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My daughter is barely taking a bottle since she started crawling. I think she just wants to be on the move vs sitting and drinking. Any tips on how to get her to drink already?

My 10 mo used to play/ read independently but not anymore. Any tips? She plays only if I am close to her and she follows me everywhere!! I was hoping this will be a phase but it’s been almost 2 months now...

  • Nicole
    5h ago

    My almost 21 month old is the same way. I miss when he used to play on his own a bit but now he’s always attached to me and wanting me to play. It’s sweet and I appreciate it but being a stay at home mom it makes it impossible to get anything done. Plus I miss some time to myself!

  • Brittany
    4h ago

    My 12 month old is the same and it's always been this way. She has such an attachment to her momma! Also it's separation anxiety:( I hope soon she learns to go play with the billion toys she has in her very own room without me having to be right there lol

What are your rules for breastfeeding and drinking alcohol?

  • Meri
    3h ago

    Also, I have heard it might taste bad, so baby might not take it.

  • Brigitte
    12m ago

    I pump before I have a drink and then wait 2 hrs from when I finish the drink to nurse or pump again. If I am not sure if I'm good to nurse I have testing strips that test the amount of alcohol in the milk. (I hand express just a tiny amount, enough for the test strip.)

My son was sleeping for 12 hours a night from 5-7 months, but then he got the flu and it’s been a little over a month now of sleep problems. When he had the flu, he was waking every two hours for about 5 days. Now he is down to 1-2 wakes per night, and occasionally will sleep through the night. But it’s so erratic. Any tips on how to get my guy back on schedule??

Teething question: My son popped out the bottom front two teeth with no problems, but the top front two are taking their time. He’s in pain and very fussy. But my real problem is he’s got very loose BMs. He blows out at least twice every day for the past almost week. I’ve always heard at my daycare that I work at that loose stools is normal for teething. But a google search said that’s not true. Has anyone’s child had diarrhea from teething? Any remedies to help thicken the poop or keep him from blowing out and messing up all of his clothes and stuff around him?

I'm trying to wean my 11 month old baby but he won't take a bottle or anything anybody else have this problem

Any advice on weaning when prone to plugged ducts? I had plugged ducts in one of my breasts every other day for two and a half months starting when my son was 5 months. It was hell! I did showers, massage, pumping, cabbage leaves, herbal teas, lecithin etc. What finally helped me was changing my diet (which was already healthy) drastically. I cut all meat, dairy, processed foods, any saturated fats, coffee and basically just ate steamed veggies, legumes and beans and after about 5 days I didn’t have anymore plugged ducts. The following two months I only had two which was heaven in comparis... More

  • Anonymous
    5h ago

    I’m not wearing an underwire bra, I only pump when I absolutely have to to get rid of a clog and I’ve been taking lecithin for 5 months😞. I’ve been thinking of trying sudafed but am not really sure it’s not affecting my baby in any way. Thanks for all your ideas though💛

  • ATL
    3h ago

    Sounds like you’ve been doing everything you can. How much are you weaning? Maybe you can take it slower so there is less buildup?

My 8 week old seems to be particularly fussy and more hungry in the evenings. He fights sleep and cries more during this time. Any other parents experience this?

I have a 7 month old son that doesn’t like to eat from a baby spoon, im feeding him his baby food through a bottle so he still gets his nutrition. Does anyone have advice on getting their baby to eat from a spoon? I didn’t have this problem with my girls.

  • Rose
    9h ago

    I even tried the packets of food, he, actually said once, YUCK! Lol so i guess ill have to keep feeding him from a bottle until he gets more teeth.

  • Rose
    9h ago

    He wont even those either

How to Wean from Breast? I breastfeed as well as bottle-feed. I’ll be enrolling my baby in daycare soon. The problem is she isn’t broken from the breast, yet. Sometimes it is the only thing that calms her. How did you wean your child? I’m anxious, knowing that if she cries nonstop away from home she may be mistreated by daycare teachers.

  • Jennifer

    That’s good to know. My daughter is only two months old. I feel that aside from the breast milk, breastfeeding in itself is tremendously good for babies mental and emotional growth. But my mother-in-law noted that it is very hard to look after her when she gets fits and nothing but the breast will soothe her. She suggested strictly pumping during the day and breastfeeding only at night.

  • Nadia

    It’s up to you. See what works best. I wish you well 😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗

Every once in a while, my daughter will be completely not interested in nursing but when I give her a bottle with breast milk in it, she kills it. I hand express and have milk coming out but she just isn’t interested. I do pump (but don’t enjoy it) and I know she needs to be sucking from me most of the time to keep my supply (I’ve had supply issues). Any advice?

  • Nikola
    10h ago

    Try to offer right after waking up before you leave her room, with no distractions around - dark, quiet, no talking. I had to introduce a special place for nursing away from other people for a while.

