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Samm posted in Behavior Wednesday


My children absolutely don't respect their things, no matter how cheap or expensive. My 11 year old sons tablet has an absolutely smashed screen and I have told him that if he wants nicer things to take care of and cherish them. But to no avail he still destroys his things along with his 8 year old brother. And it's rubbing off to their 4 year old sister. None of them care for their things.

  • Cece

    I feel like instilling these things in them when they were younger would have been helpful . Just stop buying them things and if they ruin what they have so be it they have nothing. The 11 year old is definitely old enough to understand how to respect belongings . Maybe find some books that touch more on the subject? Books are great to help have conversations that you might not know how to start

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Or what might be even more impactful is if they have any money saved or little jobs, to show them how much work it is to pay off the fix. Make as real world as possible. The reason we care for our high cost items is because we know how much work we have to do to pay for them. So recreate that for them. Don’t sugarcoat it

New baby tech products announced at CES

A few cool new baby tech / parent tech products were just announced at the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas -Mamaroo bassinet that looks to be a cheaper version of the famous Snoo bassinet -Willow generation 3 breast pump that claims 20% more milk than the 2.0 pump More

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Dec 27

18mo old YouTube recommendations

Ok I give Up. I need good YouTube video recommendations for 18month old. 😬 also because we have a 6 hour drive to go skiing in January so I need her to stay in her car seat for a long period of time!!! - prefer little to no animations (mostly live action) - educational - music videos - trilingual household, so Mandarin Chinese or Vietnamese also? - not addicting (lol does that exist?) Tha... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 06

    Toys and little Gaby is good too. (YouTube)

  • Charry
    Jan 20

    I know you said live action. But word partying mandarin audio worked well for us.

Anonymous posted in Technology Dec 17


I’ve been thinking about getting our 2 year old a tablet for Christmas. We are due with twins in January and I was thinking it’d be something special for him to focus on and do/play when we have our hands full, especially at first. My husband isn’t as convinced, says he’s too little and it’s unnecessary.... of course I’d control what’s on it and when he can use it, and even try and do some educ... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 20

    I think that there's a lot of messaging out there that can induce "parent guilt" - things like shaming the use of tablets and technology for kids of certain (or all) ages. But I think that you need to be gentle with yourself sometimes (as all parents do). Sometimes you just need a momentary break and allowing 20 minutes on a tablet can give you just that. I know a lot of parents w... More

  • Genesis
    Dec 25

    When I met my husband, we each had young kids from a previous marriage. I was not completely convinced but at the end it is a nice way for kids to learn. My personal favorite tablet is a Samsung because it has kids mode already installed on it and you can see everything they do! You can control their playtime, apps installed, games played, (which by the way I love the app "fingerpaint"... More

No screen time - thoughts?

I would like no screen time for my current 16 month old. However we do show her videos and photos of herself on our phones, sometimes she watches us on our phones, sometimes we turn on the news/Netflix in the background while we play/lie in bed waiting for her to fall asleep. I am really strict with screen time. Especially involving other people that aren’t her parents. I don’t want them bein... More

  • Lindsey
    Nov 22

    I have my first on the way, so I can't speak from experience yet, but my husband and I have already talked about screen time. My plan is to raise her like I was raised and to be a good example when I'm around her. My first thing will be no videos on the phone (except now that you mention it, showing her videos of herself sounds fun and harmless.) I am ok with some TV shows occasionall... More

  • Vonda
    Dec 05

    You are not too controlling. But just make sure you and your husband are on the same page. We don’t do screens for our son either. I show him photos and he FaceTimes with his grandparents. But no tv or movies. I don’t put tv on in the background. Just music or read aloud. It’s hard for us to not do something we do all the time in this day and age. It took me a while to purge it out of my syste... More

4th grade math help

Any apps that can help 4th graders better their math skills?

What are some STEM activity ideas to do at home with toddlers? Thank you!

Anonymous posted in Flying Aug 18, 2019

24 hour International flight with toddler

Anyone know of a way to download free kid videos (without WiFi) to survive the adventure? Youtube method?

Daughter loves watching videos of herself.

My husband and I are really good at limiting screen time. We do not watch much tv anyway and the most our daughter watches is maybe an hour total a month, if that. We do use our phones to take pics or record videos. Our daughter (age 2) will often ask to watch the videos of herself. My husband is worried allowing her to watch them will turn her into a narcissistic YouTuber/social media influenc... More

  • annag
    Aug 15, 2019

    oh also, it sounds super healthy that your kid is aware enough to care about her image and recordings. "Second", on the comment above about becoming aware, as parents, of media, both social and otherwise, because it is a huge part of the world she is growing up into, even though it may not be a major factor in your personal lives. Kids need to learn about privacy, too, and she'll ... More

  • Christine
    Sep 02, 2019

    My husband and I consider it screen time. She's so eager to look at the phone and then starts whining and becoming very attached to looking at herself on the phone. I don't know what the negative consequences are.. but we decided to limit her watching herselfs as part of screen time.

Anonymous posted in Family Life Aug 08, 2019

Storing digital photos

I am constantly running out of storage on my computer with the number of ‘I don’t want to miss capturing this moment’ photos of my toddler. I am wary of external storage drives- would welcome recommendations on how best to keep a secure copy of these photos!

  • Sara
    Aug 16, 2019

    We back up our computer to external hard drives, and upload our favorite things to SmugMug, a photo site that prof photographers use. You have to pay an annual fee, but I really like the quality of prints from them (have had poor quality from other online photo places in the past). I also print an annual photo book each Christmas- one for us and ones for grandparents. I’m worried about only sto... More

  • Sara
    Aug 16, 2019

    I’m curious about ideas for preserving videos- with iPhones, we end up taking tons of short videos of cute moments. What how do you compile and store those?

