Stay-at-Home Parents

Parenting full-time is one of the most demanding and rewarding jobs there is. You'll share every moment with your child and help them every step of the way.

Talk to other stay at home parents and get advice on everything from activities for kids to daily routines to taking time for yourself.

Struggling 😩

I’m a stay at home mom for almost three months now and I decided to get a job while being stay at home mom. How can I find a job that suitable for stay at home moms? Any advices?

  • Kaitlyn

    I'm becoming a financial advisor through a company called primerica and I make my own schedule! So I stay home with the kiddos and on my finance’s days off I leave for about 3 hours

  • Gretta
    5h ago

    I'm starting an in-home child care. Right now I'm not yet certified, so I'm just watching family, but I'll add on a couple more kids once I get my certification, and I should be making around $1300/ mo. Not a lot, but not bad considering it's just a supplemental income and I get to stay home with my kids AND give them all the attention they need!

How can I make my wife feel more involved?

My wife has gone back to work, I’m full time stay at home dad with 2 month old. I know my wife is missed and would like more time with the baby, I’ve got everything on handled, but I get the feeling she feels left out. I try to give her as much time with the baby as possible. In the morning, I pack her lunch, make her breakfast, cook dinner, and keep the house clean, and try to save some activi... More

  • Cathy

    I agree with Anne!

  • Sara
    2h ago

    Agree that you are doing an incredible job! It sounds like you are doing way way more than enough. My husband is also a full-time stay at home dad to our 2 kids and I definitely feel left out sometimes when I'm at work but that's the tradeoff I make and I'm OK with it. One idea based on what we do -- my husband setup the Google Photos app (it's free) to automatically share an... More

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Monday

Helping a SAHD

When my daughter was born my mother helped me take care of her. I had about 5 months of maternity leave so I was at home for a good while, but once I returned to work, she took care of her alone while myself and my husband were working. Now our routine has changed and my mother returned to work. My husband is now a SAHD and while he does an amazing job I need to help him with getting her on a r... More

  • LaVona

    We recently transitioned to the same set up. Before we started i created a scedule for them to get ideas on how to plan his days. He morphed this into his own schedule. I told him how important it is for a child to have a structured day with set times for naps, food and play. The different typed of play for developement and growth. The variety of foods that we needed to hit each week. He has ... More

Anonymous posted in Fitness Sunday

Where are my other stay-at-home mamas that are having a hard time getting motivation to work out?

Hey there mamas! You are all amazing amd doing a fantastic job!!! I just need to see how you all get in your workouts and when.

  • Shellz

    Omg it's been so hard for me to get back in shape for some reason but I've been trying to workout at least twice a week I just don't have as much energy as I used to before I had my baby.

  • Jessica

    So challenging to find the time and/or motivation! Oh, and energy! Sometimes I’ll knock out some crunches on my son’s play mat while he’s playing next to me. He thinks it’s hilarious 😂

How to survive pregnancy while caring for a baby?

Currently 27 weeks pregnant with a 7 month old.. hubby wasted no time 🙃 (he and his brother are a year apart, so he has this idea it’ll be easy and they can keep each other company since they’ll be close in age etc, so against my better judgement I agreed with him 🤦🏾‍♀️) it’s been over a month since I quit working but it seems like I’m more tired now than when I worked 😩 but I dare not vent to ... More

  • Delaney

    I always find going on walks gives me energy. Definitely somewhere with a bit more of nature. Plus it’ll keep your little one busy and entertained.

  • MG

    I don’t have much advice but just support! Just know that I find caring for a baby is much harder and tiring then being at work! And that’s not even being pregnant. I can only imagine! I work very busy 10-12hrs days on my feet without a break and I find it to be much easier then taking care of my babes. So whoever is mommy shamming you, shame on them for not being understanding and supportive! ... More

Monique posted in For Moms Oct 11

Where R my stay at home mommy’s at ?!?

