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Jaime posted in Child Care Monday

Feedback for in-home daycare

Our 8 month old has been in an in-home daycare since she was about 6.5 months old, which runs like a bigger daycare. We LOVE it and our little lady likes it too (besides all the colds she catches... building up her immunity, right?) The ages of kids there range from infants to early preschool age. When the owner watches the babies, our daughter does wonderful: naps are on schedule and great, sh... More

  • Kim

    Just remember YOU are the parent and make the decisions for your child. You are paying for a service and have specific guidance and expectations that are set. The owner seems perfectly capable of following your desired routine, so I certainly don’t think you are out of line to be frustrated. That would bother me too, because as a working mom it isn’t easy already, then when needing to deal with... More

Daycare teacher gift card amount?

My son just started daycare last week. He only goes Tuesdays and Thursdays ... so he’s only gone 3 times now. With the holidays coming up, I’m thinking about getting one of the teachers a gift card. First of all, how much do you think is appropriate? Secondly, is it weird to only give one of the teachers a gift card? He’s really taken a liking to one of them so I don’t know the other ones ver... More

  • Ricardo

    I think all his teachers from his classroom should receive a little token of appreciation. There isn't a "I" in team. As a infant teacher, if this ever happened, I would make sure to keep it fair for everyone and if I get the gift card, I would split it with my team. 💓

  • Andrea

    Oh jeeze! I’m glad I asked because I definitely didn’t think of it like that. Thanks for the feedback!

Edith posted in Child Care Dec 11

When is the right time to start leaving my baby in a daycare. She is currently 15 months.

  • Brianne
    Dec 12

    Babies are stubborn! You’ve got to outlast them if you want things to go your way. And her being 15 months may make it harder than before. Maybe ask the daycare before she starts if you can ween her off of you. Like spend the first day with her there but let the teachers do everything. then the next day sneak out during a nap and then come back. then continue lengthening the time you’re gone ... More

  • Monda
    Dec 12

    I know babies that went to day care since they are weeks old. There is a lot of single working moms that have no one to watch their kids! And to be completely honest my opinion is you do what you feel like your gut is telling you to do. I been dying to go back to work but I can’t get myself to leave my son!! It kills me to know that soon enough he will be going to school and I won’t ever get th... More

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