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16 month old waking up 10-13 times a night


I have tried literally every trick in every “book” I can find, my daughter just cannot sleep through the night. A solid 2 hours has become a blessing because usually she wakes up every 1-1.5 hours. I’m a single mom, so it’s all on me. I have gone to a sleep psychologist, I’ve tried all the cry/no cry methods, a consistent routine, consistent naps during the day, etc. Currently I am trying a no cows milk diet, it’s the first thing I’ve had hope in working for awhile but seeing no progress yet. I’m beaten down and beyond exhausted... other sleepy moms, please help!

  • María
    Feb 11

    I notice my daughter likes to comfort herself to sleep for example she cuddles with her stuff animal or hugs her blanket. Maybe see if she will feel comfortable sleeping with you. Not sure if you want her to sleep with you or you’re trying to get her to sleep in her own crib but maybe it might give a lil bit of sleep.

  • Lindsey
    Feb 12

    I actually had the same problem with my son. I never did this with any of my other kids but I put him to sleep in his crib, so I get some time. And then when he wakes up around 12-1am I just sleep in a twin bed we bought in there with him. He wakes sometimes once but goes right back to sleep on his own now. He is so stubborn and nothing else I tried worked. I actually sleep and that is wonderful 😁.

  • Toni
    Feb 12

    My daughter did this since the birth through 5yr old. Turns out she needed her adenoids & tonsils out and had sleep apnea. Her nostrils were 90% blocked. After surgery, slept like a baby ever since. She’s 10.5y now. I would suggest you go to ENT. They didn’t find the issues until they went in the nose with a camera. All the doctors and pediatricians kept telling me that everything was fine and looked normal until the camera revealed everything!

  • Lily
    Feb 12

    I would try what Lindsey did.....I cosleep with my 17 month old and she sleeps all night. I think sometimes they just need that time with mommy. It could be a way for you to get some sleep until your little one is a little older:)

  • Diane
    Feb 17

    I put a bed in my daughters room and when she wakes (usually 3 hrs or so after she goes to sleep) I sleep in that bed with her. Eventually Im hoping she’ll transition into sleeping in that bed without me. I fought her night wake ups for sooo long and finally when she was 16 months I decided to do this and im so much happier. I didnt bring her into my bed bc I want my bed to remain mine and my husbands. Good luck!