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Airplane/Airport Board Book

Flying with two little ones soon and I want to start reading to them about airplanes. Does anyone have airplane book suggestions, preferably board books, for a 3 and 1 year old? Thanks! And wish me luck!

  • Sarah
    Oct 10

    We have several, I think the best one is called amazing airplanes which talks about the flying process!

  • Crystal
    Oct 10

    Usborne has a lift the flap board book about airplanes that we used before and during our travels.

Potty training book recommendations?

  • Valerie
    Oct 07

    Oh crap potty training

  • Yasmin
    Oct 07

    Brandi Brucks Potty Training in 3 Days This book works, 100%!

Book recommendations

Chapter book recommendations for an almost 8 yr old first grader?

  • Christina
    Oct 07

    Amelia Bedelia books are great. My son loved them plus it gives you a chance to talk to them about the funny things adults say. Kids are very literal so they get confused when we say things like Hit the Road

  • Sara

    Captain Underpants. My son loved the Jim Kay illustrated Harry Potter. Roald Dahl

Anonymous posted in Books & Reading Oct 01

Favorite Board Books?

My 11mo loves books and being read to and I'm looking to get her more for her birthday. Any suggestions for books? I'm looking for longer ones like Giraffes can't Dance and The Pout-Pout Fish.

  • JEaton
    Oct 02

    My son is 18 months and has loved Little Owl's Night for a long time. His other favorites are Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle, I Want To Be An Astronaut... by Ruby Brown, anything by Karma Wilson, all the Llama Llama books, and the Disney 5 minute storybook collections. You can get a really good deal on books through

  • Christa
    Oct 03

    Daddy Ducks Day - all of the books are fantastic. Peek a choo choo Goodnight moon Good night gorilla

Books for 3.5 year old

Need some recommendations to look out for at the library tomorrow. Some of his already-favorites are Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, books by Richard Scarry, and Pete the Cat. Would like to switch things up...

  • Samantha
    Oct 01

    Mine loves the if you give a mouse a cookie series and the llama llama books

  • Jennifer
    Oct 01

    My son is in love with Jane Yolen's dinosaur books. Right now we have "How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?". "... Go To Bed?" & "... Eat Their Food?" are big favs he loves to memorize.

Elementary Chapter Books

I need recommendations for 3rd-5th grade reading level chapter books! Thank you in advance 💛

  • Cathy
    Oct 04

    Hi, any recommendations for 5th-8th grade reading levels??

  • Warriormom
    Oct 07

    The unfortunate events is great!!


At what age have you been able to read a book to your baby? I’ve been trying to read to my 7 month old before bed, and she just gets excited and grabs the book to bite it. I try to continue turning pages, but she’s persistent and it’s just not working as a wind down routine quite yet!

  • Sara
    Oct 05

    Keep at it. I read to her while she played. Eventually around 10 months she was sitting and now at 19 months picks her own books every night and reads to herself when she plays

  • Angelica

    I started reading to our LO super early... like 3 months. She didn't understand, but it helps with language development. Keep at it, even when it doesn't look like they're playing attention, they're still picking it up.

Where is the best place to buy books online in bulk for toddlers?

  • Joanna
    Sep 27

    Costco has boxed sets.

  • Isatou
    Sep 27

    For used thrift store are excellent choice.

Anyone know any good potty training books I can read to my toddler ?

  • Halie
    Sep 17

    Daniel tiger is the best! Plus there are videos work songs to go song with it on YouTube. Also, invest in a potty watch. My daughter has been trained since 17 months and it was a life saver!

  • Household6
    Sep 30

    Everybody Poops!

What are good story books to read to a 4 and 5 year old?

I’m looking for recommendations for chapter or story books that are concise enough to read out loud but still have a good engaging plot they will enjoy hearing over several reading sessions. We’ve read through the Magic Treehouse series a couple of times and they loved those, so if you know of anything similar I’d love to hear it. TIA!

  • Kevin
    Sep 21

    I've read Winnie the Pooh in Latin off and on since my 3 year old was an infant. We've recently started Christmasaurus.

