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Questions and advice on feeding formula, milk, milk alternatives or pumped breastmilk with a bottle.

Anybody else have a 4-month-old baby who’s becoming more and more difficult to feed?

This kid has learned how to hold his bottle when I feed him, and at times he’ll push the bottle away, and then pull it back in. Back and forth and back and forth! He’ll also eat in pieces, 1 oz at a time. And then he’ll gnaw on the bottle nipple instead of eating. It’s just all over the place! He hardly ever eats a whole bottle in one go. The only time when it’s easy to feed him is during his n... More

  • Kristin
    3h ago

    This is the baby bouncer we’re using to feed him more easily but we try not to use the toy cos he gets distracted.

  • Daphne
    2h ago

    Kristen: I think that’s the trick there...move to another room with less distractions!

Breastmilk - Formula Transition Help!!

My 11 month old has been EBF until now. I’ve had some work transitions and haven’t been able to keep up my supply. This week, we will need to start supplementing with formula (I confirmed with his pediatrician who doesn’t want us to go whole milk until we actually hit 1 year mark). So we thought we’d take the opportunity to start him on it over the weekend to make sure that he liked. We did the... More

  • Ro

    I was giving my son breast milk on a bottle until he was about 7-8 months when my supply want enough so I started batch preparing his bottles. I used the big gallon Pyrex to mix all the BM and I'd add about 8-10 ounces of formula to the batch. As my supply got lower is add more formula. He's now 11 months and our doctor said that same thing. After 1 yr to switch him to cow milk. My so... More

  • Andrea

    Thanks everyone. He finally calmed down after about 3 hours and seemed like his normal happy self again. I think we’ll try taking things a little slower going forward and maybe try mixing breastmilk and the formula and see how he does.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Tuesday

Giving up on breastfeeding!

I’ve been strictly breastfeeding my son since he was born anyway he’s 4 months now and I’m fed up with breastfeeding. It’s been a constant struggle to maintain my milk supply and I don’t know what to do anymore to stop fighting this constant battle. I want to keep breastfeeding but it’s making me feel like a terrible mother for not giving my baby enough milk and I’m going insane trying to find ... More

  • Kristin

    I’m on the same boat on this. I’ve researched, read & tried most but I’m almost dry now since my baby turned 4 months & decided he doesn’t want to nurse on me, not even once. Last time, I used to nurse & pump using a hospital grade pump then supplement with formula. You do what’s best for you & your baby.

  • Cynthia

    Have you tried oatmeal? If not, try it. It made my milk supply triple. I should also say... Do what's best for you. I breastfed my first and chose not to breastfeed my second bc it was so rough with the first. And... If you don't think baby is getting enough milk it's probably best to go to formula so baby gets enough food. But again... You shouldn't feel pressured to do anyt... More

Getting my 1yr old off of his bottle

My son just turned 1 & his doctor is wanting me to start trying to get him off of his bottle. does any one have any tips/tricks as too how I can make it easier on him. Because his bottle is definitely a comfort thing for him in the middle of the night more than anything.

  • Lisa
    May 13

    I agree with Cathy, give him sippy cups for meals, once he is comfortable with that then just always give them... also try different styles, my son only likes the no spout ones where they drink from the rim. .. finally, a 1 year old should sleep through the night, so he does not need a bottle to rot his teeth in the middle of the night

  • Rachel
    May 13

    Agree that you should start to ween off the bottle. Do 1 feeding a day with a cup. If he doesn’t drink that 1 feeding it’s ok. Be consistent though. That feeding each day should be with a cup. Don’t want to go backwards. Also, recommend not a sippy cup but one with a straw instead. Good luck

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding May 09

Hi! My daughter is 1 and transitioning to cows milk this week. Do I use a sippy cup or her bottles?

  • Laura
    May 11

    My 13 month old still drinks primarily from a bottle. I tried giving him milk in a sippy cup, but he was also just starting daycare and I felt like that was too much change all at once. And he would dribble all the milk from the sippy cup. Now we have all sorts of sippy cups and water bottles around the house filled with water and if he’s thirsty between his milk bottles he’ll drink from them

  • Ben
    May 12

    Give her rice milk not cow milk, she’ll thank you for it

Hi moms, have you ever heard of diluting milk with water?

  • Superdad
    May 07

    Negative Naz.. 1 to 2 oz. of water mixed with COW MILK does nothing in regards to what your talking about. Unless that’s all you feed your kid!

  • Ashley
    May 07

    I wonder about diluting as well. I know my baby having water helps digestion. And shes had thrush before so I give her a few sips after she drinks her milk. Typically under an ounce of h2o.

