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Anonymous posted in Behavior Wednesday

Toddler tantrums

My son(2years old) likes to dump all of his toys all over his floor everyday and "play with them". I have him help me clean up and sometimes it goes well and other it goes horribly wrong like today. I will give him 2 toys, legos and blocks, to put away and today he literally threw a major fit. I never know when to give up trying or how long to let him throw a fit. Sometimes I try to m... More

  • Anonymous

    I agree with ^^^ and also we ALWAYS no matter what clean up the living room toys after dinner. After I wash his hands I always say ok let’s go pick up the toys now. It’s part of a routine now. To be honest, some days he’s not too interested (can’t blame a 2 year old) and we put the toys away and ask often can you help? Or where does this one go? But still end up doing most of it. And other days... More

  • Brushme

    Another idea that may help is to have less toys out. Or at least things with less pieces to clean up. Maybe rotate the toys every few weeks and see how he does.

Anonymous posted in Family Life Sep 10

Grandparents Spoiling Kids

I’m a mom of two year old twins, having some difficulty dealing with having both sets of grandparents around ... and the amount that the “spoil” my kids. I feel like there is just a constant influx of new toys, new clothes ect. I’ve asked them to stop but they just don’t seem to listen. It A. creates more work for me, as I constantly have sort through all the junk that comes into our house and ... More

  • Rebecca
    Sep 12

    I always encourage for gifts things that can be a experience like tickets to a movie or theme park. I hate the influx of stuff in my home and honestly don’t feel bad getting rid of things that are not being used. And I have no problem saying that x is so nice it will be used at your house for them to enjoy. My philosophy is less is better and creates a better imagination and actual use of toys.

  • Meggan
    Sep 13

    We always got to take one or two toys home and the rest stayed. we had a if one comes in something else must go rule and what my mom called a dejunking every 6 months where not played with and broken toys and clothes were thrown out or given away. If they insist on spoiling them suggest experiences, taking them to a play or the zoo or a museum somewhere. Give experiences rather than physical gi... More

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Jul 17

What are the best toys you've bought?

My daughter will be two in October and she is bored with all of her toys. Her water table holds her interest for maybe 20 minutes. She no longer cares about her sand box. She's lost interest in playing with chalk. She might kick a ball around for 10 minutes but there's not much else she wants to do. She doesn't want to ride her bike. She hasn't touched her indoor toys for month... More

  • Melissa Harmon
    Aug 25

    Sounds like its time for preschool (completely selfish answer). Each state has developmental guidelines and activities that go along with every age group. Check out what activities and learning goals you can be achieving with your daughter. Better yet just google Massachusetts' early learning guidelines for preschoolers, since they are the best in the country for early childhood education. ... More

  • Carolyn
    Sep 26

    I agree with those who say toy rotating! Once I took away a lot of options from my son (mostly bc he’d throw fits from having to clean up “too many toys” at night), he started playing longer with each thing. I only allow a certain number of things out at a time, and if he wants something else, he has to clean up what’s out. It makes him more purposeful about deciding what to play, then sticking... More

C posted in Behavior Jul 14

What is the earliest age to teach how to put toys away after you're done with them? 😒

Because I'm fed up picking up my baby's toys or tripping over them for the millionth time. 😖

  • Diamond
    Aug 19

    My son is currently 3 and we clean up together or some time I’ll sing “ clean up, clean up” and he starts to put his toys in the toy bind

Has anybody here subscribed any monthly book clubs for kids?

Has anybody here subscribed any monthly book clubs for kids? Is it worth it? I found a review for some here... I know there are others too. I am thinking of subscribing to one for my almost 6yo daughter.

  • Stanli
    Jun 15

    I also get monthly free books from the Dolly Parton foundation.

  • Robert
    Jun 20

    Thanks everyone!

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment May 31

Toys for toddler

Toys r Us is history. Learning Express is pricey. Amazon offers very few engaging options. What are some other places to get educational toys for toddlers? I am trying to keep my 2.8 year old away from tv and electronics till he is 4,m. Possible?

  • Nikki
    Jun 03

    Melissa and Doug make great educational toys. Amazon sells them, but Kohl’s sells some items too. Using their coupons, you can come out with some great buys! AC Moore sells them as well and they have a rewards program and coupons too! Many of their toys are wood, as opposed to plastic.

  • Jenn
    Jun 09

    I've gotten lots of good stuff at consignment stores, yard sales, Facebook marketplace.

Any ideas for quiet toys for waiting or church services?

