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Parenting full-time is one of the most demanding and rewarding jobs there is. You'll share every moment with your child and help them every step of the way.

Talk to other stay at home parents and get advice on everything from activities for kids to daily routines to taking time for yourself.

How to keep daughter hydrated?

My 16 month old daughter won’t ask for water; even if I leave a cup of water around. She’s not a big milk drinker either. Now that it’s getting 🥵; how do I help her to keep hydrated? How do you keep your kiddos hydrated?

  • Liza M.

    Wondering the same thing regarding my 17mo old...I try to offer it as often as I can but she doesn't seem to be interested. I admit I am also not great at remembering for myself so this could be a factor. In the meantime we push foods with high water content and always make sure to drink drink drink at meals...

  • Alexandra
    47m ago

    I use water enhancers. I will use koolaid sugar free envelopes to make 1 gallon of drink and sweeten it with stevia. No cavities or sticky messes and my kids drink a lot more water that way. Blue lemonade stains less than red colored ones if there is a spill. Also for on the go they have koolaid squirt flavors that are sugar free. I just give my 2 year old a sippy cup and she drinks it up.

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Monday

I’m at SAHM and i’m scared I’m starting to resent my husband

He always talks about how he wants more kids but hardly helps out with the one we have. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re both new parents and he’s nervous but he hardly spends any time with her. He’s also super messy so i’m always cleaning and trying to get him to pick up after himself. And at the same time he complains that the house is too clean!!! We have a 7.5 month old so she’s always pu... More

  • Anonymous

    @Amanda I’ll talk to him about it, it’s worth a shot. And the separation anxiety isn’t extremely bad I just worry about my daughter a lot. I trust my mom with her I just have a certain way of doing things to keep my daughter happy and i worry other people don’t listen to me when they babysit her

  • Anonymous

    Hi - I can really relate to this as my husband is really messy too! I’ve realized that often it’s a communication issue as well as different expectations. My partner and I have decided to communicate better and we found this app called Relish which has really helped and it’s fun too.

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Moms Apr 10

Considering staying at home with kids, but afraid of the what if’s

Hello! My husband and I have been talking about me staying home with our two boys. When we had our oldest, I envied the moms I saw out with their kids on weekdays and would have jumped at the opportunity. But now that we are in a situation where I can, I’m afraid of all of what could go wrong. What if I need to go back to work earlier than expected, and I’ve been out long enough that they con... More

  • Mama
    Apr 10

    Those are a lot of what ifs. I think about them as well being a SAHM. At the end of the day there will always be someone looking to hire. But I’m learning children grow way too quickly to miss these critical moments.

  • Devon
    Apr 11

    You can always start slow by working part time if you can. It will help you feel out staying at home and ease you into it. It will give you a chance to overcome some of those fears while allowing yourself too continue working. In the future, if you had to get a job again after being a stay at home mom, there are always other options. They may not be in your field, but there are things, even lik... More

Hello, New here

I’m new here. Just looking for new friends. ❤️

  • Bree
    Apr 07

    I’m new here too! Just arrive last month. How are you liking it? Any suggestions?

  • Brigetta
    Apr 09

    I'm new here you!! Just joined this morning!!

Returning to Work

I have a job interview this coming week that could turn into a strong prospect if not an all out offer. My little one is 17 months old and I have stayed at home with her the entire time. I love my career and worked very hard for it to give it up for motherhood. I’m having a lot of conflicting feelings ... am I a bad mother? Is going back to work going to stress the bond I’ve already had difficu... More

  • Jen
    Mar 28

    Oh heavens no! Not at all a bad that even what people say anymore?? Moms work all the time!! You’re not gonna be the first.... There is no research out there that shows working parents somehow hurt kids. But there IS proven research that says kids with working mothers actually have benefits when they become adults. (Harvard Business Review, perhaps? Can’t recall...) Girls with work... More

  • annag
    Mar 28

    you need to be a good role model, by taking care of yourself first so that you can help others from a stronger stance. Yes, going back to work will be stressful, but then, so would staying at home full-time.

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Mar 26

BEING a SAHM causing problems for my relationship.

I am a STAY AT HOME MOM and I don’t drive due to serious anxiety problems so I’m literally stuck at home. I’ve thought of getting a job but I’d pretty much be working just to pay the baby sitter so that’s out of the question. I have no clue what to do at this point I’m starting to feel tired of my relationship and have started arguments for no reason because I feel like my husband is just free... More

  • Liz
    Apr 07

    Hi dear you need time for take care about yourself and your relationship put your baby 2 days a week in a daycare and take that time for you, exercise, nails, friends and so and so and maybe go to lunch or dinner with your husband . If you don’t feel good first nothing is going to work! Have a good luck !!

