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Ariel posted in Newborns Today

Sharing room with newborn baby

Hello everyone. My husband and I live in a one bedroom apartment in Glendale. The rent is $1600. For now we cant move out of here for several reasons. Now I am 6 weeks pregnant and I am worried is it ok to share the bedroom with newborn baby?? Has anyone done that?

  • Kieli
    50m ago

    Definitely do what is best for you and your family, only reason I had my daughter in my room for so long is because we were living with family and she had to be with us. As soon as my 5 month old is finished breast feeding I will be putting her in the room with my 2 year old.

Trying to stop breastfeeding

Hey moms, I need help. My son is turning 1 this Sunday (on the 13th) and he has 8 teeth already. I’m trying to get him off the boob but he’s a fighter and doesn’t want to get off. Any suggestion moms

Toddler carrier

Is it weird that I bought a toddler carrier for my two year old? He can walk but I live in NYC and I don't think he will sit still on the bus and train . I don't think it's really safe especially on the train platform to just hold his hand . Does anyone use a toddler carrier or I'm the only one lol

  • Bethany

    Nope I use one for hockey games and concerts. My daughter will be two in January

  • Marie

    Man, I lived in NYC for my first pregnancy and a grown man was "bum-rushing" me to get up the steps in the middle of train rush hour in the city. I had to speak up and tell him he is pushing a pregnant lady and several people started pushing him around for me. Some people just dont care about their surroundings. So doing that would probably be the smartest thing ever. In fact, I'm... More

Anonymous posted in Safety Oct 08

Do you take out your babies earrings out at night?

I have a 15 month old girl. Do you let your child sleep with her earrings . My mother in law came to visit and asked whether i take out her earrings at night. I said, no. Im originally from Africa so i slept with my earrings. My husband is white so its two different cultures. Baby sleeps through the night with her earrings in with no problems. Should I take them out?

  • Anonymous

    You don't need to. Just make sure the material the earrings are made with suits her (you'd know this in a day or two, if there is no rash then she is fine). On the other hand, at that young age you might end up closing the piercing if you forget to put them back for a day or two. (It happened to me at age 3 when my mom didn't put mine for 2-3 days, getting them pierced again was no ... More

  • Anonymous

    Get her some tiny studs in silver or such material and leave them in. Can clean once in a while.

Lilina posted in Babies Oct 08

Transitioning from swaddle to no swaddle at night

My LO is 3 months old and we have been swaddling him since birth. He moves around so much so that is the only way he sleeps. At around 2 months he would sleep from 8pm-3am eat then sleep until 7:30-8ish. I am trying to transition him from the swaddle because soon he won’t be able to use it anymore. Last night was the first night and he woke up every 2 hours. Not fully awake but fussy where I ne... More

  • Jenieze

    I bought the magic merlin suit to transition my daughter out and she now sleeps way better than with the swaddle. My pediatrician said some babies developmentally want to be able to move around a bit more when they sleep and that's why it often seems that they are fighting their swaddle. I also tried the halo swaddle trick above for naps and it was great! Two days later she had both arms ou... More

  • Jenn

    We did Zipadee Zip for a few months then halo sleep sack. Actually still in a sleep sack to prevent crib climbing. They're both pretty expensive but you can buy used for a little less if it's too cost prohibitive for you.

How long does it take for breast milk to dry up after weaning?

I just weaned my 14 month old daughter and my breasts are so full and sore! When will my milk dry up? What can I do dry it up faster.

  • B
    Oct 08

    Take cold medicine for a few days. Dried me right up

Mighty Max (10 mos) doesn’t hold his own bottle yet

... nor does he look like he even wants to. He would cry before he puts his arm out to grab it. Which is why he still isn’t on solid foods yet. Helpppp

  • Anonymous
    Oct 06

    Neither of mine held their own bottles. One was pincer grasp expert by 7 months, the other at 5 months when we started solids. Only criteria for feeding solids is good head and neck control, and their tongue thrust reflex if gone, which is why 6 months is the recommendation for solids. I've never read anything about not giving solids if they won't hold their bottle. You will need to enc... More

  • Marilyn
    Oct 06

    Definitely start solids, especially finger foods. Feeding himself will start encouraging independence. But my son had the same issue and during bottle time i would have him on my lap facing forward and i would help him hold the bottle. So i would hold his grasp around the bottle took a while but he got the hang. But i also have never heard anything about not starting solids if child can’t hold ... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Oct 05

Not breastfeeding

Weird question.... if I don’t plan to breastfeed, do I bring my own bottles to the hospital? And formula?

