Tips and techniques for managing pain, improving sleep and soothing a teething child.

Teething remedies

My daughter just turned 1 last month and only has 2 bottom teeth but she’s teething like crazy because her top 4 teeth her coming in and I DONT want to give her any Tylenol just because so what should I do that can make her fever go down?

  • Julie

    If she’s got a slight fever due to teething then try tepid baths and lots of fluids. If the fever gets high (over 100/101) then it’s likely not due to teething (although you know your child best!) and may be an infection. If the fever continues much more than a day or two have her checked by a doctor, it’s always possible that ear infections can occur with teething. This happened when my daught... More

  • Julie

    Also my doctors office suggest we do infants ibuprofen rather than acetaminophen when teething. Since teething causes some inflammation, the ibuprofen helps reduce it somewhat. But it’ll also help with the fever. Of course always go with what you’re comfortable with!!

Jaime posted in Sleep Monday

8 month old suddenly cries when pacifier falls out.

She used to be fine when her paci fell out while sleeping but since the past few days, she’s been crying out when it falls out. Typically, she doesn’t need it when she sleeps either and she’s never done this before. We put a couple in the bed with her but she still wakes. She’s teething also.... are they related and will this habit stop? 😥😬

  • Kate Small

    My daughter did the same thing while she was teething. Usually she passes on the paci, but anytime she has been teething she has been attached to her paci. If after her tooth/teeth come in and she is still more attached to it than you would like, try to slowly phase it out to get her accustomed to not having it.

Shayna posted in Sleep Dec 05


LONG POST AHEAD. My little girl turns one in just a few days. She shares a room with my husband and I in our one-bedroom apartment. She’s always been pretty okay with sleeping in her crib by herself, she would always wake up consistently throughout the night like once or twice a week(when this happened, I’d bring her to bed with me, put her back to sleep, and put her back in her crib), but for ... More

  • Laura
    Dec 06

    Our daughter didn't consistently sleep through the night until we gave her the bedroom (also a 1 bedroom apt) :(

  • Elle

    Give her her own space - even if it's in your room. Can you make an alcove for her where changes in the room's lightinf won't reach her? Is there a closet you can convert or book shelves you can build (and secure to wall) to make an alcove?

Sara posted in Teething Dec 02

Hello, just wondering when did your baby start teething? Mine is 6.5 months and nothing yet 😅

  • Nessa
    Dec 03

    My daughter got her first tooth around her 1st birthday. She still only has 4 and no signs of any more 🤣

  • Amber
    Dec 03

    My son got his first two bottom teeth at 7 months. At 10 months he got his two top teeth.


My poor daughter is 6 months old and she is drooling like CRAZY!!! I know she has to be teething but I don’t see any teeth coming in. Please tell me this won’t go on forever!

  • Wenonah
    Dec 03

    My daughter got her first two bottom teeth at 4.5 months and hasn’t gotten any more since then she’s 7 months now. I’m prepared for when the teething starts again. I’ve bought teething gel from amazon.com, Motrin from the pharmacy and popsicle modes and teething toys from Target.

  • Sally
    Dec 04

    Welcome to the teething club! Symptoms start before you see anything. My 10 month old daughter cuts teeth slower than molasses. Hopefully her symptoms aren’t too bad. It gets “easier” once you know the signs and what works for you each time a new tooth drops. I hear we will be dealing with teething off and on for years. Don’t worry, try Tylenol on nights that your LO is reeeally struggling, lot... More

Anonymous posted in Teething Nov 29

Probiotics for 6 month old?

My daughters teeth are coming in and shes on motrin and advil (infant) dosing. I want her gut to be healthy any advice? I was given one type but I am curious about others experience. One tooth has broken through and the second is right behind, she has an amber anklet and homeopathic meds to help and natural numbing gel. *Yes I will be discussing with her provider

  • Jenn
    Nov 29

    Seeking Health ProBiota Infant. Got it from Amazon

  • Jessica
    Nov 30

    You could also try a yogurt designed for infants, yummy food and healthy probiotics. I recommend Stonyfield Organic Baby yogurt.

Jean posted in Babies Nov 27


Hi, my little man (7 mo) is teething bad lately. I have some teethers he loves, but was wondering if anyone has any product recomendations to help with the pain. Not interested in orajel. Thanks!!

  • Jess
    Nov 28

    My son loves a cold pacifier. Also, he uses the teething egg from time to time.

  • Jen
    Nov 28

    My 8 month old loves the banana tooth brush or a cold washcloth.

Becky posted in Teething Nov 24

Order of teeth

My daughter is a late bloomer with her teeth coming in. She has her two bottom teeth at almost 13 months. Are the two top teeth always next? Or do some of the other bottom teeth come in next sometimes?

  • Julie
    Nov 25

    It’s super variable, you are going to get hundreds of answers!! For us it was her two bottom front, then her bottom right lateral incisor. Then nothing for months. Then her top two front teeth, then nothing again for a couple months, then both top lateral incisors and her bottom left lateral incisor all at once. Then again nothing for months and now at 15 months her bottom right first molar ha... More

  • Elle
    Nov 25

    Our little one started teething at 2 mo on the dot. Two bottom teeth came in one affer the other two whole months later, at 4 months. Starting at 5.5 or 6 months, she started teething ...what appears to be first molar? On her left side, and then her right -- now both sides.... But still no teeth yet or 'nubs' at months 8. Some days no teething, some days extreme teething. She's fin... More

Jenn posted in Babies Nov 24

Tylenol for teething

How often is it safe to give Tylenol for teething? My LO is 6 months and her 2 bottoms have come through and I think she is now working on the top 2. I just don't want to give her too much medicine, but it is the only thing that seems to help her at night.

