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Questions and advice on feeding formula, milk, milk alternatives or pumped breastmilk with a bottle.

Trying to get my 14 month old off bottles and she is rejecting everything. Help!

  • Divina

    The 10 oz Nuk learner sippy cup worked great for us. The mouthpiece is much softer, like a bottle nipple.

  • Karla
    5h ago

    I agree on the Nuk 10oz learner cup. It's the only that worked for us too.

Nipple size

Should I go by the suggested size. I I recently moved my almost 6 month old daughter to size 2 because I got a bigger bottle and she was doing fine but now she is starting to eat like she was doing with size 1 nipple. She is almost 6 months so should I try the size 3 or size 4?

  • Amanda

    Ok thx for the info. All my other children where just on whatever nipple came with the bottle but this last baby is picky. She acts so weird when eating.

  • Rose
    5h ago

    We waited until our son kept collapsing the nipple during feedings to move up. We found that the x one was way too fast for him. I think that those might be for thicker milks mixed with cereals.

When & how did your baby start drinking milk in a cup or straw bottle?

My 10 month old enjoys drinking water after meals in a cup. We’re currently using the 360 cup which is like sipping in a regular cup, he hates the other sippy cups and just like to drink from a cup directly. I’m just curious if I can slowly make him drink his milk as well through a cup or a straw bottle. I saw a toddler but I don’t know the age drinking milk in a straw bottle. I read somewhere ... More

  • Alexis
    3h ago

    Also, you babies should be on formula or breast milk till one year, so you're fine there. Heck my almost 2 years old still steals his baby brothers bottle of formula sometimes and drinks it (gross) - i mean he gets in trbl...but its not gonna hurt him. Lol

  • Kristin
    3h ago

    Thank you everyone!

Transitioning to formula

I’m thinking of switching my LO to formula because I think I’m not producing as much breast milk as before. I think it might be stress (is that possible?) I tried giving him formula today while we were out and he was not happy. Ended up walking to the car to breastfeed him. It’s very hard for me to pump through out the day and at night he wakes up about every 2 hours 😖 I don’t know what to do😞

  • Amanda

    I am using Efimil gentlese

  • Grace

    Mothers Milk comes in capsules, drops etc. it really helps. Lots of hydration is key. It’s quite difficult at times. Having been a working mom and stay at home mom, I understand the hardships of both. Stress definitely plays a factor and being unable to pump as scheduled can affect milk supply. I used to pump (manual) while driving. It was the only time I was. Sitting still and wasn’t nursing.

Refuses milk

My son just turned 2 and refuses to drink milk out of anything but a bottle. When i try giving it to him in a cup he shakes his head and says no. I hid all his bottles but he hasn't drank milk in almost 6 months. Any tips?? He also refuses flavored milk and nut milk.

  • Birdie

    Continue to offer it but if he doesn’t take it it’s ok. He’s getting those nutrients from other sources. If you still worried try other plant based milks (soy, rice, almond, cashew, coconut, hemp) you can always add a little honey for sweetness & flavor or chocolate.

  • Kiara
    6h ago

    Have you tried the cups with straws ? My daughter doesn’t like regular soppy cups but will drink from one with a straw.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Friday

Importance of milk for toddler?

My two year old pretty much self-weaned off her bottle, but she refuses to have any (dairy) milk of any kind. I haven’t tried flavoured milk as I couldn’t justify the sugar intake to myself. I tried homemade banana milk and milkshakes, but again, she refuses. A few mom friends seemed shocked that my toddler doesn’t have any milk as part of her diet. Doesn’t help that my daughter is a fussy eate... More

  • Michelle

    Nut milks, oat milk, rice milk, goats milk. If I feel my kids need an extra boost of milk because they were extra picky that week I give them chocolate milk as a treat. Honestly, it’s an outdated dairy industry pushed thing that everyone thinks is needed, and lots of doctors push. Look into who pays for studies that prove milk is needed and look at who provides your doctors office with nutritio... More

  • Anonymous

    Thank you everyone. We actually never drink cow milk at home, only goat, but she’s on a total milk ban (including all her former nut and oat milk faves!). I keep offering yoghurt and cheese, so let’s see. Thanks again!

