What has been the biggest stress/problem with having a child. For me it's child care. I am a single parent but I work midnights so I have been lucky enough to always have the same person watch her while I work. Very lucky I've only had to miss one day of work in 2 years. However because she's not in school yet only 2 years old finding someone to baby sit her in the day is a task. Mostly because i rarely do things or go places that I can't take her so I never built that network of sitters but now for a dental appointment or medical appointment it's so frustrating finding a friend or family to watch her for a couple of hours because everyone works during the day. It stresses me out that even getting my teeth cleaned by the dentist seems impossible.

  • Candace
    Dec 04, 2017

    Some churches have mothers day out programs in their daycares. Ours is only for a few hours every Tuesday and Thursday. That way you can schedule your appts during that time and it's fun for your little one to get to play and learn with other kiddos

  • Sara
    Dec 04, 2017

    Yep. I agree figuring out child care is a big stressor for me too. UrbanSitter might be good for building out your roster of possible sitters so that when you have appointments and stuff you have people you trust who can watch your kid.

  • Nikola
    Dec 04, 2017

    Do you know any other mom's of kids the same age? At that age it gets pretty easy to drop them off for a playdate since they don't have to nap every five minutes and the kids keep each other entertained. You could join a babysitting co-op if you don't know any other parents close by.

  • Amy
    Dec 05, 2017

    As Candace said, a mother's day out program might be a great option. A lot of churches do have them but sometimes you can find them other places as well. Here there is a gymnastics gym that offers a really fun moms day out program. 😊 Maybe try going to local play date groups if there are any or searching for local moms group pages on Facebook. Many times those groups so meetups or play dates. You might connect with someone there that you become friends with who is willing to watch your daughter when you have appointments.

  • Paloma
    Dec 05, 2017

    Thanks I'm not a church person and don't have any plans of making that a part our lives. But if I was that would be a great outsource. Maybe I can find something else like a local mom group and meet someone who would be willing to swap favors I can babysit and vice versa.

  • Anne
    Dec 05, 2017

    I'm surprised no one mentioned lack of sleep here! This has been super hard for me and is only starting to get better as my kids are older. I can deal with having very little me time but if I don't get enough sleep I don't feel like I can function at all, physically or emotionally.

  • Lisa
    Dec 05, 2017

    For me, it’s losing my temper. My little one is 3 now and he is a ball of energy. I work full time and go to school part time and trying to juggle that and house work feels impossible. So when my son doesn’t want to brush his teeth to go to bed or makes a mess on the living room when o just cleaned it, I just blow up. Thankfully my husband takes over with my son when I don’t have the patience, but I just feel so guilty afterwards, like I’m not a good mom. And he’s my only child too.

  • Daunielle
    Dec 05, 2017

    My baby getting sick

  • Stephanie
    Dec 05, 2017

    Routine for me. I can’t for the life of me follow a routine, Day in and day out. Every time I try the baby won’t sleep or the toddler has a melt down and we can’t go out, or the preschooler is so ‘bored’ and whiney. Ruins the entire schedule/routine and I am not flexible enough just to move on to the next task.

  • Jerry
    Dec 05, 2017

    Teaching versus play time is hard for me... I want to practice school stuff, instead we end playing instead of learning...

  • Anonymous
    Dec 05, 2017

    Some daycares in my neighborhood/ state have an hourly drop in setup. It's usually very reasonable... With the added bonus of playing with kids her age.

  • Lilliana
    Dec 05, 2017

    I take her to the medical appt but not dental or vision. It's tough. You do what you got to do. I work with other people's schedules for those appt. Mine would be juggling responsibilities with patience and grace

  • Rebecca
    Dec 06, 2017

    I have a 2 & 3 year old. I don't have anyone to take care of them when I go to my appointments. So I have to take them. I just put them in a stroller and put a movie on for them on my phone in the meantime.

  • Thomas
    Dec 06, 2017

    Care.com has an app to help find sitters in your area. I prefer childcare centers over in home day care but I think it's a preference thing. Either way there's a lot to choose from in my area. Your mileage may vary.

  • Giselle
    Dec 07, 2017

    Mine is balancing out me time. Hubby works and gets to ski (part of his job). I’m always home and have no one around who can help watch the kids if I want to even run to the grocery store.

  • Shalay
    Dec 07, 2017

    Living on a schedule. I never lived my life on schedule and being forced into one was very hard. Also not having time for myself

  • Josh
    Dec 11, 2017

    Date nights are more expensive because no matter how cheap our night out is, it's still a splurge because we're still paying a babysitter.

  • Kristy
    Feb 21, 2018

    Try care.com for babysitters. It worked for us. Also, you don't have to be a member of the church to participate in parent's day out. It is just what the churches call it for their day care program. You could find other moms who might be willing to do a trade/co-op for babysitting with you. That saves both of you money and gives you time to do your appointments or errands.

  • Jane
    Mar 02, 2018

    My mother in law. Venting to friends and reading books on how to cope has helped a little.

  • Jasmine
    Sep 22, 2019

    Worrying about how other kids might treat mine or what they may teach them.