Homeschooling curriculum for preschool

Parents who decide to homeschool their preschooler may feel overwhelmed with where to start. Many parents start looking for a formal curriculum that encourages a foundation for future education and ...
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What to do when you and your partner disagree about child care

It’s common for parents to disagree many parenting issues so what do you do when you and your partner disagree about child care? We’ll walk you through a few key tactics for resolving child care ...
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8 Most Common Types of Child Care

With the many different types of child care, how do parents know which ones are the best fit for their families? The type of child care you need is dependent on so many factors, including your ...
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What is the average cost of daycare?

Calculating the average cost of childcare in the United States involves several factors, including type of childcare, age group, and location. But currently, the national average cost of childcare is ...
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When is it time to switch daycares?

Just when you thought you found the perfect daycare for your child, warning signs begin to pop up. Your child makes a fuss when getting ready to leave for daycare in the morning and comes home upset ...
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Should you choose daycare or a nanny?

Parents and caregivers know how difficult it can be to make childcare choices. Should you hire a nanny to take care of your child in the comfort of your own home, or should you enroll your child in a ...
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What is an in-home daycare?

An in-home daycare is childcare run out of a daycare provider’s home, rather than a daycare center. Children get to socialize with other kids in a safe and comfortable environment.
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Checklist for touring a daycare

When you’ve decided your child is old enough and developmentally ready to enroll in a daycare, you’ll want to find a center that meets all your needs. But while you might be looking at factors like ...
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How young is too young for daycare?

If you’re a new or expecting parent, you may have already begun researching a daycare for your child. But what is the best age to leave your baby in daycare? And how young is too young for daycare? ...
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Top 3 things to know when choosing an in-home daycare

When people think of daycare, they often imagine a large center with lots of classrooms, children and teachers. It turns out though, the majority of daycare businesses nationally operate out of the ...
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All parents know that air travel with a little one can be daunting. Comfort and routine — two critical components of a young child’s emotional safety net—are tough to find in a bustling airport or within the confines of an aircraft. Holidays are the most popular time for families to travel, but holiday travel also brings increased crowds and delays.