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The journey through motherhood is as diverse as it is long — every mom faces different trials but we are all united in our love for our children.

This is safe space for women to talk about the parts of parenthood that are uniquely female including pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum care.

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Wednesday

Uhh... My Cycle Is terrible now! 😭

Did anyone experience this postpartum? And how long did it last? I want my 4 day period back!!!

  • Anonymous

    No minera for me. Just my body hating me!!!

  • Haley

    I think it's just all the hormone changes. I had my period every other week for 3 months after having my daughter. It was the most miserable thing ever. But things finally returned to normal and I got my 3/4 day cycle back. Eat healthy, stay hydrated, and just give things time is what my gynecologist said.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Wednesday

Period Post Pregnancy - how long until your's started?

Almost at 9 months and still haven't had my first period yet. I am on a birth control pill while breastfeeding- just started this month. I've taken a pregnancy test - negative. This was my first pregnancy. We had wanted to start trying for Baby#2 at a year. Should I be concerned? How long did you wait till you had a period after delivering?

  • Amber

    My period came back at 6 months postpartum, and I’ve continued to breastfeed (my kiddo just turned 2).

  • Katrina

    If breastfeeding, it can be anywhere from 6w to over 2 years. It's highly variable from one woman to the next. Mine came back at 6w1d, when I was still too dazed with a newborn to regret that it was already back. A friend didn't have any periods before getting pregnant while previous child was over 2yrs.

Exhausted SAHM

I’m not knocking the newborn stage because it IS exhausting - but MAN - my toddler is walking and I’ve never been more tired. We keep busy all day longggg and it’s go-go-go. How do you stay energized?

  • Cambric

    I have the same problem! My toddler is such a busy bee and also fighting nap time lately... I try to go to bed earlier, nap when she does, and play outside where she can run a lot and tire out!

  • Deleeshia

    Lol you find games you can play with them where you sit and they run around lol

Anonymous posted in For Moms Tuesday

Sex Drive

Any fixes for complete loss of sex drive? I love my husband and am attracted to him but I can't get myself to want sex even a little. I'm EBF and postpartum 4 months. I'm tired of the fights it's causing plus I think it just makes my husband feel sad :( any suggestions would be appreciated

  • Amber

    I agree with Jenn. I have always had a very low sex drive and what I find helpful is to sit down and explain that sex =/= love. Explain that your body is still going through changes and it may take a while for your body to want sex again. Otherwise have you tried for play that usually helped me get in the mood.

  • Amber

    @dominique I have done what you done in just laying there and takeing it and it was not very fun. I would suggest trying to explain that sex =/= love and that you still love him but just don't want to have sex right now. If you would like you can pm me to talk about it.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Tuesday

Haha oops. 😬

So, I had a c-section 4.5 months ago, and I’ve been told it’s dangerous to get pregnant again until at least 6 months pp. We had a slip up, and I’m not on birth control. If I get pregnant is it risky? Anyone have similar situation? I’m freaking out! Help!!!

  • Mackenzie

    There are definitely risks but then again there are plenty of risks with a normal pregnancy. Many people have had kids very close together successfully otherwise I doubt there would be a term for it (ie Irish twins). Try not to stress because that can be just as bad for a pregnancy. Good luck!

  • Elle

    @Mackenzie - the decline in fetal growth is likely due to restricted/diverted blood flow.

Postpartum Hair Loss

I’m okay with the actual hair loss. No biggie for me. do keep it out my baby’s hands? He always has wads even after I take it all out. It’s driving me crazy 🤯

  • Michelle

    Haha! Everyday mom bun is exactly where I’m at right now 😅

  • Paige

    Yep! Bun everyday! I only take it down when I go to sleep and put it back up first thing in the morning. Even then he somehow finds hairs.

Postpartum resources

For those who have gone through and are going through, postpartum depression and/or anxiety, did you have resources readily available to you? Or did you have to fend for yourself? Ie find a counselor by yourself, figure out what was covered by insurance..etc. I was fortunate to have worked at a mental health clinic and my ob-gyn, so I knew where I could go for help. But if I hadn’t, I would ha... More

  • Joanne

    Baby blues look them up

  • Miranda

    I feel like I got asked a lot about symptoms of PPD but that was really the extent even though I did have it. To be fair, I wasn’t interested in medication but otherwise no other resources were really made available.


1/10 chance here (little pun) but are there any mom with endometriosis who can help a young woman who just got diagnosed with severe case. I’m only 20 and I could use some insight from a woman who knows what’s going on

  • Kayla

    Also OBs do NOT know Endo. You need a specialist if you really want a chance to get rid of it or at least for a while.

