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Working parents have two jobs — one at home with their children and one at their place of business. Learning to balance it all is a tough but rewarding process.

This is a place to for working moms and dads to share experiences and get advice, whether it's tips on work-life balance or help finding child care.

Anonymous posted in Working Parents Today

Work from Home Jobs

Does anyone know of any lucrative positions available to work at home? I have a BA and experience in MS Office suite and currently spearheading several projects at work! I am grateful for my job I just miss my baby!

  • Lisa

    I know some people who work for VIPkids and it’s an online program for teaching Chinese children English! They all love it! Most of the classes are early morning and you can do as much as you want. All you need is a BA.

  • Anonymous
    7h ago

    Thanks! I applied but no one sent me anything for the interview! It was odd I thought it was a scam lol!

Juggling work and the real work (motherhood)

Anyone else having a hard time juggling work and motherhood?!?! I feel guilty when I’m not with my son and before he was born I know I’d give my all at work, and although I still do my job as I should, I feel guilty I don’t put in the same effort and attention I used to. I called out of work today because I had an ER scare with my son last night and even though nothing comes before him and I k... More

  • Lyndsie
    1h ago

    I work 3 (12-hr) workdays a week, which often gives me a huge gap of days off. It gives me a unique perspective in that I am able to see that I am a more attentive and less touched out mother when I am at home after working a few days. After a long stretch of days off I become less patient and less focused. It has helped me realize that getting a break through working actually makes me a better... More

  • Elle
    1h ago

    PPA is a real thing. If you find yourself more tired and anxious than before, maybe defer this decision and talk to a few doctors for their opinions first.

Whats the best way or app to find a nanny or sitter? I need a babysitter 5 days a week for 4 hours.

I'm working 3rd shift and cant get any sleep. When I get off work in the morning it's draining me. I'm desperate for a little help just so I can sleep.

Yarlin posted in Behavior Tuesday

Separation anxiety 2 year old

My 2 year old boy won’t let me go anywhere without him I could walk 2 feet away from him and he starts crying and just wants to be with me. Even if he stays with grandma or daddy. He wasn’t like this before until after he turn 2. Is this a stage ? How can i handle it? I mean I’m okay with it i know he’ll outgrow it but i just want to know if there’s ways to handle it since I’m going back to wor... More

  • Abigail

    Do you leave without saying goodbye or sneak out? I made that mistake with my first since it felt easier to get out to do things. Bad idea. I started to then telling him i will be back because im going to the Dr or grocery store and dad or gradma were going to be there and play with him. I felt that worked also doing short trips like taking the trash out and telling him ill be right back so he ... More

Tricks to increase my breast milk

I just had surgery last week and I feel like my breast milk supply has decreased. I use to make about 4 oz each time I pump whenever my LO is not hungry. Now I am only making 2 ounces if I am lucky. I am drinking plenty of fluids. What else can I do to help me increase my supply?

  • Jessica

    Thanks you guys!

  • Anonymous

    Offer the breast as much as possible. Baby will latch if he/she is ready to eat. And power pumping.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Monday

How much to pay grandma to watch grandson 4 days a week?

  • Anonymous

    36 hours a week. She sleeps over twice a week.

  • Emily

    Hmm I pay my parents 250 a week for 42 hours but that’s what we found together is best and I can afford

Going back to work in 2 weeks and having serious meltdown....

I am leaving my 3 month old baby girl to a great nanny but I am so upset, feeling that I will be missing so much. I hope she will be fine and don’t feel I am abandoning her.... How did you handle going back to work and are you able to spend some real quality time with your baby ?

  • Fanny

    Thank you so much ! I will be pumping too and facetime seems like a great idea if the nanny is on board ! I will for sure cry quite a lot on that first week, would love to take her with me and hide her somewhere in the office ! The most important for me is that she knows that I love her and will always be back, I wish I was not feeling guilty but it’s not that easy...

  • Lisa

    Hang in there, Mama!! It was so hard at first, but by 5 or 6 months, my daughter was also starting to crave and thrive off more social interaction, so I felt better knowing she had a full day of play and adventures ahead of her. You are already teaching her to be strong and independent (and good practice for us to try to let go of the guilt - it always creeps up, but you are doing what’s best... More

Kasey posted in Behavior Monday

Attached Son

So we recently relocated & I've been a SAHM for most of our sons first year. Luckily my in laws relocated too so our son is able to spend time with his grandmother while I’m at work when his daddy is working. My question is, how do I make this transition easier for both of us! Understandably he is very attached to me (food source / main source of comfort), but between the move & his... More

  • Anonymous

    Just try giving it some time so his new normal will eventually become his normal normal. Sticking to routine is helpful for sure though. Also try calling during a break from work to check in (to make yourself feel better) plus he’ll get to hear your voice.

Gabby posted in Child Care Monday

New babysitter- first day

So I’m back at work since having baby #2. She is 4 months old. I’m back full time now for the first time in 2 years...yikes!!! I was taking my first born to my husbands aunt for baby sitting so there was never any fear or worry about who I’m leaving my child with. Unfortunately she had to let us go and we now have a new babysitter. We have family that takes their children to her but she’s not f... More

  • Bethany

    I feel ya! My son was babysat by my bestest friend at 6 weeks old until he was 7 months old, I then became a SAHM. I get anxiety thinking about someone I don't know watching my son. It's hard to earn someone's trust and find someone who cares for you child(ren) as you do. Good luck!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Monday

I went from producing 12-16 FULL 4oz bottles to not even making 1oz per breast..

I eat a very healthy diet. Haven’t changed anything. I’m buying fenugreek tonight when my husband gets out of work.. I really hope this gets me back to where I was.I don’t know what am I doing wrong..

