of crib!

Hi everyone. We have always been taught that once baby is able to climb out of a crib to transition to a toddler bed for their safety, but our daughter is 19mo and it just feels too early still. Any tricks for stopping the climbing? Or do we just baby proof the holy hell out of her room and go to a toddler bed? Background: she sleeps with a VERY flat pillow and her crib mattress is all the way... More

  • Momof1
    May 20

    Have you considered turning the crib so the higher end is facing out instead of against the wall? This would make it harder to climb out.

  • Lindsay
    May 21

    Unfortunately we don’t have a higher end 😓 it’s even all the way around. She hasn’t done it again since we caught it, so we’ve kind of left it as is and am hoping that’s the case for awhile though we did baby proof the holy hell out of her room and have a toddler bed rail thing for if she starts again

Anonymous posted in Child's Health May 11

Deer tick

If you find a deer tick on your child what do you do to get it off? I’ve heard toothpaste, picking it off with tweezers, sliding it onto paper. I understand you want to prevent the tick from biting so what do you do?

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