Every morning are like getting ready for a 5K run let’s not forget To drinks that godly good stuff COFFEE lol So dropping off my daughter to school remind you I also have a 14 month old daughter So that being said I need some ideas to keep myself from getting depressed it’s so hard dealing with daily tantrum’s like no tomorrow I’ve tired my best to keep my sweet but sour patch calm . Anyone hav... More

  • NaTaki

    Hi Mo and other mommies. I’m a stay at home mom with 19 years of experience at being at home. It is normal and natural for mornings to feel like a 5k and the remedy for that is to develop a routine that suites you. Start with a simple routine and add new wants in one at a time. Here is some of my fixes - we found clothes for the week usually on Friday. (That gave me time to wash that faded dres... More

  • Monique

    Thank you so much 😊

Morning sickness + 16 month old

Any moms gone through this? We are pregnant with baby #2 and I have been feeling awful most days. I'm a SAHM with my 16 month old but I feel awful that I am useless when it comes to entertaining him lately. I have been prescribed zofran, I've tried teas, ginger everything, etc. But I still am nauseous most of the day (on most, not all, days). What got you through it? I feel so guilty bc... More

  • kacey d

    I went through this, too. Honestly, I eventually realized that a few weeks of letting my daughter watch sesame Street while I laid down in your the couch weren't going to ruin her. There's a time when you need to prioritize yourself otherwise you won't be able to parent at all. Hopefully your nausea will be at bay soon!

  • Brittany

    I’m pregnant with my first, but unisom was a miracle for me in the first trimester. I had to take a full tablet before bed every night. Make sure it’s the tablets and not the gel caps.

Ameena posted in Money Oct 09

Work from home???

Hey do any of you have experience working as a freelancer on “upwork” or “peopleperhour” I want to see what I can do on them to make extra money at home. If so any tips or requirements that I should know before I try it out? Any ideas to make money from home will also be appreciated. Thank you.

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Oct 04

SAHM rant

Being a stay at home mom is definitely thankless work. You do every thing for everyone and in my case it's never fiance rarely helps with the daily stuff but does help with the deep clean every 2 weeks. And he thinks he does everything! but h takes for granted the constant dishwashing and laundry, and picking up toys and cleaning up the messes our son makes and making sure we al... More

  • Yanis
    Oct 08

    I can relate so much to what you’re going through. I’m a SAHM too, my husband works and he will not help whatsoever. Not with the chores, not with our 16mo, not at all. I am also going to school and have been dreaming of the day I get back to work so chores and responsibilities can be evenly split; except that It dawned on me that once I go back to work; things will not be split evenly, I’m sti... More

  • Jennifer
    Oct 09

    I stayed home for 9 years with my first two kids. Did everything cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, etc. Not complaining! 2-3 years ago after our third I decided to go back to work. Yes I was only working 12 hr shift every weekend so I didn’t expect him to jump in 50/50 on everything. But still ended up being along with working I’m still the one doing all cleaning, all the laundry, tak... More

Stay at home mom

Being a stay at home mom is so hard. My boyfriend works 7 days a week from when it’s dark in the morning till dark at night. I hate complaining about being lonely even tho he provides for us and I’m at home all day with our child. There is a beauty to it. You get to experience all their first. From giggles,rolling over and tantrums, but it can also be exhausting.. Even if you have a amazing chi... More

  • Julia
    Oct 05

    You are not alone. I've been a SAHM for a year now as well and my man works we never get to even sleep together anymore and when he us home, he's sleeping. It's very lonely even though you have a little one running around and no one seems to get that unless you're in our position. Very frustrating. You are not alone though but unfortunately the only thing that ke... More

  • Jen
    Oct 08

    Our pediatrician recommended waiting until 3. She said a child understands actions and consequences a bit better at that age. With our oldest, he got a rash from playing in sand with a dirty diaper. We then told him that if he started using the potty he wouldn’t have to worry about getting a rash. Also at an older age they might get more excited about going to the store and picking out underwea... More

Anonymous posted in Money Oct 02

Any advice/tips on re-entering the job market after being a sahm for almost 3 years?

