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Chelsa posted in Education Jul 11

Courses and continued learning

What are some classes you have or would like to take that you feel would be useful as a stay-at-home parent? Ex: CPR

  • PK
    Jul 12

    I took a child development class, one where we were allowed to bring our kids with us to class so that they could play and socialize while parents/students discussed the topics. Part of the class requirements was to develop an activity and craft that was age appropriate.

  • Natasha
    Jul 15

    Child development classes, cpr, cooking, organization, home maintenance... anything that will benefit you and what occupies your day,

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Dads Jul 10

“Do you still LIKE being AT HOME?”

I always get asked this question and wonder how others handle it. It completely annoys me because what I want to say back is “Do you still like going to work?” I know that staying at home (which I hate that term because we are always out) is not for everyone but I feel like people say it to me since they don’t always know what to say.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 11

    If it’s genuine for me to ask them if they like working but don’t you miss being with your children, then sure?

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Jul 07

What do you say when people ask what you do all day?

Hi! How do you respond to people when they ask you what you do all day? I'm a stay at home mom with a child who now attends preschool.

  • Suz
    Aug 10

    Not that it’s their business but some things I did when my kiddo was at preschool but before my 2nd baby arrived include managing the house and bills, researching schooling/ nutrition/ health concerns for the child(ren), self/care such as doctors appointments, dentist, physical therapy or anything needed like that, prepping for meals needed later in the day/week, making calls / being present f... More

Baby time

I’m a stay at home dad, I try to keep up with the house chores while the baby sleeps, but it not always possible, and sometimes I feel bad about leaving the baby in the play pen so I can sweep and mop the floors. I feel like I should be entertaining or doing more activities with him. Is it normal to feel this way? And is ok to leave the baby in the play pen for brief periods?

  • Lauren
    Apr 29

    If baby needs you baby wear or have baby on your hip. I know my husband realizes how much I do but he doesn't understand the juggling act it takes. I felt bad just like you are saying so I reevaluated and finally found what works for us. I clean during nap times and do a power hour clean. Then I prep any food I can to make supper easier and pack lunches for my husband. Another good time t... More

  • cocomac
    Sep 01

    This question is everything!!! And are the responses!! #parentguilt

At home jobs!

I’m a stay at home mom and I miss working so I was wondering if anyone knew of any stay at home jobs hiring?! Please and thank you in advance

Anonymous posted in Money Nov 28, 2018

Stay at home jobs for introverts.

Hi All! Can anyone reccomend some stay at home jobs that doesn't involve sales or customer service? Thanks in advance.

  • Leah
    Nov 28, 2018

    Medical Coding. You need to go to school for it though.

  • Veronica
    Nov 29, 2018

    Fill out survey. Not sure about how effective or pay it is.

Do any stay at home moms make money from home ???

tips ?

  • Cynthia
    Nov 12, 2018

    Babysit & I will sell clothes I don’t use no more, don’t fit, or new with tags at posh mark!

What’s a good age to start play dates?

I’m a SAHD with a 2mo old. I’m asking not just for my LO but also I think I could use some grown up interaction.

  • Megan
    Oct 28, 2018

    The sooner the better

  • Jennifer
    Dec 27, 2018

    Check your local community centers a lot of them have an open gym for kids 5yrs-younger usually just a gym full of toys. We really enjoy these. Library story times is also great, a lot of libraries will also have a kids corner with a theme for kids to play in.

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Oct 15, 2018

Helping a SAHD

When my daughter was born my mother helped me take care of her. I had about 5 months of maternity leave so I was at home for a good while, but once I returned to work, she took care of her alone while myself and my husband were working. Now our routine has changed and my mother returned to work. My husband is now a SAHD and while he does an amazing job I need to help him with getting her on a r... More

  • LaVona
    Oct 15, 2018

    We recently transitioned to the same set up. Before we started i created a scedule for them to get ideas on how to plan his days. He morphed this into his own schedule. I told him how important it is for a child to have a structured day with set times for naps, food and play. The different typed of play for developement and growth. The variety of foods that we needed to hit each week. He has ... More

  • Pad
    Nov 05, 2018

    Hmm tough one.. speaking from a male perspective I agree totally schedules and routines are important. I don’t think Dads lack of scheduling is a disregard for the need but rather another point to consider is just how difficult being a stay at home dad/mom can be. Sounds like you are placing unrealistic expectations on papa bear almost like he should measure up to your mom but men just are wir... More

National At Home Dad Convention #homedadcon2018

Just got back from Orlando and I highly recommend this convention for any Stay At Home Dad out there. Luckily it is coming to Minneapolis next year!! The bonds of the brotherhood of fatherhood are so strong at these conventions and I come home every year more patient, more playful, and with new tools for listening, teaching, and caring. As more details come out I will put up new posts in h... More

Anyone else struggle with the cost of daycare vs staying at home?

What would be the ideal solution?