  • Christelle
    Oct 07

    The hospital will provide you with everything you need to feed your baby 😊

  • Jenieze

    As a tip, most hospitals use Enfamil nipples that you can find on Amazon. I'd order and sanitize at least a pack of twelve to have at home so that your child doesn't have a hard time trying to take another bottle (though they may have no trouble at all!). They also work really well with travel nursette bottles. But yes the hospital will have everything and you can add that you don't... More

Anyone try Miralax for toddler? How long did it take? Did it help? 14 month old scared to poop.

  • Ashly
    Oct 03

    I’ve used it for both my girls- usually takes a day to make a movement but it does help!

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 02

Honestly, I’ve been feeling like crap

Is it possible to have postpartum depression over a year later? I just got a new job that is physically demanding and I haven't been sleeping well and thought maybe that was it but now I'm crying all of the time and just feel like a piece of crap and a terrible mother and wife. Sometimes I regret having my child and just look at her in annoyance and then I regret thinking that. I don... More

  • Anonymous

    I thought I was just in a "funk" and tried from full time job. I finally went to my PCP and he diagnosed me with PPD when my daughter was 8 months old. I just kept thinking it would pass, and it didn't. I also have anxiety, even before a kid! So it really took a toll. I was put on Zoloft (helped so much!, only 25mg, and I'm now off of it. My daughter just turned 2. It h... More

  • Marie

    Postpartum is anytime after having a child. Even if its years after, your body is still trying to recover from having a baby, physically and hormonally just to name a few. There is absolutely no shame in speaking up and standing up for yourself, your peace of mind and your mental health. I would definitely talk to your pcp dr or obgyn just so that someone in the medical field is aware of how yo... More

Anonymous posted in Newborns Sep 27

Other people touching your baby

Is it just me that get super annoyed when other people want to touch my baby? Someone on the elevator in my apt building asked to touch my daughter and I said no. She looked so offended. I didn’t have time or patience to explain why. My mother in law who was with us said I overreacted. I don’t think I did.

  • antigrav_kids
    Oct 03

    I think you did great! No one is obligated to get to touch a baby, and I say that as a person who wishes I got to hold every baby I ever met. If you're gut, instinct, rational mind, whatever, tells you know, then the answer's no. You've got a good reason whatever it is, and even if you don't, it's your kid, not theirs.

  • Tash
    Oct 03

    I just dont know why anyone would ask! I would never expect to be able to "touch" a stranger's baby. If it's a friend or colleague and their body language suggests they are open to it, I might ask and even then I am prepared to hear something like "let's see if he wants to go to you" aka "maybe not".

Jessica posted in Sleep Sep 26

7month old-transitioning naps

So she wakes up at 6-630am everyday. If we do a morning nap(830-9ish) she sleeps 30mins tops but if I wait and put her down after 930-10am she sleeps for an hour and 20mins usually. Same with 2nd with her almost 3yr old brother at 2pm and she sleeps still 1hr and 20mins. Then goes to bed for the night around 6pm. Can 7month olds do two naps a day? Or should i be letting her take that... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 27

    I wish our daughter napped more than 30min at a time. Our pediatrician says longer naps are better.

Starting Solids

My baby is 8 months and I am a FTM. Any advice on getting my baby to start with solid food? She does great with purées and Mum Mums but what is next?

  • Diana
    Sep 23

    I would try semi-solid foods like bananas and avocados. I also loved the little mesh pouches that let me put any food in it: baby could safely put it in her mouth and get the flavor (that’s how I introduced possible allergens like shrimp - and basically a bite of anything the adults were eating)

  • Anonymous
    Sep 23

    You can also introduce small pieces of soft food so she can practice her pincer grasp. Both my boys started with frozen peas. They are good frozen OR thawed, they mash easily, and are small enough to swallow. And great for soothing teething.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Sep 20

Bottle weaning now or wait?

