Traveling helps your children experience all the world has to offer and make memories that will last them the rest of their lives.

This is the place to get advice and share the best travel tips on everything from flying with children to family-friendly vacation spots to what to pack.

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Nov 12

To-go potty

Finally getting the hang of potty training, many have said to bring little potty with us in the trunk just in case. I can do that. But.... where does he pee? Just out in the parking lot? Or prop it up on the back seat? I don’t see him being comfortable with that 😱

  • Sara
    Nov 17

    We did the folding potty seat with the bags for road trips and camping- super helpful- and just set it up anywhere. Privacy didn’t seem to be a thing for my kid. We actually have a picture of him sitting on it in some grass off the side of a freeway on-ramp when we had to pull off in an “emergency”- pretty funny! For pee, he now just stands and we go anywhere we have to if no bathroom is nearby... More

  • Jenn

    You can't see him being comfortable because you yourself aren't comfortable with it (if you had to do it), rightfully so. Kids don't usually have the same hang ups as adults though. For instance, my 2 y.o. daughter will proudly yell she did a pee or poop in a public restroom. She has no shame whatsoever, nor do I want her to at this age. She's used the portable potty in the trun... More

A posted in Flying Nov 09

I’ve read through quite a few posts but still need advice

We will be traveling from ca to Hawaii in April with a 2 yr old and 9 yr old that have never been on a plane. We will have family with us but I still want my kids to be as comfortable as I can make them any advice/tips?

  • PK
    Nov 11

    Your 9 year old should be fine... bring some books to read or activity books.. whatever you can bring that they would like to do. Bring some gum for them to chew on for takeoff and landing (ear pressure). For your 2 year old, do they still have a pacifier? My son still had his when we recently went on a plane and we just gave that to him for takeoff and landing and he was fine. As far as keep... More

  • Miss Maple
    Nov 13

    One fun one - wrap your "plane bribes." 4 pieces of paper and a crayon get pretty exciting when they are a "present." Even snacks on the slightly junkier side can be wrapped. Watch temperature - children on planes are happier with shoes off and if they are not hot.

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Oct 22

Vacationing with a 3 year old

I am a stay at home mom and in need of a break as I am the primary caregiver for my child. When we last went on vacation over a year ago, I suggested to my husband that we share some tasks such as taking turns to feed dinner, going to the beach with our kid etc so that We both could get some Me time on vacation. My husband is super nice but clueless about taking the initiative to do baby-chores... More

  • Katie
    Oct 23

    So, just because you stay at home to be a caregiver to your child and do the majority of the domestic stuff, doesn't mean he gets to skip out on doing his fair share. Otherwise you will never, ever, ever get a break (and start to resent your family) because childcare never ends. Realistically, your "work at home job" obligation is equivalent to whatever hours he is working at his... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 25

    I’m on the same boat. But even when my husband tries to take care of my 2 yr old daughter, my daughter cries for me. So I accepted it already that I don’t get me time on vacations/ even at home (as much as the husband ). At the end of the day even if it’s late at night I try to have my me time when I finish my chores and when everybody’s asleep. We run out of patience sometimes it’s ok. It’s ... More

Anonymous posted in Flying Oct 03

Trip without mom

When was the first time your kiddo took a trip without you? My MIL has been insisting she take our 2 year old to California (1.5 hour flight) to visit my brother in law for a weekend..... I don’t know how I feel about it?? Part of me knows of course he’d have fun at the beach all day, but then that distance is kinda far without momma in a strange place.

  • Aya
    Oct 10

    I agree, I think it depends on your son's relationship with the MIL. If your MIL is used to being with him, taking care of him, I say go for it. The first time I left my child with my parents (not MIL) was in Tokyo, when he was 4. He stayed with them for a week. We dropped him off and then we picked him up (he did not miss us much - ha). The first time he flew solo with my parents was... More

  • Angel
    Oct 14

    My dad keeps trying to take my daughter an hour drive away and my answer is still NOOOOOO

Anonymous posted in Flying Sep 23

Flight Travel in 1st trimester

Hi, I just found that I am pregnant and we had planned a trip to kauai which will fall in the 10th week. Is it safe to fly in the 10th week ?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 27

    I flew during my 10th week and it was fine. Though if you google, you might get freaked out by all people that miscarried after flying. Just make sure you’re well hydrated, bring snacks, and compression socks.

  • Megan
    Oct 06

    Confirm with Dr. but usually no issues!

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Sep 20

Bottle weaning now or wait?