  • Shae
    Sep 10, 2018

    Finally after 2 yrs I found a home daycare that closes at 12a.m.,after the birth of my son 2 yrs ago I had to stay at home because all the daycares closed at 630pm,and my shift is from 7a-7p or 7p-7a while hubby works swing shift, now I'm back to the job hunt

  • Ricardo
    Oct 14, 2018

    There's pros and cons on daycare/child care. I work at a learning center/day care as a preschool teacher for three year olds. I've worked with families of all shapes and sizes. Personally, I had my infant daughter come with me to work and I loved it! Mom worked and traveled a lot for her work so her hours weren't really consistent so our goal was to have our daughter attend daycare ... More

Equality for dads

I love my daughter and I love being a stay at home dad, but I have had enough of this country's lack of support for men as parents. I'm angry and frustrated because there seems to be no accommodations for fathers in America, whether it's with parental leave after birth, society's stigma for stay at home dads, or even something as basic as having a changing table in men's re... More

  • Scott
    Apr 07

    I always just use the restaurant table if they don't have one. No way will I subject my little one to a bathroom floor. Oh, I also let the management know I'm using their table where people eat food on to change a dirty diaper because their facilities are inadequate. I also tell them I won't be coming back.

  • Martinique
    Aug 29


Balancing being a SAHD, training, and raising Super Boy.

Where my dads at?! Share your stories...

  • Stay-At-Home Dan
    May 31, 2018

    Thanks man. Yeah I knew what you meant. It’s tough being an active SAHD but I have to stay fit to keep up with the this little ball of energy. 😂

  • Danah
    Sep 20, 2018

    You guys need to start a SAHD group. My husband just became an SAHD and we just moved to the area. He’s gonna need some buddies so he doesn’t loose it. Lol

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Dads May 21, 2018

How long have you been a stay at home parent?

  • Lena
    Jul 17, 2018

    I was a SAHM for 3 years but decided to go back to work and now my boyfriend has taken up the role as SAHD for the past 3 1/2 years so I could work and he could take some time off to spend time with our kids.

  • Heath
    Aug 31, 2018

    7 years

Any other Stay-at-Home dads here?

  • Stay-At-Home Dan
    Apr 30, 2018

    Yes, I’m here.

  • dadio
    May 03, 2018

    Thanks Superdad!! Needed to hear that. The little guy & I have some fun activities for sure. More and more as he gets older I’m sure.

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Dads Apr 22, 2018

How do you deal with your husband being the stay at home parent while you work? What if you still are doing all the housework and the bills? He helps but isn’t consistent so it’s frustrating. What to do??? He is seeking permanent employment we have 1 child together and he has 2 from a previous relationship who live with us. I just want someone else to do the house work bc I’m tired boss!!

  • Superdad
    Jun 03, 2018

    Where’re a Dying breed Dan.

  • Erica
    Sep 05, 2018

    I'm a sahm and my husband is never satisfied with the work that I do. House work is a never ever ever ending battle.

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Nov 30, 2017

Question for stay at home dads: Me and my hubby agreed even before we had kid that we would take turn to stay at home with the baby until she's 2 year old. So i stayed at home the first year. Now my husband does. Financially we are able to support ourselves along with savings and occasionally vacations. Not a lot to spoil ourselves but that doesnt matter. However it seems people in bot... More

  • Matthew
    Apr 28, 2018

    Challenging, very. Worth it. Tiring, mentally rough

  • Samuel
    May 28

    I'm a stay at home father, been doing it for almost 3 years. It's been very isolating for me, two weeks ago a mom actually had a conversation with me, this is the first time anyone has ever done that. I've given up my life for my children. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to spend the time with my boys but it'd be nice to have a couple friends to visit with once in a while.

Hi there! I’m new to this app, so I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m a stay at home dad in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who wife works nights. We’ve recently moved to the area, so we aren’t particularly close to many people yet, and since my wife is usually sleeping during the day, I hardly get to see her either. We have a 3-year old and a 6-month old: the former is going through his terrible t... More

  • Andrew
    Nov 14, 2017

    Yes, the Dallas Zoo is a lifesaver for me! We had Arboretum passes too, though they just expired. We didn’t go as much as we would like because it was a bit further of a trek for us. Thanks for the Dallas Dads tip, Tyson! I’ll check it out.

  • Ms Caitlin
    Mar 20, 2018

    let me know if you need a day out! i run an at home day care & you deserve it!

I'm new to this app and a stay at home dad of two amazing boys! I found out about this app and opted to upload it so that I can learn and grow as a father so that I can be more than my father was to me.

  • Sara
    Sep 30, 2017

    Welcome to Winnie!

  • Lien
    Nov 30, 2017

    Welcome! Your boys are so cute :)

Any other Stay-At-Home-Dads out there still trying to figure out how to fit in, in a society where gender still plays such a large role? Even just internally struggling... I’m about as liberal as they get and I find myself being discouraged by not being the stereotypical “breadwinner” for my family. Don’t get me wrong, as cliché as it sounds, being my son’s primary caregiver is the best thing ... More

  • Kyle Jones
    Oct 01, 2017

    I'm a SAHD. I put my career on pause to raise our little one as the wife's job pays more. The advice here is good: try to ignore the negative people by focusing on the fact that your child is one of the few things you do that will outlast you. Additionally, one thing I found helps me is to find something to "do" during naps to feel productive. "Me" time is good (game... More

  • Stay-At-Home Dan
    Apr 13, 2018

    I love all the responses on this thread. I am a SAHD and what helped me gain confidence in my new role was to simply take it on as my career or purpose in life. It will most likely be one of the greatest task I take on in life and probably the most important. I think we all can agree that being SAHP is challenging as hell. It is not for the faint of heart. However, it is definitely a very rewar... More

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