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Anonymous posted in Babies 4h ago

Just tell me it’s not a big deal

10.5 months old. 100.5 temp. Vomiting last night. No appetite. Shaky when walking (he’s a very strong walker). Struggling to poop. Mopey and lazy this morning when typically he is very active in the morning. Motrin helped last night but temp is right back up today. He’s my first child and this is his first ‘fever’. Typical first time mom, I know.

  • Emily
    54m ago

    Vomiting or hard poops- could be dehydrated.... definitely call your doctor!

  • Kerry
    9m ago

    Shaking while walking sounds like dehydration too. Is he drinking? If he was sick and no appetite thats norm for a bug but if hes not keeping in fluids then I would go to the drs. I agree with anonymous worried mums need drs to say its ok. I just took my 6 month old in this week some signs of ear infection mainly pulling on ears but can be due to teething. I thought it was all teething but want... More

J posted in Child Care Yesterday

We survived the first sickness!

Just wanted to share how much I had been dreading the first sickness since baby started daycare — and we just survived fever, congestion, and no sleep summer flu. We all got it and man, was that hard! But we are finally on the mend... phew!

How old were your babies when you felt comfortable taking them to the beach and going in calm water?

Also any tips for keeping them cool and comfy!

  • Kerry
    1m ago

    I took my little one when he was almost 3 months (he was also 5 weeks early) we loved it. We live in Florida so have stayed away while its been really hot but will go again soon. Ive got a portable play pen with a shade on it so he can stay in there for some shade. Its hard carrying all the stuff and a baby on my own so prob skip the umbrella for a litte bit until hes walking. Take plenty of fl... More

Picky Stage

I have a 15 month old who has decided too go through a picky phase. And he refuses too eat almost everything we put in front of him. What are somethings you give your L.O. That they love too eat??

Kendall posted in Sleep Yesterday

A funk?

My 9 mo old has been cutting his morning nap awfully short, like 30 minutes short. And then making it to his afternoon nap where he sleeps almost 3 hours.... is this a funk or a sign to switch to one nap? I feel like it’s too soon to be on one nap...

  • Alyssa

    At 9 months old my daughter started the same thing. Now at 10 months, 6 out of 7 days she is only taking one nap. It happened naturally for us. She was harder to put down for that first nap so we just stopped trying and now she normally just rests and cuddles for a bit and is good till her nap around 1 or 2.

  • Heidi

    The last daycare I worked at had their infant room on a schedule that was 45 min in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. Once the kids were 1 we cut the morning nap. It’s all really up to your lifestyle and routine though. My son is 18 months and sometimes still takes two naps. If they are still happy and not acting tired or over tired I wouldn’t worry about t.

Two month old just drinking 20-23 ounces

My daughter is supposed to drink 27-30 ounces according to my pediatrician. She is hardly drinking 20-23 ounces and refusing any milk if I overfeed. How can I increase her milk intake? She always looks content and doesn’t show any sign of hunger with the amount of milk she is drinking now. One thing I noticed is that she gags and is very fidgety while drinking milk from bottle. I expressed m... More

  • Jenn
    4h ago

    Ya she is gaining really well, especially since they all lose weight after birth. She probably gained 2 lbs in the first month, which is awesome.

  • Jackie
    57m ago

    I think if she’s satisfied with what your giving her than you go go with your mama instincts. Doctors just give you a percentage of what others eat

Anonymous posted in Starting Solids Yesterday

Baby Led Weaning

She’s 6.5 months old and since she’s had a few bites of more solid food she’s no longer that interested in purees. She has 2 teeth. Is it too early to consider BLW? What was your experience like?

  • Diana

    You dint have to give babies any purée at all actually

  • Anonymous

    Thank you everyone

My daughter Haizley is 12 month old and she doesn’t have the two teeth on top. Is that normal?

  • Diana

    Yes, absolutely. It’s a very individual thing and no way to force the teeth out any sooner

  • Rachel
    5h ago

    Yes very. My son didn’t have any teeth till after his first birthday. He was walking and talking but no teeth.

Anonymous posted in Babies Yesterday

Baby wants to MOVE 3 mo

First time mom...our 3 mo has never really objected to tummy time and has good neck control, but now instead of figuring it how to roll seems to be attempting to CRAWL. Baby can lift their upper torso up fairly high and then kicks really hard. If you put a toy slightly out of reach to either side baby tries to push/shove over toward the toy rather than rolling over to see it. It seems a litt... More

  • Yopolos

    Don’t over think it. Baby is going try every way possible to move and will eventually figure it out. Three months is early for rolling over.

  • Gi

    The “crawling” is normal - actually more a reflex still :) just like babies are born knowing how “to walk” lol your baby will roll over as soon as she discovers her foot, usually around 4-6 months! Finding out her foot means she’ll know pretty much her entire body! Usually it’s an accident just by grabbing her foot, she will roll over :) don’t think too much, but as a physical therapist I’ll re... More

Anonymous posted in Sleep Friday

Team no sleep. Help!!!

I have a 5 month old and my little one seems to wake up every 2 hours for the first half of the night and then every hour after Any tips on how my little one can sleep through most of the night ? Is anyone else going through this?

  • Maria

    Ferber method all the way! i use it with my twins. That’s how i stay sane and get quality rest at night.

  • Amanda

    The book Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child changes my life. She sleeps from 6pm to6am wakes up just to eat then sleeps until 8.

