Potty Training

Questions, tips and advice about helping your child use the big potty as well as navigate bed-wetting and accidents.

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Thursday

Potty time?

YES I know potty training is a marathon not a race, but I have a few weeks off work and I am thinking it’s a good time for me to focus and buckle down on potty training my almost 2 year old. Do you think my progress from 2/3 weeks will be enough before going back to daycare? (I know his daycare will help of course, but I’d like for it to be more solid before trying to have him potty here and th... More

  • Vonda

    We were ready by then. My son has toddler school three times a week. So we had 4 days to get him from block one to block two. But it depends on every kid. I read ‘oh crap potty training’ by Jamie Glowacki. Don’t use pull-ups! They are essentially a diaper. Nighttime is up to you. We did nighttime after my son was in block three of the book. Then worked on nighttime training. It was easier and... More

  • Julie
    3h ago

    Of course! Hope it goes well! We did sleep diapers for about 3 weeks and then his diapers were coming up dry in the morning so we just went to undies. I got a mattress cover that was waterproof in case, but it’s been over a month in undies 24/7 and he so far had only one night pee (the first night diaper-free). The books has a good chapter in this too. The first couple weeks we’d take him to pe... More

Baby #2...

Just found out I am pregnant with baby #2. My son will be about 2 months shy of being 2.5 when the baby is born. That being said, we've been working on potty training with him since he was a little over 1. He did it all by himself. It's a slow process in the sense that he doesn't always go on the potty, but he willingly goes into the bathroom when we say time to go potty. Plus we ha... More

  • Anonymous

    I’d say time to buckle down with the potty training before new babe comes! Toss the diapers and deal with accidents accordingly.

  • Anonymous

    I also agree with ditching the diapers, I think most kids aren't going to willingly give up the diapers if they have the choice and convenience of using them. I potty trained mine at 26 months, and I was 7 months pregnant. If he's going when you tell him then he's proven he knows what to do, and how to do it, and going in the diaper is ONLY happening because he has the option. My m... More

When should I start potty training ?

My daughter will be 2 in january. I'm a little new to potty training any tips on how to start having her pee in the toilet.

  • Jenn

    We wasted no time 😆. My daughter potty trained the weekend after her 2nd birthday. She showed most of the typical signs of readiness and agreed to learn how to use the potty so I went for it. Getting her to actually sit long enough to pee was a pain in the ass but we got there eventually. It only took a few accidents and rushing to the potty for it to click. I read the Oh Crap book but didn'... More

  • A
    4h ago

    I’m an advocate with following their lead. For both my kids we started experimenting with it when they were 2. My girl got it pretty quickly. We gave up on my boy and tried again like 6mths later and he got it quickly. To me it seemed to just “click,” when they were ready. Id much rather change diapers another few months than force it ... and clean pee off the floor. Just my thoughts and experi... More

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Sep 24

Pee doesn’t go into the toilet

Hi all! Yay! My daughter is finally fully potty trained. But now when she pees it shoots straight out. The majority of the pee doesn't go into the toilet..how can she get her pee into the toilet?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 24

    Is she scooted far back enough on the seat?

  • Kristin
    Sep 29

    Have her sit facing the back of the toilet. The opening is wider in the back. She can straddle and face backwards

Stepstool/ladder combo with seat? Or other recs?

My son is potty trained with the big toilet. He knows how to take off his pants and underwear then we help him up onto the toilet seat. However lately he’s been trying to get up there himself with the step stool that he uses for the sink. He’s having trouble maneuvering himself onto the seat (the seat sits at the back of the toilet). Any product recommendations for something that might help my ... More

  • Ivana
    Sep 09

    We have a little step stool in front of the potty as well as the sink, that seems to help. Also the baby bjorn toilet seat fastens super securely so I’d recommend that even if he tried to climb or wiggle that thing will stay in place at least

Doesn’t care

My little girl is 26 months, and we started putting her in regular underwear but when she has An accident she does not seem to care. How do I help her realize going Pee pee in her underwear isn’t good without doing damage. She will go in the potty when I bring him to the bathroom and I sit down to but she doesn’t tell me when she Has to go and when she does go in her underwear it doesn’t seem t... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 07

    Have you tried going a day without undies? If she’s naked and pees on the floor it’s harder for her to ignore. 1. You can try and catch it and run her to the bathroom for association 2. You can have her clean up the mess on the floor

  • Lizzie
    Sep 07

    We potty trained my son around 22 months and it took a good 2 months before he could start telling us he has to go potty. We started with always taking him every hour/hour and a half just to help avoid accidents as well as take him before we leave the house or once we got to the park etc. He tells us he has to go now, but we still watch him and when he is showing signs of maybe needing to go, w... More

Tips for potty training?!

My daughter will be 3 in November she loves sitting on the potty but won’t go pee or poop on it she just sits for a few seconds and flushes the toilet how can I get her to actually go?!

