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Bike trailer recommendations

Recommendations on a bike trailer needed. What brands? What features should I be considering and why? I have two small dogs and baby...can I fit them all in a double? There looks to be ones that only attach to the bike and others that can convert to being used as a stand alone...pros and cons?

Julia posted in Flying Tuesday

Gate checking a stroller

If I have to gate check my stroller and car seat when flying should I have a travel bag to put them in?

  • Biljana

    Well, I can tell you about my experience with the international flights, which have strict policies; I haven’t used the domestic flights yet. - Regarding the stroller, it’s better to have it with you around the airport, it comes handy for all the stuff you’d care with you. At checking the luggage, you are being given a biiiig plastic bag to use it before entering the plane, where the workers ar... More

  • Biljana

    *car seat - I forgot to mention: I have packed the car seat very well in a big bag covered with soft blankets and packing bubbles. No damage was done ✅

Karla posted in Flying Monday

Flying with two kiddos! 3 year old and 5 month old

I’m flying with my 3-year-old and 5 month baby. This will be my and their first time flying. It’s only an hour long flight, but I’m still feeling pretty nervous. Any tips? I’m specifically worried about their ears hurting.

  • Jennifer

    Extra outfits for everyone... my babies (and several friend’s babies) enjoy mile high blowouts (or security line). Usually, the most inconvenient times.

  • PK

    Before boarding, go up to the desk and ask if you can board in an earlier group (if your ticket states that you’re one of the last groups) so you can get your kids settled.

Sarah posted in Flying Monday

Any tips on traveling alone with a 16 month old?

Do you let them walk on the plane if need be?

  • Sarah

    Lauren! Thanks for the ideas! Post-its would be fun, easy and new for him! Hehe..

  • Sarah

    PK, thanks for the ideas! We are flying from Ohio to California! Hehe.. it can be a long flight.. and he’s flown before... but he wasn’t walking then.. so it’s a little different this time around.. hehe.. thanks again!

Christy posted in Flying Monday

My 19 Month Old's First Flight!! Advice, please?

My daughter and I are taking a 2 hour flight in about a month. This is the first time I am taking my 19 month old (age at departure) on an airplane... A few questions I have are as following: 1) How can I get her ears to pop as we depart? 2) What are some things to keep her entertained (that the airport won't charge me a ridculous price for)? 3) Sitting on lap vs. having her own seat? Has ... More

  • Kelly

    Unless she's had chronic ear issues she most likely won't have much problem on the plane. Encourage her to drink, eat or use a pacifier during take off and landing, which can help them pop their own ears. In regards to entertainment..... honestly the thing that works best for us is snacks. I make a bento box of kid friendly snacks and choosing what he wants to eat is free entertainment.... More

  • Jaclyn

    We just took our 21 month old daughter on her first flights and I packed a variety of snacks and activities for her to have on the plane (gold fish, fruit snacks, graham crackers, etc). The snacks really helped for popping her ears, as well as her sippy cup of water. For activities I borrowed a friends iPad and loaded it up with toddler friendly games (that didn’t require WiFi). I also went to ... More

What are some ways I can encourage my one year old to sleep in her car seat?

She used to sleep for hours in the car now she most certainly will not. She will only nod off if I am back there nursing her to sleep. I’m starting to feel really isolated at home because I can only ever go places in between naps and by the time we get anywhere, it’s time to leave. I also can’t go anywhere by myself because I obviously can’t drive and nurse at the same time. I want to do things... More

  • Christina

    Miranda when we dropped a nap it was the pm one. So I moved the am one back 10-15 minutes a day until it was after lunch. It took about 3 weeks to move it.

  • Amy

    Have you tried playing kid songs in the car? Maybe introduce them during play at home first. Then sing them in the car to make her feel like she is getting play time. Works well for our son.

Rachel posted in Flying Jun 14

Toddler flying tips?

Taking a flight with my 18-month-old for the first time in July. Looking for tips on how to make the trip and being away from home a little easier. Thanks for your ideas!

  • Katie
    Jun 14

    If you’re bringing a car seat with you, I’d definitely suggest a car seat scooter. It’s like magic! Turns the car seat into rolling luggage you can push or pull...also can have your little in it. I used it as a stroller on vacation too 😊 this is the one I used but there are a ton of choices GoGo Kidz Travelmate

CeCe posted in Sleep Jun 12

Just came back from a different time zone. Now my 10 month old son is having difficulty sleeping. I’m guessing it will take some time but does anyone have tips on getting him back on his normal sleep routine? Pleaseeeeeeeee Helppppppppppp :)

Lorrin posted in Toddlers Jun 10

Toddler Road Trip Help

What are some activities you bring for your toddler on long road trips, besides electronics? My almost two year old has a Kindle that we download shows on, but he gets bored. He HATES car rides and it’s exhausting! Help!! We are about to take two very long trips!

