Potty Training

Questions, tips and advice about helping your child use the big potty as well as navigate bed-wetting and accidents.

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Saturday

Number 2

My daughter since she’s been born she’s struggled with using the toilet or pooping period. We would have to give her suppositories if it really got bad. We’ve tried different medicinal products but still to results. It worries me that she deals with this. Someone mentioned to me before that their daughter struggled with not using the bathroom until the age of 5. My daughter is now 3. I need hel... More

  • Anita

    I feel your pain, my daughter is also 3 with the same problem. We used to have to do weekly suppositories!! 😞 But actually talking to her and helping her understanding of the situation has helped greatly. I explained that if she doesn’t poop a little each day naturally that she would have to get the “butt medicine”. I also told her lots of stories about poop (poop likes to swim in the toilet ... More

  • Andrea
    3h ago

    We use this for my 3 yr old. Takes every morning with his multivitamin. Makes him regular and he loves taking them. 😊

Potty Training ?!

My son is almost 15 months old. I don’t think he’s ready to start potty training quite yet but he might be interested. He always follows me to the bathroom when “mommy has to peepee”. Honestly I might just be nervous because he’s my first and I am clueless. I have no idea where to start! 1. how do I introduce the idea of potty training to him? 2. is it too early to start training boys at this... More

  • Anna

    I just want to offer a bit of different wisdom...I tried the “Oh Crap” book/method with my 20 month old (at the time), motivated by the idea that it is a socially learned behavior, as she states in the book. In retrospect, I do wish I would’ve waited for signs of ‘readiness’. Everyone told me that my kid was smart, so she would get it in no time. I became frustrated when she went a few times he... More


Hey guys! First time mom here! My son is 20 months & I’m trying to potty train him but honestly I don’t know where to start! I put him on the potty & he’s gone a few times but I need a system.. any tips.. literally anything will help! Thank you!

  • Taylor

    Okay thank you! I’ll try the naked thing && see if that helps!

  • Christa

    You might consider checking out Elimination Communication with Andrea Olson- she’s got a fantastic channel on YouTube, which is what I used to train my now 13 month old. It worked amazing for us! Maybe give it a try!!!

Day #1 of the "Oh Crap" potty training method. What's been your experience using this with boys?

Our son fights us when we ask him to try and use the potty. I don't want it to feel like punishment but he just hates it. We aren't even given the chance to focus on rewards. Any suggestions? 0 potty in the potty today and 4 accidents... hoping tomorrow is a better day.

  • Kerry
    Mar 17

    I totally agree with above posters, dont make it a choice. He goes to try no ifs ands or buts. My son who is 13 months came into the bathroom every time i went at 11/12 months he was interested in the potty since then he pees consistently on it but I dont give him a choice i sit him on it and say do a pee pee. Most of the time upon waking he pees and when i go. Im going to start having him on ... More

  • Lindsay
    Mar 18

    Thanks for the help. He still fights the potty. I have to literally hold him down screaming to get him to try. I know that is not good. I think we could be making progress in other areas. He seems to have consolidated his pee so he's not going all that often. Tough process...

4 year old autistic son and the potty!

I have a 4 year old autistic son and we've tried potty training before and he just played in the toilet! So we had to shut it down and lock all bathrooms for a while! Now I'm trying to start again and he has zero interest in sitting on the potty or his training toilet. He just gets up and runs away. He is also non-verbal so it's even more difficult with him! Anyone with suggestions?... More

  • Alyce
    Mar 15

    I have almost five year old twins one of which is autistic and the other delayed and they weren’t potty trained til last summer at just over 4. I put potties in the living room . This helped a lot. I sat them on the potty every 20 min or so but didn’t fight with them to stay there. I bought these stickers that stick to the bottom that are activated by peeing on them so they liked that. I also u... More

  • Khmommiex3
    Mar 16

    Thank you all for the great suggestions! I’m going to try them all. Especially like the one about turning them around and letting them draw or color! Great ideas, going to start today! These are much appreciated!

