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Whether you're glowing, nesting, energized or resting, these 9 months are a period of tremendous growth — literally.

This is a safe space to ask questions and share insights on everything from prenatal care and morning sickness to labor and delivery.

What did you pack in your go time bag?

It’s been some time with my first pregnancy and I can’t remember what I did and didn’t need to pack!

30 weeks pregnant with the flu. Do you go to the doctor or let it ride and just keep hydrated?

I haven't thrown up much today but last night everytime I did it was long a huge tightening of my stomach that wouldn't let go. So painful.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Friday

Could I be pregnant again at 6 months postpartum?

I gave birth 6 months ago via C-section and I’m exclusively breastfeeding and haven’t gotten my period back. For like a month now, I noticed that I’m again unusually more thirsty, whether I’m breastfeeding at the moment or not, & I’m getting hungry more often like I haven’t eaten anything all day. I feel little flutters in my belly and had 2 or 3 separate occasions of stomach cramps 1 or 2... More

  • Tiffanee

    Absolutely, I am pregnant with twins and I conceived three months postpartum.

  • Anonymous

    It could be that your baby is going through a growth spurt? I always get hungry and thirsty when that happens..

Due tomorrow!

I’m due tomorrow!!!! Any advice you wish you had known for labor or the days after?

  • Kristin

    Expect the unexpected no matter how well prepared & how well planned everything is for your labor & delivery, there’ll still be surprises. But know that your husband, your family / friends, your doctor & nurses are there for you & your baby. At the end of the day, you’ll be holding your baby in your arms & it’ll make it all worth it. It’s going to be the best & wonderful... More

  • antigrav_kids
    33m ago

    My partner says she craved sugar and carbs, (especially lemonade), for the first few days after labor. Kind of like replenishing energy after a marathon.

Experience with postpartum hernia?

It seems likely that I developed a hernia soon after giving birth. I have an appointment with a surgeon scheduled for next month. I’d appreciate hearing from other moms who have gone through this. Thanks.

  • Aye

    I've had one since I was pregnant and it's still there 4 months later. Ob/gyn didn't say anything and just said to have sitz bath if it hurts and that's about it.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Friday

Post Pregnancy Periods

My youngest is now 12 months. About 5 weeks ago, I stopped breast feeding. About a week later, I got my period. Symptoms were pretty crazy, migraines, cramps, pain, and what seemed like a low grade fever. Fast forward 2 weeks, and I’m ovulating. Super painful, and once again, what seems like a low fever. Lasts a day then gone. Now 2 weeks later, I’m getting my period again. Some minor headaches... More

  • Elise&Garrett

    Mine was light. But I'm still BF.

  • Lisa

    After my first, I didn’t get a period till 3 months after I stopped BF. It was crazy heavy and painful!! But that was almost a full year after having my son. Each one got a little better, after my son, I always knew when I was Ovulating (extremely horny, lol), and my periods actually ended up no longer having cramps... now nursing my second one, hoping when my period returns it ends up as ni... More

Mixed emotions after 20 week ultrasound

My husband and I just found out at our routine 20-week ultrasound that baby has a small ventricular septal defect between the heart chambers. It will be monitored further in case it doesn’t close on its own by birth. It caught us completely by surprise as our first pregnancy was straightforward for the most part. We already have a plan in place for the best and worst case outcomes (different de... More

  • Katie

    @Kathie it’s so great to hear medication wasn’t needed in your case! That’s so wonderful to hear it hasn’t limited your life in any way - and going to doctor visits are just a natural part of life I’m starting to learn haha. We did wonder how different feeding a baby would be this time with this condition and if they would need medication to eat better - I hope the doctors will explain it to us... More

  • Lisa

    Katie... the only restriction I ever had was no soccer or football because of the possible getting hit in the chest

“Advanced Maternal Age”

I’m 37 and have decided to try for a second child (my first is six). Anyone care to share their experience with being “advanced maternal age”?

  • Maggie

    Like others here, I had #1 at 38 and #2 at 40. No problems related to my age. But I do worry that the age will have more of an impact in 10 or 20 years.

  • Letitia

    I had #1 at 32 and #2 at 38. They considered me AMA for #2 but fortunately I had a fairly smooth pregnancy - just way more monitoring.

Elle posted in Fitness Jun 13

Post C-section workouts and diet - What did you guys do to [safely] tighten up those lower abdominals? Planks? Running? High-protein, low-fat and low-carb diet? Swimming? Pilates?

  • Sara
    Jun 14

    I’m in the same boat! 5 months pp and have lost a good amount but want some advice on this!!! I’m still afraid to do crunches... haha!

  • Elle
    Jun 15

    @Sara, you CAN do crunches post csection. You just have to do them a little differently for a while.

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Jun 11

First period after baby

How long did it last? Heavy or not?

  • Kyra
    Jun 12

    Mine was starting when i got my IUD implanted which can also cause prolonged bleeding. Im going on 3 and 1/2 weeks now and it sucks lol

  • Kendall
    Jun 12

    I also got mine because I got the IUD at 6 mo pp, so mine wasn’t a “natural” period I guess? But it was normal, how they used to be before baby.

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Jun 11

Squeamish after labor

I am a little nervous that I am going to be grossed out by the baby being bloody / gooey when she is first delivered. Is anyone else squeamish and have experience with this? Did you hold the baby right after or wait for her to be cleaned off?

  • George

    If you can watch Game of Thrones you should be prepared.

  • Mary

    You won't care, I promise. It's a whole different experience.

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Jun 11

Hair Loss

I am now 4 months postpartum but at 3 months I've noticed a lot of hair loss while I shower. It's a bit scary because it's usually a ton of hair. Is this normal?

