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Whether you're glowing, nesting, energized or resting, these 9 months are a period of tremendous growth — literally.

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Anonymous posted in Babies Thursday

Inconsolable newborn: advice/support?

I had my first baby via c-section yesterday, and despite everyone saying babies tend to be sleepy in the first 24 hours she cries nonstop and my husband and I are going insane. The nurses and pediatrician tell us she is completely healthy and this is normal but I just can’t believe this will be our new normal. We try swaddling, shushing (all the 5 S’s really!), I feed her constantly, but she ju... More

  • Emily

    My daughter would not stop crying for the first 3 days. Once and awhile she would sleep for an hour or so. I honestly think it was because she was not getting enough milk from me right away - since I was breastfeeding, it seemed like she was eating and getting some but she wasn’t. And I didn’t realize. After my milk came in she was completely different - a milk monster and growing quickly. It’s... More

  • Jenn

    I have an 8 month old and he was c section as well, he was born jaundiced so he was getting poked every single day he did cried a lot during the night found out my milk supply was super low as a matter of fact nothing was coming down and finally the nurses suggested to get a lactation consultant but for the time being i had to formula feed him, after that he was good. No complaints now he sleep... More

How often do you check your blood pressure?

Moms who have had issues with blood pressure or have a blood pressure cuff of their own how often do you check? I had issues at the end of my first pregnancy with my blood pressure and I’m currently having issues with swelling.

  • PK

    During my pregnancy, I only got it checked when I went to the dr. Postpartum, my bp was really high so we bought a cuff and I think I checked it once a week. I was so swollen that I had trouble breathing. Ended up going to the ER. For some reason my body wasn’t getting rid of all the fluid I retained during my pregnancy/labor/delivery fast enough so it was starting to go into my lungs. My bp ha... More

Anonymous posted in For Moms Tuesday

Maternity photoshoot @ JCP

Helo moms, I am planning for a maternity photoshoot @ jcp. Would like to hear back from people who have been there! How was the experience? Is it worth the time and money? How is the quality of the pictures? TIA

  • T

    If you can afford it I’d hire a real professional. There’s more freedom. It’ll be worth it. Check on Groupon.

Any women who had a C section have sex before the 6weeks?

  • Michaela
    Apr 14

    I wish I had felt that way! I would be careful or gentle because it can get infected, or even try “other ways” lol. You could always call your nurse line.

  • Karen
    Apr 14

    I did after almost 4 weeks and didn't have any problems at all. We were just very careful.

Anonymous posted in Pregnancy & Childbirth Apr 12

7 Weeks Pregnant, First Ultrasound, Yolk Sac Visible but no baby no heartbeat seen

I'm 7 weeks and 6 days pregnant (according to an app) based on my lmp. I had confirmed my pregnancy by 5 hpts and 1 blood test. Today was my first visit with the OB. We did the ultrasound, we saw the uterus and yolk sac but no fetal pole. I asked the doctor if it indicates an ectopic pregnancy and the doctor said that the yolk sac is inside the uterus so that eliminates that. We had to ... More

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Elena!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Update added on the post. It's good. But I'm not out of the woods yet. Still more blood test. sigh...

Brian posted in For Dads Apr 07

First time Father, Wife in pain

My wife is hurting so much, and I feel helpless. She is 6 months pregnant. She claims they are Braxton Hicks contractions, and with her being very independent I feel absolutely useless to help her pain. Does anyone know of some tips I could use to help her manage the pain, or get comfortable to where the contractions are bearable?

  • Christa
    Apr 09

    My husband would rub my stomach when I was pregnant with our first, and then have me sit or stand which ever I could do more comfortably in the shower, under warm water. Also she can do moist heat. Get a hand towel wet and put it in the microwave to get it warm and lay it across where it’s hurting. It could also be round ligament pain, which hurts like a bitch. I’d get those a lot too. Yoga is ... More

  • Julio

    A bath with candles and foot rubs. Simple but effective

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Apr 07

Tummy Troubles from Iron

My doctor recommended an iron supplement, so I took the first one with dinner yesterday. Today, around 3pm, I started having bad lower stomach/abdoninal pains. The doctor warned me that it may cause constipation, so I thought it was that. Then I began having diarrehea. I feel like I have the flu. The pains come and go but I'm still experiencing this at 10pm. Has this happened to anyone? Upo... More

  • Christa
    Apr 07

    Totally normal actually. My prenatal pills my Midwife put me on are the same way, and it takes about a week to adjust to the iron levels being switched. Mine when I first started them, went from zero to Bridesmaid moment- where she shits her pants in the wedding dress in the street- like it came out of now where. Granted I made it- but barely. So I get you! Lol, it SUCKS! But it does get better... More

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Apr 07

Post partum periods

My son is almost 8 months old and I haven’t had any noticeable period or cycle. Occasionally I’ll have some spotting but nothing that ever warrants a pad. Is this normal? Should I contact my OB? And i might have just started one today but won’t know for sure until tomorrow if it continues.

