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Juggling work and the real work (motherhood)

Anyone else having a hard time juggling work and motherhood?!?! I feel guilty when I’m not with my son and before he was born I know I’d give my all at work, and although I still do my job as I should, I feel guilty I don’t put in the same effort and attention I used to. I called out of work today because I had an ER scare with my son last night and even though nothing comes before him and I k... More

  • Lyndsie
    35m ago

    I work 3 (12-hr) workdays a week, which often gives me a huge gap of days off. It gives me a unique perspective in that I am able to see that I am a more attentive and less touched out mother when I am at home after working a few days. After a long stretch of days off I become less patient and less focused. It has helped me realize that getting a break through working actually makes me a better... More

  • Elle
    18m ago

    PPA is a real thing. If you find yourself more tired and anxious than before, maybe defer this decision and talk to a few doctors for their opinions first.

Struggling 😩

I’m a stay at home mom for almost three months now and I decided to get a job while being stay at home mom. How can I find a job that suitable for stay at home moms? Any advices?

  • Kaitlyn

    I'm becoming a financial advisor through a company called primerica and I make my own schedule! So I stay home with the kiddos and on my finance’s days off I leave for about 3 hours

  • Gretta
    5h ago

    I'm starting an in-home child care. Right now I'm not yet certified, so I'm just watching family, but I'll add on a couple more kids once I get my certification, and I should be making around $1300/ mo. Not a lot, but not bad considering it's just a supplemental income and I get to stay home with my kids AND give them all the attention they need!

Anonymous posted in Time Management Sunday

Any advice on working from home w/ a baby-toddler?

FTM here! Looking into trying out working from home while being a full time mom to my baby early next year, he will be 1 yr old then. We don’t have any family nearby to help us & my husband & I agreed that it’ll benefit our baby if 1 of us is the primary caregiver for at least the first 2 years or until we can afford to send him to a daycare / preschool which I heard gets cheaper as the... More

How to survive pregnancy while caring for a baby?

Currently 27 weeks pregnant with a 7 month old.. hubby wasted no time 🙃 (he and his brother are a year apart, so he has this idea it’ll be easy and they can keep each other company since they’ll be close in age etc, so against my better judgement I agreed with him 🤦🏾‍♀️) it’s been over a month since I quit working but it seems like I’m more tired now than when I worked 😩 but I dare not vent to ... More

  • Delaney

    I always find going on walks gives me energy. Definitely somewhere with a bit more of nature. Plus it’ll keep your little one busy and entertained.

  • MG

    I don’t have much advice but just support! Just know that I find caring for a baby is much harder and tiring then being at work! And that’s not even being pregnant. I can only imagine! I work very busy 10-12hrs days on my feet without a break and I find it to be much easier then taking care of my babes. So whoever is mommy shamming you, shame on them for not being understanding and supportive! ... More

JJ posted in Funny Thursday

What are you up to?

Anyone else hastily eating Oreos in a locked bathroom right now while you play the running water soothing sounds on your phone to convince your family you’re taking a quick shower before bed so you can have 7 minutes to yourself? No... just me? I figured. Ok.

  • Jennifer

    Sometimes I sit in the bathroom pretending I'm taking a dump but I'm just sitting there for 5 min to get some peace before my little one starts banging on the door. 😄

  • Lulu

    ^Did I write that? Lol

Ameena posted in Money Oct 09

Work from home???

Hey do any of you have experience working as a freelancer on “upwork” or “peopleperhour” I want to see what I can do on them to make extra money at home. If so any tips or requirements that I should know before I try it out? Any ideas to make money from home will also be appreciated. Thank you.


