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Discussion and questions about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Parents and child care providers can ask questions and share resources about Coronavirus precautions, symptoms and treatment for babies, children, and adults.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Sunday

Sleep Regression During Quarantine

Are any of you dealing with sleep regressions? How are you handling it? Mid January my daughter was struggling with sleep. She would have frequent night terrors and wake up constantly. She threw tantrums a lot and would claw at herself all the time. We figured out she was going stir crazy and needed to get out more. We made changes to our schedules and began going to the library, playground, an... More

  • Anonymous

    She dances a lot. She spends a lot of time reading books with me, so much she has some memorized. We also do puzzles a lot.

  • PK

    My son is 3... he’s been sort of going through a sleep regression during this pandemic. Used to consistently nap 1.5 hrs and sleep at night for 11 hours straight with no issues. But now we are skipping naps (no matter how much activity and physical movement I get him to do) and trouble falling asleep and staying asleep through the night. We do busytoddler activities and more... obstacle courses... More

Children, Coronavirus & Emergency Preparedness/Planning

Has anyone thought about how your family will handle emergency preparedness? In the case of the current pandemic, what will you do if one person in your household contracts COVID-19? Will you quarantine them to a specific room? I am trying to figure out how to handle childcare and how to keep as many family members healthy if someone in my household tests positive.

  • Ivana

    Just to add, my husband got a flu back in January and had identical symptoms to covid, we didn’t suspect much back in January, but even thinking he had the regular flu we locked him up in our bedroom until he was fully recovered. He may have had it, or not, hard to say, but always good to isolate when you can in that case

  • Kristina

    In case you need to quarantine one person in your family remember they need a separate bathroom that only that person can use. Covid 19 can spread to other person very quickly so you need to have only one person as caregiver who comes by the door and drops food, medication, all the other necessary items. You don’t want more caregivers because its more likely that that person can get covid as we... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Thursday

Daycare Tuition During Coronavirus - Why Isn't 50% Enough?

This is a question about home-based childcare centers. The one my toddler goes to (in CA) serves 8 kids and remains open. The state has said that that's for parents who are "essential" workers to use; I am not an essential workers so I cannot use the daycare. However the provider insists on charging us 100% tuition while we keep our kid at home. What's strange to me is that al... More

  • Mrs. HHH

    Can you just not pay at all since you’re not using their services? I mean who knows how long we’ll al be sheltered in place.

  • Anonymous

    Well they basically said either pay tuition to hold your child's space in the program, or unenroll (which requires giving and paying for 30-days notice). Kind of crappy either way because as a parent, I don't want to lose my child's spot. But yes, I'm leaning towards not paying anything at all and unenrolling. If I have to pay for a 30d notice, so be it. I might still save ... More

Anonymous posted in Coronavirus (COVID-19) Thursday

Work in uncertain times

Anyone else still working as an “essential” personnel? I keep hearing everyone complain how they are done with their shelter in place or quarantine. I am an essential personnel constantly in contact with over 20+ different people DAILY. And I would much rather be home with my young kids knowing we are all safe. Unfortunately we need the money in order to pay our bills, and they are not planning... More

  • Anonymous

    My husband and I are essential and have to work opposite shifts so one of us can be home with the kids. It’s hard and my two little ones are super clingy because we are home together so much they want momma and get upset sometimes when I have to leave for work.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, that must be so hard. Working, then not being able to rest much while watching the kids. I’m so sorry you are going through this. I really hope everything can go back to normal as soon as possible

Virtual events for kids

I’m wondering if anyone has found virtual events for their kids to participate in. I love the idea of virtual play dates and virtual birthday parties. I’ve also seen several notable children’s book authors host virtual story times where they do live readings of their books and then interact with the kids over Zoom or a similar platform. Are there other virtual events that you’ve found for your ... More

Anonymous posted in Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mar 31

Struggling with 2 under 2

HELP. Advice, commiseration, suggestions welcome I had our second child in January and am really struggling having 2 under 2 with shelter in place. I knew from the get-go that I was not cut out to be a SAHM, but I’m at the end of my rope and it’s only week 2. We are now experiencing: 1. A fresh regression where she says “uh oh peepee pants” but has stopped taking herself to the potty (be ... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo

    I have my first 2 kids 17 months apart. Fast forward to now, I am sheltering in place with my 5,3,2 yr olds and 7 month olds. I’ve learned a lot of tricks. 1) I agree, if she doesn’t wear clothes it doesn’t much matter. I let my kids pick their outfits (we change clothes right before bed, and they have the option to change during the day, but must climb in bed with clean clothes), outside they ... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo

    Your baby is still young too, cut yourself slack on that. Just start Every day when everyone is fed with some playing on the floor. Toddler on one side, baby on the other. If you can sit on the floor play at a table and put baby in the basinet Of the pack n play. <3 stay strong. My mantra lately has been “this is hard but I am strong”

Child Care options during COVID-19

How are you handling child care during this time? Especially if you are not an essential worker, have you been able to find a suitable child care arrangement? How are parents working from home balancing having their kids around 24/7 and potentially having to teleschool/homeschool?

