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I'm a single parent to a handsome baby boy. He is now about 3.5 months. I wanted to know if anyone has tips on soothing a baby when they cry. My son cries all the time and for what seems like no real reason. He demands to be held and prefers different positions depending on the time of day. It took him to the doctor, they could not find anything wrong. Just a fussy baby. Thank you for any sugestions.

  • Cristina G.
    Sep 28, 2017

    Could be a sleep regression or possible colic. Just try to be patient with your little guy. Sometimes swaddling helps.

  • Chris
    Sep 29, 2017

    Yes patience is key. When my baby was that age, she preferred to be held and would only fall asleep if we took her on a car ride. If holding the baby gets tiring, getting a baby carrier is a life saver. I highly recommend a Lillebaby. Yes expensive but with a Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon it is more reasonable.

  • Jeni
    Sep 29, 2017

    Maybe listening to music, fun toy or glider/ rocker might help. Is he gassy? Is he still hungry? My baby always wants to be held too. Sometimes she just wants to be talked to (like eye contact, no distractions, parent and infant conversation) sounds silly I know. I do that for 10-15 min than she's ok on her own for awhile. Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 30, 2017

    Sollybaby wraps are life savers and worth every single penny for fussy babies. Also the 5 S's from Happiest Baby on the Block help (not always but most of the time)

  • anndrea
    Sep 30, 2017

    White noise machine turned all the way up, velcro swaddle sacks, pacifiers, gripe water, gas drops, rocking in a chair, loud shhhing sound are all things that helped us. It covers all the bases and problems, and provides security and comfort to baby.

  • Diana
    Oct 01, 2017

    My daughter was a bit gassy at that age. Maybe try a sensitive formula? Or Mylicon gas drops. I used a Woombie to swaddle & bought a rock n play sleeper. Make sure you get breaks too. If you aren't able to find someone to help you out, and you can't seem to get him to stop crying, it's okay to keep doing what you can to soothe him with your headphones on. Or to let him fuss for a minute or two while you take a deep breath. This will pass! Hope some of the suggestions work for you.

  • Jackie
    Oct 01, 2017

    Baby wearing is great!

  • Keke
    Oct 02, 2017

    Mine was the same until she was around 5 months old. I was miserable too. When she finally was able to use a pacifier, it stopped. And now at 10 months old she doesn't like to be rocked, just pop the pacifier in her mouth and kiss her night night, then she falls asleep on her own.

  • Catie
    Oct 02, 2017

    My son cried and screamed for 6 hours daily, after he was born. They had him on all sorts of medication crap. He weighed less at 5 months then he did when he was born, and they were getting ready for an indoscop...cramming a tube with a camera down his throat...I tried everything...the even tried to get us on a firmula that was $300 a month...I cant affors that! We really though he was going to was really bad... My cousin told me about Colic Calm. I did alot of research, and its safe for newborns on up, and became my go to! Its a natural veggie charcole that absorbs gas and acid, it also calms, and is amazing for hiccups, teething, and just fussiness. My son would fall asleep within a few minutes of taking it because the relief was so great for him....its not a regular gripe water...that stuff just sucked. Try the Colic saved my sons life....really.

  • Sofia
    Oct 03, 2017

    Gripe water, halo swaddle a swing and some pacifiers :)