What to do when you and your partner disagree about child care

It’s common for parents to disagree many parenting issues so what do you do when you and your partner disagree about child care? We’ll walk you through a few key tactics for resolving child care disagreements so you and your partner can both be on the same page.

Parents disagreeing about child care

Do your research

Both parents should do research on child care. It’s important that each partner understands the landscape of different child care types, locations and prices. If you can’t agree on a type of child care, look into multiple types. Tour them, talk to the providers, talk to parents, and read parent reviews on Winnie. After an interview or a visit, a parent may change his/her thoughts completely or be more willing to compromise. If anything, understanding each other’s opinions will help you both when trying to listen to and discuss with one another. 

Talk it out

Make sure both partners are calm during child care discussions. Immediately after work may not be a good time for a potential argument or when your tired. When you’re ready to have a discussion, make a list of the pros and cons.

Sometimes disagreements between parents simply cannot be solved with each other, no matter how many times they try to listen to each other and discuss the issues. In those cases, it may be beneficial to bring in a professional. A therapist will be able to help both partners see disagreements in a different light, as well as help parents make decisions that will benefit the children involved.

Remember, it’s not all or nothing

Is one parent hesitant to send the child to a daycare center and the other is all for it? Perhaps there’s a compromise. Many daycares and preschools have part-time options where your child can ease their way into a group care environment. Once everyone is more comfortable it may then be possible to extend their day.

Posted in Daycare ∙ Updated March 2019