Tips and techniques for managing pain, improving sleep and soothing a teething child.

Erin posted in Sleep Thursday

Teething & waking up early?

So my LO is 15 months. He is a GREAT sleeper...on the regular he sleeps from 9:30p-9:30a. However...he’s teething right now with molars. Chewing on hands, drool everywhere & soaking bibs...& he’s been waking up early (between 4a-6a) for the past week. I give him Motrin before bed & seems to give relief for a bit. When he wakes up he won’t lay back in crib...I will let him sleep on m... More

  • Anonymous
    3h ago

    awwww this too shall pass mama! Hang in there!

  • Erin
    59m ago

    I kind of figured that it was because of the Motrin wearing off. He does pretty well during the day pain wise...I’m really just trying to give it to him at night since we are giving it to him consecutive days. Also....each child is different & I won’t mom shame. Either natural remedies, or medicine ...I was just wondering if others are dealing with this too. Maybe on the days I work I wil... More

Perry posted in Teething Monday

Teething pain for 10 1/2 month old

Our daughter is having a lot of teething pain, and it makes it difficult for her to sleep. Other than medicine, what are some other remedies?

Ashley posted in Teething Feb 05


My 8mon old is teething and she isn’t as fussy she’s just isn’t herself, and fever keep going up and down. I just hate seeing her like this.

  • Christa
    Feb 05

    Tylenol, chamomile tea, teether toys, washcloths soaked in chamomile and frozen. Lots of momma cuddles. My 1 year old is the same way. Just wants mommas attention and isn’t his normal perky little self.

  • B
    Feb 05

    Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin) works wayyyy better than Tylenol for teething and lasts longer. Buy the infant one

Ten month old won’t eat.

My ten month old has lost interest in eating. I open a four ounce container and he doesn’t finish it. I’ve tried feeding him different types of food; purées, Puffs, fruit, etc. No interest in eating. Then around dinner time he’ll eat about eight ounces of food. His molars are coming in and I think another tooth is breaking through. Is this due to teething?

  • Kieli
    Feb 05

    I agree with Kerry, teething definitely affects appetite. I also have noticed my daughter will go through phases. One day she is a bottomless pit and will eat all day then a week later she won’t hardly eat at all. You can try giving him cold things to chew on to help the pain

  • Anonymous
    Feb 05

    My son definitely eats a whole lot less when teething. If it continues through and gets closer to the weekend I’d maybe call the ped if you’re worried

Cough syrup & Motrin together

Can you give Motrin and Zarbees All Natural cough syrup together? My son is teething and on top of it is really congested.

Crystal posted in Teething Jan 26

Only 2 teeth at 20 months old?!

Anyone else have babies that took a long time to get teeth? He got his two front top teeth many months ago and no sign of any other teeth since. My dentist told me not to worry until he’s 2, but we’re getting closer and closer to his 2nd birthday, so I’m starting to worry a bit. Anyone else had a similar experience with their little one?

  • T
    Jan 27

    Orajel can also numb the throat, so the gag reflex doesn’t work as well or at all and that’s a problem if they chock. Frozen: peas, corn kernels, blueberries, cherries and raspberries sooth the gums too. Motrin at night.

  • Crystal
    Jan 31

    For teething I made my own cove oil (seeped cloves in olive oil), which my son didn't like, and also chamomile oil (chamomile tea seeped in olive oil) which he liked a lot better.

How can I stop my son from grinding his teeth!

Oh my gosh it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me but I’m worried about his teeth too?! Is there any way to stop this?? I know he’s just getting used to the top ones coming in but still...

  • Megan
    Jan 19

    Our daughter has done this periodically. When she was younger I asked the dentist, they said it was perfectly normal. They do that cause it’s new but also some babies do it as a form of relief when teething. They stop on their own. My daughter now has all her teeth but has done it randomly cause of the sound and our reaction made her laugh. Once we ignored it, she stopped

  • Jenn
    Jan 20

    My LO just started doing this yesterday and it is driving me nuts!

Jennifer posted in Babies Jan 16

How long do teeth take? First one is crooked?