Lately I’ve been feeling a loss of self identity. I have no idea who I am anymore. I’m so consumed with cleaning, cooking, and nurturing that I do not do anything for myself. I am going to college but I’m so overwhelmed with balancing school work and housework and now college isn’t even fun and it feels like a chore. I thought that going back to school would make me feel like I’m doing my own t... More

  • Alexis
    Oct 06

    I would try to connect with your friends and just hangout. Going back to school can be a headache it is more work. Or just going to the store by yourself is just a relief sometimes. ☘️🍀

  • Randi
    Oct 07

    I can relate to this more than I’d like to admit! I have three kiddos and I’m in my senior year of nursing school working on my bachelors. School is hard, parenting is hard, making sure the home our children live in is clean and nurturing is hard! I worked on finding girlfriends to hang out with (which unfortunately is also hard). I have just two, but there amazing for my mental health! I also ... More

Being a parent and a student

Any other mommies or daddies that are working on their degrees while taking care of an infant? I've just discovered the struggle of writing an essay when you have to stop your train of thought after every 30 minute nap baby takes! What are some tips or trick you use to balance everything?

  • Elle
    Oct 06

    Rejigger your research plan with 30 min work stretches as the basis. Jot thoughts down whenevr they pop into your head.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 06

    I wake up at 6am and go to the library or Starbucks to study/work on hw and my husband gets up and gets the kids going in the morning. Or after dinner I go and my husband does bath and bed. Just a couple of uninterrupted hours is plenty for my work load

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Oct 02

SAHM hot mess

Hello I am a stay at home mom of two children. I am tired and all over the place. To give you an idea of what I mean in the morning i take my daughter to school at 7:45 and my son to a preschool at 8:30 i go home cook and clean then pick up my stepmom from her job around 12 to 1230 to pick up my son at 1. the i go home to drop them off and pick up my daughter at 2. I finish cooking or cleaning ... More

  • Lacie
    Oct 06

    Sounds a lot like my day as well. It’s hard with shuffling times like this. When the kids are gone, or during quiet time, I don’t do anything I could do while they are awake. So if working is better without them there, I would work when they are gone, and put dishes on the back burner. I find I clean while the kids are up and being crazy. And I had them wash rags to clean chairs and floors. ... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 06

    thank you lacie yes my kids when they are home want my attention for everything so its hard to things that i feel need to be done so i try to do it when they are gone but my time is so short without them i feel like it goes by so quick and not much is done but yes i agree i need to just take it easy and realize i am only one person and there is so much i can do

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Oct 01

I dont think its fair I contribute 50%.

I've been engaged for almost 2 years and we have a 1 year old son. My fiance works full time and makes a comfortable amount of money. I'm home all day and work only on the weekends. In my opinion that's me working 7 days a week. We split the bills 50/50 but I'm almost out of my savings and don't make enough a month to continue paying half.... any suggestions? Also I come hom... More

  • Ali
    Oct 02

    In regard to the bills, the fairest way to figure this is to figure out your income to total income ratio. For example, you make $1k a month and total income is $4k.. you should be paying 25% and he should be paying 75%.. He will still have way more spending money than you. Show him the math and it is hard to argue unless he is just a jerk! http://www.mdmproofing.com/iym/weblog/2007/01/su... More

  • Kay
    Oct 03

    I don’t think it’s fair to do apples to apples. You should calculate the cost you’re saving in childcare and a cleaning service and have him deduct that from your bills and then pay you the difference, just to make a point 😬. Hope you guys get the finances worked out before marriage.

Anonymous posted in Time Management Sep 30

Working mom

I work from home full time. My husband’s work schedule allows him to have our kids home about 3 days a week. My husband always needs my help “for just a minute”, 30 minutes later I am trying to focus back on my work. Add in crap internet service and my work is constantly interrupted!! This is taking a toll on my quality of work. Does anyone else feel like their work quality suffers becau... More

  • JJ
    Oct 01

    My work is definitely affected by my kids and I don’t even work from home. Sometimes I get so preoccupied thinking about them of stressing about family stuff that I can be practically useless at work, and it’s hard sometimes for it not to, but I do try. In my job I’m on call 24/7, but my rule is once I’m out of the building or done for the day, I’m DONE unless there is some catastrophic emerg... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 01

    Thank you for your honesty!! 😆 Sounds like I am not the only one with mom ADD. To prove my point I missed work today because of sick kids. Someday I will be a model employee!!

