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C posted in Bottle Feeding Mar 13

6 month old spits up milk during tummy time, 2-3 hours after feeding

People tell me to wait an hour after feeding to put baby on tummy time, so that he won't spit up while he's on his tummy. But it can be 2-3 hours after feeding, and he still spits up multiple times. All that wasted milk, all that cleaning up. All the frustration. He's only awake and alert for about 1-2 hours between naps and night sleep, and awake for only 4 out of 24 hours in tota... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 14

    Babies spit up. It doesn't matter how long since a feeding, people just say an hour so the stomach has more time to settle. If your baby has acid reflux you would most likely see him arching his back, screaming in pain, etc. My daughter had it and it was very obvious that it wasn't the normal spit up. My daughter is 17mo, has never slept through the night. At 6mo she had about 10 hours ... More

  • Shanon

    Sounds like reflux... Hi my son had severe reflux! He is almost 11 months and it’s finally slowing down. Similac spit up formula helped a lot with preventing spit up.

My 16 month old

My daughter prefers milk over food and I was considering switching her back to the Formula (Enfamil Toddler). Has this worked for anyone with a toddler?

  • Walker
    Mar 11

    It’s always been

  • Lindsey
    Mar 12

    I wouldn’t switch her back to formula at 16 months old. My daughter is the same way... basically survives off of milk. So I give her pediasure or instant carnation breakfast. That makes sure she gets all her nutrients and stuff and will help her to keep gaining weight. I also give her a daily kiss vitamin.


Our daughter is underweight and our doctors are hoping we can find ways to add calories to her diet. She is 16 months and has been on the bottle via breast pumped milk from day 3 on. We are trying to transition to a soy free version of pediasure. The problem is she doesn’t like the formula. We were also told we could do carnation instant breakfast. A cup of this a day with whole milk would add... More

  • Natasha
    Mar 09

    Hello! I definitely understand what you’re going through. We have trouble gaining weight too. Pediasure is great as well at pediasmart. There is another type of formula that I’ve noticed a drastic change for my son with. It’s really expensive but totally worth it. I give him just a little bit and it’s enough for the day. Here is their website: . The formula goes up to 13 year... More

  • Jess
    Mar 10

    @imdakine1 - the doctor didn’t suggest a feeding tube because he started to gain weight despite not getting taller. He was in the 98 percentile for weight and height and then that started to plunge. I think because he was so big to start it took a little too long for our doctor to become concerned until she saw he had not grown at all height wise. The smoothies helped us with weight since he to... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Mar 02

Confused about Bm intake while I’m at work

Both of my child’s grandmas watches my baby. One of them said last Friday my 8mo old had 1 more bottle than her usually 3 bottles (4oz each of BM) between the hours of 8am to 1pm then napped from 1:30-6pm. So she had 16 ounces in 5 hours.. then napped for a decade?? This grandma also dips into my frozen stash way more often than the other one. She claims she is still paced feeding but then s... More

  • Sabrina
    Mar 04

    I had an in-law where this happened with me and come to find out, she would be feeding my baby while watching tv or talking (not paying attention to my baby) and he would fall asleep. She wouldn’t notice and it would just pour out the side of his mouth and the burp cloths and bibs would be soaked. I didn’t produce a lot of breast milk at all so I started hiding it when she came over lol.

  • Erica

    Grandma is probably overfeeding. I noticed that whenever my LO cries, they (both grandmas) assume she is hungry or has gas and God forbids if she doesn’t burp. My mom even writes down every feeding and still will feed her if she cries. I pump and measure out exactly how much milk is needed and send that when they are keeping her and I am strict about every 2-3 hours. You know your baby and how... More

Schedule for 8 month old

What’s everyones bottle, food and nap schedule like for their 8 month olds? How many ounces of milk are you giving? Are they waking during the night? Our schedule is as follows; - 7am 7oz bottle - 8am 30-45min nap - 9am 2-3oz baby food - 11am 7oz bottle - 1230/1pm 1-2hr nap - 130pm 2-3oz baby food (if she sleeps pst 130 we skip the baby food) - 3pm 7oz bottle - 430pm 30-45min nap - 5pm 2-3oz... More

  • Jenn
    Mar 03

    The biggest thing with sleep training is being consistent, so if you want to do it, then you have to make sure to stick to it fully. It will take some time (a week at the most, but usually less) and she will get it. Also, if she is up longer in between, she will probably sleep longer. As for size of food, it's the right size if it fits between your thumb and pointer finger. Shoving food i... More

  • Jackie
    Mar 03

    Well have to do something because the not wanting to be put down is getting old especially when it’s bedtime. She does really well with the puffs and veggie curls so I’ll start to introduce solids more Thanks 😁

Tabitha posted in Babies Feb 27

Breast Pump

I’m 33 weeks pregnant and I’m still torn between the idea of breastfeeding v formula feeding. I know I want to TRY to breastfeed but I’m not going to be heartbroken if it doesn’t work out. With that being said, do I buy a pump or just wait and see how everything goes?