I have a 4 month who still feeds every 2.5-3 hours during the night. I heard that formula makes babies sleep through the night easier cause it’s more filling, or something. I feed him breast milk at 8pm and when he wakes up around 11:30pm, I feed the formula (3oz), but the Baby was still waking up as usual (2:30ish). I’ve only tried a few nights, but is this something that develops into longer... More

  • Courtney
    May 08

    I have been going through this over the past few weeks. My daughter is 4.5 months. She was sleeping through the night at 5 weeks! I read in several places this is a common regression period, possible due to their sleep patterns becoming more like adults. Here’s an easy read on it and some possible solutions: I found letting her skip the af... More

  • Hopps
    May 08

    We formula feed our son and he is almost 9 months and eats every 3 hours still. At night he eats once or twice but night feeding is a developmental thing not a hunger thing. Babies sleep through the night due to brain maturity not because of their stomach.

Refusing Bottle

Hi mamas. I’m a FTM and my little boy was always so good about taking a bottle of breast milk in the morning while I slept. My mother would watch him from 5am-8am so I can get some sleep. Then suddenly a week before turning 3 months he STOPPED taking the bottle. He just plays with it and maybe takes 2 sips. I’ve tried different bottles and different nipple flows but nothing is working!! He goes... More

  • Liz
    May 05

    They change so quickly. Recommend the ComoTomo bottles. We also used Dr. Brown’s glass bottles & theses baby bottles were the only one we use now. Your baby will get hungry enough that he will eat so don’t worry

  • Ariana
    May 11

    I know this is a late response but my son did the same exact thing and I started warming up his bottle and he drank it like he was in LOVE, hopefully you worked it out already if not try this 😊

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding May 02

If you have more than one child did you save bottles from your first or just purchase/get new ones? We plan on having more kids but just thinking ahead of time on things that are worth saving.

  • Liz
    May 03

    I saved them...but they say buy new daughter hates bottles so now I'm on my fourth one to keep trying different types

  • antigrav_kids
    May 03

    We saved the bottles. My dad saved my cloth diapers, and we got a lot of use out of those too :)

My daughter is 10 months old, she will be 11 months in a couple of days. She hasn’t been interested in her bottle AT ALL. She will take 2-3 oz, if that. She eats her solids and table food, also drinks water. Should I be worried? Is this normal around this age? Thanks!

  • B
    May 03

    Try the Phillips avent my natural trainer. We also tried a similar tommy tippee version, and the 360 cups. She likes them all, but likes the handle shape on the first a lot.

  • Katie
    May 04

    I've been told before a year give less actually food if baby isn't taking much formula or breast milk after one year they don't need it anymore

Any advice on trying to get my almost 3-month-old daughter to take a bottle!

Right now I e been fortunate enough to take her to work with me for a few hours here and there but soon I will need to be more committed. We have Avent natural bottles and have tried several others including Nuk. She doesn’t even try to suck them she just sort of pushes it around with her tongue

  • Katie
    May 01

    Thanks all! My friend just ordered me a Comotomo. So that will be our next go:)

  • Dana
    May 02

    Definitely try MAM. The nipple shape is more like moms. My daughter also will only drink very warm breast milk.

We’ve transitioned our little meatball from formula to whole milk. He’s used his sippy cup for water for a few months now. But he refuses to take milk from anything other than the same Dr Browns baby bottle he drank the formula from. We’ve tried a few different styles of cup and bottle with no success. Any tips?

  • Britt
    May 01

    Following. Same situation

  • Britt
    May 01

    We have been using the contigo straw water bottles. That’s worked with everything except milk. My sister told me to just let it happen and he will give it up on his own.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Apr 29

Operation: 2nd baby will take bottle

Hi Families! So I'm pregnant with my 2nd. My 1st did NOT take the bottle which sucked big time for me. I'm determined to have this next one take the bottle. Any advice and bottle suggestions would be appreciated and life guys rock!

  • Liza M.
    Apr 30

    I started breastfeeding and then switched to formula feeding around 4 months. I bought some bottles from the Smilo company online-fairly inexpensive, different sizes, etc...they have held up really well and are very easy to clean. I also found that they are true to advertising in that my baby has very little gas after eating.

  • Cassandra
    Apr 30

    I exclusivly breastfed my daughter until she was 4 months old and then I had to go back to work. We used bornfree breeze bottles and they are the only ones my daughter would take. It was an easy transition from breast to these we did try a few others but she didn't like them. Definitely use breast milk in the bottles to start with if at all possible it makes things so much easier!

How many ounces of formula should my almost 3 month old eat at a feeding.

My baby girl will be 3 months old May 13. Curious as to how much formula she should eat in a feeding , right now she's eating 4oz every 2 hours. She's on gerber gentle, but she acts like she's still starving. She has acid reflux and does not take medication for it, so I don't wanna give her to much formula and trigger it. Please help me out, first time mom here. Thanks in advance!

