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Anonymous posted in Mental Health Feb 12

SAHM of 3 under 3, introvert, needs a break

I’m a SAHM with 5 month old twins and an almost 3 year old. I’m an introvert and need time alone to rejuvenate. I haven’t had time alone for so long yet I feel so alone in life. I used to have a career I worked really hard for, including 2 graduate degrees, and had an office where I worked on paperwork alone much of the day. I remember I used to feel lonely but now I miss that so much. I don’t ... More

  • T
    Feb 12

    2 under 2. They are 4 and 2.3 years now and I’m also a SAHM. There’s a couple of things you can do that might help. Join a gym that has childcare, so you can workout, shower, sleep in your car. lol Indoor playspaces where the kid/s can play and you can have tons of coffee and something to eat. Kid oriented cafes that have play area with childcare. Hire someone to watch the kids while y... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 12

    Could you hire a sitter to take the kids somewhere out of the house so you could just blah around the house alone? Or have the sitter stay home and you go to a movie? I used to check my toddler into church kids bible club just so I could sit in a pew and not even listen to the pastor! I just wanted to be alone and zone out lol I’m not even pious... Sending strength and support your way... this ... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Feb 11

Lonely SAHM 😢

So, I’ve been trying to connect with other moms in my area but it is harder than I thought 😥 normally I’m not one for a sappy day or tears but it’s been so hard having my husband states away and being home feeling like all I get to see are our kids and the walls of our home 😥. I am at a breaking point most of the time and I don’t think it’s fair to my babies that mommy wants to lay in bed most... More

  • Bailey
    Feb 12

    Same momma! I’m in Jax though.

  • Jordan
    Feb 12

    Hey girl I’m in Tampa 🙋🏻‍♀️and work in Apollo Beah

Stay-at-home jobs?!?

I’m a new mommie to two a boy and girl, 14 months apart. I am married and we bought our first home this year. I am trying the stay-at-home mom thing but it’s hard because my husband doesn’t really make enough. I’ve been looking for some at home jobs but haven’t really had any luck. We can’t afford childcare and I want to homeschool. If anybody has any tips for finding a job or making money from... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 01

    If your going to homeschool maybe offer tutoring to other kids on The Weeknd’s or few days a week in the evening. You could make your own hours and rates

  • Christa
    Jan 01

    I am a stay at home mom as well, and I love that idea of tutoring and being able to make your own hours, and schedule! I used to tutor while I was in college for some side income and I don’t know why I never thought of that for a stay at home mom job!

Anonymous posted in Holidays Dec 20

Getting things done

Hi everyone!! I just need to vent real quick. I have a 9 year old and 16 month old. My 16 month old just started walking and it seems that now I can’t leave him alone with out him getting into anything. I’m a stay at home mom but between my son getting into things more, my daughters activities, my son not wanted to stay on his nap schedule, and me just getting over being sick I just can’t seem ... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 20

    @Bailey That’s a good idea. I write I weekly list, that my family makes fun of, but I seem to never get everything done. Maybe a daily list would be better instead. Thanks!!

  • Jennifer
    Dec 20

    I agree with a schedule. Never do more than you can handle for that day. My daily schedule usually consists of basics; pick up, dishes, sweep (vacuum if you have carpet we don’t) and usually 1-2 loads of laundry. And I have one room a day I deep clean. So while the entire house gets cleaned I’m not stressing over if it doesn’t get deep cleaned every day. As to the kids kids getting into things ... More

Looking for any good stay at home jobs. I have a 3 year old and my other two kids are in school.

  • Kristin
    Dec 24

    I second that VIPKID is awesome I got hired and loved it, however the time slots are very competitive and found that it didn’t work with my schedule with my son and if you miss a class they will fire you after a couple times so you have to be careful. If you have the time though I would look into it!


I have recently decided to mostly stop working after Christmas and I am super nervous about it! I have been working almost 50 hours a week but I have realized that most of my money is going to childcare and fast food because I never have time to cook. What are routines that y’all stick to? How do you keep busy throughout the day? My daughter will be 3 next week. My son is in school during the day.

