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Water gun recommendations

Can anyone recommend a cool water gun that a three-year-old can use? Something you can use with one hand.

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Monday


What are some good 1st birthday gifts? My son loves just about everything but i have NO clue what to get him for his 1st birthday

  • Drusilla

    We wanna do books for Felix's 1st :D paper and electronic (ie leapfrog)

  • EM

    A wonderbly book! I know it’s early for reading, but it’s a great bed time story personalized to your child’s name :)

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Monday

Spending amount on birthday presents

Birthday party season seems to be upon us. Every weekend there’s one we’re invited to (kids are turning 3-5). What does everyone spend on bday gifts??

  • Tracy
    31m ago

    Have y'all heard of this web site: Birthday guests can donate to a charity & then your child gets 1/2 of that. So, say I want to support The United Way, I create my invite, send to guests, they donate and Kids Can Give Too sends my child a pre-paid card to spend however she wants. This way the charity gets support, and my child can choose a gift that she ... More

  • Catharine
    28m ago

    I have no kid's but have two nieces. When I get gifts I shop at sales and while on vacation and stockpile gifts for them. The gift stockpile has worked well for the past 10 years. I sort through it around Christmas and if I find stuff that is immature for them I give it to Toys for tots. On average I spend around $10-$20. As they get older I plan to get them gift cards opposed to actual mat... More

Birthday gifts for 2 year old girl

Birthday gift ideas for 2 year old girl? She loves stuffed animals but we have plenty of those. She likes her nails painted so child friendly nail polish is already on the list. Any and all ideas welcomed :)

  • Christina

    We did play kitchen. Duplos are also great. My FIL got us a playhouse 😂

  • Jennifer

    Take her to the spa. Lots of places have kid spas where they watch movies and get their nails done.

Aggy posted in Babies Friday

1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Baby Boy?

My son is turning one and I have no idea what to get him. Amazon choices are overwhelming. I’d rather hear from other parents. What do your one year olds love? My son is crawling and cruising, loves things that are mechanical, have movement, buttons, lights, sounds, etc. Balls and cars are among his favorite toys. Is there a great toy out there that kids this age love?

  • Sarah

    Blocks or stacking cups!

  • Aggy

    This is a great list. Thank you!

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Friday

What to do for my wife’s birthday a few days after delivery?

I was wondering about some things that we can do as a family for Mom’s birthday in a few weeks. The baby is scheduled to be born a few days before her birthday and I am not really sure what to even plan her birthday?

  • B

    Massage certificate that she can use whenever, offer to stay with the baby and send her for nails or hair or something. I’d ask but be ready to cancel or postpone plans, even if light, depending how she is feeling. If baby isn’t here go for a nice dinner. If baby is do all diapers that day!

Raine posted in Child Care Jun 13

Daycare Gifting

Hi there parents! So my husband and I are moving out of state and as a result be leaving our daycare where our daughter has been since she was 5 months old. She’s 2 in August. I’d like to do something nice for them but I don’t know where to begin! Any recommendations? Would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Juli

    I worked as a daycare/preschool teacher and honestly the best gifts were always edible lol or a card/drawing by the kiddo. Coffee cards and small wine bottles are good for one or two teachers (though I don’t drink so the gesture was nice but I gave mine away) but if it’s the whole staff you want to thank then planning to cater a lunch as mentioned above would be soo appreciated by all! I would ... More

  • Raine

    Thank you all for the suggestions. I ordered lunch for everyone today and it worked out so well.

Angel posted in Cute Jun 12

Baby walker from target

Easy to assemble she loves her toy 😁

Etiquette for “baby sprinkle” for second boy

I’m trying to figure out whether or not we should have a baby “sprinkle” for our second boy. I was told by my sister that it is poor etiquette to do so, which I didn’t think was the case for a sprinkle (which is just a small shower because you have another baby). Our boys will be two years and a few months apart, which means we do in fact have a lot of the things we need already... and we could... More

  • Trisha
    Jun 14

    I think it's fine as a mother and a second child why do we have to make everything second hand clothing yes understood but what about memories to be passed on cradle first holiday outfit. I did all my children as separate how do we create separate individuals if we only give them the likes of the bigger child?

  • Ilansnice
    Jun 14

    I had a sprinkle- every baby deserves to be celebrated. I was concerned about etiquette also. I had a friend plan it- I gave her the guest list of about 8 people and pretended it was a surprise:) I didn’t do a registry bc frankly people know you need diapers, wipes, and money/gift cards to your fav kid consignment store. You could do one but I would make it very small with nothing over $50 on it.

Toys for 3 y/o

Am I the only one finding a real hard time getting/finding, fun, engaging and inexpensive toys for my 3 year old? What do you guys out there get for your 3yo. 🤔

  • Sarah
    Jun 01

    Blocks! My kids both loved all kinds! Wood ones, Duplos, big cardboard ones, foam ones for the bath! Blocks!

  • Chances
    Jun 02

    Thank you guys for all your recommendations. As for play doh, it’s either it gets so dry that it turns into crackers or he messes up the carpet with it lol.

Anonymous posted in Technology May 30

Recommendations for photo books?

I want to make a photo book for my grandmother’s 95th bday. I’ve tried apple’s books, chatbooks and Walgreen’s. Any other suggestions for super easy + high quality photo books? Bonus points if it works well with Google photos. Thanks!

  • Vm2634
    Jun 04

    FreePrints has an app for free photobooks. You get one free every month (hardcover) and pay shipping. I think shipping was $5.99 if I remember correctly. I did one two months ago and I was great.

