Potty Training

Questions, tips and advice about helping your child use the big potty as well as navigate bed-wetting and accidents.

Car seat accidents

What do you all use to keep your car seats free from potty training accidents??

  • PK

    Search “car seat piddle pad” on Amazon. So it’s been great for when he’s already peed himself and I forgot change of clothes and I’m just trying to get home. As far as having the accident as he’s sitting in there... I’ve been lucky so far and don’t know how well those actually work with a puddle of pee... knock on wood 😣 The annoying part is that my son likes to climb into the car seat himse... More

  • Anonymous

    We ve actually had very few accidents in the car seat. I’d say just bring a change of clothes - I suppose you could lay down a pee pad too. This is kind of weird but when I was potty training my twins, I kept a little potty in the back of our suv. If we were at the park or far away from a restroom, I’d just let them go on the little potty. I d put a diaper or pee bad in the bowl for easy clean ... More

Potty training Oh Crap Method

My child has sensory processing disorder and developmental delay so has a fear of sitting on the toilet especially at school. I read in the oh crap method book that it will take him about two months to be trained but it doesn’t give details on how to do that. Help!!!

  • Jess

    I have no advice, but I am in the exact same boat. My daughter is 3, also has spd and wants nothing to do with potty training! I was thinking of doing the 3 day no clothes method, staying home and keeping potty close by, but we have attempted 3 times 1 day each and nothing so we always give up.

  • Momof1

    Actually we were going to go down the same boat you were doing. Just do it in short spurts and see if he picks up on it. I think the biggest hurdle for us is that we don’t think he knows what peeing is. I’ve also considered hiring a consultant. They have some listed on the oh crap website

I’m having trouble potty training My 4 yard old son

I put him on the toilet every hour he will go but then after four hours he will not go anymore and he will not poop on the toilet And he will not sit on the toilet for five minutes only sit on they for a second and then wants off I don’t know what to do What should I do

  • Donelle
    Feb 19

    I’m having that problem right now with my 3 year old but I didn’t start out with the hour I started with every tens minutes. The only really mine is so off track is cause not everyone does it how I do it.

  • Julie

    I had my 2 year old son not wear anything just a T-shirt showed him to pee and poop in this Potty chair At first he didn’t get it, he peed on himself and he didn’t like it and I guess he figured it out to like sit down and he got it. I gave him an M&Ms whenever he peed or pooped to give him a treat/ reward and he got the hang of it. But every child is different and it takes time.

Potty training nightmare

My one year has no problem sitting on the toilet and going potty, my almost 2 year old however refuses to sit on it and screams/kicks/cries/and makes her leg stiff straight. I don’t know what to do, she doesn’t like diapers much anymore and comes asks for a change when she done pooping/peeing. Any recommendations?

  • Destin
    Feb 10

    Your one year old is potty trained? Wow!!

  • Yuyuita
    Feb 11

    My daughter was the same she refused to sit on the potty, she cried and didn’t even try to sit on it, until I gave her a tiny chocolate every time she would pee in the potty, it’s been a month since then and she is being doing great, in the first weeks she few accidents, now she only wears a diaper when we go out, she even wakes up at night to tell me she need to use the potty i was afraid to d... More

My 3 yr girl is just not getting trained even after trying for a year

Ive been potty traing her since 2 yrs of age. She wasnt always telling us but there were signs. I took the diapers off completely. She does great at night. Wakes up all dry.Daytime has always been challenging. I ask her if she wants to go and she just says no.But then goes in pull-up unless i take her to potty in time.her pullups are always wet in daytime.she was telling me when needed to go po... More

  • Erum
    Feb 14

    Thank you everyone for the advice. Taking away pullups isn't an issue. Lately she's just scared of the potty seat and doesn't want to go on it. Not even in the house. It's more about getting over her fear of the toilet seat. I don't know how to help her with that. Ive bought and tried pottetts and travel seats and she knows exactly when she needs to go she has even figured o... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 17

