Traveling helps your children experience all the world has to offer and make memories that will last them the rest of their lives.

This is the place to get advice and share the best travel tips on everything from flying with children to family-friendly vacation spots to what to pack.

Laurie posted in Flying Apr 14

Family Trip Tips

My family is taking our Disney trip soon and this will be my first time flying with my 7 month old. Any tips you can give me for the plane ride? Also, any tips for our stay at Disney World or the parks?

  • TiMex
    Apr 14

    Try not to feed or let your little one snack too much before taking off. Give them some time to burp/poop etc... When my kids and their Mom flew for the first time our son had diarrhea from the formula and it bled through onto her shirt and our daughter threw up on her. It was hectic especially since the flight was packed.

  • Molly

    Try to breastfeed or bottle feed on take off while your still flying up. To help babies ears not hurt. When we went to China with my 10 month old she did really good. Just have a couple of toys and something to drink on. Disney will be a lot of fun.

Kristen posted in Flying Apr 13

First time flying with my 8 month old

We are flying to Washington and will be home 4 days.... and tips & tricks for flying/ packing. Thank you!!

  • PK
    Apr 14

    Get a window seat if you can.. the view outside is pretty good entertainment. We flew for the first time when my son was 1.. he just snacked and slept most of the time. So if your child has a favorite snack, that might help (cereal puffs?). He was also fascinated with the magazines they had so we read those over and over. We also got a cheap umbrella stroller and checked that at the gate so we ... More

Beverly posted in Flying Apr 04

Pro-Tips for a cruise and flight

Going on a one week cruise that will also require a 4 hour flight. My 4yo has never flown or been on a boat, and I"m looking for pro-tips on packing and how to keep him entertained (that does NOT involve giving him a screen and then calling my job done). What do you wish you knew or brought with you? Can toddler take Dramamine?

  • Marika
    Apr 05

    A small portable night light for sleeping in a unfamiliar place is essential for my LO. We always been travelling via plane, ship etc. since he is a baby now he is almost 4. It is easier than first imagined. But the most useful for us was pack light so I always have 1 hand free (1backpack, 1 suitcase) to hold his hands and also easier managing potty breaks etc. There is plenty of entertainment ... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 12

    Does he go to school? If so, you can ask his teacher for any suggestions on activities for him to do. My kids teacher made her a travel packet..and its wonderful! If not my kid's favorite has been no mess coloring book. Play Doh. And bring lots of snacks and if you see him touching his ears during the flight at anytime..have him eat the snacks to help with his ears

Anonymous posted in Tricks of the Trade Apr 04

Wife is nervous about potential cruise with one year old

I want to take my wife on a cruise with our one year old, and she is hesitant to do so due to being a light sleeper and not sure how our daughter will handle a vacation like that. She is nervous we won’t actually enjoy the vacation. Does anyone have suggestions on how to cope with nervousness, and how to prep the family for a cruise?

  • Jennifer
    Apr 04

    We took our son across the us to CA for vacation and I was really nervous too. It was a lot of work but as long as you share the workload and be a bit lenient on things your normally not such as juice and screen time you will make it just fine. My son slept in the same room at the hotels and didn’t sleep well so we let him sleep with us for that week. Didn’t ruin anything she slept fine in his ... More

  • Megan
    Apr 11

    I get her hesitation. It’s a lot of money to spend on something potentially not very fun. Also, you’re on a boat. If it sucks, there’s no escape. Maybe ask her what her specific worries are and come up with a plan on how you would handle it.

Anonymous posted in Clothes Apr 01

Packing Advice

Hi All! I'm a horrible overpacker. How much and what types of clothes would you pack for your 3 year old girl? It's for a 2 week trip..I tend to pack 14 shirts for her and 14 bottoms for a 2 week trip for example..and we share a luggage..its really bad..haha..Thanks in advance.

  • Steven
    Apr 09

    We’ve taken my daughter all around the world 2-3weeks at a time. In addition to what everyone else said, get Briggs and Riley luggage with the compression technology, it’ll let you carry more. Look up supermarkets and stores nearby and bring just enough diapers for the plane. Look up laundromats too. If you’re up for it, look up a primark and buy clothes there and throw away when done

  • Steven
    Apr 09

    For a stroller, get a flat folding one like the baby zen. If you want more information, feel free to pm me! Our trips are either multi country romps or road trips on a foreign country, so portability is key for us. We try to blog about our travels(not doing a good job) to provide details for parents like you!

Anonymous posted in Flying Mar 28

First plane ride

I will be flying with just my 1yo. It will be his first time on a plane. It's a 7hr flight and he will be on my lap. Any ideas that will help make the flight a little easier?

