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Dessa posted in Bathing Thursday

Bath toys for a 6 month old?

What are some good bath toys or activities in the bath for a 6 month old?

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Aug 12

4+ toys

Any tips for 4+ toys

  • Andy

    Agree with Jazzbird. Building toys including couch cushions are the favorite toys. He also loves his bike.

  • Sarah

    Both son and daughter have loved blocks (both interlocking and wooden) and small figures (like Playmobil and Lego).

Gift suggestion

So my aunt just became dreadfully sick and is bed ridden with not much strength. She used to dance and loves being active. She loves nature but she can't do the things she used to. Her birthday is coming up. I would like to get her something uplifting. Suggestions?

Jennie posted in In-Laws Aug 04

New Home Gift Ideas

My in-laws just bought a new home in Hawaii. I want to send a gift but I don't know what. They make probably 3x what we do, and our taste/budget is definitely not in the same range... plus I have to ship it or buy it online somewhere that will ship to Hawaii. MIL is currently doing keto, so that rules out a lot of food type items (fruit basket, cookies). I just want to send something sen... More

  • Jennie
    Aug 05

    Wow that's really cool but maybe outside our budget. I'll ask my husband what he thinks! Thanks.

  • Jenn
    Aug 07

    When I moved to HI I appreciated reading the books, Moloka’i and Honolulu by Alan Brennert. Have a lot of background to the land. Maybe they’d appreciate a good read about their new home?

What are some sentimental gifts to give your child on their first birthday?

  • Vonda
    Aug 03

    I plan on giving him a pair of shoes. :)

  • Kendall
    Aug 03

    A photo album of his first year with a hand written note in it :)

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Aug 01

Which Toy?

My daughter loves these block toy things and I'm trying to figure out which to get her for her birthday. I know the first one costs a lot more than the second, but it also has a lot more. But is that much necessary? What would you do?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 01

    Price isn't a concern for me as it will definitely be used for a long time. I'm just wondering if it will make much of a difference to get the bigger one.

  • Vonda
    Aug 03

    B toys university one looks fun.

1st Birthday Gifts for Baby Girl

I need ideas of cute, functional, age-appropriate gifts for 1 year old! 😀

  • Susan
    Aug 01

    Play kitchen, push trike that converts to a balance bike, puzzles and books

  • Jenn
    Aug 01

    Someone gifted my daughter a mini red wagon (radio flyer) for her first bday. She LOVES pushing it around, putting her toys in it, etc.

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Jul 17

Gift idea

Please I need gift suggestions for my baby who is going to be 1 year next month. Am not throwing a party for her so I want to go all out on the gift.

  • Faithieee
    Aug 04

    I’m planning on getting the Nugget Comfort couch for our little one! They’re $229, so quite a splurge!

  • Anonymous
    Aug 04

    This looks good but I live in an apartment so I don’t have the space for it

“PAY YOUR AGE DAY” at Build-a-bear...

For those of you who either got turned away or couldn’t make it, make sure you check your inbox for this notice for a $15 off coupon (restrictions apply)!!

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Jul 10

Toy subscription

Hi Families! Can anyone recommend a toy subscription company for a 2.5 soon to be 3 year old? Thanks much!

  • Andy
    Jul 11

    Our library has a large selection of quality learning stem type toys and play kits available to check out for different ages. It gives us the benefit of a toy subscription but it’s free and helps control the toy population. Maybe check out your library and see if they offer something similar.

  • Chian
    Jul 12

    Lovevery Baby just launched their play kits today (for ages 0 - 12 mos) and you can get 50% off the first box with “PLAYKITSLAUNCH”

Jana posted in Funny Jul 10

Why doesn’t Daniel Tiger wear pants?

Dad Tiger also lacks pants. Meanwhile Mom Tiger and baby Margaret get lower body coverage.

  • Derek C
    Jul 15

    Well tigers have tails and if you wore pants, you’d have to constantly either tuck the tail in or find a hole in which the tail would have to jimmy through. Also, they’re furry, so why do they need clothes?

  • Ashley
    Jul 17

    Just thought of this thread because Working Mother did an interview with the show's creator about Mom Tiger getting a new job (so here for that!) and they asked her why the dude tigers don't wear pants. The creator said: "We really wanted to create that signature red sweater and sneakers, which of course is a nod to Fred [Rogers]. And then because Dad Tiger’s based on the original... More

Tablets for Babies

What are your thoughts on tablets for babies? My daughter is about to be 8 months and she loves BabyFirst TV. My thought is that it will help her with her car ride because she hates to be in her car seat. If you have purchased one, did you go with an iPad or something more like Amazon Fire?

