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Weaning 19 mo old

Any tips on weaning an extreme boob loving 19 mo old? He crys and hits me if I tell him no more milkies. Help!

  • Anonymous

    Let him cry.try your best to distract him. Have others help out when he wants to nurse.

  • Anonymous

    Leave with grandma for a weeekend, when he asks again just say your milk is all gone

Screaming 2 month old.

Hello. So my 2 months old screams his head off like he is hurt or something even though he is fed, burped, and changed, bathed etc.. the only way he will stop is if my husband and I keep a bottle in his mouth. The second we move it when he is finally asleep he wakes up and cries. We are at our wits end please help me. Or give me some ideas as to why you think this is going on.

  • G

    Do you think it is gas or indigestion? Maybe try putting him to bed with a pacifier? Has he always been this way with the bottle?

  • Bianca

    My son did something similar. Before he started bottle feeding, he would use my breasts as pacifiers and would want to be latched all day long. If I moved him, he would scream bloody murder. Then, when we moved to bottles, he did the same thing. Sometimes I would just leave the bottle in his mouth just to have a few moments of peace before the screaming began. The only thing that worked for my ... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Dec 01


Can Mastitis go away without antibiotics? I woke up with a painful warm spot in my breast today. Should I see an OB for antibiotics right away or wait ? (Ps I had a Mastitis at the same spot with my daughter 4 years ago)

  • An

    Hi I would suggest to just check with your OB again. If mastitis is full blown sometime antibiotics will not work. OB will try different methods to remove mastitis. I was on antibiotics for 5 days it didn’t help at all. They had to do surgery to remove abscess

  • Vonda

    I had the boobie tubes by earth mama. Also took super hot showers to try and get clogged ducts taken care of before they turned into mastitis. Had my husband help if I just couldn’t get it out myself. Which helped a lot. I’m a big baby for pain so he’d massage them to get it out. And other ways. ;) But the best helper is your baby! They are born pros. Positioning baby to help get the clogged du... More


Trying to figure out what I should get as a present for my child. Anyone have any ideas or links they can share? Thanks in advance!

  • PK
    Dec 03

    Fisher-Price Rock-a-stack and Baby's First Blocks Bundle [Amazon Exclusive] We bought this as a set that came with the xylophone at target. It was perfect for this age. Also getting a little ahead, but the vtech push walker was also one of the best things we got our son. Lots of buttons to play with and push. And whe... More

  • Ying

    I'd recommend the Gund's Flappy the Elephant, it will play peek-a-boo and sing "Do Your Ears Hang Low" with the push of a button. Very cute:)

Lilibeth posted in Sleep Nov 30

My 2 month old will only sleep on my chest help!

  • Liz
    Dec 01

    Totally normal until 16 weeks old. Look into the fourth trimester. Start by putting baby down on a flat blanket that smells like you.

  • Erin

    I also had some luck “preheating” the crib by laying a heating pad on it for a little while before I tried to place baby down. Just remove the heating pad before you put baby down! Some people also have luck with putting the baby on their side in the crib and gently patting their butt until til they fall back to sleep then turning them back on their back. Good luck, transfers are hard but worth... More

Silent reflux?

My one month old baby gags and coughs and usually has wet burps. I thought i was colic at-first because he kept us up at night but am giving him colic drops and it doesn’t seem to work. His stomach gurls a lot and he licks his lips like he’s thirsty he been gaining a lot of weight so i dont know if this is reflux. But when he cries he calms downs and then suddenly scream cries. What should i do... More

  • Liz
    Dec 01

    Sounds like gas. Hold baby upright while feeding. Hold upright and burp for 20 min after feeding. Ask doctor about reflux. We were on Zantac for the first 6 months. Offer tummy time and bicycle kicks to help with gas. Also look into gas drops

Jogger/car seat recommendations

I’m wanting to find a good jogger and car seat combo. The one we currently have doesn’t navigate well and the car seat seams uncomfortable..I plan on doing a big road trip from California to Canada over Christmas and I want my little 5 month old comfortable and safe while in car or walking about uneven terrain, I’d love to get back into some light jogging again!

  • Alice

    Thank you! I see the x3 but is that what you meant? I can’t find an x5 ..the x3 mini looks good though. Are you able to jog with it ? Thanks so much

  • meghan

    Yep! x3 :) not mini. I think you’re thinking of the city mini. City mini is not a jogging stroller. The x3 has a wheel that can be fixed straight for jogging or running, city mini doesn’t. That’s what you need for a jogging stroller. What’s great about the x3 stroller is you can make the front wheel fixed straight or make it turn while you’re still moving. The Bob from what I remember you have ... More

Lilina posted in Behavior Nov 28

Not good around a lot of people

My LO Is 5 months and I admit I haven’t taken him around a lot of people. We live far from family and he is not in daycare. When we do go to family events everyone wants to hold him and play with him but he gets overwhelmed and cries a lot. Any advice on how to break this habit? I want him to feel comfortable around other people.

  • Sara
    Dec 01

    He’s still young so I wouldn’t worry that he needs a ton of socialization right now anyway. Start small — trips to the grocery store, library (and see if they have free storytimes), errands, etc. It will be good for him just to get out and observe the world around him.

  • Eleanor
    Dec 02

    He’s so so young, don’t worry at all. Just snuggle him when he cries, he’ll let you know when he’s ready to expand his social circle!

Breast Engorgement! Help!!!

Day 3 after birth. We were discharged last night from the hospital. My breasts are so engorged as I have chosen to not breastfeed I am reaching out for HELPFUL suggestions to relieve pain other than ice/heat compresses and pain medicine as I have already been doing those.

