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Transitioning to sippy cup.

Hi everyone. I just wanted to know how you transitioned your 8 month old to a sippy cup? Right now I’m trying the munchkin gentle transition sippy cup, but my little guy hates the texture. Help!

  • Rachel
    1h ago

    My girl has always refused a bottle so she was breastfeed until 9 months, but then I tried the 360 munchkin and she caught on super quick! It make take a few tries but I would go straight to the 360.

  • Sabrina
    1h ago

    Thanks everyone! I think I’m going to try the munchkin 360 sippy cup 😄

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Today

When does breastfeeding get easier?

I’m 5 days post c-section and seriously struggling. My baby is a great eater and my milk came in on day 2 so I should feel incredibly lucky, however, she has a very painful latch so I need to use a nipple shield, which is annoying, I struggle to find comfortable breastfeeding positions that don’t hurt my incision and I’m just. So. Tired. I am lucky enough to have help from my husband and family... More

  • Jaclyn
    5h ago

    I highly highly highly recommended getting those nipple gel pads if your nipples are sore until baby gets a good latch. Ask pediatrician if they have free samples because they are like $10.

  • Erika
    2h ago

    I was in your place too. 2 c sections. Breastfeeding was awful for me, as everyone above said you can continue to try. But if you don’t, that is okay too. Both of my boys were on formula by week 2 and they are healthy smart and happy. There is a huge amount of pressure to breastfeed. Do not forget about you during this time, take care of yourself as well. As long as your babe is fed, that’s wha... More

Andre posted in Babies Sunday

Work at Home Dad (to be)

I work at home (Data Analyst) which is great because I can easily drop the child off or pick up from daycare, doctor appointments, emergencies, etc. This is our first child (expecting mid/late June) and I know there’s a ton I don’t know. Working at home I’ve become accustomed to doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking, and errands during my workday. Just little things in between meetings and what ... More

  • B

    Sounds like baby will be at childcare and you’ll be working at home? That’s what I do. Couldn’t get anything done if I was also caring for baby. I do the following and it really increases family time: Laundry Grocery shopping Wash all bottles and pump parts Prep dinner (or cook it) Clean the house It means weekends and evenings are just family time which is awesome.

  • Andre

    Thank you for all the replies. Super helpful!

Anonymous posted in Safety Saturday

Drinking water

I have an 8 month old boy and i have been told by his pcp to try and start giving him water and maybe on a sippy cup... but he cant even drink without choking even if i try to give him water with a baby spoon... am i the only mom scared..? Is my son the only one who chokes on water? Am I doing something wrong? What did you moms do when giving water for the first time? Need some help....

  • Jackie

    Our little one was interested in adult cups at like 6/7 months so we could give her sips out of our cup. She’s 9 months old now and doesn’t have much water. When we do give her water we just put in her regular baby bottle.

  • Sara

    Try a straw cup (little baby cup with a straw). My baby got the hang of that because it’s a similar sucking to a bottle/breast. Also a little choking is ok as long as he can cough it out and recover on his own and you are there monitoring. He’ll get the hang of it.


My daughter just turned 9 months, what type of bottles do I start using

  • Lacie
    3h ago


  • Anonymous
    3h ago

    So....Keep using what you are using? No need to change bottles unless you don't like them. The nipple size changes with the bottle so make sure it corresponds to her age. You could introduce sippy cups if you haven't.

Looking for ways to use breast milk

Hi everyone, I have a 21-months-old toddler, still breastfeeding but does not take breast milk in a bottle or cup (I hear this is common for toddlers) nor as a popsicle. I have some frozen breast milk from pumping on a trip, and would like to use it for her. Before I go through the trouble of baking with breast milk or making other things, I'd love to hear if there's a reasonable chanc... More

  • Sara

    What does he/she take? If they like regular milk you could try mixing some breastmilk in. Or in a smoothie or milkshake if they’ll take that.

Anonymous posted in Babies Thursday

Inconsolable newborn: advice/support?