  • Christie
    Jun 12

    We sing songs and try to do the bulk of the driving while they sleep. We,also plan side trips, like stopping at a tourist attraction along the,way. Prepare to stop frequently. Good luck!

  • Jane
    Jun 12

    throw some books on the kindle. music. a range of toys (+1 waterwow). easy snacks (and someone to watch them eat). time it for nap time.

Sharing a bed during travel

We are traveling to Canada and to Europe over the Summer. My (then) 20 month year old and I will share a bed (staying with family). I’m so nervous about it since he doesn’t do well when we have brought him into bed with us in the past (restless, kicks, tosses and turns, etc). He has a hard time falling asleep and moves non-stop. Any tips or advice? Asking my family to purchase a crib is way ... More

  • Joanna
    Jun 10

    Two products out there are a toddler cot and toddler inflatable mattress. Both are compact. We used a cot but my son was already 3 and he's been out of the crib since 18 months. If you go with one of these options, I would test it out at home for a nap or two.

Anonymous posted in Toddlers Jun 08

To take a toddler or leave the toddler at home for a summer road trip.

In August we will be going on a road trip that’s about 18 hours away. First day is about 12 hours on the road. The next day is 6 hours to our final destination. We will be gone for a week and half. We have the option to leave her home with the grandparents, but I’m worried she will wear them out since they will be providing 24/7 care and she likes to be on the go. Or we can bring her with us on... More

  • tt
    Jun 10

    Is it a trip she would enjoy? I think its more of a question of dealing with possible terrible car rides versus sticking grandma and grandma with a fulltime job for 1.5 weeks. I guess, for me, it depends on what the trip is for and if the route allows for some entertainment/breaks. BUT thats a long ride even for an adult.

  • Tonia
    Jun 12

    I don't know if this is possible for you, but I have had to do this several times. I basically got ready 2 nights before. I prepared myself by resting a lot and having my 2 taken for the night before and the day before by their babysitter. She ran them out so that by 7pm, they were fed bathed and put in the car with a movie. I was fully tested, wired and had coffee ready to go and started... More

Julia posted in Flying Jun 08

Travel help!

We’ll be flying from Philly to LA in a couple weeks with our 4-month old twins. Any advice on a) surviving the plane ride, and b) adjusting their feeding and sleeping to the new time zone? Thank you!

  • Sky
    Jun 08

    Red eye flight worked for us before. Parents are super sleepy for a day after but baby sleeps entire flight.

  • MyeLuna
    Jun 08

    Make sure baby is sucking on something be it a bottle, breast or pacifier during take-off and landing it helps with the air pressure change in there ears.

Jaspinder posted in Travel Jun 06

Applying for passport for baby?

What are the dos and don’ts, please?

  • Joanna
    Jun 07

    Both parents must go to application site or one with a notarized letter with the baby. Make an appointment if you can. We made an appointment 6 weeks in advance otherwise there are drop in sites with long wait times (we are in the LA area).

  • Manohak
    Jun 07

    Definitely make an appointment if you can. With a baby you don’t want to wait longer than usual to be seen. Also no headwear pieces. Our baby photo pic got rejected for hairband, which was annoying since it was the post office who took the picture.

Ethel posted in Flying Jun 05

Travel gear for 14 month old

What's the best, most comfortable travel crib ? Phil and Teds, Baby Bjorn, or any other? Also, what's better -- checking a car seat or buying an extra ticket and having toddler sit in the car seat on the airplane? If so, what's a safe, easy to install car seat? Any other recommendations or suggestions for traveling with toddler? TIA!!

  • Lisa
    Jun 05

    I’ve used the Guava lotus travel crib for two kids. Very light and compact. Just find the lightest car seat. Not many people buy an extra seat, it’s a real pain carrying that seat onto the plane. But it’s safer and if your kid is a good sleeper you’ll be much more comfortable.

