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Hair dilemma

My daughter’s hair is all over her face but we are not ready to give her bangs aka haircut. We have been put it up in a pony but daycare lady takes it out everyday for safety which I kinda get. But the hair is driving me nuts, not to mention she looks homeless. Hair clips don’t stay but for 2 min and I believe that’s a bigger choking hazard. So short of haircut, what is one to do? Hair gel? Is ... More

  • Beatrice

    Use coconut oil or baby oil better then using any gels or sprays

  • Sara

    I put two little braids in, one on each side of my daughter’s face, and then secure the braids back with clips against her head in the back (where she can’t see the clips to pull them out.)

Sherry posted in Behavior Mar 05

Hair issues

My 14 month daughter pulls off her hair ties, head band, clips... pretty much anything I use to keep the hair out of her eyes. I really don't want to cut her hair. Any advice or suggestions is much appreciated.

  • Lynn
    Mar 09

    If all else fails, just give her some bangs. It’s not that big a deal.

  • Deanna
    Mar 10

    I was reminded of this pic when I read the suggestion about bangs...hope you ladies enjoy it as much as I did...

Anonymous posted in Style & Beauty Feb 28

Stretch mark?

Its been a year now after my pregnancy. But the the stretch marks are there.. Stretch mark on my stomach and thighs. That kind of bothers me.. 😔.. I feel like I won't be able to wear shorts anymore.. Looking for suggestions ideas on how to get it light or remove? Anything that worked for you? Homemade over the counter creams? Let me know ladies.. Thanks in advance.

  • Danielle
    Mar 01
  • Jessie

    Yeah, I made two babies from scratch and it looks like they clawed their way out. 😆 I’d love some tips as well. For me, I know they’ll always be there, but a couple things I’ve noticed are they’re not as noticeable if I stay in shape (easier said than done) and if I stay out of the sun.

Hair bows and clips

Hi everyone, just wanted some opinions on how I can keep hairbows and ponytails on my LO. She lets me put them on her but she’s always taking them off. Any suggestions?

  • Raji
    Feb 22

    Hehehe I guess lots of kiddos don’t like em. My daughter wore a helmet for flat head for a while and now she won’t let me put on a bow or clip in her hair 😩 sometimes I put a hat on her and she forgets about the accessory. Otherwise, off it comes as soon as it’s on. Hopefully, I can hear some suggestions too

  • AdamAnt
    Feb 22

    Our littles were more likely to keep in ponytails, pigtails, and hair clips when we made them part of the process. They picked out the clips, scrunches, ties, ribbons, etc. when it was time to style the hair (read as: tame), we had them use the very loose toothed comb first, then we would “adjust it” a little - at which time we would do their hair. It didn’t work all the time, but it helped.

Braiding hair.

Anybody know any good videos on how to braid hair. I have a 2 yr old girl. She has hair but not super long. But just enough to start. And I’ve looked but never nothing that works.

  • Kieli
    Feb 18

    I’ve found lots of cool videos from Pinterest

  • Alan
    Feb 18

    Never tried Pinterest but let me check that one out.

HELP!!! 😫😫

Mommas! I need to find a good product that will curl my hair. I have very straight hair and when I try to curl it, it won’t stay curled. I have tried hair spray -no luck! I have done over night rolls and they seem to work for two hours and curls fall after that. I have tried the wand and it burned my hair and the curl never stayed. I need help finding a good product! Open for advice on this! T... More

  • Jenn
    Feb 01

    Have you tried lots of hairspray after the curling wand? I have very fine hair that hates to keep a curl. I can get my hair to stay curly by washing, letting air dry (no product), then using a curling wand for about 20 seconds for each section I put in, then turning my head upside down and going crazy with hairspray. I'm not talking a few sprays I mean, like, 30% of the can is gone. I use c... More

Anonymous posted in Style & Beauty Dec 29

Calling all beauty experts

Hi everyone!! So can anyone tell me if I should be doing anything specific now to help my daughters physical appearance in the future?? Now before you all freak out, I’m NOT talking about her body shape or size. I’m personally plus sized and beautiful as all hell. What I’m talking about specifically is her nails, but any other tips as well. I have thin fingernails and they are overall not a... More

  • Jill
    Jan 04

    Always put a sunscreen on her when going outside...even during the winter months. (50 SPF in Summer & 30 SPF in Winter). It will protect all the damaging effects from the sun and her skin will be beautiful for a long long time!! ...I’m an Esthetician...I wish my parents would have know this and I wouldn’t have the lines/wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, etc!!