  • Kate
    Dec 10

    Christa, I think you’re my hero! Nice work with it all - I still have a ways to go. My reading for pleasure has plummeted, every button I sew seems to fall out, and I still love a good bowl of cereal for dinner. 🙂 I was in a similar situation as you ladies - worked long hours for a demanding career I wasn’t sure I wanted to put on hold. Took me a while to come around to the idea of staying at ... More

  • Christa
    Dec 10

    @Katlin, I seriously appreciate it, but we are all hero’s in our own way. Women are amazing creatures and can do a lot once we put our minds to it. My schedule revolves the way it does from marrying a military man- Coast Guard, and we have a 10 month old son (whose super independent - which I’ve taught him because we live that life style of military) So maybe my schedule isn’t the best to fo... More

Jobs for stay at home moms

Anyone know of any? I'm trying to get a job at daycares so my son has a place to go to, or an online job...

  • Dulce
    Dec 04

    I started working at a church nursery when my son was 9 months. He’s 4 now and still working there until he goes to school next year, I’m able to bring him with me every day I work there

  • Marina
    Dec 05

    Look at the momsproject website

Kiarra posted in Money Nov 29

At home jobs!

I’m a stay at home mom and I miss working so I was wondering if anyone knew of any stay at home jobs hiring?! Please and thank you in advance

  • Shelby
    Nov 30

    You could be a homebased travel agent and make 80% of your sales

Anonymous posted in Money Nov 28

Stay at home jobs for introverts.

Hi All! Can anyone reccomend some stay at home jobs that doesn't involve sales or customer service? Thanks in advance.

  • Leah
    Nov 28

    Medical Coding. You need to go to school for it though.

  • Veronica
    Nov 29

    Fill out survey. Not sure about how effective or pay it is.

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Moms Nov 24

Quit job to stay at home

When I had my baby I went back to work full time and just hated it. Felt sad every day and in the end asked to go part time which was better. However as time went by I was made to feel useless at work, I had peers treat me differently because I had a baby and was doing part time and slowly I found tasks being taken away from me from my supervisors and I felt bored and unmotivated. The only thin... More

  • Raji
    Dec 12

    You can always find new part time work as your husband works from home a lot.

  • Bernardette
    Dec 13

    Where are you in California? I have joined a couple local mom groups on Facebook and they've led to a lot of IRL meet ups and friendships. I'd suggest looking online and at local community points like child development classes at your local community college or community center to connect with other moms.

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Moms Nov 19, 2018

Stay at home mom.

I’m 22 and a SAHM to a 2 year old and one on the way. My boyfriend is the one that goes to work and I can tell he is very stressed out. He thinks I have no motivation to go to work or school, but I’m just one of those parents that is very paranoid to take their child to a daycare. Any good stay at home jobs? I want to help out with financial stuff but I also like staying home with my little one.

  • Karen
    Nov 25

    I recently resigned from my job at the daycare in order to be home with my 3 year old and 4 month old, they pay daycare teachers next to nothing and even though I got a discount the cost of daycare for two kids was not worth it, I now stay home with my kids during the day and go drive Uber at night when my husband gets home from work, it’s fun, good money & allows me to be at home with my k... More

  • Aje
    Nov 27

    I baby sit. You can try working nights or weekends if your boyfriend is home to watch the baby. My sister is a sahm too and she works at a theater nights from 7-1. I worked at a daycare briefly before college and I understand why you don’t want to leave your baby there.

Looking for a job for a stay at home mom

Hi there, I have been a stay at home mom for 3+ years but I feel a huge urge to help my husband financially and I also feel like I’m ready to work a little with my youngest being a year. I was looking for any serges toons on jobs that are flexible with schedule and I can do from home. Any suggestions?

  • Autumn
    Nov 15, 2018

    There’s an app called Steady that you can download. It suggests several jobs that you can do on your own schedule. There’s lyft, Uber, UberEats, DoorDash, pet sitting jobs, teaching English to kids in China, dog walking, baby sitting, senior care, tutoring, etc. Truthfully though, I did some of those jobs and they helped at the time. Most of the stay at home jobs that have the real money comes ... More

  • Brienna
    Nov 16, 2018

    You could look into transcribing. I worked for a company called Telenotes from home, choosing my own hours.

SAHMs that Work from home

So I just had my second baby and it has been wonderful but the dreadful time to go back to work is almost here. I wanted to see if there were any Moms that do Virtual personal Assistant, blogs, etc. To make extra income. What are your experiences and maybe if you can share some advice. Thank you !!

  • Meredith
    Nov 14, 2018

    I work from home in an IT job, so I can only answer to the challenges of trying to get anything done with a needy child clamoring for attention. It is nice to be able to take a break from work and toss in a load of laundry, though.

