Tips and techniques for managing pain, improving sleep and soothing a teething child.

My LO is 11 months old.. till now only one little tooth has popped out .. should i worry??

Only one small part of tooth has come for my baby (in front below).. no more teeth at all .. her gums are very hard.. should i worry that no more teeth yet?? For so many kids at this age 3-4 teeth pops out..

  • Anonymous
    Aug 26, 2019

    Don’t worry my LO’s teeth also came out late.❤️

  • Monda
    Aug 26, 2019

    Don’t worry my best friend is daughter had no teeth until she was 16 month old and all the sudden they all started coming out she’s 18 month old with almost all her Messing teeth in

Sleep Regression, Teething or both?

My 16 month old has started waking nightly for the last 2 weeks, she wakes up crying after going down for her night sleep and sleeps only if held+ rocked. We’re pretty confused- she was sleeping through the night for the last few months- straight from 9 pm to 7:30am, she sleeps well during her mid afternoon nap-2-2.5 hours but the night sleep has gotten pretty bad- noticed she’s been gnawing pr... More

  • Jenn
    Jul 22, 2019

    Sounds like teething to me. Try tylenol or motrin before bed. That helps my LO sleep much better. Alternate between the 2, and you can give the other if she wakes during the night.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Jul 12, 2019

23 month old daughter stop eating and drinking milk and water.

23 month old daughter stop eating and drinking milk and water. I know she’s hungry cause she checks out the food I give her. I think it’s her teeth that’s bothering her. How long is this phase going to be? She’s a picky eater but she can eat when she eats but the couple of days/weeks, it’s been terrible. I think she loss some weight. Help! Any suggestions? Thinking of blending some chicken... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 13, 2019

    Thank you ladies! Laura, I apologize I exaggerated the water intake. She sips not drink. I have to remind and somewhat bribe her to drink water. Jenn, I have been thinking about the Tylenol a lot lately. Worst comes to worst I’m gonna have to try it. Don’t they get groggy or sleepy when they take it? She ate good at dinner time. Thank goodness. Tomorrow is another battle lol. I wish the te... More

  • Jenn
    Jul 13, 2019

    Mine hasn't been tired or groggy when I give it to her. In fact, she is usually more lively because there is no longer the teething pain.

Growth spurt? Teething?

My daughter turned 1 a couple of days ago and the same day decided she wanted to start waking up before 6am (5-530 instead) and not going back to sleep till 7am. She has also been taking a while to go down at night, anywhere from 45mins to 1.5hrs! She is still taking two naps a day (930-11 and 230-4 usually) and usually is asleep by 8 at the latest. This morning she woke up at 545 and she sle... More

  • Erum
    Jun 28, 2019

    My daughter did that when she was breaking out her molars and was also very gassy around one and a half. I tried cutting on naps but didn’t work. I fed her late at night and sometimes that helped but she stopped waking up around 2.

  • Jackie
    Jun 29, 2019

    So we had our 1 year checkup yesterday afternoon. Doctor said her gums are swollen in the back where the molars are. So I’m sure that’s probably what the problem is. However, it did take 2.5hrs for her to go down lastnight after her shots 😢 This to shall pass

Teething ??

My one year old has one small blister in his mouth. Back molers are coming in but theres swelling around his mouth he cant seem to close it. High fevers on and off highest was 102 for 2 mins and dropped. His hands and feet got cold for a little . And supper drooly ? Is this all teething or is this something different??

  • Lysette
    Jun 23, 2019

    Update: He had a virus definitely wasnt teething

Anonymous posted in Babies Jun 22, 2019

Baby teeth

My son has almost all of his top teeth up front and top molars coming in. But only his front 2 bottom teeth. Should I be worried that he hasn't gotten the bottom ones yet? Hes 12 months.

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira
    Jun 23, 2019

    Nope. Every baby is different! Teeth come in how they want and when they want lol. Dont worry, ask babies dentist if you need some peace of mind.

