Bottle Feeding

Questions and advice on feeding formula, milk, milk alternatives or pumped breastmilk with a bottle.

My daughter is barely taking a bottle since she started crawling. I think she just wants to be on the move vs sitting and drinking. Any tips on how to get her to drink already?

Every once in a while, my daughter will be completely not interested in nursing but when I give her a bottle with breast milk in it, she kills it. I hand express and have milk coming out but she just isn’t interested. I do pump (but don’t enjoy it) and I know she needs to be sucking from me most of the time to keep my supply (I’ve had supply issues). Any advice?

  • Nikola
    9h ago

    Try to offer right after waking up before you leave her room, with no distractions around - dark, quiet, no talking. I had to introduce a special place for nursing away from other people for a while.

  • Miranda
    9h ago

    Thanks ladies! We still use to slow flow newborn nipple. The reason I’ll give her a bottle some days is that we are still up a lot at night to nurse and I’ve noticed when she gets more milk during they day, we can sometimes eliminate at least 1 wake up (there are anywhere from 2-5 😫). We try everything as far as positions, side laying, I’ll put her on her back and hover over her, sometimes I’l... More

I mix my breastmilk and formula in a bottle. she is 4 month. I give 4 oz every 3 to 4 hours. is this good??

  • staci muslu
    Feb 06

    no more

  • Amanda
    Feb 06

    All babies vary a little bit. As long as she is happy and growing don’t overthink it - use your mommy instinct ;)

Advice for supplementing my breast milk with formula. I'm only able to pump between 25-30oz but my son started drinking almost 5oz more. I was thinking of getting Earth's Best, any advice?

  • Darlene
    Feb 06

    When I was working I also supplemented my breastmilk with formula. You just mix the formula and then add the breast milk to the bottle. According to my pediatrician the brand doesn't matter so much because what is so closely regulated. There isn't going to be that much difference between an expensive brand and a cheap one. The important part is more what works with your baby's system.

  • Lauren
    Feb 08

    I used earths best when weaning my son - he took to it fine and I didn't need to mix it for him to drink it.

Trying to introduce a bottle to my 4 month old. I EBF my eldest, so I have zero bottle experience. Do you sanitize your bottles before each use or just wash them?

  • Sheila
    Jan 29

    Same here - sanitized by boiling then hand wash or use the dishwasher to wash them after each use. I recommend getting one or two bottles in different brands - Avent, Dr Brown and Tommee Tippee are good ones to start with to see which kind your baby likes best. We ended up going with the Tommee Tippees and stocked up after DS chose a favorite.

  • Susan
    Jan 29

    I used the dishwasher for everything and then put the nipples in the pacifier sanitizer/bottle warmer that I have. Super quick and easy (about $20). I boiled everything every few days.

We are traveling out of the country in March and bringing along our 15 month old with us. She still drinks from the bottle. Anyone here have experience on using disposable bottle liners suited for her? Any other tips as to what to bring or what not to bring on a 13hr flight? How do I keep her entertained? TIA for all the tips.

  • Lea
    Jan 29

    Painters tape!! Grab a roll and keep it in your carryon bag. Stick little pieces or long pieces to the tray table or anywhere for baby to pluck off. Then just throw away when you’re through. Tape can also be used in hotel rooms for baby proofing. 👍🏻

  • Anonymous
    Jan 29

    Great idea! Thanks!!!

Hello parents! I’m a stay at home mom, living with the in-laws for now and still exclusively breastfeeding. I have a trip coming up in a few months without the little one and she will absolutely NOT take a bottle. 😣 We’ve tried different nipples, different brands, warm milk, cold milk, fresh milk, etc. any suggestions?!? Help!

  • Jasmine
    Jan 26

    My son finally started drinking from the bottles. And he’ll only drink from the avent 4oz glass bottle. I put the bottle tops in my bra for a little while so it can have my smell (I know sounds crazy) and when I feed him I hold the bottle and him as close to my boob so he thinks he’s drinking from it even tho it’s the bottle. Literally tried 8 different types of bottles before these.

  • Taylor
    Jan 27

    My mother-in-law says my baby will only take a bottle from her if she’s walking around with her while feeding her 😂 worth a try!

