We are renovating a bath. He wants a standing shower, I think we need a tub with a LO. Thoughts?

  • Anne
    Apr 19

    It's not *strictly* necessary to have a bath for kids but I would strongly, strongly prefer one. My kids are 4 and 6 and still not really able to deal with showers, even with a detachable shower head. The water is too high up and gets in their eyes and they struggle to rinse properly. So if I had to wash them in the shower every day it would be a real drama, where a parent would always have to be there to help and the kids basically couldn't have any independence in washing themselves. With a tub it's super easy. You can do multiple kids at a time, they enjoy playing in the water and they can do some of the washing themselves which I think is important. If it were me, I would insist on a tub :)

  • Yanis
    Apr 20

    My husband pushed for a stand up shower, and we got one 😐. It took a little bit of time getting our daughter used to it. She doesn’t play as much as she did in the tub. I have a mini inflatable pool that I’m going to put in there just so she can enjoy herself a little more. Also, we are having another baby and it kind of sucks not having the tub.

  • PK
    Apr 20

    Get a tub... we are in the middle of doing our bathrooms. The first bathroom out of commission was the one with the tub so I had to take showers with my son and it was so traumatizing. He loves water! But not the shower. It took us 2 weeks to finish the bathroom with the tub in it and our son never got used to the shower. He would cry each time at night when he knew it was time to shower. Cry during the shower. And continue to cry for 10 min after the shower. Then when we finally got the tub back and I gave him a bath, it took him 3 days to be ok with bath time again.