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Inuit Parenting Style

"With little kids, you often think they're pushing your buttons, but that's not what's going on. They're upset about something, and you have to figure out what it is." https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2019/03/13/XXX-XXXX53/a-playful-way-to-teach-kids-to-control-their-anger

Baby Monthly Photo

Looking for ideas for this month's monthly baby photo. If you did a December one, can you share yours? Thank you!

Vegetables to let a 6 month old taste

What vegetables did you introduce your baby to? (Please no starches or grains).

Local Meetup - are you an ENTJ or INFJ?

Any ENTJ / INFJ parents local who'd like to meet up? #mbti #makingfriends

Parents who adopted or went through a surrogate: How did you save up (financially) for the cost?

Parents who adopted or went through a surrogate: 1) What were the costs; 2) How did you save up (financially) ; 3) For how long did you save up? Anonymous posts welcome if the Q&A is a bit personal. Thank you!

Fed is Best. Dangers of not supplementing when supply is low/not yet come in.

This is a PSA to inform of some of the dangers people seldom talk about. This is not a criticism of anyone or their choices. This article is solely meant to inform and educate. If it prevents one baby from serious harm, it has done its job. Please no negative comments. - "just keep at it, your milk will come in, he'll be fine" can have deadly consequences. - # of wet diapers appa... More

PSA - Stop reading the "Wonder Weeks". It was discredited quite a while ago.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wonder_Weeks Basically, the author continues to push his book -- even though his book was proven to be false, and he was fired from academia for shady behavior -- because he is betting on the fact that parents won't fact-check or vett parenting guides. A follow-up study by Plooij's PhD student, Carolina de Weerth, examined the claims of the book. Sh... More

What are folks favorite ways to show appreciation for daycare workers?

We love our daycare - they adore our little one, she adores them, and she is learning and developing and socializing so, so well. What are people's favorite ways to show appreciation? There are several ladies who care for our little one (with two main ladies).

Sharing - found this post a while ago, and found it to be a handy mechanism for thinking about a child's individual needs, outlets, and motivations. https://bewilderedmother.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/the-child-whisperer/

Post C-section workouts and diet - What did you guys do to [safely] tighten up those lower abdominals? Planks? Running? High-protein, low-fat and low-carb diet? Swimming? Pilates?

Please share your fave workout songs! 8wks post c-section. Pleased with the 4 lbs I worked diligently to lose in the last 4 wks, but overwhelmed with just how much more pregnancy weight remains to lose. I have previously lost significant weight through sustained healthy exercise and nutrition habits, but I was at a *much* healthier starting point! Feeling down and looking for some motivation! ... More

Just for fun: hold old is your kid, and how would you describe his/her key 9 temperament traits (in the article, below?? https://www.parenting.com/article/your-baby-personality-and-you

What are your favorite (ie most successful) apps for meeting other parents? Especially ones that help direct you towards other parents who have similar mindsets, circumstances, etc? Thank you.

Wha developmental milemarker does an infant have to pass before jogging with him or her? We have the jogger ... But cannot use it yet :/ Trying hard to get back into shape!

Help! We're headed to the beach soon, and I am having trouble finding a *small* beach hat to help shade our *small* baby. I'm looking on Amazon, searching specifically for NB sizes, but just getting "0-6mo" which are just huge on her. - Looking for something on Amazon - The "size 0-6 mo" hats don't cut it; they're too large. Baby is not preemie, but a preemi... More

Parents of Early walking babies (spec. 12 mo or fewer) : what things did you do [or avoid doing] that you think contributed to your child's early walking? Thank you

Milia - how long did your baby's take to improve? Go away fully? Was treatment needed? It's been a few weeks, and it doesn't look to be improving. Everywhere else on the kid's face is really dry.

Does anyone have suggestions for travelling with a newborn (appx 3-5 hrs) for the following modes of transport: 🚗; 🚆; ✈? (Some logistics: there are two parents and just one baby, we already have a great carseat/jogger system, and we're formula feeding)

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