Tips and techniques for managing pain, improving sleep and soothing a teething child.

Anonymous posted in Sleep Friday


My 6 month old won't sleep all the way through the night anymore (he got his 6 month shots 2 weeks ago). Instead, he wakes up every 2hrs and it's so stressful. Anybody have this same problem? I don't sleep train my baby, I rock him to sleep. I refuse to let him scream and cry and the lack of sleep is taking a toll on my mental health crucially 😣 heeelllppp

  • Anonymous

    No I live in Missouri. Aww!! So cute!!

  • Anonymous

    It could be teething, try Tylenol or Motrin before he goes to bed one night. Also since you are rocking him to sleep he may not know how to put himself back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Maybe try putting him in his crib without rocking and see how he does.

Maria posted in Behavior Aug 10

My 1 year old keeps grinding her teeth! How do I encourage her to stop doing this!?

  • Kerry
    Aug 10

    I nannied a little boy who did it. His parents were told to ignore it, the more attention you bring to it the more they do it. He didnt do it for long as we all ignored it. I think he was about 12/18 months

  • Ro
    Aug 11

    It's a phase. My son does it every time a new tooth comes out then after a few days/week he stops and is normal. Remember that teeth are new to them and it's part of exploring and getting to know their body.

Teething 5 mo

HELP! he screams and crys he doesn't like his teethers or my finger! Ive bought 3 different kind!

Cathy posted in Teething Aug 06

2 year molars

How close to 2 was your child before (or after) they got their second set of molars?

  • Cathy
    Aug 06

    Thank you ladies!!!

  • Kristen
    Aug 12

    My son was almost 3 by the time the second set came in.

Vivian posted in Babies Aug 05

Hand sucking

My lo is 3 months old now and has been sucking on her hands almost non stop. There doesn’t seem to be signs of teething yet so I’ve tried replacing her hand with a pacifier or teething rings just in case but she’ll spit them back out and replace her hand. I don’t mind most times she does it but the last few times she’s been gagging trying to get four of her tiny little fingers in 😣🙁Anyone else ... More

  • Caitie
    Aug 06

    Mine did this too. There was really no stopping it. She stopped doing it after a while. I think it’s not really anything to worry about. Just keep their hands clean.

  • Vivian
    Aug 06

    Thanks ! I wasn’t worried so much about her doing it but more that she’s gagging herself. I definitely wipe her hands often though 😉

11/12 week old teething?

Our baby suddenly started drooling excessively the last week and a half, and she will not stop sucking on her hands. There hasn’t been any diet change on my part (she is EBF), and she previously actively accepted a 0-3 mo Avent brand pacifier. Now she’s spitting it out and going straight back to sucking her hands. What gives? Is there anything I can do for her? Her doctor said teeth won’t ... More

  • Jennifer
    Aug 04

    Thanks everyone! I think I’ll try the cold washcloth first and come back to the thread for more ideas if necessary!

  • Kerry
    Aug 05

    My son was totally the same @3 months, hes now 6 months and just getting front two teeth in. Its developmentally normal for excess drool and hands in their mouths constantly. Im not saying its not teething but with my experience I thought it was teething to begin with but it wasnt until he was 5 1/2 months. I let him chew away on his hands, these are the best teething rings I’ve found for my l... More

Anonymous posted in Sleep Jul 31

He. Just. Will. Not. Sleep. 8 month old Definitely teething And has been for months now I can see two new pearlies creeping out Never been good sleeper But last few days, maybe weeks- my miserable days just ooze into one- have been especially bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Waking 5-7 times a night. Often at 1-2 points refuses to go back to sleep. He crawls off the mattress. Oh yes, we ‘co-sleep’ an... More

  • Yopolos
    Aug 02

    Please don’t call it a boy thing. It is a some babies thing. It sucks. But it will pass. I’m convinced each child has one or two teething phases that are worse than the rest for sleep. My first kid had it early on, prob around 6-8 months. My second slept great until he turned 12 months. Then he had an awful three months stretch. My third hasn’t show her cards yet, but she’s young. Some babies ... More

  • Desiree
    Aug 06

    I feel your pain. My 9 month old should be cutting teeth any day now and will not sleep at night without nursing. We can cio because neighbors all around in the most unsoundproof condo known to man. It’s like she skips the day feedings instead of night ones and makes up for it big time. It sucks big time. I have no help to offer but you are not alone.