Dresean posted in In-Laws Mar 11

Mother is really pushy about Potty Training

Hey parents! My twin girls are 15 months old and my mother is REALLY pushing for potty training but I still think they’re too young. They aren’t really interested in the bathroom beyond following me inside and getting under the cupboards. We introduced them to a my sized potty and they pretty much just use it as a stool to stand on. My mom INSISTS that if they aren’t potty trained by the time t... More

  • Laura
    Mar 17

    I would stay away from pushing them. I tried to introduce my girl at 18 months and it was not good. Tried again at 24 months and she got frustrated but as soon as she turned 30 months, it clicked! Much smoother.

  • Lynn

    Honestly, your mom doesn’t know what she’s talking about and I’d let her know that it’s your decision. Not hers. And I’d not let her potty train your kids because it seems she’ll not respect them as individuals. 2 is early and before 2 is really early. It doesn’t mean it can’t be done, but it’s much more difficult and I don’t understand the push for kids to be potty trained before they are re... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Mar 04

Potty training help

My son just turned 3 and we’ve been working on potty training for a while now and we’re all stressed over it. He is great at peeing in the toilet but refuses to go poop. He doesn’t even give a warning I will ask every couple min and he says no and I’ll tell him to try and he won’t I don’t know what to do everyone says to take toys but I took his tablet and he with held for two days and that’s n... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 06

    Have to share our exciting news! He pooped in the potty today!! It finally happened thank you all so much for your advice and support it helped so much we woke up this morning and he was farting so I told him if he tried to go poo he could have his tablet so he went in we sat for A WHILE and nothing so I said we’ll leave the tablet here and try again later and I set a 10 min timer and we tried ... More

  • Kerry
    Mar 06

    Yay thats AWESOME!!!!!! So happy for you both! Hope he keeps it up.

Potty training.

So my son is three. We been potty training off and on since 2. Recently he has taken a liking to using the potty, and likes to stand and go. I’m glad. But he has his days where he will go every hour for me and then the next day he will only go once or twice. Any suggestions? I want him fully trained so I can put him in the day care by my home.

  • Kerry
    Mar 04

    I totally agree with the above posters. Also @3 kids dont always want to stop playing to pee. You can try a timer for an hr or what ever amount of time, tell you son when it goes off its potty time and you can come right back to your toy (or whatever he was doing) undies are the best way to go, yes he will have accidents but he will learn quickly that he doesn’t like the wet feeling. I had nann... More

  • Hannah
    Mar 15

    Don’t go back and forth with potty training, it is very confusing for toddlers. Definitely make a plan that you and your husband agree on and stay consistant, you both have to be on the same page and that goes for anyone else involved in caring for him! I read “Potty Training in Three Days” and it worked! The book says to ditch the diapers WITH your kid so that they understand that diapers a... More

Potty training!

Hello, I am starting to potty train my daughter but have no idea what to do or how to start!!! Any tips?????!

  • Kieli
    Feb 27

    My daughter was doing great for like 2 days. But my mom kept giving her candy/cookies even when she didn’t go potty, so she lost interest. Now, I keep a jar of dumdums in the bathroom and make her go in there with me every time I have to go (30 weeks pregnant so it’s pretty often). As soon as we get into the bathroom she looks up at them and asks for one. I tell her, if she goes potty she can h... More

  • Hilary
    Mar 11

    I agree with Tiana! I had so much success with Oh Crap. I fully potty trained my 32 month old (day and night).

V posted in Behavior Feb 25

Toddler afraid of public restrooms?!

