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Whether you're glowing, nesting, energized or resting, these 9 months are a period of tremendous growth — literally.

This is a safe space to ask questions and share insights on everything from prenatal care and morning sickness to labor and delivery.

I know I'm going to get a variety of responses here - but, did anyone experience upper back pain (between the shoulder blades) and/or weakness or aches in the knees and legs (like, when you bend down or get up from being in one position for a while) weeks after delivery? Do I just chalk it up to my body trying to snap back to its pre-pregnancy state? Just need to know if this is normal or if I should make an appointment with a chiropractor.

  • Chaya
    1h ago

    Yep! I also have intense pelvic pain... I have two kids and each time I felt pain like this...

TMI Any c section mamas have pain while pooping? I made it past the first poop (wasnt it lovely) but now occasionally I have diarrhea and when it releases I feel like my insides might fall out!

Is it necessary to continue multivitamin post delivery? If yes , for how long? Will any over the counter medicine do or you should go as per prescribed?

  • Teddy

    I would take the prenatal even afterward if you like the one you are using. For the reasons listed- it's good for your body after birth and if you want to have another you'll need them anyway. Otherwise switch to women's multi or there's actually some "post natal vitamins" if you look for them. The ingredients are all fairly similar though.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks everyone for your replies👍

What are your prenatal vitamins that are over-the-counter? My vits are at $195 😥 and since i’m 2 months away from ending my breastfeeding for transition, i’d like to buy one that is way cheaper but still works well enough without issues for the next 2 months. Thank you in advance for your suggestions

  • Clong Clong

    Teddy- i know 😔 been buying it since pregnancy so i guess it’s not so critical at this point to transition to sonething waaaaay cheaper

  • Srey

    Wow! I thought my Rainbow Light vitamins were expensive!

TMI WARNING: Wish I’d swallowed my pride sooner and tried this a lot earlier, and with my first pregnancy: Incontinence pants. Quality of life raised considerably! Highly recommend for mamas-to-be, especially when big bump demands constant visits to the loo/ bathroom. Making outings, whether a long walk or having a meal out with friends, so much more enjoyable without half dozen trips to the lav every hour or so! It’s not sexy. And I haven’t told my own husband- my way of holding onto SOME mystery- but sharing openly here, in case it hasn’t occurred to anyone else until now.

  • Tara

    @Momma genius! Might actually try that on my next long walk. Thank you!

  • Lesley

    Mom of 4 and I use depends after every baby instead of pads, I have no shame.

What’s the safest hair dye for pregnancy? I read that it’s probably ok to go to a salon and get my hair colored but I was thinking doing something at home myself would be safer because I can do it with all the windows open. So what’s the safest gentlest hair dye on the market? I don’t remember my hair getting so gray last pregnancy... help!

  • Caitlin

    I did a ton of research on this: I used both Manic Panic and Overtone (technically not a dye, a color-depositing conditioner) while pregnant. I skipped the bleaching.

  • Katie

    My OB actually told me he recommends highlights over coloring since you don't put highlights on the roots, so there is minimal scalp contact. I'd talk to your doctor to get their take.

So it’s been two months since I gave birth, I had an episiotomy and the doctor said it healed perfectly when I went in at 6 weeks. However, every time my husband and I try to have sex now, it hurts so bad and feels like it’s tearing open again! I hate it because it’s been so long since we’ve been able to be intimate but i just cannot get past the pain! Any advice?

  • Allison
    Nov 18

    First off I know everyone's birth is different, but for me I found it was best to wait for longer than 2 months postpartum to have sex again. After my first baby (born by an unplanned c-section after I'd been in labor 12 hours!) I don't think j had sex until she was close to a year old. With my baby boy (my VBAC baby, if you will) I had sex at around 4 months postpartum and haven't since then and now he's 6 months old. My libido takes time to bounce back after having a baby so I don't mind going a few months after having a baby before I have sex again. As far as making it work go I would say go slowly! :) it takes your body a full year to completely recover after having a baby.