  • Erika
    Jun 23, 2019

    My son is 11 months and only has his bottom two teeth lol they’ll get there eventually! Every baby is different


Any advice on teething? We’ve been giving our LO Motrin every now and then , but I feel we’ve been giving it to liberally. I’d like to give some alt solutions rather than more Motrin or drugs, if possible. Thoughts? PS: is there anyway to search the forums? :)

  • Harmony
    Jun 12, 2019

    i’ve been giving my baby tylenol at night & frozen teething toys & wet towels during the day

  • Emily
    Jun 12, 2019

    We started using the zarbees teething gel get from Walmart cheaper then amazon and doesn’t have a harmful substance like baby oragel has . Also the Nubby keys that go in the freezer work wonders .amazon and Walmart also have teething toys .I personally love my sons teething blanket from Walmart .Hope you find this advice useful :)

How much is too much tylenol?!

My son is definitely teething, he's getting the top 2 front and the incisor. He's cranky and definitely in pain and he's had a low grade fever of around 99.5 for about a week now. I've been giving tylenol for nap time and motrin at night to help him sleep. I know the dosages to give him but how many days in a row is it safe to do this?

  • Anonymous
    May 30, 2019

    99.5 isn’t a fever. I think it’s considered a fever when it’s 100.4 and above. Call your drs office to see how many days in a row it’s ok. See if your son can sleep without the meds and use something else instead - teething toy, pacifier or a blanket.

My daughter is 7m, just getting her first tooth. When/how to start weaning off bottle night feeds.

She’s my second. She was introduced baby food at six months and it seemed as if right when she was getting used to baby food she started teething and wasn’t all for baby food anymore. Any suggestions on when and how to wean off the night feeds?

  • Jackie
    May 28, 2019

    My LO is 11 months and has 6 teeth and still takes a bottle before bed and sometimes wakes for a bottle during the night.

Anonymous posted in Sleep Apr 22, 2019

Sleeping advice

My 10 month old has decided she doesn’t want to nap for more than 30mins twice a day. We try and let her cry it out but it doesn’t work. Today she took a 30 min nap at 1000am and then took a 35min nap at 2pm. We let her cry for about 10 mins and then we went in and cuddled her for about 20mins all during which she was going hysterical. I know they say don’t pick them up and stay in for long p... More

  • B
    Apr 23, 2019

    I think she’s ready for one nap maybe. Try to keep her awake one day until 12 and see what happens.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 23, 2019

    She sleeps almost 12 hours at night. She was doing great with naps. She would take an hour and then a two hour nap. She does have 3 of her top teeth coming in as well. I just don’t think she’s ready for only one nap because you can tell she tired around 10am.

Anonymous posted in Sleep Apr 18, 2019

Sleeping alone

My daughter just turned one on Monday. She was doing great going to sleep on her own and staying in her own crib. Lately she wakes up crying and sits up. She won’t go back down until I pick her up and take her to bed with me. She is getting her first tooth. I don’t know if it’s just a new thing and is teething related or some stage. Any advice would be welcome

  • Kate
    Apr 18, 2019

    Sounds like it’s more of a teething phase. It may last a couple more days before it gets better. You could consider giving her something soft in her crib, like a small stuffed animal or lovey. Those can often provide a little extra comfort during the rough nights. And Tylenol and/or Motrin will help her stay comfortable, too.

  • Kendall
    Apr 18, 2019

    Sounds teething related! Should be back to normal soon. Try Motrin before bed

Is there something I can do to prevent the fevers before they start during the teething process?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 01, 2019

    We were told that teething doesn’t actually cause fevers. It’ll raise their body temperature but once it crosses that 100.4 threshold, then there’s something else going on.

  • Christa
    Apr 02, 2019

    I also agree, teething doesn’t usually come along with a fever, but ever baby handles those pesky teeth different! Depending on how old little one is, I would suggest a small dose of children’s Tylenol. I think you can pull-up a dosing chart on google. Or if you want, the pediatricians usually have 24 hour advice nurses that are incredibly helpful!! I pester my on call nurses all the time if I’... More

Exhausted momma

Help! We’ve tried everything to get my 11 month old boy to sleep through the night, not to mention he’s teething right now 😓 any helpful tips on how to get through this season without losing my mind? We have tried chew toys, vanilla extract, baby Tylenol, white noise, fan, no lights, at this point I am just trying to let him cry it out but feel so helpless 😪