Alicia posted in Teething Jul 30

Is 2 1/2 months too early to start teething?

My little girl is 10 weeks old and I think she may be teething. She’s been fussy and pooping a lot more and there seems to be a little hard spot on her gum and she’s constantly chewing on her hands.

  • Yamilca
    Jul 31

    No they can begin the process at 2months. May still be a little while before teeth come out but at 2months it can begin! (It did with mine, she's 4month and they are about to erupt any day now!)

  • Anonymous
    Jul 31

    My friends baby had a tooth at 2 weeks. So no, could be teething. You’ll see soon!

Liv posted in Teething Jul 29

Hi parents!! I have a teething 3 month old. Have any of you used the amber necklaces?

Also, any recommendations on meds would be great. Thanks!!

  • Elle
    Jul 30

    Sorry, can't speak to teething necklaces. I can however offer the following after being one day into teething! Cold milk bottles (and tylenol) are the only thing that work for ours. Our tap is clean water that baby that baby is used to, so I dropped an ice cube in her milk as well to get it extra frosty to numb those gums. If baby will take a cold teether or pacifier, that's awesome.... More

  • Liv
    Jul 30

    Thank you much Elle!

Megan posted in Teething Jul 28


Baby almost 4 mths old, drooling excessively, biting hands, pulling on left ear and fussy trouble sleeping. Teething or something else? Treatment with infant tylenol? We are trying to use teethers but hes struggling with them. Any other advice?

  • Natasha
    Jul 31

    My girl doesn’t like her teether toys either. She chews on her burp cloth and that really helps her.

  • Kate
    Aug 04

    My daughter is 14 months now but she had a lot of those teething symptoms starting at 4 months and didn’t pop her first tooth until 11 months. We always found that Motrin was more effective than tylenol for the rougher teething days/nights.

Ro posted in Teething Jul 26

First set of molars coming out

So my 14 month old has his first set of molars breaking skin and I wanted to know if these are more painful than the others. He's been acting out for solids, not eating and only seems to want milk... Everything else he may take a bit and then spit it out. It is so infuriating!!! 😡 So as a FTM here I wanted to get some feedback from the experienced parents here. In terms of variety, I... More

  • Kate
    Jul 29

    The worst. It’s awful. Ours didn’t sleep for a week. Anything goes, rely on Daniel tiger. Stick with milk - ours wouldn’t eat food and it’s fine if they don’t. Don’t force it or you’re fighting a useless battle

  • Teresa
    Jul 29

    These worked wonders when my toddler had molars coming in. I would dip them in water and freeze them to provide some coldness. We used ibuprofen and Tylenol as needed. If your child is not eating but taking in fluids, that’s OK. They will eat when ready.

Taylor L posted in Sleep Jul 25

Sleep regression?

So how do I know if my daughter is waking up 5+ times a night recently because of teething, sleep regression, or separation anxiety? She used to calm down pretty easily when she’d wake up and I’d go sing to her or rub her back but now nothing works except nursing! So I’m back to nursing her 4 times a night!

  • Amanda
    Jul 26

    My almost 4 month old has been doing this since we got back from vacation. He's always woken up at least 2 times a night, but now it's 3-5 times and around 3am I spend a half hour getting him back to sleep. In my case I think it's a combo of sleep regression, toots, and a sleep association. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    Jul 26

    Ahhhh yes, vacation hangover

BFing in style When restless he holds onto my necklace. My husband’s Aunty gifted me these for exactly this purpose. Highly recommend! And a little more elegant than the average teething necklace 😉

  • Jane
    Jul 24

    there’s a whole genre of jewelry designed for parents and babies that isn’t silicone called “mama metal”. not chewable but i love it because it can look pretty nice especially for babywearing while being safe for little hands to play with. (also great for fidgeting/stimming!) this one is from lullaby links.

To the breastfeeding mommas out there: How the heck do you do it when they are teething?!

