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My boyfriend's complicated + expensive divorce stresses me out. How do I live with this?

I posted a few months ago and it made me feel so much less alone in my situation... so now I'm back for more. For over a year I've been dating a single dad. He's the best. He's raising 2 kids mostly on his own. The kids seem to like me and I've been getting to know them better. My boyfriend and their mom are in the process of getting divorced. It is complicated for many re... More

  • Teena

    You are on the right track!! I am in the same situation and I was so stressed out until someone said something that changed my whole outlook....His divorce is none of your business. I know it seems harsh, but truly it is not. His marriage was not your relationship and neither is his divorce. If he wants to come to you for support, then support him, but you cannot and should not be making any of... More

  • L

    Yessss! Thank you Teena. I agree. It is none of my business.... Also I know this baggage isn't really going anywhere so a lot of it is about how I relate to the situation. He's started sharing less of the details with me and that has made it a little easier.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Nov 15


I need desperately to get my son evaluated. For many reasons i can not explain. I am a single mommy of two with a part time job. And no where accepts our insurer of amerigroup for behavioral evaluations does any one have any recommendations, even if i have to come out of pocket. I can’t afford it but i know my baby needs it.

  • B
    Nov 15

    How old is your son? Is he in school? Should be free. Have you talked to the pediatrician?

  • Les
    Nov 16

    The county you live in should have some kind of community behavioral health center.

Depression and baby

Hello I'm a 27 year old single mom with an 18 month old toddler. I recently moved in with my brother and I'm still a stay at home mom. My depression is getting worse every month and I'm having anxiety and I guess if there is a term for grown up separation anxiety. Everything my brother would leave for work I just break down and cry. I feel like I just want to run away and I hate it ... More

  • Abby
    Nov 16

    The best “advice” I can give to you being a SAHM for 4 years now is get outside and take your baby with you. Enjoy beautiful brisk walks - find new spots to view gorgeous sunrise/sunset views. Go to your local library and meet other Mamas and Papas going through the same thing. Most people are there for the same reason as you. Take your baby everywhere and involve them in everything you do. Nat... More

  • Shannon
    Nov 16

    I've been a stay at home mom for four pregnancies. I dealt with some of the feelings you had with my first and second child who are now teens. I also have a 5 and 6 year old now. My best advice is what my mom told me (can apply to any difficulty really..) say to yourself "this too shall pass". The situation is temporary. As they get older your life that seems challenging at the ... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 26

Can I still anything???

So, my baby is 20 months. Almost 2. I am a single mom and have zero support. My family is not around. My friends are in a different city. I mean zero. I used to be a bad ass. Before I was a mom. I am a good mom (I think) but that is all, now. Everything I've tried to commit to for myself as a normal human has resulted in a failure. Like health commitments - social- job- continuing educati... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 28

    Thanks. It feels a little lonely sometimes. But just dancing with my little girl to worship music or anything / every thing she does is fun. But when it comes to adulting I feel slow 🙃 it really helps to have someone just understand and validate your thoughts and feelings. She's going to day school tomorrow!

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Oct 21

Feeling guilty

I am single mom who has joint custody of my daughter between my parents. I don’t see her often which breaks my heart but when do I have her I’m always exhausted because it’s my only time off. I work two jobs and full time college. I feel so guilty because I sleep in late which I feel like I miss out on time with her. Then I also feel guilty since I’m so tired my patience is very little and I fe... More

  • Stacey
    Oct 23

    First off don’t be so hard on yourself she can see that. I also work full time and go to school full time and have the kiddos and their after school whatnots going on. It sucks. As stated above it’s a means to an end and if you take the time to explain that and genuinely show you are doing the best you can they see that. My 7 year old loves me time when we sit on the couch with face masks on an... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 30

    Thank you for all your kinda words. I did what y’all said. Had a much better time just had to remember to breathe be patient don’t stress about things we can’t control

Single moms????

Any single moms on here just went through a rough breakup.... technically have been alone since two months prego since my ex was stationed in maryland. Please let me know what you did during this difficult time.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 08

    Right here. Took off when I was a month along, has never met his daughter who will be a year old in a week. I was in a bad place before I got pregnant and quickly realized he was not what I wanted after finding out I was pregnant. He cut all contact and tried to deny paternity. It's hard being alone in all of it but I tried to get comfortable with just having myself. Instead of looking for... More

Anonymous posted in Divorce & Separation Oct 04

Looking for advice

Hi im new to this and not sure how this works. I was wondering if any other single parents could give me some advice? I have a very smart 2 year old and he has been asking about his dad, like were is he when can he see him, those type of things. His father lives in another state so i tell him his in fl but he wants more answers and im not sure how to explain to a 2 year old that his dad is off ... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 05

    Thank you Lulu this is my post and that was my comment

  • Ashley
    Oct 05

    I tell my son that families come in many different shapes and sizes some with one parent or two dads or two moms or even no mom or dad , what matters is that you are surrounded by people that love you very much and we are thankful that we have the family that we do. I never talk negatively about his biological father (although he is a real piece of work ) to him because that would be very hurt... More

Interesting read on single moms joining forces

“It was like a marriage, only better. We had a kind of invisible rota. We cooked proper dinners for each other every night. We had roles.” Incredible story of redefining family after the end of a marriage. Has anyone ever tried something like this?