Jenny posted in Newborns Nov 27

Bedtime Routine Ideas

Hello all! Currently all my children ages 5,3, and newborn are sharing a room with each other. My 5 yr old and 3 year old have rare sleeping issues that could be disturbing to the newborn (5 year old sleep walks/talks and 3 year old fights sleep due to fear of dark that flares up) Our nighttime routine is pretty solid. Dinner, clean up time, bath/ book time and then bed. I try to get them in... More

Ashley posted in Bathing Nov 26

Switching from baby wash/shampoo to kids

At what age should I change from baby wash to kids wash? Also, I just moved up north from the south and never had a static issue with her hair until me moved here, any tips on how to help reduce the static? Or shampoo brands that'll help reduce it?

Brandy posted in Behavior Nov 26

Throwing himself back

My son is about to be 9 months old and he is constantly throwing himself back when he gets upset. If I sit him down and he doesn’t want that he will throw himself back and there will be occasions where it’s random and I’m not there to catch him. I’m scared for him because I feel if he keeps this up as he gets older he will end up hurting himself. Is there any way I can avoid this or teach him a... More

No sex drive for over a year? Is This Normal or Happening To Anyone Else?

My beautiful daughter turned a year old in September and yet I have yet to get really intimate with my partner and it's been a whole year.A few times we had been intimate I felt great but later on I was disgusted by the thought of what I had done.I am very much attracted to my partner but I am disgusted 85% of the time when he try's to make sexual advances or even at the thought of doin... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 01

    I went through something similar. It turned out, there were some underlying issues with our relationship that took me several months to figure out. But once we both acknowledged the issues, and tried to change, I felt more willing to be intimate. Maybe see if there is anything that could be bugging you underneath the sex?

  • meghan

    Went through something similar and it ended up being the birth control I was on. Switched brands and had a much better reaction. Worth taking a look at if that’s your situation too.

I need help finding activities to do with my 8 month old on a low budget

I’m a stay at home mom and my biggest struggle is keeping my little boy entertained. The past few months I’ve been letting him watch TV, but I’ve noticed lately that he hasn’t been reaching some milestones with language and emotional connection... I realized with how often I let him watch TV, it isn’t helping him develop what he needs, but I don’t know what to do to help him learn! We don’t hav... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Nov 23

    Check out hands on as we grow, the blog. They have a variety of activities and most of them either use materials you have at home or you can sorta look around and swap it in. It’s very hard to keep babies that age entertained and safe without being the one entertaining. As far as education, they’re simply Learning by listening and watching you. So when your cooking, give the baby some Cheerio a... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Nov 21

What are the best breast pumps out there now?

About to have a baby and I’m not sure which pump to get. I had a medela in the past. It was ok but super slow. Any other brands out there?

  • Karla
    Nov 30

    Everyone seems to love the Spectra and I had seen Motif Luna. I was torn between the two. I have never used Spectra so I can't compare. I got Motif and really felt a huge difference compared to my mendela. I think Motif hasn't gotten enough reviews but I'm very happy with it. I was able to empty my breast in less than 10 minutes.

Daycare anxiety

Good hello everyone! My LO is currently 10 weeks old and will be starting daycare in 2 weeks. While I think my husband and I picked one of the best daycares in the area, I am having a lot of anxiety about him going. He just feels so little and knowing he won’t get 1:1 attention is hard for me to deal with. Any reassuring thoughts or suggestions for getting through this separation and making ... More

Anonymous posted in Babies Nov 20

Acid reflex

Any tips to help my 5 week old with his acid reflex ? He is exclusively breastfed, spits up a lot and its disturbing his sleep,he seems to be in pain because of it and even gets irritated while feeding. Feeling helpless, any remedies worked for your LO?

  • B
    Nov 20

    We got meds from the doctor. Helped a ton. Also smaller meals more often.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 21

    I understand how you're feeling! Our son had acid reflux as an infant. He was also breastfed. I cut out all dairy in my diet and that helped (it takes about two weeks to notice a difference). We also used a special wedge pillow to help him sleep more upright and keep the acid down. I also pumped occasionally and fed him the breastmilk from a bottle, to help him eat a bit more upright. ... More

Cervix pain after childbirth

I had my daughter over a year ago and since then nearly every time my husband and I have intercourse it hurts my cervix, it even hurts to use tampons. Anybody have this issue also or know what could be the cause of it?

  • Megan Fradley-Smith
    Nov 21

    Hi! Have you ever asked your doctor about prolapse? It sounds scary, but nearly all of us who’ve been pregnant/given birth vaginally have some degree of prolapse. See if you can get a pelvic exam and get a referral to a pelvic floor PT. I saw one after my third baby was born, and she was a lifesaver. Good luck!

Tips and tricks on breastfeeding and pumping??

I’m being induced this Saturday ( 23rd ) and plan on breast feeding. Was never able to breast feed or get enough through a pump for it to be useful. Any tips or tricks you fellow mommas have to share?

  • Christina
    Nov 19

    A pump will never be as good as your baby. Get baby to breast right away and as often as they want at at least every 3 hours. I’ve breastfed all of my kids including twins exclusively. See a lactation consultant. It might help to pump after each nursing session. Also, fenugreek worked well in boosting my supply along with plenty of good carbs like oatmeal. Keep hydrated! Congrats and good luck!

What kind/brand of breast pump do you recommend for newborn?

  • Kieli
    Nov 19

    I used Ameda Purely Yours with my first daughter while I was working. I liked it because rather than having a button to get the mode, it’s a nob so I can get it just as I like it. Plus the bag it came in was perfect fit for everything plus my snacks

  • Sarah
    Nov 21

    I had Spectra S1 and S2 and loved them both (same pump, one is battery charged and one plugs in). Everyone I know who has them loves them too.

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