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EM posted in Teething Saturday


My 6mo had his first tooth erupt on June 11. The second one came soon after. He now has both sticking out and slowly growing. During the eruption stage he was cranky in the day and sometimes waking more often at night. But now that the teeth have erupted, he’s happy in the day with his teethers and wash cloths, but he is waking literally every hour at night. He doesn’t want to feed - not even c... More

  • Kendall

    I don’t know if there’s anything you can do really but wait for it to pass :( we give Motrin when it’s really bad!

  • EM
    2h ago

    Thanks everyone! @Tara I’ve got the cot by my bed too because he refuses to sleep in our bed. I’ll definitely try camomile tea! Wishing your bub lots of ease and comfort ♥️♥️

Anyone know of decongestants safe to take while breastfeeding that won’t affect supply? Thanks!

  • Andrea

    I had a really bad sinus and ear infection and needed to fly 1 day after diagnosis, while still breastfeeding my 10 month old. There was no way around taking sudafed. Because it was so dire for me to relieve the pressure and not risk a burst eardrum, with doctors blessing, this is what I did: I pumped a bottle before we left the house, took the sudafed 30 minutes before take off while feeding t... More

  • Jennifer

    I was just told to take musinex by a pediatric nurse, general practitioner, and a pharmacist. Sudafed should be avoided if possible; however, I have taken a few this past week and have been fine. Sudafed can affect milk supply and pass through milk.

My babies will be a year in less then a month and still no teeth!? Did anyone else have this happen?

  • Mary

    I've heard it happens, my friend's kid didn't get her first tooth until she was 1.

  • Bianca

    Especially if the baby is bf this is typical. My doctor said it was almost like God's gift to the bf mom lol

First Solid Food Must Haves?

My baby will be 6 mos soon & we’re preparing for his solid food. Any recommended items like feeder, food storage, spoons, plates / bowls, etc? There’s so many products (& brands) out there that we don’t know where to start. Also if you know any websites, social media groups or books that’s all about baby solid food. Thank you!

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Friday

Could I be pregnant again at 6 months postpartum?

I gave birth 6 months ago via C-section and I’m exclusively breastfeeding and haven’t gotten my period back. For like a month now, I noticed that I’m again unusually more thirsty, whether I’m breastfeeding at the moment or not, & I’m getting hungry more often like I haven’t eaten anything all day. I feel little flutters in my belly and had 2 or 3 separate occasions of stomach cramps 1 or 2... More

  • Tiffanee

    Absolutely, I am pregnant with twins and I conceived three months postpartum.

  • Anonymous

    It could be that your baby is going through a growth spurt? I always get hungry and thirsty when that happens..

Weaning a toddler off the bottle

My son is one and a half and is still drinking out of a bottle. Granted, it's only at night and before his daytime nap. Other than those times, he drinks solely out of a 360 cup. I tried getting him off bottles at 1 and sent him to bed with a sippy, but omg that was the worst bedtime fiasco I ever experienced and my resolve lasted maybe an hour before I caved and gave him his bottle. I am r... More

  • Kymberly

    I just weaned my son off his bottle he is turning two on Sunday. I started putting less and less milk in gradually then transferred him to a sippy cup with no problems. Good luck and don’t feel pressured to do it before he’s ready

Our lactation consultant just diagnosed my 7 week old with lip and tongue tie. He has been on the bottle since first 3 days of life (breast milk only). He has never breastfed successfully due to latch issues. We have the option of either taking the laser route or the scissor route. Does anybody have personal experience/recommendation of one over the other? How was the recovery?

  • Jade

    Mine was tongue tied at birth. They took him to snip it. He was gone 5 min and back with no blood and he was so happy. He was wiggling his tongue around, testing it out I guess. :)

  • Wendy
    7h ago

    My daughter had it snipped with scissors at two days old. They did it right in front of us and it was done in seconds. She has been latching on great ever since.

Experience with postpartum hernia?

It seems likely that I developed a hernia soon after giving birth. I have an appointment with a surgeon scheduled for next month. I’d appreciate hearing from other moms who have gone through this. Thanks.

  • Aye

    I've had one since I was pregnant and it's still there 4 months later. Ob/gyn didn't say anything and just said to have sitz bath if it hurts and that's about it.

