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Working parents have two jobs — one at home with their children and one at their place of business. Learning to balance it all is a tough but rewarding process.

This is a place to for working moms and dads to share experiences and get advice, whether it's tips on work-life balance or help finding child care.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Sunday

Time to throw in the towel on breastfeeding?

So my LO is almost 15 months and still breastfeeding. I was in the ER this weekend and diagnosed with Shingles. Since then she won’t nurse from me. She will take a cup or bottle but when I offer her to breastfed morning or night she just sits there and refuses. I don’t want to force it because honestly I’m hurting and exhausted but still heartbroken this might be the end of our journey. I was h... More

  • Sara

    If you're not ready to stop then it doesn't have to be the end. If you're sick it can reduce supply and also certain antibiotics and medications can change the taste of breastmilk. When you recover so will your supply and your daughter may go back to nursing just fine. Of course if you're ready to stop then you should but don't feel like you have.

  • Anonymous

    My rash is on my neck and head so it can be covered

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Sunday

Breast pump recommendations??

Hi ladies - first time mom here and wondering which breast pump to get. Things I care about: - easy to use - easy to clean - easy to use at home or at work - ideally won’t require me to be chained to a wall Would love any advice or recommendations, thanks in advance!

  • Jamie

    Look up the Willow pump! It only has 2 part to clean which you can throw in the dishwasher or sterilizer. It is hands free and you can use it with any bra. No wires or tubes to hide. You can lay down, bend, Drive, work or do pretty much anything in them. They are a serious game changer and worth every penny. Their customer service is amazing and they have coaches who will help you if you are st... More

  • KZR💛

    I have zero complaints about the Spectra!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Sunday

Can I go back to breastfeeding after 3 months of weaning?

I thought I was sure that I wanted to wean my son at 12 months, and from 8 months, I weaned him off night feeds- giving him water instead- and reduced nursing to twice in 24 hours. I barely feel any let down, if at all in one breast, and my breasts have considerably reduced in size etc. Now I’m on the way out, I really wish I was could continue. Could I try again? I still nurse him twice a ... More

  • Anonymous

    Yes! Aje said it perfectly. If you are still producing at all then I think you will be able to pick back up. It’s all about demand. If your baby is at the boob more and demanding more than I think that will really helps production

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much for your responses. My baby is just over 12 months, so I ‘met my goal’ and as he never took the bottle, he just has (goat) milk with in his cereal, with his dinner or cheese, yoghurt etc. So I’m not thinking so much of the nutritional need as emotional. I underestimated how much it meant to us both, and feel terrible when he wants to nurse and I’ve so little- not enough to s... More


Today, my preschooler said the word Zip and pointed to his mouth. I’ve never used that word to him. Because we never talk like that, I asked him where he heard it from and he said “at school mom, teacher said zip it .” I asked him again again if he heard it from his cousins or somewhere else but no he kept saying that the teacher told him to zip. Honestly I don’t like that. I don’t think they s... More

  • Anonymous

    Ivana. It’s not about it being a high stress job, it’s about varying the ways you ask them to be quiet. Hearing “be quiet, be quiet, shhh, be quiet” quickly loses all meaning in the classroom. Hopefully adults who are in the workplace no longer need as many reminders, just like adults don’t “go potty” but preschoolers do. It’s not right to compare the two.

  • G Nat

    “Zip it” teaches the kids nothing. It’s a directive and it has a means to an end, but it lacks substance. Instead, teachers should be giving visual cues to get the class to be quiet and listen (which teaches young children how to read the room and use non verbal cues to modify their behavior) or indirect cues like, “it’s very hard to hear directions when it’s so loud in this room” (which allows... More

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Wednesday

Working from home with 14 month old

I just started a new job working online from home. I love that I get to still be a stay at home parent while also being able to provide for us (single parent). However, I’m finding it difficult to keep my 14 month old entertained while I’m working. She is very attached and likes playing with me or checking in with me very often (not complaining, I love this! But I need to find a balance in orde... More

  • Elle

    Let her mimick you! If youre at a laptop, make her an toy one out of cardboard boxes and have her decorate it. Maybe she can place tbe letter keys herself. At thia age, children love to feel included, useful, successful, and helpful. Any chores you need done? Make them a challenge - or a bet - that she can't do them in X number of minutes / without spilling / etc. Two birds one stone - ha... More

  • Marcy

    I work from home. When I need my son occupied I let him paint with water colors. I give him his hot wheels type cars or legos or whatever to paint that he wants. It’s keeps him occupied. He makes a mess but it’s so worth the time I need to work. We also have kinetic sand that he loves “digging” in. Play doh is a winner. Even pouring rice in a Tupperware and letting him bury his toys in it. I se... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Wednesday

Dumb question breastfeeding STTN

If my baby sleeps thru the night, does she consume more per feeding or does she start to eat more often? I can’t figure our what to do if she night weans or I decide to night wean. I pump a little more than she eats per day, and I nurse her evenings and weekends. I’m so afraid of losing supply, even though I have a huge frozen stash (almost 11 gallon ziploc bags). Thank you!!!

