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Flat spot?

It looks like my son has a little bit of a flat spot on the left side of his head. Was wondering if there’s anything I can do to help get rid of it?

  • Michelle
    5h ago

    And if that doesn’t work, the dr may use one of those helmets. My daughter had a slight one on her right, she always wanted to lay her head down and tilt her head to the right. I had to do stretches with her at every diaper change and try putting her down with her left side down. Good luck Momma!

  • Katie
    5h ago

    Thank you!

Jennifer posted in Babies 5h ago

Baby cold 7 month old

Symptoms are runny/stuffed up nose, lots of coughing especially in the middle of the night, no fevers. So I’m wondering what others do in this case? Medicine? Any natural remedies? Let it cure by itself???

  • Caitie
    2h ago

    Get your bathroom hot and steamy with the shower and sit in there for a few minutes with them. This helps loosen up some of the funk and makes the nose frida easier to use and more productive, if you will. I like to do this right before bed. A warm bath almost always makes my baby feel better, if only because it cheers her up.

  • Taylor L
    2h ago

    I completely agree with a humidifier and the nose frida! They are amazing to get those stuffy little noses cleared up! (:

Amanda posted in Sleep 6h ago

How do you change your baby’s sleeping habits from sleeping in fisher prices rock and play?

  • Jenn
    2h ago

    I started with 1 nap, then slowly moved to all naps, then night time. I worked well and we had no issue. She sleeps better now actually.

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery 6h ago

PTSD from c section?

I had a really traumatic birth with my first and had to have an emergency c section. Everything that could of went wrong did and I’m terrified it will happen again. I’m pregnant again and have a c section scheduled for may 13th. Its giving me so much anxiety and keeping me up at night. I’m terrified! Was your second c section any better? Does that fear go away? I’ve talked to my doctor about it... More

  • B
    1h ago

    I had a planned caection, and it was much less traumatic than what I’m sure an emergency one was. Although I went into labor early, so had it early. You are awake the whole time, and can see and touch baby right away. Ask your doctor now to talk you through exactly what will happen. It helped me a lot. I also asked the nurse during to tell me what was happening.

  • Anonymous
    1h ago

    Thank you so much ladies I don’t know how I posted it anonymously but definitely needed some encouragement. We’ve talked about Vbac but I’m even more scared of the risks with that just because I have some health issues. My dreams have just been so bad lately and almost every dream I die while giving birth so it’s just a huge anxiety thing for me. I really appreciate all of your stories/encourag... More

Aye posted in Sleep Today

What/where does your LO sleep in for naps?

So far mine is in a swing but I hate leaving her in it so I’d move her to the bed and which she’d wake up right away or not too long after the switch. She won’t nap for long on the bed. Any good alternatives? Or is it okay/comfy for them to sleep in a swing? (She 7 months btw)

  • Elle
    2h ago

    Bassinet or Crib. In her own room.

  • Kendall
    2h ago

    I say do what ever makes baby sleep the best/longest lol but that’s just me. We moved our son to his crib about 4 months and he had no issues so we just stuck w that.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Today

My 8.5 month old won't stop whining

Hes been so yelly and whiney lately no matter what I do. He doesn't stop weather hes playing or being held or eating or nursing. He doesn't seem to know what he wants, as he will gesture to be held but then immediately want to be put down. He just had a checkup and everything is healthy and normal. I'm at a loss of what to do and my patience is starting to take a serious hit. Please help.

  • Jennifer
    5h ago

    Teething maybe???

  • User46272&
    4h ago

    Mine is the same when he’s teething. Focus on natural teething remedies and break out the infant Tylenol on especially rough nights. My ped recommended only giving Tylenol twice a month tops.

How can we stop breastfeeding?

  • Brittany

    With my first one it was easy I just weened him completely off day feeding and he was fine than after two weeks stopped night feedings and he was fine with it. My second was younger and had a harder time I tried slowly weening but just seemed like he was eating more instead so I had to cold turkey him it was hard but after a few weeks he got there. You’ll definitely have some sleepless nights w... More

Cookbook recommendations?

I’m gonna cut down my 14 months old baby girls milk bottles to twice a day. She doesn’t really eat much solid foods, I want her to start eating but before I do it I want to be prepared and be consistent on giving her solid foods and I want to make sure that it taste good. I don’t have time to google her every meal. Any recommendations mommies? Thanks in advance! 😉

  • Cary

    Start with veggies!!!

  • Aylin

    I have the “big book of organic baby food”. I also have the baby bullet which came with some recipes inside

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Yesterday

Any recommendations for a baby monitor to add to baby registry?

  • Samantha

    Nest Camera! It’s a home security camera that can be used after baby is older. Can access from your cell phone, iPad, Apple TV, nest website. My husband often watches our little boy fall asleep from work. It’s pretty neat!

  • Anonymous
    1h ago

    We have the ibaby care! It’s a little more pricey than some would want to spend but it’s WiFi so we just downloaded an app and we can move the camera and view. Our baby sitter downloaded it, and even my mom in AZ downloaded it to be a sleepy baby creep. Moral of the story, having the app makes everything easier for us!

Hey. I'm new here. I am looking for advise on ways to help my baby stop breast feeding. Any help?

