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Anne recommended a place Sunday


Pretty good as far as bowling lanes go! It’s big, clean, parking is easy, kid-friendly concessions are available and they have kids balls, slides and bumpers. 👍🏼

Anne recommended a place Sunday


Came to a birthday party here for a 5 year old and it was great! Tons of costumes and crafts for the kids in a creative space, with a puppet show and dance. It’s bigger than it looks from the outside and comfortably held ~20ish kids and their grown-ups. Very cute decorations and great for photos.

Anne recommended a place Dec 07


Amazing ramen but also surprisingly kid friendly! They brought us little plastic bowls and spoons for the kids and we just split the adult portion. Just be aware it can be crowded with a long wait.

What's your favorite local SF store for gift shopping?

I'm looking for a well curated gift store with options for both men and women in not-super-ridiculous price ranges. Would prefer to shop local and I need some inspiration!

Anne recommended a place Dec 01


What a gem! Entry is free to this MASSIVE working scale model of the entire bay and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in Sausalito. The whole thing has wide smooth walkways and ramps so you could get a stroller through easily. It’s not SUPER exciting for kids, but my 4 & 5 year olds who are curious about geography and science enjoying walking around for an hour and finding the bridges... More

Best Cyber Monday deals

Who's shopping online today? Let's start a list of the best deals! Here's what I've found: - 25% off - Plae shoes 50% off select styles - Gap & Old Navy 50% off - Dockatot 20% off with code GIVETHANKS - LunchBots 15% off

Anne posted in DIY Nov 05

Simple hack to rejuvenate dried out markers

Saw this online and had to share! If your kids are like mine and can’t put the caps back on markers to save their lives, get some liquid watercolor and soak the marker tips overnight. You can use cups for this or an ice cube tray. Amazingly, it works! Just make sure to get the washable stuff 😅

Fun event for new moms coming up tomorrow at Love Yoga in Echo Park! It's 1:30-4:30 PM and will feature a mini baby wearing fitness session, meditation/masking, food/mocktails and a panel discussion about transitioning into motherhood. Basically just come with your baby and plan for a chill day with other new moms. You can get tickets here (25% discount included): More

Anne posted in Holidays Oct 31

Let’s see those Halloween costumes! 🎃

Post a pic in the comments! Here are my “scary” pumpkin and ghost, complete with matching costumes for the loveys!

Anne posted in DIY Oct 29

DIY: No-sew last-minute ghost costume! 👻

This one is cheap, easy and super fast to put together and only requires a sheet or sheer fabric (I used this $10 IKEA curtain:, 3 safety pins, and sticky-back black felt. Just cut two rectangular equal size pieces of fabric, then gather one long edge of each and pin together at the shoulders. For the third pin, gather some of the side drapes into the cen... More

Anne recommended a place Oct 23


Duboce Park has a really nice playground, but don’t miss this little obstacle course above/behind it! Great for older kids.

Anne recommended a place Oct 03


I have so many memories of going to Cedar Point as a kid! The roller coasters are obviously the main attraction here, including some world-famous record-setters. It's also extremely family-friendly with a ton of accommodations for parents with smaller children who might not be ready to ride the screamers. Definitely would recommend!

Interesting read on single moms joining forces

“It was like a marriage, only better. We had a kind of invisible rota. We cooked proper dinners for each other every night. We had roles.” Incredible story of redefining family after the end of a marriage. Has anyone ever tried something like this?

Anne recommended a place Sep 20


Stopped in with my 4yo to grab some fresh ravioli for dinner (highly recommend this btw) and the guy behind the counter gave him a free breadstick. He was delighted by his “magic wand”!

What are good story books to read to a 4 and 5 year old?

I’m looking for recommendations for chapter or story books that are concise enough to read out loud but still have a good engaging plot they will enjoy hearing over several reading sessions. We’ve read through the Magic Treehouse series a couple of times and they loved those, so if you know of anything similar I’d love to hear it. TIA!

Interesting read about a more positive way to get your kids’ attention

“The ABC method of praise is a highly specific technique. You have to be effusive, so you actually have to put a big dumb smile on your face and even wave your hands in the air. Next thing is you have to say, in a very high, cheerful voice, exactly what you’re praising. And then the third part is you have to touch the child and give him some kind of nonverbal praise. The silliness is a feature,... More

Anne posted in DIY Sep 04

Grandparents Day is this weekend! What is your family doing?

My oldest is learning to write so I'm having him fill out a little "fill in the blank" page like this one, and using it as the cover for homemade photo albums with pictures from family visits. We don't live close to our parents and I know they miss the kids a lot, so I want to make sure to do something special for them!

Anne posted in Funny Aug 30

Bedtime sucked today, let’s have some fun!

