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B posted in Food & Cooking Oct 10

Recipe ideas?

I’m so bored of all of our usual dinners. I’m a vegetarian but my husband and daughter eat meat (although I prefer a recipe we can all eat...). My daughter loves beans and lentil dishes, cheese, pizza, eggs. Apparently at daycare she eats pasta... Anyway, what are your favorite vegetarian friendly meals? Our current favorite is pizza beans, which is a SmittenKitchen recipe.

Cradle cap remedies

My daughter has some intense cradle cap. Curious if others do anything that helps.

Best toys for a 15 month old?

We are going on a trip and my SIL is babysitting for basically two days, so I’m thinking of getting a new toy or two to occupy her. Something that fits in a suitcase! What are your favorite toys for 15 months?

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