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Does anyone have any type of advice for giving the birds and the bees talk I'm not so good with these types of things.

  • Kristin
    Jun 03

    I would avoid using Nick names for private parts... use the actual terms. Or you can even put it off till they take sex ed in school. Lol

  • Brittany
    Jun 14

    Sex ed doesn't teach anything ....

Jeff posted in Pre-Teens May 06

HELP!! My 10yr old daughter mentioned she likes a boy at school 😩. The “dad” part of me wants to be strict and shut it down right away, however I also don’t want to be too hard on her to where she doesn’t feel comfortable opening up to me about what’s going on in her life... Feeling a little stuck here, any advice?

  • Germán
    May 15

    I think all of the replies are great and I’m super happy to be part of this. I’d like to add that the role your wife plays or will play in all of this is primordial. If she is in pro of having a nice open relationship with your kids and daughter then your daughter is gonna be like “great, I can trust them both!” But if your wife is or was anything like my mom (I have an older and a younger si... More

    May 18

    Honestly, communication is really all you need and never lie... be involved, make suggestions don’t give demand and give orders.. believe me my daughter is 22 now and recently thanked me for always being her dad first and best friend second and for never flipping out when she came to me with things that where awkward to even talk about.. lil does she know, inside I was going worse than flip... More

My daughter is a tween. 11 years old. She’s becoming more expressive which we condone. But how do you teach a tween where to draw the line? For example, rolling her eyes and not wanting to answer simple questions. Or slamming the car door as I drop her off for school. It’s a tough one. Anyone have any experience or tips on how to go about this? #tween #preteen

  • Holly
    May 02

    I also have an 11 year old daughter. What works for us is to, yes, set expectations of respect and behavior, but most importantly, to notice and acknowledge what is great about her. Make sure you take the moments to enjoy her, too, quirks and all. At least with our girl, she needs to feel listened to and seen for her wonderful self. When we focus on this, the disrespectful behavior wanes. :) Be... More

  • Desiree
    May 09

    I shut it down immediately when she crosses the line. It will not be tolerated. Taking tv/YouTube time seems to work great. I do give a tiny bit of hormonal leeway when it’s around her time of the month. I let her know that even if she feels like she can’t control her anger it’s not an excuse to take it out on us.

Anonymous posted in Pre-Teens Apr 23

Does anyone have advice for a step-mom? I’m struggling with giving my step-daughter her first bras. I figured her mother would do it, but to no avail just like when my step-son went thru puberty, my husband and I had to do everything. Their mom was oblivious. However my stepdaughters developing, and after observing her play at school with her girlfriends I noticed she is the only one not wea... More

  • Danielle
    Apr 28

    I had the worst step mom that didn’t care about what we needed and she was the only woman in my life at the time. I definitely would have appreciated a step mom that cares like you. It is something that still bothers me today that a woman could do that to a little girl who didn’t have her mom lol. So I think you’re awesome for caring so much. If mom doesn’t want to do it then you definitely sho... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 28

    Well, I did it it went well. My other half and myself decided it would be best to send the mother a txt to inform her of our actions. This is what we sent her. “**notice this is a group text** This text is coming to you as a curtsey to you, to keep you updated as to what we have discussed and come to an agreement on for the developing needs of your daughter. **This is not a message that i... More

Lou posted in Pre-Teens Apr 20

Calling all experienced step parents.. what has been your best way to deal with a very dramatic 14 year old with ADD? I’d like to improve on how to deal with her when she starts to become manipulative and find a healthy approach to motivate her to choose strength over manipulation lol I’m hoping this is possible

  • Andrea
    Apr 21

    Penny - there was a LOT of bad blood between my husband and their mom. So much that I got fed up and threw all of us in Counseling so that we had a referee. It worked though lol. We still have agitations but it’s nothing like it was

  • Danni
    Apr 21

    Coming from first hand experience of being a melodramatic teen with ADHD I can say the only thing that works is consistent love and support. Ur a step parent so they pretty much never assume ur gna be around forever and maybe even like their biological father better if he’s in the pic and feel ur trying to replace him. Just be loving. One on one time is crucial. Take her to the movies, to the... More

Would you leave you 10 year old at home while you went to work or is that too young? He wants to stay home because he don't want to go to work with me but idk about it!!