  • Kristen
    Apr 01

    I flew with my one year old every week for about 8 months. Ergo baby SAVED me. Bring along any snacks they like. Lots of them. And honestly, baby melatonin will help with a longer flight like that. I would also ask them at the gate if there is any way u can switch seats where there may be an empty one next to u for baby. Mine did not like watching TV at all, but that would be an option, an iPad... More

  • Elizebeth
    Apr 02

    I took colored pipe cleaners. Made a game where my child had to put them threw a matching hole in a bottle. She loved it. Played with it for a long time. We also made shapes, identified them by color, and counted them. Take triangle crayons and a coloring book. Movie as a last resort. Teach your child to pop his/her ears beforehand.

Shrey posted in Travel Mar 25

We are planning a vacation to either Puerto Rico or Cancun with our 3yo.

Any recommendations on which location to travel to?

Kira posted in Flying Mar 24

First time on a plane

I'll be flying solo with my 20 month old son. It will be his first plane ride so I'm not sure what to expect. Any travel tips?

  • Mia
    Mar 25

    Will he have his own seat? Or on your lap? I flew with my 15 month old on my lap and it was a nightmare. From now on she has to have her own seat 🤦‍♀️

  • Amy
    Mar 28

    I've flown with my son three times and somehow always found something new to be useful. I hope I'm not too late. 1. Easiest is having someone help you with checking in and another helping when you arrive especially for your luggage. If not, be early by I say another hour. 2. Luggage with rollers that go in any direction is the best thing especially if you have multiple. 3. A leash for ... More

Ashley posted in Flying Mar 24

Traveling with 1year old

What are some suggestions for traveling with a 1yr, we’re going to Jamaica in May. Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you

  • Gary
    Mar 25

    Been from DC to Thailand three times with my twins. Next trip to Thailand in a few weeks (they just turned two. Have also been to Hawaii three times. Bring toys and books they haven’t seen before so it’s new to them. Water Wow books are great. Bring a bottle to suck on during take off in case there is a pressure issue (my guys never had a problem but I was always ready). Change of clothes... More

Anonymous posted in Tips & Hacks Mar 20

Travel nyc

Best way to travel with a one year old in nyc with no car ?

  • Anonymous
    Mar 21

    Thanks all for the advice

  • Will
    Mar 21

    Subway and walk

Anonymous posted in Flying Mar 16

Traveling with 15 month old daughter!!!

Hi all!!! I'm flying with my 15 month old daughter next month to Virginia just the 2 of's about a 4 hour flight... I'm a bit nervous😬 any do's or don'ts, advice and suggestions are much appreciated please.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 18

    Thank you!

  • Paige
    Mar 20

    If you find little tin lunch boxes and hot glue LEGO piece pates to the top lid. Store LEGO people, animals, and bricks in the main part of the tin. This is mess free and will entertain them for a food bit

Anonymous posted in Flying Mar 14

Going to be traveling with 1.5 year old twins on a short flight. Any tips!?!

We will be take a trip with our 1.5 old twins on a short flight. We are planning on taking our double umbrellas stroller and renting full size cribs/high chairs when we get down there. Anyyy tips are appreciated!!!

  • Melany
    Mar 21

    My family and I travel overseas a lot. Shortest flight over 17 hours. They do great with minor adjustments based on age. Have new cheap toys for them to open (matchbox or hot wheels cars, figurines non choking size for your age group, duplos or legos for older age). Be sure to bring a snack or granola bar they like and can eat. Let them be free in seats, even play on floor in your row, without ... More

Things to do at Disneyland for 2 year old

My sons birthday is coming up this summer and he’s amused by everything always yelling wooooow! I’m wanting to take him to Disney but not sure what there is to do for a 2 year old. He’s around 32ish inches tall.

  • Jim
    Mar 12

    There’s LOTS to do at Disneyland proper: Steam Trains, Buzz Light Year AstronBlaster, all the Fantasyland dark rides (maybe skip Snow White - it’s scary), it’s a small world, the Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, Winnie the Pooh. Plus, all the character meet and greats and the afternoon parade. Don’t forget you can ask for a rider switch pass or use fastpass if you want to sneak on Space Mountain. :)

  • Paige
    Mar 20

    Do not go there expecting to spend all day there, toddlers will throw out all of their energy so fast. Bring water and snacks, the food is 💵💵. And DO invest in one of those fan water squirters. They will keep your child occupied throughout all of those long lines

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Mar 06

Car seat for travelling internationally

Hello everyone So I ll be travelling to Canada in July with my 18 month old boy that time. Wondering what to do about a car seat.. Buy another one after going there? Don't want to spend much.. Won't be taking it with me because no checking luggage.. Won't have a seat for him as he is a lap child.. What s your experience and suggestions? What have you done with your little ones? ... More

  • Jess
    Mar 07

    Airlines have to check them for free. I think there’s a law because they all do. You can check it at the gate if you don’t have other checked luggage.

