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Discussions about the transition to solid food, including baby-led weaning, making your own baby food, nutrition and more.

Mighty Max (10 mos) doesn’t hold his own bottle yet

... nor does he look like he even wants to. He would cry before he puts his arm out to grab it. Which is why he still isn’t on solid foods yet. Helpppp

  • Anonymous
    Oct 06, 2019

    Neither of mine held their own bottles. One was pincer grasp expert by 7 months, the other at 5 months when we started solids. Only criteria for feeding solids is good head and neck control, and their tongue thrust reflex if gone, which is why 6 months is the recommendation for solids. I've never read anything about not giving solids if they won't hold their bottle. You will need to enc... More

  • Marilyn
    Oct 06, 2019

    Definitely start solids, especially finger foods. Feeding himself will start encouraging independence. But my son had the same issue and during bottle time i would have him on my lap facing forward and i would help him hold the bottle. So i would hold his grasp around the bottle took a while but he got the hang. But i also have never heard anything about not starting solids if child can’t hold ... More

Starting Solids

My baby is 8 months and I am a FTM. Any advice on getting my baby to start with solid food? She does great with purées and Mum Mums but what is next?

  • Diana
    Sep 23, 2019

    I would try semi-solid foods like bananas and avocados. I also loved the little mesh pouches that let me put any food in it: baby could safely put it in her mouth and get the flavor (that’s how I introduced possible allergens like shrimp - and basically a bite of anything the adults were eating)

  • Anonymous
    Sep 23, 2019

    You can also introduce small pieces of soft food so she can practice her pincer grasp. Both my boys started with frozen peas. They are good frozen OR thawed, they mash easily, and are small enough to swallow. And great for soothing teething.

My 7 month old daughter is constipated a lot.

I have been trying everything from prune juice mixed with her formula to otc aids+ prebiotics. She is now afraid to poop and cries when having a bowel movement. What can I do and will this ease up?

  • Liya
    Sep 15, 2019

    Water helped our baby too. We would give .5- 2oz /day until it’s better and stayed away from oatmeal/cereal.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 15, 2019

    My daughter had this issue and her pediatrician advised us to give her a small amount of miralax a day to soften her stool and help her get back on track. We tried the prune juice and all of the other tricks in the book, nothing worked but that.

Baby still not eating solids

My baby boy will be 1 on the 27th. He’s not eating solids still. I think it’s my fault.... when his pediatrician said he can start solids I didn’t want to start giving him Solids because I was scared he would drop nursing and I just wasn’t ready to stop nursing. I decide at 6 months to give him baby oatmeal mixed with breast milk and he liked it then he tried bananas, spinach and bananas. One d... More

  • Rhianna
    Sep 18, 2019

    Also, once baby discovers they can chew, the purée gets to be boring. Have you tried just cutting the banana into small pieces and letting him mash it in his own mouth?

  • Newmommy
    Oct 03, 2019

    Yes. He just plays with food. Sometimes he’ll taste food but that’s it

Wic nutritionist recommended starting cereal on my four about to be 5 month old girl. Any advice?

  • Nw
    Sep 05, 2019

    I skipped cereal. It has very little nutritional value. I started with veggies and fruit puréed but my daughter didn’t have much success so I am now doing baby led weening and she loves it!

  • Vonda
    Sep 06, 2019

    I didn’t do cereal. We did purées around 6 months. When he was able to sit up and have good head control. I found the cereal didn’t have enough nutrition to take the place of anything else I could give him. Baby lead weaning is also a good option. I just didn’t do it because I didn’t know about it until my LO was 1 years old.

Baby led weaning???

I’m really looking into trying baby led weaning when my son turns 6 months but I’m SO scared and don’t really know a lot about it! Does anyone have any advice or any links that they like to help me get this started?

  • Joanna
    Aug 11, 2019

    I would definitely recommend that you read the Baby Led Weaning book. It talks about everything you need to know and it will go in depth about the difference between choking and gagging and will tell you all about recipes. There’s also a Facebook group!

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 12, 2019

    We did a hybrid approach. I stared with baby oatmeal mixed with breastmilk (and quickly changed to formula when I saw how much cereal she wasted! Lol) just to make sure she was interested in eating and swallowing something thicker than milk. Once I was sure she was into it I then fed her a hybrid of tiny soft pieces of whatever I was eating and also purée pouches for her daycare. I could have ... More

13 month old on puree pouches

does anyone elses 13 month old still on pureed pouches i mean she eats some solids like cereal ,cheese, crackers, chicken nuggets, pizza bologna, but refuses to eat like pastas and etc shes very very picky so if she dosnt eat alot during the day solids wise i give her pouches to get her vitamins and protein in

  • Jackie
    Jul 29, 2019

    My husbands cousin still gives their 6yo pouches!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jul 29, 2019

    I use reusable pouches and make my own pumpkin yogurt/smoothies or fruit sauces to put in them. The pouches are a great way to squeeze extra nutrition in without the mess, and are easily transportable. All my kids use them, and my oldest is coming up in turning age 5. I think if you rely on them to the point where your kid doesn’t get a chance to practice self feeding or chewing, that’s a pro... More

My 10mo baby girl suddenly is not interested in eating solids.. what to do??