  • Jenn
    Apr 08

    Are you breastfeeding? If so, it is not uncommon to not have periods or have sporadic periods during that time.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 08

    Yes I am breastfeeding! That makes me feel better. I was just curious on how normal it is.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Apr 01

Probably TMI... postpartum question

Okay so this is probably TMI but I really don’t know what else to do and I’m too embarrassed to call my OB yet. I am 13 months postpartum so I’m obviously cleared for sex, tampons, etc., but I haven’t done any of those things yet (I’m a single mom). I had a vaginal delivery and a 2nd degree tear in both directions and was stitched up. At my six week check up my OB said I was good to resume norm... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 02

    Thank you everyone! I started bleeding today (not my period) so I did put in a call to my OB and have an appointment for tomorrow. I am still breastfeeding; I had no idea that it could effect healing so I will be sure to mention that! Thanks again!

  • DinaCooney

    A lot of people don’t know that you can see a physical therapist for pelvic floor issues like vaginal pain, painful intercourse, painful sitting, etc. maybe you should talk to your doctor about that - depending on where you live, your doctor may or may not be aware of it either. I am a pelvic floor PT and these are issues that I treat daily. You may be able to find a pelvic floor PT near you b... More

Anonymous posted in Multiple Children Apr 01

Nervous for #2 arrival

Anyone else terrified for #2? Being pregnant with a toddler has been rough and well be 8 weeks left and counting . All the advise people keep telling me is how hard it will be and how awful it is - it doesn’t make me look forward to adding #2- they’ll be 21 months apart!

  • Megan
    Apr 12

    Just had my second in February. Mine are 17 months apart. No lie, it’s very hard. The days last a long long long time. So far it hasn’t gotten a ton “easier” but I have gotten more comfortable with the level of difficulty and the constant putting out fires. Someone always needs me. Always. It definitely wears you down very quickly. Honestly, I’m glad people were honest with me about that becaus... More

  • Annie

    My kids are 2 years apart, and I am home with both of them everyday, all day. It was exhausting for the first few months, but it got a lot easier once everyone was settled into our “new normal”. Make alone time with the oldest a priority when the baby sleeps. Also, having friends or family take one kid allows you time to bond with the other, rest, do whatever keeps you sane. Also, don’t blink!... More

Last Minute Advice

Hi, all! I'm getting induced for the first time Tuesday Morning. All my other kids were born on their own within 8hrs each shorter than the last. I'm getting nervous excited scared not sure of my emotions right now. So tell me any helpful advice or stories or suggestions, please! Thanks.

  • Kristen
    Apr 01

    I was induced for my first pregnancy and it took 3 days- which was fine by me as I didn’t want them to rush things and result in a C section. The doctors and nurses said that inductions go way faster for second time moms and I’d guess with your history, it could be very fast. If you’re getting an epidural, make sure you have enough time to get it before serious labor sets in. You’ll be fine! Go... More

  • Lily
    Apr 01

    I was induced for my first because of preeclampsia, start to end was 4 hours! With the first dose of meds my body just took off, didn't need any more meds. A lot of women get sick from the meds, but I didn't at all. Over all it was good for me. Good luck!

Anonymous posted in Newborns Mar 28

Almost mom worried about not loving babies

I’m due with my first in a few weeks and starting to get worried about how I’ll survive the newborn/baby phase. My husband and I LOVE toddlers and always knew we wanted kids, but we’re just not “baby people”. I know some people are (my best friend is also due in a few weeks and melts every time she sees a baby - I wish I felt the same way). I’m especially worried because my husband only gets ... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 04

    I didn’t bond with either of my kids until they were able to talk between 18-24 months old. I never got the “love at first sight” feelings that friends and acquaintances all said they felt when they had their kids.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 05

    Honestly same as above, I am more bonding now around 18mos. Even tho I didn’t have love at first sight I still cared and managed to get through. I wasn’t sure I really loved mine much til her first vaccination appointment. Her screaming from the pokes almost made me punch the nurse 😂 but honestly they are not very entertaining in the beginning however I would assume either a) love at first sig... More

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Mar 25

Thoughts on elective inductions around due date?