  • Laura
    Jun 05

    14 months old was the last time we flew (cross country) with toddler as a lap infant. Wished we had bought a seat and ended up buying one for all the next flights. If you can afford it, it's definitely worth having that extra seat and bringing on a carseat. Evenflo Tribute LX is the best lightweight convertible carseat for airplane travel (also perfectly good to use in a car). If you don... More

Jaspinder posted in Flying Jun 04

Air travel with a newborn baby

My baby girl is just 3 weeks old and we have to fly to Texas. I am wondering if I have to buy a ticket for newborn baby. Also we don't have any ID proof for baby. How can I make the travel experience least hectic for baby and mom. Any tips?

  • Jenny
    Jun 05

    You can choose to buy a seat for baby (and secure them in their car seat on the airplane) or travel with them as a “lap child”. If traveling as a lap child they share your seat and you do not need to buy a ticket. You should call the airline so they can add your lap child to your reservation. The airline may ask you to check in with an agent at the airport and show a copy of your child’s birth ... More

  • Jaspinder
    Jun 05

    Thanks Adam, Jenny and Anna... Great Feedback

Emilee posted in Babies Jun 03

Traveling I’ve read baby should get out of the car seat every 2 hrs. Also read to leave at night/evening when baby goes down and they’re likely to stay asleep or travel better. If so, do you still need to get them out every 2 hrs? Going on 5 hr drive.

  • Monica
    Jun 04

    We went to a car seat safety class through the Stanford Hospital, and they stressed it’s the decrease in blood oxygenation that’s the reason not to leave a kid in a car seat too long (in a car, or at home- it’s why the medical advice is not to leave a napping kid in the car seat once you get home). When we recently took a road trip, we stopped every 1-1.5 hours to feed the LO and get her moving... More

  • Kelly
    Jun 04

    It depends largely on how old/large the child is. Once they have the neck strength sufficient where there is no risk of them closing off their own airways while in the car seat you have a lot more "safe" time. A small newborn needs more frequent breaks (or at least someone to keep an eye on them from the back passenger seat) whereas an older child is able to go a moderate stretch of ... More

Enid posted in Flying Jun 02

So I need help! I’m flying for the first time with my 11 month old son.

I have no idea what I should do to keep him entertained or how to make it as smooth as possible. Any suggestions or help from anyone will be great!!! Thank you!

  • Kendall
    Jun 04

    Just did an international flight with my daughter! I definitely second the carrier, but I also kept the stroller with me so that she could lay in it to sleep. I got this great foldable umbrella stroller and it did the trick! Also if you will be checking any baby items (eg stroller, car seat, pack n play) invest in some gate check bags. They are like $12 a bag and they are waterproof. They reall... More

  • Enid
    Jun 04

    Thank y’all so so much

Washington DC weekend trip!

Hey all, we are going to Washington DC for a weekend to visit family and we are looking for where to take our daughter (3 yrs old, almost 4). Fun activities! We came into town last year and we did the air and space museum, Lincoln memorial, etc but if any of you have some good recommendations that might not be a typical tourist place please let me know. We are heading towards Burke at some poin... More

  • Amy
    Jun 01

    If you go to Baltimore, the children's museum at that age is amazing. Cheaper than the aquarium. The aquarium has 1/2 price after 5 on Fridays. Open until 8, should be enough time for a young child.

  • Erin
    Jun 01

    If you have the time go to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. A bit pricey but SO worth it.

PK posted in Travel May 29

CA Legoland Annual Passes? Worth it for an 18 mo?

We are thinking about getting the standard Merlin pass where the aquarium and regular park is unlimited but the water park is limited. I last went there 10 years ago with a 4, 5 and 7 year old. They had fun. But will it be fun for a small toddler?

  • PK
    Jun 01

    Thank you Kristin! The answer I was looking for.. we were considering the zoo/safari park too.

  • Kristin
    Jun 01

    You're welcome.

Jackelyn posted in Babies May 28

Upcoming road trip with infant

Hello, I am not sure if anyone here can help me but I need some advice on what to take on our trip. I am a new mom and this will be my baby's first trip. How can I make this road trip easier with a teething 3 month old baby? I have no idea how to pack for this trip? Its a long drive and I am stressing out a bit. I just dont want to forget anything. Has anyone here traveled with a infant and... More

  • Sarah
    Jun 02

    Depending how long the trip is, I’d recommend leaving maybe 1 hour before bedtime. We just went on a 5.5 hour trip with my 4mo old and it worked well. 1 parent sat in back with him to entertain him for the first 1.5 hours, then we stopped to feed & change, then he slept almost all the rest of the way there!

  • Jackelyn
    Jun 02

    Thanks ladies, you have all been most helpful.

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