Hey guys! Ive been potty training my 2yo and we recently decided to stop putting on pull ups for outings. The first couple of times, he would tell us he needed to use the restroom... then suddenly he’ll tell us he needs to go but once he sees the public toilet he freaks out! He will literally hold it in until we go back home. Any suggestions on getting toddler comfortable with public restroom... More

  • Joanna
    Feb 27

    I had the same experience. We made it a point to visit restrooms that were single or family style so that there is little noise and I could cover/control the auto flush. The mall, church, and library had these. I would also say I had to go and he could just wait with me, even if he didn't go potty. He got really comfortable when he started to pee standing up, didn't trigger the flush an... More

  • V
    Feb 27

    Thanks for all the advice!

Anonymous posted in Behavior Feb 24

26m old suddenly won't poop in toliet

We have been potty training for about 3 weeks now and my 26m old was rocking it. He wears a pull up at night and underwear during the day. He stays dry during nap and would tell us when he needed to poop. We have to prompt him to pee. He only has pee accidents every couple of days and it's typically we are running to toliet and just don't make it or he doesn't want to stop playing.... More

  • Ivy
    Feb 25

    Did anything scare him about the toilet? I’m not sure if you use the potty seat on a toilet or a floor potty. My first got splashed by water when his poop fell in, and it made him hate pooping in the toilet. It got even worse when we used a public restroom and the automatic toilet flushed multiple times out of no where. We had to revert back to a floor potty for a bit to bring back his confidence

  • Chelsa
    Feb 25

    Our son did the SAME THING. Your story sounds so so similar to ours. I still don’t know what he hated about the toilet but we had to keep him in a diaper/pull ups until he was 3.5 and he finally started using the toilet for both #1 & 2. We did little tiny treats every time he tried, then when he got good at that, every time he went, etc. But really, it came down to when he was ready and pra... More

Ashly posted in Clothes Feb 20

Hates Underwear

My middle child has been potty training for a few weeks now, we went with the bare bottom approach. She does great at home with going to the potty but she will not wear underwear at all!!! She hates it. Tips on getting her to wear them. I’ve done different sizes and styles so now what?

  • Ian
    Feb 21

    I agree with all of these replies. Sounds like it may not be worth the fight. Commando!

  • molly
    Feb 23

    have u tried tinyundies..?

Any tips for potty training and getting little one (LO) to tell you when they have to go, TIA!

  • Jessica
    Feb 20

    My son is 27 months and I’m doing the three day thing. Just finished day one. I put him in big boy underwear and am being OVERLY enthusiastic about everything. (We are having a party in the bathroom YAY!) I set an alarm for every 10 minutes. When it goes off we run to the potty and he sits down and gets an M&M. If he goes potty he gets 2 M&Ms. It went really well. Poop and pee in the p... More

  • molly
    Feb 23

    Agree with others that the baby has to be without diapers So they can realize when they have to go and then communicate with you. We read a lot of baby books like ‘I have to potty’ and ‘tiny potty ‘ and other similar books to the baby so they make an association. But some train closer to three years. I would not recommend being obsessive about it or pushing them as it could really backfire if t... More

Richae posted in Behavior Feb 16

Potty training

I have a 2 year old girl and she gets absolutely terrified every time I try to get her to sit on her toilet. Any tips or advance ?

  • Ciara Grey
    Feb 20

    Also maybe try sitting on the toilet while she sits on her potty. So you guys are doing it together?

  • Ian
    Feb 21

    Our 3yo hated potty training for the first 9 days. It was an absolute nightmare. The key things that helped us turn a corner were (1) stop prompting her so much about going potty (if she has an accident, she’ll learn about how “yucky” it feels and start to not want to have another accident), and (2) get a basket full of Dollar Tree rewards/toys for her that she got to pick from whenever she wen... More

Whitney posted in Behavior Feb 13

Help! My 3 year old potty training

I have a 3 year old who is amazing at peeing in the toilet and goes almost every single time but she will not go poop in the toilet! We have "praised" her and disciplined her and everything! We don't know what else to do!! Anyone else have these problems?