Best Amazon Prime Day deals... go!

This article has some good ones... the Instant Pot is an amazing deal but I already have one! I just bought the crest whitestrips 😃

Looking for a good game app for toddlers

Sometimes when I need to do something I give my 3yo YouTube kids videos on my phone or iPad. I’d like to get him into something more interactive like a game app. Any recommendations for something fun and also semi-educational?

  • June
    Jun 18, 2019

    We love toca boca apps too :) there is a turtle one that is cute fun or the hairstyling one is fun for that age too. Checkout Endless Alphabet too :) good educational and fun We did YouTube kids, just be suggestion, just be with him when watching. My girls watched something extremely disturbing that didn't get filtered out while watching at age 3 and one of them had to do therapy for y... More

  • Amanda
    Aug 06, 2019

    Anything by Originator is great!

Do you use audio fairy tales?

Do you have any resources for this? (maybe an app or website)

Anonymous posted in Family Life Apr 30, 2019

Am I being crazy?

My mother in law was posting a lot of pictures I sent her of my son on her Facebook. She lives across the country, so I try to text her pictures every few days so she doesn’t feel like she’s being left out or missing anything. It has been bothering me though, that she posts almost all of these pictures online. I am the opposite as I try to keep as much private as possible and tend to only post ... More

  • Stacey
    May 09, 2019

    I do not allow anyone to post pictures of my daughter. Or it’s something special. But I would definitely talk to your partner and both of you should speak to her at the same time. It’s just being honest with her that you don’t want these private moments online. And if she won’t stop I would stop sending pictures real quick.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 10, 2019

    I don’t like it as well, but it’s a fight I won’t win. I post my kids pictures every now and then on social media and I only have people I know. They accept any request, and with crazy people out there I’m don’t like it. But they already think I’m too controlling so I don’t even bother.

MM posted in Safety Mar 25, 2019

GPS Tracker

My little one is going to start pre-school in August and will be bused from school to daycare. I'm looking for a reliable tracking device that she won't lose. She isn't really good with jewelry. So I'm not sure if a watch works be a great idea. Any suggestions?

  • PK
    Mar 25, 2019

    They make gps trackers that have a loop so that you can attach it to their belt or shoelaces

  • Jennifer
    May 01, 2019

    A lot of kids at my son school and summer camp uses the Gizmo watch. It costs $150 and you sign up with Verizon and pay $5/month. The watch is waterproof. I've seen kids as little as 5 uses them. It has a GPS tracker that even shows you want section of the school they are at. You can send text message to remind them to drink water. And they can make 5 phone calls on the watch. My cow... More

Anonymous posted in Technology Mar 20, 2019

How old should your kids be to have “Tik Tok”?

My 11 year old says “ everyone else has it!” Should everyone else have it?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 07, 2019

    The app asks users to verify that they are at least 14 years old before they can make an account. My ten year old stepdaughter has been using it though.. she also claims that everyone else has it and we don’t want her to be the odd one out. I made an account myself to see what was on there and I’ve never seen anything I would consider inappropriate. We remind her often to never talk to stranger... More

  • Jennifer
    May 01, 2019

    What is tik tok?

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 20, 2019

Do I need to let my babysitter know that we have cameras installed to watch her?

Interviewing our babysitter candidates today. Do I need to let them know there will be a camera watching them? What if they ask me if we have a camera set up? Do I need to disclose that we do? They’re not going to be hidden anyway but we won’t have them set up until the day of when we first need them.

  • Brittany
    Mar 21, 2019

    As a former nanny, I specifically brought cameras up. I stated I didn’t mind being recorded, but that I felt I had the basic human right to know. I spent the majority of my waking hours in that home. I breastfed my daughter who came to work with me, and while I fed in public I was much more free about it in private. I often took the kids out walking, to the park, and to the pool. I changed cl... More

Electronics, Yay or Nay?

I really dont like the way my son is mesmerized by TV and Kindle. I'm thinking about selling my kindle and switching back to physical books just because I dont want that as an option anymore. But I'm conflicted....the games are educational and have gotten him to sit still in waiting rooms and in long lines. I would like him to be exposed to the technologies of his generation but I mysel... More

  • Laura
    Mar 20, 2019

    As far as our 2 year old knows, our TV only plays nature shows and cooking shows, and photos of herself. I haven't wanted to introduce any kids shows because I don't want her asking for them all the time. Keep screens as an option in a pinch (flights, long car rides, etc.).

  • Sara
    Mar 22, 2019

    We allow our 20 month old to watch 1 hour of TV at night before bed because it helps him get in "bedtime mode". This is when he sits still, drinks his milk and he knows its bedtime after that. In the mornings we occasionally let him watch 30 minutes or so of a cartoon while we are there with him. He doesn't sit still too long anyway. Once he starts actually playing with the device... More

Baby Monitor

Any recommendations on a good monitor for a decent price? I’m looking for one that has visual, two way audio, and night vision.

  • Kieli
    Mar 20, 2019

    Of course! Oh it has the date, time and temperature of the room on the screen as well!!

  • Erika
    Mar 20, 2019

    Did she get it from this website? Just asking so I know it’s safe to order from it.

Anonymous posted in Fitness Mar 19, 2019

Postpartum exercise videos online?

Any know of good ones? I have diastasis recti and can’t motivate myself to go to physical therapy, so want to do some videos at home. Ideal if they’re quick! Busy mama of two :p

  • Aida
    Mar 20, 2019

    Check out She has a great program to address this and get you started back to exercising.

  • Jessie
    Mar 20, 2019

    I’d suggest speaking with a professional first; however, I’ve enjoyed They’re online and there’s one called, “Pre & Post Natal Fitness” Good luck!

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