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Traveling while pregnant?

So we asked at our last appointment if it was safe for me to travel because of Zika virus (we were thinking Florida) and our doctor said it was okay to go anywhere! She said the Zika virus isn’t a huge concern anymore, just to use bug spray and stuff. So since this whole Red Tide craziness in Florida, we cancelled our trip and booked a trip to Riviera Maya. I was just looking at CDC website and... More

  • Christina C

    I live in South Florida and am 8 mo pregnant. I agree with MrsTurner3 that there is good control in the U.S. There hasn't been any recent cases for the last couple years.

  • Dan

    Zika is VERY much still a thing and the CDC is the definitive source for this, not your Doctor. Very concerned that your doc would say such a thing! By the way, the vast majority of FL is Zika free, just a few incidents reported around Miami.

First time flying with 7month baby!

In a few weeks, we’ll be flying with our baby for the first time on a 6 hour international flight! Pretty excited, but also nervous cause I’ll be headed to the airport and going through security by myself (meeting my husband at the gate cause he’s coming in from another flight). So, of course, I have a bunch of questions that hopefully you wonderful mothers can help me with! 1. My baby drinks ... More

  • Daphne

    WOW!!! Thank you all for all the advice! I’ve learned something new with every response and now I have a detailed check-list of things to have and things to do. I’d say I’m fully prepared for this trip! Yeah!!! Thanks again ❤️❤️❤️ I’ll try to come back write how the trip went 😀

  • Marcelle

    We breastfeed so I cant offer advice about the formula but we have taken our 10 month old ok several international flights. If found that TSA and airline employees were actually kinder and more accommodating than when we have traveled without her. If you have any food or products for your baby that may not normally be allowed through TSA, just make sure to disclose it to the agent before you... More

Chelsea posted in Pumping Aug 12

Road trip with two month old

I am planning a 12 hour road trip with my two month old. Any advice? I am breastfeeding so should I pump some so we don’t have to stop every two hours?

  • Mama

    Yeah, 12 hours might be more like 20:). Just don’t stress yourself with what the baby “should” be able to handle. Follow baby’s cues. My daughter would sometimes chill and sleep two hours straight full naps, but other times require frequent stops. Just don’t skip a nurse/feed hoping to get a little further. Keeping baby fed and calm and preventing meltdowns works better in the long run.

  • MJ

    I just did a 6 hour road trip with my 2 month old this past weekend. She did very well. I breast fed her and changed diaper right before we left. I pumped on the road for backup. She naturally woke up every 2-3 hours, so we made pit stops as well to eat or pump gas. During that time I also breast fed her, changed her diaper, and let her lay in the back seat a bit to stretch her legs out.

Anonymous posted in Travel Aug 11

Travel tips and advice

Hi all...we will be travelling to Europe next week with out 3 month old son and he is bottle feed exclusively...we are going to stay there for 3 weeks can anyone advice what are the things necessary for him and how to handle him in flight and other tourists sites...

Anonymous posted in Flying Aug 10

Bad experience with flight attendant while flying with baby

I recently flew 13 hours with my infant as a lap child. We were lucky enough to fly first class but I had a pretty awful experience with one of the flight attendants where about 8 hours on when my baby started to fuss she told us that we were welcome to go back to economy where there were plenty of open seats, as the crew was trying to get some much needed rest in the seats next to us. She didn... More

  • Lauren
    Aug 11

    Horrible after you paid extra for first!!!

  • XT

    I’m really sorry you had a bad experience. I’m not sure what airline you were on but many airlines including the one I work for don’t allow babies in first for his reason. In fact you usually have to be over 12. Not a reason to be nasty to you though, especially if you were sold a ticket and not forewarned rules or the rules were not enforced. There is always a kind way to communicate someth... More

Car suggestion for 3 adults and 2 kids?

I looking for non-minivan suggestions for a car or suv that can seat a tall adult and two car seats in the second row. One kid is in a booster and the other is in front facing car seat. Right now we have a Lexus RX, with car seat behind the driver, booster in the middle, and the adult behind the passenger. They are smashed tight in width and I have to scoot my passenger seat close to allow leg ... More

  • Samantha
    Aug 10

    Love my Tahoe. My booster seat kid sits in the 3rd row. My front facing tot sits in one of the second row captain seats and that leaves the other captain seat open for another adult. I like that the second seats fold up to make it easier for a kid to get to the 3rd row. I also take one of the 3rd row seats complete out for a larger trunk

  • Sandee Whiteman
    Aug 10

    We have the 2018 Kia Sorrento. It comes with seven seats! I know a lot of controversy about them but it’s the old versions the last few years have been real good and heard they hired people who used to make Audi so are more durable and better features. This is our 3rd one

Allie posted in Flying Aug 07

Infant in arms? Car seat?

