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Books for starting preschool

My 3yr old is starting preschool this fall. He's never experienced child care or being away from me, except when staying with family. So I'm looking for recommendations for getting him ready for the preschool experience, especially any books that might be fun to read together.

  • Courtney
    Aug 08

    The Kissing Hand! I found this book before my daughter started preschool, and then her Kindergarten teacher made it a part of their first week of Elementary School, too.

  • Diane
    Aug 10

    Not a book, but Daniel Tiger has episodes and help with this.

Book recommendations?

So I recently got 1 day each week by hubby to be able to relax in tub and read a book for an hour. I haven’t read a book for enjoyment for 5 years. Does any one have any recommendations for me. I’m open to anything except children’s books

  • Marta
    Aug 08

    I found a book called I heart my little assholes

  • Carol
    Aug 10

    Cecilia Ahern is chicky-Flicky & I’ve enjoyed her books. A fabulous book is Reading People by Anne Bogel - she has a wonderful web site above - Jessica Turner at The Mom Creative has wonderful book recs. If you like mysteries, I like Catherine Coulter’s FBI & the Brit in the FBI series and the Linda Fairstein series.

PSA - Stop reading the "Wonder Weeks". It was discredited quite a while ago. Basically, the author continues to push his book -- even though his book was proven to be false, and he was fired from academia for shady behavior -- because he is betting on the fact that parents won't fact-check or vett parenting guides. A follow-up study by Plooij's PhD student, Carolina de Weerth, examined the claims of the book. Sh... More

  • Katie
    Aug 07

    Weird I actually enjoy the app and reading everything.. I didn’t get this much information with my older son so I actually enjoy reading the wonder weeks and knowing when we enter a leap. 🤣

  • Anonymous
    Aug 09

    I feel that it profits off of basic knowledge. Typically babies get fussy when learning knew things/growth spurts/reaching milestones. Most babies roll between 4-5 months. Now we select most of the weeks between this time and say the baby will be fussy because they are having a "leap".

Anonymous posted in Books & Reading Jul 25

What are some good books for a 2 1/2 year old that’s going to be a big sister soon?

  • Anonymous
    Jul 27

    Thank you. Daughter getting a sibling, not sure of the sex yet.

  • Melyssa
    Jul 30

    “I can share” “I can laugh” and “I’m a big sister”

Book recommendations for parents!

Funny reads or thrillers to read (or listen to) while I’m nursing, please!

  • Jade
    Jul 24

    I started watching educational and silly YouTube videos when I was nursing. It kept me awake so I would t drop the baby in the middle of the night. But I learned a lot. I know that’s not a book, but maybe it’ll help. :)

  • Ebonie
    Jul 31

    I really enjoyed the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. It starts with a book called Bitten. There's action suspense and romance.

How to Broaden Your Child's Reading Material

This is something that is working right now. I bring my son to our local library daily. He knows the staff and is comfortable with this location. I allow him to pick out three books on his own and I pick out two that would be new materials for him. It worked today like a charm. He picked out one book independently and I picked out one of my choosing. He was upset about my choice at first bu... More

What's the best potty training book you've read?

  • Regina
    Jul 18

    Third for oh crap! It's wonderful and we have been very successful with pee and now poop is the next hurdle

  • Molly
    Jul 20

    Emily, my son is two and a half. He showed signs in the beginning of the year and we kinda started then. My daughter was born in April, so there was a bit of regression. I am a school teacher, so we started the first day I had off.

Reading time

Any ideas of how to read to a 11 mo, I’ve been trying but every time I start reading to her she pulls it off from my hands and starts chewing on them

  • Kim
    Jul 14

    Let her chew on one and flip the pages of another, it could work! Just roughly narrate the images rather than actually trying to read things to begin with if she's not showing super interest, then work your way up. My son started that way; after a few months of couch and book time she'll be demanding certain books to read, just give it time :)

  • Yuyuita
    Jul 15

    Thanks everyone for all your ideas I’ll keep trying

Potty training boys

Books recommended for potty training boys aaaaaaaaand GO!