14 month old baby boy is still breast feeding but also eating everything we eat. He loves to snack!! Very healthy and happy.

  • Brittany

    With my first one it was easy I just weened him completely off day feeding and he was fine than after two weeks stopped night feedings and he was fine with it. My second was younger and had a harder time I tried slowly weening but just seemed like he was eating more instead so I had to cold turkey him it was hard but after a few weeks he got there. You’ll definitely have some sleepless nights w... More

  • Brittany

    Oh I should mention I did switch them to milk and offered bottles my youngest didn’t want anything to do with it so it was hard but eventually he realized I wasn’t going to feed him the breast.

Church outfits

Hii, I’m wondering if there’s any places that offer baby church outfits. I’m having a hard time finding place that have cheap church outfits.

Anonymous posted in Sleep Yesterday

7 month old not sleeping

HELP!!! My 7 month old refuses to sleep! She stays up until she just crashes (usually between 10PM and 1AM). Wakes up between 6AM and 9AM. She flat out refuses naps. We've tried cry it out. We've read every article and book we can get our hands on. We try to work on a schedule. She just refuses. She is scared to miss out on anything. She's a baby Energizer bunny. Our first kid ... More

  • Anonymous
    1h ago

    I pushed her dinner, bathtime, and bedtime all back one hour and she went down much easier than usual. Fingers crossed she'll stay asleep for a smidge. She also just had a second tooth pop through the gum today. I'm gonna try the earlier bedtime for the rest of the week and see what difference that makes. 🤞🏻

  • Samantha Wood
    51m ago

    Good luck!

New teeth!

Looking for recommendations for toothbrushes and toothpaste for 6mo with fresh teeth!

  • Annie

    I use the all natural bamboo toothbrush (bought it on Amazon a family pack) and for toothpaste, I use Toms natural children's toothpaste fluoride free...


Anyone have any advice on bottles for breastfed babies ?

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Tuesday

Moms with babies that have tubes!

What did you find best that works to plug their ears while in the bath? I’ve done cotton balls and Vaseline but they always fall out.

  • Tammy

    Same. In fact they said only if she were to swim in lake or pond should I worry about using plugs. I didn’t have her in a pool but I probably would have done it then too but no need apparently.

  • Michelle

    I bought kids wax earplugs. We used them a lot when she first had them placed because she didn’t like getting water in her ears. It’s been about 9mo and we don’t use them much anymore.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Tuesday

Baby Led Weaning

Our little just turned 7 months. We've toyed around with baby led weaning some, but she is just now getting to where she is actually eating what's on her tray. Before she was just kind of mushing it up and exploring with it. What kind of food are some good starting points? We started with brocolli and bananas already but want to branch out some now.

  • Khushboo


  • Anonymous

    Be careful with peanuts or anything like that. Although, some say if you expose them early they are less likely to develop an allergy, but if you expose them too early and they already have the allergy, CPR is way harder to preform on an infant than a toddler. Obviously you as a parent knows what’s best for your children. Just something to think about!

Anyone tried cleaning kids earwax by dissolving with few drops of hydrogen peroxide?

I'm trying to clean this big wad of earwax is my daughters ear and Googled online natural ways to clean ear, and most of online searches says to add few drops of hydrogen peroxide to dissolve. Anyone tried that? Or how do you clean baby/toddlers ear wax?

  • Ivy

    I have used it in my son's ears. His earwax clogs up his ears terribly, to the point where a doctor cannot look inside at the ear drum. I make a warm rinse with peroxid, olive oil, and water. Use a syringe, and spray into his ears, angling the water stream at the wall of the canal and not directly down the hole. I get out giant wads of hard ear wax every time. Earwax is generally healthy, b... More

  • Tomasa

    The pediatrician prescribed Debrox for my son

How often a day can I give my baby tastes of food that is not her milk?

  • Tammy

    Started with rice cereal just before 4mos for both. After she got the hang of it we introduced fruit in the morning. Second is not as excited about it as the first so we haven’t gone to fruit yet. Once number one figured out how to feed herself she refused to be spoon fed. We never made it over 6oz bottles with her. She loved real food. These two couldn’t be more different so I’ll keep ya poste... More

  • Kieli

    My daughters pediatrician recommended feeding her rice cereal twice a day until she got onto more solid foods like purées. Then he said to feed her as often as she wanted. She was a very chunky baby, and thinned out when she started running around. So I just offered her food and sometimes she would eat 3 times a day, and sometimes only twice. I noticed things like colds, and teething really aff... More

Anonymous posted in Sleep Tuesday

10 month old not sleeping through night

She's not sleeping through the night yet and I'm super exhausted. Not a big fan of the cry it out method. Help! How do I get her to sleep through the night?

  • BusyBee

    Mine is 12 months and still wakes up 3-4 times at night to nurse. What helped me to get rest was to sleep together. She sleeps better when she can feel me with her leg or hand and wakes up less. Kids are different, yours still needs a boobie, so give her a boobie. ;)

  • Anonymous
    7h ago

    I dont have very much supply. So i save the supply i have for her comfort feedings at night or if she wont go down for a nap. I cant just give her boob when she wants it.

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