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Anonymous posted in Child Care Sep 26

No one to watch 2yo

Im basically a single mom with no family around, I’ve never let anyone watch my toddler. If I go into labor will the hospital allow my toddler to stay in the delivery room or do hospitals have childcare centers? Will the hospital allow her to stay overnight with me?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 27

    If u have time, look for someone u and ur kiddo can get comfortable with. Even if ur kiddo is allowed in the room; it’ll be better for someone to look after her so u can focus on having a safe delivery without having to divide ur attention and energy two different things.

  • Monica

    What area do you live in?


What do you charge as a Babysitter? What are babysitters charging these days?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 27

    Depends on experience and age of babysitter. If you have a ton of exp, then you can charge 20/hr or more. If you’re a college student, then some would do for $12 or even less.

  • Karla
    Oct 06

    We have a family friend that was watching my son. She asked for $500 per month. She would watch him maybe 3 or 4 times per week at most. We got lucky when she volunteered since she wasn't working. He also got home cooked food from her. But definitely heard $20/hr minimum

Anonymous posted in Child Care Sep 24

Giving Birth and Childcare

Why do I feel 100x more emotional about having to leave my 2 year old for a few days to give birth than the actual process of giving birth?! 😭

  • Jennie
    Sep 26

    Girl I just had my 5th and still feel that way!! I hate leaving my kids. I send my husband home at night because I'd rather be alone than think about then waking up and being sad

  • Anonymous
    Sep 26

    Jennie! Yes that will totally be me!!! I’d rather be at the hospital alone than have my baby be put to bed without us :/

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