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Thursday

10m refusing bottle

Hi everyone! My 10m old daughter has been refusing to drink breast milk from the bottle with our nanny during the day all this week. This happened out of the blue starting Monday. She nurses with me fine just no bottle. We tried using a sippy cup but still no luck! Im hoping this is a phase but she needs to go back to drinking milk! She has been eating solids and there are normal pee/poop ... More

  • Anonymous

    Yes same nanny! Ok at least now i know its normal. I will just have to make sure she eats food throughout the day.

  • Stephanie

    It could be a nursing strike change of routine or anything really can make them do that also as a child gets older she could be refusing milk and wanting more solids. Kind of a form of weaning it's not uncommon for them to do this

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Thursday

Starting baby foods

My LO will be 5 months next week and was given the ok to start baby foods at her 4 month checkup. However, my husband and I decided to hold off for now since a she’s doing just fine on formula. I would like to start when she turns 5 months and would like a little insight. How much do I give her and do I still give her formula with the baby food? I was thinking about giving her the babe food fo... More

  • Elle

    She should have normal formula intake. Try mushable foods. If doing food, Suggest food (not baby mush) before bottle bc baby will trigger gag reflex while learning what to do with the food and end up returning both the food and the bottle. If trying the "big eight," only do 1 per week so that if there js a Rx, doctors will know exactly what it was.

  • Judiann

    My son started baby food at 4/5 months eating full containers and still having a normal bottle it really just depends on the child is what our pediatrician told us

Bottle feeding

It takes my 8m daughter more than an hour -sometimes even 2 hours, to finish drinking her bottles. She’s on stage 3 nipples and sippy cups. I just switched her formula to a sippy cup because she will drink her water in 10 minutes flat from her sippy. I’m lost as to what to do to encourage her to drink her bottles in one sitting. Any advice?

  • Bailey

    Lauren- we’re currently trying the 360 cup!

  • Bailey

    Erika- not so sure it’s cluster feeding at 8m old. I just can’t get her to sit still long enough to eat all at once.

Formula fed babies bowel movements

Formula fed babies; TMI question but is their poop green? I was exclusively BF but supply has dropped way down and since starting formula her poop is now a green color everytime. Is this normal? Should I be concerned?

  • Bailey

    It’s normal! Wait until they start solids 😝😝😝

  • Shannon

    Yes! Dark green. Some yellow at times. Our son is strictly formula fed now and this has been the norm.

Nipple sizes

My almost 6month old is still on the slow flow size 1 nipples on her bottles. I’ve tried to move her up in size but she just has it come to fast and can’t swallow it so it comes out her mouth. But she also takes forever to eat. How long should she take a bottle she eats about 6-7 oz. Is it ok to leave her on the size 1 nipple or do I need to slowly go up in size?

  • Dresean

    I also switched to the MAM anti colic bottles when my girls were experiencing bad reflux, worked well for them and now we’re moving on to sippy cups!

  • Jenn

    Sounds like she may need to move up a size. That's what my LO did when she was ready. I'd say give her the next one up and use paced feeding until she gets used to the faster flow.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Wednesday

Snack time?

Son just turned 12 months this weekend!! He hasn’t been as obsessed with whole milk as he was with formula so is it time to give snacks? How much and how often?

  • Tamara

    Hi everyone, so my son is 13mths,I haven’t switched to whole milk yet as to we only drink almond milk so still deciding,but he drinks enfagrow toddler transitions 9-18ths. Tell me if it’s good enough and it works for him but feedback is great! Here is his schedule: Wake-8am/8oz 11:30-oatmeal w/1tbsp peanut butter mixed,1 container of fruit and water in zippy cup with straw or sometimes 4oz for... More

  • Rocio

    I sit my kids down for 3 meals and (fruit snacks) I do a lot of snacks thru out the day try to incorporate lots of different fruits. Sometimes they will snack often sometimes no so let them be your guide

How do I tell my doctor to STFU about cows milk?

My daughter is 9 months old, we breastfeed and she eats solid foods. She’s just started walking on her own this week, very exciting! But our doctor, like he does every visit, kept wanting to talk about getting her on whole milk at one year. But why!? I’m not okay with this. I don’t do cows milk. I tell him every time and I prompt him about almond milk or soy milk or literally anything else and ... More

  • Jess

    We don't do cow's milk either. Our pediatrician said almond milk does not have enough fat so between the ages of 1-2, use soy milk. There is a new milk that came out recently that doesn't have the GMO or plant estrogens soy milk has with more of the fat and protein they need. It's pea milk. Was hard to find, but more stores selling now.

