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Anonymous posted in Flying Wednesday

Long Flight with my Infant and Toddler

So I am going to my home country in December when my infant would be 5.5 months. The flight time is 14 hours. Currently my daughter sleeps in her rocker and never wants to sleep in bed or lap. I am wondering how she would sleep in the airplane and also my 2.5 year old would be with us. Any idea how to manage both kids in flight.

  • Ady

    But I don't know is it good to give her Tylenol for sleep when she is not ready to calm down..Any idea??

  • Geena

    Ady- have you tried giving it to her before? How was her reaction?

Frozen breast milk

I have a 3.5 hr drive coming up and need to figure out how to store frozen breast milk for my baby.

  • Sara

    If it's just 3.5 hours then a cooler with ice packs should be fine. I kept my frozen milk in a cooler with ice packs for a 6 hour flight (so probably 9 hours door to door) and it was fine.

  • Alix

    Like said above. FYI. Breast milk is considered 'frozen' as long as there are crystals in the milk *even if its most thawed-if there are crystals it is 1000% safe to refreeze* i traveled with BM & found the best was a small cooler with those ice packs around & under. I flew & had a 4 hr delay, my 275oz frozen milk was still completely frozen after 15 hrs out of the freeze... More

Need a recommendation

We’re planning our first trip to Oahu with our 4 month old. Any recommendations where to stay? Ideally with an access to the beach so we won’t rent a car. Thank you!

  • Cheri

    The lagoons at Ko Olina are nice and good for families — Disney Aulani is there (but expensive). It’s a ways from Waikiki/Honolulu so you’ll need to rely on a taxi/Uber/etc to get there and if you want to get around. Kailua Beach/Lanikai Beach area is lovely but again, you’d need to find your way to that coast first. House rentals along/near those beaches would work if you don’t have a car. A... More

  • Aqua Marina

    Thank you everyone! Really appreciate your replies!

Lisa posted in Flying Oct 11


In a few weeks my 12 month old and I will be flying to Florida just the two of us. It will be his first time flying. Any tips on how to deal with time in airport for him and take off/ landing? We also have an hour layover?

  • Mallory

    I just recently flew with my son who at the time was 18 months, so he was a little older. I was so worried but my son slept for pretty much the whole time. We had late flights departing leaving around 8:30p with a layover that was an hour and arriving around 11:30p (time change) and returning with a midday flight of 6p with a hour and half layover and arriving at almost 12a. We mostly just walk... More

  • Preethi

    iPad, snacks, have a stroller u can check that at the gate. Buy water at the airport. Hopefully ur little one go to sleep. Thats what mine did.

Hotel stay with toddler waking up at night to feed

Hi everyone ! We are planning on going on vacation to an all inclusive with our 1 year old who still has a bottle before bed at night and another one during the night. I was wondering if anyone has experienced that and how does it work with the hotel to get the milk... she is on cow’s milk and we warm it up a tiny bit so she doesn’t drink it cold. Thank you

  • Kelly
    Oct 11

    As others have fridge and microwave is super easy solution. If the hotel has 24/7 room service and restaurants on site (I’m assuming so since it’s all inclusive) they’ll most likely be happy to provide you with a glass of milk. I’ve gotten them for free at every level of hotel all over the world......nobody wants a baby crying when the fix is simple!

  • Monty

    My daughter is 2.5 years old & we've traveled way too much since she's been born. All of the all inclusives we've been to have had a mini fridge in the room. Also, I recommend asking the wait staff for a whole container of milk during the breakfast hours. They'll give you 1 or 2 & you can keep that in your room's mini fridge for use throughout the day until tomorrow&... More

Airplane/Airport Board Book

Flying with two little ones soon and I want to start reading to them about airplanes. Does anyone have airplane book suggestions, preferably board books, for a 3 and 1 year old? Thanks! And wish me luck!

  • Sarah
    Oct 10

    We have several, I think the best one is called amazing airplanes which talks about the flying process!

  • Crystal
    Oct 10

    Usborne has a lift the flap board book about airplanes that we used before and during our travels.