Anonymous posted in Behavior Mar 23

Anyone with a 13 yr old? My daughter seems to be a little moody and packing a lot of attitude towards everyone in the household. I’ve talked to her, l’ve yelled at her, taken her phone until she fixes her attitude, I have no idea what else to do since it hasn’t done anything.

  • Noelle
    Apr 21

    My child is 13 and if there is one thing I’ve found out is that taking her phone makes everything worse. My daughter doesn’t like or trust any adult so she normally goes to her phone to vent.

  • Cecilya
    Apr 26

    I have a 17 yr old and I KNOW. I try to put myself in her shoes before I react to anything these days. It’s been a long couple of years but....she really is starting to loosen up and she’s not AS moody as she’s been in the past. One thing I’ve realized is that I HAVE to dive in there and talk about all that annoying teenager crap going on at school with her. She’s got to where she’ll sit down a... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Mar 19

Question for parents of preteens. My 11 year old daughter seems to be getting depressed. Like, at the drop of a dime. Even when we’re at Disney World. I played it off for a while being like, she just doesn’t want to go to bed or she’s just tired. But I’ve noticed it’s not that. For the past two weeks. And she notices it too. She’ll ask me why she’s sad for no reason. Help please. Anyone goin... More

  • Barb
    Mar 23

    I am having the same issue with my 11 and now 12 year old son. He goes into these swings where he can’t even tie his shoes... and then it is a big massive failure. He also is revisiting holding his bowls, that he did when he was 5. The pediatrician has been at first not helpful. Yes, we Could medically stop the holding with drugs, but once off, he returns to it. I am now pressing to get A ref... More

  • Amy
    Mar 25

    My daughter went through the same thing at that age, she is now 13 and sees a therapist twice a week. I would definitely suggest asking your pediatrician for a referral to a therapist, make sure she gets plenty of exercise, and is eating the right food. I know that it nutrition played a big part in my daughters depression and pre-teens/teens don’t always make the right food chooses. And always... More

Have a 13 yr old son who is still wetting the bed. Looking for any advice to get this dealt with. Single father but his mother wet beds till around the same age. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

  • CJ Mack
    Mar 21

    I completely understand what you’re going through. My son wet the bed every night and after having him checked out and tested to rule out any physiological causes, we were told over and over that he would grow out of it. The poor kid was tortured by it. He finally just magically stopped wetting about 6 months after turning 15 and hasn’t had a problem since. So, painful as it is, there is hope t... More

  • Elsie
    Mar 21

    There are many people that wet their bed through their teenage years. Look at Michael Landon A Little House on the Prairie I think he was an adult when he stopped. Anyways if you take him to a doctor have it checked out make sure there's there's no underlying problem that he may have you might want to try counseling just a couple sessions 2 get them used to each other and then see if th... More

Anonymous posted in Blended Families Mar 14

Long story but I’m going to shorten it as much as possible. I have one pre teen stepchild and a teen stepchild. The pre teen lives under our roof full time. Our teen step child brought drugs into our home, admitted to having it, using it, and also using with his bio mom. He has also been giving drugs to our pre teen and they mainly use in bio moms home. Pre teen did test positive on an at ho... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 15

    I don’t want her mom cut out completely. I just want her to step up and be an actual mom. Which I’m not holding my breath. Technically we could keep her from her mom, but to get supervised visits we would have to go down the court route for sure. I think that would be best at this point. Bio mom admitted to Dad today she is letting them use drugs under her roof. Her words “at least it’s under ... More

  • Teresa
    Mar 19

    I’m the step mom who’s feelings were always underrated and undervalued. You need to be your partners equal. Get out now anyway you can. Your opinion counts.

Sara posted in Pre-Teens Mar 14

Did your kids participate in National Walkout Day? How did you talk to them about it?

  • Diann
    Mar 16

    I support NRA bullies needs to stop treating kids like they do parents need to talk to their kids about this

  • Adriana
    Mar 18

    My daughter walked out along with what seemed like her entire Jr high school. I am proud of her for doing so. She explained to me what the walk out was for and why. I wanted to make sure she fully understood this movement.

Anonymous posted in Clothes Nov 07, 2017

Can anyone suggest swimsuits/ shorts for tweens, my daughter who's 11 loves swimming, but she prefers to wear something a little more covered, that's still stylish then what is being offered at the stores, she's stuck with board shorts that don't allow as much movement doing laps, etc any suggestions?

  • Tina
    Nov 08, 2017

    I was a competitive swimmer in high school and we all had swimsuits that are called "cat backs" they are full coverage front and back, but comfortable to swim in. The back zippers all the way up to the back of the neck. I guess now tre are called "zipper backs"!

