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Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Friday

Switching to formula

I’ve been pumping my milk and have been giving it to my 3 1/2 month old baby in a bottle. I’ve been doing this since he was 8 weeks old but now I feel like it’s draining me out and I feel like I can do it anymore so I decided to switch to formula. So while doing research I read that you’re supposed to boil water to make prepare the formula and then cool it to the desired temp. I also read that ... More

  • Marisa

    I never boiled water. I took filtered water from the tap, warmed it up in the microwave, and then prepped the bottle.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks everyone! I’ve used the hot water setting in my water dispenser and made a bottle that way. My baby didn’t look sick or anything after he drank it so I think we are good now.

Holli posted in Safety Thursday

How can I stop my 1 1/2 year old from putting things in his newly discovered nose?

I worry when he puts things in his nose (usually food) that they will get stuck and he will get an infection. Any advice?

  • Anonymous

    I second Shayna. Just be prepared. Not sure how you can stop him other than watching like a hawk and also telling him no each time he tries. But knowing how to dislodge on your own will keep you both calm IF it happens, and save you a trip and $$ cuz they basically do the same thing! I used the technique on my little with his dinner -peas. Lol

  • Holli

    I appreciate the advice! I will definitely try that if I need to. Thanks!

Emily posted in Safety Dec 09

Toddler Bed Transition

Hi - were about to transition our son, 18 months old, to a toddler bed. We were considering two different rail options - the $100 wood rail that goes with the convertible crib and looks nice OR the $30 rail that is compatible with any crib and doesn’t look as nice. How long do toddlers actually use the rail? Do we really need to get the nice looking rail? Also, any tips for transitioning to t... More

  • Erika

    Im surprised at these answers honestly. We have a convertible crib/toddler bed and when my son was 18 months we took the entire side off. No rail at all. He did amazing and never fell out or anything. He'll be 2 this month and we're about to transfer him to a twin size mattress soon.

  • Emily

    Thank you mommas! This is so helpful! We are wanting to transition because my son is starting a toddler program at a preschool in January where the kids have to sleep on cots for nap time so I want to get him ready for that. Unless anyone thinks I don’t need to worry about this and just let him continue to sleep in the crib at home?

Car seat sickness (part 2)

I want to thank the moms who took the time to reply to my previous post ❤️ I have reclined the car seat & my baby has not thrown up! 😁 However, he will be facing forward soon, & I’m worried that once he does he will begin throwing up again 😩 I’m curious as to how other moms have handled this. Do I keep the seat reclined while facing forward? I have to read the manual again & see if ... More

  • B
    Dec 04

    True, you can keep rear facing until you hit limits (and many people now recommend that). But also, it is the rear facing part that makes many kids sick. Might not be a problem forward facing. Not sure how close to two you are, but I wouldn’t stress until you try it.

  • Selene
    Dec 04

    You are both right. I thought the limit was 22 lbs, but it’s actually 50! My baby will be turning two in two months, but he’s only 20 lbs, so it looks like we’re far from the forward facing stage. Thank you so much for your help! ❤️

shalry posted in Safety Dec 02

"Safety guard" for hotel beds

Hi Familes! Can anyone suggest what I can do as a safety precaution to prevent my little one from falling off the hotel bed she's sleeping on? Thanks much!

  • Shannon
    Dec 04

    We bought some inflatable crib rails on Amazon. They were less than $30 and inflate very quickly. Not only do they work flawlessly (seriously, we are staying at a hotel right now and the ONE time we didn’t use them my daughter fell out of the bed), but they take up no space packing (unlike pool noodles) and IMO work better than pillows! I think ours are called “Shrunks”.

  • Ruth
    Dec 08

    Pool noodles and bed pushed against wall. If there is a couch I flip it around to face the wall ask for extra sheets and it makes a great safe bed for kids.

Anonymous posted in Safety Dec 02

Helmet for baby?