  • Devon
    Apr 11

    Find somewhere where you can get a professional to teach you how to drive. Find the local autocross, they can help. You do not want to be dependant on your husband, and you shouldn't have to be. I am extremely familiar with getting over debilitating anxieties and if you are struggling because you are stuck, it sounds like that is the first place to start. Your husband may feel helpless know... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Mar 20

Lost identity

So I’m a pretty young mom. 22 with a 2 year old and I’m a sahm while my husband works full time. And as much as I love my child and my husband I can’t help but think that I have lost who I was. I moved away from my home out of state to be with my husband and started a job. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant but I still worked full time with two jobs while my husband did work here and ther... More

  • Nicole
    Mar 20

    It IS normal but it isn’t ok! As in this is a universal experience but it shouldn’t be. Patriarchal society penalizes mothers. I feel your pain. Acutely. But have faith: COMMUNITY changes everything!! After a decade of my ex making all the big choices for us and moving me and the kids from place to place as he lived his life, I learned to court women. I started looking at making friends like da... More

  • Mom

    Find and join like minded moms groups

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Mar 13

How did you plan for Baby #2?

My spouse wants to have our second child so that our LOs are about 2-3 years apart. With the cost of living in our area so high, I’m struggling with the fact that I may need to be a SAHM. We can afford for me to do so (luckily), but even with our current baby I knew I was ready to get back to work when my maternity leave was over. How do/did you juggle the costs of a second child? What help... More

  • Amanda
    Mar 15

    This is going to sound terrible but I had no ides how I was going to manage a 2yr old and a new born when my daughter was born. Then I did because I ran out of planning time and she was born. I had no plan and still don't. I am much more dependant on baby wearing this time around. I also taught my son how to help me since he loves to help be involved. Ex. He can give her pacifier back in he... More

  • Alyce
    Mar 15

    Don’t stress over it. Best thing is to try to keep the oldest in their routine as usual. That will help to minimize some chaos. If need be baby wear so you’re hands are free and you can be totally hands on with number 1. No expectations is important. You will learn what works best for everyone and fall into a routine accordingly. And money wise things somehow always seem to work themselves out.... More

How do you meet mom friends?

...How do you meet mom friends when you’re relatively new to a city, now stay at home and have a 1 year old!? tried play ground, some play groups... just so hard...!

Looking to work.

Hi! I've been a stay at home mom for 18months now and I really love it. However I really would like to make some income. If anyone knows of any legitimate work from home jobs i would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Lily
    Mar 28

    I work as a nanny, I go to thier house. But I get to take my little one with me and she loves playing with her friends!

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Moms Feb 28

Work from home entry level writing/data entry/product testing jobs resource?

Hi FTM here & 1st time to quit working for more than a year now since I moved here in the US while expecting my now 1 yr old baby. My husband & I agreed that for now, even how challenging it is, that I stay at home while we haven’t put our little one in a daycare & I don’t really feel comfortable w/ a babysitter yet. He didn’t require me to work, for now we can manage, but I feel li... More

Hydie posted in Child Care Feb 25

Day Care!!

I am thinking about opening a day care in my home so I can stay home with my kids. Does anyone have any advice or tips?!! Anything would be appreciated! 🙂

Changing career

I've been a SAHM for 2 years now and am desperate to go back to work. I was a lawyer before and my husband is also a lawyer. His job requires travel for days at a time probably once a month but he could also have to do trials in other parts of the country, which could be weeks (he just started this job so we don't know exactly how many trials there will be in other states). He also will... More

  • Kate
    Feb 21

    Hi there, cover letters are tricky, aren’t they? Maybe you could say something about how you appreciate that the position will afford you the work/life balance your family requires at this time. You can provide them with the reliability and proven dedication of an attorney who needs a more predictable schedule right now. Something like that? Hope that helps, I’m still waking up. :)

  • Jenn
    Feb 21

    I'd say something about learning from your previous job that you're passionate about the field but you'd prefer to be more behind the scenes. It comes off as more introverted than lazy.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Feb 12

SAHM of 3 under 3, introvert, needs a break

I’m a SAHM with 5 month old twins and an almost 3 year old. I’m an introvert and need time alone to rejuvenate. I haven’t had time alone for so long yet I feel so alone in life. I used to have a career I worked really hard for, including 2 graduate degrees, and had an office where I worked on paperwork alone much of the day. I remember I used to feel lonely but now I miss that so much. I don’t ... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 12

    Could you hire a sitter to take the kids somewhere out of the house so you could just blah around the house alone? Or have the sitter stay home and you go to a movie? I used to check my toddler into church kids bible club just so I could sit in a pew and not even listen to the pastor! I just wanted to be alone and zone out lol I’m not even pious... Sending strength and support your way... this ... More

  • Elle
    Mar 01

    Could you guys swing an au pair if you resumed a career? (Doesn't have to be thr same one as before) Another option is a nanny/babysitter part of the day, foe a few hours here and there.

