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Discussions about the transition to solid food, including baby-led weaning, making your own baby food, nutrition and more.

Picky Stage

I have a 15 month old who has decided too go through a picky phase. And he refuses too eat almost everything we put in front of him. What are somethings you give your L.O. That they love too eat??

Anonymous posted in Starting Solids Yesterday

Baby Led Weaning

She’s 6.5 months old and since she’s had a few bites of more solid food she’s no longer that interested in purees. She has 2 teeth. Is it too early to consider BLW? What was your experience like?

  • Diana

    You dint have to give babies any purée at all actually

  • Anonymous

    Thank you everyone

Anonymous posted in Starting Solids Thursday

Suggestions for a 14 month old baby food

And also how much is ok to feed a baby of that age in breakfast, lunch, dinner? Sometimes I feel like I feed my baby too much but he never let me know when is full, generally I give him 4 oz of fruits or veggies (or 2 and 2 oz of beans) and a 2 oz of protein, with bread, crackers or chesse, even after that he can ask for his bottle of milk. I'm scared of offering more food beacause I feel t... More

  • Christina

    He will stop eating when full. Depending on his size, he may eat more or less than typical. My daughter eats a lot but she’s big. 100% height and 80% weight. Toddler serving size is 1/2 of adult one.

  • Jenn

    Unless pediatrician is concerned about being overweight, give him as much food as he wants! My (13m.o.) daughter goes through a whole rotisserie chicken plus fruits, eggs, dairy, etc. in less than a week and she is still hovering at the 4th percentile for weight. There's no such thing as too much food :P

How did you intro real food?

My step mother is from China and they do not traditionally use baby food. Their baby breast fed and later just ate regular food (very soft to start ie overcooked rice, boiled veggies, small bites of shredded chicken). Our first baby is 3 mo tomorrow so we’re still a ways out, but I just did you introduce “real” food? Traditional baby jars, homemade, or smushy (like my dad/step... More

  • Roxanne

    I think a combination of pre-made baby food in jars because it's super convenient and smashed food so you know it's fresh and healthy like smashed avocados smashed bananas babies really love porridge and cream of wheat best advice I could give is once breastfeeding or formula has slowed down, try to introduce baby to as many foods as possible to give baby a good taste for everything the... More

  • Paige

    Just started giving my so store bought baby food. He’s 4 and a half months old. He loves it! And sometimes he gets impatient with spoon feeding so I’ll feed it to him in a bottle with a slit nipple.

Feeding/Nursing Schedule @ 9 mo

Hi, I'm concerned I'm doing something wrong in transitioning to solids with breastfeeding... My LO will nurse (usual/typical schedule) at 630a, eat solids by 730, then nurse again 1030, eat by 1130, nurse 230, solids at 430, then nurse at 6 or 630... does this seem right? Or any suggestions on how to make this transition? First time mom just following babys hunger cues...

  • Jasmine

    My son refused to eat solids for a year.He had a lil bit here n there but I wasnt worried because he was a happy, healthy growing baby. Continue to follow baby cues your LO knows what his body needs.

  • Marcelle

    Our 10 month old is pretty similar. We still do a dream feed around 10ish at night tho if h. Before a year, solids are just practice. Breastmilk or formula should still be the primary component of their diet.

Anonymous posted in Starting Solids Aug 11

Am I feeding my son enough or too much?

My son is 11 months and he eats about 3 (4oz) pouches of baby pureed food and nurses about 4-5 x a day. I was telling my husband that the purees is all fruits and could be too much sugar for him but my husband keeps saying it’s healthy sugar. I’m too nervous to start real food, we do here and there we give eggs or rice anything soft and easy to chew.

  • Yurena
    Aug 12

    We started directly with real food when our son was 6 months, he did very well. Look for BLW method and recipes

  • Diane
    Aug 12

    Slowly start to introduce finger foods. If you are comfortable with him having eggs then give him eggs for breakfast along with a puree. Then after a couple of weeks add a second food for breakfast along with less of a puree. This is what Ive done with my almost 11 mo old and what has made me most comfortable. Other really soft foods you can try are avocado, cheese slices and sweet potato. Your... More

Homemade vs. Pre-made Baby Food???

Will be starting my son on solids soon. I was considering making his baby food, but have heard the taste doesn’t always turn out well, and it causes kiddos to be picky in the future. Anyone have experience with homemade foods? Or prefer store bought?

  • Hillary

    I'm working part time and there is just not enough time in the day to home make foods in this household! I've chosen organic baby pouches and they've served me well. There are just fruit mixes, just veggie mixes, a blend of two, they do protein mixes with grains and yogurts. Now I'm working on the transition to mashed foods or finger foods.