  • Jessica
    Jul 01

    If you want him to stand up pee throw a cheerio in the toilet and tell him to aim for it. It becomes a game for them. It gets hem to want to pee in the toilet and aiming practice ha. We used to do this is the daycare I used to work in.

  • Kelly
    Jul 01

    Highly recommend the "OH CRAP" book and method. If you're truly committed it usually works great. My son was potty trained in <2 weeks and is only 22 months old.

Must have board books and toys

My son will be 18 months next month and I want to expand his board book collection...any recommendations?? Also toys that are both educational and age appropriate.

  • Stephen
    Jun 28

    Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things that Go (72 pages!) has been a massive hit

  • Starr
    Jun 30

    Totally recommend indestructible books available at target amazon etc

The Cat That Wouldn't Go Away

children's book by 8 year old author

Who knows where to find these books

Hi, Everyone, I found these interesting books at my local indoor playground. I forgot to ask them where to buy them and I liked them soooo much. Does anyone knows about them?

Reading book apps

What are some good reading book apps ?

  • Celeste
    Jun 28

    Thanks we love epic.

  • Courtney
    Jul 13

    For who? We use Libby to rent ebooks from the public library.

Favorite parenting and/or child development books?

Looking for a somewhat easy read since my brain is usually a little fried at night. Something starting from 1 year and on preferred but if it has a little bit of the first year too then it’s ok. Thanks!!

Book recs for toddler transitions - moving, big bed, new sibling

We have a lot of changes coming up for my 3 yo daughter - first a move to another house in SF, then a transition to a big bed (from crib) and then a baby brother coming in early Aug. She responds well to situational books so I'm looking for recommendations that deal with these different topics? She has enjoyed books like Maisy Goes to Preschool and When I Miss You. Other suggestions to ... More

  • Jennifer
    May 21

    A really fun book we read with our son was King Baby by Kate Beaton. We also had several other big sibling books (berenstein bears, little critter, Katy Duck), but our son wouldn’t have anything to do with them (2 year olds... ha!). We didn’t prepare him much for his big bed besides talking about it (the “one of these days you are going to have a bed like mommy and daddy etc.). He was beyond ... More

Any book recommendations to deal with a budding toddler personality?

  • Katrina
    May 17

    It's Okay Not To Share and other renegade rules for raising competent and compassionate kids by Heather Shumaker. Life-changing look into how toddlers function and how to work with them.

  • Erin
    May 17

    How to Raise a Wild Child :)

My son is 3 years old and reading is one of his favorite activities.

How do I get him to pay more attention to the words? He seems to have most books memorized... I prompt him if necessary. Sometimes he tells me the whole story, other times I read the whole story.

  • Peggy Kaye: Chief Curriculum Officer at HOMER
    May 15

    The fact that reading is one of his favorite activities is fantastic! It is also wonderful that he has memorized stories. I suggest shaking things up a bit. Start with a new book with the promise to follow it with an old favorite. It can help if you point to the words as you’re reading. This might keep his attention focused on the words on the page. You can let him use his finger when he retell... More

ESL Books

My kids are learning English as a second language and it’s tough! Any suggestions on helping them with their vocabulary and getting better at comprehension? Their grades are not good.

  • Peggy Kaye: Chief Curriculum Officer at HOMER
    May 15

    It is a challenge to learn a second language and to have your schooling depend on the acquisition. The more English your children hear and speak the better. Young minds are incredibly adept at picking up languages –much better at it than adults – but they need exposure. Reading to them or using an audio book while looking at the actual book can help. It’s rare I suggest watching TV with childr... More

Best book or series for a first grader?

  • Peggy Kaye: Chief Curriculum Officer at HOMER
    May 15

    I am not sure if you mean for a child to read or books to read to a child, so I’ll answer both ways. First – what first graders might read for themselves. Of course, first graders vary a good deal in their skill levels, and it is important to make sure you choose books your child can read with ease. I do like the old favorites, though, like “Frog and Toad,” “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” (... More

  • Laura
    May 24

    thank you!

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