Tips and techniques for managing pain, improving sleep and soothing a teething child.

A posted in Child's Health Sunday

What are your teething/ allergy tips??

My almost 9mo old is currently sitting in his crib yelling (has been for approx 29 mins now). I went and fed him but he’s still upset. I Noticed earlier he’s had a runny nose so gave him Tylenol before bed just to be safe (tooth 7 just pushed all the way through). He popped one tooth ring and currently have washcloth in freezer. I need help!!!

  • A

    Yes!! Thank you I need to clean ours. We used it when he was tiny it helped Thank you I really appreciate your input

  • Anonymous

    Snuggles and Motrin!

First tooth

Guys my daughters first tooth is coming out !!! Omg what should I do !!!

  • Paige

    Whatever she wants to do! You could pull it or let it fall out.

  • Catharine

    Negotiate with the tooth fairy. Kids are getting dollars for teeth these days.

Crystal posted in Teething Oct 12

Thoughts on amber teething jewelry?

  • Aiesha
    Oct 12

    I bought one for my son on amazon as well( Powell’s owls). Honestly I didn’t see any difference even though he wears it all the time. Still super cute though.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know if it helps or not bc my son has worn one since 4 months. But compared to crazy stories I’ve read, my son hasn’t had any issues with teething so i do chalk it up to the necklace! He’s never cried in pain or had a fever before or been drooly, only reason I know he’s teething is because his appetite goes down a bit and then a tooth pops out lol. I do keep it on 24/7, he sleeps and bath... More

Anonymous posted in Teething Oct 11

Baby teeth

Is it possible for a toddler to develop more than 20 baby teeth? Has anyone had experience with this? TIA

  • Lulu
    Oct 11

    My 13 month old has 14 with 2 more coming through so I would say yes definitely

  • Crystal
    Oct 12

    I was in the dental field for 10 years. Children are only supposed to get 20 baby teeth however, there are rare cases where just like adults they can have teeth that didn’t develop or an extra one or more develop. Like I said it is kind of rare and typically it’s genetic.

Andrea posted in Teething Oct 10

Canine He%%!!!

Anyone else out there going through he%% with the canines?? My 16 month old who is usually all smiles and mischief is now a total hot mess!! He wakes in the middle of the night screaming. We give him meds, and then have to bring him to bed with us where he tosses and turns and thrashes about for an hour before he calms enough to at least be still. If I bring him downstairs and set him down, he... More

  • Andrea
    Oct 10

    Julie - OMG, it’s absolutely insane, right??!! I thought we were past the worst of the sleep deprivation, but oh no, the baby most definitely had other plans!! He cannot possibly get these teeth in fast enough!! Here’s to hoping we both get some much needed and much deserved sleep VERY soon!!

  • Lulu
    Oct 10

    Omg I bet that's what's going on with my lo too, she was up at 2 this morning ready to go! And has been so whiney all day, I totally feel you. But nope no advice !

Khushboo posted in Sleep Oct 10

10.5 month old sleep problems - learning to walk or teething

My son has been teething for a while now and we finally got him sleep trained again recently. Since the past 2 days he is again fighting all naps and just will not sleep at night for more than 4 hours. He wont go back to sleep and just cries till we get him out and then he will play - happy as ever. It no longer seems like a sleep training issue to me. He still has teething pain on and off and ... More

  • Alicia
    Oct 11

    My son went through this for a little bit and I think it has to do with all of the new "developments" on top of teething. The period for us didnt last too long but I made sure his naps were well before it was time to go to bed. Idk what you are doing for sleep training but we did the 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, etc. Intervals. I'm not going to lie, it got to a point where we had to wai... More

  • Khushboo

    Thanks. Alicia!! It does seem to have been a sleep training/ developmental issue. I would bring him out and he would want to play at 2 am! I finally did the tough thing (consistent sleep training) and he has been sleeping for 10-11 hours straight the past few nights. Thanks so much for all the help! Xx

Jenny posted in Teething Oct 09

Night time teething

How do I get my baby to sleep more soundly while teething? Lately she wakes up screaming at the top of her lungs. She sounds like she’s in pain but idk what to do. I have the teething gel and she is still not sleeping.