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Moms Nov 14, 2018

New mom

Hi everyone I have a soon to be 9 month old and always home but I'm not a home body lol.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 14, 2018

    Hi there,well I hate being home but I have no choice. No place to go plus no job for now

  • Brittany
    Nov 14, 2018

    My husband also works nights with our only car. Local libraries have story time and I was surprised to find that we actually loved them. I wohld bring a sippy cup and snacks for before/after the story time. There were coloring tables at our library for young restless kids and I even took my kids to play outside the library for. Little bit and explore before we got in the car to leave. Just lett... More

Stay at home mom.

Any ideas on things I can do? I’m a stay at home mom my son is only 2months old and I have two dogs. I don’t drive so it’s a little hard to think of things I can do while I’m home.

  • Rose
    Nov 19, 2018

    Walks with he dogs and the baby. You'll find it's an easy way to meet your neighbors in the area, and maybe you can meet some with other little ones and have get togethers

  • Erika
    Nov 20, 2018

    It’s hard to go one walks. There are no sidewalks in my neighborhood and people drive insane on our street 😪 and the weather has been all over the place here in San Antonio

Do any stay at home moms make money from home ???

tips ?

  • Cynthia
    Nov 12, 2018

    Babysit & I will sell clothes I don’t use no more, don’t fit, or new with tags at posh mark!

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Moms Nov 10, 2018

ISO at home jobs.

Are there any stay at home mommas that have jobs from home? I feel like they're dang near impossible to find. If anyone works for a company that is currently hiring please let me know. I currently have a job where my hours are 12p-9p. I have a one year old & when I'm gone if he wakes up in the middle of the night he just wants to play because he misses mommy. I need some kind of... More

  • Jalysa
    Nov 12, 2018

    I work for VIPKid. I love it! It has allowed me to go from full time to part time and will be at home full time at the end of December. ❤️❤️

  • Chelsey
    Dec 18


Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Moms Nov 02, 2018

Taking the plunge to SAHM

Hi Parents!- Did anyone take the plunge from working to SAHM? My work doesn’t allow working part time and I have three kids under 5. The cost of a nanny or putting them in daycare is higher than what I make working full time. I do love my job and the temporary “respite” from parenting. I would love to hear of your experience. TIA!

  • Christa
    Nov 04, 2018

    I am a SAHM, and wouldn’t trade it for the world! I went from a full time job at 80 hours a week, to a full time stay at home mom!! I love every minute of being home with my baby. The only time I really had a rough time was my husband and I had to move after my baby was 2 months old. I DETESTED my husband- literally- I wanted to divorce him, I hated being home. I felt isolated and alone and how... More

  • Lily
    Nov 11, 2018

    The time when they are little is so wonderful! For me, being a stay at home mom is so worth it. Because even being with my baby everyday all day, she is still growing up too fast. I would stay at home until they are in school more, work is always something you can come back to. And being at work all, just to pay someone else to have all the moments with your kids, all while not making money bec... More

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Moms Oct 30, 2018

To Stay home mommies

I just want to say to those stay home mommies. That you are the luckiest mommies!! I am 21 years old with a 2 year old daughter who is wishing to be with her daughter 24-7. I HATE leaving her to babysitters. I work and go to school & every time I get on my car I’m crying because I want to be with my girl. Every free minute that I have I spend it with her. I love love my babygirl so much! So... More

  • Viktoria
    Oct 30, 2018

    I'm one of those mommies that gets to work from home and watch my baby grow. Yes, I know it's a blessing and I don't take anything for granted, not even for a second!

  • Sarah
    Oct 31, 2018

    I feel for you momma!! I work from home and twice a month work for about 5 hours I work outside the home. I look forward to drive home to see my older daughter (I take my 4 month old with me).

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Moms Oct 28, 2018

Struggling as a SAHM

I live with my mother and grandmother, with my husband and children. Neither one of us work and if we didn’t have supportive parents we’d be living in the street. I want to start my own business but I have no idea how to start. What’s worse is that I’m supposed to have all this time on my hands but yet I don’t bother start on anything. I just play video games to get away from the stress but as ... More

  • Lulu
    Oct 28, 2018

    Yep... I agree. Real job is steady, a personal business is not. Focus on getting your own place.

  • B
    Oct 28, 2018

    Get a job at a business you’re interested in and learn everything you can about how it works.

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