  • Anjali

    Pump more frequently, drink lots n lots of water. Eat oats.

  • Julie

    How far post partum are you?? This could be your period. If it is just keep pumping and the supply should come back after a few days.

Anonymous posted in Time Management Sunday

Any advice on working from home w/ a baby-toddler?

FTM here! Looking into trying out working from home while being a full time mom to my baby early next year, he will be 1 yr old then. We don’t have any family nearby to help us & my husband & I agreed that it’ll benefit our baby if 1 of us is the primary caregiver for at least the first 2 years or until we can afford to send him to a daycare / preschool which I heard gets cheaper as the... More

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If you’re a working parent, especially in the Corporate workforce this book is very encouraging and such a refreshing read.

Breast feeding

Is there any alternatives for collecting milk other than a breast pump

  • Poop

    Haaka is a silicone pump that just uses suction to get milk. You can put it on the side baby isn’t on and collect milk from both. It’s pretty cool. Look it up!

  • Brynn

    I would recommend the naturebond silicone hand pump. It just uses suction to draw your milk out. My 2 month old only drinks one breast at a time right now, so I put it on my other side and it catches the let down and empties me pretty good to keep my supply up. Look it up on Amazon!

Anonymous posted in Child Care Friday


I'm torn between two daycares. I dont have the fathers support but I need to start working again in a few weeks. Both are walkable one is a little further and uphill but less expensive. They are both pricey the cheaper one provides diapers but may be a harder commute to work.

  • Gretchen

    I started by son in daycare 2 1/2 months ago. I contemplated taking him to a daycare farther away, but glad i didn't. Some mornings dont run smoothly and trying to get myself ready, my son ready and get on the road can be stressful at times. Pick the one that will make things easier for you. Whether that's providing all the meals and snacks, closer to home, etc. Good luck!

  • Ruby

    Ask how they discipline , if they have scheduled timed off for vacay, what happens if they are sick? , if they provide meals, drop off and pick up hours, hope those questions help! Good luck

Anonymous posted in Child Care Oct 10


I was lucky enough to be able to stay home until my baby turned one. now I have to go back to work and I am looking for daycares. The dad is giving me a really hard time and constantly trying to be cheap or talk me out of daycare and its really stressing me out. It's bad enough I have to leave baby in a daycare. Anyone else deal with this.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 11

    Tell the dad he’s welcome to stay home for the next year

  • Kaitlyn
    Oct 11

    Daycare is expensive bottom line. Look for in-home daycare (that are certified) and it will save you some money. You can also see if there are any nanny shares in your area

Anonymous posted in Multiple Children Oct 10

Groundhog Day

I work full time and care for me 2yr and and am expecting another child. Lately, I’ve been feeling like everyday is just the same ole same ole. Of course there’s the part of me that feels guilty because I know how blessed I am, that there’s no drama per se. But, I’m just curious how others spice up their routine.

  • Anne
    Oct 10

    It can be tough in winter but you definitely have to get out of the house and try doing different things. You can search on Winnie for places to go or just drive to a new store or a library in the next town or whatever and see what happens. My kids are in school now and I miss having all that free time to do whatever we wanted! I wish I had given myself more of a break from the routine before ... More

  • Jenni

    Since you’re expecting a second, you could plan some special weekend outings with your two year old to change it up (zoo, aquarium, etc.) or without your little one - like a date night. I’m not going to lie, having two kids makes life even more routine, so to combat the hamster wheel feeling, I just had to make more effort to plan different activities for us.

Anonymous posted in Money Oct 10

Work from home

My husband and I have been really strapped for money lately. I’m a stay at home mom and I’m trying to find a way that I can financially contribute. Do you guys know of any jobs that are work from home that I can do during by baby’s naps/after she goes to bed?

  • Elle
    Oct 10

    Also, maybe you can baby sit kids in your neighborhood? Or walk dogs while wearing baby?

  • Alexis
    Oct 10

    The work at home summit has several speakers that give good ideas on work you can do from home, some with little to no upfront investment.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Oct 10

How many oz of bm/whole milk for an 11 month old?

My son will be starting daycare soon it will be 8 hours a day how many oz if breastmilk should I bring in?

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 10

Why is taking care of myself considered being selfish?

So I have a wonderful boyfriend of whom I have a beautiful daughter with. I work full time and take care of business at home. I decided after utter chaos at work that I needed a mental/mommy alone time day. My coworker said I shouldn’t use my vacation time for selfish needs and should use that time to bond with my child. In her eyes I’m an awful mother because I choose to work. She stopped work... More

  • GSD82

    You go girl! I do the same thing. Never feel bad. If you’re taking care of yourself and giving yourself sometime you taking care of your kiddo in the long run. I work full time, my husband had a crazy work schedule and our son goes to full time day care. We are paying for childcare I will take advantage of every penny. Somedays I’m able to cut out of work early and I will go shopping, mani/ped... More

  • Anonymous

    Well today was glorious, and coworker can kick rocks! Thanks everyone!

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Oct 09

When you pump for next day, do you store milk in pump bottles or breastmilk bags?

While at work, is what I mean. I use pump bottles and then pour into baby bottles when I get home. Then any extra milk during the week I put into bags and freeze. Just wondering if it’s worth the extra time/money? I’ve only returned to work for 3 weeks now. The washing and drying and packing of pump parts and pouring and measuring of milk each day is getting annoying lol

  • Clarissa
    Oct 10

    Breastmilk bags is easier to store and there are ways to have it straight from pump to bags. E.g. medela pump bags with adapter.

  • Yasmeen
    Oct 10

    I use The Kiinde Twist Set. The bags have screw on caps and they just snap onto the nipple, no milk transfer. I love them!

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