Moms I need some advice. I am traveling with my baby a lot over the next few months. Every airline tells me it is ok to fly with an infant in my arms and that I do not need a ticket. However I am seeing posts on the dangers of doing this in case of turbulence. And of course there are also posts of parents who bought a ticket, brought the car seat and were not allowed to use it. If you can share... More

  • Lizlabuckley
    Aug 10

    I flew with my daughter at four months. We got her her own seat and she slept the whole time. Make sure you're care seat is FAA approved and they have to let you use it.

  • Afrieka
    Aug 10

    As a mom of a toddler and a flight attendant, I pretty much always fly with a car seat. It is safer. And as long as your FAA stickers are current and approved for flight you should never have an issue. As for as international they all have different rules and guidelines and usually not as strict as FAA which is only for the United States carriers .

Tips for 14hrs flight with a baby?

I will be taking a 14hrs flight with a 14 month old baby. I’m not sure how I’m going survive her sitting on my lab for that long. Any tips??? Thank you

  • Alli
    Aug 08

    Yes try for the bulkhead and ask for a bassinet if you can. Check the weight and length limits online though. We reserved on the phone ahead of time and asked again when we boarded. It ended up being far too high for me to put her on there when she fell asleep, but it was nice to have the option. I ended up baby wearing on the rest of the 8 hour flight so she would at least sleep a bit. Me? Not... More

  • Tracy
    Aug 08

    A tip that a friend gave me was for my husband and I to sit far apart on the plane instead of next to each other. That way you can trade the kid back and forth, so you both get a break, and the kid gets a change of scenery every so often.

Katrina posted in Toddlers Aug 02

Cross country driving with a 2 year old

We're well set for entertainment, but I've not needed to do multiple days of long driving with him. How long did you drive a day? How many days in a row? How were your break days scheduled? Or did you just go with it until the behavior meter said you needed a break day? SD to CA with flexible timeline. Might add GA and Carolinas this winter before MN in mid-April.

  • Katrina
    Aug 04

    Thanks, Carley. We've done that quite a few times when both parents are taking the trip. It's a nice system if there's someone to stay awake with the kids during the day. MrsTurner3, good point on the value if just getting it over with at times. I think I'll push for two long days and then an easier day. Luckily my little one does awesome at hotels.

  • Gina
    Aug 09

    I have done 16-18 hour straight drives with a 2-3 yr old in the last year. DVD, snacks, protein foods, toys and the need to have snacks to cover tears.

Anonymous posted in Flying Aug 02

Flying Southwest Airlines

Flying for the first time with our 3 month old on Southwest Airlines. Any tips or tricks? It's a long flight. TIA

  • Brittany
    Aug 05

    We flew at night so our baby would be tired and sleep, and apparently all parents do the same thing because ALL of the babies were on our flight. It was nice, but we ended up catching a stomach flu because it was the end of the day and the air just continuously circulates. We flew with her in our lap but because it was Frontier the seats were atrociously painful too.

  • Sara Juliana

    Try to fed the baby as the plane is going up and / or landing to keep the baby occupied! Also the helps with the ears . It should be a smooth trip !

Anonymous posted in Flying Jul 31

Traveling suggestions please.

Am traveling with my 10mos old son internationally. It will be very long flight like 14-15hrs (1hault) Please suggest something to engage my son during long flight. What should I carry. This is my 1st flight alone with baby. How baby react to the plane traveling. If he cries loudly what you people do to sooth him. How to change his diapers? Planes don’t have changing tables. Do I need to car... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 01

    You can try dream water to make him sleep! Won’t knock him out for 15 hours.... but can help if he’s being fussy and won’t slee

  • Anonymous
    Aug 02

    Thank you so much guys for your time, and sharing your own experience. I will take note frm these answers. They are really helpful for 1st time traveler like me. I really appreciate your efforts.

Daphne posted in Flying Jul 31

Anyone taken their 6.5 month baby to Iceland, or just have to been to Iceland in general?

Thinking of going to Iceland early September with our son, for approx 3-4 days. This will be our first trip on a “long” flight from NYC. Any tips on flying to make it easier with a baby? Since he’s so young, this mean we have to bring the car seat with us, right? So they have a safe place to sit in the taxi there? Any suggestions on things to do, places to see with a baby in Iceland? What ar... More

  • Daphne
    Aug 02

    Alyson: Thanks for the info! When you travelled to Ireland, did you take a cab anywhere? I’m wondering what the car rules with babies is overseas. There’s no chance I can just hold him, right? I’m thinking of possibly buying a smaller umbrella stroller for the trip, but then the car seat doesn’t fit on wondering if we can just not bring the car seat....

  • Alyson Mahon
    Aug 02

    If you’re going to drive, then you can rent a car seat which is what we did. When we took a bus, we held him in our laps, and used an umbrella stroller for walking around/at the airport.

Nicole posted in Babies Jul 31

Road trip

Tips for traveling with a 2-3 month old for about 7-8 hours in the car? Trying to plan a family vacation.

  • J
    Jul 31

    depending on the roads, be prepared to change baby in awkward places. we did this when baby was 3-4 mo and changing tables were rare. also, if you are breastfeeding, try to find rest stops with shade — summer heat is gonna get you! pack lots of water and drive while baby is asleep. Good Luck!