  • Morgan
    Sep 28

    The Chronicles of Narnia are a great series! The stories are very engaging and also integrate good morals. There are also some old school ones mystery series that I loved growing up: Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Boxcar Children, Encyclopedia Brown. These are all great for teaching problem-solving skills... you can make a game out of trying to "solve the mystery" before the main cha... More

Bob's Books

Hello moms. My 4 yr old son is able to find out the sound of each alphabet and can figure out the starting alphabet of any word based on sound. I am planning to buy him Bob's books. But not sure if I should go with sight words or Beginner reader books to introduce him to two letter n three ltter words and to reading. Pls tell me if I am in the right direction or if I am missing something he... More

How did you start to teach your kids to read?

  • Sky
    Sep 11

    I’ve started with the ABCs then phonics and now they naturally just ask what words start with. It really depends on the age tho it’s a slow process

  • Geena
    Sep 11

    Thank you, sky, that’s very enlightening

What size books does anyone’s 6 year old read? Page numbers, etc.

  • Hailie
    Sep 07

    Right now my 5 year old and I are ready frozen (the chapter book) and before that it was tangled (the chapter book) she really likes chapter book. but NEVER READING FROZEN AGAIN!!!!!

  • Jenni
    Sep 08

    Every 6 year old reads at a different level. My 6 yo daughter reads chapter series books like The Critter Club, Judy Moody, and Eloise. But she also still enjoys reading Elephant and Piggie books. So there’s a big range- as long as your kid is reading and you read to them, that’s great!

Anonymous posted in Books & Reading Sep 07

Most helpful books for first time moms?

Would love advice on best books to read for first time moms (on pregnancy, childbirth, being a parent, etc!) Currently first trimester and a bit intimidated by all the things I don’t know...

  • Christa
    Sep 14

    Oh I read that one too! I forgot all about it, it did ease anxieties, but then I forgot all about what it said once labor hit and my husband was 3 hours away on work... lol, so it’s effective, but I avoided “what to expect” like the plague- that book is horrifying and does more harm than good, because each woman is so different, and if it’s baby #1 and you aren’t experiencing what the book says... More

  • JEaton
    Sep 30

    I really enjoyed "The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Babies First Year" by Dawn Dais. I also like

Books that changed the way you parent

Tell me about the books that changed the way you parent. I remember when I was pregnant I read "Expecting Better" and it completely changed how I viewed pregnancy because I realized many of the restrictions around pregnancy were myths and I could eat sushi, for example. Any books like that for parenting that changed your views? They don't have to be strictly "parenting books&... More

  • Maryna
    Sep 25

    "Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting" and "Simplicity Parenting"

  • Lacie
    Oct 06

    Love and’s positive parenting

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Sep 05

Learning Resources

I heard my son who's 21 months correctly sounding out words. He is very advanced for his age but I didn't realize that he was already learning to read. I feel like I haven't been challenging him enough and I need resources to nurture my budding intellect. Any ideas?

  • Geena
    Sep 05

    You could look up Your Baby Can Read program sold in flash cards and cds i think to help facilitate

  • Emily
    Sep 09

    Also Bob books

Any recommendations for educational toys and/or books for a one year old ?

My daughter is about to be one and want to get her started with some educational toys/books. Any recommendations are appreciated.

  • Javier
    Sep 05

    Dr seuss!

  • Jennie
    Sep 05

    Poke A Dot books are great. I recently saw them at Costco.

What is a good book for someone preparing to be a brand new parent?

  • Shoshana
    Sep 04

    I really liked "Eat, Sleep, Poop" for actual parenting/baby care

  • Betsy
    Sep 04

    What to expect when you are expecting is a nice reference tool. I found it especially useful for when to expect milestones and tips on sleep training and starting solids, etc. Your instincts will kick in immediately and trust your instinct to investigate further if you feel that something is wrong.

Usborne Books

Anyone have any experience with Usborne books? I have a friend who sells them and is adamant that I buy a few. I’m just curious about the quality, since some of them are on the pricier side.

  • Kiersten
    Aug 30

    Thank you ladies! I’m ordering them now. Tara, that is amazing that she reads all by herself at 16 months! My little guy is a fan of the touch and feel books too. I’ll have to see how he likes flip books.

  • Neng
    Aug 30

    My son is 10 months old and he loves the flip books. Even though it ends up in his mouth half of the time but he flips through them. He enjoys the touchy feely book. My friend that sells it says if it ever rips they will replace it for free. I don’t know the process of replacement because I haven’t had to replace any yet but it’s good to know they can be replaced because of how pricey they are.

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