  • Heidi

    Yes the brand is ripple!


My LO just turned one and she has one or two bottles a day. She is drinking formula and I am pretty sure she should not be drinking formula anymore? Should she be drinking regular milk like us? New Mom! :)

  • Charli

    Once my LO turned 1 I started out with goat milk and/or almond milk and then slowly introduced cows milk.

  • Divina
    4h ago

    Our pediatrician said we could switch to whole milk at one year. LO didn’t like milk at first so we spent a few week transitioning her. Whole, 2%, and skim all have the same vitamins and nutrients. The only difference is the fat content. At their age they need the higher fat content of whole milk, but by 2 years you should be able to transition to 2% or skim (assuming LO has a healthy balanced ... More

My daughter is almost 14mon since i transition her into cows milk that’s all she wants ideas ??

  • Kelly
    Nov 13

    We do a glass of milk in the morning and one before bed. The rest of the day we simply offer water (or occasionally watered down juices if he’s sick). Pick a limit you’re comfortable with and stick with it. She will drink water when she is thirsty if you hold out and don’t just give into the milk. Too much milk prevents proper absorption of nutrients from foods, so it’s important to not overdo ... More

  • Laura
    Nov 13

    Doc said to limit to 16 oz cow's milk. Any more prevents absorption of other nutrients

How to get my son off the breast

Seriously! Nothing works I got sippy cups / bottles ! He won’t take it . He is almost one next week & he’ll be going to day care soon & im devastate 😩

  • Nicole
    Nov 12

    I can relate mine is gonna be a year old and still breastfeeding. I’m made the transition to bottle first. Have you tried the bottle that’s like a nipple

  • AlfreyLinet
    Nov 12

    Same here mine is 14 months old and every day is worse she wants to be on my arms all the time and doesn’t want to eat anything

Drink Whole milk

My 14 month old won't drink milk she only wants to breastfeed. Im trying to not breastfeed her much anymore and try to replace it with whole milk but she wont take it. Anyone have an ideas how to get her to drink milk and stop breastfeeding??

  • Florence

    My, now 18 month old, didn’t like warm whole milk, It had to be cold. I also would add some strawberry flavor Nesquik on it, very light, and he loved it. Now he drinks whole milk without the Nesquik. Also the bottle that you use might makes all the difference. When I started with the bottle feedings, I went through all the bottles out there until he found the one he was comfortable with. We use... More

  • Jackie

    Florence: my daughter doesn't like drinking out of any bottle she perfer cups with straws.

Getting rid of that bedtime bottle

Our 15 month old loves his bottle of milk during his bedtime routine. We also enjoy having it because I believe it helps him sleep with full tummy. But I’m at the point that I want to get rid of bottles all together. He has easily switched from bottles during the morning/day to drinking milk/water out of a sippy cup. Any suggestions on how to get rid of all together? Do we need to offer more mi... More

  • Jenna
    Nov 11

    Same as above. My 23 month old was weened at about 18 months, and we started offering her a sippy cup with milk which eventually switched to water. For her it was kind of like ripping off a bandaid. We just said there’s no more bottle but here’s a sippy. She HATED it at first but eventually accepted the cup. She mainly just likes something to suck on. Bedtime routine - dinner, bath, wind down ... More

  • Lana
    Nov 11

    Put water in one of his bottles and whenever he wants milk at night offer water he will hate it and cry a little then go back to sleep Am still struggling from the same things and that’s what am doing now And if this didn’t go well then jeep the water bottles and at least let him drink some water after drinking milk so there will be less risk of tooth decay

How to get rid of bottles

My 15 month old will only drink milk out of bottles, she loves her bottles. She uses sippy cups but with only water. Her pediatrician wants her off bottles, just not sure how to do it. She has at 3 bottles a day. Thanks!

  • PK
    Nov 11

    My son was picky and didn’t want milk from a sippy cup similar to his water cup. We use a straw cup and he loves straws. So we went out to target and got a straw tumbler with a floating turtle in it. I poured some milk and a little bit of chocolate syrup and mixed it up. Drank from it in front of him and he thought it was a special adult drink so he wanted to try. Gave it to him, loved it. I th... More

  • Amy
    Nov 11

    If nothing else works try cold turkey

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