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I know I'm going to get a variety of responses here - but, did anyone experience upper back pain (between the shoulder blades) and/or weakness or aches in the knees and legs (like, when you bend down or get up from being in one position for a while) weeks after delivery? Do I just chalk it up to my body trying to snap back to its pre-pregnancy state? Just need to know if this is normal or if I should make an appointment with a chiropractor.

  • Chaya
    1h ago

    Yep! I also have intense pelvic pain... I have two kids and each time I felt pain like this...

my five month old has this rash on her forehead. any ideas on what it could be??? looks pretty threatening to me. I'm worried it could be herpes from ppl touching her face :( it's been there a week. it's pretty much remained unchanged all this time until this morning. now it appears a bit more red and covering a bit more area. tiny white and flesh colored bumps. I'm so worried. I put a thin layer of aveeno hydrocortisone on it this morning. this evening she keeps touching her forehead like it's itching her. I haven't applied anything else.

  • Jodi
    4h ago

    Looks like Milia. Completely normal and harmless my baby girl had them (and still gets them here and there). Basically it their skin adjusting and with oil production and their pores. Not acne but can be affected by breast feeding and your hormonal levels given to the baby. Amongst other environmental things. Look it up. Don’t try and remove them like acne (aka pop them)- it can cause permanent scarring.

  • Anonymous
    3h ago

    thanks jodi. it's so localized, like it's because someone touched it. will look up milia.

Happy day after Thanksgiving everyone. So here's my question I need to clip my 2 month old son's finger nail what is everyones method of choice

  • Andy
    3h ago

    While sleeping!

  • Jayme
    5m ago

    Same while sleeping. I’m just now able to clip mine while awake and she’s 15 months

My daughter will be 7 months next week and she’s starting to REALLY hate going in car seat. When is it appropriate to switch car seats? She’s still currently in her infant one. Ya know, the kind that comes with a stroller and what not?

  • Amy
    13h ago

    If you get a convertible seat that still faces backwards you can switch anytime. Most convertibles are made for newborns on up but still double check weight and height requirements on it before purchasing a seat just in case. 😊

  • Andrea
    13h ago

    We’re switching my 5.5 month old to a convertible as I type this from the mother’s room at Babies R Us. So really anytime is good so long as you’re following the height and weight restrictions of the seat you are looking to switch over to.

TMI Any c section mamas have pain while pooping? I made it past the first poop (wasnt it lovely) but now occasionally I have diarrhea and when it releases I feel like my insides might fall out!

Lactation recipes? I don’t use social media so having trouble finding advice .... I have twins and I just want to make sure the supply is keeping up with them. 20 days old and they’ve been exclusively breast fed and id like to keep it that way for at least 6 months.

  • Alisha
    11h ago

    My son is a heavy eater as well. It seems like my daughter doesn’t want to latch on very long so I’ve been feeding her out of a bottle what I pump and that breaks my heart.

  • Danielle
    10h ago

    My son wouldn’t latch by himself for quite a few months. I used a nipple shield and t worked wonders, and now he’s still breastfeeding and doesn’t use it anymore. You could always look into trying one for her.

Okay new mommy here, my baby boy is about to be 5 months old and he’s 20 lbs lol. So I need a new car seat for him because his shoulders are getting squished together and his feet are just about to hang over. Do y’all have any recommendations for me? I really have no idea I have no mom friends lol thank you!!

  • Jodi
    4h ago

    I really like our Max Cosi 85- it has the one handed magnet clasp, and strap holders (aka it hold the straps to the side when you put them in so they don’t sit on them. It seemed like the lazy boy of options (comfy) and safe. Definitely not cheap.

My newborn sleeps all day waking up only to feed should I be keeping her awake during the day so she can sleep better at night? She stays awake for 3-4 hours at night at a time.

  • Srey
    19h ago

    If you have a newbie, she may still be mixing up day and night which is normal. Mine did that for the first 3-4 weeks. Eventually their internal clock will change once they start producing melatonin. I had my daughter day nap with the curtains open and at night the room was dark to get her adjusted. Babies need a lot of sleep so keeping her awake during the day might backfire. With my daughter if she doesn’t get enough sleep during the day, she’s up all night! 😕

  • Jodi
    4h ago

    Let her adjust! They sleep so much in the beginning. Try and take walks outside during her awake stretches. It is good for you and the baby. I think it helps regulate their clock.