    Thank you for the good advices

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Jan 22

Nighttime Potty Training

My almost 4yr old has been potty trained for over a year now, but we can’t kick wetting the bed at night. We still put him in a pull up at night and have tried to go without it ... but I just end up washing sheets everyday!! Any advice??? Ideas? He doesn’t seem to even notice if he pees the bed, he ll just wake up in a puddle 🤦‍♀️

  • B
    Jan 23

    Talk to your pediatrician. But I’ve done some reading on this, and nightime potty training is about when the body starts making a hormone that decreases urge to pee at night. Some kids it happens later. Not something you can teach. Best you can do is reduce liquids at night, and/or do a nightime pee when you’re going to bed. Also, pull-ups aren’t very absorbent. .

  • Ashlea
    Feb 01

    Thank you for this question and the thoughtful responses. My youngest is 3 and we’re in the same boat, I’m going to give the middle of the night wake ups a shot will report back

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Jan 17

Toddler boy learning to stand and pee?

My toddler boy (3yo) is afraid of public restrooms- mainly because he thinks it’s dirty & the flush noise is too loud. I want to see if standing and peeing will help a little. How can i kick start this process?

  • Jennifer
    Jan 17

    Mine is still too short to stand in most public bathrooms, at least without making a mess. He does well with “standing on his knees.” I boost him up so that his knees are on the seat and he is facing the back of the toilet (at home he uses a step stool). He feels more secure because he can either hold onto the back of the toilet or the handicap bars. Also, there is a little less ick factor if o... More

  • Tennsie Hsi
    Jan 21

    You can cover the sensor with toilet paper so it doesn't flush unexpectedly

Potty training regression tips?

Our second baby arrived 3 weeks early, and our first—who was doing really well potty training having maybe one accident every other day—has suddenly been refusing to go potty and having multiple accidents a day at daycare and home despite the prompting (home and daycare) not changing. Any tips/advice would be appreciated.

  • anonymous mom
    Jan 17

    It’s very normal to experience regressions in potty training, especially when a new sibling comes on the scene or when the child is training early, which from your info it sounds like your firstborn is if they’re between 1-2!! I think one accident every other day is already awesome for a child that age so now it’s all about getting them back there. I would remain consistent with the training ... More

  • Pamela
    Jan 21

    That happened to me!! Right in the middle of potty training the new baby came. I stopped for a couple weeks and put him back in pull-ups and just reminded him to go to the bathroom often then when I was feeling up to it I kept him home from preschool for 3 days straight and made him use the potty every 40min even if he didn’t have to go. He also wasn’t allowed to wear underwear or pull-ups dur... More

Potty training

Any tips to get a child that refuses to “Potty” some days and others will go without a fuss? My daughter is about 2 and half

  • Natasha
    Jan 16

    Stay consistent. Keep it positive, watch for potty cues, celebrate victories, don’t over- emphasize accidents.

My 2 and a half year old will refuse to potty

I take him every 20 mins he'll sit there for 2 mins and get up once he goes to the room he'll pee in hes pants I'm now using training undies dont know how to handle the situation i spend too much on diapers it's becoming a problem at day care to once he turns 3 he mast be potty trained to move a class

  • Breona
    Jan 16

    My daughter was stubborn for a little while too. With her potty in the bathroom, it helped for me to sit on the toilet and “go potty” with her (I didn’t always need to go but it helped her). But sometimes I put her potty in her room because that’s where she would go in her diaper when she still had mess ups. I heard that a potty chart like what anonymous mom posted is also very helpful. I like ... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Dec 09

Refusing to use the toilet for it’s purpose!

My 3year old son knows how to use the toilet already. He can use our toilet seat but i still put his toilet seat so its way comfortable for him. Everytime he needs to have BM, he will runaway from me and refused to sit on the toilet seat. I can see on his face that he is afraid that his poop coming out of his buttoms. The feeling that something gonna come out makes him refuse to sir in the pott... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 09

    I will have to try the raisins lol. When he was a baby he was very constipated because his pedia told us not to give any water and he cried so badly. And we decided to give him water since then and helped him to poop.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 09

    We actually stayed with him while he is sitting in the toilet but he was fighting back that he almost fall inside the toilet lol... Just to add something, I born his in the toilet and my husband catched him:). So we all thinking maybe that is why he hates toilets lol.... Also, we had a hard time when we are outside like the mall, he won’t like to sit in the potty or the idea of going to the... More

Any tips on potty training a 2.5 yr old little boy?

