First response test

I’m seeing a lot of mixed reviews for the first response tests, amazon has a lot of false negatives then target has a lot of false positives. Anyone get false positives?

  • Vicki
    Sep 17

    I don’t know about their accuracy. I don’t even bother with name brand/store brand tests. You can get 50 HCG test strips for $15 on amazon.

  • Sara
    Sep 18

    I have never had a false result with first response. I also have used the HCG test strips that are cheap because I'm a testing junky (especially when I'm undergoing fertility treatment) but then I always confirm with first response and it has never lead me astray.

  • Katrina
    Sep 18

    I dont think first response has false results, but more likely misleading or confusing because the 1 line or 2 lines is tricky. It's common you might see just 1 line which you would think means "not pregs" but it's actually the location of the line that really matters, see my photo of a positive test. there was only one line and so I thought it meant "not pregnant" but if you look closely the line is not on the right side like it should be if it were a true negative result. So in the end, I was pregnant and the test was just kinda tricky to read. I did some research online and they said if your HCG levels are high enough it could pull all the pink coloring from the other "not pregnant" line.

  • Beth
    Sep 19

    Honestly the little tests from Dollar tree are perfectly fine as long as thier not expired and they usually aren't in my area!

  • Jenn
    Oct 27

    I've bought exclusively from the pharmacy and had accurate results every time.