Amber posted in Money Sep 30

Financially set

I’ve been wanting to be a SAHM for some time now but I feel like we’d never be able to afford it. How do some of you stay at home and are able to afford it?

  • Jennifer
    Oct 09

    Track your spending for a month! See where things could possibly be cut to save money. Do you have a gym membership you haven’t used in months, could you do without the cable, etc. I stayed home for 9 years and we had a budget system. I now work PRN so I’m still mostly at home. For us if i where to work full time after paying child care I’d basically make what I do working PRN. This is a good ... More

  • Alexandra

    I second what Jennifer said! You have to be tracking your bills and monthly spending! That is key!

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Sep 25

Lack of ambition

I’m trying hard not to compare myself to other mothers but man, is it hard not to. I’m a SAHM with one child. I see all of these Moms with multiple children, who work full-time, do volunteer or extra-curricular activities, be a good friend and wife. They cook whole food meals and manage to just have perfect balance while managing everything and more. They work out, go on date nights, and ha... More

  • Lindsey
    Oct 10

    I work full time and have a toddler son with my husband that work 2 jobs. And We compare ourselves to others as well but it’s more financial wise. We live in a 2bd old house, that always needs repairs...seriously my fridge broke just last week and leaked so much our poorly tiled floor rotted and has to be refilled. We have so much bad luck with things breaking and we feel terrible struggling wi... More

  • Abigail

    I was the same. Usually when more kids are added you push yourself then you find all this energy and different mindset because it more like "if i don't do this my kids will not behave or i won't have the chance to" it will get better & you will find your mojo or push. You're not alone! Most moms start out this way too!

Anyone know of some good ways to get a child to get dressed and out the door in the Am for school?

  • Dave
    Sep 21

    Could it be me? My wife thinks I don’t spend enough time with her and she’s seeking attention.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 21

    We have had this issue myself and I have a 1 year old boy and 5 year old girl, we bought a little outfit cubby thing that attaches to the closet for about 10$ at target, we sit together Saturday/or Sunday and plan out every outfit from underwear all the way to the bow that will go with that outfit. Put them each in their cubby for each day and that has helped us get dressed each day. Also I lea... More

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Sep 20

How soon did you have a solo weekend with your SO after your first baby was born?

My husband and I are hoping to plan a couples trip to Cabo (I’ve been dying to go for years, but avoiding it due to Zika) after our baby is born. Wondering how many months after your babies were born did you feel comfortable leaving for a couples weekend? I think we’ll want some time to reconnect just the two of us, but not sure what timing will be best.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 25

    First time with little one, she was 9 months at grandmas. We stayed at a hotel 10 minuets away and went to see a play. Next time she was 11 months old and we were gone two and a half days. We did stayed at a hotel about 1 hour away. It was great! We missed her, but far enough away if they needed us.

  • Dawn
    Sep 26

    We did a couples trip at 10 months after each of our two boys. I had to stop nursing around 9 months for each of them due to low supply, so it would have been longer had I still been nursing, as I would not want to have been pumping. Both boys had stayed overnights with grandma multiple times so they were used to being away from us for short amount of time. The first baby trip was to Belize fo... More

How do both parents work full time when your 1 year old is continually sick?

