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Best universal online registry tool?

Hi! What is the most user-friendly universal baby registry tool? Have seen Babylist mentioned a lot, also the Bump, Amazon, and I found Zola easy to use for weddings so wondering if that might work too? Features I’d like: - Easy to see if an item has been purchased - ideally pass through shipping info if on another site - Ability to do group gifting (ie for a stroller) Curious what you guys u... More

  • Anonymous

    We used target and amazon!

Anonymous posted in Technology Dec 04

What are some good educational apps for watching educational videos on android for 6+ ?

  • Tan
    Dec 04

    You can try youtube kids app, check education tab. You can also setup parental control on the app and block and subscribe the channels you feel the best.

  • Desiree
    Sunday is a good interactive app. And it’s free

Rodrigo posted in Clothes Nov 28

Baby clothes app

Hi everyone, I’m a first time parent and am expecting with my gf out first baby boy in April of 2019. I’m super juiced! I guess my question is if anyone can recommend any good baby clothes apps to shop? Or if there is any. I’d highly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games Nov 12

My 8 year old thinks he's going to be a Youtube star celebrity as his life career.

I keep telling him that's not realistic but I don't want to crush his dreams. What should I do or say?

  • Eran
    Nov 22

    Harness the energy! I would support him (ie helping him with shooting, editing, thinking about content ideas, etc) but make sure he’s still doing well at other areas such as school, social activists and sports.

  • David
    Dec 04

    A lot of the skills used in making and editing videos for YouTube are translatable to many modern media oriented jobs, let this hobby be a stepping stone into a bigger, more sustainable world of media creation/advertisement/videography of various types!

Best tablet for a 2 year old?

  • SkyeMarie
    Nov 12

    Anything is childproof with an otterbox and a kidsmode app

  • Shannon
    Nov 16

    Amazon fire, yes! You can customize the "free time" apps for age appropriate use.

Jade posted in Safety Oct 31

Have you checked out your kid’s apps?

“I’m a researcher. I want to stay objective. We started this study really just trying to look at distraction. My frustrated response is about all the surprising, potentially deceptive stuff we found.”

  • Anne
    Oct 31

    This is definitely a problem and the best advice is to stay away from free apps. If you've paid for the app upfront it's way less likely to have ads or deceptive in-app purchase stuff. We have a couple apps that use a subscription model that are really high quality — Endless ABCs, ABC Mouse and Homer. You have a pay a couple bucks per month but they have endless amounts of content and ... More

  • Christina
    Oct 31

    We have pbs kids and duplo. Trust in source is also important.

Screen Time - what is your rule of thumb?

I am curious how much time you all allow your children to have screen time. I have a 21 month old little boy who was able to watch a bit too much TV (Mickey Mouse to be exact) for two weeks and now I’m trying to get back to limiting time, which makes him upset. I had a hysterectomy so I was limited on what all I could do to keep him busy and happy while I was recovering. I am being a stickler, ... More

  • Lindsay
    Oct 30

    Beth, do you know if PBS has an App for Smart TV’s because it doesn’t look like I have access on DirectTV.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 31

    if you don't switch on tv consistently, you won't have the screams. kids learn very quickly when the screaming will work and when it will not. have a playground/house/rescue kind of toys available for such moments (the ones you keep in toys 'library' not in the kids room. he will sure enjoy it if there are no tv-options. my daughter had max 30 mins of pretend-play videos and s... More

Screen time in technology-driven world...

I’m intimidated and amazed by parents that don’t allow their children any screen time in this day and age. My family lives thousands of miles away, and I videochat them daily. It helps us stay connected with them and eases the loneliness of being a SAHM in an unfamiliar place. Additionally, I didn’t graduate high school too long ago, and we used technology by way of laptops, projectors, smart... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 18

    The concern with screen time and young children is that they aren’t getting the human to human interaction they need to develop social and communication skills. Kids listen and watch for verbal and physical cues when in discussion (words, facial expression and hand gestures). So with that, I read an article where it said certain type of screen exposure is ok for young kids - like FaceTiming. ... More

  • Damon
    Oct 19

    It all really depends on the appropriateness of what it's being used for and the physiological abilities of children as they develop. When an adult watches a TV show, we see motion, but what is actually happening is a series of still images changing at 24 frames per second is flashing on the screen. Our brains take those still images and interprets the fast changes into motion, filling in... More

Baby monitors?

Does anyone have suggestions for a good baby monitor under $100?

  • Sarah
    Oct 17

    We have the YI Dome Camera (purchased on Amazon) and we love it.

  • Jessica
    Nov 27

    Caleb, we actually use a wifi security camera. It has an iPhone app and sends noise and movement notifications, has night vision and all. We love it!

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Oct 16

Any recommendations for a baby monitor to add to baby registry?

  • Sam
    Oct 20


  • MG
    Oct 21

    We also have infant optics and really like it! The image quality for both day and night is super clear. The carmeras though are not wireless and does not connect to WiFi (which I actually really like for safety reasons) I would highly recommend!