Hi moms. I've been a sahm for nearly 3 years. We recently started sending our daughter to preschool and now I'm looking to re-enter the job market. My previous experience is over 7 years in digital and eCommerce marketing but most of the positions I find are further than what I am willing to commute. And the few positions I do find I feel that I am considered out of date. I'm now co... More

  • CM
    Oct 06

    not to mention most jobs are daytime schedules so you can definitely start a 8am-4pm shifts

  • Jennifer
    Oct 08

    I was a SAHM for 9 years with my first two kids. After our third I decided to get my CNA license which was fairly easy to get. I work PRN so I pretty much make my own hours. I work when it works for me. As far as what jobs are good for transitioning I’m not sure if there is a correct answer. I will say I always thought I’d hate not being home all the time but I’ve found I enjoy getting out of t... More

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Oct 02

SAHM hot mess

Hello I am a stay at home mom of two children. I am tired and all over the place. To give you an idea of what I mean in the morning i take my daughter to school at 7:45 and my son to a preschool at 8:30 i go home cook and clean then pick up my stepmom from her job around 12 to 1230 to pick up my son at 1. the i go home to drop them off and pick up my daughter at 2. I finish cooking or cleaning ... More

  • Lacie
    Oct 06

    Sounds a lot like my day as well. It’s hard with shuffling times like this. When the kids are gone, or during quiet time, I don’t do anything I could do while they are awake. So if working is better without them there, I would work when they are gone, and put dishes on the back burner. I find I clean while the kids are up and being crazy. And I had them wash rags to clean chairs and floors. ... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 06

    thank you lacie yes my kids when they are home want my attention for everything so its hard to things that i feel need to be done so i try to do it when they are gone but my time is so short without them i feel like it goes by so quick and not much is done but yes i agree i need to just take it easy and realize i am only one person and there is so much i can do

Amber posted in Money Sep 30

Financially set

I’ve been wanting to be a SAHM for some time now but I feel like we’d never be able to afford it. How do some of you stay at home and are able to afford it?

  • Jennifer
    Oct 09

    Track your spending for a month! See where things could possibly be cut to save money. Do you have a gym membership you haven’t used in months, could you do without the cable, etc. I stayed home for 9 years and we had a budget system. I now work PRN so I’m still mostly at home. For us if i where to work full time after paying child care I’d basically make what I do working PRN. This is a good ... More

  • Alexandra

    I second what Jennifer said! You have to be tracking your bills and monthly spending! That is key!

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Moms Sep 28

SAHM finding it hard to take care of myself.

I feel as though I'm letting myself go and lack motivation to do anything except take care of my 1 year old daughter. Unless i have an obligation outside of the house i usually just end up staying in pajamas all day and even then i don't even do my make-up anymore. I know my number one job is making sure she is ok but i still feel bad for my SO when he comes home and i look like a slob.... More

  • Ashley
    Oct 03

    Just remember self care comes in all shapes and sizes. I have a 3 month old preemie and sometimes self care is going to the bathroom on my own or taking a shower. You define what self care is just be sure that your mentally taking care of yourself.

  • Jordan
    Oct 08

    You are not alone!! Its hard to get ANYTHING done with a clingy toddler. It's also easy to get into a rut when you're home and have no reason to do ur makeup or put on real clothes. I go days without doing dishes or any housework bc I would rather play with my son. These days wont last forever, try to hang in there mama and cut yourself some slack❤❤

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Sep 27


Any tips to help deal with being tired all the time? I breastfeed so I only allow myself one cup of coffee. My babe is 5 months and I feel more tired now then when I used to get less sleep. I am a full time stay at home mom. I do three mom and baby classes a week and walk the dog. Just can’t seem to muster any energy to do housework and daily tasks.