My daughter is almost 14m and still takes a bottle to sleep - 2 bottles total a day since she’s down to 1 nap. I’ve been wanting to start to wean her off but we just decided to take our first family vacation. It’ll be a 6hr flight and her first time on the plane. When we leave she will be almost 15m and we are going for a month. I’m torn on keeping her on the bottle and weaning when we get back... More

  • Laura
    Sep 23

    Careful with the painters tape. On a flight when our daughter was one I stuck a small piece within her reach and the next second she was coughing on it.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 27

    My two year still goes down with a cup to go to sleep for nap and bed time. I’ve watered down the milk gradually and now it’s almost completely water, but she still wants it. Sometimes when she wakes up it’s all gone and other times maybe an ounce. Do what works for you and your family. I would suggest start using and introducing a cup if you haven’t already and if she takes too the cup, then r... More

Mini posted in Flying Sep 08

Pls suggest some websites from where can I download cartoon videos n rhymes??

Heyy mommies.. can anyone pls suggest some websites from where i can download free cartoon videos and rhymes/baby songs.. i need some of those to show my little one as we r going to travel in a long flight journey which will keep her happy

  • PK
    Sep 09

    If you have amazon prime, I think you can download the cartoons that they have available to prime members. Just be careful about making sure that the video is free for prime members. There’s an app that you can download on your phone or tablet and I think the videos just save on that app.. idk. Never tried it. When we flew with our son, we just spent the money on the amazon tablet for kids ... More

Anonymous posted in Making Friends Sep 07

Relocating to Austin, TX from FL

We’re evaluating a move from South Florida (suburbs of Fort Lauderdale) to Austin/job opportunity for my husband. Looking for any and all advice from families who have made a similar move. Nervous working momma of a 2 & 4 year old trying to work through all of the emotions of leaving home/family etc. Appreciate any tips & advice!

  • Sam
    Nov 10

    How did the move go?

  • Anonymous
    Nov 10

    We move officially in January, but just got back from a house/school hunting trip. Hoping we’re able to find the right fit between now & then!

Advice about sleeping in the car...

Does anyone have any good tricks for helping a toddler to sleep in the car? My LO uses a forward facing carseat and is small for her age. She has no problem falling asleep in the car, but can only sleep for about 20 min before she wakes up crying due to neck pain. I have tried a small neck pillow, a rolled up blanket and a refular pillow. We are not often in the car for hours on end but we have... More

  • Vonda
    Sep 05

    How old is your little one? They should be be in rear facing car seats until they are 50lbs. And at a recline. (Which may help with the neck pain) Just FYI. It may be because the car seat isn’t built for her yet.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 07

    Just an fyi about what Vonda said, none of my rearfacing seats go to 50 pounds, they all say to turn around at 40, so read your manual. but also keep in mind a lot of states are making it illegal to be forward facing before 2

Anonymous posted in Flying Aug 18

24 hour International flight with toddler

Anyone know of a way to download free kid videos (without WiFi) to survive the adventure? Youtube method?

Potty training my 20 month old

My daughter has been showing signs of potty training readiness for a few weeks now. She’s even peed and pooed on the potty a few times. I want to potty train her but am worried since we have an international trip coming up in 3 weeks. We’ll be out for 6 weeks with a few plane trips and road trips. With the jet lag, change in environment and new people around her, I’m worried that if I train her... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 19

    Personallllly id wait until after the trip. I’ve gotta think with long flights (those potty’s are Loud and scary) and car rides (no stops in sight!) that you’ll be more stressed about potty than vice versa. I think it would be more of an issue to stop having her potty half way through than waiting and doing the whole shibang at once. I’m not an expert, but that’s my opinion. I don’t see harm in... More

Vacation Ideas In The States

My boyfriend & I are looking into taking our vacation soon, but undecided on where to go. We’ve been to Florida, California & Vegas. We would like to go somewhere new, but would also like idea’s on where to go and what to do when we’re out there. (Looking into taking this trip early November.)

  • PK
    Aug 19

    Florida and California are pretty big states... have you been all over each state already? What about within your own state? Traveling with a LO can be hard. Since having our son, we haven’t really traveled out of state except to visit family in Ohio. But we also live in California so there’s a lot of places we still haven’t been to

  • TV
    Aug 22

    London. Prague. Napa/Sonoma. Portland, OR. Charleston, SC. Santa Fe, NM.

Stephanie posted in Flying Aug 04

Any travel hacks/tips for flying with LO's?