When to start bedtime

Hey parents! I have a 2 month old that goes to bed at 10pm right now. When did you start putting your LOs down earlier for bed?

  • Megan

    I spent a ton of time trying to put my baby down at 7-7:30 during that age and honestly, I wish I hadn’t wasted so many hours trying to make it happen. Around 4 months he naturally brought his bedtime earlier (like everyone said he would and I didn’t believe them 😂) At 2 months we were still lucky if he was asleep by 11-12.

  • Elle

    At 2 months, our little one went to sleep at around the same time as yours (it varied from 9pm to 11pm). Over the next month, we gradually inched it down to around 830pm, which works for us. Just tire her out a little more after her final nap of the day and give her a nice big final meal and put her down a little earlier, easy. Good luck!

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Friday

Post Pregnancy Periods

My youngest is now 12 months. About 5 weeks ago, I stopped breast feeding. About a week later, I got my period. Symptoms were pretty crazy, migraines, cramps, pain, and what seemed like a low grade fever. Fast forward 2 weeks, and I’m ovulating. Super painful, and once again, what seems like a low fever. Lasts a day then gone. Now 2 weeks later, I’m getting my period again. Some minor headaches... More

  • Elise&Garrett

    Mine was light. But I'm still BF.

  • Lisa

    After my first, I didn’t get a period till 3 months after I stopped BF. It was crazy heavy and painful!! But that was almost a full year after having my son. Each one got a little better, after my son, I always knew when I was Ovulating (extremely horny, lol), and my periods actually ended up no longer having cramps... now nursing my second one, hoping when my period returns it ends up as ni... More

Wean a almost two year old

I’ve been breastfeeding my 22 month old. She eats very little solids. She is extremely stubborn but I am wanting to wean her cause I have to work and she has to go to 😩😩😩

  • Dacia

    Thank you guys. And thank you melisa

  • Jess
    2h ago

    I had this same situation with my 18 month old and she wanted nothing to do with weaning. I had to cut her cold turkey last week when I had an mri done w contrast and they said no breastfeeding for 24 hours. The first day was awful, she rolled around and cried all day, but now she is doing great with a como tomo bottle and getting her to bed and naps is so much easier too. I nurse her only in t... More

Mary posted in Behavior Thursday


My little one is super teething and she's biting me when I put her down for naps and bedtime. Now she just biting me nap time or not. I say ow don't bite Mommy, but she still does it every time. Don't know what else to do any suggestions?

  • Emme H Kay

    What I've been trying with my daughter is to give her a teething toy instead whenever she bites me, so that she has something she *can* but when I'm telling her she can't bite me. It's not 100% but she has redirected by herself some I started doing this.

  • Emily

    What my peds recommended was that when my child bit I screamed very loudly and and pretended to cry. It causes the child to understand that what they are doing is really hurting you. I only had to do it once and was never bit again.

Can I get my 7 month old to crawl? Suggestions please.

  • Chaya

    It’s possible, my second crawled at 6 months, he’s turning 8 months in a few weeks and is cruising. My first rolled everywhere and didn’t crawl until 8 or 9 months but quickly took to walking at 11 months. So! Every baby is definitely different! I didn’t do anything.

  • Bianca

    My baby would wiggle around but didnt start moving until 8 months he will be 9 months in 2 days and he still does a dead man's crawl.. I would be too worried just do tummy time as often as you can. Typical time is 7-10 months but when they are ready you wont know what to do!!! Lol

Turah posted in Babies Thursday

Keeping baby cool

My baby girl is hot natured.. what are some tips and/or tricks I can do to help keep her cool when we aren’t in the car but she’s still in her car seat?? She quickly breaks a sweat so I’m jst tryina figure out ways to keep her cool cause she gets itchy and her eczema flares up when she’s hot. I saw a stroller/car seat fan but I jst wonder is that safe for her since she’s at the stage of reach... More

  • Jan

    I think the stroller is safe. I got her one from amazon and my daughter’s fingers are pretty chunky to fit in between the gaps of the fan. Also the one we got was a clip on so we clip at the top of her stroller hood and so she can’t reach it. You can also adjust the fan so it’s facing her. This is the one we have

