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Anonymous posted in Parties Monday

Last minute goodie bag

Hi! So my soon to be 3 year old is having a birthday party this Sunday. I have no idea what to put in her friend's goodie bags. Its Sesame street theme..Any ideas??

  • Caro

    Earth's Best brand has some relatively healthy snacks in small packages that have Sesame Street characters on the packaging... I remember seeing some with Elmo and Grover at least...

  • Beckiie

    Gold fish, fruit snacks, crayons, small coloring books or note pads.

Farm birthday party treat bags

I’m looking ideas as to what to put in treat bags for my son’s 2nd birthday that is farm themed. Thank you!

  • Victoria

    Go to party city they have tons of goody bag treats toys and candy

  • Victoria

    They have a whole isle that is specifically for goody bag

Anonymous posted in Parties Saturday

Baby shower

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for awhile. We have over time gathered a lot. Like most things. But I still want a baby shower when the time comes. This was brought up at a get together. I was chewed out by multiple people that it was dumb and unnecessary. That a baby shower is for people who need things. I wouldn’t like make a registry or anything or expect a gift. But I would lov... More

  • Lulu

    I think the only thing you're doing wrong is sticking around those horrendous people and taking their actions to heart. Cut those ties and let it go! If you need to talk about it, get the Wysa app. It is like an interactive journal. I love it, it gets me through so much negativity I receive from others!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll give that a shot! Thank you! And you are right I do just need to let it go and move on

Christmas shopping recommendations

I’m trying to find good brain workout games for Preschool and Kindergarten age kids! Help?!?

  • Cooper

    A good gift idea would be LeapStart 3D Interactive Learning System 👌🏾

  • Keith
Amber posted in Toddlers Friday

What kinds of toys would my 2 year old son like?

He already has a bunch of cars & dinosaurs but I’m trying to get him into something else

  • Mare

    My son is really into wooden puzzles right now. You can usually find used ones on Facebook. Some of the melissa and doug ones have sounds too so he's getting really good at his shapes since it tells him what it is. And I second the library! They have different toys to play with and usually another kid or two is there to play with him!

  • Merissa
    43m ago

    My 2 yr old got kinetic sand for his birthday and loves it. We also spend a lot of time with stickers.

1 year well baby visit - gift for pediatrician?

We are very thankful for the pediatrician we have and for the level of care she’s provided our son, as well as us as parents. I’ve seen friends in the past give something small to their pediatrician as a thank you/celebration of making it through the first year. We would love to do something similar, and have thought of getting her a modest coffee gift card and a bottle of wine. She’s a moth... More

  • B
    Oct 10

    I think I’d steer away from wine. Maybe cookies?

  • Elle
    Oct 10

    A hand written thank you card expeessing how she has had a profound impact on your lives, accompanied by a photo of baby?

Justice posted in Parties Oct 08

Ideas for a baby boys first birthday?? Gifts, things to do, etc. Thank you!

  • Brittany
    Oct 08

    Not doing it for my son when he turns one. Will have smash cake and maybe do a beach day since it’ll be summer lol ideas for gifts is vtech toys, movies, take him to get a pumpkin 🎃

Any ideas for a bday present for my kiddo turning 1 soon?

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Oct 05

My 10month old loves to jump. I don’t want to buy her a trampoline, but my arms are getting tired.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 07

    She’s to tall for a jumper. Just had to get rid of hers. I’ll try the gymnastics class

  • Christa
    Oct 07

    Maybe an indoor small trampoline, that was she can hop on and bounce till she’s content. Gymnastics is great too!!! I would maybe consider direct her energy into different “animal jumps” Netflix “Little Baby Bum”and they are interactive episodes and there’s one where we jump “like a monkey, stomp like an elephant... etc” so it helps her learn animals but also directs her energy into something ... More

Anyone know where to het a super cheap but still decent tablet its my daughter bday party soon

  • Emily
    Oct 05

    I guess the price went up we got it on sale, it's 100 now but it's still great. If not that one there's one at Walmart it's pbs kid version and we used that for awhile.

  • Ashley
    Oct 07

    Thank you

Looking for new toy ideas

What toys do your 1 or 2 year old love!

  • aly

    Haven't seen it mentioned yet... Plastic bottles, paper towel tubes, tissue paper or magazines to rip or crumple, she gets free reign on the tupperware cabinet, junk mail (ooh look at this pretty envelope, it's for you! 🤣), hats, purses or tote bags I'm not using, leaves from outside in a little dish bucket we use as a sensory bin, contact paper or pieces of tape/stickers. Sometime... More

  • Rebecca

    Anything that is stackable/buildable, musical instruments, touch n feel books and anything that isnt actually a toy 😂

Anonymous posted in Holidays Oct 03

First birthday

My son will be 1 in December. What sucks is his birthday is the 23rd, 1 & 2 days before Christmas Eve & Christmas. That's beside the point though, my real question is, since I'm going to somewhat start shopping, what do I buy a 1 year old for gifts?