  • Alejandra


  • Jennifer

    Consumes more per feeding has been my experience with my 3 daughters. I used to pump at night when they dropped a night feed.

My baby is 5 months old. I recently started working part time, but I’m going back to full time.

I want to stop breastfeeding and I want to teach him to sleep in his own bed. Any tips?

  • Jessica

    I did the same as Christa as far as reading Babywise and used a Sleep coach. Everything they said I tried (including 5/10/15 Cry it out method) At that age as long as they are fed, dry, and not sick it is important to teach them independence, self soothing, and how to go to sleep from being awake. It really helped our son get a great nights sleep after only a few days, and now he’s over 2 an... More

  • Elle

    CIO is the best and fastest way to minimize sleep deprivation. Babies need 16+hrs sleep/day at this age. Nothing is worse for a baby's development than lack of sleep. The sooner you do it (after 2-3 mo), the better. For bottles, see if you can borrow 1 bottle of a few different types from friends. Try seeing which baby takes to over the couse of a week. Then buy some of those. Comotomo is ... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Dec 04

Seeking advice to avoid babies get sick at Daycare

Hi everyone: My twins are about to start daycare and I am looking advice to help them to build their inmune system. I have tried 2 times already but they ended up getting sick after 2 days in day care now they have 1 year and I believe they have better defenses. Thanks in advance,

  • T

    Elderberry syrup Lots of hand washing

  • Lindsay

    They build immunity by getting sick occasionally. It stinks and I try to avoid it too but it’ll be good for the twins when they get to kindergarten and isn’t sick every other day. But we do the vitamins and load up on fruits and veggies to keep my son healthy. He has a great defense so far but he still gets sick.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Dec 04

Male daycare teacher?

Hi everyone. I’m just looking for advice. My toddler is about to transition to a new room at her daycare and the main/head teacher in her room is male. She is 16 months old and can’t really talk yet. I’m not sure why but I feel uncomfortable about this. I realize it is sexist, but I do not like the idea of a male I don’t know changing my daughters diaper. I went to introduce myself to him and h... More

  • Brad
    Dec 05

    So glad to hear they were understanding and didn't prod at you for reasons. I'm sure you're not the only parent they've spoken with about changing rooms for one reason or another. I'm happy to hear you're more at ease!

  • Anonymous

    You are not alone. I would feel uncomfortable as well. Trust your instincts. And talk to the director.

Daycare Provider Gift Ideas?

What's something that would be a great present? I was thinking maybe a new toy or something but, that seems more for the kids and not so much the daycare provider...

  • Anonymous

    As a previous provider, I know this is a labor of love. In other words, the pay is nowhere equal to the effort and importance of the job. I always appreciated gift cards! Anything from Starbuck’s and Jamba Juice to Target :)

  • Glückskinder
    6h ago

    I find it really sweet of you to consider your provider. There are some really cute handmade gift ideas on Pinterest. Maybe a relax package with some tea, soap and chocolate?

Breastmilk oversupply

So for the first couple months I pumped frequently and have a huge oversupply in my freezer. I stopped pumping and just directly feed and my baby is almost 4 months. What can I do with all this milk? I would cry if I had to toss it, but other than milk baths idk what to do.

  • Priscilla
    Dec 04

    I also had a crazy stash of frozen breast milk, and unfortunately my son started rejecting everything over a month old. I ended up donating to Mothers’ Milk Bank that provides breastmilk to babies in the NICU. It sucked not being able to feed my own baby with it but was comforting to know it was helping other little ones thrive. It was a bit of a tedious process, not gonna lie. Lots of paperwor... More

  • Christina
    Dec 04

    Thanks everyone I decided to donate, I found a family through a Facebook group that just adopted a two week old boy

Jobs for stay at home moms

Anyone know of any? I'm trying to get a job at daycares so my son has a place to go to, or an online job...

  • Dulce
    Dec 04

    I started working at a church nursery when my son was 9 months. He’s 4 now and still working there until he goes to school next year, I’m able to bring him with me every day I work there

  • Marina
    Dec 05

    Look at the momsproject website

Any advice on a holiday gift for our full time nanny?

