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When can you give your kid peanut butter?

  • Elle

    Whenever you want. Sooner = better

  • Sarah
    4h ago

    Babies should not consume any foods, until at least 6 months (their guts are literally not ready to handle foods until 6 mos), after that they can eat whatever you eat. Check out Baby Led Weaning, the best thing ever!!

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Friday


My LO has been eating baby food for the last month or so and is starting to eat more now (2-3oz per meal) I usually give it to her in between her bottle feedings. So she’ll has a bottle at 7, baby food at 9 and a bottle at 11. She’ll have baby food 2-3 times a day. And this has been working for us very well. However, I am wondering if I should start giving her the baby food directly after the ... More

  • Angelica

    I think the feeding schedule you have now is good. How old is she? Formula or breast milk is how the baby gets all of their nutrients through the first year. Baby food is secondary. I would give my son baby food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to get him in the habit of mealtimes.

  • Anonymous

    She’s almost 8 months. She gets formula. Sometimes we skip the baby food if she sleeps longer than expected. I like to keep her bottles as close to the schedule (7am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm) we have since it works well for bedtime.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Thursday

What can my son eat at 5 Months?

I know the cans say they are for 8 months and up but my son really seems interested in the food his dad and I are eating. Would it be okay to give him stuff like the pictures I posted?

  • Beatrice

    Biscuits I would wait a bit longer they are hard my son couldn’t bite it at that age the lil crunchies are good just break them

  • Taylor

    they have to say that as it is a choking hazard. theyre just covering their butts but u can feed whatever you feel comfortable feeding ur bb

Talking Food

My son is 8 months old he will be 9 months on the 27... he has two bottom teeth and one incoming top tooth He HATES baby food and wants real people food. What are some options for food? Friends say to give him Cheerios but he’s just not old enough to me to have them yet. I do give him stuff that we eat like little pieces of ground beef mashed potatoes bananas. But what are some ideas of things... More

  • Hannah

    Thank you all for your suggestions I was not getting any notifications and after posting this I looked at other people post and noticed that not many had any replies so just figured the app wasn’t popular enough but you guys pulled through so glad I checked back. Thank you again💜💜

  • Taylor

    fruits! any and all fruits and veggies chopped into tiny pieces steamed soft but not super soft my baby loved anything with no skin so anything you can peel and steam is perfect unless they dont like veggies idk what soft meats there are but if you give them a lil tiny piece of whatever ill think he would love it ✨ u can never go wrong with mashed potatoes!

Not eating 9 almost 10 month old.

Hey mommas!! I am super stressed as my little one is not eating the same as he used to.. he used to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and now barely eats anything except his cereal snacks & some of our food. He is breast fed but I feel like (I bet any mom feels) that he Is not getting enough. ALSO! What do I do with the purées I’ve bought that he won’t eat?? ive tried many times and he still ... More

  • Julie

    I would say it’s teething or a purée strike!! My daughter eats way less when teething but right around this age she also refused ALL puréed foods and only wanted regular food!!!

  • Aleksa B.

    Lol it’s gotta be both of those and I’m so glad that it’s not something uncommon! Thank you!


At what age should I introduce fine ground meats? My son is going to be 7 months.

  • Raji

    Oh to answer ur post we waited until after 9 months to introduce meats. So now she eats chicken for now when her dad eats it.

  • Taylor

    I intelroduced chicken at like 10m then groumd meats at a year but it has to be pretty small portions because its tougher and it took her a while to actually like it and eat it (she loves bbq chicken tho!) lol

When did u guys start to give some purée to the baby?

  • Kelz
    Feb 09

    6 months

  • Lisa
    Feb 10

    4 months we gave a half a purée at lunch only, 5 months we went to lunch and dinner, slowly got chunkier, till she was eating everything from the table that we eat by 8 months and got mad when we tried to finish the store stuff, despite only having 6 teeth!

Self-weaning before 1 year

My LO is 8.5 months and I can barely get her to have 21 oz of formula during the day. Sometimes I can get more in her if I add it to her puree, but she mostly eats finger foods so that may only add an ounce for the day. She isn't waking at night and seems happy/not hungry during the day. I know everything says I should try to get her to eat 28-32 oz until age 1, but could she be self-weanin... More

  • Julie
    Jan 30

    I think that’s perfect!!! But I’m not a pediatrician, haha. My daughter was the same and my pedi said that it was okay!! If anything she’s become more of a milk lover since I transitioned her to whole milk. Anyway, at her upcoming 9 month checkup say something to her dr but overall she sounds on track!! “Food before one is just for fun” is some silly thing someone came up with that means not... More

  • Olimpia
    Jan 31

    Yea I think she’s trying to tell you she’s ready for foods and supplement with formula.