Baby’s first tooth finally cut through! It’s enough to be slightly visible and 100% felt when she BF...but then doesn’t seem to have progressed (it’s been a couple weeks since the fever and first push-through). When should we expect it to be all the way out of her guns and looking like a real tooth instead of a weird white lumpy bit just over the “horizon” of her gums? Also, this first one s... More

  • Victoria
    Jan 16

    My daughters bottom 2 teeth came in crooked but straightened out when they were fully in.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 16

    Some teeth can seem like they take foreverrrrr to come through. Our daughter's bottom teeth were like that. Her top teeth took just a few days. I wouldn't stress it as long as they are coming through and nothing looks infected or swollen beyond normal. And they will straighten out on their own once they come in completely.

How to start brushing teeth?

Hi everyone! Our first tooth finally cut through baby’s gums (though it isn’t all the way out yet). How did you introducing tooth/teeth brushing? I would like to brush her new tooth before bed to avoid decay, but I’m not sure how that will go—she normally feeds then practically falls asleep in my arms at bedtime. I’m worried that brushing her teeth will throw her off and wake her up again 🤷... More

  • Andrea
    Jan 07

    First, if you are nursing, don’t stress too much about brushing after. Baby’s teeth aren’t involved in nursing so tooth decay is unlikely just from that (worry more about solids... so brush after their last solids for the day). Even if you bottle feed, its not too terrible if you brush up until last feeding. That is as long as your not giving bottle in bed where baby keeps it in mouth. That’... More

  • Jennifer
    Jan 08

    Thank you all for your suggestions!! We’ll give them all a whirl!

Amanda posted in Babies Jan 02

Anyone else experience this...

So my 11mo has caught some bug, we're in week 2. First week he got hives, hadn't had anything new so Dr and I chalked it up to probably the virus he had. First started with a little congestion and runny nose. Then hives and low grade fever. He still has congestion and runny nose. At first it didn't seem to affect his eating much. I noticed him maybe not eating the amount of baby foo... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 02

    My son (13m) is a good eater, except when ill or poorly. I tend to just follow his signals and try too hard for him to eat. Keep him hydrated, as you are. Hope he feels much better very soon!

  • Amanda
    Jan 02

    Thank you! I'm hoping he gets better soon, his cold symptoms typically last about 2 weeks. I'm also hoping those top teeth show up soon too. 🤞

Anonymous posted in Babies Jan 02


Help! My daughter is almost 5 months but has her two bottom teeth in. I’ve exclusively breastfed her since she was born and she hasn’t taken to any bottles whenever I try. Problem now is that she likes to bite when she eats. I feel like she’s too young to ‘teach’ her that biting hurts me. Suggestions? Not sure how much longer my nipples will last if she keeps it up.

  • Tara
    Jan 02

    As Raji says 👆🏽 my boy was the same but grew out of it somehow. Hang in there! I used to impulsively yelp really loudly, which would result in his losing his latch... that might have been what did the trick!

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 02

    I’ve read that yelling is interesting to them, and they might do it more if you react because it’s funny. That’s also been my experience with my kids. I gently remove the latch and say no, and then offer again in a moment or two. Try to stay calm but make it inconvenient for baby by removing the nipple and waiting a few seconds (like the time for the sting to go away lol) instead of letting th... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Dec 26

Baby blues and teething

Anyone else feel like they have the baby blues while their baby is teething? My son is normally happy and content and easy going but for the last two months he has been miserable. Aside from the top and bottom front two teeth he got at 6 months, he just had two more erupt and one was a molar. There are more coming but it is being dragged out and I feel so impatient. He is constantly whining and... More

Teething and nursing

My six month old has two teeth on the bottom, she has started biting me. She has done it enough that I started bleeding today. Obviously it is painful, any ideas about how to make her stop? It is both sides at random times. I was using a guard when she made me bleed.

Hillary posted in Teething Dec 26

Teething. Please share anything you've learned from it/about it that can help.

  • Beatrice
    Dec 26

    Try the teething egg, or those paci that u can put frozen fruit in my son loved them when he was teething

Teething troubles

My 5 month old is teething and yes, he is VERY fussy. Is it normal for him to not eat as much as normal while he is teething? The last couple days, he’s been pretty miserable and he used to eat 4 or 5 ounces every time I fed him. But lately, the most he will eat in a feeding is 4. Is this ok or should I be worried? It’s only been two days.