Mine are ❤️🔪🤔👌🏼😓🌳... really, couldn’t be more perfect 😂

Anne recommended a place Aug 13


Omg I work down the street from this place and somehow missed it! What a gem. Go early for dinner and it will be very quiet and empty. Yummy food, solid kids menu and super attentive service. The waitress was proactive about telling us cook times for the meals and brought the kids food out immediately. Will definitely come here again!

Free toddler drop-in play at the Bernal Heights Rec Center! 10 am to 12pm Tuesdays and Thursdays starting 8/21.

Anne recommended a place Aug 05


This has been our vet for years and we love them. The first exam is comped if you adopt from a shelter or if the animal was a stray. Family friendly service with amazing doctors who have kept our cats in perfect health!

What are some car snacks that are low/no mess? 🚙

Now that both kids are in school I’ve realized how important the post-pickup car snack is! I want to keep a box of shelf stable stuff in the trunk but aside from protein bars I’m at a loss as to what kinds of foods are nutritious/filling and also won’t crumble into a big mess in the car. Need ideas!

Here's your daily toy-purging inspiration

A mom friend of mine is a hardcore minimalist and she just shared this post about managing toy creep. She has — brace for it — only TWELVE toys for her 2 kids. 12 toys in TOTAL. I have 12 toys under my couch right now. I especially love this part: "So how do we make up for the lack of toys? Here's our secret... we go out. A LOT. As a family. To kid-friendly places like zoos, aquari... More

Anne recommended a place Jul 14


It can be hard to find volunteer opportunities for younger kids but we had a wonderful experience doing park restoration at the Ecocenter with our 3 & 5 year old boys! The volunteer staff were welcoming and provided us with trash pickers, kid-size gloves and tiny shovels. The kids had a good time getting dirty and pulling weeds. They have science programs every Saturday with volunteer oppor... More

Anne recommended a place Jul 12


Books: they ARE magic. This adorable Smith St bookstore is open 7 days/week and has a large collection of picture books, early readers, YA fiction and graphic novels. Small selection of toys and games in the back (I grabbed two card games for my preschoolers) as well as cute branded onesies. They had an event schedule posted and it looks like they have kid-friendly events and storytimes on the ... More

Anne recommended a place Jul 12


Very nice fenced-in playground with a small splash pad. Benches are shaded but not the main play area, so bring hats and sunscreen.

Anne recommended a place Jul 06


Umami Burger has a kids menu now! It’s surprisingly big inside, so we were able to get a 4-top at 6pm on a game night with no wait. 👍🏼 Park at the nearby Safeway for free with a $5 purchase. The food is very yummy and there are plenty of veggie-friendly options including the Impossible Burger and salads. Always a hit with both kids and husband.

How do you reduce your own screen time at home?

I was reading this great post and this struck me: "In the digital age, kids can make new friends and strengthen existing relationships online, whether it's in a rousing game of Fortnite, a few hearts on Instagram, or even a FaceTime session with the grandparents. But the happiest people are the ones who consistently find a balance between screens and the rest of life. And as the grown... More

Baby food pouches: yea or nay?

“With particularly excessive use, pouches may fail to challenge children at a crucial stage of feeding and oral development — when they are learning to chew and swallow soft foods, which helps with speech, and when they need varied and multi-sensory experiences, which helps develop a palate for a wide range of foods later on.” More

Great article on the transformative process of becoming (and being) a parent

“A colleague of mine once said, women might celebrate going to a yoga class, but not breastfeeding in the middle of the night, staying up all night, as having the same sort of value. I think [kids are] teaching you things like mindfulness and patience,” Athan says. “Think about the repetitive tasks [of parenthood] … they force you to be very present.” “People pay a lot of money to travel to an... More

Anne recommended a place Jul 03


At Emmy’s with all the other local parents who know that kids get free pasta on Tuesday nights! 🍝

Anne recommended a place Jul 02


Recreational swim on Sundays! Kids are $1 and love the separate, fenced off tot pool. It can get crowded so come early.

Why ignoring your kids at the playground may actually be good for them

“Other research, conducted entirely within parks, reveals that children who are allowed to play there with other children, without an adult present, play in more varied and vigorous ways than do children of the same age who are being watched by a parent or other supervising adult.” 😮🤔

Anne recommended a place Jun 24


Did you know that inside the Coca-Cola bottle at AT&T park there is a slide? Did you also know there is a tiny replica of the ball park? This is the joy of the Toyota Fan Zone at AT&T Park! It’s free and open daily from 10 AM to 4 PM when the team is away and 2 hours before first pitch on game days. Really cute and fun!

Amazing healthy eating trick for pre-K and up

So my kids (3 and 5) are pretty normal when it comes to eating; not super picky but they certainly prefer “kid foods” like chicken nuggets, pasta, hot dogs, etc. I give them veggies every night but often they ignore them or have to be nagged into eating them. Then my 5yo did a nutrition unit at school. Somehow his (brilliant!) teacher managed to teach a bunch of pre-K kids about vitamins, macr... More

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