I had my first baby via c-section yesterday, and despite everyone saying babies tend to be sleepy in the first 24 hours she cries nonstop and my husband and I are going insane. The nurses and pediatrician tell us she is completely healthy and this is normal but I just can’t believe this will be our new normal. We try swaddling, shushing (all the 5 S’s really!), I feed her constantly, but she ju... More

  • Emily

    My daughter would not stop crying for the first 3 days. Once and awhile she would sleep for an hour or so. I honestly think it was because she was not getting enough milk from me right away - since I was breastfeeding, it seemed like she was eating and getting some but she wasn’t. And I didn’t realize. After my milk came in she was completely different - a milk monster and growing quickly. It’s... More

  • Jenn

    I have an 8 month old and he was c section as well, he was born jaundiced so he was getting poked every single day he did cried a lot during the night found out my milk supply was super low as a matter of fact nothing was coming down and finally the nurses suggested to get a lactation consultant but for the time being i had to formula feed him, after that he was good. No complaints now he sleep... More

Anonymous posted in Sleep Thursday

Sleeping alone

My daughter just turned one on Monday. She was doing great going to sleep on her own and staying in her own crib. Lately she wakes up crying and sits up. She won’t go back down until I pick her up and take her to bed with me. She is getting her first tooth. I don’t know if it’s just a new thing and is teething related or some stage. Any advice would be welcome

  • Kate

    Sounds like it’s more of a teething phase. It may last a couple more days before it gets better. You could consider giving her something soft in her crib, like a small stuffed animal or lovey. Those can often provide a little extra comfort during the rough nights. And Tylenol and/or Motrin will help her stay comfortable, too.

  • Kendall

    Sounds teething related! Should be back to normal soon. Try Motrin before bed

Peanut-shell baby sling

I found a peanut shell baby sling today at the thrift store- brand new, and I was wondering if anyone has experience using them and has any advice or if they are all they are hyped up to be!! Thank you in advance!!

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Wednesday

Baby advice! (long post)

Hi all! I just wanted to share some of my experiences with having a baby. My daughter was born in December and is now 4 months old. She’s a very easygoing baby (which I am forever grateful for!). However, in the short time I’ve been a mom, I have gotten a LOT of advice. Both good and bad. I’ve been told to sleep when the baby sleeps, which is a great idea up to a point. You can’t be expected to... More

  • Anonymous

    @Annie I’ve started doing that too, my daughter is still in her cooing phase and it always makes her smile and kick her legs like crazy when I have a conversation with her

  • cocomac

    Don’t feel guilty to say no to people. It’s true when they say “they grow so fast”. My husband and I spent first 2 months saying yes and putting our family members happiness (she is first grand baby on both sides) before ours and we both now realize that we need to put our own happiness (and our own troubles) before our family members’. I actually am in therapy because I felt robbed of my mate... More

Bedtime routines

Hi! I have a 15 month old girl and she has been given a bottle in her crib to help her fall asleep. I’m trying to get away from that. I’m thinking of trying a new routine like a bath then a bottle and read to her then brush her teeth and put her down but I’m curious as to what everyone else does. I really want to incorporate books because she won’t let me read to her unless she has a bottle

  • Sanam

    My son is 20 months and has refused any other type of sippy cup. Our routine is read two books, bath, bottle during bath, then brush his teeth and then he goes to bed. He used to get a bottle during his nap also, but we cut that one out. I prefer he gets a solid serving of milk at least once a day. My doctor said it was fine as long as we brushed after. Good luck!

  • J

    we had to switch up the order of things so he wouldn’t fall asleep while feeding. it took a few days but he adapted.

Sleep aids between swaddling and nothing?

My 8 month old is able to turn on his side, and general advice is to stop putting him in things that restrict movement, such as the Halo sleep sacks that wrap the arms down and close to the body. He still needs the cozy, snug feeling of his Halo to fall asleep though. With his arms free he will. Not. Sleep. What can I use now that he's supposed to transition out of his Halo wrap position bu... More

  • C

    I should probably say that I meant sleep sacks; he got too big to fit in swaddles by month 4, but I've come to refer to anything that binds him in some way for sleep to mean swaddling, like Halo sleep sacks, etc. Sorry for the confusion. I'll edit the original post to reflect this. But yes, I thought that once they can turn in their sleep, babies are supposed to sleep without any sort ... More

  • Jackie

    Sleep sacks are fine. All it really is is a wearable blanket. Gives them extra warmth since nothing is supposed to be in the crib for first 12 months. Our sleep sacks aren’t “binding”.

Feeding question

My daughter is 9 months, she don't have any teeth yet but has been eating Gerber baby food for about 4 months now. I want to start giving her more solid type of food and not just puree but I am nervous. Can anyone give me some recommendations on how to start giving her more solid foods? Thank you in advance for any advice.