  • Kathleen
    Jun 08

    I tried Google's photo books when they first came out a few months ago. They were half price and I actually was really impressed with the quality. It can be very quick and hands off, if that's what you want. Put the photos into a folder, make a book out of that folder. I did a smaller one and it was one photo per page, no formatting on my part and shipping was quick. I'm not sure if... More

Moms do you prefer toys as birthday gifts for your kids or experiences?

Experiences could be loved ones gifting art class, dance class, robotics camp, adventure or activity?

  • Rachel
    Jun 01

    i picked what i wanted for my daughter her first two parties. her first birthday was a garden themed party where i asked on her invitations for everyone to bring a book instead of a toy gift. (it was perfect!) her 2nd birthday, we did Mickey and friends and it was Mickey and friends themed gifts. last year was the first year we let her pick her theme which was Moana and we did Moana themed gift... More

  • Shelly
    Jun 07

    Thank you Rachel for your lovely response. I really enjoyed reading it. I agree with you that for kids there has to be a balance between toys and experiences. It seems like you discuss things with your daughter so she gets a say in theater and has no chance to complain. I do the same with my daughter too. I want my daughter to understand that there never will be sufficient toys to play wit... More

JJ posted in Toys & Gifts May 20

Definitely not parent related but I need help.

A family friend of ours was recently diagnosed with cancer and has been through some serious surgeries and will be beginning chemo soon. His birthday is coming up and we want to get him something really nice but not sure what. Anyone have any friends/family with cancer and know of things they enjoyed having during chemo or recovery or even just fun stuff? He’s a 50 year old guy who loves an... More

  • DakiHarper
    May 26

    When I was going through treatment I really appreciated gift certificates for food delivery like Postmates, ubereats, grub hub, etc. I used it when I was at the clinic getting treatment or when my family was too exhausted to prepare food.

  • Anonymous
    May 29

    Have made these for several people - always very appreciated...

Shelly posted in Holidays May 17

Moms, what gift did you receive this Mother's Day?

Was it a tangible gift or an experience? Like a day at the spa, wine tasting, carpet cleaning, art class etc

  • Julie
    May 20

    Single Momma over here who kind of thinks when your kids are little, it's more of a "wife day" that gets celebrated. But I took my sweet little girl's snuggles in all day, so can't really beat that 😊

  • Shelly
    May 21

    Amazing responses to the post - thank you so much. It seems like each one of us enjoyed Mother's Day in a unique way with our friends and family. Thank you.

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture May 12

Thoughts on including a “wish list” with a birthday invitation? I truly wouldn’t mind receiving one and would rather get something the kid/parent is going to like and use instead of guessing. But my gut feeling is overall people find them tacky and rude. I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

  • Carissa
    May 15

    I had this dilemma with my daughters first birthday as well. I wanted to put the link in the invitations but decided maybe it would come off rude. I made one anyway and then just happily gave it to people when they asked what she might want! I also gave the link to close family members like my mom as I knew people would ask her what my daughter might want and she easily forwarded the link to them

  • Karlee
    May 22

    We do an amazon wish list for all birthdays and Christmas because my kids have 24 grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends etc that all buy for them and if we didn’t do a wish list they would get so many of the same thing and even with a wish list my son ended up with 3 table and chair sets for his first birthday. It’s not even an option for us and the grandparents start asking months in ... More

Ann posted in Toys & Gifts May 11

Toy suggestions for 9 month old?

Any suggestions for good toys for a 9 month old? I’ve been swapping out/alternating toys and she still seems bored. Thanks in advance!

  • Diane
    May 12

    My 8mo old loves- Stacking cups, blocks... The vtech cube is great as well as crinkly books. And I second kitchen items- give her some wood spoons, pot lids and pans!

  • Bérénice
    May 30

    Hi Ann! Have you checked out Monti Kids? I can send you more information about the program if you'd like. It would make a great gift for both your son and you :)

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts May 07

Keeping indoor toys inside

Am I weird for wanting to keep indoor toys inside during my toddler play dates? We have lots of outdoor toys yet the visiting friends always seem to bring inside toys to the backyard where it’s dusty sandy and dirty. I end up having to wipe the toys down again just to store them inside and it’s just more added work for me. But I wanna seem cavalier and low key to the playmates parent- lol! ... More

  • Alexa
    May 07

    Me I am!! I only let maybe some cars and trucks outside that I know I can rinse off or run through dish washer.

Julie posted in Bathing May 07

What are your favorite tub toys? Preferably ones without tiny holes that capture water and grow black mold🙄.

  • Vonda
    May 11

    Hevea duck named Kawan. And Boon ducks.

  • Julie
    May 15

    My daughter loved bath books!

Birthday gift advice for 3 under 5?

At the end of May my daughters will be 4, 2, and 2. My parents offered to get a birthday gift for all 3, but I don't know what to ask for. They have an outdoor play house, a slide, a jungle gym type thing, and a car/slide thing (all but the play house were hand-me-downs from neighbors, and the playhouse was last year's gift from my parents). We were thinking a jumparoo as we are worrie... More

  • Jade
    May 06

    An experience instead of a “thing”. A trip to a local fun place, a fun class paid for (like dance or something), a day at a semi-local theme park. Movie tickets. Something to do together. :)

  • Abby
    May 07

    I also vote for experience gift! Trip or membership is a great idea.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear May 04

what toys/gear do you recommend for an 8mo old? jumpers? highchairs? thanks!

  • Kelley
    May 04

    My daughter LOVES pop up books and "lift the flap" books

  • Rochelle
    May 05

    1: changing table toy bc my girl doesn’t lay still anymore during diaper changes ever since she learned to roll over. 2. Camera that we used instead of rear view mirror for baby. 3. Peek a who, never touch a dragon and dear zoo books. (Touch and feel/lift a flap) 4. Bee head protector backpack. She was pulling up to stand and cruising by 7 months and didn’t know how to get down from the stand... More

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