Amber posted in Flying Oct 09

flying 15+hours with my 1YO alone . Looking for advice to calm nerves and anxiety

Flying a ten hour flight then transferring to a four hour flight alone with my 1yo , don’t know what to expect with my 1yo , we both have our own seats and I will be bring his car seat to give my arms a break . Would love advice on all that I wrote and anything I missed ‼️ mahalo in advance 💞

  • Emily
    Oct 09

    Bring lots and lots of snacks! And a charged tablet with movies preloaded on it. Bring the good stuff he goes crazy for. Hold off as long as possible till you give him anything. So that way you don't run through your options. And we got my daughter those moldable earplugs

  • Kelly

    I'm in the same boat. I'm gonna travel with my 13 month baby on an 18 hr flight to Asia. I was told to get a Jet Kids bed box. It was apparently a game changer for their kids during their travels. It extended the foot area and helps converts the seat into a bed. We will see if this works out for me too. And to get shelf stable milk for easy transport of whole milk for the kiddo. Organ... More

East Coast Vacation Recommendations with a 15mnth old.

Hi everyone! I need some recommendations for good toddler friendly vacation spots on the east coast. We live in Maryland and are looking to take a little fall road trip with our 15 month old. We are having a hard time figuring out where to go that would be equally fun for the kiddo and two burnt out parents! Thanks in advance!

  • Kristin
    Oct 09

    Great wolf Lodge is fun if you don’t mind spending a little bit

  • Diane
    Oct 10

    Lancaster PA has a lot to do! We just stayed in a cute cottage airbnb there a month ago with out 12mo old. Hershey Park, Dutch Wonderland, Kettle Kitchen, Central Market, downtown Lancaster, Amish activities, Turkey Hill Experience.

Kelly posted in Flying Oct 08

Travel tips needed

Travelling internationally with a 1 year old. Any tips on making the flight, airport security check and such more bareable?

  • Christy
    Oct 09

    That is true. I brought a water bottle that was over 3oz. TSA almost took it away, but was nice enough to let me have it for "formula" (so he told his supervisor). But another lady on board had a much younger child and they took her formula away for being over the 3 ounces. It was very messed up and I ended up sharing my daughter's snack with her child. All the mom's on board were p/o.

  • Sarah
    Oct 09

    Here is TSA link for traveling with children. You can take on extra water and even milk and juice too.

Traveling with 2

So my fiancé recently got a new job as a travel tech working on cell towers. We had decided that it would be best for our family so we can give our kids the most out of life. We plan on buying a mobile home so we don’t have to rent a motel while traveling back and fourth across the US and it’s easier to get into a KOA camp with a dog... so with all that being said, what are some suggestions to ... More

  • antigrav_kids
    Oct 06

    When we did this, we took books, one maybe two a piece, keeping in mind if there kids threw them in the floorboards we were going to have a problem. Most of all was resolved ourselves to stopping and getting out every two hours to do something active. Also! That sounds like a lot of fun! Also, I bet you already know this, but KOA has a frequent stay program!

  • Katrina
    Oct 06

    For a shorter stint (one day drive) I just pack along a selection of current favorite small toys and dole them out hourly, or if a change is needed. For a longer drive (we just did 5 days) I go to the dollar store and get some new items. Pass them out as needed. And in either situation, we stop every 2ish hours to stretch and play. Google Map to check photos of parks on the way. Although onc... More

Anonymous posted in Flying Oct 04

Flying with 6 mnth old baby last weekend of the month...Any tips to keep baby calm n sleep

I am gng to fly with my six month old baby this month...I am gng alone with I am very scared...How i am gonna handle baby, stroller ,diaper bag. Any tips to handle the stuff n baby during flight and in airport....Please suggest...Any suggestions are welcome ..Thnx in advance

  • Anonymous
    Oct 05

    Yess..I will ....she's scared of high I might use cotton for her ears...n will carry her toys too..

  • Hillary
    Oct 05

    Flying at that age is GREAT. Dont worry. Also not sure your airline, Southwest is VERY family friendly. Some tips: 1. Bring proof of child age. 2. You can GATE CHECK your stroller and car seat. It's amazing. 3. Check your bag and bring your diaper bag onto the plane. 4. Nurse during take off and landing to help with cabin pressure. 5. Bring a new toy from the dollar store to entertain.... More

Disney with Infant

We’re scheduling our Disney World vacation for our (then) 7 month old. I am very familiar with DW as I am an annual pass holder and go about twice a year, but this will be my first time going with an infant. Any suggestions from experienced Disney parents? We’re staying at Wilderness Lodge and have already booked some character meals.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 05