  • Andrea T.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Thursday

    Using Winnie's emergency CC search is very helpful if you are looking for care openings near you!

  • Anonymous

    Not much help. I am an essential worker but my husband is hesitant to put our kids into any kind of daycare, right now. Usually we have our parents watch our young children. However, because I am healthcare worker, who will unavoidably be exposed to this. And our parents are older and at higher risk, we are keeping distance. Therefore I have my husband trying to work from home and watch 2 pres... More

Self Care during COVID-19

I’m curious to know the various ways parents are coping with the “new normal.” With kids home 24/7, many parents working from home, and the likelihood of having to teleschool/homeschool, how are you taking care of yourselves? Are you taking time for self care? I know that parenting lends limited time for self care on a good day, so I’m not suggesting that parents have ample time in their busy ... More

  • Amanda
    Apr 01

    I love listening to podcasts, so I've found that when I'm with little ones (particularly infants) then it helps me relax to listen to a podcast while doing tummy time, just hanging out, etc.

  • Aida

    I can’t find a separate time to do self care and husband is working or taking care of things for the house. So what I’ve been doing when I just need a break from my LOs is tell Alexa to play happy music, it’s interesting what she suggests, but it gets me out of my current state of mind and in a more calm space. Luckily both my kids love music and they will dance and calm down too. I miss Target... More

Educational/Learning Apps?

With most schools closed right now due to COVID-19, I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations for educational/learning apps for kids of various ages? I know that Duolingo is a great second language learning app for older kids, but are there any foreign language learning apps for younger kids? What about apps that teach STEM/STEAM/coding lessons?

Anonymous posted in Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mar 25

Is it irresponsible to be actively TTC during this pandemic?

Would I really be putting myself and baby in harms way? There’s so much stuff out there that idk what to believe anymore. One article says that pregnant women and their baby will be fine based on data in China. But then my husband keeps saying he’s finding articles that say otherwise? At this point I’ve stopped with reading too much into this and just pay attention to any changes locally.

  • B
    Mar 25

    I wouldn’t at this point for the main reason that seeing doctors is hard. You likely wouldn’t see them often and would have decreased things like ultrasounds. You’re more at risk and would have to be extra cautious. I’d wait a few months and see how things are going

Emergency Child Care for Essential Workers

These are unprecedented times. As daycares and preschools temporarily close across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s critical that essential workers still have access to high quality child care. Starting today, parents who need emergency child care can visit to connect with the child care providers who have immediate availability.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 24

Do you think it is right that daycares are charging Parents full price when the daycare has closed?

My child's daycare closed starting yesterday 3/23 but we have received a letter stating that we are still required to pay for tuition costs because they have utilities and the workers to pay. I know this is a tough time for everyone but why should I keep paying for services that I am actually not receiving. I love his current daycare but once this is all over, I may be switching because it ... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 26

    So daycare opens back on Monday but my son won't be able to attend because I am not considered essential personnel but I won't have to pay anything while he isn't there. I am happy that he will be able to stay at his current daycare. I wouldn't had mind a partial fee but full price for no services is asking a lot. His daycare is a small intimate daycare & as a teacher, I oft... More

  • Anonymous

    I don't think it's right to charge unless 1) they ask and give you a choice, vs requiring it, 2) they can tell you where the money goes and explain why they need that much. Note that both of these things is mostly about tone and communication. I think that goes a long way. My toddler goes to an in-home daycare (in CA) that serves 8 kids. They chose to remain open and are charging a... More

Crafts using household items?

Cabin fever is definitely starting to set in as social distancing continues! I don’t want to make an unnecessary run to the craft store, so I’m wondering if anyone has ideas for crafts & activities that can be put together using household items? So far we’ve made “telescopes” using empty toilet paper & paper towel rolls (which we decorated using markers), we’ve baked cookies from scratc... More

  • Micah
    Mar 24

    You can make some slime with hair conditioner, dye colour and corn starch or something like that just give it a google

  • Sara
    Mar 25

    We've been keeping all our food boxes recently (cereal boxes, egg cartons, plastic jars and containers). Honestly my kids don't even need a planned activity -- I will just pick a few recycled items to set out that day on their craft table with some art materials we have (paint or crayons or glue+pompoms or stickers) and let them get creative. It's awesome to see what they come up wi... More

Anonymous posted in Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mar 20

35 wks debating on leaving nyc to give birth?