I’m active duty military and I’m struggling. My husband goes to school full time and works. We are relying on his degree so he absolutely needs to complete it which will be this February. My baby has had breathing issues since he’s been born. He’s prone to many sicknesses easily such as the stomach bug or flu. I’m up all hours of the night in the ER with him Atleast twice a month. He’s getting ... More

  • Missy
    Sep 24

    I know the feeling but im a single parent and I work and go to school plus have a soon to be two year to raise. Its hard but family support help thank god. My parents and sister help when I need a babysitter. As soon as my child started daycare she was sick on and off for weeks at a time. My work at least was understanding and school and homework were hard to get done when I was home with a sic... More

  • Mandy
    Oct 01

    Another suggestion- if you have a spare room you may consider getting a live in nanny. The rent should balance the out of pocket expense for in home care in comparison to daycare, hopefully, and he/she can help with nighttime hospital visits if they are agreeable to it. :-)

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Sep 19

Quality time for you spouse Or SO

What creative ways have you tried to carve out time for your SO now that you’re a parent?

  • Elle
    Sep 20

    Early bedtime for kiddo Many daycares have at least one date night/month built in.

  • Gina
    Sep 21

    This has definitely been a struggle for us ever since we had our daughter! We haven't truly focused on us and I'm trying to change that by us having a date night at least once a month. Usually we do dinner and a movie but I told him I wanted to do some activities as well like bowling, skating, trampoline park, etc. If we can get her into bed at a decent time then I will stay up and spen... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Sep 17

Parental Burn Out

Hello everyone, I am new to Winnie. I wanted to post my situation and see if anyone could relate. I have two girls. 7 and 3 1/2 years old. I am not working right now but they both go to school/daycare during the day. When they come home, its all me taking care of them until they go to sleep. When they wake up, its me getting them ready and on the weekend, my husband has so many obligations that... More

  • Tizyly
    Sep 17

    Hi! Maybe when it's time for them to get out of school and daycare, you can take them somewhere fun to release their energy and spend time with them outside of the home. Have their clothes for the week already out/labeled for them and make getting ready fun with music, etc! Also changing your diet to healthier foods can help like more green veggies and fruits and herbs/herbal tea, and worki... More

  • Merranda
    Sep 17

    I am a stay home mom and hubby works I have a 6 year old in school and 7 month old at home all day. Schedule is key. I’m stressed to the max but when baby’s asleep that’s when I do my wash, or wash the cloths, or do dishes and I do all that during the day so when my 6 year old comes home from school I can focus on him and his homework, then I’ll cook a smaller dinner because my hubby isn’t home... More

How do you manage your time?

I find time management difficult with 2 kids. I tend to have a ton of errands and other adhoc things to do. I keep track of those on a list right now, but I inevitably forget or procrastinate. This then leads to anxiety: "I’m not doing the things I need to do, I keep falling behind on my life." Does anyone else have this problem, and what have you tried that has helped?

  • Sherry
    Sep 18

    I’m big on putting reminders in my phone for EVERYTHING!!! I also find apps that help me organize my bills and grocery lists. I will write notes down but I always seem to forget where I put them. So the phone is my go to for everything.

  • theishu
    Oct 03

    Here are some things that work for us, on top of what JJ and Sherry said: 1. Create a 'family' calendar on our iPhones, so my spouse and I are both aware of things like swim classes, happy hours, travel, dentist, etc. and we can see them before committing to any new appointments 2. I sometimes write a list of things I want to talk to my spouse about, in my Notes app, because we're u... More

Anonymous posted in Family Life Sep 06

Grandparent time

Is it too much if grandparents want to visit they're grandchild twice a week every week? My daughter goes to preschool from 8-3 everyday. My husband and I usually like to spend our weekends as family days since we're both off.

  • Amy
    Oct 09

    We see both sets of our parents very often, but more often at some times than others. For instance, our kids are now old enough to play sports, so on game days, all family is welcome to come watch, and we know that will be a grandparents and probably an aunt or uncle hang-out day. But, on weekends when there is no game, I definitely think it’s important to have just parent/kid time from time-... More

  • Nikki

    My dad passed early this year and I would have been heartbroken if my LO hadn’t spent as much time as possible with him. I never dreamed of limiting time with grandparents. They are our family. With that being said, they never force.

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