Anonymous posted in Starting Solids Jan 27

Starting solids

My LO started baby food at 6 months and is now 7 months. I’d really like to start giving her solids but I’m very scared. Her first tooth just broke through a couple days ago. Should I hold off on solids? If not, what’s do you recommend and how big should the pieces be (size of her pinky nail)? Ughh first time mom 😫

  • Kerry
    Jan 28

    Awww, if she was like coughing and making noise its generally gagging. Chocking generally you cant make noises. I hope it gets easier for you. The more she is given the chance to learn the quicker she will grasp it. And if you find it too much you can always do thicker purees a bit longer.

  • Alex
    Jan 28

    See video linked above- gagging can look and sound pretty scary but it’s part of how they learn

Did you breastfeed beyond 1st birthday?

Hi, I know a lot of moms stop BF after first birthday. But me and my baby are not ready to give that up. Was wondering if there are moms out there who continue to BF beyond 1st bday. Was/is your baby eating a lot of solid food? Because my is not a big eater she still mostly relies on boobie.

  • jing
    Jan 31

    Mine is 19 months old and still ongoing. I'm planning to quit when she turns two. I would say breastfeeding is not a essential factor in terms of good eater. My little one didn't eat "a lot" when she was around one year old. Reflecting back, I guess it was mostly because of her teething pain instead of drinking too much milk. Now she shows great interest in food especially adu... More

  • Brianna

    Just celebrated little man’s 3rd birthday and am breastfeeding as I type this. We are mostly down to nursing before and after sleep, and I am so very ready to be finished but he is not. I’ve been trying to stick to the “Don’t offer, don’t refuse,” method, but he’s showing no signs of stopping. Hang in there mama, you can do it👊🏽

Eating question!

How can I get my son to pick up his food and actually put it into his mouth??? He’ll do it with a spoon, and I know he’s capable of eating things that can be grasped (I’ve given him hard boiled egg, small pieces of pasta, banana, boiled veggies, typical BLW things) but they only make it to his mouth because I eventually feed them to him. Should I get the baby puffs since they’re accommodating t... More

  • Michaela
    Jan 22

    Thanks ladies! I hate feeling like I’m doing something wrong or not doing enough... but I guess that’s parenthood 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  • molly
    Jan 24

    my son was confused because i would tell him not to put things in his mouth but i wanted him to feed himself. contradiction!! so i had to explain to him that he could put things that mama said he could. took about a week but he got it. very nervous initially but now he feeds himself by hand

Introducing meat

My son is nine months old and I’m unsure how to introduce meat to him. Any ideas?

  • Julie
    Jan 17

    My daughters first meat was inadvertently sloppy joe and she LOVED it!! Her daycare has a policy for babies under 12 months that if parents want them to eat any meals or snacks from their provided menu we have to okay it. Well one morning my husband dropped her off and they had just started a new menu that I hadn’t signed off on yet so they asked him to. Apparently he was in a huge rush and ... More

  • Jenn
    Jan 31

    Ground beef is the easiest. We did rotisserie chicken also (soft and easy to rip apart).

Jessy posted in Nutrition Jan 13

Starting finger foods

Hi everyone! I recently started giving my 8 month old finger foods banana, raspberry Dissolvable crackers. Any recommendations foods, fruits and veggies of which ones to give? She has not teeth I worry that she will choke. I want to give her corn kernels of course boiled but I’m not sure if she needs to have teeth to chew? First time mom. I appreciate any recommendations in advance thank you! :)

  • Christa
    Jan 14

    I really followed the book “French kids eat Everything” when I started really weaning my son into more solids and less purées. He’s almost 1, and eats things like broccoli, fish, beets, zucchini, olives (sliced), pickles, hamburger, chicken, noodles, lemons (seriously loves them), clams, shrimps, bacon, pickled artichokes, and the usual things kids love too. But set the rule, as you start educa... More

  • Bailey
    Jan 14

    My daughter didn’t have any teeth until 9m old and she still ate a lot of what I ate. If you can squish the food with your fingers easily, then she will be able to chew it with her gums no problem ☺️

A posted in Breastfeeding Jan 13

Cows milk

My son has been exclusively breast feed, he eats food now And gets BM 4-7 times in a 24 hr period. When he was a few months old we found that me drinking dairy in coffee or however effected his digestion and now I’m concerned cows milk will bother him in a sippy cup. Any one have any thoughts on this? I became sensitive to something in cows milk as a kid I could least have yogurt, cheese, i... More

  • A
    Jan 13

    He loves yogurt I bought vanilla unfortunately instead of plain but have been giving him a few spoonfuls here and there. And he LOVES cheese Appreciate the input:)

  • Anonymous
    Jan 14

    My daughter had cows milk protein allergy when she was an infant, I didn’t know until she was 6 mos old so I stopped breastfeeding. Took her to an allergy test last month, no milk allergy but the doctor recommended her to transition to lactaid first for three weeks then slowly introduce whole milk. So far so good. My husband is lactose intolerant and I’m not.