These past few months she was nicely eating solids: fruits, veggies everything... from a few weeks suddenly she is not interested in eating solids.. she hardly eats, only about once a day and the rest of the time she drinks my milk.. she has no teeth. Up until now she was super active.. I’m scared to force her to eat, so do I just leave it if she is not eating well.. is this normal?? What shou... More

  • Mini
    Jul 30, 2019

    Thanx a lot Molina.. it was a big relief to hear this.. yes my LO is healthy n gaining weight

  • Molina
    Aug 04, 2019

    Hi Mini. Happy to know your baby is healthy and gaining weight. Wanted to let you know that, my baby started to eat again. She’s not drooling, so gums are good for now to chew, ☺️ For sure this cycle will continue until all teething is over.

C posted in Behavior Jul 07, 2019

How to get 11 month old to move past purees?

My baby will be 11 months in a week. His pediatrician says he really should have moved beyond purees by now, but this one brand and type of tiny cereal puffs is the only food he'll eat without having it put through a blender. He'll happily eat the pureed version of something, but not even cut-up pieces of that something, for example avocados. It's been hundreds of dollars of wasted ... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 07, 2019

    Will he not try to pick it up? Is he having trouble with that? Or will he still not eat it if you try and feed it to him? My son is 10 months and some times if he won't eat the chunks I give him I'll put the chunk on top of the puree I've scooped on the spoon, or I imagine you could stir it in too. Or try baby led weaning and offer strips of things. He might end up knawing on it to ... More

  • Melissa
    Jul 17, 2019

    My lo loves peeled smashed beans (I smash them through a strainer to get the skins off quickly) and smashed avocado on his happy baby teethers. I break the cracker into small pieces bc otherwise he’ll get too much in at once bc he enjoys it so much. We’ll do hummus too, but I think it may have caused a mild allergic reaction this last time. He’s ten months but a sucker for flavor, I gave him ac... More

Baby 7 months old not eating solids

My baby girl just turned 7 months last week. I am trying to feed her solids like oat/ rice cereal and also introduced variety of fruits and vegetables but she is not at all showing interest to eat and she is not opening her mouth. And also she is only on breastmilk. Not taking formula too. I am scared that what if my milk supply gets low how she can survive? Please suggest me tips/ tricks in... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 01, 2019

    It's all new to her! Just keep offering and don't give up! I like to give mine puree and something for him to be able to pick up. Doesn't need to be elaborate, frozen peas are a good start, or half a banana because more than likely she will just play with it and explore. For the first few months he would make a disgusted face every time he ate something, but it can take up to 15 ti... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 01, 2019

    If your breast milk gets low she"ll learn sooner or later that she has to eat, especially since shes around the age Babies start solids.the more you offer it but dont force it the better she'll do.

What foods should I feed my 9 month old daughter to help this table food process begin?

  • Kendall
    Jun 10, 2019

    Same as jenn! We pretty much just gave what ever we were eating (as long as it was safe). Maybe start with soft things if you’re worried, eggs, bananas, avocados, Cheerios, noodles. Small soft things :)

  • Mini
    Jun 18, 2019

    My baby is also of same age.. even i was wondering what to give her to eat.. till now i am giving her only purees.. can give her all these soft bite size foods u guys have mentioned above if she is not having teeth.. can she chew it??

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jun 05, 2019

Giving 1 year old food.

My baby is breastfed and I am trying to get him to eat table food. When me and my husband eat I give him whatever we are eating but he only throws it on the floor and will only eat the baby foods. What can I do? Any suggestions?

  • Damon
    Jun 07, 2019

    We went with baby led weening (BLW) with our first, and it was pretty successful. We started sharing steamed veggies and fruit at about 6 months. They mostly end up all over the floor and table. The saying is: food before one, is just for fun. They aren't getting their primary nutrition from the food, it's still all coming from the nursing so it's just about exploring textures a... More

  • Orid ivan
    Aug 09, 2019

    Babies are at times selective, if they want something different give them. Just ensure the food contains all the necessary nutrients for the child to grow well and avoid malnutrition. So in simple terms give the child what he wants and try to add a little of what you are eating. Slowly he/she will join u in that food in days to come

What are the best first solids to introduce to my 4 month old???

  • Jennifer
    May 28, 2019

    Doctor suggested we start at 4 months to. My son loved those little gerber yogurt melts or the crunches at that time. As he got good with those we did baby foods and whatnot. We used cheerios to work on grasping ability.