We started training back in May and had a few successful toilet uses. When our daycare situation changed we stopped (he was 2 at the time). any and all tips are much appreciated.

  • Ariel
    Dec 12

    I would say start by buying pairs of panties for your son. Show them to him, even can go shopping with him and let him choose the design he likes. Then tell him we are removing diapers and you will wear these panties. You have to take him to bathroom introduce him to his potty. Then tell him we will come back here every now and then so you can pee. At first you take him there every hour especia... More

Potty Training

My little boy will be 3 in May and he absolutely refuses to use a potty chair/toilet. He is not my biological son, I did not know his full background but I do know he's kinda had it rough. I have three girls of my own ages 6, 5 and 22 months, so I've been through the potty training and the difficulties but with girls. He wants to sit on the potty and he wants to wear his big boy underw... More

  • Mrs. HHH
    Dec 05

    Bless your heart for adopting a child who had a rough start in life

  • Ivy
    Dec 05

    My second was similar. He was ready and had the understanding, but I realized that it was just an unnatural feeling for him. He’s peed in a diaper his whole life and not had himself exposed with watching eyes. I imagine I would have a difficult time peeing in a diaper as an adult, because that’s not what I’m used to anymore. Anyway, I stuck his toilet in a closet (I noticed he sometimes hid so... More

Oh Crap Potty Training Method?

Hey! Our 18 month old was showing the tell-tale signs (dry diapers in a row, fighting changes, exerting her independence, showing deep interest in the toilet and us going potty including pretending to wipe herself)...we started oh crap! method on Wednesday. She definitely recognizes when she is peeing (she’ll say “uhoh!” If she’s not on her potty and holds it if you tell her mid-stream when t... More

  • Penelope
    Dec 02

    I’ve tried it multiple times. And My daughter has shown full interest over and over. Yet she sometimes goes back to not using it all. It’s not something to force. I believe that Whatever is best will happen in its own time. And you can’t decide what’s 100% comfortable for them. You can’t control life so roll with the punches.

  • Vonda
    Dec 05

    Yay! So glad she is having such success.

Anonymous posted in Books & Reading Nov 23, 2019

Anyone else read "Oh Crap Potty Training"...

And feel like it just wasnt the right fit? I found the book to be informative and useful on many levels but knowing my kid I just dont think that method will be the best for her. Just wondering what others thought of the book and experiences with it. TIA!

  • Diana
    Nov 27, 2019

    I bought it, all excited, until I started hearing everyone else’s rave reviews, explaining how their child only peed on the floor x number of times today... and I will fully admit that I selfishly did not want to clean up unnecessary bodily fluids. So I did exactly what everyone says you should never do and put my child in pull-ups. She was 90% there (even waking up dry) at 2.5, but then regr... More

  • Jennifer
    Dec 01

    We just went through this over Thanksgiving! I read the book in its entirety and my husband read key chapters and the checklist/FAQ while on a business trip. Some of it was great, but the rest seemed totally unrealistic unless you have at least one stay-at home parent (Block one is three days but can take up to a week? Sorry can’t burn up the few vacation/sick days I have on a week of potty ... More

Potty training for less verbal kids.

We are wondering if our son is ready for potty training or not. He just turned 2, 2 months ago. His diaper is staying dry for a pretty long time and often does not need to be changed after a nap. But he does not talk much (he is getting a speech therapist soon) so I’m worried he won’t tell us when he needs to go. He also has never given any cues he is going to the bathroom and never let us know... More

  • Amanda
    Nov 28, 2019

    Do you feel that he is aware of when he is wetting or soiling his diaper or do you think he is unaware of when it happens. If he is aware maybe you can try an object (pull up or a picture of a potty) he can retrieve to let you know he needs to go. Whenever you change his diaper or put him on the potty reinforce your action with the object of your choice to help him start associating the card or... More

Potty training an 18 month old girl

My LO seems to be on the road to potty training. She tells me when she has poops and can seem to hold her pee (she almost never pees during nap). I was just looking to hear your stories regarding trying to potty train at this age. To me it seems a little young, but I am 3 months pregnant so the thought of only changing 1 set of diapers is appealing.

