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Whether you're glowing, nesting, energized or resting, these 9 months are a period of tremendous growth — literally.

This is a safe space to ask questions and share insights on everything from prenatal care and morning sickness to labor and delivery.

Parents of Girls: lets talk gender disappointment. Can folks share articles, studies, trends, etc in first born (or even only child girls) that will help us feel better? (It goes without saying the 'but all the cute dresses!' , 'and the dolls', etc reactions others have offered make us feel worse, not better). Looking to feel more inspired, more excited. Thank You.

  • Chaya
    7h ago

    We wanted a boy first, got a girl. Considering we knew we weren’t done we were excited about how much help she would be.... and it’s so much more relaxing having her as a toddler now that I have a 4 month old boy. She is very loving toward him, and protective. I also don’t have to chase her around like I could imagine I would have to do if I had a boy first. The energy is very different because... More

  • Priscilla
    5h ago

    As a mom of two boys, something I hear a LOT (and find really annoying) is how we should definitely try for a girl next because "daughters are for life, sons are until they find their wives".. something like that. 😂 While I don't personally agree with that as I have a ton of girlfriends who are completely uninvolved with their parents/not close with their families while a lot of t... More

Hey ladies! So my firstborn will be 17 months when I’m due with my 2nd baby in August and I’m scared and nervous and have no idea what to expect any advice from parents with a small gap in between babies? This will be my second csection as well!

  • Anonymous

    Mine are 18 months and 23 months apart. My older two are 3 and 4 now and truly each other’s best friend ( and sometimes worst enemy.) My best advice for the first few months is lower your expectations for yourself... and then lower them some more. Figure out what needs to be done day to day in order for you to continue to function as a family. Forget everything else for a little while. You ... More

  • Meg
    9h ago

    My little girl and boy are 13 months apart. They are the best of friends. My daughter had a baby and we would teach her with that before the baby was born how to be gentle etc. she has done amazing. It can be hard at times but it is SO worth it. They are so close. Now my daughter will bring her baby anywhere we go and do whatever I do for my son. When he eats, she feeds her baby etc. seeing how... More

We had our daughter 1 year ago and I still can’t seem to get back to wanting to be sexual. I do it for him sometimes but honestly I just never want it. Ever. Am I alone? Is there a reason? Is it fixable?!!

  • Amanda Thompson

    Alexandra you don't have to live like this. You can enjoy intimacy again. It's so freeing and vindicating! Please keep me in the loop, you deserve better.

  • Kristen
    10h ago

    I watched this video of a woman explaining how her and her husband go on "first dates" a couple times a year. Maybe try this? Have him ask you out, maybe he can get flowers, you both can get all dressed up and try to learn new things about each other, it sounds like a great idea to me and I would love to try it with my own husband.

Has anyone had a tubal litigation? I have a Csection scheduled for the end of March and am seriously considering having one. Has anyone had complications after the surgery and/or did it make your Csection recovery longer?

  • Christina

    I’m scheduled for c-section middle of May and will have a tube ligation. This is mostly because I will not have anymore children this one will be my third and I’m also going to be 36 when I have her. I’ve read it’s not painful with c-section and doesn’t add additional pain. Recovery won’t be longer either. I had some concerns and spoke with my doctor about it my last ob visit. Talk it over with... More

  • Abby

    I had one done when we had our daughter in January 2017 via C-Section. It was covered by our insurance. No extra healing time. It added about 10 minutes to the procedure and I was awake during the whole thing and listening to the doctors conversation.

Tips for post partum shedding? I’m 3.5 months pp and hair just started to fall a lot more than before pregnancy/normal daily shedding. Help!

  • Brandy

    Went to a dermatologist to have mine looked at because I was looking handfuls of hair. She said it was completely normal and would stop once my hormones balanced. My son just turned 7 months and it has seemed to be less recently.

  • Jessica

    Holy crap the shedding. Invest in a good vacuum and draino.

How long did it take y’all to get your periods back and was your flow lighter or heavier? I just got mine back when baby turned 7 months & its MUCH heavier than before. I’m not cranky, I don’t get cramps but the period itself, having to use a bigger tampon is extremely painful. 😭 on a side note I stopped breastfeeding within the first month due complications.

  • Stacey
    Feb 14

    It took me over 18 months to get it back and it was normal when it came back.