So my little one has been cruising since 8 months; he’s now 10 months and taking steps without holding on, with this comes a lot of falling and hitting his head on the hard wood floors and furniture. It really freaks me out when he hits his head. Most of the time he just picks himself up and tries to walk again and it doesn’t even phase him but I still worry. For the longest time I was having h... More

  • Hayley
    Dec 02

    Buy soft rugs wherever you have hard floor

  • Anonymous
    Dec 02

    Omg my son has busted lips and knots on his head constantly... I’m worried his teeth are gonna turn black from banging them so much!!! But to be honest that only lasted about a month, he’s waaaaaaay more sturdy now.... but I still tell my husband I want a helmet for him bc he still is bonking his head daily

Anonymous posted in Safety Dec 01

Baby climbing out of crib

You guys...tonight we caught our 9 month old trying to escape her crib. She had lifted herself to where her torso was up on the rail and one wrong move...she would have flipped over the rail and crashed into the floor. Her crib is on the absolute lowest level...practically on the ground. The rail is typical height. There's nothing in her crib with her...just a fitted sheet. Nothing even clo... More

  • Tori
    Dec 02

    I climbed out of my crib at 9 months and walked to my parents room. They said they put me on a twin mattress on the floor and a gate in the door frame made it the safest. Hope his helps

  • Anonymous
    Dec 02

    Thanks everyone!!! My SIL also said to put the mattress on the floor in the crib (which I didnt know you could do...or didnt think about doing.) So, we did that today.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Dec 01

Are plugins safe to use around infants/toddlers?

What are some products you use to keep your house smelling clean that are safe to use around infants/toddlers?

  • Destinee
    Dec 01

    I add a few drops of essential oils to baking soda and sprinkle it on my carpet, let it sit for 30 mins and then vacuum it up. I usually wait until she’s down for the night through because the initial smell can be pretty strong

Mac posted in Safety Dec 01

When did you stop using baby gates?

My stepson is 3 and recently he’s started using the toilet full time, he’ll wake up constantly during the night then want to get up at 5 or 6. If he’s not watched constantly he’ll destroy everything, so we’re not comfortable with him having free roam of the house while we’re asleep. We tried having his door open a bunch of times but he always gets up and wonders around and he’ll get up as soon ... More

  • Lisa
    Dec 01

    We have hard wood in the bedrooms and most of the house. We placed the toddler potty in my son’s room. He is about the age of your guy. We also replaced the bedroom door with a top of the stairs baby gate so there is no bar to step over. Works great, he now knows when it is closed he can’t come out, and has stopped trying. At first you will have to defend it and give time outs or spank to ... More

  • Kelly
    Dec 01

    I’d recommend a small potty for his room, and getting a external lock for his door so he can’t let himself out until someone else is awake. Per the fire department it’s actually much safer for a young child to be locked in their own room at night than to have free access to the house as they are much more likely to accidentally injure or poison themselves or to accidentally start a fire if they... More

Navigating the staircase

How did you teach your child to use the stairs in your home? What age did you begin teaching? My baby is a year old and we have gates at the bottom and top of our carpeted stairs but I’m getting antsy to teach him how to safely use the stairs (with my supervision of course). Just wondering how young I can start this. He has been walking for about a month now.

  • Ivana
    Nov 29

    Like the others said, up the stairs as soon as they feel like it with you closely behind. Down the stairs, my daughter really started closer to two. They are carpeted and zig zag so it’s not a straight line down, which I like. Even now at two and a half she holds the railing and climbs up and down no problem (but still with us a few steps ahead or behind, because toddlers get distracted :)

  • antigrav_kids
    Nov 30

    We started at about this are. We had a coffee shop with stairs so the second kid got to practice there with one of us right behind him. There were also there or four steps leading up to our library that he loved. Sam Francisco haa tons of stoops with stairs. The third kid practiced there and on the stairs into and out of our subway stations at the same age. We just went in front of her on the w... More

What’s a good age to switch from infant car seat to convertible car seat?

  • Nessa
    Nov 29

    I switched around 6 months because my LO wouldn’t stay asleep in it and I could barely carry her anymore 🤪

  • Donna
    Nov 29

    When it's best for both of you. My son switched into Graco 4ever from Chicco keyfit30 at 3 months as he was a big baby and too heavy for me to carry

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Nov 27

Bent head/neck in car seat

Any moms (or dads) sit in the back and hold their baby’s head up while they sleep in the car seat? Someone make me feel better about letting his head just dangle 😩

  • Emily
    Nov 27

    I bought one of those too mare my daughter would woke up as if it was more uncomfortable than just dangling

  • Joanna
    Nov 28

    My older son is forward facing. I let him dangle. I don't want him napping in the car anyway. My younger son is rearfacing so he doesn't have that problem. You can check the recline options of your car seat.

Anonymous posted in Safety Nov 27

Crib bumpers

So initially I was against getting crib bumpers due to the risk of SIDS but my 10 month old tosses and turns when he sleeps and bumps his head on the crib rails and headboard multiple times throughout the night, often he hits his head so hard he wakes himself up. It happens EVERY night! I’m worried about him hurting his head and also concerned that he’s not sleeping well because he keeps waking... More

  • Shanea
    Dec 07

    This is the mesh crib bumper that I bought and even though it doesn't say it's padded, it does have some cushion. I'm very happy with it! It does make it trickier to change the sheets but I think the peace of mind is worth the additional struggle!