  • Jessica
    Mar 08

    There is also a new car seat that is still in production but will start shipping in April called the Pico by Waybe. It is fully compliant with all 5 point harness laws and can fold small enough to fit in the overhead compartment and weighs less than 8 lbs. you can also buy the back pack carry case.

CJN posted in Flying Mar 05

Plane trip with 18mo

Any advice to make it enjoyable? lol Toys entertainment that aren't huge objects?! We are going to Orlando FL which is a 21/2 hr flight. Also, has anyone taken spirit airlines? I'm super nervous about flying. My parents bought the tickets and i appreciate/ grateful for it but people say this airline in particular isnt good. I'm pretty sure the only airline I've ever usedn in th... More

  • Diana
    Mar 09

    In addition to everyone else’s suggestions, add decorative/fidget like keychains to your bag. My child played with/looked at the few keychains I put on her bag much longer than I would have ever imagined!

  • Anonymous
    Mar 18

    Agree with above suggestions, but also want to add flights to Orlando are typically filled with kids or at least passengers who expect to be on a flight with kids. I’ve found that the expectation of other passengers helped alleviate my anxiety of being “that person who brought a baby on a plane.” When I flew with my then 18month old the other passengers were so kind. Many grandmothers and mothe... More

Disney with 2 y/o and 3 month old...

We will be visiting family in Shanghai and going to the new Disneyland there. Any advice about strollers or rides or just general sanity-keeping tips when visiting theme parks would be much appreciated!

  • Lonny
    Mar 02

    Wait until they are older. I have a 2 yr old and a 7 month old. In my opinion it would be MORE fun when they're older(3 &5 yrs old). I'm taking my son on his 5th bday to Disney world and my daughter when she turns 5 taking a Disney cruise. All this just for MY sanity 😂

Anonymous posted in Family Life Jan 31

When is the first time you left your little ones for a couples getaway?

I have a 2, 4, and 6-year-old. My husband and I spend lots of alone time together after they go to bed and because we work together (co-owners of a business). We have not yet gone away (without kids) on holiday. My parents live on the other side of the globe. So, I’d have to leave them with a regular caregiver who I trust... But, I still hesitate given our 2 -year-old doesn’t really understand ... More

  • Amanda
    Feb 01

    My husband and I went away to Asia (from CA) for two weeks while his parents (who flew in from Toronto) watched our 2 year old at our home. I made a booklet for the grandparents about everything they could possibly need to know (probably overdid it), put together a document giving permission for them to care for our child and had it notarized. For our son, I recorded myself reading a few of his... More

Nikki posted in Flying Jan 22

What to do with car seat while flying

How do you check your kids car seat when you fly? Do you have to put it in a bag or box? We are flying southwest if that helps.

  • Raji
    Jan 22

    When we flew last week; we checked it in n both airlines had these thick plastic bags for the seat. TSA did rip the bag open in places for inspection I guess and we ended up with it chipped in the cup holder 🤷🏻‍♀️ it didn’t get dirty tho

  • B
    Jan 22

    We bought a cheap car seat check bag on amazon. Saves some dirt. Airline employees told me gate checking vs checking at counter was the same in terms of where it ends up and how handled.

First Disney Trip for 18mo old

Hello!! My husband and I will take our son on his first Disneyland trip next month! We both haven’t been there in about 8 years so we do t know what to expect especially now that we have a toddler. Any suggestions, tips, tricks, or hacks to make this as fun and easy as possible? I’ve heard about apps and fast passes but have no clue what it’s all about. Any advice is appreciated!!! Thanks ... More

  • Lettie
    Jan 26

    Write down what rides your toddler can go on and where the baby centers are (changing tables, breastfeeding rooms, toddler toilets and a small kitchen). Carry snacks and other baby/toddler things with you (you have a backpack and your husband a backpack). If you want to take pictures, get the Maxpass (you get the downloads right away that you can download to your phone or CPU, it stays in that ... More

  • LillyMarie
    Jan 26

    Thanks for the pin reminder Lettie! And I like the suggestion about the toddler earmuffs!! Did you find it hard with each of you wearing a backpack? Or was is super helpful?

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