  • Megan
    Jul 12

    I’m not going to weigh in on the technology at a certain age but I will with comparing the devices. When my son was younger I bought the amazon fire and he was somewhat interested in it.. but still was more interested in my iPhone. He then got the leap pad for a birthday present.. played that for a while. When he was 3 he got an iPad when we switched cell phone providers and has internet throug... More

  • Toni
    Jul 13

    Thank you everyone for your opinions they are greatly appreciated and I'm taking your responses into consideration. I will hold off on the tablet and screen time is already limited. As KammyV had done I'm currently interacting with my daughter and monitoring what the show talks about. I will be finding a way to soothe the car ride as of right now we sing the ABCs!

Gift for lactation room coordinator? Hi everyone, I’m finally drying up 😁. Baby is almost 11 months old and has no interest in nursing. I’m pumping for the remainder of her year but I have to tell’s a labor of love. My work has an amazing support network of pumping rooms located in every building and really wonderful staff supporting the rooms. I’d like to get some kind of gift to say... More

  • Aida
    Jul 09

    This is so nice of you! When I was working the nurses at our work took care of the pumping rooms, wish I had done something now. I would say gift cards are always nice, Target or Starbucks.

  • Angela
    Jul 10

    Wow, where do you work?!

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Jul 06

Toy subscription boxes

Has anyone done the toy subscription box thing? Curious to hear which one you like best for toddlers!

  • Mario
    Jul 08

    Another +1 for kiwi crates! Our little one looses it every time she sees one of those green boxes!

  • Norma
    Jul 10

    My son loves The Preschool box!

Anonymous posted in Parties Jun 29

Hi! What goes in bday favor/swag bags?

I’ve never done this before so I need ideas on what to put in the goodie bags for my son’s first bday. It’s a barnyard theme and the guests will be from 1yr-10yrs old. What are some fun things you’ve added in bday goodie bags?

  • Kay
    Jul 02

    Kids love balloons. I recommend a few mylars that the bday child gets and each child gets a regular ballon yo take home. That way you get a lot of balloons to decorate with and a party gift all in one! Purchase a few extras in case one pops...or if you’re short a few start offering them after the first few kiddos leave.

  • Kristin
    Jul 22

    We did Sesame Street coloring books and small pack of 4 crayons (dollar store) for 2nd bda (Elmo themed). For 3rd bday - (princess and superhero) party we gave wands and masks. And for 4th superhero party we gave capes and masks. We found them cheap on Amazon (direct from China so it took some time). I'd rather give/receive 1 cute "goodie" item instead of a bag full of cheap litt... More

6-12 months baby toy must haves?

My almost 6 mos old baby boy gets bored easily & he doesn’t have that many toys yet. Most of his current toys were given to us as gifts from family & friends. We wanted to get him something that he could use, play, learn & be entertained by for the coming months but there’s so many toys out there. Any recommended 6-12 mos toys that are your baby’s favorite & worth the cost? Btw,... More

  • Yopolos
    Jun 30

    I’ve had a walker that has an activity thing set on it, so my six month old can play with the music part and will Eventually be able to use it as a walker. My toddlers are using it now as a grocery cart (cardboard box taped to it), it’s also been a train. So it’s one of my favorite multi use things. More

  • Kellie
    Jun 30

    I agree with previous poster comments --the activity table we got was a hit for a long time and encouraged him to stand! Balls of different sizes and textures. Musical instruments like maracas, little drum, shakers. The rain forest jumperoo was a big hit for us. Books--soft and board books.

Activities for road trip

We are heading to the beach in a few weeks with our 2yo son. He will sit in the car for at least an hour or a little more without complaining, but then he's had it and wants out. We are driving 8 hours one day and 4 the next. We have a tablet for movies and games but does anyone have any other good suggestions for toys, activities, etc. to occupy this child?

  • Kadi
    Jun 29

    Does he still put things in his mouth? Color wonder coloring books, sticker pads, and wiki stix were life savers for me when I drove solo cross-country with my two year old. Also, if you can plan the driving time to start extra early in the morning, during nap time, or late at night, you might get him to sneak a couple hours of sleep in, and give yourself a couple hours where you don’t have to ... More

Must have board books and toys

My son will be 18 months next month and I want to expand his board book collection...any recommendations?? Also toys that are both educational and age appropriate.

  • Stephen
    Jun 28

    Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things that Go (72 pages!) has been a massive hit

  • Starr
    Jun 30

    Totally recommend indestructible books available at target amazon etc

I'm looking for recommendations on family board games that we can play with our hyperactive almost 4 year old. Preferably games that teach skills such as strategy, collaboration and patience.

  • nicole
    Jun 26

    Kids Bananagrams, Uno, Skip Bo Jr, Set, Sequence Jr, Guess Who, Hungry Hungry Hippos ;)

  • Rachel
    Jul 11

    Jenga is my 4 year old’s favorite game. some other games she likes are Candyland, tic tac toe, connect four and hungry hippos :)

Water gun recommendations

Can anyone recommend a cool water gun that a three-year-old can use? Something you can use with one hand.

  • Andy
    Jul 02

    My 3 year old likes using a little spray bottle. Requires less coordination.

  • Ashley
    Jul 16

    I just got a 2 pack at Aldi for my 3 year old! Super easy to use

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