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Anonymous posted in Child Care Friday

1st time Daycare for 13 mos old

Unfortunately, I’ll be placing my 13 mos old babygirl in daycare in a few weeks. With all the scary stories about daycares, I was skeptical. But with no help, I don’t have a choice. Any good advice or tips to help an anxious mommy?

  • Dan

    We put our daughter in daycare for the first time a few months ago when she was 15 months. Nerve-racking for sure! Berry Sweet daycare of 7 and Johnson is where we decided to go. Seemed the best place with the best staff after going to see 4 different places. We have not been disappointed at all and love the staff and Sara(who owns and runs it).

FTM seeking daycare with a couple of concerns

I’m a FTM to a wonderful 22 mo son. I’m interested in child care to promote more sociability (for him and myself lol) a few days a week. He interacts well with people in general, all the normal milestones regarding attachments. He goes to our church’s child care facility during services and we’ve used a YMCA onsite child care facility in the past (where his usual caregivers are out of sight). M... More

  • Amanda

    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions! Yes, we are only doing milk in the mornings and at night only (we’re a huge fan of milk in our house, both his father and me grew up loving it).He drinks lightly flavored water that I drink throughout the day. He also enjoys smoothies (something that I enable because I enjoy them as well) so I understand where I went wrong lol. I only allow smoot... More

  • Jenn

    While this isn't 100% related to your question, have you ever had him evaluated by a speech pathologist for the feeding habits? He could have a sensory feeding disorder, which is why he is so affected by textures, colors, and shapes of food. He is young enough where intervention now could really be beneficial. On another note, I'm with you with the sippy cup debacle. My LO won't dri... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Thursday

Security blanket/stuffed animal

So my son is almost 15 months old. We have never spent any time apart. I’m a single mom, he sleeps in my bed, and we go everywhere together. There’s literally never a moment we’re not together. A security blanket/stuffed animal hasn’t been necessary and he hasn’t really taken to anything because I have always been there 24/7. He is going to start a Mother’s Day Out program in the fall 2 days a ... More

  • Kendall

    Agree ^^ my son carries his puppy around day care ALL DAY LONG and they don’t mind a bit. So I also disagree the program wouldn’t allow it, I think it would be ok, especially if he’s new.

  • Jamie

    I highly recommend role playing. It makes a huge difference when they know what to expect. Get a stuffed animal and pretend that you and your child are the parents. Drop the stuffed animal off and reassure him and kiss him goodbye. You might even have some activities to pretend that the stuffed animal will do while at MDO and some other stuffed animals to represent the kids. Then, switch roles.... More

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