  • Kerry
    Mar 28, 2019

    Did he sleep thru before teething? If not how does he normally fall asleep. Is he hungry maybe coming up to the 12 month growth spurt?? I also agree with Pad with the ibuprofen for teething if tylenol isnt helping much. Im not a fan of cio, Ill let my son fuss a little but when he cries or screams im in there snuggling him. Also if he cries to get me in there ive learnt that cry its slightly ... More

  • Jess
    Mar 29, 2019

    The teething and the sleep might be helped by keeping ice ice cold water in an insulated glass filled with his pacifiers - pop one in for a min and swap it out for a new cold one - after a few rounds of that he may be soothed and be able to sleep - worked for my daughter

My 7 month old is so sick

Stuffy nose, and a bad cough along with teething. Any suggestions besides the hot steam and humidifier.

  • T
    Mar 15, 2019

    Skin to skin

  • Maria
    Mar 16, 2019

    My son's doc said I can put vicks on his chest. He's 5.5mos old.

My 5 month old all of the sudden is extremely whiny clingy and fussy! Help!

She’s also been drooling a lot just don’t remember my other kiddo complaining this much when teething. She’s refusing everything and nothing soothes her. She refuses naps and bottles and chewy toys. It’s just all over the place and so all of the sudden?

  • Karynn
    Mar 13, 2019

    Sounds like teething, maybe try washing your hands and putting your finger in her mouth and massaging her gums that always helped my little one at that age when she was teething.

  • Andrea
    Mar 14, 2019

    Definitely sounds like teething! Every baby’s pain tolerance is different. Growing teeth is hard work! I would recommend giving some baby Tylenol once in awhile to give both you and her a break.

Whining!!!! Help!

Hello, My 14 month old all of a sudden starting whining and throwing fits. It’s especially bad when she wakes up from her second nap of the day. She was never like this. It was so bad today I just sat in the bathroom for a couple minutes to take a breather. I took her to the dentist and they said her molers are coming in. Can this be teething or is this a new stage in her life?? It’s driving me... More

  • Danielle
    Feb 26, 2019

    Stay strong! It will get better! It could be because of her molars or because around 14 months (60 weeks) babies normally hit another developmental leap or milestone

  • Keri
    Feb 27, 2019

    Teething! My son is 15 months and does the same thing! I just give him some Tylenol and a cold rag or teething toys to suck on and he’s an angel!

How much/frequently ibuprofen?

My 10mo daughter has had an AWFUL cold — combatting a fever, cough, congestion, whole 9 yards, so based on our pedi’s recommendation we were giving her ibuprofen 3x a day. This went on for a good 5 days...started to show real improvement, so we stopped for about 3 days. Then, not only did she get super sick again but she’s also getting 4 TEETH! She’s ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE. So back to ibuprof... More

  • Keri
    Feb 27, 2019

    Do you alternate Tylenol and Motrin?

Erin posted in Sleep Feb 21, 2019

Teething & waking up early?

So my LO is 15 months. He is a GREAT sleeper...on the regular he sleeps from 9:30p-9:30a. However...he’s teething right now with molars. Chewing on hands, drool everywhere & soaking bibs...& he’s been waking up early (between 4a-6a) for the past week. I give him Motrin before bed & seems to give relief for a bit. When he wakes up he won’t lay back in crib...I will let him sleep on m... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 22, 2019

    awwww this too shall pass mama! Hang in there!

  • Erin
    Feb 22, 2019

    I kind of figured that it was because of the Motrin wearing off. He does pretty well during the day pain wise...I’m really just trying to give it to him at night since we are giving it to him consecutive days. Also....each child is different & I won’t mom shame. Either natural remedies, or medicine ...I was just wondering if others are dealing with this too. Maybe on the days I work I wil... More

Teething pain for 10 1/2 month old

Our daughter is having a lot of teething pain, and it makes it difficult for her to sleep. Other than medicine, what are some other remedies?


My 8mon old is teething and she isn’t as fussy she’s just isn’t herself, and fever keep going up and down. I just hate seeing her like this.

  • Christa
    Feb 05, 2019

    Tylenol, chamomile tea, teether toys, washcloths soaked in chamomile and frozen. Lots of momma cuddles. My 1 year old is the same way. Just wants mommas attention and isn’t his normal perky little self.

  • B
    Feb 05, 2019

    Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin) works wayyyy better than Tylenol for teething and lasts longer. Buy the infant one

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