My girls are 3 and 4. I am just looking for some new ideas that I might not have used yet to give them something different. Wanted to see if there are some toys or trinkets I haven’t seen yet or, some hacks that other parents use to entertain kids quietly at these ages while having to sit still for extended periods of time.

  • Andy
    May 14

    Biggest thing for us is variety. We have two versions of the church bag with different toys in it that we rotate through. They really like the Melissa and Doug Water Wow books where you paint the picture with water. They like the books with built in puzzles on each page. They like coloring and activity books. But the biggest success for us is just crayons or markers and a blank sheet of paper. ... More

  • Holly
    May 17

    Ooooh! I love love the idea of making your own paper book. I really enjoyed that growing up. An idea for you if your kids are still young enough is Wiki Sticks. My girls will play with them for the entire hour long service.

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts May 07

Baptism gift?

My friend is having a baptism for her baby; I’ve never been to a baptism, am I supposed to give a gift? If so, what? We don’t have the kind of relationship where I’d feel comfortable giving cash and my friend and her husband are not very religious, I think the baptism is more of a family tradition so I don’t think I should give a religious gift. I was thinking books but any ideas are welcome.

  • byrd
    Jun 20

    A lil bracelet is always sweet. Also mayb a lil picture frame

Anonymous posted in Holidays Apr 13

Easter Egg Content Ideas for 2 yr olds?

I’ve never done an Easter egg hunt as a kid or put one together. I see that most people put candy in the eggs for older kids. Ideas for 2 yr olds? I’ve gotten some suggestions like stickers, goldfish crackers, Cheerios, and stamps.. what else?

  • anonymous mom
    Apr 15

    Also, Joanna is right!!! I have an in law who nearly suffocated on one of those plastic eggs as a child, she put it in her mouth and there were no holes!!!

  • Jess
    Apr 18

    I bought a $0.99 pack of larger eggs and put some hot wheels cars in them. Also some tiny rubber ducks that you can find at a party store or dollar store.

Jenn posted in Bathing Apr 10

Keeping Bath Toys Clean or Closing the Holes

So my LO loves those squeezy bath toys that suck up and squirt out water, but even with trying to always get all the water out, they grow mold and are disgusting. I tried hot gluing the openings closed but my little mechanical engineer figured out how to get that off in a second. Any tips on how to keep them clean or close the holes up??

  • Ivy
    Apr 10

    I actually cut slits in them so they dry better

Playing with toys upside down

Recently my son started playing with his big toys upside down is this normal? He loves cars it feels like he wants to play with his cars on the bottom of the surface( flat )of his big toys just a bit concerned. Help?????

  • anonymous mom
    Mar 20

    Ps she’s 18 months.

  • Lynn
    Mar 20

    It’s totally normal to go through an upside down phase and not weird at all. They are learning and they are checking out different perspectives.

Favorite games or toys for toddlers?

Our son is almost two and a half. We’re looking for fun games for him. We subscribed to kiwi crate but he wasn’t really into those. Would love any ideas!

  • Katie
    Mar 16

    Shark Bite and Don't break the ice are toddler friendly -my 2.5 year old isn't quite ready to fully follow the rules but he follows them well enough its fun to play together and encourages turn-taking.

  • byrd
    Jun 20

    skoozey pegs, age appropriate puzzles, big paper melissa and doug blocks, mini trampolin

Donating baby toys 🧸

Any mom or parent out there get emotional collecting the toys your child has out say baby toys. I do! Omg I can’t wrap my head around the thought that he’s not a baby anymore 😭 I’m secretly keeping some in a box especially the ones who he use to play with a lot and donating the rest 😂 also his clothes is hard to let go of 😢 any parents out there get like this?? Or am I just super se... More

  • Stephanie
    Mar 14

    I absolutely feel the same! My husband is the opposite. He wants to get rid of everything! But we have a friend who is trying to get pregnant and if they have a boy we are going to give them all of our stuff, and keep them all sentimental

  • Tracy
    Mar 14

    It is hard to let go. My friend turned her kids baby clothes and blankets into quilts. You can also find people on Etsy who can do it for you too. That way you can keep the most cherished ones in a more useful way instead of hidden in a box.