  • Kendall
    Apr 30

    Every baby is so different :( my son is almost 20 pounds and still can only drink about 5 oz at 5 months!!! He was drinking 4 oz from about 3 months to 5 months. If you think she's still hungry I'd say just try one extra ounce. She'll stop when she's full.

  • Elle
    Apr 30

    Our 5 wk, 7.5 lb baby takes anywhere from 90ml to 130ml (3 oz to 4.5 ish oz) depending. She eats every 3-5.5 hrs. Our paediatricians (there are 10+ in the practice) all were focused on making sure we met the 24oz daily target, not how much in any one sitting. If our little one seems still hungry, we'll give her more. She gives clear signals when she wants more and when she's had enoug... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Apr 29

My son is 6 months and when eating his bottle he is sucking so hard that he flattens the nipple and restricts the flow. Is that a sign that we need to move up to the next nipple size?

  • Cassandra
    May 01

    Have you tryed pinching the vent? Sometimes it gets stuck shut with the milk. Your supposed to check to make sure it's open eveytine you use the bottle...

  • Anonymous
    May 01

    There aren't vents in these bottles 😪

Help! My baby who’s turning 4 mos next week & he started to decline on his feedings just this week. He’s a big boy so we’re used that he can finish a total of 40 oz a day (6 oz X 8 feedings) based on his weight. But just this week he slowly would not finish a bottle or even not drink one. He drinks more milk during the day as he sleeps longer at night now. Btw, I give him breastmilk & s... More

  • MARFelix
    Apr 27

    His growth could be slowing down and he doesn’t need or process as much food as quickly. As long as he has several wet diapers a day he’s getting enough food. My doctor said, and I’ve read, that babies need 24-32 oz a day. You may find that he starts cutting out a feeding (especially at night).

  • Kristin
    Apr 28

    Thanks everyone for the response, I appreciate it! He’s slowly getting back to his normal appetite but we’ll know more once we see the pediatrician.

When introducing powdered formula to babies, some mothers talked about mixing breast milk with the formula. Do they mean they use breast milk to replace the water that’s suppose to be mixed with the powder? Or, make the powdered formula with water, and then add breast milk? Thanks!

  • Anne
    Apr 26

    Mix the formula with water first, then add the breastmilk 👍🏼

  • Anonymous
    Apr 26

    Make the formula like regular then just add in some breast milk!

My son is about to turn 4 and still drinks from a bottle. Any ideas to get rid of it?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 23

    Tell him it's time for cups and get rid of them together. Have him pick out his own special cups. Make it fun and exciting. You have to put your foot down though if he makes a fuss.

  • Bethany
    Apr 23

    You know, I was in kindergarten when I stopped drinking out of bottles. I just gave them up when I was ready. It has shown that kids who are allowed to give up “Baby” items (like bottle, binkies, lovies, etc) they are more capable of self soothing when they become grown ups and don’t turn to things like smoking, drinking , or binge eating.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Apr 21

Is it a crazy idea to feed an exclusively breast-fed baby (who occasionally eats solids) a bottle of formula for the last feeding before bed? Could this possibly help my baby sleep better?

  • Miranda
    Apr 22

    I JUST gave my exclusively breast-fed 10 month old formula for the first time a couple days ago. Has your baby had dairy yet? Most formulas are whey (cow’s) protein so I was always really nervous about that upsetting her stomach but now she eats cow’s milk yogurt like a champ. I would try the formula during the day for the first time just in the off chance your baby does have some sort of react... More

  • Lisa Di Enno
    Apr 22

    No research to indicate that it will help baby sleep better. But if it makes life easier for you, there’s no harm in it, either.

Ok so my baby just turned six months and he has gotten constipated. The thing is he has been on the formula since he was born which is simulac neosure because he was a preemie. All of a sudden now it makes him constipated. Why? And how can I keep his stools soft? He is afraid to go because it cuts him and that can be painful. Did his digestive system change??? Help!

  • Anonymous
    Apr 21

    I don't know much about formula but he is old enough to start solids and prunes may be able to help. Probiotics can help, especially if he's been on an antibiotic. Mommy's Bliss also has a prebiotic for constipation but it tastes disgusting and you'll be lucky if he takes it. If you try a probiotic or anything confirm that it's okay with your doctor first.

  • Sara

    What my doctor suggested was putting a tablespoon of prune juice in my daughters formula. That should help make the stool softer and easier. If that doesn’t work give him no more than 1 oz of water a day for a few days and it loosens everything up. I had the same issue with my daughter. Once he starts eating cereal and solid foods it’ll get better. And the water or prune juice helped a lot. The... More

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