  • Cheyenne

    They’re starting me on a new pill that came out called orilissa. And then we are gunna try for another baby. After the 6 month treatment I’ll only have about 5 months to try. But my husband says after we try I should get a hysterectomy

a posted in For Moms Sunday

Talk to me about motherhood in your 40s

  • Anonymous

    To me having a baby on my 20s would have meant being a single mom. I thought about it sometimes and at some point I was committed to do it upon hitting 30. I turned 30 and found someone, so decided to wait it out, build strength and confidence in the relationship, and then have a baby. With the benefit of hindsight I say I wish I have done it earlier, but I guess the hardship of being (or endin... More

  • Tracy

    I have a 13month old, and I just turned 44. I was hesitant in my 30’s to have a child. I didn’t want to feel trapped. I wanted to travel. My husband wanted to launch a successful start-up. So it wasn’t until I was 40 that we got married, and started thinking about kids. I’d say I’m much more patient then I would have been if I were younger. I’ve also had the benefit of watching friends and fam... More

Anonymous posted in DIY Sunday

SAHM suggestions on Etsy shop?

I’m recently a stay at home mom looking to scrap together any money I can, I’m very crafty but lost my imagination years ago so looking to anyone out there with suggestions on what they’d buy? I’d like to make binky/pacifier clips I’m also a pretty good artist and thought of doing monogrammed nursery pantings/illustrations of animals but I just feel like people don’t buy art really much and ..... More

  • Ithza

    Everything you listed sounds awesome to me! People seem to go nuts for onesies specifically milestones and bday tops. But you seem to have a good selection of things to make! Hope you make a ton of money!!

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Sunday

Nasty Csection scar

So im a plus size momma, and i have had 3 csections, my newest csection scar is 9 months old and my fat goes over this!! :( is there any hope for loosing this? I still dont have full feeling in my abdoman. How do i loose it?

  • Denise

    I have always been petite and my son is five and I still have like the fat hanging over. It’s just a little pudge of fat.

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Sunday

Anyone else have loss of sex drive after having baby?

I am 7 months postpartum, and still have little to no drive. I am still breastfeeding, so I know that has something to do with it hormonally. This was the same with our first child. When I went to the doctor after first baby I talked with him about that and how I would get angry easily. He said it's probably just loss if sleep and that will change with more sleep. After our second child, I&... More

  • Amber

    I must warn about any sexual disorder. While it could be hypoactive, it could also be that a person is asexual. Asexual means that you don't have any sexual attraction towards anyone and is perfectly normal. Now bf mom's of young ones it's most likely the hormones. And of course you can always talk to your doctor. But please don't ever think that there is something wrong with yo... More

  • Trinity
    4h ago

    I just want to encourage anyone reading this to remember that Sex is a way of giving love to your significant other even when you don’t feel like you have a sex drive. I’m 10 months postpartum and still breastfeeding so I have lost the desire but I enjoy being intimate with my husband anyway because I’m expressing my love for him and receiving affection. I encourage you to think about Sex diffe... More

Online college while being a stay at home mom to many

Any of you moms are taking any online college courses while being a mommy to more than one child? I have 4 children (5,6,2,1) all boys. I am contemplating returning to college and need some advice on how to manage school and small children. Afraid I won’t be able to do both but I wanna really try... any advice will be greatly appreciated

  • Katelyn

    If you have family near by to come watch the kids even for a couple hours, or hire someone to come to your house while you study, bring the kids to a public library while you study, slam in a lot of the work on weekends... Just a few I've been looking into (I'm in a similar boat but with just a one year old). Also seeing if there are other moms in your area with a similar situation and ... More

  • Mal

    Push yourself to try! You deserve to do something for yourself. Maybe try with one or two courses tops. Depending on the work load. This way you can test it out and see how you could fit it in. Good luck !!!!


Hey guys, has anyone ever taken Zoloft for depression and anxiety? If so, what was your experience? I took one pill last night and feel miserable. Does it get any better??

  • Ro
    Aug 11

    It takes about a week to start showing effect cause it had to build up in your system. By the end of week 4 you should feel much better as it will be 100% in your system. I take mine in the morning cause I think I feel better overall than taking it at night but while I was breastfeeding I would take it at night. Out of curiosity, how much did the Dr start you with? I was started with 25 and... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 11

    While I'm not allergic my doctor has it listed as a medication allergy to assure I will never be put on it again. It made my depression so much worse and lead to 2 suicide attempts.

Anonymous posted in For Moms Aug 05

Are your mom friends getting weird after you announce second pregnancy?

