Tips and techniques for managing pain, improving sleep and soothing a teething child.

Any recommendations on good teething toys, products, etc?

My 5.5 month old doesn’t like much the teethers we gave him. Instead he prefers non teethers like hard toys & even furnitures (wood coffee table & chairs!). It’s only his first teething. Thanks!

Anonymous posted in Teething Jun 13

Teething Toddler

Hi all! My daughter's dentist says that 4 of her molars are coming in. She's constantly putting her fingers in her mouth and chewing on it.. is there any toddler teething toys or things I can offer her instead of her chewing her fingers?

  • Belinda
    Jun 13

    If you have a clean wash cloth, wet it and freeze. Tou can alsp freeze slices cucumbers. Then let your little one chew on it. Also, Punkin Butt Teething Oil worked wonders for my son. We also got him a Baltic Amber necklace (Both ordered on Amazon).

  • Christina
    Jun 14


Anonymous posted in Babies Jun 10

My baby is almost 11.5 months, has yet to teethe

Is this something I need to worry about? My pedi said it could take up to 15months but I am still worried. Does my baby have a calcium deficiency?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 12

    @steph good to know. Do you know at what month she started teething? Thanks

  • Anonymous
    Jun 12

    @angela thanks i feel little better.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jun 07

Breastfeeding 9 month old with teeth?

He now has 4 teeth and BOY DOES IT HURT! Not all the time, but about 60% of the time and only my left boob (which produces more milk than the right). I'm not sure if he’s latching wrong or what, but I need suggestions because my nipple feels like it’s going to fall off! lol

  • Celeste
    Jun 10

    Maybe he’s using his teeth to slow down or stop the flow since that boob makes more. My baby does this but doesn’t have teeth yet. I wish I had suggestions!!

  • Amy
    Jun 11

    I yelped and jumped when my boy was cutting teeth. He unlatched, gave me a surprised look while I firmly, yet gently told him not to bite. He went back to nursing without biting. He bit me again several times afterwards upon initial feeds, but my pained responses and verbal instructions seemed to reduce that.

Rosa posted in Teething Jun 05

What do you guys do about teething? My son is one.

  • Jessica
    Jun 05

    We have an amber teething necklace and also a teething necklace he carries around and chews on. He will be 1 on the 20th and i think he has another tooth coming in

  • Khris


Steph posted in Teething Jun 02

Teething help or recommendations?

I didn’t think it was possible for my 2.5 month old to be teething but lately rubbing her gums is the only thing that calms her! Can’t use teething toys since she can’t even use her own hands yet?! Please any suggestions?

  • Brigitte
    Jun 04

    My kiddos favorite teether was always a frozen binky!

  • Hopps
    Jun 04

    Vibrating toothbrush with a gum massager... I found one on Amazon for pretty cheap. It is so great! Also ask your pediatrician about infant Tylenol

Best teething products ?

  • Jessica
    May 24

    The tears of unicorns. Just kidding. At 6 months or older, we did Motrin at night and kept a Baltic amber necklace on. (They are not supposed to chew on those- apparently a common misconception.) The necklace made all subsequent teething a breeze compared to without it. My first hated all teething toys and tricks, so. My mom said her kids loved damp rags with cold water.

  • Sha
    May 26

    Yes I agree with Liza, the washcloth was the winner for my LO as well

E. Jane posted in Sleep May 19

My 7mo is officially teething

I just finished sleep training my baby and now she’s recovering from being sick and then her two bottom center teeth are erupting! I’m a bit lost on what to do. This will be the second night of teething baby and I would do night time feedings when she’s wake up crying again. I don’t know if I should stick with the Ferber Method or what. I’m just kind of lost. Any advice?

  • Alana
    May 20

    Babyganics teething gel is awesome! All organic so it's not like the orajel. My son is currently teething as well. He will go a few days doing good then bam another tooth. It's definitely tough but hang in there! You got this!

