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Modern dads are a different breed — they take pride in being good fathers and are more likely to be the primary caregiver than ever before.

Men share and discuss what it means to be a dad and their unique role in the family, whether they are a stay-at-home dad or working outside the home.

Andre posted in Babies 18m ago

Work at Home Dad (to be)

I work at home (Data Analyst) which is great because I can easily drop the child off or pick up from daycare, doctor appointments, emergencies, etc. This is our first child (expecting mid/late June) and I know there’s a ton I don’t know. Working at home I’ve become accustomed to doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking, and errands during my workday. Just little things in between meetings and what ... More

Anonymous posted in For Dads Yesterday

Does trying to have a second child make you subconsciously feel like a sperm donor?

Not sure if this is a unique thought process, but my wife and I have been trying to have another baby for a couple of months now. Maybe I’m crazy, but this whole process makes me feel like I’m just part of the process. It’s very unromantic, and one so far is such a handful. I’m feeling pretty stressed, and my wife hasn’t really asked me if I’m ready at this point. Anyone experience similar fee... More

  • Anonymous
    1h ago

    It sounds like you aren’t on the same page about having (or trying to have) another child. You could try talking in a space without the stress of your current kid (babysitter? Grandparent day?) about it do that you and she can understand what you both are expecting. Stress can effect fertility on both sides - a good way to reduce some of that is clear & caring communication.

Brian posted in For Dads Apr 07

First time Father, Wife in pain

My wife is hurting so much, and I feel helpless. She is 6 months pregnant. She claims they are Braxton Hicks contractions, and with her being very independent I feel absolutely useless to help her pain. Does anyone know of some tips I could use to help her manage the pain, or get comfortable to where the contractions are bearable?

  • Christa
    Apr 09

    My husband would rub my stomach when I was pregnant with our first, and then have me sit or stand which ever I could do more comfortably in the shower, under warm water. Also she can do moist heat. Get a hand towel wet and put it in the microwave to get it warm and lay it across where it’s hurting. It could also be round ligament pain, which hurts like a bitch. I’d get those a lot too. Yoga is ... More

  • Julio

    A bath with candles and foot rubs. Simple but effective

Anonymous posted in For Dads Mar 30

I have no idea what to get my husband for his birthday!

We are having our first baby in June and going on a babymoon in a couple weeks (to Washington DC). Our last day there will be his birthday. Any recommendations for gifts or special things to do? TIA!!

  • Anonymous
    Mar 30

    What does he like to do? I’d do a fancier dinner together or a fun romantic thing. I live in DC if you want ideas.

  • Kathleen
    Mar 31

    Take him to a nats game. As for restaurants is he a foodie? There are lots of great restaurants here

Jair posted in For Dads Mar 21

Present fathers.

About 5 months ago I was let go of my job and it hit hard because not only did I ran out of money personally I am I father of 4 very energetic children My wife is more responsible than I am, thank God. So it was a long 121 days of retrospection and difficult feelings realizing how inadequate I am as a man. I told the ego to take a hike and I stripped myself of ideas I identified with and values... More

Mommy and me???

Trying to be an involved Father is a challenge, no doubt. I’m online looking for activities to do with my son (14 months old) and it seems like everything is angled towards Mommy and Me. What about pops? Just saying.. am i the only one that notices this?

  • Tobi
    Mar 20

    I agree with you Dad's. You are doing great 😍🤗👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Struggles of an older dad

Hey all, I’m a 50 year old father of 4 year old twin girls and I feel a little alone in my position. I’m very self conscious about the fact that I’m an older dad. We just moved to New Jersey (from Brooklyn) and we are in a community with tons of families. I find myself constantly looking at other dads and being jealous of their youth. My mind is always calculating how old I will be for all the ... More

  • Dada
    Feb 06

    Enjoy the moment. Age is a number

  • David
    Mar 19

    Hey John, I can relate I’m 56 and my daughter is 7. I really feel out of place with other dads. A lot of times when I’m out with her people always refer to me as her grandpa. I feel like I am a little late to the party. It’s hard to go to a outing with her and then allow the other dads are in their 30’s. I don’t know how to make the situation any different.

Postpartum Blues?

Hello! I’m a first time father to a 5 month old baby girl. I’m new to Winnie but I wanted to express my feelings about being a dad. About 2 months after she was born, I started to experience increased anxiety and even some physical symptoms, like sweating/loss of appetite etc. I’ve always been susceptible to anxiety and have seen a psychiatrist for many years and for the most part I’ve been... More

  • Tim
    Jan 08

    Such a good point Molly. We as parents need to stay happy or else the baby will suffer. I feel like I do a good job right now, and I hope you are right as the months move along things get somewhat back to a normal routine. Thank you for your input! Much appreciated!

    Jan 09

    Hey Tim, I didn't go through postpartum but I was scare. Having to care for another person is life changing for everybody. So is understandable what you going through.I salute you for even asking for help. My wife had it I know it can be tough and it was tough on us but what worked for her. She meditated daily and always told herself "I Can Do This" to be a parent. After a coupl... More

At home jobs!

I’m a stay at home mom and I miss working so I was wondering if anyone knew of any stay at home jobs hiring?! Please and thank you in advance

  • Shelby
    Nov 30, 2018

    You could be a homebased travel agent and make 80% of your sales

Anonymous posted in Money Nov 28, 2018

Stay at home jobs for introverts.

Hi All! Can anyone reccomend some stay at home jobs that doesn't involve sales or customer service? Thanks in advance.

  • Leah
    Nov 28, 2018

    Medical Coding. You need to go to school for it though.