  • Miranda
    9h ago

    Thanks ladies! We still use to slow flow newborn nipple. The reason I’ll give her a bottle some days is that we are still up a lot at night to nurse and I’ve noticed when she gets more milk during they day, we can sometimes eliminate at least 1 wake up (there are anywhere from 2-5 😫). We try everything as far as positions, side laying, I’ll put her on her back and hover over her, sometimes I’l... More

My 6m baby keeps straining like she wants to poop but i think shes having fun with it. It happens when shes getting so excited or boring sometimes while shes eating solids. I have to do stuffs to distract het otherwise it makes her coughing and vomit. Anybody on the same pages, is it normal?

My son has this random red splotch on his face. I don't know what it's from and he woke up with it this morning. usually a little red spots that he wakes up with go away because it's how he slept, but it's been a few hours and this one has not. I can't get it off with water or soap, but it doesn't seem to bother him. does anyone have an idea on what it might be?

  • Jenn

    Eczema by allergy?

  • Jeanine

    Change his pillow case or wash his sheets with a different baby detergent like Honest baby. He might be allergic to something in the detergent your using. It also could be a food he ate. Note what you fed him last. And look for hives or signs of rash when you feed him again. Definitely mention T your next pediatrician appt. about the red spots when he wakes. It sounds like an allergy.

Our son is not pushing s lot and keep running to constipation issues? Any suggestions how to handle naturally with home food or simple activities?

At how many months can I get my LO in a walker ?

  • Ayo

    I started at 4.5 months as well. I was also advised not put him in it longer than 30mins so he wouldn’t put much weight to his hips

  • Anonymous

    Thx Lsdies 😘

Hey parents, so my son is 11 months old and is attending daycare 🤨, he picked up diarrhea I’m guessing last Friday because he had his first movement sat morning around 11am. The rest of Saturday was horrible! I lost count of how many he had that day but I do know he went through 4 outfits. His poor booty was as red as a strawberry and was very painful because he would start screaming bloody murder as soon as I laid him on the changing table😢. Sunday was better. He only had about two and then I took him to school Monday and he only had two bm’s all day. His booty was looking a lot better and... More

My 20 month old HATES having her diaper changed. She had urinary issues that required frequent catheterization. She has surgery to correct the issue in October and ever since changing diapers has become a full on battle. Recently, it’s become almost impossible to change a poopy diaper. We are looking at putting her in school for socialization but they will not take her like this. Any suggestions will help.

  • Lolo

    Worth a shot. Just keep trying the potty. Girls are faster I’ve heard

  • Jessica

    My little girl hated that the wipes were so cold and so she was potty trained at 23 months. Every time she had an accident I used the wipes to clean her. When she would cry because of the cold I told her if she went in the potty it wouldn’t be cold. She caught on very quick. I know yours is young but I don’t think to young to try.

My daughter is 4 weeks old and is breastfed. We had some difficulty in the beginning with staying latched and staying awake long enough to get enough food. For the last 2 weeks, though, she’s been doing great. But now, for the past 3-4 days, whenever she latches, she eats for maybe 5 minutes and then begins to squirm around, even thrash until she comes off. It’s really difficult to get her back on when she’s thrashing, so she hasn’t been getting full meals. I don’t know what to do. It’s getting to the point where I want to quit breastfeeding. Any reason why she may being doing this or t... More

  • Stephanie

    I would definitely see a lactation consultant if you can, and definitely check out - it’s an amazing resource for breastfeeding. It does seem like the bottle could be part of it - what kind of nipples are you using? You could try premie which make your baby work much harder for milk thus helping keeping your babe from having a preference for them if they don’t flow as quickly. You ... More

  • Mandy

    Mine do that if they want to have a diaper change or to switch sides.

My baby has just started pulling to stand and I cannot get him to nap anymore! I put him down drowsy like I have always done but now he pops up when I lay him down. Then he stands and cries in his crib and will not settle. I try to pat his mattress to get him to come off the bars but no luck and he screams even more when I place him back down. Any advice for getting naps back?

  • Lolo

    All good advice here, also, make sure to put baby in a jumper/walker to tire him out as much as possible before nap time. Trips outside help too! A tired baby will sleep!

  • Susan
    5h ago

    My 9 month old does the same thing. Been going on for months. I leave the room and let her cry for 5-10 minutes and return to rock her. Sometimes I do this 3,4,5,6 times before she goes down. I use to let her cry longer, but she would get too upset.

Anyone else's baby seem to not care for reading? Literally as soon as I have a book in my hands to try to read to him, he's already trying to grab it away from me and play with it (put it in his mouth, bang it on the floor, etc.) I literally cannot get through a single book with him. He has zero interest in me trying to point things out to him on the pages, he'll be way more interested in just looking at me talking. His older brother was completely different, since 3-4 months he'd be fine and dandy on my lap going through our whole library of books in one go and was pointing... More

  • antigrav_kids

    That's exactly what all the kids here did. Now they all love books.

  • Grace
    10h ago

    We like laying on our backs and holding books up so that we can read to our 4 1/2 month old. She’ll reach out and touch our shoulder and stare at the pictures, looking at us off and on. Maybe having the book further away will help?

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