I'm a recently separated single mom

I'm just hoping to find other people I can chat with to help me from going insane! My boyfriend and father of my son just left yesterday and it is so hard especially being a stay at home mom. Any advice or anything would really be helpful

  • Shaley
    Feb 14

    Aww thank you! That really does help!

  • Melissa
    Mar 29

    Hey girl. I’m on the same boat. I was married for 13 years and with him for 15 yrs. We have two beautiful children, a 12 year old girl & 5 yr old boy. We’ve been separated since October & it doesn’t look like we will be fixing things anytime soon. It’s heartbreaking for so many reasons but mainly because we moved across country together leaving behind our family & friends & all ... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Feb 11

Lonely SAHM 😢

So, I’ve been trying to connect with other moms in my area but it is harder than I thought 😥 normally I’m not one for a sappy day or tears but it’s been so hard having my husband states away and being home feeling like all I get to see are our kids and the walls of our home 😥. I am at a breaking point most of the time and I don’t think it’s fair to my babies that mommy wants to lay in bed most... More

  • Amy
    Feb 24

    I'm sorry, it's tough to stay sane when you only talk to your Littles! I bet there's a MOPS group in your area where the kids will have fun and you can talk to adults :) See if there's a Facebook mom's group for your area too! My local Facebook moms group is always having meet ups at parks and things.

  • Nicole
    Mar 20

    Been there. For a decade. Go do things that YOU and your kids love. Museum. Library. Pool. Park. Mall. Cafe. Whatever it is, you’ll find likeminded moms and their kids. I have learned to strike up conversations with strangers (not easy for me!) because I find we’re all looking for the same thing: community. Online community is a major step in the right direction. Good job! Talk to your provide... More

Mom Friend Problems

How do new moms make friends. Stay at home mom and i’m having difficulty meeting people

  • Dakota
    Feb 05

    It’s so difficult, especially in the cold

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 11

Transitioning from being a SAHM: toddlers at nursery

I’m nervous as my 2.3 year old will be staying at her daycare for 3 full days (9am- 6pm) as opposed to 5 mornings (9:30-12:30). Her sibling is due to join when he’s 1.3 years. She loves this daycare- started there 2 months ago- which is why I’m nervous about the change. Why the change? The change is simply because, after two years, I’m no longer able to hack being a SAHM. I really wanted to,... More

  • Elle
    Jan 11

    If I had the option to work for home, I would go insane. Without a challenging day at work, I'd feel unfulfilled and long for "more."

  • B
    Jan 11

    I’m home temporarily now while looking for work, and I hate it. I’m a better mom when I have something else in my life. And my daughter has grown leaps and bounds in daycare. They teach her so much more than I’d ever think to teach her.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Jan 08

Tips on relaxation/handling stress?

Any tips or advice on how you all handle stress? I’m beyond stressed recently. I’m a stay at home mom and we are in a combined family household. We have two kids that fight over every little thing (they’re 9 and 5) we also have six dogs and 3 cats. Everyone else in the house works so I’m the only one at home to deal with all the cooking, cleaning, errands, appointments, and caring for the pets.... More

  • Jennifer
    Jan 10

    I hate when people say if you stay home with kids you don’t work!! I spent 8 years at home with my kids, I work PRN now so maybe 2 days a week outside of the home. And I can tell you some days I feel like I work more at home. Especially when your the only one doing the cleaning, cooking, caring for kids, laundry, appointments. I make my kids go to bed at 8:30 on school nights then I usually go ... More

  • Tiana
    Jan 12

    Instead of asking for time to yourself, (emphasis on asking), start announcing that you’re taking time for yourself. Give a little warning. “ After dinner, I’d like you to clean up, please. I’m taking a couple of hours to myself.” Start small. An hour or so to start, to get everyone used to the idea that you’re not Cinderella cooking and cleaning all day long.

Curriculum for 16 month old?

I have a 16 month old son. Do any of you SAHP follow a curriculum with you child around 18 months old? I want to make sure I’m teaching my son the things he needs to know and exposing him to a variety of things. I’m having difficulty coming up with a plan and figuring out all of what I should cover. If anyone has a curriculum they use or any ideas or recommendations on what activities to do wit... More

  • Geena
    Jan 07

    Just continue what you do. Reading every day helped us a lot learn his basics like numbers and colors and alphabets and animals etc so when we go outside to play i make sure to point out to him what we saw from books over and over again even if it’s the same thing til he’s able to respond back. They pick up fast. If we’re consistent with routine you’ll have them telling you stuff in time

  • Elle
    Jan 07

    A curriculum is a great idea! Weeklong themes are a great way to develop and build on new skills and concepts. Our day care does week-long curriculae. One example of a weeklong theme you can do is different types of dance, weather, things you can make out of rope

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