  • Belle
    Sep 26

    Thankyou guys! We’ve been doing ok with going pee the past week but can’t get her to go #2 on the potty

  • Vonda
    Sep 29

    I agree with the ‘Oh Crap Potty Training’ book. We are potty training and it has been a lovely resource. And helped me figure out all the troubleshooting of potty training phase.

Anonymous posted in Diapering Sep 04

Any suggestions to potty train 30 months old boy

My son is not showing interest in potty training; he is not communicating after pooping in diaper as well. Any suggestions or tips to train my son?

  • J
    Sep 05

    We are almost a week in with the Oh Crap method. My 30 month old son didn’t show interest in potty, “hide “to poop, ask to have his diaper changed, etc. either. He has been very reliable with pee since day 2/3. Poop we are still working on bc he doesn’t go very often as it is & less since potty training. You do have to be 100% commited to staying home until it clicks for him.

  • Vonda
    Sep 06

    We are also doing the ‘oh crap’ method. It’s working great for us. My son is still working on getting to the potty in time for poop. He is doing good on pee. But we are only almost a week in. My son is 23 months.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Sep 03

Potty training daycare help

We potty trained our little one over the last 5 days and she was doing very well. No accidents, going to the toilet, etc. She went back to daycare today and when I picked her up she was wearing a diaper. I got upset and asked the teacher but she told me no one knew that she was potty trained (we told the head teacher this morning). What would you do?? Thanks!!!

  • Momof1
    Sep 06

    I would just let them know your preferences. I think it’s easy to forget which child has which needs especially if some are potty trained and others are not. Would you be able to take home the diapers you left for her if you bring them yourself?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 12

    Thanks everyone. She had two rocky days and is now fully potty trained, teachers thanked me and said she was definitely ready!

The wonderful topic of bum wiping haha

I have to ask...what is the right age to expect a child to wipe their own bum? My daughter turned three a few months ago, is fully potty trained, and does great wiping after pee...after poop not so much. Heck even I have trouble wiping her thoroughly sometimes! I feel like her school has this expectation that kids should have it down by now. Is that crazy? Her preschool teacher once told me th... More

  • Ivana
    Sep 04

    Thanks for your input, all! I’m going to approach her new teacher about it and see if she’d be willing to help us out with this, and simultaneously try and teach my daughter with the flushable wipes that she could then take with her to school. I do agree that having this down by kindergarten seems reasonable, but not by now! In general I worry that kids are just being pushed to grow up too fas... More

  • A
    Sep 08

    Wow! I’m shocked that school won’t help her. My twins are three and they cannot wipe #2 on their own. In fact I don’t even like when they try because they just make a mess. Gross.

Need of some serious help!!

So my daughter is 3 years old and she goes to the bathroom just to pee here and there but I can’t get her to let me know when she needs to go. She won’t even poop in the toilet

  • Anonymous
    Sep 02

    Is she still in diapers? If so, she sees no reason to switch to the inconvenient toilet when diapers are so easy. She doesn't need to stop playing to go, so why would she. I would take the diapers away and tell her you ran out and it's time to go in the potty you WILL have accidents, but when she realizes diapers are definitely not coming back she will do it. If you need to use for nigh... More

  • Derek
    Sep 03

    My daughter would pee in the potty if we put her on there, but would not poop. She would hold it for days. It is different for them to go poop on the potty and this seems normal. We did tell her she could have a piece of chocolate if she pooped on the potty. It helped a little. After 5-10 poops in the potty it stopped being a big ordeal. I will say that they are not used to sitting and po... More

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Aug 23

3 year old refuses to poop in potty

My 3.5 year refuses to poop in potty and I don’t know what to do. I tried rewards,I let her cry but she refuses to go.Did any one go through this.Need some advice. Thank you so much.

  • Janine
    Aug 24

    I could have written this post myself! Definitely following

  • Pot Papi
    Aug 26

    One thing I think you can try to do is to go out and really pre-frame and build up her getting a new potty of her own brand new little toilet for her self you know really build it up going to the store the whole thing you know picking it out giving them different options and let her pick the one that she likes the best and then when you get home letting her decide where in the bathroom it’s goi... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Aug 22

I need help

Soo my LO (little one) has been potty trained since April she hasn't had an accident ever since. A few weeks ago the small toilet in the gyms daycare overflowed with water. And she had been terrified any other toilet besides the ones at home ever since. She started preschool last week and she kept having accidents at school. Also the preschool didn't have small toilets. I've been tr... More

  • Laura
    Aug 22

    My instinct is to recreate the incident in a way that she has control and can fix the problem. So maybe take a small potty and make it "overflow" by filling it with a lot of water and then have her pretend to be a plumber and "fix" some imaginary plumbing with a toy wrench or something, and then mop up the water.

  • Anonymous
    Aug 22

    @Laura thank you soo much for the advice I will definitely make sure to try this out !