  • Anonymous
    Jul 31

    We leave just before bedtime and drive through the night. Usually means stopping once to feed and diaper, but the motion of the car is soothing. Otherwise, driving at day plan to stop once an hour or two, and for someone to sit in the back to entertain.

Daniel posted in Safety Jul 30

Airport car seats?

Anybody ever utilize car seats for a rental car at the airport? Flying to Colorado and the rental company says they will have a car seat for my two year old but I'm not sure how much I trust them. Weighing the option of lugging my child car seat between multiple airports or not.

  • Nes
    Aug 01

    We rented and had no issues. 1 was a little dated but not expired. I wiped down with sanitizing wipes as precaution. I was so glad to not lug around 2 bulky car seats through the airport.

  • Danielle
    Aug 08

    As a member of a Facebook group called carseats for the littles...I'm surprised at how many people are so uninformed about how horribly unsafe it is to not only use a seat that you dont know the full history of but also that its extremely unsafe to check a carseat on a plane! It's pretty much trash after being banged around on the plane and it's actually SAFEST to buy a seat for the... More

Elavlav posted in Travel Jul 28

Caribbean vacation with a 3 months old

Hi, Looking for recommendations for the Caribbean with a 3 months old? Where to go? Hotel? Safety tips? Thanks!

  • Melyssa
    Jul 30

    Nickelodeon resort is very fun, with a place just for toddlers and babies like your own!

  • Baba
    Aug 01

    Memina 777

April posted in Travel Jul 27

I'm hitting the road towards western kentucky from VA

I'm looking for hotels that have bunk beds or extra rooms...we will have 6 kiddos with us. We were thinking of stopping near lexington?

Anonymous posted in Babies Jul 27

Taking nine-month-old to Australia with family (help!)

We are taking our baby to Australia for Christmas with my husband’s whole family (his sisters live there) and all 8 of us will be camping out in his sisters’ two bed, one bath apartment for two weeks (insane, I know. I’m trying to be cool with it). My baby will be 9 months and likely crawling by then and I’ve asked if their place is baby proof. They said yes but they don’t have their own kids a... More

  • Tess
    Jul 27

    We went to France when my baby was 7 months old. She ended up getting her first cold on the trip and was miserable with the combination of airport germs and tons of family giving kisses. So make sure you bring a NoseFrida and some baby cold medicine just in case. As far as baby proofing, I would say just make sure you’ll have some toys that keep them entertained. The time change is also hard. A... More

  • Mama
    Jul 27

    Check out this page for car seat tips. Safety laws, and what is required/restricted in a car seats design are different in Australia than in other countries. You should be able to rent a seat for use there from a car rental or travel agency. I hope your trip is a success!

EM posted in Flying Jul 25

Travel tips

Planning to travel to Hawaii from Houston in November when the little one will be 10.5 months. Looking for travel tips! We are starting at zero, so everything and anything counts! Flights, car seat, strollers, hotels, things to do in Hawaii with an infant, things NOT to do when traveling with an infant etc.

  • Mama
    Jul 27

    *long post. Frequent flyer, car seat technician, and mother of an infant, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. As someone who worked in warranty claims for a car seat company, I can say that there are 2 options for a car seat. 1) pay for the child’s ticket and then they can sit in their carrier in their own seat (financial con, but pro to not have to hold the child on your lap th... More

  • Nikki
    Aug 10

    When we took our trip to mexico I made sure my daughter was on a schedule for feeding and had an extra for juice when we got on the plane In case she wasn't wanting milk she did perfect as long as your calm your lo will be amazing btw you also can take snacks for your baby like the puff idk if you give that yet but food was a big help I know my baby was about 10.5 month when we went

Anonymous posted in Travel Jul 25

Vacation with little kids (3 under 4)

Can anyone recommend a vacation rental (continental US) that is baby proof/toddler friendly? Would love to get away (beach/mountain - somewhere outside) but kids get into everything and looking for a place that is already baby proofed. I know relaxing not really in the cards with this age group, but would love a change of scenery without anxiety of stairs to fall down and expensive furnishings ... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 27

    Tyler Place Family Resort

  • Anonymous
    Aug 03

    Thanks for suggestions! Looking into Ogunquit... sounds perfect for us.

Anonymous posted in Travel Jul 25

Thinking of a trip to San Diego with my 3 yr old daughter. Any tips? We have never been!

Like on the plane, with a car seat, where is toddler friendly to go...

  • Nina
    Jul 27

    Embarcadero waterfront is awesome. A free outdoor water park. Just have to pay for parking. And there's stuff to do nearby like the USS Midway. Any beach is fun. Dog beach is fun to watch all the little dogs run around and walking distance to food. There's always the zoo and SeaWorld too.

  • Camila
    Jul 28

    If you plan to move around in uber or lyft, you need the car seat, they won't take you without it. If you are renting a car (as someone suggested) you can travel without it if the car rental offers that service. My 2,5 yo daughter loves the Scripps aquarium and the beach.

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