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Working parents have two jobs — one at home with their children and one at their place of business. Learning to balance it all is a tough but rewarding process.

This is a place to for working moms and dads to share experiences and get advice, whether it's tips on work-life balance or help finding child care.

Elvie Pump

Does anyone have an Elvie pump? Reviews?

Anonymous posted in Child Care Monday

Faith-based preschool question

Has anyone sent their children to a christian faith-based preschool but was agnostic, atheist, or simply of a non-christian denomination/religion? What was your experience?

  • Tiana

    My brothers went to a Lutheran preschool school and as they got older, began to verbalize the way they’d felt pressured to bring the rest of the family to church. They couldn’t verbalize their discomfort at the time they were 3-5 but felt awkward. Nothing serious, just a very discernible difference in values at home and school.

  • Joanna

    I took my sons to a Catholic, a Methodist and a Presbyterian preschool. None were overly religious. All had some themed toys like a Noah's Ark and manger scene. There's Grace before snack but it was a thankful phrase, not to Jesus or the Lord. They discuss holidays in an age appropriate way. We are mixed faith and found that very few of the parents actually are members of the church. Th... More

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Sunday

Need parents opinions

I'm a pretty damn good mom of twins but it gets hard a lot of the time. My S/O works a lot to provide for the family. It feels like he isn't doing what he should with the babies though. They're a little over a year old and I was hoping he would interact with them more. He basically gets home and says hello, gives hugs, kisses and every now and then will play with them for 5 or 10 mi... More

  • Anonymous

    Of course other men spend time parenting their children while supporting the family. Parenting isn’t just providing financial support or putting roof on their heads or just buying food. I guess you fell in the roles of past times where u take care of kids n he works. If you want change you are gonna have to work at it. Your are not being harsh and unappreciative; the father needs to do his half... More

Having problems with breastfeeding

So I've been trying to pump and it's been working for my left boob but on my right boob hardly any milk comes out, and now my right boob is starting to hurt and it's getting firmer and I dont know what to do ! Can anyone give advice ?

  • Kristen

    Also, if nothing is being expressed and you are getting engorged you may have a clogged duct. Heat, massage and gravity (lean forward when pumping) may help with that as well. Clogged ducts are awful and I had to do some pretty aggressive massage and marathon pumping sessions with my chest between my knees to finally get it to unclog.

  • Lisa

    Nice hot shower before you pump, and massage the breast. Then be sure all parts are set up correctly, may be the pump line has a whole on one side. Be sure to pump every 4 hours or so for about 30 min to have optimal output. The more regular you pump the more total volume in a day you will make... and yes you must pump overnight

Motif Twist Breastpump

Has anyone used the Motif Twist Automatic BreastPump? What is your opinion of Motif products?

Does anyone have experience using Kiinde pumping/feeding items?

A co worker was raving on about this system. I’m about to have baby #2 and am wondering if it’s worth it to switch over. I used just a normal medela pumping stuff and normal milk bags with dr brown bottles the first time around.

  • Aida

    I used the medela pump with the Kinde system the first time around. I like the convenience of the bags, much easier to use for me than the medela zip bags or bottles, as I only used the medela bottles to express and needed something else to store the milk in. This time around will be using the same pump, but thinking of just getting the Kinde bags and not the whole system.

  • Jasmine Jimenez

    I tried it out because they sent me a months worth of free stuff! It was an okay system. It makes sense. But the bags are something like DOUBLE the price of lansinoh bags/or medela. That just seems insane to me. I’d rather just do dishes and wash a bottle than waste more money 🤣

How to prepare both myself and my 2 year old for day care?

I’m getting a promotion at work, now working full time plus extra hour sometimes. How do I prepare my 2 year old for day care. How did you mommas/daddas handled the roller coaster of emotions when preparing your little one for day care? I’m so scared with everything I see on the internet involving the traumatic daycare stories but I know it beat for my baby, to learn social interaction and lear... More

  • Julie

    Also, your child will have a rough adjustment period but it will end quickly and before you know it they’ll be so excited to be going to school:). In the end, us moms and dads are the ones crying the most tears over separating from our Little’s!!!

  • Marlen

    Thank you everyone for your responses. Definitely taking one step at a time. I know my little one will enjoy school and being around other children his age. I’m as excited as nervous but I know daycare is always a good thing never a bad. ♥️

Surge of happiness before pumping breastmilk?

Has anyone experienced this? Right before i start pumping i get this weird overwhelming feeling of happiness, to the point where I'm on the verge of tears. It only lasts a few seconds. My milk starts to express right away and then the feeling subsides. I dont particularily enjoy pumping itself but this happens to me before every single session. I know oxytocin is responsible for milk let-do... More

  • Anonymous

    Not quite the same, but when I returned to work I did notice that (despite common advise) videos of my crying/feeding baby didn’t help my milk let down. Looking at pictures of her calm and happy or playing did! I always assumed it was because hearing her cries made me feel stressed and on alert rather than relaxed, which is how I felt when feeding her directly.