Anonymous posted in Multiple Children Feb 25

Etiquette question for parents of 2+ kids

Hi everyone! WWYD?? My child’s daycare teacher gave them several toys recently that her older child grew out of and she was confident her younger child wouldn’t want to play with. It really made my child happy and they’ve been playing with the toys nonstop for about a week and a half. I’d like to send my daycares child a small gift with a TY card. Nothing big, just something that kinda sho... More

  • Sara
    Feb 26

    I wouldn't worry about the teacher's other child personally. The child who did the nice gesture gets the thank you gift and the other one doesn't need anything. I have 2 kids and they understand that they don't get a gift just because the other one does (well, my older one understands. My baby is too young to understand but also too young to care).

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Mar 05

    I think the card is a great idea. I think a gift for a gift kinda dilutes the generosity of it all for the child. To show it’s appreciated but not to expect a thing in return works well. A card is perfect.

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Feb 24

Stuff animals organization

Hi! How do you you all organize your kiddos stuffed animal friends? Thanks in advance!

  • Anne
    Feb 25

    I have two big wire basket drawers in their closet (it’s an IKEA setup but you can get them anywhere) where the stuffies live in a big pile. Then the kids get 5-10 they can have “out” or in their bed. If they want new ones, they swap them out with the ones in the closet. Organization beyond that seems hard/impossible but I’m interested what others have done!

Andraya posted in Parties Feb 06

1 year old Birthday ideas

Hello my daughter will be one years old this month on the 14 which is (Valentine's day). I want to asked anyone who could help me with some ideas of putting her party together which will be at home. I would like to buy her a nice gift that I hope she would love from her mom and dad. What should I buy her?

  • Andraya
    Feb 07

    Thanks you everyone the advice was very helpful😘

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 07

    Okay so first things first, she’s just the cutest!!! Love her big eyes and expression!! ❤️❤️😍 We had a big party for my daughters first but I have a huge family. I have the tally somewhere but there were close to 100 people at her first party and every one of them was family on my side except for my best friend and her daughter. No joke, and this wasn’t even extended family, it was sisters/... More

Amy posted in Toys & Gifts Jan 21

How do I clean baby toys?

I have all these toys -stuffed items with pacifier or teether toys attached - that say surface clean only and not to immerse in water. But they've been drooled on and spit-up on enough that my surface wiping just doesnt feel good enough (and they still smell like milk). What do you do???

  • Kendall
    Jan 21

    Along those same lines ^^^ I put them in a pillow case and tie the top off w a knot :)

  • Amy
    Jan 21

    Thank you all!

Chelsa posted in Holidays Jan 07

Non Toy 1 Year old Gift Ideas

With Christmas just ending, we have too much stuff, but want to get our son something for his 1st birthday. Do you have any recommendations?

  • Tara
    Jan 08

    Book yourselves to see baby/ children’s theatre! We did that as a family to my son’s first, and we- especially his older sis- loved it! He danced and laughed, and was asleep halfway through... I recommend!

  • Sophia
    Jan 11

    1 share of stock that you think will soar. plant a tree.

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Jan 03

Toy decluttering and reorganizing

Hi Families! So the headline says it all..How often do you all Declutter and reorganize your child's toys? How do you decide what to get rid of when they can't tell you what they like and don't like. My child had a pretty good amount to keep her occupied..not too much and not too little. But since the holidays hit I feel like I'm in a toy tornado and its driving me crazy. HELP! And Thank You!!

  • Tiana
    Jan 04

    Masha, gather them up and give them to your child’s school to pass on to the lower grade teachers who still use a “prize box.” As a teacher I spent a fortune buying all those little toys. As soon as asked parents to donate all the little plastic toys from home, everybody became a winner!

  • A
    Jan 17

    We just invested in one of those cube shelf type things and it’s helping to keep things organized. I actually took pictures of the type of toys, “dolls” “trucks” etc. I taped the picture to each drawer and I am attempting to teach my kids to put stuff away. I toss all that little stuff from birthday parties or McDonalds once my kids forget about it ... and anything broken, Trash. We also have a... More

Gift advice...

So our son got A LOT of electronic toys from out family for Christmas. We don’t really want him to have very many lights and sounds toys. We aren’t ruling it out completely but we are keeping it down to just a couple at a time. His birthday was in October and we exchanged half of the gifts he got for non electronic toys. At this point I am a little afraid that people might start noticing that t... More

  • Madison
    Jan 04

    You can keep them in a box and just pull them out when the guests come over.

  • Trisha
    Jan 04

    Raising twins I had that problem A LOT in the beginning. My Daddy felt that they should each have the same toy, the same book, even the same bike!! I set him straight early-on, and my Mom agreed. If they get two different toys, they have twice as much to play with. As far as bicycles, one was much more athletic, and would have greatly preferred a regular bike to the training wheels. By t... More

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