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Oct 16

Screen time disagreement

Anybody disagree with their partner/spouse about screen time usage with toddlers? What do you about it? My husband doesn’t care about the research out there about screen time being bad. He argues that is all around us and why fight it. While I agree that there’s no use in fighting it when we are out and about, I still believe that we can control how much our toddler is exposed to it in our hom... More

  • Rando
    Nov 05

    To much screen time is bad, period. Nothing wrong with a little but when it consumes a child's time continuously it will hurt them. As much as I prefer life to be easy I'm not risking my child's developmental skills. And yes there is use in fighting for your child's development and life. If they start out with learning disabilities due to screen time, the parent is to blame. I l... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 06

    I’m not disagreeing. It’s just that the fight for this is every day. My son is also his child. He’s the father of the child so he does have a say in how he’s raised. My question was if you had a spouse/partner that disagreed with you in regards to screen time and what is your solution to the disagreement? Because all the research out there about the dangers of screen time won’t change his mind ... More

Vicky posted in Technology Oct 14

Any apps you guys recommend for activities for toddlers? Im looking to give my nanny ideas for 1y/o

  • Vicky
    Oct 15

    Thanks Karla good call, but I was thinking more about ideas on activities to do at home... an app with ideas on games or different activities

  • Amy
    Oct 18


Learning apps

What are some good learning apps that your kids enjoy?

  • Nari
    Oct 22

    My kids love reading eggs. Wish I had known about a long time ago. It’s for 2-7 year old. My 2 & 4 year old love it.

  • Kadee
    Oct 27

    Grammaropolis for school age. They also like the Osmo games. Reading Eggs was fun and Splash Math was grade level skill based.

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Oct 11


My baby is 26 months old. He is always wanting to play apps on my phone or watch his favorite shows on the laptop or TV. I was wondering how much time other moms and dads allow their babies on iPads or tablets or just anything? How much is too much? I have some (stahm) friends who have the tv on all day long and sometimes it’s just background noise or the baby is watching they let the babies de... More

  • Stay-At-Home Dan
    Oct 12

    Don’t feel like a bad mom. A bad mom wouldn’t be concerned or even care about limiting tv watching. As parents we try our hardest to do what’s right for our children or what we think is beneficial. As children grow, we have to adjust our parenting strategies to accommodate and challenge them. Parenting is tough and we have to take it a day at a time. It’s easier said then done. Definitely hav... More

  • George
    Nov 01

    TVs, iPads...all in moderation. However, I found this article today that is making me think twice about digital infotainment -

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 08

alternative therapy/counseling

Any favorite online or mobile counseling websites or apps that people use (that aren't too pricey)? I don't have the ability to have in person sessions but I'm feeling desperately in need.

  • Tristan
    Oct 09

    I don’t have an answer for you right now. But to see someone needing help and not even getting an answer? I know how much that can hurt. So, I’m here to say that at the very least, we are here for you. I know it’s not what you asked, but I hope it’s enough for now.

  • Sam
    Oct 10

    Following, I am interested in finding something like that also. Or maybe a forum or private group or page where moms/women connect and chat/vent privately with some one....any one who is just willing to listen every now and then. I’ve searched all over the web with no luck on anything legit. It should not be so hard to find a safe and affordable place online to access basic counseling or suppo... More

Anonymous posted in Making Friends Oct 05

Curbing cellphone use

I'm a stay at home mom with a 5 month old. I have no car, and no friends in the area, and my husband works until 8 PM everyday... so my adult interaction is little and far between. I've found that this has caused me to rely on my phone for some company and now it's hard for me to go long without it during the day at all. Any other parents experience this, or have ideas to kind of li... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 09

    Its so hard, I’m in the same boat. I have a 2 year old and twin newborns. My mother in law is even around to help out lately but I’m still constantly on the phone as I feel that’s my only connection to others like me. I also had a really stressful, high risk pregnancy with the twins and traumatic birth and feel connecting with other twin moms really helps me through Facebook but maybe it’s actu... More

  • Jennifer
    Oct 10

    I know the feeling! I can’t drive for medical reasons for 6 months so I spend a lot of time on my phone. If you have an iPhone you can put a timer on certain apps to where you can actually limit your time. If you find you spend to much time on social media which is a big one for me put a limit on that. If you have android I don’t know if they have something similar or not

Aye posted in Technology Sep 29

Is Baby Sparks worth the money?

There is an app called baby sparks and it just has activities you can do with your LO and it goes my their age, helps you with milestones etc. is it worth the money or is there any other app/etc like it?

  • Momof1
    Sep 30

    I used Kinedu free version and baby sparks free after he got older and learned to walk I found both of them less interesting

  • Mallory
    Sep 30

    I thought it was worth it for the first 4 or 5 months. Gave me lots of things to do with him, and if I recall, the lifetime price was the cost of a nice book. Once he got more active on his own, I stopped using it so much. But I did think it was worth it in the beginning when I needed ideas for what to do with him. Plus, now I can still check it if I want to see any activities to develop a skill.

Tablets for curious kiddos

Is there a tablet for kids where you can turn on a show or movie and lock the controls so they can’t get out of it? I’m traveling for four hours with my daughter in a couple weeks and it’ll just be us. So I wanted to have a backup plan just in case the toys and books don’t work. She’s only interested in one show (word party) but whenever she gets an electronic in her hands she loves to push the... More

Tracker for toddlers .

Hi ladies ! My daughter will staying at Babysitter soon this is the first time she ever stays with someone other than us and my mother. Does anyone know a good watch that you could track them from work or an app for her tablet . I been searching but found not a single good app . Thank you !

  • Anonymous
    Sep 20

    Is her tablet an apple product? You can track through find my iPhone fairly easily. If not, see if the tablet has something built in. But if you’re really worried, I’d get a watch with gps.

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