  • Sara

    Look into baby led weaning, people often think babies need teeth to eat solids, avocados, grapes, zucchini, cheese, peanut butter on bread, even steamed carrots are great..... my son has been eating solid since 6.5 months and does great, educate yourself on the difference between choking and gagging because it can really help ease your mind

  • Jenn

    Some foods we did: bananas cut in half, blueberries cut in half, rotisserie chicken torn into small pieces, scrambled eggs, avocado cut into bite sized pieces or long skinny "fries", ground beef

Bug bites on baby? Any remedies or preventative methods?

  • Sabrina

    Try baby aquaphor! It works miracles. All that redness will be gone before you know it. It also has antibacterial properties for healing

Colleen posted in Behavior Apr 16

6 mo old waking up an hour after going to bed

For about a month now, my 6 mo. old babygirl is waking up every night about an hour after we put her to sleep for the night in her crib in her own room. She won’t stop crying unless we bring her into our bed (where she’ll then sleep mostly the rest of the night...sometimes waking to breastfeed around 3 am). She takes three great naps in her room during the day everyday and we have a pretty soli... More

  • Kwame

    Try the Ferber method of sleep training, you can google it. It’s tough at first but if you stay consistent over a month or so it’ll set in.

  • Colleen

    Thanks everyone!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Apr 15

Hydration and milk production at night

I always try to stay super hydrated, but recently I thought, I need to gulp extra water before bed because I don’t wake up and drink water for 7+ hours while I sleep? Therefore, wouldn’t I have low supply in the mornings? But then I remember that night is when we produce the most milk due to some chemical stuff I don’t remember... so then does that chemical stuff basically create more milk pro... More

  • Ivy
    Apr 16

    I have no idea how it works, but I’m suffocating at night from the bricks on my chest! I try to avoid water at night, but I do get very thirsty! Probably because my body is taking all the water from me to make milk. I do notice that I don’t have the urge to pee when I wake up, like I usually do. When I do drink a lot of water, I end up having to pump or else I’m soaked through my breast pads

Jennifer posted in Babies Apr 15

Help! Suddenly Clingy at Bedtime

Our 11 mo old has out of the blue gone from extremely independent and generally a good sleeper to a total crying tyrant at bed time. She has always been a relatively good sleeper and needed almost no sleep training (using the 3/5/7min method she was usually down by the 7 minute bout). Her top two teeth are coming in, and she just dropped to one nap at daycare (she was already 1-a-day at home ... More

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t sleep train my daughter, she fell into her own pattern of sleeping through the night early on but she is now doing the same thing !! She fussed to get to sleep the last few days and the last two nights has woken every hour to two hours. I managed to rock her to sleep and used her sleep soother / white noise machine which kept her sleeping for the last few hours of the morning this morn... More

Samantha posted in Babies Apr 15

Nipple pain

Having issues with bleeding? Advice!

  • Sabrina

    Try lanolin cream. It’s a life saver

  • DD

    Use earth mama nipple cream BEFORE pumping or breast feeding and immediately after

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Apr 15

Water for formula

What type of water do you use for formula? I have just been using filtered tap water. Am I a terrible mom for doing that??

  • Kitty's

    Not at all when I use to run out of baby water I would boil water on the stove

  • Kristen

    I don’t know what the water in your area is like, but that’s what we do. Our pediatrician was fine with filtered water (we used the water dispenser from the fridge) and told us not to bother with store-bought baby water.

Payge posted in Babies Apr 15

My 4mo is struggling to eat

My daughter has been bottle fed since she was about 6 weeks old, and lately it seems like she’s struggling with drinking her bottle. she grunts and squirms and acts like she’s choking. We use the Dr. Browns bottles and she hasn’t had a problem with them until lately, we’ve tried feeding her in different positions and nothing seems to work. Any tips?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 15

    Are you on a strict 3 hour schedule? She may just not be hungry, and ready to go to 4 hours, or super picky about water temp. Or just distracted because there are other things going on around. My son is 7.5 months, uses the same bottles and does all of these things. My first just ate whenever and whatever I gave him, this one is more picky, all conditions must be perfect. 🤷

  • Payge
    Apr 15

    I’ve tried to stretch her out to 4 hours sometimes since she sleeps through the night (most nights) but she gets too cranky! Sometimes she gets hungry after 2.5 hours and won’t calm down unless she gets a bottle. and She’s very strange sometimes where she either won’t eat when other people are around or she needs it to be almost silent! Just depends on her mood. I’ll try the water temp! Normall... More

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