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Questions and advice on feeding formula, milk, milk alternatives or pumped breastmilk with a bottle.

Leaking milk

When I bottle fed my son ive started to noticed that he leaks milk out the sides of his mouth and ive tried different bottles with different nipples cuz he was a preemie so I'm using that size but no matter what I do I cant get him to latch on good enough. What should I do?

  • Nicole

    My son did this in the NICU they told me to pace him. Which is tilting the bottle back so the milk is removed from the nipple but keep the nipple in the mouth so he stays latched when he swallows you can tilt it back to feeding again. My son was also tongue tied and we got it fixed.

  • Lavinia

    Mommy of 2 preemies. Baby could be trying to coordinate reflexes. I have to make sure my son's tongue is not in the roof of his mouth. If his tongue is in the roof of his mouth we get a lot of milk dripping out the sides of his mouth. Once we make sure he is latched to the nipple correctly we don't see milk dripping anymore. Hope this helps. Good luck

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Wednesday

Teething and bottle feeding

My son had just started to take bottles but now started teething. All of a sudden he won’t drink his bottle and will only nurse. What do I do, I’m losing my patience and am really worried he’s not getting enough nutrition. What can I do so he will drink his bottle again or drink his milk

  • LoJachimo

    Does he have enough wet diapers? He should be getting enough nutrients just from breastfeeding unless he isn’t setting enough diapers or gaining weight. You can try give him something icy to chew on before the bottle to numb his gums or maybe just wait a couple days until his teeth emerge and then he might take a bottle again

  • Elle

    Track his intake and make sure he is getting the minimum amt of ounces that your pediatrician recommends for his age. Until he is back on the bottle, worse comes to worse, you can weigh him before and after he feeds to see how much he's taking in.

Why is it that when you say formula people look at you like you are feeding your kid whiskey?

I recently had to start supplementing with formula. My son is 5 months old and i just dont produce enough for him. Since we started formula about a month ago he has gained 2 pounds already! He went from the 12 percentile to 60 just like that! So why do people still snub their nose at me when i whip up a formula bottle? I thought they new thing was “Fed is best”. Mommas if you use formula YOU RO... More

  • Kimberly

    Don’t care what others think. Do what’s best for you and your family. Remember, fed is best. It doesn’t matter if it’s breast or formula. Fed is best. I struggled to breastfeed my first who had extreme acid reflux. We were all so unhappy! I felt everyone was judging. Now as I look back, the week we began supplementing we knew we had made the right decision. We were less stressed and the baby w... More

  • Mom

    I wanted so much to breastfeed. I wasn’t producing enough and I refused to let my stubbornness get in the way of my baby’s health. I know moms who’s baby’s are underweight because they refuse to formula feed. That’s not for me. My lo’s health is more important to me than anything else. She’s formula fed and her pediatrician is satisfied with her development. Formula feed on Mama! ❤️

I need to supplement with formula. What do you recommend?

  • Khushboo

    Hipp! It is the best :)

  • Jenn

    I bf mostly but used a small amount of formula in the beginning. Hipp was smelled, looked, and tasted similar to breastmilk. I did a ton of research before going with that one. I've used similac ready to feed in a pinch and it was disgusting.

Getting off the bottle

So my son is 15 months old now and is SUPER dependent on his bottle. In the last 3 months he has gone from like 20oz of bottle to about 30 or 35. He likes sippy cups, but he just loves his bottle! Even if there is only water in it. He will drink it until he is sucking air for a good minute. I try to wean him off of it, but he gets super cranky!

  • PK

    What Andrea ^^ said!! Also what helped us was we put a little bit of chocolate syrup in his new cup and he thought it was a treat. Eventually we stopped putting it in and he didn’t seem to care so much because he was into getting us excited when he drank from his sippy cup. Oh and he needed a separate cup than the one where we put water in.

  • Ashly

    I just went through this with my 18 month old, he uses all kinds of cups but always wanted his bottle when he was upset or tired - we just finally took it away, the first few days were a challenge but it has gotten better!

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Tuesday

Weaning off the bottle

We have a 14 month old that we are supposed to stop the night time bottles. However when we try she screams and screams and since my boyfriend work early we give in and give it to her. Anyone else experience this or have suggestions on what I can do to transition off the night time bottle?