  • Lisa
    Feb 14

    I breast fed for 8 months and got my first period at 11 months... the first one was heavier, and slightly painful, but after that they were super light and nearly no pain... I was careful and took just over a year from then to get pregnant with number 2, but I did notice my body wanting sex more at prime times in the cycle

What time of day do any of you post partum mom's take your Zoloft?

Third trimester sex: comfortable positions?

  • Tasha
    Feb 12

    Can only be on top even then he can't be laying flat

  • Jessica
    Feb 13

    I agree with the spooning position, not face to face. Or on top and if you are too big reverse style while on top

Please don’t judge me, but I’m giving birth (planned C section) in 6 weeks, and I can’t get over feelings of regret.. as in, I regret getting pregnant (this baby was planned), I regret not getting an abortion when I first started feeling this way (nearly immediately), and honestly, I keep secretly hoping I’ll miscarry. I feel unbearable shame about all of these feelings. I never had this with my first pregnancy, and I’m not sure how to get past it. Every day is harder than the last and I’m really scared of how I’ll feel when this baby is actually born. Has anyone else experienced this (... More

  • Tasha
    Feb 12

    I'd seek counseling. You have admited your feelings which is a good first step. Now you got to work thru the feelings and not bottle them up any longer. Get someone to talk to and work on it before things get worse so you can enjoy the baby. It is hard to admit feeling this way since society tells us pregnancy is such a happy time but don't be ashamed

  • Megan
    Feb 12

    I had peripartum depression during my first pregnancy (was convinced that I wouldn’t love my baby and worried that I was bringing an evil person into the world). In addition to counseling, which others have mentioned, you can absolutely be prescribed an antidepressant. The slight risks to the baby (potential for newborn withdrawal symptoms for instance) are outweighed by the benefits of a stabl... More

Recommendations on birth control? I'm going in for my 6-week appointment after baby. My healthcare provider has been hassling me to decide since the day I gave birth; however, I do not want to resume hormonal birth control as it may be short-term (less than 1 year) and I don't like how I feel on it. Help, please!

  • Anonymous
    Feb 12

    I got sick this question to so I make a joke- I said abstinence due to lack of sleep. (Mostly true anyway). Lol

  • AA
    Feb 12

    I’ve heard of copper poisoning with the iuds so my husband wet for a vasectomy. I feel So much better with no birth control...

Has anyone done ‘Cord Blood’ banking? If yes, which company and how much does it cost?

  • Elina
    Feb 02

    Ladies, what is the approximate cost for only cord blood tissue?

  • Elle
    Feb 03

    List price was about $1750 and $175 a year storage fees. We ended up paying around $1500 or so with a discount that included first year storage. We are also paying monthly over 12 months...we can afford that as there are so many big ticket items first time around!! There were different packages depending if you wanted to pay up front. Have a look at their website. I could even find details of t... More

We found out the gender of our 2nd child today. We are having a boy. We have a 1.5 year old son. I was secretly hoping for a girl and can't help feeling really disappointed. I really wanted a girl. I'm 41 and won't be having more children. Am I terrible for feeling this way?

  • Katie
    Feb 02

    I have a little girl and we are talking about having another kid. I want another little girl so much. Which is how I know it’s going to be a boy 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m preparing to grieve a little and then feel joy for the life in me. It’s ok to be sad.

  • Noël
    Feb 08

    I cried hysterically when I found out I was having a boy while pregnant with my now-6-year-old son. If you're a bad mom, so am I. Turns out, by the way, that I adore him and he's amazing, and yes it's possible to end up adoring the child who isn't the gender you wanted. <3

I don’t know what to do. I want to give up on this pregnancy. I’m sure other moms have had it worse but I have been throwing up constantly for the past two weeks since I got pregnant. I ended up at the ER severely dehydrated and mal nutritioned. I started to take zofran after having tried Unisom and vitamin V6 but it it isn’t working. I have tried the motion sickness wrist bands. Just taking vitamin B6. Ginger. Banana. Saltine crackers. Bread. Rolls. Porridge...nothing works. Some days are are better where one of these work but there are more days where it didn’t work and I find myself hurl... More

  • Sara
    Jan 31

    Talk to your ob/gyn. The dose of zofran may not be enough or the method may need to be changed (oral vs pump). There are also other medications that you may respond better to. I got morning sickness with both pregnancies (not as severe as yours). It stopped when I entered my second trimester so there's hope that this is more temporary at least than 9 months. Things that helped me were: ext... More

  • Sarah
    Jan 31

    Thank you both ladies for your responses. My husband is getting burnt out and seems to be losing his patience with both our daughter and me when he comes home. I have already spoken to our obgyn. Like Sara mentioned I may have to up the dosing on the zofran. Thanks again for the support. I hope it ends too.

