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Anonymous posted in Diapering Thursday

deals on diapers?

I’m a soon to be mom and figured I should be stocking up on diapers. I’ve read about these really savvy moms that clips coupons, search for sales and end up getting great prices on them. I lack such saviness so I’m trying to see where I could go to save money. I used pampers at first and the target brand when my first born was older. Pampers can get pricey but target, at the time, wasn’t cuttin... More

  • Jackie
    5h ago

    We buy from BJs (wholesale) when they have $4off coupons.. we have family that also has memberships for there so they give us their coupons too and we buy 2-3 boxes at a time.

  • Aye
    5h ago

    Sam’s club for us, works great and we get the wipes from them too.

Nousa posted in Money Thursday

Second Baby's first birthday

Hello everyone, I'm a little depressed as I'm planning my second child first birthday here. I brought the pictures and videos from my first child first bday and watched them. I feel like there was so much attention to her on that day. Everybody dressed up, so many gifts and decorations, balloons and bday cups and tissues. There was a big cake with her name on it and she was the princess... More

  • Diana

    I am a big fan of experiences - for my child’s birthday I pull out the little jars of washable paints (I hate the mess / prep / cleanup) and we make fun projects. For her first birthday we used her feet in green paint to make an inchworm; then her hands to make a yellow sun. I don’t remember much from the “party” - she’s not going to remember if there were presents, but we still have the cute... More

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have experience with a second kid but I do have a 3 year old and we have gone to birthday parties. This is a good age to explain to them that we are celebrating someone else and that the birthday boy gets the gifts. You don’t have to buy double but maybe you could have party favors and your 3 year old can get something small along with the other guests that are kids (if any). For exampl... More

Lindsay posted in Sleep Thursday

Suggestions for juggling the morning nap

Does anyone have suggestions for getting the morning nap in for my 9 month old? I am currently juggling a 2 year old, a 9 month old (who hates all sleep) and have to take the kids to childcare for work for a few hours each day. Feeling like if I could provide some consistency with naps that we might have a better sleeper. What have you done?

Anonymous posted in Family Life Wednesday

Room share toddler & infant?

Our almost 6 week old baby has just started sleeping large chunks (roughly 5-7 hrs from start of final evening feed to “middle-of-the-night feed). We only have enough room to have our 21 month old and baby share. Is this a good enough stretch or should we wait a bit longer? Baby currently sleeps in a pack n play in our room, but we have a mini crib already set up with the toddler bed (it’s j... More

  • Kieli

    I would wait. My second daughter was doing the same thing for a while, sleeping almost all night! Then went through a horrible sleep regression and woke up every hour for at least a month straight. I did move her into her sisters room about a month ago, and she is doing great again. Waking 1-2 times a night

  • Rebecca

    Try it for a night or two. We had a similar situation. A lot of nights the toddler slept through the baby waking. We also used white noise all the time. Helps reduce waking up. I put the baby down first. Read stories to the older in our room. Then put toddler down only tucking her in in tree dark. If they have to get use to sleeping in the same room I would start earlier. So it becomes normal.

Only hearing baby at night and not preggo wife.

Hey all, I’m looking for some advice on how to hear both my wife and my kids during the night while I’m sleeping. While my wife was pregnant with our first child I heard her instantly when she needed help turning or anything else; but now with our first son born and in the room in his crib and she’s pregnant with our second child (third trimester) it seems I only hear him stirring in the night... More

  • anonymous mom

    Does she hear you every time you whisper or move? Probably not. Does she hear your son every time he moves or cries? More likely. We are wired to hear our babies but our spouses? Not so much. I’m usually 100% all in on supporting pregnant moms but I think your wife needs to be more understanding...

Saige posted in Babies Feb 11

Should I worry if my 10 month old isn’t wanting to drink his formula anymore?