  • Kerry
    Nov 25

    Just read my bottle you can do 5 doses in 24 hrs. Ive done it one time almost 2 weeks in a row at 4 or 5 doses in 24hrs cause he would just scream or not eat lol.

  • Veselina
    Dec 04

    I had the same question when I went to our last pediatrician’s appointment. She recommends giving Motrin for no more than a total of 10 days a month and that’s the general rule I’ve been trying to follow. I usually don’t give the medicine more than 4-5 days in a row (then I take a break and I give it to her again in a few days).

First Molar

My baby is cutting her first molar and it has been awful for all of us. How can I soothe her pain and get her to sleep better? I occasionally do ibuprofen or Tylenol, and she doesn’t bite on teethers for very long. Any advice helps!

  • Megan
    Nov 21

    We use Camilia from Amazon! Works wonders on our daughter

Maribel posted in Teething Nov 14


my baby is only 14 mon old & only have 2 teeth on the bottom is that concerning???

  • Lily
    Nov 15

    Mine is 14 months and has 4 coming in, she already has 8. She isn’t very happy about it

  • Ivy
    Nov 15

    Kids are so different, my first had pretty much all his teeth grow in by the time he was 1. My second is almost 2 and still has the same 8 teeth with no new ones in sight.

Abigail posted in Teething Nov 14

HELP! Teething 20mo old

My youngest is teething bad the past 2 days. Today tops it with lots of screaming and crying. He keeps pointing at his mouth and telling me it hurts. Im still breastfeeding, sometimes he lets go and cries. He had a fever. I already gave him motrin but it seems to not helping. I don't remember my first son being in this much pain like him. Any advice? Ps: baby orajel was recalled d... More

  • Vanessa
    Nov 22

    I found frozen fruit in the mesh for my daughter to help her. She is not only getting a snack but the cold helps ease the pain

  • Heather
    Nov 23

    There’s a little mesh fruit pop maker put some fruit in it and freeze it make popsicles helped with my little girl she absolutely hated the teething toys

What are your thoughts on the amber teething necklace? Does it work

My 11 mo just got her 1st tooth

  • Hiyjah
    Nov 12

    My son has had his bracelet on him since he was 4 months old. He now has 4 teeth and two coming in and he wasn’t fussy for any of them🤷🏽‍♀️ I love it! He’s almost 10 months old.

  • Elizabeth
    Nov 12

    Works for my daughter and nephew !

Hollie posted in Babies Nov 10

When did your little one start teething?

  • Lesley
    Nov 19

    The baby I nanny for has two teeth (he is now 6 months old!)

  • Whitney
    Nov 30

    6 months. Had 12 teeth and is 15 months.

Danielle posted in Babies Nov 10

Teething gel?

Do you know any teething gel you would definitely recommend for my son? He is in process of teething.

  • Hollie
    Nov 10

    Babyganics teething pods, it’s organic and easy to find at Target

  • Courtney
    Nov 11

    Punkin butt teething oil. It’s amazing. Amazon!

Mimaa posted in Teething Nov 09

Teething and crying all day help!!

My baby is 14 months and hes theething which are the molars I'm having so much trouble because he cries all day and only wants me hes mom please any help!! What did ya'll do to help your babies out?

  • Brittany
    Nov 14

    @SkyeMarie My daughter loved jerky too! 🤣 I gave her a little taste of one I was eating

  • Ashlie
    Nov 19

    There's binkies that vibrate you can find it at Walmart looks like an orange it helps a lot with my son

Danielle posted in Babies Nov 09


Hello, I have an three months old son who is about to be four months in two weeks. I’m starting to notice that he chew and licking his own hands from time to time. I’m wondering if he is in process of getting his first tooth? Also what are the best teething toys for him to grasp on to it and lick/chew it?

  • Emmy
    Nov 09

    My son is about a week older doing the same thing, he likes to chew on fabric more than plastic at this point ( I guess it's just softer) most moms I talked to said their kids started drooling a month or more before they saw any teeth... I guess it's a long process but every baby is different. I've heard of dipping a baby washcloth in applesauce and freezing it and letting them chew... More

  • Emmy
    Nov 09

    My son has the mit too.. he uses it sometimes but apparently prefers shoving his whole fist in his mouth lol

Emmy posted in Teething Nov 08

My son turns 4 months old this week. He’s been drooling ridiculously for a few weeks and chewing on his fingers.

How soon should I expect teething? He’s my first.

  • Joanne
    Nov 09

    My son started that at 3 months but didn’t pop his first tooth until 6 months and now he is 7 getting ready to pop 2 more so it all depends on your child

  • Yoomi
    Nov 09

    My son did the same at around 3-4 months. He would try to stick his fists in his mouth and he drooled a lot. He also had reflux. I did some research and learned that the excessive drooling and fist sucking could be a sign of overacidity. He used to have acid reflux so it made sense to me. At the time, I was eating more acidic foods (mostly meat and grains) and not enough vegetables and fruits. ... More

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