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The journey through motherhood is as diverse as it is long — every mom faces different trials but we are all united in our love for our children.

This is safe space for women to talk about the parts of parenthood that are uniquely female including pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum care.

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery 5h ago

PTSD from c section?

I had a really traumatic birth with my first and had to have an emergency c section. Everything that could of went wrong did and I’m terrified it will happen again. I’m pregnant again and have a c section scheduled for may 13th. Its giving me so much anxiety and keeping me up at night. I’m terrified! Was your second c section any better? Does that fear go away? I’ve talked to my doctor about it... More

  • B
    1h ago

    I had a planned caection, and it was much less traumatic than what I’m sure an emergency one was. Although I went into labor early, so had it early. You are awake the whole time, and can see and touch baby right away. Ask your doctor now to talk you through exactly what will happen. It helped me a lot. I also asked the nurse during to tell me what was happening.

  • Anonymous
    39m ago

    Thank you so much ladies I don’t know how I posted it anonymously but definitely needed some encouragement. We’ve talked about Vbac but I’m even more scared of the risks with that just because I have some health issues. My dreams have just been so bad lately and almost every dream I die while giving birth so it’s just a huge anxiety thing for me. I really appreciate all of your stories/encourag... More

Struggling 😩

I’m a stay at home mom for almost three months now and I decided to get a job while being stay at home mom. How can I find a job that suitable for stay at home moms? Any advices?

  • Kaitlyn

    I'm becoming a financial advisor through a company called primerica and I make my own schedule! So I stay home with the kiddos and on my finance’s days off I leave for about 3 hours

  • Gretta
    5h ago

    I'm starting an in-home child care. Right now I'm not yet certified, so I'm just watching family, but I'll add on a couple more kids once I get my certification, and I should be making around $1300/ mo. Not a lot, but not bad considering it's just a supplemental income and I get to stay home with my kids AND give them all the attention they need!

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Tuesday

Maybe postpartum depression?

So I’ve had terrible back pain for the past 3 month. It’s very hard to move even just sitting down or standing up is a struggle. It makes me want to be very lazy and it doesn’t really work because my son will be a year nov. 5 and has been walking and getting into everything. I try my hardest but it’s so hard to get out of bed every morning. Could this be ppd? Or depression from my back pain? Wh... More

  • Tammy

    I think they are most definitely affiliated. Self awareness is the first step to getting help. Everyone’s ppd is different but mine is fueled from not feeling like my full potential. My girls don’t suffer from lack of love or attention but I struggle with the inadequacy to find the energy and pain free (back/hips/knees) life I once had. I once told a friend I wasn’t productive and they said ‘th... More

  • Hannah

    Did you get an epidural? My back is messed up from mine.

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Monday

How long did you HONESTLY wait to have sexual intercourse after having your baby?

My sister is 3 weeks postpartum and she wants to have sexual intercourse and doesn’t want to wait anymore. I told her she already waited this long and if she can wait a few more weeks it’ll be worth it because she NEEDS to heal. She won’t listen to me though and I’m pretty sure she’s going to do it anyways. So have any of you had sexual intercourse before the 6 week mark??

  • Courtney
    4h ago

    A week 😬

  • Anonymous
    1h ago

    @courtney how painful was that? I imagine it being a pretty painful time 😐😩

Ameena posted in For Moms Monday

Mom friends??

So I’m 23 years old. When I graduated high school I stopped talking to literally everyone and got 2 jobs working. Made new friends at work but yah no they are your coworkers. I have a son now and can’t seem to click with any other moms or girls out there. I know it’s me because I’m shy at first and now that Ive been a sahm for some time I feel like I’ve lost connection with the outside world l... More

  • Michaela

    Hey mama, I’m in that same boat with you! I can never seem to get passed an intro phase, and develop deeper friendships and definitely just feel cut off from the real world. I’m not sure how to help as I can’t seem to help myself at the moment, but just hang in there and know you’re not alone in this! 😊

Postnatal Vitamins

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good postnatal vitamin for a breastfeeding mom? The one I’m taking now seems to be affecting my nails a lot.

  • Lulu

    Yes! Perfect Postnatal by New Chapter. Found it on for the best price. I love it :)

  • Dana

    I’ve been using Honest prenatals for almost 2 years and I really like them. You can get them at target, amazon and Honest website.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Monday

Not excited about #2

I’m trying to get excited about baby #2 but I’m having a hard time. It wasn’t a planned thing and it was so hard to get pregnant with our first (lots of fertility issues) so every moment was so special. I just still can’t wrap my head around another baby and how hard 2 will be. I feel bad but I just can’t seem to get excited even through everyone around me is. I feel bad I don’t feel way that w... More

  • Janinne

    I planned each of my children and let me tell you- what you're feeling is normal. It's ok. You're not a terrible person. Whether or not you plan your first, second or third baby, being worried and nervous is completely normal. And ok!!! Just enjoy these last moments with your first baby.

