Best Indoor Play Spaces in San Francisco

Sara Mauskopf October 21, 2019

Indoor play spaces can be a godsend for parents. They are great destinations for all sorts of weather and allow your child to run around in a safe environment while you watch (and maybe enjoy a cup of coffee) from a distance. Many also offer birthday parties, classes, and other events in addition to open play. Below we’ve compiled a few of our favorites.


Recess is the perfect place to let your little ones under 5 run free. With lots of age-appropriate play areas, your kids will have plenty to explore and enjoy. There’s even a separate area for crawlers and new walkers so they won’t get trampled. This space also offers workout classes for parents like pilates and yoga (with childcare!) and playgroups and classes for the whole family. They’ll even host your next birthday party. Recess is a members-only club but there also are a limited number of non-member spots available to try out the space if you call ahead to make a reservation.

Kids Gym Berkeley

Take a trip across the bridge out of San Francisco for this indoor play area, especially if you have a child with sensory development needs. There are a variety of hanging swings, zip lines, and climbing structures for adventurous kids and an arts and crafts area, library, and various hands on toys for kids who prefer quieter play. A quiet room is also available to help calm down if your child gets over stimulated. No reservations are required for drop in play but the various classes and programs offered usually will require advance registration.


While the thought of a membership only club for children might give you pause, when you find out everything that’s included with your membership you will quickly see why so many parents have made the choice to join. The beautiful and well maintained and staffed indoor and outdoor play spaces, various events like music hour and arts and crafts, as well as an onsite café and complimentary Wi-Fi are just a few of the many amenities included with your membership. Access to more structured classes as well as preschool enrollment are also available once you join.

Play Haven

Clean. Chic. Chill. These are probably the first words that will come to your mind when you and your kid visit Play Haven. An indoor/outdoor facility, Play Haven is located in Forest Hill and allows your children to play, socialize, and have fun while you relax and enjoy the company of other grown ups all for $12 per kid for all day access. This wonderful place also has various classes with additional feature is that if you sign your child up for any of their classes you are granted access to their “parent lounge” filled with comfortable chairs, work stations, and of course, free Wi-Fi.


House of Air

Where to go when your child is literally bouncing off the walls? For older kids, look no further than House of Air, the largest indoor trampoline facility in the city. At home in an old airplane hanger, House of Air is mainly for your older toddlers and kids. There’s a special area for kids 3–6 but 7 year olds are allowed in the larger jumping area. While drop-ins are allowed you might want to book your session in advance, especially during the cold and rainy months. House of Air also offers kid classes in basic tumbling and gymnastics if you feel your child needs more structure than simply open bounce time. It’s $18 per kid for a single session and worth the price when you think of the wear and tear it will save your couch cushions.


Sara Mauskopf

Sara Mauskopf

Sara Mauskopf is the co-founder and CEO of Winnie. She’s also the mom of two young daughters and another child on the way! Originally from Philadelphia, she now lives with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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