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Returning to work!

Hi everyone I have a 2.5 month old and I’m returning back to work the 28th of this month and I’m freaking out! How did you cope with leaving baby? I’m thinking he’s going to have to go part-time to a daycare which is scary for me and the other days, he’ll be with my sister. HELP!

  • Lindsey

    Feeling scared is absolutely legit. We feel you mama 💜 It will be hard but deep breath! - save 10 minutes of each hour to just look at pictures of your babe. But limit yourself to just that time! - soak up the time you have at home with baby. Put your phone away, engage them in cooking dinner (put them in the kitchen with you), find ways to utilize that time. - let yourself cry when you miss ... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Friday

Should I Stick With Daycare?

Hi Everyone. My daughter who is 7 months started daycare 1 week ago. Understandably, my husband and I are having a tough time adjusting. When we drop her off in the mornings, she seems fine but by the time we pick her up she looks like a deer in headlights-it's like she looks right through me! She is crawling and super alert/observant, so we are wondering if daycare at this age is too overs... More

  • Lizo

    Go with your gut. I hated putting my daughter in daycare as an infant, but ultimately felt I needed to bear it in order to make ends meet. Our daughter was sick a lot her first year in daycare (so were we!) but the second year she didn’t catch every little thing.

  • Brittany

    I just put my daughter in, she’s 18 months and last week was her first week alone, she is only part time 9AM-1PM 3 days a week but she’s extremely clingy. I don’t know how lenient/rules etc. of your daycare or your career but for the first 2 weeks the women who owns the daycare allowed me to bring her in for free, and also allowed me to stay, the entire time the first 2-3 days then each day aft... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Sep 23

Mother provides child care

My mom has been watching my child since about 3 months old, now going on 2. It's really becoming a strain on our relationship. She doesn't work and is on SSI so I offered to pay her to watch my daughter as opposed to sending her to daycare. We could probably afford daycare, but I'm uncomfortable with the idea. I thought it was a win - win for both of us. I'd help her out with a ... More

  • Jenny
    Sep 26

    Have you thought about enrolling your child in preschool instead of daycare? You could tell your mom you want your little one to start school, but could still use her when preschool ends for the day (the ones in my area are usually just a few hours a day).

  • Jenn
    Sep 27

    I'd look for a daycare/preschool and put her in at least part time. If you don't want hurt feelings, just say you want her to socialize with kids her age and get used to a school type atmosphere early on. We put our daughter in Montessori school at age 2, primarily for socialization and no one thinks twice about it when I explain it that way. Good luck :) hopefully everything will turn out well.

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