  • anonymous mom
    May 28, 2019

    Agree w/ Jennifer. Baby and mama (and parents) know best. Baby led weaning is great and all but for me, I would have never been comfortable trying to feed my daughter a soft solid “whole food” without first knowing if she could handle purée. Also as long as you don’t stick just with purée forever your baby will not have any of the sensory/texture issues people reference. And the whole idea that... More

My daughter just turned 10 months

& it’s so hard for me to feed her

  • Cathy
    May 22, 2019

    You can pretty much give her anything (depends on her teeth too). Avocado, banana, grilled cheese, eggs, cooked carrots. Anything you cook or eat yourself just chop it smaller or more fine or cook it longer so it’s soft for her. Pinterest is good for ideas. Make sure you season the food so it has a bit of flavor and won’t seem so bland (salt, pepper, etc).

  • Emilie
    May 28, 2019

    We started feeding our baby at 4 months. She is 7 months now and eats finger foods like cooked chicken, salmon, mini peanut butter sandwiches, roasted broccoli etc. she has two teeth. She also eats a little bit of baby food from a jar. I highly recommend just feeding your baby what you eat(minus spicy and no honey!) so she smells the cooking and then associates that with eating. Spices are f... More

Anonymous posted in Starting Solids May 17, 2019

Baby Food

So for my first son I made his food when he started eating now I have a 6 month old and when he started eating I made him his food also but the convenience side of me says to buy it and I also don’t have the time like I did with my first and he’s had it only because my husband bought it but I feel bad since I didn’t do that with my first. I know there’s nothing wrong with it but I want to do th... More

  • Kieli
    May 18, 2019

    I started making food for my first, but I was working and I had 2 horses. So after about 3 months of making it, my husband and our daughter and I went on a little weekend trip and I had bought the pouches from the store. Wow did I love it! So after about another month of making, I gave up and started buying it lol. Sometimes it can be very grueling, especially when you need to cook it, cool it ... More

  • CheerioMama
    May 23, 2019

    Nothing wrong with buying baby food!

How do I help a constipated baby?

My about-to-turn 1 year old is having a lot of trouble pooping. Her poops are big and hard and she is screaming in pain while pooping. I've been trying to feed her extra water and high fiber foods like pears, blueberries, and whole grains but she will not eat prunes or prune juice for the life of me. Any other ideas? It's been a week of her suffering when pooping and the doctor says if ... More

  • Sarah
    May 24, 2019

    Banana! Prunes! Lots of water! Cabbage! Gassy foods will help push it out eventually!

  • Bethany
    May 29, 2019

    Prunes, pedialite, suppository and a warm bath

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma May 14, 2019

Tummy rash, food related?

Started my baby on foods (BLW) about a month ago at just over 6 months. Since we started, he’s had a rash on his stomach that comes and goes, can’t really find a pattern or specific food that is the cause. He doesn’t seem to itch or be bothered and the pediatrician said it was just sensitive skin. I put aquaphor on it daily. I’m worried this is just the beginning of some sort of allergy (like I... More

  • Sofy
    May 15, 2019

    When my son had something like that it was related to weather, my first thought was food to be the cause but I realized it got worse when we were outside on a very hot (Texas summer) day. I used aveeno bath and cream and it was gone the next morning

  • CheerioMama
    May 23, 2019

    Looks a lot like Eczema. Aquafore consistently should get rid of it

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking May 12, 2019

Baby yogurt for 8mo

Has anyone given their baby StonyField organic baby yogurt? The package says it’s for 6mo+ but I’m a little hesitant to give it to him because I’ve been told babies shouldn’t have yogurt. But I guess if it says “baby” it should be safe, right?

  • Ashley
    May 15, 2019

    There is a lot of sugar in that yogurt. I’ve found it best to get plain, whole milk yogurt (naturally sweeter!!) and add stuff to it- real fruit or even baby food purées to sweeten it up some. It is a bit sour otherwise.

  • Cathy
    May 15, 2019

    Yogurt is fine just be mindful of the sugar content. We have started giving our son “Two Good” Greek yogurt since it’s only 2g of sugar vs the 9-11 grams.

How and when should I start giving my baby milk?

Introducing regular milk to my 9 month old?? Will it upset her stomach and I need help with a routine with her any suggestions

  • Lacie
    May 13, 2019

    How did you introduce it

  • Jennifer
    May 14, 2019

    We added a little to breast milk and he didn’t mind so we kept adding more ever couple days till we were at full whole milk

When can I start feeding my baby solids or cereal?

  • es
    May 09, 2019

    My daughter is 5 months and our doc said we can start her on solids like veg purées

  • BravoDad
    May 10, 2019

    4 months, but skip the cereal. Instead, go for eggs, tofu, banana, sweet potato, avocado, etc.

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