  • Anonymous

    My only advice is try not to get too anal about what baby eats, as long as it’s fresh, no honey before 1 type stuff. We were so proudly militant about our daughter only eating homemade, no sugar, no salt, nothing from a shop or restaurant, when we wouldn’t know how fresh/ salty it was etc and she’s the fussiest eater now she’s 3! A total nightmare! My second we’ve needed to be more relaxed with... More

Best supplies for starting baby on food?

We’ll be starting our LO on food soon and was wondering what supplies were most helpful to have in advance? The best spoons to have? Are special bowls necessary? As far as actual food is concerned, I figure it’ll likely be trial & error haha :)

  • Kailynn
    Aug 08

    I did a mix of puree and baby led weaning and shortly after did just baby led weaning. So far my go to is the grab n go containers from target. They are great to take with you, or if my son didnt want to eat all that I prepared I could save it for later. I also love the munchkin spoons (come in a six pack so plenty if you lose one). Also I made my own purees so a silicone tray to freeze extra ... More

  • Kelly
    Aug 09

    The best utensils are his hands! And we usually just put the food directly on the high chair tray or table.

What did you first feed your baby and how old were they?

  • Jenn

    Around 5 months as she started showing interest in what I was eating. We started with avocados, bananas, and sweet potatoes. Moved onto various purees shortly after. I didn't introduce grains until around 8 months to avoid encouraging empty calories.

  • Betsy

    5 mos - when she was ready to semi sit herself in the high chair. Started with rice cereal then oatmeal cereal. Then began veggies and then fruit. Certain foods she dislikes at first and mixed with cereal and then decreased amount of cereal mixed with solids. Currently on one solid meal a day and will move up to 2 meals a day. Also waited 2 days to introduce a new food in case of a reaction. My... More

Anonymous posted in Starting Solids Aug 07

New to food

My 8 month old is a really good eater, loves all foods! I’ve noticed that sometimes the food will still come out relatively whole on the other end..... is this normal?

  • Aimee
    Aug 07

    It still happens here at 22 months.

  • Kailynn
    Aug 09

    Yup, we had burritos the other night, let's just say I could recognize almost all its contents in his diaper 🤣

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Aug 06

Am I the worst mom ever?

My 11.5 month old breastfeeds regularly, like every hour and 1/2 awake, and nurses to sleep and throughout the night. Sometimes when I feel particularly lazy ( or exhausted is probably a better word.. lets be honest I am numero uno on call all the time 24/7 no breaks when it comes to this parenting thing), I don't offer food that day really, just puffs and melts because I don't feel lik... More

  • Kendall
    Aug 07

    I think you’re doing awesome! I can’t imagine breastfeeding that often!! You rock. On the weekend my husband likes to meal prep all his lunches for work that week so I have him prep some easy stuff for baby too. That helps me SO much during the week. Easy stuff too, steam a pot of veggies and boil some noodles, or boil some chicken to shred, or if he’s lazy too he’ll open a can of beans and put... More

  • Christine
    Aug 07

    Yes, your doing a awesome job. I wished I breastfed that long with my kids but after 3 months for both I was done. Your doing a fantastic job don’t beat yourself up about it. Do what you feel is best

2 yr ol won't eat veggies or fruit. Help!

My 2 year old used to eat veggies and fruit fine but for about 1 year not he wont ear anything wet or juicy. He is a big salty crunchy lover but feeling him a carrot turns into torture. I've tried preparing them differently and he still wont give it a try.

  • Kim
    Aug 05

    I don’t use it as a nutritional supplement 🙄 if that’s the only high sugar product I give my child, I can live with that.

  • Karla
    Aug 05

    I do what Christy does. It works!

Any good homemade baby food purees recipes?

My baby girl is almost 1 and I have tried a lot of different things puréed and baby lead weaning options and she just seems to be so picky. She would like one thing and then the next time I give it to her she wants nothing to do with it. I don’t know if maybe I am making it wrong or mixing things together wrong but this child will not eat the way I would like her to, I don’t like to force her t... More

  • Merve
    Aug 03

    I guess this ages have lots of changes in their life so thats why it makes everythn for them uneasy...My baby is also 1,5 she was like no eating any of the fruits..After i watched one pediatrician youtube; he suggests at least let them taste.and did really work for me!sometimes a lil forced to many times did let her play with all foods, fruits..then somehow she puts them in her mouth.but she ea... More

  • Kelley
    Aug 05

    My baby has always loved sweet potato so I microwave one for 7 or 8 min til soft and then i would puree with some pineapple chunks in juice. It sounds weird but has a really nice flavor and a lot of nutrients. She loved it.