    We have gone twice. Stayed at the Poly, but booked Wilderness Lodge for next year because we liked their quick service restaurant! This summer’s trip, our youngest was 8 months. She loved the boat-style rides, like Pirates and Peter Pan! We aren’t a stroller family, so we just let her take naps in the baby carrier on my back. We did a lot of rider swapping for the rides my husband and I both w... More

  • Brett

    When our kids were under 3 we made sure to try to keep their schedule. We would make reservations for character breakfasts before the park opened and then hit as many of the rides as we could before nap. If your 7 month old is able to sleep in public then you don’t always have to go back for naps but my kids always needed somewhere less something less stimulating. (It also gives you a chance to... More

Kristin posted in Flying Oct 04

Flying with a Baby

My baby will be 7 mos when we take a 3.5 hour flight. Any tips to keep him calm for his sake and for the sanity of the passengers?

  • Ady
    Oct 04

    Does Tylenol really helps in flight for baby to sleep????is there any side effects of it.???,.I am also gng to travel with my 6 mnth baby in last week of this month..

  • Monty

    If you're breast feeding still, then I'd say breast feed him. Or if you're formula feeding him, give him a bottle. That'll help with the ear popping situation that kids really cry about. As far as entertainment is concerned, you might want to take a few toys that comfort him when he's usually upset. My daughter typically fell asleep after being breast fed so the entire durat... More

Flying with a toddler

Any good snack idea when traveling on a 4 hour flight with a toddler?

  • Eva
    Oct 05

    Yes lol, I do that also!

  • Anna
    Oct 05

    Applesauce, yogurt pouches, crackers. Coloring books and favorite toys! I just went overseas with my 19 month old and we travelled for 13 hours each way. Bring whatever your child likes and lots of it! Lol

Disney World with a 4 year old! Suggestions please!

Visiting Disney World with a 4 yr old this Nov for the first time! Any suggestions on what to do and tips! Thanks in advance😊

  • Francesca
    Oct 11

    Download the Disney park app it’ll help track the places you been and you won’t miss anything in the park and definitely bring your own snacks park food are overly priced

  • Ruth
    Oct 11

    Thanks Francesca!

Jenny posted in Flying Oct 02

Flying with a 1 year old, we have a 3 hr layover, any tips?

  • Cathy
    Oct 02

    I usually flight at night or at a nap time it really helps if that cannot be arranged then I go with favorite snacks favorite books and favorite toys

  • Mare
    Oct 02

    My son doesnt get a lot of tech time regularly so I let him watch movies with headphones on during the actual flight and it kept him occupied for most of it. As for layovers, we make him run as much as possible around the airport to tire him out! Lots of snacks are a must too

Anonymous posted in Flying Oct 01

My husband and I will be flying out of state with our baby for the first time! Any tips?

  • Tiffany
    Oct 02

    We flew internationally with our 9 month old and 2 year old. For our 2 year old, we brought kid-friendly headphones for the inflight movies, we used the CARE safety belt system (you use this as your 5 pt harness instead of a car seat), lots of toddler friendly snacks, an empty 360 cup, his lovey & blanket that he sleeps with, and a handful of his favorite toys. The toys came in handy in bet... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 02

    She’ll be four months when we travel. The flight will be about an hour and a half. Thanks so much!

Is there a such thing as a compact minivan?

This is the second time in a month that we have had maintenance issues with our car we are starting to look at new options for a family car. I have 2 young kids (with car seats) plus us (2 adults) so I’m really drawn to getting a minivan. Unfortunately we often drive in the city where parking is tight. Is there a minivan that has a more compact profile or an SUV that you’d recommend? Bonus poin... More

  • Dan
    Oct 05

    @Sara You don't mention if a third row of seats is a requirement for you. If it is: for compact minivans the Mazda 5 (already mentioned) and the Ford Transit Connect are the ones available in the US. In the crossover SUV world the ones that might meet the needs of your city lifestyle and haven't been mentioned are the 2018 and newer Volkswagen Tiguan which is available with a 3rd ro... More

  • Angie
    Oct 05

    I 2nd Lisa..The Hyundai Santa Fe. Theirs a 2XXX-XXXX out now geared to what you need. I love this car!

Kelly posted in Bathing Sep 29

Mosquito infested vacation

We will be taking our 1 year to Vietnam soon. And I am so worried about my LO being eating up alive by mosquitos over there. Any suggestions on any mosquito repellent sprays, bracelets, or lanterns? Tips or tricks welcomed too... TIA!

  • Sarah
    Oct 07

    Totally agree! I love Avon Skin so Soft

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