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Anonymous posted in Child Care Today

Potty training and day care

I’ve been thinking about starting potty training and I know day cares always support and try to help! But I’m worried that if I take a 3/4 day weekend to really try and nail it in, will it all go down hill when he gets to daycare? They have 10 other kids to worry about, not just my sons pee schedule. What was your experience? They have those little (but real) potties in his classroom, should I... More

  • Anonymous

    Talk to them about their procedures. How often do they take him? Will they be on board with not using pull ups? Do they reward? Try and train him with those things in mind, if they will only take him once an hour, then try to train him to go once an hour at home. And I highly recommend after the 1st day or 2 to take him on short trips and get him used to regular toilets. Or u can probably get t... More

  • Caroline
    5h ago

    Following. I have the same question! My plan is to follow oh crap and potty train her over a long weekend but also not sure about going back to daycare

Childcare struggles

I have a new job and am going to be working outside the home now which brings the struggle of finding daycare. My stepson is 5, autistic and not potty trained. I am having issues finding a childcare facility that can take him because he is in diapers at 5. What alternatives or solutions has anyone else found for this issue? We have tried potty training and it stresses him out because he doesn&#... More

  • Scarlett

    He is starting this fall. We have had him evaluated and he is already in OT and Speech therapy

  • Julie

    The other possibility could be a nanny for the summer, someone he could bond with who can devote the time to help him.

How to decide between a Montessori and day care? Pros and cons

I have a 2 year old who is staying with a nanny currently during the day. I am trying to put her into a Montessori or a day care. I am not sure what are the pros and cons .. please help

  • Kate

    Hi there, our 2 year old daughter is currently in a Montessori school for half days during the week. So I can’t really speak to daycare as a comparison, but here are a few pros and cons from our experience... Pros: - Emphasis on learning life skills. Wiping/blowing her nose and throwing away the tissue, caring for her environment (like watering plants/checking to see if their soil is dry eno... More

  • Falgun

    Thank you so much for the information .. we are touring a couple next week .. will let you know what we go with.

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