I have to go back to work soon, so we are trying to find a formula that will work for our three month old. We tried Earths Best organic, but it seems to foam a lot in the bottle and he is very fussy after taking it. What has worked for you?

  • Shay
    Jan 26

    Thanks everyone!

  • Jeni
    Jan 27

    Get samples from your pediatrician, hopefully something will agree with his tummy. They usually give out Similac or Infamil. Good luck.

Hey all, so I guess I’m looking for advice and I guess encouragement. I have a seven month old that has been EBF. I’m considering starting to supplement but am having a ton of guilt about it. She doesn’t sleep more than a few hours and I’ve been having supply issues here and there. What has been your experience with supplementing? How do you ease it in?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 23

    Thank you, I’m feeling guilty because I know supplementing will probably eventually lead to not breastfeeding sooner than I anticipated which I’m kind of leaning towards. Then I feel awful about my reasons for leaning towards stopping (exhaustion and want to get back to working out with out worrying about supply).

  • Megan
    Jan 23

    Don’t feel guilty. You need to be healthy, well rested and be operating from a good space to be a good mama. Breastfeeding is not your only role as a mom and is less and less your most important role as your baby grows.

Looking for advice on offering bottles to a breastfeeding 7 week old. She will start daycare at 12 weeks and we want to make sure she has learned that skill. Her sister struggled and I almost lost my mind! Thanks in advance!

  • Lina
    Jan 20

    I was fortunate that my son goes between breast and bottle easily. I did look for a bottle nipple shaped as much like me as possible and I think that helped a lot.

  • Sheila
    Jan 22

    I would offer a bottle of expressed milk at night time when your wee one is all cozy, swaddled and ready for bed! Then introduce again mid day. And I used a como tomo bottle that worked like a champ with my son when he rejected so many others lol. Good luck!

Has anyone switched there baby to all formula and noticed a difference in their eating pattern? My 4.5mo old is on a schedule and eats every 3 hours from 7am-7pm but hasn’t been eating as much as he used to (about 5.5oz) for each feeding. Did you notice your baby not eating as often or as much per feeding when you switched to all formula? Thanks!

  • Ashley
    Jan 19

    Hi - formula takes longer for babies to digest so they don’t feel hungry as quickly as with breast milk so it’s normal :)

Hi! My 15 month old is used to falling asleep with a bottle (I know it's not the best and I shouldn't have let her get used to it). The pediatrician says I should get her off the bottle but I don't know where to start without disturbing her schedule. Any recommendations?

  • Anne
    Jan 19

    Oh I had this exact same issue. I felt wretched about it for so long, but honestly... it's okay. At this age a lot of children are still breastfeeding to sleep. It's very normal for children even as old as 2 to want to suckle to sleep. If you're worried about her teeth, you can try cutting the milk with water gradually until it's all water, but let her keep the bottle for a bit... More

Help mamas & papas: 8-week old refusing to take the bottle! Any brands or techniques that worked for you/ your babies? My EBF baby took bottle successfully twice at 8 days. Didn’t give him bottle again until last week, when I desperately needed to rest during an all-nighter. He chews teet but doesn’t suckle. He has a shallow latch whilst nursing, due to tongue tie that was corrected but has left bad habits behind. Your experience and advice much appreciated! Thanks

  • Chelle
    Jan 19

    So I was strictly EBF but knew I had to go back to work in 4 months. Around 8 weeks I had my mom give my baby a bottle once a day so she will get use to it. It was rough in the beginning because she didn’t want the bottle. I had to go in another room so my mom would feed her. I just went back to work last week. We use the Tommee Tippee bottle. Good luck

  • Diane
    Jan 20

    After trying a bunch of bottles I had the best luck with the Munchkin Latch bottle. Its supposed to simulate breastfeeding. My 4 month old now goes between bottle and breast fine. Good luck!