First time mom and would love some (judgement-free) advice, especially from moms who have been there. I’m a few weeks from my due date and starting to think about possibly scheduling an induction close to my due date. I don’t currently have a medical reason to do so, but I’m worried about going super late and having a tough labor/greater risk of c section with a large baby and I’d also like to ... More

  • Hilary
    Mar 26

    I had my first child without induction and everything went smoothly. I waited until 40 weeks to get induced for my second child. My doctor really wanted me to induce since I was 41 years old. I actually had an ok experience with the induction (I had a bigger issue with the hospital staff). I know giving birth the first time can be scary and there are a lot of unknowns. My advice - do what feels... More

  • Lily
    Mar 27

    I had to be induced because of preeclampsia 2 weeks before my due date. Would not want to do that again, my baby was really tiny and ended up having jaundice. If I had a choice I would have wanted her to stay in as long as she could. I think she really needed that extra time to grow more. Something someone told me was you can't plan everything for having your baby, and nothing ever goes to ... More

Anonymous posted in Family Life Mar 22

Family Drama

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and dealing with some drama tonight that I'm trying not to get stressed about. Does have any advice? So, back in the beginning of my pregnancy, my mom made a comment about wanting to stay with us for a week when the baby is born to help out. This is her first grandchild and she is extremely excited. She lives 12+ hours away. Initially I thought "yeah, ok, mak... More

  • Mary
    Mar 27

    It’s pretty clear your mom feels rejected by your statements about her staying over and is responding accordingly. When your babe is born, you’ll probably want all the help you can get (depending on how stressful she is as a guest.) The ideas about her coming the week after are good, but you know better about the boundaries you need to set. Either way, talk to her again calmly and lovingly and ... More

  • Lily
    Mar 27

    My mother in law came to stay when we had our first baby, it was okay until she started acting like a child and just up and left. My parents wanted nothing to do with anything with the baby. If your mom wants to act like a child and over react by acting like you said she isn't allowed to stay at your house ever, then I would just say you are about to have a baby and you can't have you... More

Anonymous posted in Family Life Mar 20

Unwanted baby name input...

My husband and I didn’t tell anyone what we were going to name our baby until after he arrived (partially due to the fact that we hadn’t decided yet). Now that I’m pregnant with baby #2, I’ve been more open when his family asks what our name options are... they’re pretty verbal about what they like and don’t like... and I keep finding myself getting offended. How should I respond to their sco... More

  • Stacey
    Mar 22

    My mom and sister hated our son's name when we chose it (Ronan) but they came around. We told them we liked it and he is our baby. To be honest I don't think they heard it correctly the first time.

  • Mark
    Mar 28

    We made up fake names that were so obnoxious, that it disarmed them. I also told many people they did not have review privileges.

I’m 18 weeks pregnant w twins and I’ve been struggling with extreme morning sickness

I’m prescribed Diclegis but it’s kinda pricey and I have to take it religiously in order to keep the nausea away. I’m just hoping that it goes away soon.. Does anybody know when this should go away??

  • K
    Mar 21

    I have 17 mth old twin girls ❤️❤️ and the beginning of my pregnancy with them kicked my ass!!! I barely got sick with my son, 1st born. But, I was extremely nauseous and had killer migraines during their first trimester. It cleared up about a week or two into the second trimester. I’m a big fan of Preggy Pops. Make sure you are resting as much as possible and eat as much as you can stand. Ther... More

  • Chelsea
    Mar 22

    My twins gave me bad morning sickness. A piece of dark chocolate before I even got out of bed and fresh ginger root to chew helped me out


So I am about 27 weeks 6 days pregnant and during my the start of my pregnancy till now I have been having strange dreams of my SO. The dreams always consisted of him leaving me or cheating on me but it was with always someone I knew. I feel like it can be me not feeling confident with myself due my body changing with it being my second pregnancy. But when I had asked people and even asked like... More

  • Julieann Dela Cruz
    Mar 20

    Okay thank you guys for your help! I love my SO and I know he won’t ever do what it dreaming about and he always reassured me all the time

  • Anonymous
    Mar 20

    Yea, I’m on pregnancy four and I consistently get very vivid dreams when I’m pregnant. My dreams swing a full spread from my other children being hurt, my husband cheating, and also wonderful X rated dreams. Lol.

Anonymous posted in Fitness Mar 19

Postpartum exercise videos online?

Any know of good ones? I have diastasis recti and can’t motivate myself to go to physical therapy, so want to do some videos at home. Ideal if they’re quick! Busy mama of two :p

  • Aida
    Mar 20

    Check out She has a great program to address this and get you started back to exercising.

  • Jessie
    Mar 20

    I’d suggest speaking with a professional first; however, I’ve enjoyed They’re online and there’s one called, “Pre & Post Natal Fitness” Good luck!

Hospital birth or a birth center for baby #2. Anyone done both and which was your preference?

Approaching 24 weeks on baby #2, I have white coat syndrome and get anxiety during each prenatal visit. I didn’t enjoy the hospital birth for baby #1 as much since I was induced. I am debating on a birth center. Anyone done both and which was your preference? Appreciate your insight.

Anonymous posted in Pregnancy & Childbirth Mar 15

Feeling cold during pregnancy?

I am 8 weeks pregnant and feeling cold most of the time. Has anyone else experienced this? I didn't have this happen to me with my first child.

  • Emily
    Mar 17

    Also 8 weeks pregnant, and am constantly cold. I’m never cold, but suddenly am. Dunno why.

  • Tabitha
    Mar 17

    You could be low on iron. Most people who are tend to be colder

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