  • Tabitha
    Feb 27

    Thank you everyone. This helps a lot!!

  • Jeska
    Feb 28

    You can also rent a hospital grade pump. The lactation clinic associated with my hospital had them. Maybe check around and see what the options are?

Which takes priority formula or solids?

When baby sleeps/naps through a feed which takes precedence? The formula or the solids? We are just over 9 mo and I’m getting confused what to give her...our doctor (Kaiser) does not have a checkup between 6 and 12 months if your baby has been on track, gaining steadily, and meeting milestones. I hate to bother the doctor (and wait the requisite 48 hour turnaround time) with a question I’m s... More

  • Jenn
    Feb 26

    I just had my LO's 9 month check up and my PED told me my LO should be getting around 20 oz of formula a day and then the rest is solids. She said to switch and do solids first, but I know my LO and she wouldn't have any formula if she was offered solids first. So we are sticking with the schedule we have and just increasing the amount of solids we offer at each meal.

  • Jennifer
    Feb 26

    Just an update: our PED response was that either is fine, since she has been so good with solids, and to just let her consume whichever she prefers when offered after waking from a long nap. She said our new (lower) oz of formula intake is to be expected...we’re riding around 18-20 oz plus BF 2x per day and drop to 12-16 oz on days she sleeps long (but she doesn’t wake in the middle of the ni... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Feb 25

How to stop the night time feeding?

Hi! My son is about to be 6 months and he wakes up consistently during the night and won’t go back to bed unless he has a bottle. Any tips on weaning him off the bottle and getting him to sleep thru the night?

  • Lindsay
    Feb 25

    We are in the same boat right now. Our son truly doesn't need all the night bottles. I'm going to try water at the 4am wake up.

  • Jenn
    Feb 26

    You will most likely have to use some version of CIO. Go in and pat/shush but don't offer the bottle anymore. Go in after increasing interval of time (5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, etc.) and do the same thing. He will eventually realize he isn't getting food and will go back to sleep. After 3-6 days, he should sleep through the night.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Feb 23

Help with feeding

Hi parents, hoping to get some advice for my 1 year old. He refused the bottle starting at around 9 mos and will only take the breast. At daycare, he’s moved to solids and takes milk/water occasionally by spoon. Recently, when he’s home and not at daycare, he only eats a few bites before screaming to get out of the chair. I tried feeding him in multiple places thinking it might be the high cha... More

  • Angelica
    Feb 25

    sometimes if me son won’t eat any of his meal, I sit it on the coffee table so that he can still go play but come back to nibble if he wants.

  • Elle

    Put him on a feeding schedule, it will ensure he is hungry when you feed him and he knows that certain times are time to eat. Strong intentional consistent implementation of positive reinforcement the whole way through. Believe he can do it, and he will!

Hey Moms!

I recently purchased 4 Infant formula cans from amazon. Three of them came dented. I assume they were dented during shipment as there was no packing materials inside. Amazon sent me replacements cans and NOW THESE ARE DENTED TOO! I now have a collection or dented formula cans they are the 28+ oz size. I hate to see so much formula go to waste. Is there any harm is giving this to my baby? This f... More

  • Amanda
    Feb 21

    The cans I get from Amazon are always dented. As long as the can is not punctured and the saftey seal is ok there is no harm.

  • B
    Feb 23

    Just like with canned goods, denting can allow bacteria to be introduced. I would check with your doctor but I wouldn’t use them

Sleeping habits

My lo is 9 months and she sleeps in her crib every night but struggles. She has a routine that we follow, it’s quiet and peaceful but she cries when I place her in the crib. As soon as she is done her last bottle of milk she wants to play and she rolls around. A couple minutes after that she falls asleep. But around 2-4am she wakes up for a bottle again. Last night she woke up crying with her a... More

  • Bobby
    Feb 17

    At this stage it’s totally up to you and what you are comfortable with! It may be easier to stop cosleeping now, but some babies/toddlers have a very easy transition.

  • Dani
    Feb 17

    You may want to invest in a weighted sleeper. They’re specifically made for babies and have worked wonders. Expensive, but 100% worth it for a bunch of my friends (including a set of twins).

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Feb 15


My LO has been eating baby food for the last month or so and is starting to eat more now (2-3oz per meal) I usually give it to her in between her bottle feedings. So she’ll has a bottle at 7, baby food at 9 and a bottle at 11. She’ll have baby food 2-3 times a day. And this has been working for us very well. However, I am wondering if I should start giving her the baby food directly after the ... More

  • Angelica
    Feb 15

    I think the feeding schedule you have now is good. How old is she? Formula or breast milk is how the baby gets all of their nutrients through the first year. Baby food is secondary. I would give my son baby food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to get him in the habit of mealtimes.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 15

    She’s almost 8 months. She gets formula. Sometimes we skip the baby food if she sleeps longer than expected. I like to keep her bottles as close to the schedule (7am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm) we have since it works well for bedtime.