  • Haley
    Oct 10

    Def talk to your ped about tylenol dosage. I know they cant have motrin before 6 months. But our ped said tylenol was fine before 6 months. We had to give it to our daughter after her 4 month immunizations for fever and also after she had her tongue tie snipped.

  • Kerry
    Oct 10

    Def can have tylenol depending on her weight for doasge. Also what teething gel do you use because they say not to give babies oragel now not sure if you know that.

Teething toys

What are the best teething toys that work

  • Kim
    Oct 05

    My son also loves the banana and anything black colored (remote controllers, phones) I finally bought him his own chew phone and hopefully he likes it!

  • Jessica
    Oct 06

    There is this mitt called Munch Mitt that you can put on the baby’s hand and they can chew away and it never falls or goes anywhere! My son loves it!

Bailey posted in Teething Oct 03


Has anyone experienced their baby getting their 2 front teeth first, instead of the bottom?! I swore my daughter had been teething for weeks and NOTHING was happening. She just smiled real big and where her two front teeth would be are hard and white. Is that would it would look like?

  • Christa
    Oct 03

    You can rub vanilla on her gums that will help if she’s having teething pain!! Just FYI My guy is getting his top teeth, and they are white buds too, solid, but that- from what I’m told is normal, his bottom teeth did it too! Good luck!!!! 👍🏼🍀

  • Bailey
    Oct 04

    Thanks! I just wasn’t expecting her to get her top teeth first so I wasn’t sure what I was looking at or what to look for.

Jessie posted in Teething Oct 02

Teething help

Any ideas on soothing the gums for teething? Baby has 2 teeth coming out slowly and it’s causing her not to eat food. FYI she doesn’t like the cold teethers.

  • Paula
    Oct 05

    The pediatrician I had with my first child suggested I use children’s Benadryl. He said to just rub the liquid on her gums and it would not only numb her gums but would soften her gums so the teeth would come through easier. We used a q-tip and just dipped it in and rubbed it on her gums. Worked wonders. She got four teeth through at once!

  • Heidi
    Oct 09

    Frozen yogurt pops helped my son a lot. He didn’t like the teethers either. Or you could use breast milk or baby food as well

Michaela posted in Babies Oct 02

Teething relief

I know this is a hot topic on here, though I can't seem to find any old posts, but what are your babies' favorite teething relievers? (Toys or otherwise) My poor boy never has cranky days yet here we are because of his teething pain.

  • Stay-At-Home Dan
    Oct 02

    We give celery still and my daughter has about 6 teeth with two on the way. We just watch her closely. She loves the taste.

  • Taylor L
    Oct 02

    Cold cucumbers with some of the skin still on so he can grab it easily! These are amazing and the easiest food to clean up afterwards. Tylenol at night is a life saver (and a sanity saver!) Frozen breast milk or formula popsicles.

I've heard that once babies are teething it causes fevers?

My 9 month old son had a fever this past weekend of 102, 103 and 104.. I gave him tylenol and it went down and up again. I don't know if the fever was caused by the teething or something else. He has 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom.

  • Clau
    Oct 03

    I know we took him to the doctor turns out he is just getting over something he got from the daycare. It sucks we have to put him in daycare so young but we do what we have to do.

  • Julie
    Oct 03

    Don’t beat yourself up...my daughter started daycare at 12 weeks old and she loves it!!

Anonymous posted in Babies Oct 01

Camilia teething relief?

How safe is it?

  • Jenny
    Oct 01

    I love it! Its all flower essence.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 01

    Thank you for the responses !