My 14 month old has been an incredibly picky eater lately (1 month or so) with solid food, especially the HEALTHY things. He won’t even TRY them before swatting it away, closing his mouth and shaking his head. He will only eat snacks and carbs willingly - cheerios, puffs, animal crackers, bread, waffles, etc. He eats the puréed pouches but it’s been so tough trying to get him to anything remotely good for him. We’ve tried meatballs, pasta, chicken nuggets, veggie burgers, steamed veggies, you name it. At one point in time he has eaten these things but a second or third time around he won’t even attempt them. He does okay with fruit but just the simple banana or melon, which it okay with me for now. I am not sure how else to approach getting him to even TASTE the food before swatting it ... More

  • Dana
    19h ago

    Chaya! It’s okay. I understand and didn’t take it that way. I read the article you posted and agree with a lot of it. Especially when he just drops food to the floor while maintaining eye contact with you haha! He is eating some things, the pouches work most times and he’s drinks milk so I shouldn’t worry sooo much right now. Hopefully it will change soon! Thank you ladies 😁

  • Jayme
    1m ago

    Whenever my lo goes through this is usually make foods with hidden veggies like banana spinach muffins. She loves those.

Has anyone ever had a situation where your car has broken down when you have your baby in the car, you needed a tow and he no one else to come get you? How did you get the baby home in the car seat?

  • Joe

    Call an Uber and strap in the car seat?

  • Teddy
    23h ago

    Not yet but I think about it EVERY TIME I get in the car with my toddler and baby- I never said anything cause I thought it was some irrational neurosis, ha! I have thought of the same options as others- asking tow truck driver or taking Lyft with or without the car seat. I also live somewhere there is fairly decent/reliable public transportation. It would certainly not be a fun adventure though. Especially considering how much STUFF I usually have with me that I need (like the baby carrier and diaper bag and such.)

How often does your breastfeeding baby nurse? My 4 month old is still every 2 hours even at night. I'm exhausted and wondering if anyone else went through this and what they did to get sleep for themselves?

  • Bonnie
    20h ago

    Making sure that she nursed for at least 20 minutes each time dramatically cut down on the frequency my baby was hungry.

  • Anna
    16h ago

    My baby was also getting up every 2-3 hours to feed. At around 4.5 months, I realized that he wasn’t actually eating much, he was just nursing because that’s how he was used to going back to sleep. We did some sleep training around that time as a result, and now he only gets up once or twice (when he’s actually hungry). Not sure if that’s what’s going on with your baby, but thought I would share just in case.

I have 9months old girl and recently she is having coughs and runny nose... She started sneezing and stuffy , runny nose about a month ago and started to cough about a week ago. Started with dry cough but became kind of like wet cough and have weird sound with it . And I took her to the doctor today and she said It’s house dust mite allergy. But I’m not sure about it Is anyone having same problem with you baby?

  • Yoko

    Thank you for your comments! Yes Night time gets worse coughing ...thank you for sharing your experience! Will try my best to make her better.

  • Kate

    Keep the child elevated. When laying down.

My baby boy has to start school next week at 16weeksold. Unfortunately, that's the latest start date due to the ending of my maternity leave and no family members who can take care of him. An advice for those who started their babies this young? How did their sleeping patterns change?

  • Lindsay

    Our boy started at 10 weeks. He was one week post colic at the time. It has been very hard on me & am still trying to find an option to be at home with him. When he was younger he slept ok. Now that he's 7 months he's not sleeping hardly at all there. I think too much going on. He's exhausted at night. I feel so bad. On the flip side, I'm sure the stimulation is good for him. I also see him watching the other babies crawl & trying to learn the mechanics from them. I also think he's attached to the daycare providers which is positive. If I had to do it again I'd have found a daycare close to work rather than home . I'd get such bad anxiety & it'd help to visit him over lunch. What also helped me was working ten hour shifts so I had to send him fewer days (even if they were longer). It also helps to have my husband do the drop off & me do the pickup. Calling to check in helps. Making sure he has everything he needs helps so I feel like I've at least gotten him cared for that way. It's been tough. Just do what's best for you & your baby. Take care of yourself...

  • Anonymous

    Thanks soooo much for the advice and for sharing your experiences! I wish the US prioritized maternity leave and pay. It's so unfortunate that we have to make these type of decisions at such an early age for our babies.

Please keep any negative or harsh comments to yourself. My almost two year old will NOT drink milk out of a cup or a sippy, at all!! He says it's "eww" or "hot" (which everything that he's absolutely not touching is "hot"). Butttt bc I know milk is good for him and I want him to have it, I still put milk in a bottle for him. I know this is not good but I've tried everything!! Tricking him, explaining it to him, pouring it from the bottle to a cup so he can see it's the same. He's just not having it, any advice?

  • Lynnette
    13h ago

    Almost 2 yo drinks almond milk (my choice) at Daycare just at lunch and rarely at home. Pediatrician says with all the cheese (assorted plus cottage cheese even cream cheese) and yogurt he eats he is getting enough calcium.