How can i take my daughter off breastmilk

  • Daniela
    Jan 11

    Ashley my daughter likes lemons 😂

  • Ashley
    Jan 23

    Haha well that might not work. Maybe try real Cranberry juice with no sugar. It’s nasty lol

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Jan 04

Toddler not eating

He’s been picky and not eating much(only certain foods he would eat) but now he’s not even eating those. He drinks milk all day and won’t touch food like crackers, fresh fruits, sandwich, chicken bugs, fries, pizza, Mac n cheese, cereal, I even gave him a coke earlier because he hasn’t at a single thing I’ve gave him all day today and he even handed the cookie back... I know people say ask your... More

  • JACO
    Jan 06

    I’m in the same boat

  • Anonymous
    Jan 11

    The difference with me and all of these stories is your child is eating after a few days or a week of not eating.. mine never touches those foods.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jan 04

Supply drop in 6mo PP common?

Is there a common supply drop at 6 months post partum? Besides baby starting solids, which I don’t think affects milk supply THAT Much since food before 1 is mostly for fun... why does my coworker keep telling me this??

  • Frances
    Jan 04

    I've known a lot of moms who said they stopped producing at six months but in my experience that's not necessarily true. My daughter is 16 months and although she does eat solids, she is still breastfeeding as well. What i did notice was that around that time (probably a couple months earlier actually) i panicked because i thought i wasn't producing enough but i called a lactation c... More

Anonymous posted in Starting Solids Jan 03

Starting solids

My LO just turned 6 months and we’ve started her on solids. She is definitely interested in foods however she doesn’t seem to want to eat much. I usually give her a 6oz bottle and then she’ll go down for a short nap almost an hour later and when she gets up I’ll usually give her something (about 2 hours after her bottle). She will only take about 1oz of the baby food (maybe twice a day) and the... More

  • Elle
    Jan 04

    Toothless is fine! All of the foods I listed, above, are gummable foods (meaning the baby can mash them in her mouth between her tongue and top palette - no teeth needed). We liked the 4 hr schedule, so we just distracted her for 30 minutes... Let her adjust, she learned to eat bigger meals, and then slowly pushed it back 30 min again by actively distracting her until it was time. Benefit o... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 04

    Did you do bottle with foods? I’m a first time mom so I’m just trying to get the hang of things. Should I increase her bottles from 6oz to 7oz?

Ideas for feeding a 10-month-old

Hi all! I'm introducing my 10-month-old to solids. Any ideas for yummy healthy food? I'm terrified of her choking and am out of ideas!

  • Ady
    Dec 30

    I started solids to my lo when she was 6 months...I started with mashed porridge of rice n lentils...then cereals, mashed potatoes,avacadoes, veggies, mashed fruits too

  • ACK
    Jan 08

    My son is 10 months and he loves to feed himself avocado, banana, scrambled eggs with cheese, Cheerios, baby Goldfish, cereal puffs, cooked carrots, hard boiled egg, cut up peanut butter sandwich, ham, and chicken. He LOVES a sweet potato with a little butter and breast milk mixed in. I have to spoon feed him that though...but it gets his belly nice and full before bed 😊

Hungry Hungry Baby!

My little Sophia is 5 months, I’ve been giving her solids since she was 3.5 months and man can she eat! We do a mixture of home made and store bought “Gerbers” ( I prefer beech nut). She’ll eat a large jar and shortly after (Maybe like an hour or so later) she’ll ask for a 5 oz bottle!! Someone suggested to put oatmeal in her bottle to help make the milk a little thicker. Have any other moms t... More

  • Ivette
    Dec 29

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I have upped the amount of milk BUT if I give her 6 or 7oz she won’t finish it. That’s why it was suggested by her doctor to add oatmeal or cereal. I’ll start adding in snacks to see if our changes anything

  • Anonymous
    Dec 30

    Maybe swap from purée type of food to something more filling like foods you eat! Actual banana, avocado, Cheerios, noodles, soft steamed vegies , things with real content :)

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