I have b/g twins that are 17 months old. We are trying to plan a trip to Colorado (3 hr flight). What should I bring, and what are the teavel fees for bringing baby gear?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 04

    Check airline website for more info on travel fees. But I believe all airlines allow you to check car seats and strollers for free (per baby). With a child that age who can’t consistently follow directions, I would check the stroller at the gate so that you have the stroller up until you board and you can get it when you get off the plane. Are the kids going to be in your laps? We did a fligh... More

Amanda posted in Flying Jul 16

Taking 15 month old on a plane ride

Hey everyone, I have flown a few times with my daughter. However this will be the longest plane ride. We have two flights and it will be a long time with her on my lap. Any toy recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  • B
    Jul 18

    Oh 3 hours is nothing for lap. You’ll be fine. Save new toys and books for the second flight, though.

  • Lindsey
    Oct 17

    The 5 senses! Keep your LO "guessing" and being stimulated by having toys in a bag, pull one new one out every so often that stimulated a different sense. - Going to the dollar store to make a little toy bag is what we've done on the cheap (or grabbing old toys LO has forgotten about). - I got a tablet for my LO. It's great to draw and erase see played on it for hours.

Luisa posted in Flying Jul 15

My husband and I are getting ready for a trip with my 2.5 year old daughter.

We are debating between a direct flight or one with a stop, the flight is 5.5 hour. Do you guys have any recommendations and tips? We'll have snacks and the iPad with headphones for her.

  • Luisa
    Jul 21

    Thank you for answering to this post! We got direct flights. I think that will work for us, crossing fingers. 😉

  • Luisa
    Jul 21

    Do you guys know things to do in Menefee, CA with a 2 year old?

Anonymous posted in Gear Guide Jun 29

Zoe stroller questions?

Does anyone own the Zoe XLC Best compact stroller or the Zoe XL1 Best? Are you happy with it? Would you buy it again? Do you travel with it in airplanes? Thank you!

  • Caroline
    Jun 30

    Bought it a few months and sold it pretty quickly to get the Colugo. The Zoe felt really cheap and had to change twice the wheels. Colugo is wonderful !

  • Jennifer
    Jul 01

    I have the summer infant 3D lite and love it. Traveled to san diago for a week with it and it was easy to get around and my son likes it. It also has a spacious storage space and lays back to accommodate naps if needed. Not a great sun shade though

Trip to New Orleans with toddler and baby

We are joining my husband on a business trip to New Orleans and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I can do with a 2yo toddler and an 8mo baby while dad is in business meetings.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 29

    I don't have any recommendations, but we travel a lot with my husband I usually just Google "things to do with toddlers" in whatever city I'm in. I would guess there is a children's museum, and probably a zoo or aquarium. And since the city is known for music, maybe they have some family friendly music things. And playgrounds/ splash pads/ hotel pools are always a must when we travel

Teresa posted in Flying Jun 27

Need carry on bag recommendations

We will be traveling by plane next month and need carry on bag recommendations. I will be traveling with a toddler, so we need extra clothes, diapers/wipes, toys and games. We use a small Skip Hop back pack as our day to day bag, but I don’t think it will be large enough. I would prefer a backpack style. I like organization pockets. Any suggestions?

  • Erum
    Jun 28

    Get the large

  • Amy
    Jul 04

    Diaper Bag Backpack Large... I ordered 4 before choosing this for a trip! It's big enough for my laptop, has a ton of different pockets so you can organize. I had a change of clothes for myself, a few outfits for her, a receiving blanket, snacks, a small lunch bag with frozen breast milk packets, a couple bottles, my laptop and ... More

Wenonah posted in Safety Jun 21

Traveling with a toddler

When your going out of state with a you bring your car seat with you? Like riding in an Uber or Lyft. I’m just dreading bringing my LO’s car seat with me. Seeing as I’ll be traveling by myself. That’s just a lot to carry. I’ve been looking online for traveling light weight car seats but so far I’ve only see travel booster seats. She’s one so that’s no going to work. Any suggestions... More

  • PK
    Jun 22

    Could you rent a car wherever you’re going? Bring your own car seat and rent so that you don’t have to constantly install and take out the car seat when riding in a car.

  • Jamie
    Aug 08

    I like what both of these ladies said, consider all those options and decide what would work best for your trip. Good luck!

Namita posted in Babies Jun 19

Fun travel destinations with a 2-3 month old

Hi! I’m seeking recommendations of a good first trip to take with a newborn. My husband and I would love to do a little traveling before I go back to work in September (when baby will be 4 months old). Looking for a short flight, decent weather, easy mobility, and fun activities for us where we can bring baby. Thanks!

  • Jenn
    Jun 20

    Would you want to rent a car? Austin is an amazing city, but very hot in the summer. San Diego, Portland, Seattle are great. I've heard amazing things about Denver. And you are very close to Sonoma County. I loved it there.

  • Jenn
    Jun 20

    Chicago is also awesome and I've heard great things about Minneapolis. Grand Rapids was also really nice and it's close to Lake Michigan

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