I have a 5 month old and a 2 year old. I attempted bf with my 2 yr old but his latch wasn't the best and it got to a point where I just had to give up (Every attempt ended with bleeding nipples.) Now with my LO she EBF and it's been great. Although I'd love to have a better supply, I haven't had to supplement with formula. She had 1 bottom tooth and the second coming in and she ... More

  • Diana
    Jul 20

    Ok so I got bit lol but to tell you the truth every time my kids bit me or played with my nipple I tap there mouth and looked at them seriously and said no don’t do that and it worked for me I would just do a little serious tap on their mouth and used a firm voice I didn’t give up I breastfed them both till 18mo never did formula also sometimes I will tap the butt too nothing abusive obviously... More

  • Katrina
    Jul 20

    Teething biting was always better if my little one has a couple minutes with a teether right before nursing. Many babies like it even more cold, but not all babies. Other ideas can be found here. Kellymom is a great resource for lots of nursing questions. https://kellymom.com/ages/older-infant/nursing-manners-2/

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Jul 18

Teething and bottle feeding

My son had just started to take bottles but now started teething. All of a sudden he won’t drink his bottle and will only nurse. What do I do, I’m losing my patience and am really worried he’s not getting enough nutrition. What can I do so he will drink his bottle again or drink his milk

  • LoJachimo
    Jul 18

    Does he have enough wet diapers? He should be getting enough nutrients just from breastfeeding unless he isn’t setting enough diapers or gaining weight. You can try give him something icy to chew on before the bottle to numb his gums or maybe just wait a couple days until his teeth emerge and then he might take a bottle again

  • Elle
    Jul 19

    Track his intake and make sure he is getting the minimum amt of ounces that your pediatrician recommends for his age. Until he is back on the bottle, worse comes to worse, you can weigh him before and after he feeds to see how much he's taking in.

Anonymous posted in Teething Jul 17


My 5 mos old is teething and in pain. She is having a difficult time sleeping at night. I had given her liquid Tylenol one night and she slept a little better. I have tried teething toys, wet washcloth, and massaging gums and nothing helps. Is this a wait and see or any other tips? Thanks

  • Becky
    Jul 17

    If it’s really bad during the night you can alternate baby Tylenol and baby Motrin every 3 hours so there is something always on board for pain. Otherwise it will pass when the teeth come through.

  • Whitney
    Jul 17

    Personally I found that baby ibuprofen worked a little better than Tylenol. My 10 month old is teething again and it helps him to sleep longer through the night. I give him popsicles during the day too and let him go to town on them to soothe his gums.

Stephanie posted in Sleep Jul 16

8 month old is teething

Teething has started and my baby just can't nap more than 15 minutes unless I'm holding her. I've been doing so because I don't want her to be so tired but will this prevent her from going to sleep alone after the teething is finished? Any advice on how to help her without creating bad habits??

  • Anonymous
    Jul 16

    I don’t know the right answer but in my personal experience this only lasts (for us) 3-4 days, then he’s back to himself. It has never harmed my sons sleeping habits, however, I always set him down after falling asleep

  • B
    Jul 16

    Ask your pediatrician about Ibuprofen. Dosing at night is the only way my little one sleeps during teething. It’s only a few nights, and with good night sleep naps are usually ok.

Becca posted in Teething Jul 14

Remedy’s for teething

4mo old is consistent drooling and chewing on hands. What’s everyone’s go to teething toy or soothing remedy’s?

  • Chrislynn
    Jul 15

    Essential oils

  • Ryanne
    Jul 16

    Putting a wash cloth in the freezer for a little while. It helped my daugher and ahe loved it.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Jul 10

Amber Teething Beads

Anyone ever used Amber teething beads for their child??? What did you think?? Where is a good place to buy them??

  • Anna
    Jul 11

    I personally agree with those on the warning side; there are no studies to prove efficacy, and the risks outweigh the benefits (in my opinion).

  • Marisol
    Jul 11

    We love ours! No drooling or fussy teething

Anonymous posted in Teething Jul 08

3mo teething

My little guy is teething and wanted some advice. I was thinking about getting the mitten type of teether bc he can't quite hold a teething ring and his hands are constantly in his mouth. Also, Motrin vs Tylenol for infants, thought? He literally screams when his pacifier falls out his mouth. Poor guy! Thanks!

  • Mommom
    Jul 08

    I know it’s a controversial topic but I put our son in a Baltic amber necklace and he didn’t drool and teething pain went away well mostly he still liked chewing on things but didn’t have a meltdown when it fell out. And now our daughter is in one and it’s doing the same for her

  • Katherine
    Aug 02

    Salivary glands kick in to gear and begin to develop around 3 mos. Typically lots of drool occurs and it's typically mistaken for teething. Likewise, hands in the mouth develop motor control. Unless there is a rash on baby's hands, let him continue as this is completely normal development for this age 😊

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