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Monday

Trying to get my 9mo off the bottle?

We've tried different sippy cups but she won’t take to any of them. Ideas?

  • Anonymous

    I think I just need to do it cold turkey. She has the 360 and the soft avent transition cup. I also need to get her off the pacifier.

  • Jenn

    Do one at a time for your own sanity

Anonymous posted in Babies Jul 14


I’ve been exclusively pumping for the last 8 months but feel like my supply is dropping - can’t keep up with my kiddo! 😫 What organic formulas do you recommend?

  • Lisa
    Jul 15

    You could always pump closer together for a couple of days to get the supply back up... I find every 4 hours day and night keeps my supply good and I’m able to freeze for once I quit pumping.

  • Khushboo

    Hipp! My son took to it right away and the transition was so easy

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Jul 13

Hi, I am planning to travel alone with my 8 month old infant on Delta next month. Since its a long haul flight, I was hoping to get some suggestions/ advice from the group.. Need help/ advice on: -How to warm the bottle on the flight -Are we allowed to carry diaper bag and a hand luggage - tips for sterilising bottles on the go - travel must haves Any advice is appreciated! Thanks..

  • Lyndsey

    Pacifier wipes for toys, pacifier, etc

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Kat and ThedaddyScho

Bottle feeding

My little one is 5 mo old and I will be getting a nanny part time when I go back to work. Does anyone have any experience with introducing the bottle? Also, what routine did you maintain? Would you give him the bottle during the same time of day that the nanny would be or did you nurse? Also he has acid reflux so any tips on pacing the feed would be good too!

  • Stephanie
    Jul 14

    We introduced a bottle at 6 months when I went back to work after EBF. He refused it for the first day (it was a hard day), took it reluctantly the second, and by the third day loved it. You can also try sippy cup it all else fails

  • Anonymous

    Comotomo bottles are amazing and very similar feeling to breast. We did not choose to BF however, so cannot speak to transition.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Jul 09

I have a two year old who doesn't want to leave the bottle

He doesn't want to eat any food, just junk. 😔

  • Anonymous
    Jul 09

    i appreciate all your advices. Thanks

  • Natalie
    Jul 09

    I have made major progress by serving my son the same thing we are all eating for dinner just cut up pretty small or made not as spicy. But if he sees we are eating the same thing he's more likely to eat some of it at least!

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Jul 09

Am I overfeeding my baby?

My son is 3 months old and was born a month premature. I’ve been trying to keep up with his appetite, but it seems to keep increasing! He’s already up to 36oz/day. He sleeps for about 6 hours at night and takes multiple naps everyday. Is this normal for a preemie?

  • Elle
    Jul 10

    I can't speak at all to preemies (that's probably a more appropriate Q for a pediatrician), but 36oz/day is totally normal and healthy for that age range. Our 3 month old sleeps 11 hrs (undisturbed) and takes around 4 short naps (30-45min) during the day. She eats 5 times during the day, each 6-7oz. Our pediatrician's feed guidance chart actually suggests the "average baby&q... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Jul 08

Exclusively breastfeeding at 10 months

When I first had my son I knew for sure that I wanted to breast feed not only because of the health benefits but because it would save me a lot of money on formula. Me being the only female in my family to actually stick to it when my family was trying to force me to give my son a bottle from time to time I refused & now I’m regretting it. I can’t go anywhere without him because even if I p... More

  • Anonymous

    Gotta disagree with the above post as a model. Being a new parent can be hard enough. Happy mom, happy baby. And happiness is a major component of health. Healthy momma, healthy baby. Can't figure out how to breastfeed and balance career and other adult responsibilities? Then ask for help, tips, and advice from other working moms. You can switch to breast milk via bottles or formula. All o... More

  • T

    Pick your battles. Know this won’t last forever. He’s not going to starve himself. I’m still nursing my 3yo....