  • Jade
    Oct 02

    Love this! Such a beautiful example of our need for community and connection. What supportive, resilient women!


I just gave birth to my 3rd child last Saturday and I already have a 3 year old who will be 4 in November and a 2 year old. I am a single mom and it has been hard having all 3 together. My 2 year old is currently still in the potty training phase and very jealous of his new little brother and my 3 year old thinks he’s her baby and tries to be his mom. I know eventually things will get easier , ... More

  • Amanda
    Oct 15

    @Brandy E thank you so much ! It’s gotten a little better minus the getting sleep lol

  • Amanda
    Oct 15

    @Cassi thanks for that Cassie, I’ve been a stickler about washing the dishes as I and the kids use them but last night that was impossible and my house has not been able to be tended to as much because it seems sometimes when I put the baby down he wakes right back up and starts to cry and I’m only one person lol it’s hardest when I have to give my oldest two a bath or cook and the baby is cryi... More

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Sep 16

Newborn FTM

I’m a First Time Mom and a heavy sleeper so I don’t sleep when my newborn sleeps because I’m afraid I won’t wake up when they cry. I haven’t slept the last 24 hours. I have no one to help me. I’m in desperate need of a nap 😴 what do I do?

  • B
    Sep 16

    Do you have a monitor? Crank the volume way up if you’re in a different room, or nap near the baby. You have to sleep or you’re doing the baby more harm than letting them cry while you quickly nap.

  • Christa
    Sep 16

    I was a heavy sleeper prior to my baby being born, and I now wake up when he even breathes out of “normal” when I am in another room. But he slept in a big boppie pillow when he was really little, and his crib was next to our bed too for months. You have to get sleep- obviously!! Try and build your trust with her and yourself! It helped me when my husband was gone at work, I would put baby on... More

Anonymous posted in Single Parents Sep 12

Does being a single mom get easier?

Hi I am 19 and I am 15 weeks pregnant I was told growing up it would be very hard for me to have kids because of some conditions I have but somehow I managed... when the dad found out he left and it is hard walking around looking at couples with kids and hearing stories from older friends about the dad being the best for their kid.. And I am scared my baby will be mad they did not grow up with ... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 12

    Hi! I am 19 with a 10mo. I work 30-40 hours a week and go to school full time. My daughter's father and I broke up right when we found out as I came to many realizations. He stopped communicating with me 1 month into the pregnancy. It was lonely. My parents were very supportive, my mom became a mother at 19 as well, but it was still very isolating. I moved states away, so this didn't he... More

  • Ashley
    Oct 06

    Don’t forget that stuff people post on Facebook isn’t always the whole story. Just because they look like the perfect happy family doesn’t mean they are. Yes being a mom is hard but it is also the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me!

Anonymous posted in Money Sep 11

I really need some mommy advice

Some background info: I'm currently 21 years old, and I'm in my second year of college. I'm a pre-law student, so I still have a good 6-7 years of schooling ahead of me. So, my main issue is that I still live with my father (my son's father isn't in the picture). I really want to get a job and move out, but I feel like I wouldn't have any time left over to spend with my ... More

  • Allison
    Sep 14

    You are juggling a LOT. My advise to you is to focus on the bigger picture and longer term goals. If you really want to be a lawyer you need to make decisions that will enable you to reach that end goal. You are providing for your son. You are providing him with your attention and love...and that is what he needs more than what a few extra bucks will buy for him. I assume that with your da... More

Katt posted in Money Sep 10

Extra income

I’m a stay at home single mother with a three month old. We live with my mom who helps us but she doesn’t make a lot of money. I just filed for disability and now I’m waiting to get approved. I know the process is long and drawn out. My question is how do I make some money while I’m waiting that doesn’t involved babysitting. My baby has had some issues that has involved nicu and a surgery to co... More

  • Ivonne
    Sep 11

    You can try to selling old cloths on Poshmark. Or if you know a little about Quality Assurance or Tester for new apps you can sign up for

  • Malana
    Oct 05

    If you have a B.A. You can become a VidKid teacher. Work as many or little hours a week and make $22 an hour! You would be teaching ESL to Chinese children. Don't need to know Chinese, they lessen plan for you and you pick your own hours. Great for SAHM!


