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Can I give birth all by myself?

My husband won't be present during my delivery because he has to stay home with our 2 year old. Has anyone else been in a situation like this?

What is it like to be a first-time parent in your 40s?

You might have less energy than you did in your twenties, but there are plenty of benefits to having kids later in life.

Is it okay to buy my 4 year old a cell phone?

I want to give my tech savvy 4 year old a cell phone to start kindergarten, but is it too soon? When did your child get their first cell phone?

My libido has officially hit rock bottom after giving birth

I'm still very much attracted to my husband but my sex drive is still nonexistent. What gives?

What's the best strategy for making drop-offs go smoothly?

Is it better to sneak out quickly or stay with them until they stop crying?

Important PSA if you have purchased school supplies recently

A recent investigation found that several crayons, markers and binders tested positive for toxic substances.

What's your personal sleeping preference?

Would you rather have your little one wake up at 6am on their own or sleep half the night in your bed but get to wake up 2 hours later?

What's better: In-home daycare or a childcare center?

Parents weigh in on the pros and cons of a large daycare centers and smaller, home-based daycares.

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