  • Jen

    I felt the same way with my second he is 2 months now. The love and bonding is growing day by day. It’s hard and you keep feeling guilty every now but it’s all just more love in your family now.

Mirena & breastfeeding

Hello! I was just wondering if any of you guys are on mirena AND breastfeeding and if so do you get a period? My daughter is 19 months old and i haven't had a period since the one right before i got pregnant with her (may 2016). I used to breastfeed a lot but now that she is getting older i only breastfeed every other night so i don't know if that even makes a difference anymore. I jus... More

  • Amanda

    U may not have one. I got it after my 3rd child and never had a period until I had it out for about a yr.

Anonymous posted in Fitness Sunday

Where are my other stay-at-home mamas that are having a hard time getting motivation to work out?

Hey there mamas! You are all amazing amd doing a fantastic job!!! I just need to see how you all get in your workouts and when.

  • Shellz

    Omg it's been so hard for me to get back in shape for some reason but I've been trying to workout at least twice a week I just don't have as much energy as I used to before I had my baby.

  • Jessica

    So challenging to find the time and/or motivation! Oh, and energy! Sometimes I’ll knock out some crunches on my son’s play mat while he’s playing next to me. He thinks it’s hilarious 😂

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Saturday

TMI! Postpartum gas?!

Moms, is this a thing? Because I am OVER IT. My belches and other airy releases are... manly, to say the least. It got this way during pregnancy and never went away (5 months pp). My hubby says I just "got used to doing it" but I swear I didn't 😂😩

  • Lulu

    Yes! Totally normal and unfortunate!

  • Katrina

    Yep. Truth. I feel you, other mama. 2 years over here.

How to survive pregnancy while caring for a baby?

Currently 27 weeks pregnant with a 7 month old.. hubby wasted no time 🙃 (he and his brother are a year apart, so he has this idea it’ll be easy and they can keep each other company since they’ll be close in age etc, so against my better judgement I agreed with him 🤦🏾‍♀️) it’s been over a month since I quit working but it seems like I’m more tired now than when I worked 😩 but I dare not vent to ... More

  • Delaney

    I always find going on walks gives me energy. Definitely somewhere with a bit more of nature. Plus it’ll keep your little one busy and entertained.

  • MG

    I don’t have much advice but just support! Just know that I find caring for a baby is much harder and tiring then being at work! And that’s not even being pregnant. I can only imagine! I work very busy 10-12hrs days on my feet without a break and I find it to be much easier then taking care of my babes. So whoever is mommy shamming you, shame on them for not being understanding and supportive! ... More

Pumping at 1 year

Any moms only breastfeed the first year and then start pumping to build a supply to help ease the switch to cows milk? I wasn’t a great pumper when my son was born and I’m a stay home mom so I just stuck to breastfeeding, he just turned one and I’d like to be able to leave once in a while but I’m not sure how to go about pumping or getting him switched or both lol. Any advice on starting pumpin... More

  • Anisha

    I discovered that I am most engorged in the middle of the night so I pump when baby wakes while my husband gives baby her bottle (expressed milk from the night before). It’s much easier to have him feed her and put her right back down than when I nursed her because she would cling to me.

  • Anisha

    In fact, she’s now waking less too. I think she also figured out that mommy’s not coming in to see me anymore so I may as well just sleep.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Thursday

Ovulation Bleeding???

Just when I think I know everything about the female body, something else happens or changes! 😂 apparently ovulation bleeding is a thing, but it’s most common in teens and older women about to go through menopause. I’m 21.. anyone else have this?

  • Anonymous

    Crazy. I’m 6 months postpartum and it is just now happening. I was worried that somehow it was implantation bleeding.(which happened with my son) But it was too red. And it came with the typical discharge that happens when I ovulate.. and it’s time for me to ovulate. Sorry if it’s tmi. Lol

  • Lulu

    No worries! Yeah I worry every time about a miscarriage every time I see it because mine was marked by much spotting etc. I was grateful to see your post bc I was freaking out at the time lol now I know I'm not alone :) thanks for sharing :)

Monique posted in For Moms Oct 11

Where R my stay at home mommy’s at ?!?

Every morning are like getting ready for a 5K run let’s not forget To drinks that godly good stuff COFFEE lol So dropping off my daughter to school remind you I also have a 14 month old daughter So that being said I need some ideas to keep myself from getting depressed it’s so hard dealing with daily tantrum’s like no tomorrow I’ve tired my best to keep my sweet but sour patch calm . Anyone hav... More

  • NaTaki

    Hi Mo and other mommies. I’m a stay at home mom with 19 years of experience at being at home. It is normal and natural for mornings to feel like a 5k and the remedy for that is to develop a routine that suites you. Start with a simple routine and add new wants in one at a time. Here is some of my fixes - we found clothes for the week usually on Friday. (That gave me time to wash that faded dres... More

  • Monique

    Thank you so much 😊

So this might be serious stop reading, this post is about periods after pregnancy!