  • Aipery Usenbaev

    My kids sweat a lot too, we have used a fan similar to the one mentioned above and it is great. Nobody had any accidents yet. I would also make sure they wear cotton clothing that breathes well, same goes to the seats in the car seat and stroller if they made out of non breathable materials. But the fan is amazing, we are always jealous of our baby on a hot day sleeping like nobody's business

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Thursday

Honest answers...when did you wean?? My baby is 10.5 months and I feel like I’m ready some days and not others. She stopped breastfeeding and only drinks pumped milk from bottles so she’s been ready for awhile now;). She tolerates formula fine. I just have a hard time knowing “when.” Part of it is the tremendous pressure I feel from doctors and lactation consultants to go for “at least a year... More

  • Tara

    Totally get what you’re saying @anonymous, and totally agree. Nursing overall much easier than pumping for the reasons you mentioned. I nurse 3-4 times a night, but cannot imagine waking 2-3 times a night to pump. You’re amazing for doing that!

  • Brigitte

    Anonymous, from everything you've said it sounds to me like you might be ready to wean, especially if she's only getting bottles now anyway. In the grand scheme of things breastfeeding is such a small piece of their childhood. If it's draining on you and stressful and you're feeling like you're ready to be done, it's ok to be done. You've done an amazing job going 10... More

Won't take the bottle

Just recently my LO suddenly stopped taking the bottle and only drinks milk directly from the source. She had bottles 3-4x a week since week 2 so I'm not sure what changed but she outright refuses all bottles now. I've tried giving her different bottles and even different flow nipples but she immediately rejects them before even trying them out. Even tried leaving the apt and having dif... More

  • Bianca

    Mine is the same we had early nipple confusion and when we got the hang of nursing qround 2 months he wanted nothing artificial anymore no binkies, no bottles and I have tried all bottles believe me.. but since I worked from home I was able to nurse as he pleased. The dr told me at 6 months to stop trying to get him on the bottle because its would be better for him to go to a sippy cup rather t... More

  • Es

    My LO's 2 months so still pretty young for a sippy cup i think? She's not teething and isn't sick. Nothing really changed in our routine. I haven't tried the Nanobebe bottle so will look into that - thanks for the suggestion!

Kelsea posted in Sleep Wednesday

Sleep routine

I have an almost 3 month old who will not sleep earlier than 9:30pm. I start his bedtime routine at 7pm. He is usually wanting to feed for this whole time. Sometimes he won’t settle till 10:40 or later. He might sometimes sleep for a five and hour stretch. Sometimes only 3 and will sleep for 1.5 to 2 hours again. Any suggestions on how to get him to sleep earlier?

  • Kelsea

    He doesn’t nap during the day most of the time. He might sleep for a hour or 45 minutes. He mostly just wants to comfort feed. I give him a bath with lavender and it usually excites him (he enjoys bathtime.)

  • Miha

    He might need more sleep, here is a good article on sleep amounts and age. Mine wasn’t getting enough for a while and would stay up way too late!

Tummy time trouble?

My 2mo absolutely despises tummy time! I’m trying to do it 3x a day for just 10min and even that is a struggle. We’ve tried it in various places—crib, play mat, laying on me, changing table— doesn’t make a difference. We’ve incorporated toys, music...thoughts on things to do to make this easier? It’s a struggle for a lot of little ones I’ve heard. I’m told she should be up to an hour of tu... More

  • Michal

    I did zero tummy time with my daughter. She turned out fine and walked early even. I did give her lots of floor time on her back.

  • Mary

    Mirror! We put one of those 4’ mirrors landscape and propped up against the wall and our kiddo loved watching himself on that.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Wednesday

Cracked nipples at 9 months postpartum?!

My baby is 9 months old (so we are well-adjusted to breastfeeding) and lately, nursing her has been painful due to something causing the top part of my nipples to crack. My baby only has teeth on the bottom right now so I have no idea what could be doing this. Any ideas?! It hurts so bad!

  • Drusilla

    Lansinoh <3

  • Paige

    I second Lansinoh. And I think it’s completely safe to use with breastfeeding. :) made me feel a million times better. I was pumping constantly when my son was born because he wouldn’t drink straight from the source after latching. I was nearly bleeding from how much I had to pump.

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