  • Robinsway
    Feb 28

    Again check out Ali. Best website. I have 3 grand daughter's ages 4, 3, 6 months. 2 grand son's ages 5 and 4. U fund them everything. Beautiful clothes. Great Great quality and good prices.

Hi guys! I have a 12 year old stepson...he lives he calls me his he is very comfortable with me and opens up a lot to me..which is very nice and it allows me to tell his dad and he can be prepared to discuss issues t With him...he has alotta questions about sex and relationships and I was so I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions or tips on how to answer his questi... More

  • Anne
    Oct 02, 2017

    Scarleteen! is a great site for teens that is sex positive and modern while giving lots of practical advice about dating, grooming, safety and consent.

  • Marie
    Oct 03, 2017

    This is very awesome...thanks

Daughter is at the point were she needs to start wearing training bras- every style I have brought her- she complains and refuses to wear them. Any brand suggestions? Or ways to encourage her to wear them? We have gone shopping-together and she has picked them out but still refuses.

  • Katlyn
    Sep 26, 2017

    Bras are bad for the body and only benefit women with very large breasts that cause back problems. Skipping out on bras for any length of time will not only be ok, but in fact healthier for her body. And on the plus for you, you'll save money if she never wears them!

  • charlene silvia
    Sep 27, 2017

    I got my daughter the sport bra from target...super soft amd no clasp etc. Hanes was the brand....3 for I think 12.00

My 11 year old is going through bullying really bad. She has been to a adolescent hospital for attempting suicide because of it. I have done everything from trying to get a meeting with the parents (still hasn’t happened) and something done to make this kid stop and my child feel safe (never has happened). My daughters on Meds and going to therapy for depression and anxiety, but I’m worried abo... More

  • Emma
    Sep 21, 2017

    I think if you find the right school and you confront them about the problem they would be willing to help set her up with a good group of friends. I’m actually a student at Florida High and all of the admin take these things very seriously and they do anything to help the students here even setting up friends! :)

  • Jessica
    Sep 26, 2017

    Report and change schools. We had a girl in elementary who was outcasted. I transferred schools often but in middle school I transferred back in and the ignoring had escalated into bullying. They name called her and completely shunned her. She had a hobby she was good at though, so it's not like she didn't have friends. Finally, just before high school she transferred to another jr. hig... More

Ideas needed for my older October kids birthday parties. She will be 13 and he will be 8. We will be doing cake, ice cream, and drinks only. It MUST be on a Sunday due to football season. There will be about 30 children invited and probably all will come. Here in Oklahoma the weather is very unpredictable so anything outside won't work however, I need as cheap as possible without looking ch... More

  • Carrie
    Sep 27, 2017

    That's an awesome idea! We did glow-bowl for older kids' birthdays (including mine, tee-hee) where we all wore fluorescent clothing and glow sticks!

  • April
    Nov 01, 2017

    We ended up having a fun yet simple party at the park. We bought cupcakes and the birthday kids decorated them with little toys they picked out at the Dollar Tree and some drinks. Everyone had a blast and it was the least stressful party I've ever had.

Interesting article about kids being sleep deprived especially tweens and teens. I'm already worried about this with my toddler starting school!

I recently excepted a job as an airline pilot and although I'm super excited for the opportunity..I'm also filled with anxiety about traveling so much and the effect it will have on the relationship I've built with my 10 year old daughter. Will she resent me? Will she feel abandoned? Will she act out and perhaps seek unhealthy alternatives to fill the void left by my frequent depart... More

  • Heidi
    Apr 28, 2017

    I traveled a lot when my step kids were around those ages. I had each choose a special thing they would like to collect and I brought them one from each city I went to (my stepdaughter chose snow globes, but later changed to pens; my stepson wanted playing cards). I also tried to bring them something fun/educational back about the history of each city. That way, when I got home, we had fun t... More

  • Chelsey
    May 07, 2017

    Make it fun and include her. Tell her about where your going. Also send videos to each other. She'll live feeling so involved with your work.

There's a lot of heavy things going on in the world and some parents have expressed questions on how to talk to their kids about news and current events. I wanted to share a resource - Xyza - news for kids. Started by two local SF moms, you can sign up at to receive a free print copy of their news for kids! (Full disclosure I work with them and my nieces ages 12 and 10 love... More

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