My daughter is almost 14m and still takes a bottle to sleep - 2 bottles total a day since she’s down to 1 nap. I’ve been wanting to start to wean her off but we just decided to take our first family vacation. It’ll be a 6hr flight and her first time on the plane. When we leave she will be almost 15m and we are going for a month. I’m torn on keeping her on the bottle and weaning when we get back... More

  • Laura
    Sep 23

    Careful with the painters tape. On a flight when our daughter was one I stuck a small piece within her reach and the next second she was coughing on it.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 27

    My two year still goes down with a cup to go to sleep for nap and bed time. I’ve watered down the milk gradually and now it’s almost completely water, but she still wants it. Sometimes when she wakes up it’s all gone and other times maybe an ounce. Do what works for you and your family. I would suggest start using and introducing a cup if you haven’t already and if she takes too the cup, then r... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Sep 20

Baby Hair Regrowth

Help! I thought that my 5 month old baby was losing his hair, but caught him tugging and pulling his hair out at night. Since then, we've started using mittens and that seems to be helping, but now he has several bald patches on the back of his head :( Has anyone experienced this? Will hair grow back? Any tips on helping my little one speed up his hair growth?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 20

    His hair will grow back. Right now their hair is so fragile that it falls out easily. Bald spots are completely normal

  • Justyce
    Sep 22

    Coconut oil worked for my baby

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Katherine posted in Babies Sep 19

ISO a double stroller for a new baby and tall toddler

I’m about 4 weeks away from having baby #3 and on the hunt for a stroller that will accommodate a tall toddler (32 lbs) and a Graco car seat. I’d really like to find an option where the two year old can sit in front. I’ve been looking at Graco (some seem too small) Baby Jogger, Joovy, but the challenge is finding them on sale in person so we can test them out. Any recommendations are appreciated!

  • Sara
    Sep 22

    We have the Graco Ready2Grow double stroller and really like it. Our 2yo is also tall (37”&30lbs). He sits in front and our infant can now sit facing towards us in the back in his Graco car seat or just in the seat. The stroller has so many different ways of riding too... two car seats, two toddler seats, a seat and a stand up, etc. We also bought ours used for $80 so definitely worth t... More

Any cloth diaper moms out there?

Hi, I cloth diaper my 13 month old. Overnights are becoming a problem. We are starting to see a trend where she wakes up with a diaper leak. Stripping her crib, bath & change of clothes all first thing in the morning is becoming old. Also, it must be uncomfortable for her. She doesn’t cry just sits in all the wetness. She sleeps about 10-12 hours overnight now. Goes to sleep with 1 - 8... More

  • Rhianna
    Sep 18

    Hi there, I recently was struggling with my little one leaking through his cloth diapers too. The number one way to avoid any heavy wetting at night is to limit the liquid intake before bed time. We don’t give my son any drinks or milk once we’re two hours out from our desired bed time. This has tremendously helped as he is able to potty one last time before falling asleep and will not go agai... More

  • Maria
    Sep 21

    There’s an amazing organization called Fluff & CD science that can help!! They have a group on Facebook but also you can find them by googling. They have guides for this exact issue!

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Sep 15


My MIL keeps saying low key remarks about me not wanting to breastfeed my twins this winter.... I’m perfectly content in my choice and it mostly just irritates me that she isn’t, I’m not going to change my mind. Anyways- just wanted to say.... if you don’t want to breastfeed, then don’t and you’re still a bada$$ mom.

  • G
    Sep 16

    Well said!

My 7 month old daughter is constipated a lot.

I have been trying everything from prune juice mixed with her formula to otc aids+ prebiotics. She is now afraid to poop and cries when having a bowel movement. What can I do and will this ease up?

  • Liya
    Sep 15

    Water helped our baby too. We would give .5- 2oz /day until it’s better and stayed away from oatmeal/cereal.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 15

    My daughter had this issue and her pediatrician advised us to give her a small amount of miralax a day to soften her stool and help her get back on track. We tried the prune juice and all of the other tricks in the book, nothing worked but that.

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