  • Jeni
    11h ago

    Hooray! You can do it Alleson 😄💪👍

My son is 6 months old and starting to get around the apartment. I’ve put outlet covers every where, and my SO will be installing drawer and cabinet locks in the next few days. We anchored all of our book shelves and furniture in the baby’s room. Any other suggestions?

  • Shannon

    Joey, what about the knob covers?

  • Samantha

    If you have stuff on the low shelves of the bookcase move anything you don’t want thrown on the floor. It’s my daughters favorite thing to do... pull all the books off the bookshelves she is one and can just reach about 2.5 feet now but even when she couldn’t stand and just crawled she would pull everything off!

Why is my two week old always wide awake at night? I was told that she’s supposed to be sleeping most of the time. Though this is the case during the day, she wakes up for a feeding at around 9pm and stay up sometimes till 12am. That’s almost 3 hours! She’s not crying or anything just wide awake! Can anyone relate to this??? Is this normal???

  • Sara

    It's normal for newborns to get their days and nights mixed up. Happened with my daughter. We slowly started trying to keep her awake more during the day by keeping the room bright and loud (vacuuming helped) so that she could adjust to learning that night time was sleeping time and not the day time.

  • Jodi
    4h ago

    Totally normal these are averages. Sounds like you have a smart and alert baby 💗

My son is 14 mths and only wants breast milk. He won't eat baby food and barely eats table food. Should I be concerned?

  • April

    This is perfectly normal. Just keep offering healthy options but as long as he is nursing, he is getting all the nutrients he needs.

  • marci

    Thanks. Definitely put my mind at ease.

My 8 month old has just declared war on solids. He had a bad cough and so started detesting solids. Now the cough is gone but he refuses to eat. I know breastmilk is enough but there will come a day when it isn't and what will I do then? It wasn't like he was eating burgers and noodles. He was eating pureed avacado, sweet potato, carrots and oats. I don't know what to do. I keep offering, he keeps denying. I tried baby led weaning. He takes each piece of his meal and systematically drops it on the floor while looking at me. HELP!

  • Brittany

    The same thing happened with my daughter around 6 months after she got a stomach bug. She stopped eating the solids too. I️ basically stopped offering the solids for about 2 weeks and only breastfed her. After those two weeks, I️ just started over again with the puréed solids and she got back on track. I️ agree with the previous comment about making sure eating solids doesn’t become stressful so don’t force it. Just take a break from it for both of your sakes and revisit when it feels right. Good luck and don’t stress! It will work itself out.

  • Maria
    17h ago

    I've heard the phrase "food before 1 is just for fun" which I think is helpful to remember. He's learned how to eat, so he won't be "behind" -he just knows what he wants right now!

Is it necessary to continue multivitamin post delivery? If yes , for how long? Will any over the counter medicine do or you should go as per prescribed?

  • Teddy

    I would take the prenatal even afterward if you like the one you are using. For the reasons listed- it's good for your body after birth and if you want to have another you'll need them anyway. Otherwise switch to women's multi or there's actually some "post natal vitamins" if you look for them. The ingredients are all fairly similar though.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks everyone for your replies👍

Any twin parents on here? I have boy/girl twins that are 19 days old today! Any tips, suggestions, fun facts? Everyone said get them on the same feeding schedule it will make life easier. But so far it seems harder. Especially at night. I don’t make dad stay up with us because they’re exclusively breast fed. No sense in us both being dead tired. I guess I was cocky when I was pregnant saying I wasn’t scared for the infant stage... I was scared for when they were toddlers and into everything. lol welllll boy was I wrong. This is a whole new level...

  • Christina

    Aisha yes I did. They were very early. Even though my husband is a physician and I’m in the medical field I had no idea I was in labor. I almost had them in the parking lot (thank God for physician parking right outside the ER door). One delivered without a doc or nurse and the other came right as my doctor arrived and he wasn’t gowned or anything. Thank God everything worked out. They were in the NICU, but healthy and those amazing nurses helped me so much. They are my 3 and 4 th so i wasn’t a novice, but I think we are never really ready when it comes to twins. The first few months are the hardest so far for me. I’m alone most of He time and have no family near by. My husband was literally in surgery (back to work) 10 hours after they came so it was sink or swim for me. He gave me a “well this isn’t your first rodeo you got this” speech and off I went. 🤣🤣

  • Keshana

    Every once in a while let your husband feed then so your not too burnt out. I made the mistake of always doing the feedings and it was bad I got to the point of crying because I was so tired. He just took over at that point and made me stay in bed.

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