Ashley posted in Teething Sep 29

Twilight Hour

My son is teething something major right now, you can see teeth right at the surface of his gums but his gums havent broken quite yet, and it seems to hit him at around 6 in the evening every day. He will be fine and playful and active and happy all day until then and all of a sudden it's like he realizes that his gums hurt and he's tired and he doesnt want to do anything but sit in the... More

  • Ashley
    Sep 30

    @elle Thanks for the concern but my son is treated a little older as he's a large guy, haha. he meets the weight criteria and we have been given the okay by his physician for Tylenol and ibuprofen as well.

  • Tamra
    Sep 30

    Mine is the same. He is a big boy at 9 months and doesn't like the traditional teething toys, frozen wash cloths, and your more traditional stuff. He loves food so I have found a carrot (the long ones peeled) really helps him. That and a steel cooking spoon.

Amanda posted in Teething Sep 28

Bad teething days

I have gave my son motrin before cause it’s meant for his age. He’s 8 months. For infants Tylenol it says 2-3 years. I’ve seen dosages I’m just a little scared to try it. Are these dosages right? Mine is 160mg per 5mL

  • Kerry
    Sep 28

    Its cause tylenol is pain reliever and ibuprofen is anti inflammatory. Ibuprofen lasts longer because its a different type of medicine. Some people find one works better than the other it depends on each child really. Also each mg per ml is probably different.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 29

    Ibuprofen is better for teething, since it brings down swelling and relieves pain. You should need to alternate between. If you want to, I’d check with doctor first since that’s a lot of meds for a little body.

Chris posted in Teething Sep 26

Vanilla extract for teething?

I had someone tell me that they used a dab on a q tip of vanilla extract and put it on baby’s gums. I did some research and found that others have also used this for teething and supposedly it works like magic. Has anybody ever heard/tried this?

  • Chris
    Sep 30

    I tried it and it seems to work. I also heard about punkin butt which I am going to try. I just don’t want to give Tylenol or Advil all the time.

  • Luz
    Oct 01

    We used clove oil on my baby when she had oral surgery, im yet to try it for teething but I have a nice mix of coconut and clove oil

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Sep 26

Nursing pain since baby has gotten teeth

My son has recently gotten his 2 bottom teeth. Since they’ve come in more, his teeth have worn ulcers on both of my breasts. His latch is good, and changing positions doesn’t seem to alleviate the pain. Any suggestions to help heal the ulcers and/or avoid this issue??

My 2yr old daughter has two top molars cutting through not eating...

She refuses food, she’ll maybe take a couple of bites but that’s about it! She will drink tons of liquids though. This weekend she’s been real cranky and now has a bad runny nose. Should I take her to the doctor for not eating? I don’t know what else to do. I give her Tylenol but doesn’t seem to help.

  • Mickey
    Sep 25

    I would do a high calorie fluid like pediasure teething does come with pain and lack of eating. I would just leave your provider if you have a my chart or something like that with your hospital. N molars are also part of the sinus cavity too so that may play a part in the runny nose.

  • Maria
    Sep 25

    Thanks everyone! I’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing and hopefully she’ll eat eventually 😁

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Sep 21

Breastfeeding and teeth

Let’s talk about breastfeeding babies with teeth. I have a 10 month old with 8 teeth. Fortunately, I haven’t been bit...yet. But sometimes when he is eating his teeth are on my nipple and it is super uncomfortable. Anyone else? I am so nervous he is going to bite down one day.

  • Hillary
    Sep 21

    I'm right there with you. 10 months next week and 6 teeth since 6.5 months. He has bitten me and nursing isnt the same, it makes me sad. I've had to start weaning.

  • A
    Sep 23

    I have an 8 mo old with 5 teeth and pretty sure two more coming in. He’s bitten me probably 3 times and we seem to have gotten through that by breaking latch and stopping the feed immediately. He tends to pull away which has gotten really uncomfortable so now I try repositioning and keeping his hands from pushing me away. He constantly moves his legs also so I try to run his feet to soothe him.... More

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