My husband and I are just starting to tell people we are pregnant. I am surprised by my mom friend responses. “Are you taking organic vitamins? I can’t believe you’re working out while pregnant...why are you telling people so soon...” the comments go on. What the heck? Is this normal?

  • Lulu
    Aug 05

    People suddenly know everything when you're pregnant, and they aren't afraid to tell you! It's the worst.

  • JJ
    Aug 06

    Not saying it’s right, but get used to a lot of unsolicited advice and judgment now that you’re going to be a mom. Learn to brush it off. You do what’s best for your family and you do not need to justify your decisions to anyone.

Anonymous posted in Making Friends Aug 05

Being a single mom is frustrating

Does anyone else feel like this? I don’t really have any mom friends so when my friends invite me out, I have to either bring the baby or find someone to watch her. I don’t have too many ppl that I trust to watch her an most of the time I have to bring her with me. Today I actually wanted to go this event but of course no kids allowed but i didn’t find out until I got to the place. So I actua... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 07

    Yes I still breastfeed too so that is part of my struggle as well bc I have to make sure I have enough milk for her. I totally forget to mention that struggle! 😩 how old is your LO? Mine is about to be 8mo, I’m trying to make it to a year.

  • Rufichka
    Aug 07

    11m.o.) my ped.said I should stop because he doesn't eat solid food normally ((( i have a problems with that (

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Moms Aug 05

So I chose to be a FTM as I truly believe in the importance of being present for my babies until they are at school. I do my best, though I’m now having to admit to myself that I am just not a talented Home Maker. I’m not organised, so I often don’t get laundry done on time, or I don’t get to properly brush my toddler’s big hair, or my infant’s bedtime routine has to suffer as I struggle to get... More

  • Melissa
    Aug 06

    I found that watching cleaning motivational videos on YouTube helped me. Other mamas give tips and tricks that help them, and it helps me.

  • Catharine
    Aug 08

    You are doing a wonderful job! I don’t think many moms have it all together all the time. A whiteboard has helped me a lot. It does take time and effort to update it, but I’m thankful later on when I do. One list on the board is of what dinner options are available in the house, so I don’t stare into the fridge at 4 pm wondering what to make for dinner. Another list is an ongoing grocery l... More

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Aug 02

Is this the new me? Always angry

I’m noticing that I’m angry a lot. I usually (before baby) am a very happy person. Having a baby has been the greatest joy and blessing that’s ever occurred in my life, it’s also been one of the most difficult times in our relationship. Ummm does this ever get better? Will I stop being so angry or is this like how all new moms are.... angry. FYI baby is now 12 months, will I ever see my old sel... More

  • Jennifer
    Aug 06

    Hi Anonmymous, take it easy. I think it will go away in time. I too went through the same phase, as I didn't have any help with my kids from either side of the family. And when we do go visit my MIL that would nag or criticize the way I take care of my babies. They even let my daughter who was 2 at the time sip on their ice coffee they were drinking thinking it was ok for the kids to tr... More

  • Moxie LCSW Corp
    Aug 10

    Postpartum Support International and 2020Moms have great info on this. Anger is common and might be a symptom of PMAD. You are not alone. Do you have a supportive groups of mom friends in your community?

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Aug 02

hair loss

I just recently stopped breastfeeding and noticed that I started to lose some hairs not long after. Every time I wash my hair I will see a clump of hairs in the bathtub drainage. Even when I brush or running my fingers through my hair, I will get some more hair. I never have this issue with my first baby but this one scares me... Any mommies have the same issue?

  • Kary
    Aug 04

    Take prenatal vitamins it will help with the hair loss

  • Aleigh
    Aug 04

    Yes, I did, so normal and so annoying! Hang in there, vitamins like biotin are good for hair/skin/nails.

Mommy’s of 4 toddlers...who wants to learn to drive but anxiety disorder is stopping me

Hi Fellow Mommy’s I am a proud and sooo burnt out mommy of 4 toddler boys ( my eldest is turning 6 on Saturday, my second eldest is turning 5 on Monday coming, then is my two youngest sons ages 2.5. & 1.5) Basically they are driving me bonkers as a stay at home mom who doesn’t drive ( but I really wanna learn...Driving Anxiety is stopping me😩) any advice on how to try to overcome fear so I... More

  • Diane
    Aug 02

    Theres a driving school in Valley Stream called A Womans Way driving school that focuses om treating anxietys and phobias realted to driving. It might be a lot for you to get there, maybe can take the LIRR or have someone you know drive you there, but may be worth trying? I never went but looked into it when I was having a lot of anxiety related to driving. Good luck!

  • Arleasha
    Aug 03

    Thank you

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