  • Julie
    Jun 11

    I’m 10 months pp and just started to notice a reduction in hair loss a few weeks ago. Breastfeeding has a lot to do with it, unless it was just coincidental that it slowed down around the time my baby started to love solids.

  • Brigitte
    Jun 11

    VERY normal. Mine got to the point where I had pretty serious bald spots around my temples. But at 6 months post partum the shedding has slowed down and baby hairs have already filled in the bald spots. I saw a video hack about finding an eyebrow filler that matches your hair color and blending it in around the sparse spots; seemed a little crazy but totally helped me feel a little less self co... More

When did you pack your go time bag?

I’m about 30 weeks with my second and just can’t remember packing ahead with my first!

  • Jane
    Jun 12

    packed around 35 weeks i think, minus some candy for the hospital staff i packed around 38-39 weeks. i packed two bags, actually - one for a short stay and one for my partner to pick up in case of a longer stay.

  • Teresa
    Jun 13

    I packed around 37-38 weeks. I packed two separate bags. A small bag that I took with me to L&D when it was time. And a larger duffel bag that I left in the car and my husband brought up to postpartum after the delivery. In my small bag I had a nursing tank top, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, chapstick,phone charger. In my larger bag a couple of nursing tank top, Depends for postpartum ble... More

First postpartum period

I had my son a little over a year ago and stopped breastfeeding recently and have just gotten first first period since I got pregnant. It seems worse then I remember pre pregnancy. Tips, advice ?

  • Amanda
    Jun 10

    I started mine 4 months after I had my daughter and it was much more painful then I remember also. What really helped me the Diva cup. The forest day I normally still use a tampon because ouf the flow but the next days I use the cup. My periods now only hurt on the first day and I only have my period Foote three to four days now

  • Elle
    Jun 10

    Agree with Marta. Exercise is a great pain reliever. Especially cardio. Also re that chocolate craving that @Marta mentioned, fun fact I learned -- that's just a simple Magnesium deficiency around period time. A small Mg vitamin takes care of that pesky craving.

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Jun 07

Postpartum incontinence? So strange. I didn’t have this problem until now 5 months postpartum. Every time I cough/sneeze. And it’s not small. I have to change underwear because I leak.

  • Katrina
    Jun 08

    Also note that it's technically considered normal to leak when coughing/sneezing/laughing for up to six months postpartum, but if it hasn't been a problem before and is starting out of the blue at 5 month pp, that would be a red flag for me. Your body is supposed to be healing, not regressing.

  • Tara
    Jun 08

    I’m with Katrina, I’d check it out with your doctor, if this has suddenly come up. Meanwhile, try incontinence pads or underwear. I wore these during pregnancy to avoid having to go pee in public every 15-20mins!

Pregnant with 2nd

Hi all! So I am in my first trimester with my second child and am really having a hard time working with nausea. I am a hairstylist and welcome any suggestions! I just want to get through these next few weeks-months. Did you work while pregnant and if so how did you cope? Thanks!

  • Juli
    Jun 08

    Zofran! I was totally against taking any prescriptions meds while pregnant but ended up in the ER at week 6 from vomiting for 8 hours straight. It’s a game changer for sure and my little girl is doing great and developing just fine! (In 24 weeks now)

  • Susy

    I took these candies called “preggie pops” available at Target that worked great since I don’t like ginger

When should I worry about my Braxton-Hicks contractions?

I’ve started having them and I’m 29 weeks, but they seem to be getting worse on the random occasions when I have them!

  • Ashley
    Jun 07

    They can be pretty painful but if you feel like they're getting too frequent or are debilitating, definitely bring it up with your care provider. Are you drinking plenty of water? During the summer months especially dehydration is a big factor that can contribute to contractions.

Paulina posted in Fitness Jun 06

Dropping mom belly

Which exercises do you recommend me to start doing to recover my body? I’m 6m pp and I tried to do some yoga but still my belly hurts I had a C-section. I lost all my pregnancy weight but still I have a belly 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Lisa
    Jun 06

    Are you breastfeeding? I know my belly never goes away (norm a good bit of the weight) till I stop breastfeeding

  • Elle
    Jun 07

    Your belly definitely should *not* hurt 6mo PP. Physical Therapy. Have your OB write you a script. Those abdominal muscles have gone through a lot! There are some core abdominal workouts, near to medium term, that you should avoid doing as you used to bc it can damage the muscles thwt were cut through. The PT can show you variations on thise exercises that will tone without damaging.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Jun 06

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have severe exhaustion in the morning. This my second but I don’t remember being this tired with my first but I guess that comes with having a number 2. I am have a hard time making it to lunch at work and have been sleeping in my car on my lunch break. Any tips or anything that helped you?

  • Lorraine
    Jun 07

    I have marked the 8 week marker. I have 2 children already that I never felt symptoms with. I am sooooooo exhausted! Everyday, all day. It seems like mornings are my most awake time, but after lunch I’m done for! I try to eat energizing food and drink lots of water. Good luck!

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Jun 06

Is it time to seek help?

I had my son in April and I love being a mom but I constantly feel like I'm on edge. I'm stressed, angry, miserable, impatient, and full of anxiety. The only time I dont really feel that way is when I'm by myself with my little guy. Is this a normal thing and if so how long does it usually last?

  • Giselle
    Jun 08

    I felt similar to you and I went on Wellbutrin for 2 months. I am back to my normal self now and I am so glad that I sought help. I would definitely talk to someone and get help bc you can’t control what all the crazy hormones will do to you.

  • Anonymous

    I had the same thing, seriously everything you said! My son is almost 1 now and I wish I would have gotten some help sooner. I didn’t take anything because I breastfeed, but now I see a therapist and it helps. And yes it’s normal! Don’t beat yourself up over it.

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