  • Jill
    Jan 04

    Biotin will really help with hair, skin and nails. Not sure if you can give children just biotin but I don’t see why’s in multi-vitamins. I would just ask your Dr. what a safe additional amount would be to give her!

I don't want to cut my son's hair yet, but his father does.

My son's father and his girlfriend want to cut my son's hair. She says that it is starting to fray at the end and wont grow back anymore. She is a professional and has been cutting kids hair for about 7 years now. I just don't want his curly blonde hair to go away. What age did you cut your kid's hair for the first time? What is the best time to do it?? I'm worried about sha... More

  • Alexandra
    Dec 29

    Cut my sons hair at 3 months. He is a year now and I've cut his hair 5 times so far. He was born with a full set of hair.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 02

    My son is 3. He’s never had a haircut because I’m obsessed with his curly hair! People mistake him for a girl but that doesn’t bother us. It’s gorgeous. It’s short in this photo but when it’s wet his hair is halfway down his back- so crazy to see. I too am afraid if I cut the hair it won’t grow back as curly. If you wanna wait you should wait. He’ll have a lifetime of haircuts. Enjoy the beau... More

Anyone else have mommy acne?

I have had terrible acne for a long time and I’m just so sick of it. I feel like I should be too old for acne and too young for wrinkles, yet I have both! There are so many acne products and so many anti aging products. I have no idea what I should be putting on my face. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve tried the neutrogena grapefruit stuff, the tea tree items from Trader Joe’s, and a few... More

  • Julie
    Dec 22

    I use a product called unblemish from Rodan + Fields that is awesome! It helps acne, scars and prevents future outbreaks. They are the doctors that created ProActiv. Since I’m not on here often or get notifications, message me if you want more info on it.

  • Lauren
    Dec 22

    Thank you everyone for the advice! I think I was using too many things at once. I’ve simplified my skincare routine and found a spot treatment that I think is working for me.

Mom hair regrowth

Hi Moms Anyone had any luck using biotin or collagen for hair regrowth? I had a baby 3 years ago and my hair is still very fine in the front around my crown. My bangs are practically all fuzzy baby hairs - so ugly and hard to style. I’ve been taking biotin supplements for 55 days now and have noticed stronger nails but not in my hair. Wondering if I should try collagen or some other hair re... More

  • Sarah
    Nov 28, 2018

    My real bad sport stopped breaking within a week and I could tell hair growth within 2-3 weeks. It’s the only stuff I use on my 22 month old too. She had issues with her breaking too and within 3 weeks she had nice health looking hair.

  • Lisa
    Nov 29, 2018

    Besides biotin you can do PRP injections with a physician

Hairstyles for mamas

My hair is always in a nasty bun at the nape of my neck and I am sick of it. It rarely gets brushed and washed maybe a few times a week. Is there any hairstyle or haircuts (even that dramatic “big chop”) that you mamas would recommend? I have long and very fine hair that gets painfully yanked if it’s down

  • Michaela
    Nov 26, 2018

    Thank you so much! I honestly didn’t think of this... of it going wrong when my self esteem is already shot 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Becca
    Dec 06, 2018

    I braid my hair and pin it up so it still has a cute style but the little one can’t yank on it as easily hubby loves it and makes it look like I tried 🤣 I usually leave it in a few days just use some hair spray/gel/coconut oil

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Nov 18, 2018

Bra while sleeping

I hate wearing a nursing bra, especially at night. Its been 4 months and I’ve worn nursing bras to bed every night so I can have nursing pads on because I leak at night too much. Are there any alternatives? How can I sleep braless again!? Without the mess

  • Leslie
    Nov 20, 2018

    I wear a tank top and paste the nursing pads right where my boobs are and done! No leaking !