  • Veronica
    Nov 29, 2018

    Fill out survey. Not sure about how effective or pay it is.

Do any stay at home moms make money from home ???

tips ?

  • Cynthia
    Nov 12, 2018

    Babysit & I will sell clothes I don’t use no more, don’t fit, or new with tags at posh mark!

Anonymous posted in Family Life Nov 01, 2018

To close for comfort?

Our daughter turned 1 recently and she is the only grandchild in both sets of our family. So yes, it’s a bit overwhelming with both grandparents and both sisters who aren’t married and are turning 47 this year. Our daughter is so loved by all but sometimes it feels like she is “the family baby”... this annoys me a bit since I feel this way mainly because of the way my wife’s family treated ou... More

  • Lulu
    Nov 02, 2018

    I hope you didn't misunderstand me..... too much family time CAN be a major issue, and you shouldn't GET OVER your issues. I find that when things are swept under the rug, they fester and become much larger issues. It also sounds like the boundaries are up to your wife to set... maybe stress the importance to her and let her know you can't really set these boundaries without her firm back up.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 02, 2018

    @lulu... thanks. No I didn’t miss understand you I just realized that my “problem” is actually not really that bad... while yes, boundaries are key which are sometimes difficult to set. While I’m glad my wife and I have begun discussing some of my concerns and interests in us taking the lead with schedules for visits I also know that since this is her family she likely has no issues with them w... More

What’s a good age to start play dates?

I’m a SAHD with a 2mo old. I’m asking not just for my LO but also I think I could use some grown up interaction.

  • Megan
    Oct 28, 2018

    The sooner the better

  • Jennifer
    Dec 27, 2018

    Check your local community centers a lot of them have an open gym for kids 5yrs-younger usually just a gym full of toys. We really enjoy these. Library story times is also great, a lot of libraries will also have a kids corner with a theme for kids to play in.

Son wants nothing to do with me (only mommy or others). Any tips?

  • Tino
    Nov 20, 2018

    Chandler and Rando have put it best. It’s more so a waiting game and practice of patience. Hang in there. Be present and attentive. That means being in the moment as your child is exploring and witnessing your child develop their own personality (dont miss it by being distracted by anything else). Furthermore, pay attention to the things that spark your child’s attention and curiously. ... More

  • Ash
    Nov 30, 2018

    My son goes through phases. Like Stacie says, be attentive of their likes but also share your hobbies with them too. Get them excited about what excites you.

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Oct 15, 2018

Helping a SAHD

When my daughter was born my mother helped me take care of her. I had about 5 months of maternity leave so I was at home for a good while, but once I returned to work, she took care of her alone while myself and my husband were working. Now our routine has changed and my mother returned to work. My husband is now a SAHD and while he does an amazing job I need to help him with getting her on a r... More

  • LaVona
    Oct 15, 2018

    We recently transitioned to the same set up. Before we started i created a scedule for them to get ideas on how to plan his days. He morphed this into his own schedule. I told him how important it is for a child to have a structured day with set times for naps, food and play. The different typed of play for developement and growth. The variety of foods that we needed to hit each week. He has ... More

  • Pad
    Nov 05, 2018

    Hmm tough one.. speaking from a male perspective I agree totally schedules and routines are important. I don’t think Dads lack of scheduling is a disregard for the need but rather another point to consider is just how difficult being a stay at home dad/mom can be. Sounds like you are placing unrealistic expectations on papa bear almost like he should measure up to your mom but men just are wir... More

Advice for myself.

So I’m basically gonna be brutally honest here. I don’t have friends at all and I spend all my time with my babygirl unless I am working. I was thinking should I go out there and make friends or should I just stay the way I am?????????? I mean I am very selfish when it comes to my daughter and I don’t ask for ppl to take care of her when is not needed. I literally take her everywhere with me li... More

  • Ricardo
    Oct 14, 2018

    Girl! Go out, I give mommy, mommy breaks when she's a stay at home mom and takes care of my gmomey daughter. It's good to take breaks, enjoy yourself and well. Live your life too! ❤

  • Twinki
    Oct 15, 2018

    I feel like any time I spend outside of out of work, school or my kids... my husband makes up crazy stories of why I’m not at home. I never gave him reason not to believe me. It’s his past that he is so untrustworthy. I have a zero social life. Not even social media social life. Ikr?! I tried a girls night at our last duty station but that was a fail. I work full time, go to school full time ... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 06, 2018

Paternal Postpartum Depression?

Does anyone have experience with their spouse being depressed after baby was born? My husband has been uncharacteristically frustrated with our second baby. With the first, he bonded very quickly. Last night, the baby started to cry and he insisted on trying to calm her down even though he seemed frustrated. I offered to do it and for him to take our toddler instead, but he wouldn’t let me take... More

  • Josh
    Oct 06, 2018

    New dad here to a wonderful week old girl. Has your partner stated he has PPD. I was actually talking to my wife today that sometimes it is frustrating. Not in a negative way towards the baby as in I don’t love her or have a connection. More in a I want to be more active during night hours so she can get more sleep and rest in between feeds. Maybe his frustration is resulting from the same? Tr... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 07, 2018

    Thanks New Dad, it seems my husband and you are on the same page about medications, lol. I don’t think he wants to be more active/involved as we already take shifts, but I do think he is such a good dad to the first that he wants to be able to be the same kind of father to the second. I think that he doesn’t remember how hard it was with the first because he kind of took the lead for me-he had ... More

Dad App for advice & info

I downloaded this app & I like it. Wanted to share it with all of you dads out there! It’s called “Daddy Up”. Gives tips for you & even some relationship advice.

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