Hey Mamas and Papas! I’ve got a 21 month old girl and she’s still drinking an 8 oz of warm milk in a bottle before bed and while I try to discourage it, another 6 oz in the mornings (about 50% of the time).. any tips on how to wean her off these last bottles? My pediatrician didn’t seem to be worried about it, but I feel like she uses her bottles as a crutch for not eating much. And even then there are nights that she’ll wake up hungry because she ate just a few bites of dinner and the milk burned off already. 🙄😂 And she loves her milk so I know getting rid of that night time bottle is goin... More

  • Anne
    Jan 16

    Don't stress! We had the exact same situation with our boys when they were toddlers. They drank 8 oz milk from a bottle in bed probably until 2.5 years old when I finally weaned them to water. And if they woke up hungry, I would get them more milk. So... you're not the only one! And they do eventually grow out of it. I think it's ok. Milk is an important source of nutrition for gro... More

  • Joanne
    Jan 16

    Thanks Anne! I definitely feel better about it. And you’re right, she’ll grow out of it. LOL 🤞

Any tips for a baby who won’t take a bottle of breast milk if someone has to feed it to her when I’m not there? She only wants to nurse and makes herself go hungry until I return.

  • Britt
    Jan 15

    Maybe it’s your scent she’s missing too? Wrap the baby in your shirt from the day before to see if that helps. Good luck 👍🏻

  • Sommer
    Jan 16

    Is this while you are at work for full day? This may sound harsh but she will eventually eat if she is hungry enough, babies go on hunger strikes especially when there are major changes. Make sure you do a significant breastfeeding session before you leave her for your peace of mind. Also if you need to pick her up after work and want to feed her immediately hopefully the place you are picking ... More

We recently started giving our baby formula for night feedings (otherwise BF) and she has had 1-2 pee blowouts every night since. It’s been almost a week now. This never happened on breast milk. Any ideas as to why and/or how to stop this?

  • Angie
    Jan 13

    She may be eating more than usual. I recommend making your own formula from Dr. Axe’s recipe.

  • Shannon
    Jan 14

    Where do you find this recipe?

I pump and bottle feed. My baby has been getting about an ounce in and his belly starts making noises. He starts crying and squirming. I try every thing I can to help him burp or pass gas. Nothing. He tries to take the bottle as if he is hungry but then keeps crying after bottle is in his mouth. This cycle has been going on for almost a week now. Feedings are taking SO long and stress us both out. Doc can't see us for almost a week 😒 any advice?

  • Katie
    Jan 12

    Ranitidine was a lifesaver for my family I hope it helps you!

  • Joy
    Jan 13

    Same here we were on ranitidine for six months and my baby is now outgrown this issue

I have a 2 part question: (7mo old baby) 1. FOOD: We introduced solids at 6mo, so far we only feed her solids 1x a day and the rest is breast milk. Should I increase that to every meal? 2. SLEEP/FORMULA: My daughter is going through sleep regression, she wakes at least 2-3x a night to nurse. I'm drained in the morning and then am unable to keep up with rebuilding our milk supply for when I am at work. I've been hesitant about introducing formula (not sure why I am) but I also need to sleep. Should I add formula for night time feedings so my husband can help out?

  • Sara
    Jan 09

    I think you can start feeding more often and then offering breastmilk or formula after the meal. At this age eating is still mostly about learning and tasting and they’ll still get most nutrition from the milk. As far as sleep, I definitely recommend getting it! It will make a huge difference in your energy, supply, happiness, everything! Adding some formula at night and having your husband h... More

  • Hanna
    Jan 09

    Thanks! 😊

Tips to get my 14 month old off the bottle- last of three- didn’t have any issues with other two !?

  • Anne
    Jan 09

    Try the Boon soft sippy lids... they worked for my boys who loved their bottles. They're soft silicone so they feel more like a nipple but you can put them on any cup.

Has anyone else gone through this? I have a 6wk old son he was born at 36wks and he has GERD the doctor gave him reflux medicine but it doesn’t really seem to help a lot . He gags sometimes really bad where he can’t catch his breath it’s very scary to me. I’ve tried everything from smaller more frequent meals to letting him sit up for awhile after eating the doctor suggested adding rice to make his milk thicker, changed his milk twice he’s on Alimentum now. I mean I’ve tried everything. He has really bad gas it makes him yell and cry I just don’t know what to do. I’m taking him to a GI spe... More

  • Sara
    Jan 11

    I’ve heard of people having success with a rock n play after feeding because it keeps the baby upright.

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