  • Jennifer
    Feb 19

    This is my daughter. She will pee on the toilet but not poop. She will be 4 in June. She doesn’t care, she will poop in her diaper and then say I have poo butt. There’s been 2 times she has voluntarily gone to the bathroom and actually pooped on her own. I am hoping she will just one day do it. Good luck!

  • Ashly
    Feb 20

    Dealing with the same, pees great no poop.

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Feb 11

Potty Training Help!

I have a 3yo boy and we've been potty training for a little now. He wears underwear most of the time and only wears pullups at night. We have gotten to the point where he will try/go to the bathroom when I take him every hour or so (if he actually goes, i reward him). He has never gone #2 in the potty (he will run away and hide and go in his pants) even with bribes of a new toy he wants. ... More

  • Marika
    Feb 12

    Had same issues with my boy...hiding when he had to poop and actually getting very upset if we approached him during the act. What helped him overcome his what I interpreted as "shame", was normalizing pooping, go to the zoo and pointing out how every animal poops and also let him watch us poop to see we all doing it along with the book "everyone" poops.... nothing special w... More

  • Tiana
    Feb 13

    Take away the diapers. Give him privacy. Don’t hover while you expect him to poop. Don’t ask, but rather tell him, “ it’s time to go potty now” if he has an accident. He must help to clean it up. Not handling poop per se, but loading the poopy pants into and out of the laundry. Wiping the floor. Make it inconvenient for him to keep doing this. 1 time per hour is not frequent enough if he is no... More

Potty training

Hi all, we began potty training this week and so far so good, only a couple pee accidents and tantrums but hes getting the hang of it - we had no accidents or tantrums the last 2 days. We are using training underwear during the day, but still diapering during naps and overnight. He has not pooped in the potty; he normally only poops when he's sleeping. I am ok with a gradual transiton, c... More

When did you start night time potty training?

How did you do it, how long did it take, what worked and didn’t work?

  • Brigitte
    Feb 08

    We did it the same time we started day potting training. We cut diapers cold turkey when my son was 3. We put about 2-3 layers of waterproof mattress pad and bed sheets so if he had an accident at night we could easily peel off a layer and have fresh sheets underneath. Then I’d wake him at 1130 and 2am to pee. We kept the potty by his bed so literally I got him out of bed, took off his pants an... More

  • Lisa
    Feb 10

    My son pulled off his night diapers about 3 months after we started potty training, so we put the toddler potty with a boot tray under it in his room and when he would stir in the middle of the night, I would get him from bed in the dark and sit him on the potty. After about 3 months he started getting up on his own. He never really had any nighttime accident unless I slept through him waking... More

4.5 year old potty training regression

Basically what it says in the title! Anyone else go through this with a preschooler? He potty trained at 3 and it was rock solid. After starting school a year ago he started to have the occasional pee accident (often when distracted by play) but very recently it’s gotten worse and he’s had a couple poop accidents out of nowhere including one at school. He’s not sick as far as we can tell and h... More

  • Morgan
    Feb 08

    He is such a cutie

  • Beckiie
    Feb 09

    My nephew had the same issue every time he started school. They said it was cause by anxiety.

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Feb 06

Poop anywhere but the potty!

So my 2.4 year old has been ‘ready’ for potty training for a while, and took to peeing in the potty pretty much at her own initiative, and is doing great. However, pooping is a challenge: She mostly poops in her sleep, and I still have her in diapers at night and not started potty training her at night yet. Partly because she poops at night! She’s pooped in the bath once, and was pretty s... More

  • Aje
    Feb 09

    The first week potty training my son he held poop in then when he pooped it was uncomfortable and then he was afraid to poop on potty because he associated that discomfort with the potty. I gave him fruit smoothie to help his digestive system keep moving for a few days so he could easily go to the bathroom. I knew he had to go so I put him on the potty he tried to get up and cried mommy. I wrap... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 09

    Thank you Aje that’s very helpful. And what a lovely and caring sounding mom you are- well done!- I’ll offer a smoothie or equivalent to get things going. Well done for your little brave man too!

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