  • Sarah
    May 21

    We are in the same boat! My son is already sleep trained and has been for about a month now, however, he has been sick all week and just wants to constantly nurse. I’m at his every beck and call but I’m so nervous all the training is going to get thrown out the window. I think it’s best to just of course be there for baby and nurture her. Sleep training can wait until she feels better.

Dajhona posted in Teething May 19

How do you know when your LO is teething?

My baby has been drooling more and putting her hands in her mouth and she also tries to eat my hands when I’m by her mouth, or my clothes as well.

  • Anonymous
    May 20

    I wondered this too.... until it happened. And all I can say is YOU'LL know lol babies love putting things in their mouths constantly so that makes it more confusing!

  • Sarah
    May 21

    My baby was a major drooler from around 2-4 months and we for sure thought he was teething but he’s 7 months now and still no teeth! Our pedi told us he was getting ready for solids as well and possibly teething but not likely. Make sure to keep the area as dry as possible to avoid dribble rash. You can even put aquaphor on it to create a barrier.

Breastfeeding and teething?

How early can a baby start to teethe?! My 2 mo & 3 week old baby started gnawing the hell out of me during feeds the other day and it hurts!! I’ve NEVER had an issue with breastfeeding so far but this has me looking at her like “WTF” lol please talk to me

  • Ro
    May 13

    My son had his first pair of teeth at 3 months and he was a 7 week premie

  • Celeste
    May 15

    My baby did this at this age too. I went to my lactation consultant about pumping & asked her about it. She said that whenever the baby bites you, to unlatch & put your boob away. After awhile they get the idea that if I bite it, I won’t have it haha. I thought “that’s so mean!” But I tried it & it worked! Yeah I would only take it away for a second for her to cry & realize then... More

Lindsay posted in Teething May 07

Temp with teething?

My 13 month old is running a 101 temperature but has no symptoms other than teething. Pediatrician says they don't wanna see her cuz she is still eating good, drinking a lot, and sleeping through the night. This temp seems a little high to me for teething. What's the highest temp your baby has had teething?

  • Beverly
    May 08

    The temp is normal for teething as long as it doesn’t get higher. Sometimes they will not due to tenderness of sore gums. I found cold yogurts helped a lot and he wanted to eat because of no chewing.

  • Shayna
    May 08

    It’s totally normal for Stella to go up to 102 if it gets to 103 or higher and remains for more than 24 hrs with no budging on Tylenol and Motrin then see a dr,. Also if your pedi is denying seeing your child all because there are no other symptoms you need a new pedi. It doesn’t matter what is wrong they should see your child

Elicia posted in Teething May 02

Do amber necklaces really work for teething?

  • dadio
    May 03

    Works wonders for us!

  • EJ
    May 04

    I like to think it worked. Will be using again with baby #2. Couldn't use while at daycare as they consider it a choking hazard.

Autumn posted in Teething May 01

Do any of you have DIY or store bought treats/remedies for teething?

My little pudgers who is six months had her first tooth for about two weeks, then the second came, now its been less then a week and there's the third! Nothing seems to interest her. :(

  • Erika
    May 01

    I gave mine a frozen waffle to chew on til it got soft then took it away. He loved it. Definitely Motrin at night. Let’s both of you sleep well.

  • Christine
    May 06

    If you have these things I know that usually used for fruits but if you freeze cut up strawberries it works great

My daughter has a fever of 101. She has had it since last night. I believe she has it because she is getting her fangs in. Can anyone help me ease my mind?

  • Dayva
    May 01

    I gave her Motrin and have been checking her temp. Every hourish.

  • Kelly
    May 02

    Depending in age, a fever under 103 is usually not cause for alarm. Fever is the body's natural way of defending itself. Morton OR tylenol plus rest and hydration is a great start.

