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Christmas ideas

I have no idea what to get for my 7 month old daughter. Not wanting to get random toys that will pile up or clothes because she has enough. Any ideas are appreciated!

  • Jess
    4h ago

    We were in the same boat. Daughter is 7 months but has enough toys, clothes, etc and will be getting more for Christmas from family. We wanted to do something special for the first year. I actually ordered a Hooray Heroes Merry Christmas personalized book. You can create the main character to look like them and then pick some stories. Thought it would be fun to read every year. Kinda expensive ... More

  • Christelle
    3h ago

    Books! Always a great idea to build up their library :-)

Best universal online registry tool?

Hi! What is the most user-friendly universal baby registry tool? Have seen Babylist mentioned a lot, also the Bump, Amazon, and I found Zola easy to use for weddings so wondering if that might work too? Features I’d like: - Easy to see if an item has been purchased - ideally pass through shipping info if on another site - Ability to do group gifting (ie for a stroller) Curious what you guys u... More

  • Christie

    Amazon. They have everything. Baby List is good, too, but they really spammed the heck out of me. Target has great clothes, linens and blankets and their registry is well known and great for those who aren't "tech savvy" but still want to get you something from your registry.

  • Anonymous

    I used Amazon mainly for simplicity's sake but I've also heard good things about Babylist. I think it's better if you prefer a more curated collection.

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Saturday

Best toys for a 2 year old girl?

  • Yopolos

    Blocks, legos, magnatiles, trucks, tools, dr set, craft supplies

  • Kait

    Puzzles, books, string a farm, kitchen set/accessories, matching toys, shape toys

Rebekah posted in Holidays Dec 04

What do I get my husband for Christmas?

  • Jen
    Dec 05

    My husband is handy and my son tries to help. I’m getting him a personalized hammer

  • Jen
    Dec 05

What’s your opinion of this toy? Have you/your little one ever had one?

Little Tikes Fish Bowl Shape and Color Sorter I’ve heard mixed reviews.. When I saw it, I was so excited! Then saw a video review and got a bit discouraged. So what’s the opinion from those that have had one?! 🙂

Daycare Provider Gift Ideas?

What's something that would be a great present? I was thinking maybe a new toy or something but, that seems more for the kids and not so much the daycare provider...

  • Anonymous

    As a previous provider, I know this is a labor of love. In other words, the pay is nowhere equal to the effort and importance of the job. I always appreciated gift cards! Anything from Starbuck’s and Jamba Juice to Target :)

  • Glückskinder

    I find it really sweet of you to consider your provider. There are some really cute handmade gift ideas on Pinterest. Maybe a relax package with some tea, soap and chocolate?

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Dec 03

Friend going to have 3 under 2 😳

A friend of mine is expecting her THIRD boy in the Spring. She already has two twin boys - and will have 3 under the age of 2 on her hands. A group of us are trying to find the best way to help her other than a meal train. We are trying to get creative. We all have children that are young so keep that in mind. Thank you!

  • Julie
    Dec 04

    Taking one or both of the older ones it will help. My neighbor had twins after having 2 older kids, every time I go to the park with my twins I swing by and offer to take the older ones. Sometimes even an hour of relief helps. Another thing can be to offer to get stuff when going to Costco or other stores for yourself. Most importantly, don't call just show up and help (as long as your frie... More

  • Bhavana
    Dec 07

    I was in the same boat last year I would have loved if someone took our older daughter on a play dates so we would get some sleep.

Lindsey posted in Holidays Dec 03

Has anyone ever ordered a photo canvas from Walmart?

Getting some canvases done for Xmas gifts and I usually get from Shutterfly or Mpix but Walmart is so much cheaper, has anyone ever gotten one from them? If so how is the picture quality? Is it worth it or do I go with one of the better websites? Thanks!

  • Raychelle
    Dec 03


  • Stacy
    Dec 05

    Idk about Walmart but I bought some metal art prints from Shutterfly and they are Amazing!! I will definitely buy them again! Plus Shutterfly always has sales and coupons so it’s not to bad!!

Anonymous posted in Holidays Nov 30

Please help with choosing Christmas gifts for friends and their kids!

We are celebrating our first Christmas in the US, so please help me with choosing Christmas gifts for our new friends here. Most of them are families with toddler kids. Do I need to give presents to each family member separately or just gifts for kids? What is usually given - store gift cards, toys, or what? What value should they be? Thanks!

  • Amanda
    Dec 01

    How close are you to these friends? When I had a lot of friends nearby before we moved, I would get my super really good girlfriends a few small gifts totaling around $30 each (this year, some French chocolate and pretty travel makeup bags for 1 friend). For less close girlfriends, a cute pair of earrings, something small $5 or so. Nothing for the men. But if the really close girlfriends had ki... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 01

    Are you actually have a party and celebrating with them? Otherwise I’m not sure you need to give gifts...of it were me, I’d talk to the friends and ask if you are giving gifts for kids or not. In the past we’ve done a secret Santa with the kids, or a book exchange

Any advice on a holiday gift for our full time nanny?

  • Anne
    Nov 30

    I always gave a Christmas bonus of one week's salary.

  • Chara
    Dec 01

    Money and a Pampering gift certificate

Deanna posted in Holidays Nov 29

Present for not so active 8 year old

I told my 8 year old no games this Christmas so what are some good outdoor or interactive things I can buy that'll get him up and moving around? I'm thinking a hoverboard, but I need more ideas.

  • Erin
    Nov 30

    Laser tag is always fun it can be played indoors or outdoors

  • Jessica

    Search on Groupon for some fun experiences instead? My nephew is 10 and he is obsessed with games and has a million toys so this year I got him and a friend a pass to the trampoline park for a day. Toys get so old!

