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What foods should I feed my 9 month old daughter to help this table food process begin?

  • Kendall
    Jun 10

    Same as jenn! We pretty much just gave what ever we were eating (as long as it was safe). Maybe start with soft things if you’re worried, eggs, bananas, avocados, Cheerios, noodles. Small soft things :)

  • Mini

    My baby is also of same age.. even i was wondering what to give her to eat.. till now i am giving her only purees.. can give her all these soft bite size foods u guys have mentioned above if she is not having teeth.. can she chew it??

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jun 05

Giving 1 year old food.

My baby is breastfed and I am trying to get him to eat table food. When me and my husband eat I give him whatever we are eating but he only throws it on the floor and will only eat the baby foods. What can I do? Any suggestions?

  • Vonda
    Jun 06

    My son didn’t want solids until after 1yo. He only ate purée. So I made meals in a purée form for him. Got the book ‘baby foodie’ helped a lot. Had some purée be chunkier so it got him to start chewing a little. Until one day he reached over and took some food off my plate to try it. When they are ready they’ll let you know.

  • Damon
    Jun 07

    We went with baby led weening (BLW) with our first, and it was pretty successful. We started sharing steamed veggies and fruit at about 6 months. They mostly end up all over the floor and table. The saying is: food before one, is just for fun. They aren't getting their primary nutrition from the food, it's still all coming from the nursing so it's just about exploring textures a... More

What are the best first solids to introduce to my 4 month old???

  • Jennifer
    May 28

    Doctor suggested we start at 4 months to. My son loved those little gerber yogurt melts or the crunches at that time. As he got good with those we did baby foods and whatnot. We used cheerios to work on grasping ability.

  • Julie
    May 28

    Agree w/ Jennifer. Baby and mama (and parents) know best. Baby led weaning is great and all but for me, I would have never been comfortable trying to feed my daughter a soft solid “whole food” without first knowing if she could handle purée. Also as long as you don’t stick just with purée forever your baby will not have any of the sensory/texture issues people reference. And the whole idea that... More

My daughter just turned 10 months

& it’s so hard for me to feed her

  • Cathy
    May 22

    You can pretty much give her anything (depends on her teeth too). Avocado, banana, grilled cheese, eggs, cooked carrots. Anything you cook or eat yourself just chop it smaller or more fine or cook it longer so it’s soft for her. Pinterest is good for ideas. Make sure you season the food so it has a bit of flavor and won’t seem so bland (salt, pepper, etc).

  • Emilie
    May 28

    We started feeding our baby at 4 months. She is 7 months now and eats finger foods like cooked chicken, salmon, mini peanut butter sandwiches, roasted broccoli etc. she has two teeth. She also eats a little bit of baby food from a jar. I highly recommend just feeding your baby what you eat(minus spicy and no honey!) so she smells the cooking and then associates that with eating. Spices are f... More

Anonymous posted in Starting Solids May 17

Baby Food

So for my first son I made his food when he started eating now I have a 6 month old and when he started eating I made him his food also but the convenience side of me says to buy it and I also don’t have the time like I did with my first and he’s had it only because my husband bought it but I feel bad since I didn’t do that with my first. I know there’s nothing wrong with it but I want to do th... More

  • Kieli
    May 18

    I started making food for my first, but I was working and I had 2 horses. So after about 3 months of making it, my husband and our daughter and I went on a little weekend trip and I had bought the pouches from the store. Wow did I love it! So after about another month of making, I gave up and started buying it lol. Sometimes it can be very grueling, especially when you need to cook it, cool it ... More

  • CheerioMama
    May 23

    Nothing wrong with buying baby food!

How do I help a constipated baby?

My about-to-turn 1 year old is having a lot of trouble pooping. Her poops are big and hard and she is screaming in pain while pooping. I've been trying to feed her extra water and high fiber foods like pears, blueberries, and whole grains but she will not eat prunes or prune juice for the life of me. Any other ideas? It's been a week of her suffering when pooping and the doctor says if ... More

  • Sarah
    May 24

    Banana! Prunes! Lots of water! Cabbage! Gassy foods will help push it out eventually!

  • Bethany
    May 29

    Prunes, pedialite, suppository and a warm bath

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma May 14

Tummy rash, food related?

