Is it a mom thing where you feel guilty when you hand over the baby to dad so you can have "me" time? Or is it just me? It seems like I can never catch a break because baby doesn't take a bottle, but feel guilty when I say, "Hey, I need a break." Bah!

  • Leigh
    Sep 26, 2017

    Every. Day. Learning to let go of that guilt is so hard, but self care is critical! Especially to be the best mommys we can be!

  • Lindsey
    Sep 26, 2017

    Yep! Still feel that way and I'm on my third😩. I think it's normal but if you need a break take one and try to enjoy it. We really do have the toughest job!!

  • Sk
    Sep 26, 2017

    I think mommy is working too. Being at home watching Baby is a lot of work.

  • Colleen
    Sep 26, 2017

    Yep and it never goes away but sometime you just gotta do it for your own sanity, health, and well being! My hubby literally has to force me.. I resist but am thankful afterwards lol

  • Laura
    Sep 26, 2017

    My parents divorced when I was young. It makes my heart so full when I see my baby and her daddy together. I encourage reading, watching a movie and really anything to give me a break. Last night I took a break and ease dropped on him reading to her. It made me so happy I couldve cried :)

  • Lesley
    Sep 26, 2017

    When you hand the baby over you are doing dad and baby a favor and giving them a chance to bond, don't feel guilty

  • Drew
    Sep 26, 2017

    He can handle it, trust me! The first time I was flying solo over night with our 2mo twins and our 2 yo was a little scary but so much easier than I ever thought. I just had to remember to focus on their needs and leave my phone at my side. All was good and I knew my wife really needed the break! I know she was on pins and needles that first time but she showed that she had confidence in me and I made it work. Don't feel guilty, you need 'you time'. Miss them, but do what you need to do!!!

  • April
    Sep 26, 2017

    My hubby used to feel like I didn't trust him bc of the guilt feeling. Its a hard thing to get rid of but daddy/baby bonding and mommy-time is VERY important for everyone. Plus it makes daddys feel helpful and needed. ❤

  • Bailey
    Sep 26, 2017

    Feel you dude. My son never did a bottle and was ebf to 1. Take the breaks when you can get them. Happy mom, happy kiddo.

  • Sk
    Sep 27, 2017

    I agree with April, I give you thumbs up :) mommy time and daddy time can feel very different. If one works all the time and never spends time with the child and they grow up it will be harder to catch up with them. So, why not give them a chance to bond together a little bit and let you free yourself :) it's a win - win situation :) Because I'm an awesome Daddy :D Hahahahahahaha

  • Sarah
    Sep 28, 2017

    It's totally a mom thing. Do it anyway :D

  • Bethany
    Sep 28, 2017

    Lessen the guilt by reminding yourself how beneficial it is for your little one to bond/socialize with others (besides just mom and dad) it can get really hard down the road if they're only comfortable/secure with the parents.

  • Brenda
    Sep 28, 2017

    I’m a mom who just went back to work and am struggling to let go of him when I’m home because I feel like I need to spend as much time with him as possible. But I know daddy wants some time with him too. And even then I feel guilty putting him down in the evenings because I feel like he should be in my arms bonding with me. 😩

  • Margarita
    Sep 28, 2017

    I feel guilty when I go to work but enjoy the time away with adults. When I'm home I'll change, feed, burp her then play with her until she takes a nap. When she cries when all needs are met; I give her a 10-20 minute time out to cry it out. Every baby has a crying spell at least once per 24 hours.

  • Whitney
    Oct 03, 2017

    I have terrible guilt now and my son is two. It's worse than when he was little because at the point I have figured out how to do everything. BUT I don't want to do it all, I want him to have time with his dad, but I also feel Like at this point, I don't have anything to do that doesn't invoke my son...identity crisis in the making 😋

  • Jessica
    Oct 04, 2017

    Yes especially because he won't take bottle never did and he's one now. But we need to recharge in order to be good mom's. When ever I have me time even if it's a longer shower than usual I feel more calm. And ready to care for baby again.

  • Kydubois85
    Oct 05, 2017

    I don’t feel guilty but I know i will be called on my cell multiple times if I am away from the house and if I’m trying to get something done at home somehow I still end up being the one who is taking care of the kids. This is very unfair

  • Martesso
    Oct 06, 2017

    I don't. I need me time at least once a week or I go crazy.

  • Dakota
    Oct 18, 2017

    Mama you’ve got to do it! My son is one and it took me a long time to realize that if I didn’t start taking me time I was not the best me. I was short tempered and way too burnt out. Take time for you!

  • Sarah
    Oct 20, 2017

    I felt like that all the time when she was a baby. If I wasnt with her all the time it killed me and I felt like I was a horrible mother for needing a break. People told me if I didn't let someone else take her for a little while on occassion, I would have a mental breakdown (but that never happened). She is 3 now, and it still sucks being away from her when I'm at work, but I don't feel as much like I'm a terrible person when someone watches her for me.