  • Beatrice
    Dec 10

    I got the mesh one so even if my 12 month old sons face is close he can still breathe but not had to worry about him stepping on them and climbing out his crib only worked for a few months for me

Stranger Danger

My 3 year old step-kid is getting to the point where “stranger danger” is VERY important. They’re very shy and refuse to play with other kids...just the parents or other random adults. They will strike up a conversation with any passing adult and even try to open the door when people come knocking. This is TERRIFYING for my spouse and I. How do you handle stranger danger with a kid that young ... More

  • Anne
    Nov 26

    This is good advice. ^ It helps to focus the conversation on boundaries rather than fear/danger. When I'm at the playground I expect my children to ask me if it's okay to go play with another kid or talk to someone new. Same thing if someone offers them food, gives them a toy, knocks on the door, etc. Even if it's someone we know! If we're out somewhere and they do something wi... More

  • Sabrina
    Nov 26

    My niece just turned 3 and is the same way. & she loves to “adventure.” I am her primary care taker and I struggled with a way to explain stranger danger to her and I finally figured out the perfect way; here’s how. I LOVED Monsters Inc. as a child but was always cautious of “monsters” after I watched it. So, I asked Myleah (my niece) if she wanted to watch my favorite childhood movie for ... More

Ellie posted in Safety Nov 26

Thoughts on dying hair while pregnant

I was wondering if it was safe to at least touch up my roots before the holidays come? I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant.

  • Sophie
    Nov 27

    It is safe! I’m a stylist and as long as it’s In a well ventilated space your fine. Have a professional do it because hormones in the hair can cause the hair to react to the color differently.

  • Erin
    Dec 01

    I didn't because I was worried about it being absorbed through the skin in my scalp. I agree with the person above though, I definitely deprived myself of everything possible while pregnant that could possibly be harmful because I wanted my kids to be perfectly healthy, and they are. I didn't have so much as a Tylenol with either. If you must, I would at least wait until the second trimester.

Anonymous posted in Bathing Nov 25

Hair tips for 8months old babygirls

I am currently out of ideas on how to do my 8month hair it gets really nappy and starts to tangle and gets really flat to her head ive tried puff balls which is now not turning out right anymore.. i am now putting beads in her hair (only 3beads on each twist) is that ok for her being so young? Or try something different. HELP

Haley posted in Holidays Nov 24

Christmas tree

How do you guys keep your babies from attacking the Christmas tree? Our daughter is 8 months old and is into EVERYTHING and I'm trying to figure out how to keep the tree and her safe. I've seen people put gates around there's, but that looks so bleh to me. Any suggestions?

  • Haley
    Nov 26

    I refuse to do a gate, but soft ornaments sound like a GREAT option! Off to Target and Michael's we go! We also had a friend suggest putting our tree in a weighted we are going to try that as well. Thanks everyone!!!

  • Mayghan
    Nov 26

    I've seen people decorate the gates going around the tree to make it more festive

Anonymous posted in Safety Nov 23

Door Alarms

My 2yo recently learned how to open the door. There is 5 adults that live in the home and then him. When one leaves they don’t always lock the deadbolt and he likes to escape. He is super quite and sneaky. Is there a door alarm that one would recommend? I was looking on amazon but nothing really grabbed my attention. Potentially one that’s super loud and annoying. (He doesn’t like loud noises).

Kaleaha posted in Safety Nov 22

Escape artist

Does anyone have any advice for toddlers escaping cribs and over gates? My son isn't old enough to transition to a toddler bed, but he climbs out of his crib. He's tall and very strong. We took the side of the crib off and put a round gate around the crib. It worked for a while, even though he always ended up sleeping on the floor, but now he climbs over every baby gate. Now he just has... More

  • Austin
    Nov 24

    When my son first attempted to escape from his crib, I moved him into a toddler bed. He is very strong willed and I knew it would be reoccurring, so I removed the dangerous aspect of escaping, and when I did so, I also removed toys from his room at night so he isnt tempted to get up and play with them. Now, at 2 and a half, he stays in his own bed all night, even with toys out.

  • Samantha
    Nov 28

    My son was 16ish months old when we went to a toddler bed. I have never regretted a single minute. As long as they are 1+ you can go to a toddler bed to stop the risk of them falling.

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