Pee pee training my 2 year old

Can anyone tell how to pee pee train my LO. She is 2 years old and potty trained when she was 14 month old but she wears diapers cos she is not pee pee trained. She tell me about pee pee when she had done it in diapers or in training pants. Can any one suggest something in it how to train her for pee pee.?

  • Zeenat kauser
    Aug 23

    I'll leave her naked but the only thing is the pee goes in the carpet how to prevent that.

  • Anonymous
    Aug 23

    You have to stay with her all day and as soon as she starts you put her on the potty. We put a tarp down, but carpet cleaner is a must have. Regardless I'm pretty sure every parent has had to deal with their kids peeing on the carpet, potty trained or not.

Potty training my 20 month old

My daughter has been showing signs of potty training readiness for a few weeks now. She’s even peed and pooed on the potty a few times. I want to potty train her but am worried since we have an international trip coming up in 3 weeks. We’ll be out for 6 weeks with a few plane trips and road trips. With the jet lag, change in environment and new people around her, I’m worried that if I train her... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 19

    Personallllly id wait until after the trip. I’ve gotta think with long flights (those potty’s are Loud and scary) and car rides (no stops in sight!) that you’ll be more stressed about potty than vice versa. I think it would be more of an issue to stop having her potty half way through than waiting and doing the whole shibang at once. I’m not an expert, but that’s my opinion. I don’t see harm in... More

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Aug 14

Potty training

Help! Looking for potty training tips for my 29 month old daughter. We are on day two of training and have had many accidents and not made it to the potty on time once 😢 She is wearing a long shirt, no diaper. Initially tried every 20 minutes, now down to 10 minute intervals, sitting on potty. Talked about staying dry, big girl underwear, etc. I’ve been giving her lots of fluid, so we are doing... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 14

    Agree this won’t work unless you can be on top of her. Maybe try again when someone else is home to watch the other kids.

  • Tiff
    Aug 15

    Try 15 minute intervals , that was the time that worked best for us. I left my baby’s potty seat in the living room in front of the tv with her favorite show and fed her cut up fruit while she sat. Eventually they will use the potty the more time they spend & that’s when you make a big deal clap , dance , laugh , high five. Then i let her flush , tell her pee pee bye bye (one of her favorit... More

Potty problems

My son is 2 years & 8 moths old. He’s 3 in December and FREAKS when I mention the potty. I don’t pressure him to try just ask him if he wants to. Helllllllppppp.

  • Q
    Aug 14

    I agree with PK. i had no trouble potty training my son but her method is a method i constantly use on my son. Either he do it or i will do it for him, he likes to do things himself turnn off the tv, lights etc.

  • Be
    Aug 20

    Yeah we are working on our son too. We take him ever hour and hour half to try. Gets a sticker for trying and sugar free sucker for going potty. He is now going when we ask and he dose not need the bribe ...he just wants to be like daddy

Oh Crap Potty Training

Hi! Has anyone tried the Oh Crap Potty training book with a daycare that requires pull ups or diapers until they are potty trained? I am curious how long it would take to be potty trained if you are doing it just at home only.

  • Laura
    Aug 04

    We did a 4 day weekend of Oh Crap when she was 28 months, then she had accidents at school and wasn't telling the teachers when she needed to go, so she wore diapers at school for about 3 months. They'd offer her the opportunity to pee at school, but otherwise she always had a diaper on there, but no diaper away from school (I'd put it on after taking her to the bathroom when I drop... More

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 05

    We didn’t do the oh crap method. At least I don’t think so. I bought the book because I’d read so many good things about it here on Winnie but I never had time to actually read it which is on brand for my life right now. What ended up happening with us was she got a potty chair for her first birthday and I had it set up in the bathroom. Over time as she saw me, my husband, and other older kids ... More

Potty training...... when to start

  • PK
    Aug 02

    @anonymous - keep going!!! She might also just be learning to hold her pee in longer. And it might be a sense of independence where she wants to decide when she wants to go rather than you deciding for her.

  • Hayley
    Aug 02

    We started potty training a few weeks ago and my son is 20 months. I highly recommend the Tiny Potty Training Book by Andrea Olson. We have completely stopped using diapers as soon as we started the program. My son is doing great! Only has an accident every now and then. In the book she explains that before the invention of disposable diapers in the 50s, children were potty trained by 12-18 mon... More

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Jul 19

Food reward for potty training

Hi! Besides Candy..what other food treats do you give your child when potty training? One suggestion was M&Ms ..1 M&M for pee and 2 for poop but I dont want to give my child candy unless necessary.

  • anonymous mom
    Jul 22

    We haven’t had to do rewards for potty training yet but I’m not one to rule them out if necessary. I saw something on here in the past where the parents did sticker based rewards on a chart. The chart had several rows and columns. The rows said things like, “I went potty on the big kid chair, I went poopy on the big kid chair, I went to the bathroom and pulled my underwear down all by myself... More

  • Teresa
    Jul 31

    We are currently doing M&M and a sticker chart for a bigger reward (bike).

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