  • Elizabeth
    Oct 01

    Eat healthy. Exercise. Find time to do things you like not just baby related stuff. Make sure you are eating enough calories for breastfeeding, you have to eat more than normal! I still take prenatal vitamins and I'm done breastfeeding but they help me stay healthy and keep my energy up. That is a lot of baby classes! You are in a tough time with baby, it does get better I promise, I was ex... More

  • Tori
    Oct 06

    I started taking vitamins and eating g healthier, although I don’t exercise I started taking my son to the park. Also try to create a routine for hike little one to get out down early at night and wake up after you. Maybe this time you could use to recharge. Easier said than done! Huh

Anonymous posted in Child Care Sep 27


My friend is a stay at home mom who's looking to do in home babysitting at an affordable price during the day. Shes having trouble finding kids to care for because everyone wants a private sitter in their own homes. What should she do?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 27

    Could she bring her kid to their house, for a discounted rate? Basically a nanny share at their place with her child as the second kid.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 27

    I mean, maybe but her son is 2 and gets in home speech therapy so some families don't like that

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Sep 25

Lack of ambition

I’m trying hard not to compare myself to other mothers but man, is it hard not to. I’m a SAHM with one child. I see all of these Moms with multiple children, who work full-time, do volunteer or extra-curricular activities, be a good friend and wife. They cook whole food meals and manage to just have perfect balance while managing everything and more. They work out, go on date nights, and ha... More

  • Lindsey
    Oct 10

    I work full time and have a toddler son with my husband that work 2 jobs. And We compare ourselves to others as well but it’s more financial wise. We live in a 2bd old house, that always needs repairs...seriously my fridge broke just last week and leaked so much our poorly tiled floor rotted and has to be refilled. We have so much bad luck with things breaking and we feel terrible struggling wi... More

  • Abigail

    I was the same. Usually when more kids are added you push yourself then you find all this energy and different mindset because it more like "if i don't do this my kids will not behave or i won't have the chance to" it will get better & you will find your mojo or push. You're not alone! Most moms start out this way too!

Keith posted in For Dads Sep 17

National At Home Dad Convention #homedadcon2018

Just got back from Orlando and I highly recommend this convention for any Stay At Home Dad out there. Luckily it is coming to Minneapolis next year!! The bonds of the brotherhood of fatherhood are so strong at these conventions and I come home every year more patient, more playful, and with new tools for listening, teaching, and caring. As more details come out I will put up new posts in h... More

  • Keith
    Sep 18

    The programming is all day Friday and Saturday. There is usually a convention welcome event Thursday night and optional extracurricular events Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Stay-At-Home Dan
    Sep 18

    I will definitely try to go next year. It would be great to meet other SAHDs and learn more to facilitate my role as a father.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Sep 14

Am I the only one?

I’ve had a rough week where I find myself losing my s*** from the house to my child. All I want to do is crawl under a rock and sleep. I’ve been patient with my one year old (looks like he’s in the terrible twos with the tantrums he throw) but sometimes I can’t control my temper or everything just gets bottled up that I can’t take it at night. I don’t hit him but I do raise my voice. He’s too m... More

  • cyatraveler
    Sep 24

    I’m also a SAHM. It’s super hard. Don’t feel bad about losing it from time to time. Something that makes me feel better is remembering that ages ago we used to have a village (mother, mother in law, sisters, aunts) but now our culture piles the parenting unusually on one person. It’s a LOT. But also it’s very fleeting. I have two older ones so I know that this age is hard but precious and gone... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 24

    Hey ladies, it’s me the original poster I’m so glad I’m not alone in this. Although I’m not proud of it I came to realize it’s ok to lose my cool. Thank you to each and every one of you for sharing stories and advice. A little life update: I’m keeping it together when my son wants to throw his fit. I’m less stressed at stores as well, not pushing him to be the perfect child who doesn’t throw ta... More

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Sep 14

Single SAHM needing health insurance

To fellow single SAHMs, How do you get health insurance?

  • Vee
    Sep 24

    I’m not a single SAHM, however I applied for health insurance for my daughter & I through our local department of social services. We got Medicaid. It depends on your income.

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