This coronavirus has put a crazy spin on life these days. Things seem to be pretty bad in the hospitals here. Is anyone else considering heading out of town to birth their baby? Maybe closer to family or anything like that ?

  • Q
    Mar 21

    I'm in the beginning of my 3rd trimester too and worry about the virus since the hospital I'm giving birth is one of the testing sites. To make matters worse is that my sis friend just gave birth there too. The rotating drs/nurses r not wearing masks when touring the rooms. Only the receptionist is wearing it. But i can't move out, where will we go bc of the insurance network covera... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 20

Coronavirus and babysitter

How are working parents dealing with the “stay at home” policy due to coronavirus? I am wondering if I need to have my babysitter still come to work or not. And if I were to ask her to stay home instead of coming in should I pay her for the days not worked?

  • Anonymous

    Most people I know don't have their babysitters coming during shelter in place unless it's a live-in nanny or au pair or if they are an essential worker

Anonymous posted in Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mar 19

Covid/coronavirus while pregnant

I’m soon to be at 35 weeks pregnant and I’m wondering if I really need to go in for my checkup. All seems to be going just fine so I’m wondering if I need to complicate my situation for a minor checkup considering our current societal environment? Granted I will also ask my doctors the same question but I know that I will soon have to come in on a weekly basis and wondering if I could limit t... More

  • Momof2
    Mar 21

    I’m not pregnant but I think that’s smart to limit your exposure! When I was pregnant I bought a fetal heart rate monitor so I could listen to baby’s heart rate (my first baby stopped moving for a period of time so it scared me I wanted to be able to listen without having to go in). I feel like that’s probably the only thing of value at the appointments that you couldn’t get from a phone visit ... More

  • Linda
    Mar 25

    Hi- you can enlist a midwife to do your checks at home even if you are not planning to give birth at home or in a birth center. You can also order some test strips to check your urine for protein, and learn to check your blood pressure at home for further reassurement. Regardless of what you decide, make sure to continue keeping track of your baby’s movements and notify your healthcare provide... More

Should we be sending our toddlers (3yr) to daycare now with COVID-19?

  • Laura
    Mar 20

    It's a tough decision and it's almost better when they make it for you and just close. Ours is pausing tuition and hopes to reopen by April 27th.

  • IV
    Mar 26

    My daycare is still open, and I take her there so I can work from home. I am satisfied with the measures they are taking. Parents are no longer allowed inside, we do door drop-off now, etc. I also don't have anybody at-risk at home. So you would have to weigh your circumstances.

Anonymous posted in Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mar 18

Birthday Ideas during COVID

My twins will be turning 4 next week - looking for ideas of how to make it special while keeping our social distancing. I had promised them the Children’s Museum ... but obviously that won’t be a possibility.

  • Britt
    Mar 21

    Mine is turning 9 on the 2nd and bc I suspect we’ll still be under quarantine I went and bought streamers, balloons, other decorations all in his favorite color yellow... bought a box cake and frosting which will also be yellow... then his brother picked out a few toys, a game and some other little surprises like 4 sheets of temporary tattoos, & tons of candy. Good luck 👍🏻

  • Lisa
    Mar 25

    This social distancing really has effected many kids. I know in my area we have done a drive thru celebration for our friends. Where people drive past saying happy birthday as the kids wave. We participated in one a couple days ago. You might also want to consider maybe doing a virtual party.

Play dates during Coronavirus closures?

I’m wondering if it’s safe to schedule play dates during this time? Since schools are closed, I know that kids are going to become restless and want/need socialization. What are some precautions that can be taken to have safe play dates? Should I ask the other parent if everyone in the home is healthy and hasn’t had recent contact with anyone infected with COVID-19? Is it okay to ask the other ... More

  • Jenn
    Mar 26

    There are no safe play dates. People can be carriers without showing any symptoms. This is a serious pandemic, not the seasonal flu. Your kids will recover from the disappointment of not playing with their friends. Btw this is coming from someone "healthy" who has been sick (with I don't know what bc no one will test me) for 3 weeks. I myself would love to just go into a grocery ... More

  • C
    Mar 28

    Our county is under a Shelter In Place order, so we’re confined to our homes unless it’s to go to see the doctor or get essentials. Definitely no play dates allowed here. Someone mentioned Zoom and that seems to be the way people are having play dates around here too. There’s also several ways to watch tv and movies together virtually. I’ve seen groups of people outside, but they’re 6 feet ap... More

Sara posted in Child Care Mar 16

Parenting & Pregnancy during Coronavirus

Winnie and Startup Pregnant held a webinar to answer questions about parenting, childcare, pregnancy and birth in the age of Coronavirus. Video of the event here:

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