Anonymous posted in Babies Feb 10

Unpopular opinion (?):Haaka

Background- when baby was having light therapy for jaundice at 3 days old, I emptied out my engorged boobs with hospital grade pump because we had only 20 minutes outside the box per 2 hours including diaper change.. and it seems pumping that early on affects supply. At home on leave, I used the Haaka every time since baby only took 1 boob at a time. I built a great frozen stash. Now I’m re... More

  • B
    Feb 10

    That’s why people use the Haaka. They want to collect more milk than baby is drinking to have a stash. It’s why lactation consultants advise against it for the first month and your supply regulates. Milk is supply and demand. The more you take out the more you’ll keep making.

  • Tiana
    Feb 10

    I didn’t have this issue and the Hakaa didn’t work as intended on me. Oh well! We’re all different. I busted my ass for 1-3 oz and had to give up as my supply was nowhere near what my baby needed.

Refusing Milk

Help!!! My 16 month old won’t drink milk unless it is from a bottle. I’ve tried everything! Different types of sippy cups, cups with straws, the 360 cups, plain cups, her bottle but with a sippy cup nipple. NOTHING works. I’m getting concerned because she isn’t getting her milk. I give her yogurt and cheese to help with the lack of calcium. I also have tried almond milk. She just won’t take any... More

  • V
    Feb 07

    Hi there, i tossed out all my son’s bottles out and did cold turkey style... it’s been 4 months and he’s still refusing milk from ANY cups. I’ve even tried adding chocolate syrup. Nothing. If he knows there’s only milk, he will refuse it and run away from me. He’s currently eating cereal with milk from a bowl with a built in straw (you can get them from amazon). He also eats a lot of yogurt, ch... More

  • V
    Feb 07

    Arrow Plastic Sip-A-Bowl 22 oz, Assorted Colors - Pack of 4

Self-weaning before 1 year

My LO is 8.5 months and I can barely get her to have 21 oz of formula during the day. Sometimes I can get more in her if I add it to her puree, but she mostly eats finger foods so that may only add an ounce for the day. She isn't waking at night and seems happy/not hungry during the day. I know everything says I should try to get her to eat 28-32 oz until age 1, but could she be self-weanin... More

  • Julie
    Jan 30

    I think that’s perfect!!! But I’m not a pediatrician, haha. My daughter was the same and my pedi said that it was okay!! If anything she’s become more of a milk lover since I transitioned her to whole milk. Anyway, at her upcoming 9 month checkup say something to her dr but overall she sounds on track!! “Food before one is just for fun” is some silly thing someone came up with that means not... More

  • Mama
    Jan 31

    Yea I think she’s trying to tell you she’s ready for foods and supplement with formula.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Jan 30

Breast to Formula

My daughter is 9 months old and my supply is getting low for her needs. I would love ideas on healthy baby friendly formulas you mommas love and why.

How do you convince your hubby to quit giving so many bottles?!?!

How am I supposed to wean baby from bottles if daddy won’t listen?!

Night weaning

Any advice on night weaning? My son sometimes can self sooth during the night, but most of the time he needs a bottle to get back to sleep. He is up more now at 10 months compared to when he was 2 months! I know there’s a strong bottle to sleep association going on. I gave him a bottle of water last night (or else he would’ve drank a days worth of milk if I let him). Seems to be more of a bottl... More

  • Jackie
    Jan 29

    I’m in the same situation my LO is 7 months and she’s only had one bottle during the night pretty much since we brought her home from the hospital and stopped waking her to feed (worse advice from the doctors that I ever listened too 😫)... id like to sleep train but my husband isn’t on board because we both get up at 2am to go to work and have his stepson 2-3 nights a week.. I was thinking abou... More

  • Crystal
    Jan 29

    Different things work for different babies. The cry it out method didn't work for my daughter and did the water in the bottle. I just kept the water by her bed all night. She eventually just weaned herself. I tried the water with my son and he freaked out lol. But the cry it out method worked like a charm. Try different things, but give each one some time. Hang in there, he'll sleep thr... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Jan 28

Anyone that can give me advice on how to make my toddler drink her milk out of sippy cup?

She refuses it, she will only drink juice or water from sippy cup but not her milk. I want to get her off the bottle already. Also i should mention she still drinks milk before bed and sometimes wakes up once at night for milk, would it be okay if it’s in a sippy cup?

  • Lynn
    Jan 30

    Throw out all bottles and nipples.

  • Sally
    Feb 01

    I was having the same issues with my lo. I started using this Nuk sippy cup and heat the milk to room temperate. Worked like a charm. Good luck!

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Jan 27

Enfamil vs generic brand

After we ran out of our Enfamil gentlease we wanted to try the generic gentle formula that is comparable to the gentlease. We asked our doctor if it was okay to go back and forth with the generic and brand name and he said it was fine because it’s basically the same factory. But just wanted to see if anyone had any personal experience with using name brand and off brand at times? Did it seem to... More

  • Alex
    Jan 27

    I have definitely switched between brands and off brands many times and my girl has never reacted at all :)

  • Juliana
    Jan 29

    I use generic formula. I use the Kirkland brand. It’s pretty much the same as similac and enfamil.

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