My son loved eating food since we first introduced it to him, but now he’s not even wanting to drink his formula anymore! I know he should drink it until his a year old but he won’t take it in a bottle or a sippy cup. He’ll drink a little but after a few seconds he gets up or pushes it away. We’ve tried changing the nipple size but he still has no interest (we’re at the biggest size now). Shoul... More

  • Nora
    check_circleChild Care Provider Feb 11

    he's going to get a new tooth I bet - almost always a baby that refuses the bottle for a while pops a tooth about a week later and then goes right back to drinking the bottle - so mix the formula in with infant cereal in the mean time

  • Julie

    Had the same problem too. My grandma told me it’s fine that he doesn’t need formula by 11 months as long as he is eating right drinking water and to introduce Nido once a day (before bed to drink in a sipping cup) that is what I did we didn’t have any problems he was peeing and pooping regularly. “Nido” a nutritional powder drink for ages 1-3 and it worked great for him

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Feb 09

Starting solid

My son is EBF,I feel like my milk might not be enough for him anymore,he is waking up more to feed during the night.He is 4 months,I have been thinking to start him on some solid food. I know some pediatricians recommended to wait until 6 months. When did you start solids? Did you notice a difference in sleep after ?

  • Bethany
    Feb 10

    I started my daughter or oatmeal at four months

  • Jennie

    4 months is a typical sleep regression. it's a phase and should pass soon. And no, solids has never helped any of my babies sleep more

Yanis posted in Behavior Feb 09

Baby hates the carseat.

Hi everyone, I have a 3 month old and recently she started hating her carseat. I don’t know what to do. She’ll be fine for about 5 minutes and then starts whining and then full blown screaming/crying. She used to go to sleep in her carseat, but now she won’t. I always make sure that she is well fed and burped, I have tried trying to get her to nap it but that doesn’t work, so I have tried to pl... More

  • Jess
    Feb 09

    We went through that phase. We stumbled upon a song she would stop crying if played but otherwise, she would scream and not sleep the whole time. The mirror helped us too. She liked it better when we put her in a convertible but she was about 6months old so think she likes being able to see out as she sat up higher. But I feel your pain :(

  • Destin
    Feb 10

    Playing water sounds always helped for our daughter. We would connect YouTube through the car speakers so it played through and helped a lot. If there is anything at all that soothes her just try and bring that to the ride with you. Maybe get some little mobile/toys that connect to the car seat for her to look at...could be helpful maybe. Worked for us...good luck!

My two year old just figured out how to open doors and now won't stay in her room at night/for naps.

My toddler has always been an excellent (though light) sleeper. No problem self-soothing, etc... However she recently learned how to open doors and has been coming out of her room multiple times when she is supposed to be sleeping. We have an ok-to-wake clock and she does seem to understand the concept but either stays awake staring at it waiting for it to change or totally disregards it. We al... More

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 10

    A baby gate or one of those door handle safety covers that make it hard for them to open should be okay. It’s so hard when they start opening doors, what’s next!? Lol. Also, I’m sure you’ve already done so but make sure all your doors that go outside have a lock that’s too high to reach on them....when my daughter learned to open our doors to the outside I was so scared! We got safety locks... More

  • Leslie C.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Feb 12

    My Granddaughter was doing the same thing, so what worked for my daughter was that she turned the door knob around with the lock on the outside, and locked it from the outside. That way my granddaughter could not get out! It worked!

Deciding on the right type of childcare for your family

How were you able to decide which type of childcare was right for you? There seem to be so many choices, from private nannies to nanny shares to in-home daycares to daycare centers to co-working spaces that have childcare. What factors did your family take into consideration when deciding on the type of childcare to choose?

  • Laura
    Feb 07

    Logistics of travel was my main criteria. We only considered daycares near my work or near our home. Also logistics and guarantee of a spot. With the big institutional daycares near my work, as long as you signed up a year in advance, you'd get a spot. Nanny shares tend to come together last minute, require more legwork to find another family and a nanny you like, and all that sounded stre... More

  • William Hopson
    Feb 08

    I think For some families, the most convenient option is having the caregiver come to your own home. In some cases, caregivers may even live in the family home. The advantages to this approach include the potential for your child to receive more individual attention, limited exposure to seasonal ailments such as colds and the flu, and your child’s comfort level with a familiar place.this has al... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Feb 07