  • Hannah

    I grew scar tissue around my stitches that the doctor didn’t catch until after i brought up painful intercourse. Pelvic floor physical therapy was the only thing that helped. I laughed when the doctor first mentioned it because I’d never heard of it, and as I shared my story with friends and family I was blown away by the number of women that had the same issue but never sought help. They’ve just been dealing with terrible pain for years! SEEK HELP. It’s worth it.

Hello! I have a 3 week old and I tested GBS positive during pregnancy. Do other folks worry about passing GBS onto your kiddo after birth? I think it’s statistically way less likely... but I’m still feeling paranoid. First time mom (if that isn’t obvious).

  • Debbie
    Nov 16

    That’s why they give you the antibiotics during labor so it’s not passed to baby.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 16

    I was gbs positive as well. I had antibiotics during labor and everything was fine. I worried a lot too, but just trust in the drs and medicine.

My kiddo is 4 and we are expecting our second one in a couple of weeks. I'm wondering if I should be doing more to prepare for breastfeeding. With my first time around I researched a ton and as we all know there's a learning curve; I was working full time so I managed to pump/breastfeed till about 8 months. This time around I'm a SAHM and I'm still planning on pumping to boost supply and have the baby take an occasional bottle. What was your experience breastfeeding the second time around? Was it totally different, easier, harder, had to relearn everything?

  • Sunny
    Nov 16

    So much easier!! I nursed my first to 15mo (milk dried up bc I was pregnant again), and I’m still nursing my youngest, now 2yo! I still had that initial nipple soreness for the first week or two, just as baby learns to nurse, but overall it was a much easier experience!

  • Brigitte
    Nov 16

    I found it much easier the 2nd time. I thought it came more naturally to me . But still had the pain, soreness and engorgement... that was not any better.

I’m 21 years old and had a positive pregnancy test. I have no experience with this and have no idea what to do. I have not been in to see a doctor yet. Any advice? Where do I go? When do I go?

C-section mommies the second time around... how was your experience with a c-section recovery the second time around? Any Vbac mommies? My first baby didn’t drop and labor didn’t progress which was why I had to have a c section...wondering if it’ll be different the second time around.

Did anyone have horrible back pain a week before Third trimester??

  • Jessica
    Nov 15

    Yes, me! I'm 27 weeks and my low back just started hurting today. I dropped something on the sidewalk this morning and had to ask someone to help me pick it up because I couldn't bend all the way down! I'm going to look for a prenatal yoga class...

Omg are anyone else's post-baby periods OUT OF CONTROL? I've never had bad periods and now I am incapacitated with cramps and bleeding SO much. I'm wearing the huge pads they sent me home with from the hospital. Passing huge clots. I am three months postpartum and this is my second period. Does this get better? HELP

  • Anonymous
    Nov 16

    Try a small spoon of cayenne pepper diluted in hot water. Really helps to control my cramps and bleeding.

  • Mindy

    After I stopped nursing, my period came back with a vengeance. It was nine months of awful. Then after that it went back to normal. Hopefully your normal cycle will return soon.

Hello everyone! My baby girl is 4 months old now and I had her via cesarean. I healed very quickly and was back to my prepregnant self within a couple of weeks. But I still, since the surgery, have felt uncomfortable wearing underwear or pants that sit right on the scar. Was wondering if anyone else feels this and/or if it will feel like this forever or if it will go away with time. It is so uncomfortable and hurts sometimes.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 14

    I healed quick, but it took a year before I️ could comfortably wear anything that pressed on the scar directly.

  • Crystal
    Nov 15

    I'm jealous of all the ladies that healed quickly. I had a terrible time after both my cesareans (and appendectomy right surgeon said it looked like I had 5 csections for the amt of scar tissue I developed?? So weird). Honestly my lower abdomen and scar still feel sensitive and my second is 9 months. I just try to find pants that are high waisted and soft panties.

Hello all! I just downloaded this app as I am a father to be next year in February! My first one and a boy to add!! :) My girlfriend and I are new to this thing called parenting but excited to say the least! Any dads out there have any keen advice about what I should be doing to prepare for delivery day or some tips about what to have ready to bring?