  • anonymous mom
    Nov 24, 2019

    My daughter was the same age when she started to show genuine interest. She’s been fully trained since she was about 20 months, she only wears diapers at night and now she’s starting to wake herself up when she has to go at night too. She’s 2 years 3 months and started training at 18 months and it was pretty much all done by 20. Good luck!!

  • Jennifer
    Dec 01

    Our 18 mo just did a modified Oh Crap over Thanksgiving and is doing really well. She had similar signs—multiple dry diapers in a row, VERY interested in us going potty, and even mimicking wiping/fighting to wipe herself during diaper changes. I’m due with our second in Feb, so I’m glad she seemed to “get” it...I’m hoping she’ll be almost 100% by the time #2 comes so we only have regression r... More

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Nov 20, 2019

Potty training

I am going to start trying to potty training my 21 month old over the holiday break. I always thought I would wait until 2 1/2 or 3 but he is showing a lot of the signs of readiness (occasionally asking to go on the potty, telling me before he goes, asking for his diaper to be changed, etc). What strategies worked best for you? I’m currently reading “oh crap” but would like some insight as well.

  • Kristen
    Nov 20, 2019

    I read ‘Oh Crap’ and I found it very useful. Capitalize on those signs of readiness you’ve seen in your son by starting the method when you have the most time to dedicate to it (holiday break is perfect). Read the whole book now and summarize it for your partner and/or other caregivers so you know it well when you start. Have your son practice pulling his pants down. My daughter was 22 months w... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 20, 2019

    We used oh crap method as well, took 10 days for complete success! I also joined the oh crap page on fb and found the support and outreach to be really helpful if I had questions

Anonymous posted in Behavior Nov 16, 2019

Potty blues

We started potty training (24 month old) last weekend and it was going pretty well! He’d pee in the potty if we asked and even went a few times on his own. Today (day 7) he woke up and COMPLETELY refused to even sit on the potty. Held his pee for 4 hours before it all came pouring out. And did the same another 4 hours later..... we did the “oh crap” method and I am so disappointed with how toda... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Nov 18, 2019

    Also, there is the option of letting him stand. He’s gonna figure it out anyway on his own.

  • anonymous mom
    Nov 20, 2019

    Keep going. We went through about 3-4 weeks with my daughter crying and sobbing about trying the potty after months of success. Then she went through at least 3 weeks where she was afraid of having accidents and wanted to just sit on the potty constantly. I just kept going...and for the last few months she’s been great. I think it’s just something that they have to work through. No matter what,... More

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Nov 12, 2019

To-go potty

Finally getting the hang of potty training, many have said to bring little potty with us in the trunk just in case. I can do that. But.... where does he pee? Just out in the parking lot? Or prop it up on the back seat? I don’t see him being comfortable with that 😱

  • Sara
    Nov 17, 2019

    We did the folding potty seat with the bags for road trips and camping- super helpful- and just set it up anywhere. Privacy didn’t seem to be a thing for my kid. We actually have a picture of him sitting on it in some grass off the side of a freeway on-ramp when we had to pull off in an “emergency”- pretty funny! For pee, he now just stands and we go anywhere we have to if no bathroom is nearby... More

  • Jenn
    Dec 06

    You can't see him being comfortable because you yourself aren't comfortable with it (if you had to do it), rightfully so. Kids don't usually have the same hang ups as adults though. For instance, my 2 y.o. daughter will proudly yell she did a pee or poop in a public restroom. She has no shame whatsoever, nor do I want her to at this age. She's used the portable potty in the trun... More

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