Anonymous posted in Sleep Friday


My 6 month old won't sleep all the way through the night anymore (he got his 6 month shots 2 weeks ago). Instead, he wakes up every 2hrs and it's so stressful. Anybody have this same problem? I don't sleep train my baby, I rock him to sleep. I refuse to let him scream and cry and the lack of sleep is taking a toll on my mental health crucially 😣 heeelllppp

  • Anonymous

    No I live in Missouri. Aww!! So cute!!

  • Anonymous

    It could be teething, try Tylenol or Motrin before he goes to bed one night. Also since you are rocking him to sleep he may not know how to put himself back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Maybe try putting him in his crib without rocking and see how he does.

Dessa posted in Bathing Thursday

Bath toys for a 6 month old?

What are some good bath toys or activities in the bath for a 6 month old?

Has any one had experience using the Evenflo Advanced pump and/or Medela starter pump?

  • Lisa

    The pump I got free through my insurance was the Medea pump in style for each of my kids. I exclusively pump and it is and has always worked fine. I like how compact it is and easy to transport

  • Anonymous

    I received the Medela pump from my insurance and liked it. My friend had the Medela pump for her first child and has the Evenflo for her second child. She says she likes the Evenflo better because it seems to "empty" her more than the Medela

Anonymous posted in Behavior Thursday

3 mo old keeps rubbing her head

Hi everyone, my baby recently started rubbing her head it’s so weird! She isn’t scratching, though she has a small spot of cradle cap, and it’s just odd. My mom says she’s just figuring out where she ends and everything else starts, but she’s starting to give herself a bald spot from rubbing. She especially does it when she’s nursing and when she’s drifting between asleep and awake. Should ... More

  • Paige

    Even without rubbing his head, my son has lost a LOT of hair. Totally normal. But it is very common for babies to soothe by rubbing/pulling body parts.. even banging their head against stuff is completely normal.

  • Amy

    It’s probably a sleepy thing. my son smacks everything as he’s falling asleep, including himself 🙄

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Thursday

Infant fever

My 2.5 month old has had a fever ever since last night. Anyone know how to treat it? It’s been around 100.5 and I already called her doctor and I guess it wasn’t important enough to call me back and now office is closed.

  • Haley

    There should be an on call nurse or physician when you call your peds office after hours. I'm pretty sure that's low enough not to worry really...especially if the baby is still eating normally, having wet diapers, and acting normal. But call if you're concerned or head to an urgent clinic. Sometimes the peace of mind from knowing is worth it.

  • Anonymous
    7h ago

    Thanks everyone, she is much better thanks to Tylenol every 4 hours

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Thursday

Not a clogged duct

I have a “white head” on my nipple and it hurts but my ObGyn is pretty sure it’s not a clogged duct (based on the location, the fact that the pain isn’t as severe as with clogged ducts and the absence of a hard lump in my breast). I’ve used hot showers, massage, frequent nursing, even had hubby try to suck it out, and used a sterile needle, treating it as if it was a clog. Nothing worked and i... More

  • Julie

    I followed these directions to a tee and it worked to clear mine within a day.

  • Gloria

    No, a bleb is not a clogged duct but if not cleared can lead to one because no milk is coming out of that blocked nipple pore. The skin is covering it. Don't pick at it it stick any more needles. You're risking infection which could be worse. Yes, baby can feed if you're using Olive oil or even coconut oil on the nipple. Just gently wipe it off a bit before baby nurses if he seems t... More

5 month old daily activities?

What are some fun things I can do for my 5 month old? He gets so fussy and I think it's from not enough stimulation ( too hot for walks right now).

  • Claudia

    My baby had a lot fun with balloons! He used to move his legs and loved to see how the balloons were moving too.

  • Katrina

    My 5m loved table spoons and kitchen utensils, plus riding around on me in a carrier chewing on said spoons just watching all the stuff I did. Lots of songs and narrating our day.

Anonymous posted in Sleep Thursday

11 Month Sleep Regression

Did anyone else experience this? My baby has been refusing her 2nd nap for 5 days now. Everything I’ve read says this is a regression and should pass in 1-2 weeks. Any tips? How do I protect that second nap?

  • Caitie

    Mine had trouble around this time with napping, too. It was around the time she was getting good at pulling up and cruising, so she would just stand up as soon as I put her down. Sometimes when they’re learning new stuff it makes it hard to go to sleep.

  • Jenn

    We had the same issue around the same age. There were a few days where I just said screw it but for the most part we stuck with the schedule. There were plenty of days she cruised around in her crib for an hour during second nap time. I figured it was better to keep putting her in there at the normal time even if she wasn't sleeping. She eventually went back to normal :).

Anonymous posted in Behavior Thursday

I need some help please. It's been so hot this summer and so we go out at night when it gets cooler, problem is my daughter starts crying right when it gets dark and needs to be held. Can anyone help with suggestions as to what can be done to help her with her fear of the dark. Shes 8 months going on to 9 months

  • Anonymous


  • Jennifer

    It's a phase they go through. My daughter was the same, she is completely scared of the dark. Before as soon as it gets dark in the house, she would get scared. Have to turn on light in all areas of house. Now it got better but she never wants to walk in room or be left behind in dark. I still have to walk her to restroom to turn on light for her. My daughter always wants to be held. ... More

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