Cathy posted in Holidays Nov 29

Community holiday gifts

Do you get your mail carrier and trash collectors gifts for the holidays? Looking for ideas and how to leave it for them? How would they know it’s for them?

  • Diane
    Dec 02

    Trash is weekly and I have three garbage collectors on the truck. I give $10 apiece. Recycling is every other week with three people and I do the same. I give $20 to the mail carrier.

  • Diane
    Dec 02

    Oh- I leave envelopes in the morning of trash pick up taped with masking tape to lid of trash can. They come early in the morning so I am not concerned about theft. Same for taping envelopes to lid of recycling can. Envelopes clearly labeled in large lettering for Trash or Recycling holiday Thank you. And I also put "from with my name and house number" on the envelope. For the mailman... More

Cathy posted in Holidays Nov 28

Gift ideas for the men in your life.

I’m at a loss as to what to get my Father In Law AND my husband for Christmas. My Father In Law has everything and my husband says he wants nothing. 😂😂🤣 Help a girl out!!!

  • Ivy
    Nov 30

    My husband always says he wants nothing (cause he buys himself everything, lol). So I just buy him things I want him to have. Like I really like how he looks in certain clothes, and I’ll buy it for him. Last year, I got him a fitted pajama shirt and pants set— cause I like how he looks in that style. This year I got him some briefs (I also love him in some nice form fitting boxers!) and also go... More

  • Ivy
    Nov 30

    For my father in law, I notice he always wears those mock neck sweaters with the zipper going half way down (no idea what it’s called), so I got him that. I’ve gone to Old Navy in the past to get him sweater, because older dudes can never have enough . My mother in law is one of those people with everything and more things than she needs, so we get her things she likes eating, like beef jerky, ... More

Gift teachers daycare?

Our little one started in her new class beginning of November and this is our first time in daycare. What is the most common gift for the end of the year? Thanks!!

  • Lesley
    Nov 30

    You can give them a $10-$25 gift card and a hand written note 😊

  • Iris
    Dec 04

    I do Target gift cards .. $40-$50

Anonymous posted in Holidays Nov 28

Standard wedding monetary present?

Is $100 check a typical wedding check present amount? My husband and I attended the wedding of a co-worker and I’m unsure of what amount is appropriate to give. Thanks!

  • Julie
    Nov 28

    Agree with Amy as well...when I was fresh out of grad school and just working my way up in the corporate world, $50-75 was what I could afford so that’s what I gave. I’m pretty frugal though and try to never give or spend beyond my means.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 03

    Agree with earlier poster “cover your plate.” Depends where you live/wedding is. I’m in northeast people typically give a few hundred dollars, but everything is expensive here. Been to weddings elsewhere and felt that much would have be almost garish.

Christmas Gift Giving

How many/what types of gifts do you purchase for each child for Christmas? And what does Santa usually do for the kids? 🎄

  • Ambry
    Nov 30

    We’re trying something new this year. It used to be 6-7 gifts from Santa for each girl (2 daughters). Not including the 6-7 from us parents too! Got Expensive! My oldest learned in catechism how baby Jesus only had 3 gifts and she goes “If it’s good for a baby...and’s good for me!” My youngest (7) agreed. So only 3 gifts from Santa and 3 gifts from us parents.

  • Sara
    Nov 30

    We don’t want spoiled, selfish kids, and we don’t want to teach them to go over budget for gifts or to compete with others regarding gifts. We also don’t want our house to have a critical mass of toys. They get one present from us, one present from Santa, one from each pair of grandparents, one present from each other, one present from aunts and uncles and we take turns/rotate exchanging gifts ... More

Stimulating toys for busy boy

My son is almost 8 months old, and he’s very bright and very busy! He gets bored with toys very quickly. I’m looking to get him some new toys for Christmas that will be more engaging for him. Any suggestions?

  • Dai
    Nov 28

    Why don’t you try rotating the toys. Separate the toys in bins and every day or other day swap out the toys

  • Erin
    Nov 30

    Montessori toys are a good choice

Gift policies

What is your gift policy with you family/kids?

  • Amanda
    Nov 24

    Husband and I don’t give each other gifts anymore, as we consider our vacations over the year gift enough. Our kids will each get 5-6 gifts. The family members we’ll be visiting will each get something, worth about $25 per person. Family we aren’t seeing doesn’t receive anything, but nieces/nephews under 18 do, even if we don’t see them.

  • B
    Nov 25

    I’m similar to Amanda. Only kids get gifts at this point.

Gift for 10 years together!!

Any anniversary gift ideas/suggestions?! Thank you so much

  • Sara
    Nov 26

    If the grandparents or someone else is willing to babysit, how about a trip the two of you can take together? That way it can count for both of your gifts. Like a 10 year reunion of your honeymoon or even just an overnight getaway.

  • Caroline
    Nov 27

    Yes Sara, I love that idea. Unfortunately we have no family in the US and they never visit us :(

Toy ideas

I have a 16 month old boy, he isn’t interested in the “traditional” toys, he loves things that he has to work for. Such as pushing blocks through the correct shape, anything with locks or buttons. All the toys I see just make a lot of noise lol I want something to stimulate his mind. Any ideas?! Thanks!

  • Jessica
    Nov 20

    These are super fun boards and you could even make your own (or if your husband is handy and loves this kind of stuff put him to work) I’ve seen people get really creative with them and it’s never ending fun for the kids

  • Cheryl
    Nov 20

    He loves to be challenged just like my baby does. If it's not a challenge she gets bored real quick

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