  • Vonda
    Nov 22, 2018

    I bought the 24/7 nightgown and nursing bra from Boob Design. Super comfortable and worth the investment. I wear my reusable nursing pads all day and they are comfortable. I pumped at midnight until my LO was almost one. It helped me keep up my milk supply and not get engorged.

Hair troubles

About 3 months ago I stopped breast feeding and ever since my hair has become extremely knotty and which leads to ALOT of hair loss. My hair isn’t color treated and I just recently cut 5 inches in hopes that would help. Anyone else have the same issue and if so anything help?

  • Anonymous
    Nov 21, 2018

    You will lose hair, its natural, nothing you can do to prevent it. The good thing though is it won't happen for forever.

  • Laurel
    Dec 02, 2018

    I lost a ton of hair when I stopped breastfeeding. It thinned out a lot in front and I was super self conscious about it. Vitamins didn’t help me. It seemed to all fall out within 60 days and then started to fill back in. It’s been about a year and you can’t tell it ever happened 😊

Getting a job

I know this isnt baby related but i been going to job interviews non stop for almost a year now and i been dressing the part business casual attire but nobody wants to hire me. Am I doing something wrong or what? My daughter is almost one so i need to work now

  • Michele
    Nov 18, 2018

    My company hires off of the job fairs they put on. Have you tried going to any job fairs?

  • Jasmine
    Nov 18, 2018

    I just went to one just recently I got hired I'm going to be working for an staffing agency

Anonymous posted in Style & Beauty Nov 01, 2018

Best place/website to buy maternity gowns/dress

I’m looking for a dress/gown for a baby shower/photoshoot. The sites I’ve seen either don’t have a dress that looks good or it’s super pricey.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 06, 2018

    I saw a site called lukalulu the dresses were gorgeous but it seemed to be a scam. It hasn’t been the easiest finding one for a photoshoot for some reason but I’ll definitely check those out

  • Shannon
    Nov 16, 2018

    I bought all mine on eBay but now we have Poshmark for great designer second hand deals. Heck we only wear maternity clothes for a few months; why break the bank, lol 😀.

Hair Care

Anyone have a shampoo and conditioner that changed their life?

  • Christa
    Oct 21, 2018

    Herbal essences and coconut oil

  • Christa
    Oct 21, 2018

    Rose hip herbal essences- lol, that one has saved my hair!!!

Hair chalk

My sister is a survivor of breast cancer and we do the breast cancer walk every year this year is the 1st year my daughter will old enough to be up for the whole thing and look around, etc. We usually dress all in pink and do spray on color. I got hair chalk for this year. Is it ok to use on my daughter? She'll be 15 months when we go.

  • Emily
    Oct 10, 2018

    I believe so. I actually sprayed my daughter's hair for a Poppy concert. She was fine i just did the top so she didnt rub it everywhere.

Hi I was looking for aquaphor lotion I haven’t found I only see that greasy thing any other options

  • Bb
    Oct 08, 2018

    Dove is good

  • Lindsay
    Oct 09, 2018

    Absolutely love CeraVe lotion. It’s works so well and was the only thing that helped my son’s eczema. We use the moisturizing cream that comes in a tub. I believe I got a travel size tube at Walmart too if you wanted to try it out before committing to the big thing of it. We ended up with so many extra lotions after trying a ton!!

Stretch marks

I have stretch marks all over my tummy, I don’t mind them so much but I’d like to make them smaller/lighter. Do any of you know any remedies/creams that can help make them smaller?

  • Alyssa
    Oct 08, 2018

    Yeah I had it for a long time during my first and didn’t keep up with using it (maybe once a week) and then after I realized it was a miracle worker! Now I put it on once or twice a day and love it! I hope it works just as well for you!

  • Lulu
    Oct 08, 2018

    Where do you get Bio Oil?

Anonymous posted in Style & Beauty Oct 03, 2018

Not really an kid questions. But anyone else noticing the grey hairs since you had children!?

I’m 33, it feels like it’s too soon! And what do I do to cover them? I can’t afford to go to the salon all the time.

  • Joanna
    Oct 03, 2018

    Not covering them but blend grays with highlights.

  • Lacie
    Oct 06, 2018

    Yea.... I’ve noticed them in my eyebrows as well! They pop up every couple months. My husband also has started to get them more as well.

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