Started my baby on foods (BLW) about a month ago at just over 6 months. Since we started, he’s had a rash on his stomach that comes and goes, can’t really find a pattern or specific food that is the cause. He doesn’t seem to itch or be bothered and the pediatrician said it was just sensitive skin. I put aquaphor on it daily. I’m worried this is just the beginning of some sort of allergy (like I... More

  • Sofy
    May 15

    When my son had something like that it was related to weather, my first thought was food to be the cause but I realized it got worse when we were outside on a very hot (Texas summer) day. I used aveeno bath and cream and it was gone the next morning

  • CheerioMama
    May 23

    Looks a lot like Eczema. Aquafore consistently should get rid of it

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking May 12

Baby yogurt for 8mo

Has anyone given their baby StonyField organic baby yogurt? The package says it’s for 6mo+ but I’m a little hesitant to give it to him because I’ve been told babies shouldn’t have yogurt. But I guess if it says “baby” it should be safe, right?

  • Ashley
    May 15

    There is a lot of sugar in that yogurt. I’ve found it best to get plain, whole milk yogurt (naturally sweeter!!) and add stuff to it- real fruit or even baby food purées to sweeten it up some. It is a bit sour otherwise.

  • Cathy
    May 15

    Yogurt is fine just be mindful of the sugar content. We have started giving our son “Two Good” Greek yogurt since it’s only 2g of sugar vs the 9-11 grams.

How and when should I start giving my baby milk?

Introducing regular milk to my 9 month old?? Will it upset her stomach and I need help with a routine with her any suggestions

  • Lacie
    May 13

    How did you introduce it

  • Jennifer
    May 14

    We added a little to breast milk and he didn’t mind so we kept adding more ever couple days till we were at full whole milk

When can I start feeding my baby solids or cereal?

  • es
    May 09

    My daughter is 5 months and our doc said we can start her on solids like veg purées

  • BravoDad
    May 10

    4 months, but skip the cereal. Instead, go for eggs, tofu, banana, sweet potato, avocado, etc.

Baby drinking less milk after starting solids.. is it normal??

My 7mo baby eats solids 2-3 times a day. She is EBF .. so she drinks less milk than before , i mean before she used to drink for 30 mins.. now she drinks for 15 mins n sometimes even less than that.. i feed her milk first and solids after that so that she drinks milk more.. but its still the same.. but her weight growth seems very good..

  • Julie
    May 08

    Yep. “Food before one is just for fun.” Is misleading and in many cases, 100% false. My pediatrician told me that as long as she was getting 18-25 oz per day after starting solids then not to worry. You can call your pediatricians office to make sure they’re on the same page but you should be ok!

  • Jennifer
    May 13

    Yeah it’s fine. My son loved solid food so much he stopped drinking much milk at all. He gained fine and didn’t have any issue. No worries. Babies have a way of telling you what they need.

Foods for baby with no teeth

My 11 month old still has no teeth. The wic office wants us to give her more table food and when she turns 1 we lose baby food on wic so she will need to eat real food. Not sure what to give her since she has no teeth. Any ideas?

  • K
    May 04

    I feed all of my babies table food from 6 months, no purées. You just have to make sure you soften it enough so that she can mash it with her gums. Things like sweet potatoes and broccoli are a good start.

  • Kayla
    Jun 09

    My son is 10.5 months. We give him tiny bites of whatever food we have. They are big enough the knows to chew, but small enough to swallow without choking. No teeth yet.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Apr 28

Opinion on solids?

My daughter turned 4 months on the 5th of April and at her 4 month appointment our pediatrician suggested we start solids. She’s a rather big baby, 17lbs and 24.5 inches long (her dad is 6’7 and i was a big baby at her age too). Our daughter doesn’t last very long in between bottles and our pedi said it will help her feel fuller for longer. I’d love to start her on solids so she can last longer... More

  • Mama
    Apr 30

    I would look into baby Led weaning. The mom is also a nutritionist andShe has great advice. You can search for her on Instagram.

  • molly
    May 01

    forget the lame shamers. ur baby ur rules. my baby was super small so we started solids at 5 months but he still had milk.

Transitioning away from formula

My daughter just turned one and I’d like to start weening her off of her formula slowly. What’s the best way to do this while still making sure she gets all the nutrients she needs. Also, she’s very attached to her bedtime bottle, but I’d like to put a stop to that too because I’d like to start brushing her teeth before bed but I don’t want to start until she is done with her bed time bottle.... More

  • Laura
    Apr 25

    Once our daughter started getting teeth, we brushed teeth after the last milk of the day, and she had a water bottle in her bedroom for a last teeth-friendly drink. I think the comfort of a night bottle is as much about the sucking as it is about the milk.

  • Jenn
    Apr 25

    My PED told me to start mixing the formula with an increasing amount of milk starting a 11.5 months. She said to start with 1 oz of milk, then increase by 1oz every few days til she is 1. Also, we are going cold turkey on the bottles at 1 and she is just going to get milk in sippy cups at the same time as her bottles. I brush her teeth after her last bottle.