Anonymous posted in Time Management Mar 11

How do you keep your toddler safe and occupied while getting ready for work in the morning?

I’ve been a SAHM to my 16-month old son for almost 10 months. I will be starting a new job in a week and I’m looking for tips/advice from other working parents on how they manage their time in the morning with a toddler. How do you get yourself ready for work in the morning (shower, get dressed, etc.) when you have a busy toddler around? ** I can give my son the iPad to keep him occupied but ... More

  • Shanon

    Shower before bed, and wake up an hour before he does. Once you are dressed and ready, wake him up, get him ready, and head out the door!

  • Nikki

    Everyone’s clothes are lined up at night. Lunch is in the fridge. When I wake in the morning I get dressed first. My older son takes all the bags (diaper bag, purse, laptop, book bag ) to the car while I get the baby dressed. And we are out the door. On days I do not work I let the baby sleep in her crib until I come back from dropping son of at school. My parents watch the baby while she sleep... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 08

Babysitting when baby is asleep

How much less do you pay a sitter for babysitting while baby is asleep? Also... do you let the sitter know that you have cameras in the house?

  • Andrea
    Mar 09

    Same rate. You want to know you have someone capable there in case something goes wrong - baby wakes up sick, screaming, etc...

  • Lindsey
    Mar 10

    I don’t think the rate should be any different. The child could wake up at any minute. When I used to babysit as a teen I always got paid the same rate. I wouldn’t expect to get paid any less because the child fell asleep.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 08

In-home daycare payment?

We are putting our three month old in an in-home daycare facility, which is very close to our home (and she’ll be the only child at the moment!) The caretaker has asked for cash weekly. Does anyone have experience with in-home daycare payments? Should we be asking for receipts so that we can use our FSA dollars? Because she is running her own business, we don’t have to be concerned about how sh... More

  • B
    Mar 08

    Also know you’ll need her business tax ID number for taxes and FSA. So...hopefully she’s reporting the income

  • Anonymous
    Mar 09

    Thank you both! This is helpful. She’s given us her tax id and is more than happy to write us receipts when I asked! Really appreciate the help!

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 08

My 19 mo daughter sometimes comes home from her daycare with diaper rash.

It's painful for her when I'm changing her, and I feel terrible. I struggle to get her clean because she is crying and trying get away. She doesn't act like this when she doesn't have diaper rash, so I know it's the rash that is causing her resist the changing. I have mentioned this to the day care provider in the past, but I'm wondering if it's realistic to expect t... More

  • Jennifer
    Mar 11

    We have our son in a top rated daycare and still have problems with this. I had to talk to the director about it and now they seem to be doing better. It seemed to be a problem because in the afternoon they would have a floater teachers and they didn’t know my son.

  • Stacey

    My daughter got rashes pretty regularly too and day care was very good about changing on a schedule (they had a white board they wrote all the kids feeding and changing times down on). But one thing I had to remind them of a couple of times was to let her dry out before applying diaper cream. If she’s still wet from the wipe that moisture gets locked in which can cause a rash.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 06

Need Help Talking to Daycare About Sugar

My toddler recently started daycare. Her provider texted a picture today where she was eating a dessert. I know, most people wouldn’t care. But I’m actually pretty angry because we intentionally don’t let her have sugar yet. (The book The Case Against Sugar makes convincing arguments about its addictive and epigenetic impacts, and recommends holding off until age 4 of longer if possible.) ... More

  • Elle
    Mar 11

    Simply ask for a copy of the meal plan ahead of time and mark what they are alowed to give and not give her. Its a standard practice for daycare centers. (For what it's worth, I would be annoyed too!!)

  • Kathy Patterson

    I am a Director of a daycare and it is required to post our weekly menus for parents to see. We don't offer "desserts" but do have fruit with every breakfast and lunch meal. We also allow parents to request no sugary foods on their child's information papers. I would just tell her you prefer your child not have any sugar and maybe suggest fresh fruit instead.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 05

Too early for Day care?

Our son is 18 months and very active, talks a lot, loves being outside and around people. I'm a SAHM. I keep us busy with library story times, play dates etc for 2-3 hrs per day usually 3 days per week. But the days we are not doing anything are hard sometimes. He has all this energy and I run out of ideas and he gets restless. I feel so bad. I wanted to wait till he truned 34 months at whi... More

  • Jess
    Mar 10

    I googled mom’s morning out near me to start. Churches in your area may offer them, if they have a preschool program of some kind they usually offer one and they are significantly less expensive than private preschools, overall. We don’t go to church and we’re still doing one through a church, you don’t need to be a Christian/church member but I think they do incorporate some bible stories. I a... More

  • Jess
    Mar 10

    ...and to answer your question mom’s morning out is just a short 1-2 day per week preschool program for younger kids usually 3 and under. Most of the programs I’ve looked at are 8:30-12:30 (or around there) Twice per week.