I need a job, but I don't have experience. Is there a website where I can find work? Single mom 😔

  • Anonymous
    Sep 13

    Go in to your local Publix Super Market and meet the manager. You can apply at the Job Application Center located in the lobby of the store. No experience needed, great training and lots of opportunity for growth. Benefits (once you qualify) are great as well. Good luck! 😊

  • Veronica
    Sep 26


Anonymous posted in Single Parents Sep 01

Struggling to sleep train my 9 month old. I’m a newly separated mother, up until now I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding and cosleeping. But I don’t have it in me to continue with the added pressure of dealing with the separation, my 2.5 year old and waking 4-5 hours every night. We have a bedtime routine. My first son didn’t cry when I sleep trained him, and I did it when he was 4 months, so... More

  • Erica
    Sep 02

    Times of transition and change often aren’t ideal for sleep training, but then again, when is life ever ideal. 9-12 mo is often a time when babies can have separation anxiety. Since I imagine some of the difficultly is coming from the fact that your 9 mo old is used to breast feeding at night, it may be helpful to work on weaning that overnight first. If you have a close family member or fr... More

Anonymous posted in Single Parents Aug 30

Random thought.

Single dad here and my son is turning 4 in January and he is starting to look for his mom.

  • Felicia
    Aug 30

    Have you tried to explain to him why she’s not there ? In simplest terms at least.

  • Stephanie
    Aug 31

    I would be as honest as possible. Children are smarter and more intuitive than we think. I’d start off by giving him, her name and explain in the simplest way why mama isn’t around. I can’t imagine having to have that talk but in the end your son will thank you for your honesty. Good luck to you :)

Anonymous posted in Behavior Aug 30

Bad words!

Aria has been saying shut up to just about everything I say to her lately she's become very rude and started hiting me as well. I've done everything in my power to make sure this would not happen but I have a big family and cannot monitor everything everyone's says or does. I have no clue how to redirect this I've tried being strict and nice and I've tried timeouts and poppi... More

  • Alexis
    Aug 30

    Have you tried simply just saying something like "thats not how we speak to each other" and then trying to find out what else might be going on to make her say that? My niece says shut up a lot when she's upset. Obviously she learned those words from somewhere, but that's not as important as why she's saying it. Children often have some big emotions that they don't kno... More

  • Beth
    Aug 30

    My 2 1/2-year-old now knows 4 bad words. I tried so many things to stop him from saying “oh f*#%,” among other things. What worked for me was when I got down on the floor with him, held his hand, and said that Grammy, Oma, or anyone he adores, would be very sad if he said that bad word to them. It took a few tries, but it really helped! Now, he’ll just say “bad word” instead of actually saying ... More

Advice please

Okay so I absolutely despise the idea of leaving my baby girl with a random stranger. As a single mother though I obviously need to work. My mom has been watching her, but I feel as an adult and her parent I don't want my mom raising her. At this point, I see her my days off but I work from 830 am to usually 5 or 6 sometimes even later. I don't love the idea of a daycare either because ... More

  • Heidi
    Aug 28

    If something happens like they get hurt incident reports have to be filled out and signed by the teacher and parent. Yes your child will probably get sick in the beginning but their immune system will develop and get stronger. Honestly my kids at work are rarely sick and we clean everything like crazy!

  • Elle
    Aug 28

    We LOVE our daycare. Just love it. That said, it is definitely expensive (It's not a fee ; it's tuition!). Do you have friends with similarly aged children? Nanny share is a daycare option that is less expensive than a daycare. We have a friend who does thst, and they are very happy with the setup.

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Aug 07

Absent father

My husband is a civilian for the Navy and immediately after my daughter was born started traveling for work constantly, with very little notice anywhere from 1 week to a month at a time. Even though I've come to accept that this is part of our lives, I have a very hard time not being resentful towards him, feeling overwhelmed and envious of families with both parents where it's not all ... More

  • TJ
    Aug 09

    My husband is Navy too and frequently goes on underways. The first was when our son was 6 days old. I’m sorry that this is such a stressful time for you and your marriage. What has helped with us is to do videos and recordings of my husband. Both just talking or singing to baby or of him playing and spending time with him. I play some of these videos for my son on a daily basis to help him reme... More

  • WendyApril
    Aug 09

    If you feel resentment, your child will pick up on those emotions and display them too. You need to work on your emotions and make the best of the situation. Tell yourself daily that you are thankful for what you have and do your best to make peace with it. Also, maybe your husband looks into retiring after this contract. This life may not be for your family.

Anonymous posted in Making Friends Aug 05

Being a single mom is frustrating

Does anyone else feel like this? I don’t really have any mom friends so when my friends invite me out, I have to either bring the baby or find someone to watch her. I don’t have too many ppl that I trust to watch her an most of the time I have to bring her with me. Today I actually wanted to go this event but of course no kids allowed but i didn’t find out until I got to the place. So I actua... More

  • Linda
    Aug 21

    You are not alone. I was a single mom for about 12yrs and what worked for me was that her dad and I alternated weekends and he took her one night during the week. If the dad is involved, perhaps this is something you guys can try??? Now I’m married and new to the area and my husband and I were commenting on how we need to make friends that have kids around our age. Good luck to you! It’ll g... More

  • Theresa Huang
    Aug 23

    I feel the same way too!

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