Hey everyone I’m 10 weeks pregnant and I’m spotting brownish. I’m concerned and would like to know if any of you know if that’s normal? Please help! TIA

  • Sara
    Jan 30

    Some spotting is normal but if it gets heavier you need to call your ob/gyn. It also never hurts to call them and let them know.

  • Katie
    Feb 14

    Spotting is common early in pregnancy if you’ve recently had sex also. My doc always says as long as it’s not bright red and no cramping it’s fine, but if you’re concerned give your OB a call!

Do any momma’s know if the Alka Seltzer heartburn gummies are safe while pregnant?

  • Sara
    Jan 29

    Does it contain aspirin? If so, it's not safe. Check with your ob/gyn though!

  • Paulina
    Feb 04

    Idk about those but you can take tums! There is also an otc med I additionally take for my GURD

Has anyone experienced Postpartum Anemia? I have a feeling that's what I have and will be going to be see my doctor soon. Extreme fatigue regardless of how much sleep I get and it gets even worse when I get my period.

  • Kayla
    Jan 31

    My iron level is stupid high but WIC just gave me this anyway.. Diet is always better than supplements for any nutrient. Hope it helps.

  • Deana
    Feb 02

    Check your thyroid. Post partum thyroiditis is a thing!

We are 34.5 weeks and just learned baby is breech. Doctor talked about options with me and I need to decide if I want them to try to flip the baby. Wondering if any of you have similar experiences or good resources for learning about breech babies. I did a Google search and am feeling overwhelmed.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 01

    I tried the Webster technique 4 times and saw an acupuncturist. Decided against the version as I was concerned about the risks to baby especially because I had an anterior placenta and I wasn’t comfortable with the possibility of an emergency c section at 37 weeks. We scheduled a c section for 39 weeks and I made my peace that if she hadn’t turned by then that there was a reason she couldn’t. ... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 01

    Also in case you’re like me and want to know stats re risks and success rates, you might want to check out the following re ECV:

How did you deal with severe PPD?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 24

    Mine isn’t too severe, but I do have it. And my baby is 4mo and it hasn’t really hit me until now. I’m on antidepressants and I rely heavily on my husband, my mom, and my MIL. Finding a good support system is crucial! Also, getting out and taking my baby on walks has helped a lot. Vitamin D from the sun can help with depression. Also, I found a directly link between my sleep deprivation and dep... More

  • Stephanie
    Jan 25

    Try the healing group. They focus on mothers with PPD. I had severe PPD, was hospitalized and eventually, medicated. This group is a great tribe for those suffering with ppd. They helped me so much. They have group and individual therapy. It's located in Midvale.

23 1/2 weeks and last two weeks baby had been moving so much, and now (since Saturday maybe) I haven't felt him move often, barely a couple times a day. Is this okay? Can't tell if it's something to worry about or if I just miss feeling him all the time

  • Anonymous
    Jan 23

    I would call your doctor. A fetal rate monitor does not necessarily pick up all problems. My baby was also weird and some days he was active and others he was not so I had many discussions with my doctor about it. It’s true that some babies are active and some are not, but when you notice a change in your baby’s activity level it’s worth it to call the doctor. For me, because of my babys va... More

  • Mae
    Jan 23

    I basically took up residency in the labor and delivery triage room 🤷🏻‍♀️ I always called and went in when she wasn’t moving as much as normal..she was fine every time, until she wasn’t. 41 weeks (with no scheduled induction yet) and she stopped moving. Went in and my amniotic fluid had gotten way too low. I left the hospital with a baby. They told me if I hadn’t have gone in when I did, it co... More

My husband and I have been intimate no more than handful of times since our baby was born I get embarrassed of my body and just me in general. Have any other moms felt this way? Am I the only one? Is something wrong with me? I love him but the thought of intimacy sometimes makes me distance myself from him.

  • Emily
    Jan 23

    Same. It’s hard. I’m proud of my body and all that it did in the creation of my son but my body looks so different than what it used to look like. I hate showing it off now...

  • Priscilla
    Jan 23

    There's definitely nothing wrong with you, I think the majority of us are right there with you. I was especially feeling more self-conscious after #2, just those last few pounds that don't seem like they're going anywhere anytime soon (especially in the midsection, lol). However, now more than ever with all the craziness that goes with having two kids, I find it that much more impor... More

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