  • Julie
    Dec 25

    It'll come and go some eat more other less. My girl eats and sleeps a lot more when shes teething. Ill recommend cold or warm feedings and maybe put his pacifiers in the fridge or some ice (buy buy baby have some mesh pacifiers) you could put ice in them without worrying about your baby choking also if you have something to gently massage his gums i know he'll appreciate it 😊

  • Elle
    Dec 25

    It's to be expected. Depending on where baby is in the teething process, he'll want different textures or nothing at all his mouth. Our baby in the beginning when there is that deep eminating pain wants nothing in her mouth. If anything, just a terrycloth or a sock.This is when the pain is the worst and we'll give her tylenol/motrin and 2 ice cubes in her bottles to help damper the... More

Toddler tooth pain

In the past two days my two year old son would not eat because he came down with some kind of stomach bug. He is feeling better now and I can get him to eat but when I get him to eat now he will eat some and then hold his mouth and say “ow”. Could he be teething again? I am pretty sure he has all his teeth but maybe not or maybe one is growing in some more I don’t know. Anyone have any clue tha... More

  • Christa
    Dec 21

    It’s possible he’s teething- it takes up to 3 years for teeth to come in completely!! I might have his pediatrician take a peek, because the dentist doesn’t do anything other than count the teeth for a while, so if you can just have them look, or call the advice nurse that would probably be the most beneficial!!! Until then, we give frozen gogurts to our son, and it helps numb those gums witho... More

  • Katelyn
    Jan 02

    Thank you! Definitely going to try.

Emily posted in Teething Dec 18


So my 8 mo son got his first tooth a few weeks back, now looks like two more are coming through. Anyone got tips on any of it, getting him to sleep through the night would be helpful without crying himself to sleep bc we tried 😓

  • Cassidy
    Dec 18

    What I found that was best for my son was I got a net that was made from a brand called munchkin and I would put cut up fruit or ice and he would suck on that and it really helped. During the day I would just try and keep your son busy so it takes his mind off of any pain. At night though it is a little harder. My best advice to you is to not give your son any medication especially for just te... More

Liz posted in Teething Dec 16

Teething help!!

This our second round of erupting teeth. We did what worked before. •Camilla teething drops •Hylands nighttime teething tablets •Cold teething toys •teething biscuits •Babyganics teething gel Unfortunately these methods have not been super effective this time around. Baby boy has about 4-6 teeth all coming in at the same time. He’s been sticking his whole hand into his mouth. Along... More

  • B
    Dec 17

    Let him have as much frozen as he wants if it doesn’t have too much sugar. We also like a clean wet washcloth in the fridge/freezer to chew on. And ice. But a legit question for you. You gave him lots of unregulated and untested stuff last time? Why are you against the regulated and tested pain meds this time? Ibuprofen is a lot for effective than Tylenol for teething. I’d recommend dosing a... More

  • Aracelly
    Dec 18

    I bought some popsicle molds on amazon for babies to freeze my milk in and my son loved it!! After I would make smoothies and do the same during the summer.

Teething or something else?

My son is 10 months old and usually a decent sleeper and really chill and happy. For about the past 2-3 nights hes been waking multiple times a night, very hard to get back to sleep, doesn't seem to sleep for more than an hour or two at a time, and takes really short naps. Hes had a low grade fever (highest so far has been 100.6) off and on for the last day or so. Hes extremely irritable wh... More

  • Brigitte
    Dec 16

    Sounds like the 10 month sleep regression. My daughter went through it too for a few weeks. https://www.nanit.com/blog/10-month-sleep-regression/

  • Marc
    Dec 16

    Our 9 month old has been going through almost the same situation. He had an ear infection in the past and we weren’t sure if his new actions were another ear infection. We knew he was starting to have bumps again for his top teeth but when we took him in to see his pediatrician, she told us he was having almost all his top teeth coming in at the same time and he was just miserable from that. We... More

Leilani posted in Teething Dec 13

Teething remedies

My daughter just turned 1 last month and only has 2 bottom teeth but she’s teething like crazy because her top 4 teeth her coming in and I DONT want to give her any Tylenol just because so what should I do that can make her fever go down?

  • Julie
    Dec 13

    If she’s got a slight fever due to teething then try tepid baths and lots of fluids. If the fever gets high (over 100/101) then it’s likely not due to teething (although you know your child best!) and may be an infection. If the fever continues much more than a day or two have her checked by a doctor, it’s always possible that ear infections can occur with teething. This happened when my daught... More

  • Julie
    Dec 13

    Also my doctors office suggest we do infants ibuprofen rather than acetaminophen when teething. Since teething causes some inflammation, the ibuprofen helps reduce it somewhat. But it’ll also help with the fever. Of course always go with what you’re comfortable with!!

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