Anonymous posted in Teething Apr 27

Tips on teething for a little one that can’t yet hold a teether herself? She’s 3 mo and I feel/see a bottom tooth coming in. She’s super unhappy and I feel so bad for her since I can’t really give her a teether to chew on. Thoughts on the freezing of breastmilk for pacifier popsicles?

  • Maggie
    Apr 28

    My guy also teethed before he could hold toys. The only thing he liked was chewing on the bottle nipple. So I filled a few with formula (or breastmilk....now we use chamomile tea because he's old enough) and freeze them. Just assemble a nipple, put the cap on, turn it upside down and fill it with liquid. Freeze it then attach it to an empty bottle when you want to use it. They're able t... More

  • Anonymous
    May 06

    This and frozen strawberries. You hold it to help find the right spot.

Holli posted in Teething Apr 26

How do I tell if my baby is teething?

My baby is just shy of a year old. My husband and I moved about a month and a half ago, and prior to moving, our baby slept through the night really well. Ever since we moved, he hasn't slept through the night except maybe twice. I assumed it was because of a new house, new noise, temperature etc., but wouldn't he be used to it by now? Could it be a sign of teething?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 27

    Agreed with Lisa. Maybe with the new house he formed a new habit of waking up. Try and leave him to fall back asleep on his own if you can. Teething usuallyyyyyy has other symptoms as well!

  • Holli
    Apr 27

    Good to know. That is most likely what the issue is. Luckily he is starting to get a little bit better at getting back to sleep. Hopefully I can him back into a good habit of sleeping through the night.

Arianna posted in Teething Apr 24

2 month old teething?

Have anyone experienced teething at a young age? My baby just turned 2 months and she's become more irritable and sleeping less and not as consistent as before. She's also rubbing her face a lot and biting on her hands even though she's already been fed or rejects food.

  • JJ
    Apr 25

    Definitely a possibility, a couple of mine did. Do you feel anything in her gums? Do teethers soothe her? If you do see or feel anything pop up, it’s a good time to make your first appointment with a dentist. We have a pediatric dentist and they’re amazing with the kids!

  • Arianna
    Apr 25

    Yeah I can feel something hard on her top gums. And I've been freezing her pacifiers and teethers and she absolutely loves them. Calms her down a lot

Daniela posted in Teething Apr 24


What is good for my teething baby she is 3 months and teething like crazy!!!

  • Anonymous
    May 06

    One of these some frozen cut up strawberries. So awesome

  • Melissa
    May 20

    My daughter did well with an Amber necklace.

Lindsey posted in Teething Apr 24

Anyone else’s baby getting their molars and hardly sleeping?? It’s driving me crazy. He’s 15 months and he also just started walking. Please tell me he will start sleeping again😳. I’m exhausted!

  • Christina
    Apr 24

    Motrin. I’m still waiting for the last set of upper molars to come through. Almost 3.

  • Alejandra
    Apr 25

    Aww :( poor baby! That’s when babies are teething it hurts them most at night. I would give the baby Motrin before bed. It works better than Tylenol and it’s tastes good. My son never complains when I give it to him for fever or pain.

Anonymous posted in Teething Apr 23

This might be the dumbest question.... but how am I supposed to know if my 5 mo old has a cold or is teething? Aren't the symptoms similar? :( We've been traveling, yet he's been drooly and chewing on things..... could be either?

  • Tara
    Apr 24

    Why not hedge your bets? My nearly 5m old (v young to start teething but his sis was the same) is drooling and chewing on anything and everything, and can be v congested in the evening too. I do teething toys, and in evening, put him in steamy bathroom (‘naked time’), saline nasal spray, vapo rub before bed. He’s doing Ok. Good luck!

  • Megan
    Apr 24

    Snot coming out of the nose, fussy, fevers that come back too quickly in spite of medicine, & has trouble sleeping typically means something is wrong as in illness. When my 10mo son teethed he did get fever every now & then & was fussy but he didn’t have trouble sleeping & the fever would break & wouldn’t return with medicine. My son has recently gotten sick w/ 5 different ... More

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