Family expectations from daycare

I work/study from home and needed some time during the week to focus on my work. So we found a 2 day a week home-based daycare situation with a 1:2 to 1:3 ratio that we pay $16/hr. Baby (9 months old) is a challenge to feed and doesn't nap on a schedule, but if you put finger food on the tray, he will eat the food by himself but it will take time and if you just let him play he will end up... More

  • Liz W.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Feb 13

    At Over the Rainbow we ask all families of 6 week-12 months for their child's schedule and have them fill out a feeding plan.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Feb 01

Posportum weight loss

I'm still 20 pounds over my pregnancy weight. I'm 4 months postpartum. With my first I lost most of the pregnancy weight within the first 6 months. This time around I feel like my body is holding on to the extra weight. My struggle is that I'm still breastfeeding and I don't want to compromise it by dieting. Is it possible to diet without affecting my milk supply? When did you ... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 06

    My daughter is now 2 and I still have my pregnancy weight and the belly. 😅

  • Kaleigh
    Feb 07

    It generally takes your body 18 months to get back to normal (hormone wise). Maybe just try cutting one thing out of your diet that won’t hurt supply, like carbs or sugar drinks. Pounds tend to melt off when one of those is taken away.

Partner wont help with our baby

gave birth 5 months ago now and my fiance is not helping me atol. He loses his temper so fast when she cries at night and ends up giving her back to me and storming out of the room. Ever since I had her, i've not once had a full nights sleep unless my mum takes her overnight. I know thats part of parenthood but he should help me? He sleeps everynight and then sleeps in until 12ish every day... More

  • Jessica
    Feb 05

    I have no advice from personal experience, but therapy might be the best route if you want to work through it all together. I pray that you find happiness as a family soon 💕

When did your baby start sleep talking?

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 02

    My 2.5 year old has been doing this for about 6 months. She mostly talks about cookies in her sleep 😍😬😄

  • Jan
    Feb 08

    I’ve heard my LO mumble words as soon she turned 2. She’s now 2.5 and last night was the first time we heard her say “No, it’s mine” pretty loud and clear. We double checked the camera to make sure she wasn’t up, then she was there KO.

Boy name

My husband and I are having a hard time deciding on which name looks and sounds better for our little boy due in a couple of weeks. Brannen Price Turner Or Brandt Price Turner

  • Chris
    Feb 01

    I like Brandt. I feel like Brannen will be commonly heard as “Brandon” leading to constant corrections.

  • Tiana
    Feb 01

    Brandt for sure

How do you know if your baby had a colic?

My s Daughter cries sometimes after she feeds and doesn’t always burp. How do I know if she has a colic?

  • Diamond
    Jan 30

    My daughter is 9 weeks and she has colic. Your daughter would cry a special type of pain cry for long periods of time. Normally more than an hour 2-3 times a day. It’s very heartbreaking

  • key
    Jan 30

    My daughter is 3 months and had a colic issue. The rule with colic is so large a lot of babies fall into it. However I found a heated belly band on amazon and was giving her daily probiotic drops and it helped. She is slowly getting much better. Hang in there, it will get better!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jan 29


How long does left over breastmilk last after a feed at room temperature?

  • Rosa
    Jan 29

    My nurse said one hour.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jan 26


Hello Any mamas took Melatonin while breastfeeding is it safe?

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Jan 24

Postpartum depression

Are you susceptible to PPD if you’re already diagnosed with depression? I’m concerned about how I’m going to react after my first. Also would love to hear what has helped you through it! Thank you!

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Jan 20

Hair Loss

Any tips to treat or lessen postpartum hair loss ? I'm 3 months postpartum and everytime I wash my hair or brush I get a handful :/

  • Jennie
    Jan 21

    I've been taking collagen in my coffee every morning... it seems like it's helping. It's definitely helping my nails and dry cuticles though.

  • Destin
    Jan 21

    I had the same problem and I took keratin pills to help with regrowth. I don’t know that you will be able to stop it since it’s just part of whacked out hormones...but once your body evens out it will start to grow in normally again. For me, it was prob about 5 or 6 months. The pills did seem to help some though.

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