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Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 23

Mixed age preschool class choice: 2-3 or 3-4 year old class?

Looking for some advice on mixed age pre schools. Our son has the option to be in a 2-3 year class or 3-4 year class, as his birthday is right in between. I'm sure there will be tradeoffs in either cluster but wondering if anyone has experience with this kind of decision? I know the conventional wisdom is to have your child be the eldest in the class for leadership development, but FWIW th... More

  • Cassandra
    Jan 24

    So my son was in the 2s last year. This year they decided to make it 2s and younger 3s so he stayed behind in the same class. They just gave us the chance to move him up to the older 3s and young 4s class. He’ll be one of the youngest but I think he should have been in that class all along. Some of the kids in his class are very babyish and he so much more verbal. I think you want them to be th... More

  • Jennifer
    Jan 24

    I'd picked the older crowd. My co-worker who had her daughter attend a preschool/daycare. It was a mixed age group, however her daughter happened to be the oldest one will all the others were like 18months and under. So my co-worker daughter had no kids to really play and talk to and end up having speech delay. The mom had to take her daughter to a special speech class so her daughter c... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 09

Teacher cutting 3 year old hair!!!

Last night after bath I put my 3 year old daughters hair up in pigtails, this morning i brushed and fixed them to look nice. Both times perfect straight part. So when she came home from preschool this afternoon I was livid to find her hair had been cut. This is not the first time her hair has been cut I always assumed it was one of my other kids doing it so we put all the scissors up to where o... More

  • Morgan
    Jan 14

    I would report her

  • Anonymous
    Jan 16

    @annoymous I really don’t know any of the parents in her class, one of the kids lives on the same street as us but I don’t know if he’d know anything. I also don’t feel comfortable bringing a complete stranger into this. Thankfully after I washed and brushed her hair more it became less noticeable unless you are looking or know it’s there it’s hidden under more hair. I’ve been keep a close eye ... More

When did you start school?

My kids are 2 and 10 months, so we havent started school yet (although we are touring a Montessori school in Feb for our 2 year old...I'm so excited!). But recently my sister had an experience where she was basically scolded by an authority figure because her 3 year old isn't in preschool. She did register her daughter but the school had no openings so she has to wait till next year. I ... More

  • Ivy
    Jan 11

    My mom put me in preschool with my older sister when I was 3 and she was 4. But when my younger siblings didn’t do that because schools became more strict about age for preschools and kindergarten. Now, formal schooling requires testing, otherwise it will be out of pocket and half days for many preschoolers. I wanted to enroll my son in preschool when he was 3, but our district only allows yo... More

  • Michael
    Jan 21

    Not sure how it works in other states but in South Georgia, which can be just as bumpkin as it sounds sometimes, our preschools are not technically a part of the school system. My daughter goes to pre-school but it’s taught at a day care and it is super lax. I mean come when you want and show up if you want. You still pay of course but it’s not a lot more than just normal day care would be anyw... More

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