My LO drinks Gerber Gentle Start 1 formula. She’s been drinking it since birth. She’s 13 weeks now. The last two weeks she’s been spitting up a lot, almost half of what i gave her. I called the doctor twice. The first time she said feed her half of her formula, burp her and then give her the rest. So I did that but she was still spitting up. The second time I called she said reduce the amount I... More

  • Elle
    Jul 08

    What happens if you burp her more feequently, like every quarter or third of the bottle? If that still doesn't work, I would bring her in, first to get checked for acid reflux and second for an ultrasound to check her stomach. Around this age in some babies is when the ileum contracts and doesn't release, creating spit up issues. The fix for it is same-day; it jsut needs to be diagnosed.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 08

    Hm, if it’s already been months on that formula I’m not sure that’s what it is.... try a smaller nipple size, maybe she’s drinking way too fast? I kept my son on a premie nipple until he was like 2/3 months because I was nervous about that! Size one around 3 months.

Does anyone have an infant who struggles with reflux?

Not sure if we should try Similac for Spit Up or the Enfamil A.R. for Spit up !

  • Erica
    Jul 08

    Our pediatrician gave us a sample can of Similac for Spit-Up and it helped a lot! We’ve since gone to Walmart’s Parent’s Choice brand with added rice starch and our little one does so much better and has had no problems with it.

  • Blair
    Jul 10

    Our LO struggled with it until she was 5/6 months old. Similac Spit Up all the way! We tried the Enfamil too, but it has a lot more air bubbles and gave her bad tummy aches.

Bottle nipples...

I have a 6 month old son who still uses the #2 MAM nipples. He’s starting to get annoyed with feeding (starts eating but then stops halfway and refuses to continue) so I’m guessing it’s cause he thinks the nipples are too slow. I tried using the #3 nipples and things were going well again for a few days but then everything turned to sh!t cause he started choking on the #3 and also SUPER spittin... More

Infant Questions about Sleeping and Eating

I have a 7 week old and just thought I would throw out some of my questions. 1. When did your LO start sleeping longer than 3-4 hour stretches at night? What did you do to help them sleep longer? 2. When did your LO start consistently eating more than 3 oz per feeding? 3. When did you switch to a bigger bottle nipple? This is especially for those that use Avent bottles. My LO is still using... More

  • Jenn
    Jul 06

    Thanks everyone...she slept 7.5 hours last night with a dream feed before I went to sleep. I am keeping track of how much she eats a day, and yesterday she had 26 oz. So my goal is to try to get her to have 24-26 oz a day and see if she will sleep longer consistently. We are sticking with the size 1 nipples for the moment because struggled a lot with the size 2 when I tried. She is starting t... More

  • Elle
    Jul 07

    Also, burping A LOT during the feeding will help her pack in more food. Before the 2 month mark, we burped baby super frequently - usually around four times during each feed. Also helps prevent gas that makes it harder for them to self-soothe back to sleep when they wake up briefly in between sleep cycles.

Bottle cleaning...

I’ve been soaking my bottles, after each use, in a tub of water and the Medela Quick Clean Breast Milk Removal Soap, and then rinsing and sterilizing afterwards. I’ve been doing this method cause that’s how they taught us at the hospital. My question is, is there any reason why I can’t just soak them in regular dish soap?? Should be fine, right? Thanks!

  • Tina
    Jul 05

    We started with the Babyganics bottle/dish soap. Which I just used for our dishes as well. It worked great! That was with baby #1. Now we just use the dishwasher and that’s just as good and so much easier.

  • Julie
    Jul 05

    You can use dish soap or medela soap.. or the dishwasher ;)

Costco brand formula

Has anyone tried it? Seems to be the same as Similac but half the cost. Does anyone know if there is a difference minus the brand name?

  • Laura
    Jul 02

    Wirecutter website recommends it as the best value. We used it and it was fine.

  • Sarah
    Jul 04

    Just got a batch and my son hasn't had any problems. I had heard that Similac makes the kirkland brand too.

For all those receiving formula samples...

How did you get them? I signed up with Enfamil’s program awhile back and still haven’t received anything :( And is it “bad” to keep switching the different formulas with the baby? As in, feed him Gentlease and then once I finish that container, feed him Neuropro? And then switch him to Premium?

  • Kristin
    Jul 02

    I too got an Enfamil sample in the mail recently, I can’t remember how. You could try contacting their customer service. We’re using Similac btw. But we still tried the sample. Our 6 mo seems fine w/ it. I think it’s best to ask your pediatrician about switching different formulas.

  • Diana
    Jul 03

    They say the wait for the sample formula is about 6 to 8 weeks from sign up

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