  • Audrey
    Nov 16

    My husband and I learnt techniques to keep me calm and he learnt massage techniques for my back that helped relieve contraction pain. Fear is a women's worse friend, the calmer she is, the better the birth. Read up.together on this. Too many people think birth will the movies, it's not!

  • Brian
    Nov 18

    I will say that there is nothing you cans do to really prepare. Toward the end of January I would say start to pack a bag with essentials: comfy clothes, electronics chargers, a towel or 2, I set up a playlist for my wife as well. Depending on how the delivery goes you may plan for one thing and it works out another way. I would say work on your game face and be prepared to be her rock. My wife went through 25 hours of labor for our little guy. When we thought it was going to be natural his heart rate was dropping during contractions and we needed an emergency C-Section. My little man Xander is completely fine and healthy, but my wife started to get nervous and I had to continue reassuring her that everything was going to be okay. My biggest advice is have that bag ready (your brain will turn to mush when you hear my water broke) and just be ready to support her and make her comfortable...that’s it.

Hi all! 39 week first time pregnant mom here wanting to know if anyone has any advice on starting up labor naturally. My OB says we will have to start discussing induction if I go too far past the 40 week mark and I really would love to avoid it if possible. Any suggestions?? I’ve tried walking, primrose oil and spicy food!

  • Tiffani

    Have you asked your doctor about a membrane sweep? That helped me go into labor

  • Tiffani

    I'm sorry you did say naturally not sure if that is

I’m 6 months pregnant with my first child and often worry about a lot! What did you first time moms worry about the most? ☺️

  • Heather
    Nov 13

    I still worry but I did most of it during my actual pregnancy and during the first year of his life. What little time I did have to sleep I used to instead monitor him to make sure he was still breathing. And that kind of stuff is pretty standard mom-ing imo. Now I worry more about how the outside world effects him and hoping he can become his own person regardless of any influences around him.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 16

    Let’s see...I had the bad habit of reading mommy blogs and there would be these super-moms who would wear iron blankets to protect from radiation...moms who would make their own peanut butter to protect from artificial ingredients...moms who raised their own tuna to prevent mercury poisoning...alright that last one was made up but it just goes to show you just how crazy hormones and random advice can make you. Hang in there...find other pregnant ladies to help you vent and maintain your sanity!

My baby’s 9 months old and since I had the baby I feel so distant with my husband. I’m not sure if my hormones out of whack or we're just not seeing eye to eye when it comes to my LO. And when people make me feel like a crappy mother he doesn't defend me especially from his family. Am I just too hard on him? Please tell me these feelings are normal!!

  • Erica
    Nov 11

    Your feelings are 100% normal! My boyfriend doesn’t stand up for me and we’ve been very distant. It gets easier from what I understand. The first year is always the hardest! Stay strong.

  • Jacqueline
    Nov 14

    First year is so difficult one thing that always brings us together is intimacy. Yes we know all men need it but honestly if I’m intimate with my husband our relationship is amazing. He’s more helpful with the kids, chores around the house, he treats me like a queen and we communicate and enjoy each other’s company but if we are on a dry spell it’s like 360** for myself I need communication to feel intimate and if I’m not getting that well then I don’t feel like it 🙈 but I’m learning that when he gets intimacy everything else just falls into place. Hope this helps

Has anyone ever found out the baby gender through a 13 week blood test ... basically by checking for presence of Y chromosome ? What did you find out and was it accurate ?

  • Kerry
    Nov 13

    Yes. It was accurate.

  • Jenn
    Nov 15

    I had a baby gender test ( blood test) and got the result around week 11. It was accurate. They said the test fee is under $90 with insurance but the bill never came, and we tried to contact them, they said just waiting. Now my little girl is 3 months and we still don’t have to pay anything

26wks pregnant and dealing with insomnia. Any advice? Pregnancy pillow does not help this time around.

  • Andrea
    Nov 08

    Wish gardens sleepy time herbal tincture for pregnancy worked for me.

  • Celeste

    I had the worst insomnia at night, but would almost pass out anytime during the day. Honestly just tired myself out before bed. Lots of walking & exercise & outdoor time. Would shower & fall asleep like a log haha

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