  • Anne
    Nov 30

    I always gave a Christmas bonus of one week's salary.

  • Chara
    Dec 01

    Money and a Pampering gift certificate

Holiday bonus/tip for daycare provider

What’s the standard for gifting the woman who watches my son one day a week? She operates a daycare. There is also another woman who co-runs it. I was thinking $25 to each plus a gift card for another $25 each... I’m new at this so any insight is appreciated.

  • Sammie

    I am my son's daycare teacher. I want to get my coworker something though, but I'm not sure I can afford anything this year. 😔 She does so much to help me out and she loves my son as well as the other children. I want to repay her for all she does and I don't know how.

  • Sarah

    The best gift is a coffee gift card or local spa gift card

Kiarra posted in Money Nov 29

At home jobs!

I’m a stay at home mom and I miss working so I was wondering if anyone knew of any stay at home jobs hiring?! Please and thank you in advance

  • Kiarra
    Nov 30

    But thank you alllll for you suggestions I’ve been looking in to all of them!!

  • Shelby
    Nov 30

    You could be a homebased travel agent and make 80% of your sales

I have stopped the breastfeeding my breast are in pain any advice other than pumping that will help

  • M
    Dec 02

    I would not wear tight-fitting clothing as that could lead to clogged ducts and mastitis. Definitely avoid hot water hitting your breasts directly. I’m not here yet so I’m not speaking from experience for how to dry up but this general advice for how to avoid pain and illness that I think is pretty valuable for you.

  • AlfreyLinet
    Dec 02

    Thank you all for the advices Right now I am at 5 days 4 nights without any breastfeeding so I feel save to say its over It helped a lot the cold gel to relieve the pain also I have only got out the milk once a day the first 3 day it felt a little painful but now I am almost dry and its been less than a week Haven’t drink any pain reliever and everything is good Good luck to you all trying t... More

Help! I’m sick of washing bottles

I pump when I’m at work so between all the little plastic Medela bottles I pump into to store my milk and the glass Dr Browns bottles I use to feed my daughter, I feel like I’m constantly washing bottles. Is there a better system? Maybe a bottle I can directly pump into or I should be pumping into bags I can throw away when I’m done with them? I just need some way to reduce all the stuff I have... More

  • Misty
    Nov 29

    You can use Dr Brown bottle with Medela pump, they will screw onto connectors directly. You can also put a dr brown nipple on medela bottles.

  • Kristen
    Nov 30

    Yes, pump directly into the dr Browns! Right now after a pump I pool into one of the bottles for storage and keep the other bottle in the fridge with my pump parts for the next pump. Or there are bag systems; a friend of mine is using the kiinde ones and loves it.

Gift teachers daycare?

Our little one started in her new class beginning of November and this is our first time in daycare. What is the most common gift for the end of the year? Thanks!!

  • Lesley
    Nov 30

    You can give them a $10-$25 gift card and a hand written note 😊

  • Iris
    Dec 04

    I do Target gift cards .. $40-$50

Kieli posted in Child Care Nov 27


What did you do when you had an important doctor appointment and had nobody to help you watch your toddler? I have a doctor appointment on Thursday and my husband isn’t sure if he’ll be off on time to watch our 17 month old. This appointment is important and I’ve been waiting 2 weeks to be seen. I hate to bring her with me because I know it will be impossible even if she’s in a stroller and nob... More

  • Kirstine
    Nov 30

    I’m with Monda here. You gotta do what you gotta do and normally the doctors are very understanding. My pediatrician even always making sure that I’m doing great since she knows that i’m doing it all by myself.

  • Kieli
    Nov 30

    Thanks everyone! My husband got off early and was able to go with me, but the nurse had said she has toys and a door that shuts. Lol so that made me feel better for the future if he can’t make it!

Kristina posted in Pumping Nov 27

3 month old

My 3 month old son usually sleeps from 9-10pm to 5-6am. Should I pump at night to maintain my milk supply? I used to set an alarm and wake up at 2am to pump, but I noticed that alarm and me moving around wakes the baby up. What other moms do in that kind of situation?

  • Yopolos
    Nov 27

    I would try dream feeding, but based on my experience they often only sleep through the night for a few days and then wake up to nurse again. I always worried about pumping but never did ( was too tired and lazy) and I always seemed to have milk when they needed it.

  • Brandi
    Nov 27

    No don't get up to pump, your milk will adjust to the needs of your baby.

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