Picky eaters

Hi everyone, My son is 10 months old and he is such a picky eater, it almost seems like he doesn’t like anything. In the beginning he only liked sweet potatoes and now he eats it but some days he hates it. I’ve tried giving him everything and he won’t eat. I have to force him to eat and it just feels like we aren’t getting anywhere by me doing that. All he loves to eat is his milk (i bottle fee... More

  • Jenn
    Apr 22

    How much milk is he getting? He may not eat if he knows he is just going to get milk. I would suggest having him play with food of different textures (i.e. mashed potatoes, apple sauce, fun shaped colored pasta, banana) and you play with him. Start by imitating him and then see of he will imitate you. At some point, put it in your mouth and say "mmmm." This way you can get him to try ... More

  • Julie
    Apr 23

    Are you feeding him only puréed food or are you trying soft finger foods? It was around this age when my daughter (now 20 months) started rejecting and even hating puréed foods and only wanted “regular” foods.

Feeding question

My daughter is 9 months, she don't have any teeth yet but has been eating Gerber baby food for about 4 months now. I want to start giving her more solid type of food and not just puree but I am nervous. Can anyone give me some recommendations on how to start giving her more solid foods? Thank you in advance for any advice.

  • Sara
    Apr 17

    Look into baby led weaning, people often think babies need teeth to eat solids, avocados, grapes, zucchini, cheese, peanut butter on bread, even steamed carrots are great..... my son has been eating solid since 6.5 months and does great, educate yourself on the difference between choking and gagging because it can really help ease your mind

  • Jenn
    Apr 18

    Some foods we did: bananas cut in half, blueberries cut in half, rotisserie chicken torn into small pieces, scrambled eggs, avocado cut into bite sized pieces or long skinny "fries", ground beef

C posted in Bottle Feeding Mar 27

How much solids should my 7 month old be eating?

To feel full, he can take 24oz of milk and purée per day - 8oz per feeding, 3 times a day. How many of those ounces should be purée, and how many should be milk?

8.5 month old feeds A LOT overnight

My daughter has always been breast fed. She would sleep long periods through the night up until 2 or 3 months ago. Now she wakes up to feed every 2 hours most nights. Sometimes it’s only an hour between feedings...sometimes she’ll make it 4 or 5 hours before needing to feed again. She eats some solids...she’s not a huge fan of much other than her cereal. We try to make sure she eats that before... More

  • Andrea
    Mar 24

    If its every two hours... it could very well be a sleep association too. My LO does that too... for a couple weeks wakes a lot... then only a couple times at night... then will do it more again. Its totally a mixture of things for him. Sometimes teething, illness, growth spurt... all these increase eatings which then get him used to nursing more and then he gets used to it (aka sleep associa... More

  • Sara
    Apr 17

    This is very normal in babies even toddlers my son is 11 months and still wakes to feed this is a developmental stage all babies reach when they are ready....

Which takes priority formula or solids?

When baby sleeps/naps through a feed which takes precedence? The formula or the solids? We are just over 9 mo and I’m getting confused what to give her...our doctor (Kaiser) does not have a checkup between 6 and 12 months if your baby has been on track, gaining steadily, and meeting milestones. I hate to bother the doctor (and wait the requisite 48 hour turnaround time) with a question I’m s... More

  • Jenn
    Feb 26

    I just had my LO's 9 month check up and my PED told me my LO should be getting around 20 oz of formula a day and then the rest is solids. She said to switch and do solids first, but I know my LO and she wouldn't have any formula if she was offered solids first. So we are sticking with the schedule we have and just increasing the amount of solids we offer at each meal.

  • Jennifer
    Feb 26

    Just an update: our PED response was that either is fine, since she has been so good with solids, and to just let her consume whichever she prefers when offered after waking from a long nap. She said our new (lower) oz of formula intake is to be expected...we’re riding around 18-20 oz plus BF 2x per day and drop to 12-16 oz on days she sleeps long (but she doesn’t wake in the middle of the ni... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Feb 23

Help with feeding

Hi parents, hoping to get some advice for my 1 year old. He refused the bottle starting at around 9 mos and will only take the breast. At daycare, he’s moved to solids and takes milk/water occasionally by spoon. Recently, when he’s home and not at daycare, he only eats a few bites before screaming to get out of the chair. I tried feeding him in multiple places thinking it might be the high cha... More

  • Angelica
    Feb 25

    sometimes if me son won’t eat any of his meal, I sit it on the coffee table so that he can still go play but come back to nibble if he wants.

  • Elle
    Mar 14

    Put him on a feeding schedule, it will ensure he is hungry when you feed him and he knows that certain times are time to eat. Strong intentional consistent implementation of positive reinforcement the whole way through. Believe he can do it, and he will!

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