  • Adriane
    Oct 06

    That’s my sons birthday also. When he turned one we asked family and friends to write him a letter to open when he is 18. Some did and some didn’t. This year we are asking for swim lessons, my little gym classes, zoo or museum tickets.

  • John Ray
    Oct 07

    My daughter’s birthday is dec 27, and we live in north suburbs of Chicago.. very limited with what I can plan, but for her first bday, kept it really simple. Elmo themed pizza party. I’m a single father so money is on a very tight budget back then. Decorated myself, with a little help from family and friends. Gift wise, books, crayons, and stickers. She loved them. Good luck, and as long as you... More

Cleaning Rubber Duckies

My son has a boatload of rubber duckies. I noticed that they’ve developed black mold on the inside. What would be the best way to clean them out so he’s not swimming around in muck?

  • Jazzbird
    Oct 05

    We added a bead of hot glue over the holes in the bottom, so that no water could get in. If they got water in them, they got tossed.

  • Ashley
    Oct 05

    I use other toys that cant trap water inside and make sure they dry. I also run toys through the dishwasher or boil for 5 mins

Nina posted in Parties Oct 03

Goodie bag ideas

For a Halloween bday party I’m using pumpkin buckets for the goodie bag. Any affordable toy ideas for what I should put in them?

  • Kenia
    Oct 06

    Discount school supply has amazing stuff at an affordable price!

  • Sarah
    Oct 07

    Target has some great stuff in their Halloween section. Also, in the cheap section when you first walk in the store.

Anonymous posted in DIY Sep 30

Homemade gifts for children

Does anyone have any suggestions for homemade gifts for children? Thinking ahead for Christmas. The only gift I saved from childhood is a doll my mother made me one year. I played with it all the time and saved it for my own kids. I have three under four and would love to make something that will (hopefully) have a little more meaning one day.

  • Michelle
    Oct 01

    I am making (hand cutting and tying) fleece blankets for my nanny kiddos this year. Not always the cheapest, but meaningful, customizable per the child’s interest, and useful.

  • Sadie
    Oct 02

    Quilts, dolls, stockings, Oliver and S has great patterns for clothes, or a small tote

So my first niece/Goddaughter will be born Thursday!!!

I’m wanting to buy her a nice gift 🎁 in the next few weeks. But cannot decide what to get her! I seen a few things but she won’t be able to use them until she is older. I know her mom would keep things safe for her till she can use them but I need some ideas !!!!!!

  • Andrea
    Sep 25

    Oh yea, that would be really sweet!!

  • Ashley
    Sep 25

    Books that you can record yourself reading are also awesome. I love hearing family and friends voices reading to my baby

What do you get an 18month old for Christmas???

  • Lauren
    Sep 21

    Look at Oball cars, trucks, oball race course

  • Samantha
    Sep 28

    We got a bounce house for our 12 month old. It was a larger one with room for 3 kids so we were able to get in it with him. He loves it. Walmart had them for $40 and it’s gotten its use for sure. Another favorite is a stuffed rocking cow we got it at Cracker Barrel.


Im starting to look into christmas gifts for all the people I love. I just dont know what to get for my daughter who will be 13 months for christmas.. What are some gift ideas?? anything will help! Thanks!!

  • Sara
    Sep 24

    We got my son a popper the he pushes around, coloring books and crayons because he loved coloring, toy cars, building blocks, andbooks, and fun bath toys

Best toys for 17 month old!

What toys are the most entertaining and fun for a 17 month old girl! Ty!

  • Chelly
    Sep 29

    My 16 moth old likes simple things. I save boxes from work to make him little houses or forts. Toddler crayons or paints. Even make your own edible paints out of fruits. He also loves chasing balls around, of different sizes. He likes playing our piano. All of these activities he enjoys doing for no more than 5 minutes at a time, but that’s a toddler! Can’t keep their attention much past that w... More

Gift ideas for 1year old baby (girl)

  • Katrina
    Sep 08

    If there's a children's museum or aquarium or something fun near you, our little one got a family membership for his first birthday. It was great, tons of fun, didn't clutter the house, and once we bought it we probably went 20 times that year so definitely got our money's worth. We were so pleased with how it went that we did the same thing for his second birthday.

  • Ebony
    Sep 08

    Great idea thank you 😊 sounds like fun 👍🏽

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