Baby food maker recommendations

Looking for recommendations on baby food makers. We have an almost 6 month old ready to start eating!! So many options out there from baby bullet, baby brezza, infantino, beaba, babymoov,...its like getting a stroller all over again(ugh). What do you moms recommend?

  • Diane
    Aug 03

    I have a cusinart baby food processor/steamer. The steamer feature is nice but honestly a small prep food processor would be fine too.

  • Heather
    Aug 06

    I have twins and make all of their food. The Beaba has been amazing. I have the Plus because I’m cooking twice the food, but honestly, I would buy it if I just had one baby because of how efficient it is.

Anonymous posted in Starting Solids Aug 03

11 month old son who chews and sucks on his solids, and then spits it out!

He grabs and puts anything in front of him into his mouth, but hardly swallows anything. Meal times get so messy because it's just chewed up food everywhere. So in the end, I give him a puree pouch because he will at least drink that. Should we be worried or is this a phase? And he also hates getting fed with a spoon. Just wants to play with it.

  • Lulu
    Aug 03

    Imho it's just a phase. My daughter pretty much plays with her food and that's it right now. She's mainly focused on breastfeeding, so at least she's getting her nutrients somewhere!

  • Jenny
    Aug 03

    I have the same issue with our LO! Driving us bonkers. We are making plans to end the pouches in hopes that encourages LO to chew and swallow instead of chew and spit. Wishing you and I luck!

Hating texture of fruits and veggies

My 13mo hates the textures of fruits and vegetables. He will suck on them for a minute then spit them out. He does fine with them pureed or made into a pancake (kale and potato pancake). Any suggestions on how to get him to eat solid foods?

  • Candise
    Aug 02

    My kid will like them sometimes and not like them other times. Variety is great. Also don't serve pureed (like baby food) unless that's just how it's being served that particular day. Take a bite yourself then hold one out for him. Clap when he takes it and yay when he swallows.

  • Kailynn
    Aug 02

    I started making smoothies for my son when he rejected fruit/veggies. Usually banana, yogurt, spinach and a berry of some kind. He loved them and helped me feel like he was getting a more balanced meal

Any recipe of home made cereal for 4 month old ?

  • Kate
    Jul 30

    Grind oatmeal and soak

  • Melisa
    Jul 31

    Cereals have minimal nutritional value. Besides being a choking hazard the world health Organization recommends to exclusively breastfeed /formula for the first 6 months. Cereals on infants do more harm than good

7 month old breastfed baby is not interested in baby foods.

She has good swallow, opens her mouth for first or second bite but then keeps mouth closed after than. Tried different brands, made our own tried different consistencies... she is breastfed and I try to feed her when she seems hungry and fresh from a nap, obviously she gets all her nutrition from breastmilk so not worried just looking for suggestions :)

  • Callie
    Jul 30

    Have you tried putting breast milk into the food?

  • Crystal
    Jul 31

    My 2nd child was the same. I don't think he really became interested in eating daily until like 9 months. Meanwhile my first started eat around 5 months. I would just keep offering and my second also just didn't want pureed food. Basically he started eating solids.

Tara posted in Nutrition Jul 27

No milk, no food Good news My 22m old self is weaning off her nap and bedtime bottle Bad news She’s already an Uber picky eater, and this doesn’t seem to have expanded her appetite for more food. Just less milk! What’s more, she’s noticing what others eat at the playground and that chips and snacks are much nicer than the food I make for her at home. I make healthy snacks too, but these... More

  • Aggy
    Jul 30

    I make smoothies using full fat organic coconut milk, cucumber, kale, spinach, fresh mint, basil leaves, and either apple or 1c organic home-frozen berries and my kids LOVE them. Or pancakes using one mashed ripe banana and 2 eggs beaten all together. Makes about 4-6 small pancakes and that natural banana sweetness is delicious even without syrup. You can also add cinnamon or vanilla or both. S... More

  • Lulu
    Aug 07

    Ooh, kale chips! You can make pretty much anything into a chip :) and there are all kinds of healthy sweets.

Curious about puree foods.

What age is it safe to start introducing jars of puree baby foods?

  • Anonymous
    Jul 23

    My pediatrician and the hospital my daughter was born at says 6mo is the absolute earliest you should.

  • Lyalya
    Jul 24

    I started at 5 months, banana + Brest milk, Avocado and oatmeal. I bought this thing which you can stuff with purée and baby eats as much as they want

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