So my son is 8 months old, I had periods after I had him pretty regularly but then all the sudden about 3 or 4 months ago my periods stopped. Just nothing, and I’m not pregnant. I keep taking tests to see if i am and they all come up negative. I quit taking my birth control right before my periods stopped because my husband and I wanted to get pregnant again. Is this normal? Could this just be ... More

  • Katrina
    Oct 11

    There is a spectrum of normal, but a few thoughts. 1. If you're breastfeeding, that will often make returning periods less predictable and can result in a couple early cycles followed by cessation of periods for a time. 2. Cessation after regular periods is outside the realm of "common." If your earlier periods really seemed like regular periods to you, I'd definitely check... More

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you both! I will definitely be contacting my health provider just to have some peace of mind!

Advice for myself.

So I’m basically gonna be brutally honest here. I don’t have friends at all and I spend all my time with my babygirl unless I am working. I was thinking should I go out there and make friends or should I just stay the way I am?????????? I mean I am very selfish when it comes to my daughter and I don’t ask for ppl to take care of her when is not needed. I literally take her everywhere with me li... More

  • Ricardo

    Girl! Go out, I give mommy, mommy breaks when she's a stay at home mom and takes care of my gmomey daughter. It's good to take breaks, enjoy yourself and well. Live your life too! ❤

  • Twinki

    I feel like any time I spend outside of out of work, school or my kids... my husband makes up crazy stories of why I’m not at home. I never gave him reason not to believe me. It’s his past that he is so untrustworthy. I have a zero social life. Not even social media social life. Ikr?! I tried a girls night at our last duty station but that was a fail. I work full time, go to school full time ... More

Kieli posted in For Moms Oct 10

Brown discharge

Hey guys! Husband and I got home from dinner, I’m about 10 weeks pregnant and went to use the restroom and noticed quite a bit of brown discharge. Not sure if this is something I should be concerned about, I haven’t been to the dr yet as I’m trying to get the insurance in order. What are your guys’ thoughts?

  • Kaitlyn
    Oct 11

    That’s good!

  • Autum
    Oct 11

    Bright red blood and bleeding like a period is cause for concern! If no cramps I wouldn’t stress about it :)

Nipple and Breast pain.

Hey Mommies. I need some ideas on how I heal my nipples. I had a milk bleb/ blister a couple weeks ago and it popped. Now I’m just dealing with it trying to heal but it’s kind of hard because I’m still breastfeeding. And I don’t not have an option to stop feeding. Also having a burning pain after I stop feeding. I can feel the pain in my nipple and deep in my breast. So right now my nipple i... More

  • Amy
    Oct 10

    Lanolin and nipple shield. I bought a few nipple shields so that I could switch them out and have a clean one every time I nursed. I also pumped more than breastfed until I felt like my nipples could handle the nipple shield and nursing. Once my nipples healed enough, I was able to stop using the lanolin and nipple shield all together.

  • Katrina
    Oct 11

    With deep pain, I agree that a lactation consultant would be a really good isea.

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Oct 10

PPD/PPA & significant others

For anyone that has or had PPD/PPA, how detailed are you with your significant other about what's going on? Do you share every little thing? Share only the need to know? How do you go about starting the conversations?

  • Catharine
    Oct 10

    I was and still try to be as open as possible with my husband. It is scary to do. I feel super vulnerable telling him I had a bad day, because I have it in my head I should be able to handle things. But that’s why we’re partners, so I can lean on him when I go through a rough time. And I think if you would like your SO to help, let him/her know what you’re feeling so they can know how to help... More

  • Erin
    Oct 11

    With PPD/PPA it all stems from this horrible notion that our isolationist type of culture perpetuates which is we as mothers need to be able to do it all without any help (social media, I blame you!). Sadly, when we compare ourselves to others we think we need to be everything to our child. This is simply untrue and totally toxic to raising a healthy human. Mothers should not be the sole source... More


My baby is 6 weeks old ever since he was born I have been breastfeeding, once we got home breastfeeding wasn’t enough and I had to also supplement with formula. Now I feel like my breast are all dried up!! I keep trying to make him latch and the poor thing does but gets frustrated. Any tips on how to build up my breast milk production?

  • Alleria
    Oct 10

    Mothers Milk(contains fenugreek) and fenugreek itself is risky for breast milk. Either it helps your supply of it kills it. I drank the tea and noticed my supply dropped dramatically. So be careful

  • Cynthia
    Oct 10

    Moringa is proven to boost supply.

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