Diana posted in Behavior Mar 03

How do I make daycare better for my kid

I recently just got a job at a daycare and I was a stay at home mom before. My 2 year old is really having a hard time adjusting and is an emotional wreck all day, refusing to eat anything at home before we leave and at daycare until we get home around 4ish...

  • Anonymous
    Mar 04

    Are they in the same room with you? I recommend you ask to be in a part of the daycare where they can't see you, like can't see you from a window, won't have you walking through. If that's not possible then ask to be in their room. If they can see you and can't get to you they may never settle. I've worked in a day care with my kid there since 15 months, around 2 he went... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Mar 02

Confused about Bm intake while I’m at work

Both of my child’s grandmas watches my baby. One of them said last Friday my 8mo old had 1 more bottle than her usually 3 bottles (4oz each of BM) between the hours of 8am to 1pm then napped from 1:30-6pm. So she had 16 ounces in 5 hours.. then napped for a decade?? This grandma also dips into my frozen stash way more often than the other one. She claims she is still paced feeding but then s... More

  • Sabrina
    Mar 04

    I had an in-law where this happened with me and come to find out, she would be feeding my baby while watching tv or talking (not paying attention to my baby) and he would fall asleep. She wouldn’t notice and it would just pour out the side of his mouth and the burp cloths and bibs would be soaked. I didn’t produce a lot of breast milk at all so I started hiding it when she came over lol.

  • Erica

    Grandma is probably overfeeding. I noticed that whenever my LO cries, they (both grandmas) assume she is hungry or has gas and God forbids if she doesn’t burp. My mom even writes down every feeding and still will feed her if she cries. I pump and measure out exactly how much milk is needed and send that when they are keeping her and I am strict about every 2-3 hours. You know your baby and how... More

Anonymous posted in Money Mar 02

Pressure to leave daycare job

I left a previous job to work at my sons daycare due to work pressure. And now I feel like it’s happening all over again but for more financial reasons. I enjoyed working almost 2yrs but there is no benefits, shift/time changes, or raises. I really like the owner but no body can just call out of work due to sickness because of child/teacher ratios. Even my husband is telling me to leave, simply... More

  • Sabrina
    Mar 04

    I’ve said “bye” to lots of daycare workers and even though I’m sad to see them leave, they always come and visit looking healthier and happier. You could try taking some really great probiotics since our immune system comes from our gut health but you need to put your health first. If something were to happen to Mommy then what? Leave the workplace. You’ll never get this time back with your... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 05

    Sabrina, can I ask what you’re job is? You said you work from home? Yes I sent my resume to the recruiter. I’m just playing the waiting game

Looking to work.

Hi! I've been a stay at home mom for 18months now and I really love it. However I really would like to make some income. If anyone knows of any legitimate work from home jobs i would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Taylor L
    Mar 03

    Look up Fiverr!

  • Sabrina
    Mar 04

    Get on LinkedIn and connect with some recruiters. My recruiter found me, found me my last 2 jobs, and coached me through the entire interview process each time ensuring I got the job. It cost me nothing to have him. He also checks in to make sure I’m happy because if not, he will find me somewhere I am happy :)

Anonymous posted in Stay-at-Home Moms Feb 28

Work from home entry level writing/data entry/product testing jobs resource?

Hi FTM here & 1st time to quit working for more than a year now since I moved here in the US while expecting my now 1 yr old baby. My husband & I agreed that for now, even how challenging it is, that I stay at home while we haven’t put our little one in a daycare & I don’t really feel comfortable w/ a babysitter yet. He didn’t require me to work, for now we can manage, but I feel li... More

Kris posted in Behavior Feb 27

Graveyard shift

To all of you who work nights, how do your kids handle you not being there at night. I have 5yo B/G twins and I’ve noticed them getting more upset lately when I have to leave for work, especially my daughter. I’ve been on nights for 2.5 years now and this started just a few months ago so it’s not like they weren’t already adapted to the shift. Tuesday nights are the hardest because Wednesday’s... More

  • Julie
    Feb 28

    Yeah, Ashly. That’s what I remember too...we all wanted mom. My brothers were older and a little less needy, but while my dad was great he just wasn’t soft and snuggly and all those mom things.

  • Laura
    Feb 28

    When my husband is out of town and in a different time zone, he records videos of himself doing things and saying hi to us so we can watch at our convenience. We have shared our Google photos, so he doesn't even need to send the videos to us, I can just see them from my app.

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