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Questions and advice on feeding formula, milk, milk alternatives or pumped breastmilk with a bottle.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Sunday


My MIL keeps saying low key remarks about me not wanting to breastfeed my twins this winter.... I’m perfectly content in my choice and it mostly just irritates me that she isn’t, I’m not going to change my mind. Anyways- just wanted to say.... if you don’t want to breastfeed, then don’t and you’re still a bada$$ mom.

  • G

    Well said!

C posted in Bottle Feeding Aug 30

Spit-up at age 1, something wrong?

My baby is now a toddler, just turned one this summer. He still drinks breastmilk supplemented with formula (trying to use up our stash) through a sippy cup. Occasionally, perhaps once every few days or weeks, he will spit up. Not much at all, and he doesn't seem bothered by it at all but still: Is it normal for him to still be spitting up at his age? If so, then at what age can I expect sp... More

  • Jenn
    Aug 31

    It is most likely that he drank too much or too quickly or that he may have gotten more air than normal. If he isn't bothered, then it isn't hurting him. Maybe try switching him to a sippy cup so that he is drinking slower.

  • Robert
    Sep 02

    Acid Reflux? Is he exclusively breast fed?

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Aug 20

Best glass bottles

I'm looking for the best glass bottles to get.

  • Natalya
    Aug 22

    Advent has great glass bottles! They also have the wider top and nipple to be more “breast shaped”

Switching to Whole Milk

At what age did you switch your little one to whole milk from formula? Did you start little by little before they turned one?

  • PK
    Aug 16

    The days leading up to drinking only milk, we tried mixing formula and milk but he didn’t like it. He didn’t like drinking plain milk by itself too. Rather than wasting formula, we just finished the formula and tried to find ways for him to drink milk (smoothies, chocolate milk). We just dropped bottles at that point too since he was drinking smoothies and chocolate milk. So we just offered m... More

  • MOM

    I started whole milk from 1.5 years and it worked great.

When did you stop bottles?

At what age did you start to wean little one from the bottle and what age did you completely stop? And how? Also same for breastfeeding.

  • Kieli
    Aug 14

    My first born daughter was breastfed, and I switched her from bottle to sippy cup at 13 months. The same time I switched from breast milk to cows milk. We kind of gave her sippy cups before the switch, but not really. I used Nuk sippy cup because it has a soft spout like the bottle nipple and she switched fine. It was the milk switching she had a problem with

Time To Bottle Wean

I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old and i’m ready to get rid of bottles. It was hard with my 2 year old because his brother came and he always wanted a bottle like the baby. I think now it time to remove it from both. Any tips? Suggestion? Best Cups?

  • Stacey
    Aug 13

    Our son has not used a bottle since we stopped formula at about a year. He is almost 2 now. He uses 360 cups and those are great. We are starting to use the Reflow smart cup at meal times. It's a normal cup but has an insert to control the flow of the drink. He likes to try to drink out of anything Mom and Dad are using so he's had practice with water bottles, big tumblers and straws.

  • Gemma
    Aug 15

    Transitional cups work great

Constipation, continued - 1 mo old baby

Here is the situation. We've been struggling with a constipated baby, per the last few posts i've made. We've added probiotics, gas drops, gripe water from time to time. The pediatrician approved prune juice to test so we've been doing one ounce of juice added in two half portions throughout the day. It's been helping - but not without struggles! Poor girl cries and cries a... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 07

    my daughter had the same issue, she’s 8mo now and we mostly just did the q-tip and vaseline method and it worked like a charm for her. eventually she got used to the formula and as of 4mo she poops regularly. we started her on formula when she was 1.5mo and had issues at first. the prune juice didn’t really help her as much, more so just doing the q-tip trick every other day if she wasn’t poopi... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 07

    oh, we also did bicycle exercises with her legs to help get things moving, that helped a ton too.

Alexis posted in Behavior Jul 31


My baby has been drinking formula for 2 weeks now. Similac pro comfort (purple container). He’s been good with the formula but now when he eats, he starts crying and pushing out the bottle when it gets to about half way of the feeding. I try and burp and hold him to give him a little break and continue the feeding but as soon as I put him in the position to feed him, he starts crying franticall... More

  • Kate
    Aug 02

    Consider taking him to get checked for reflux. My daughter went through a phase like that, fighting the bottle about halfway through. When she had just started to lose weight, we put her on a prescription that really helped.

  • Liya
    Aug 11

    How old is your baby? It could be he is distracted by his environment, teething, acid reflux, does he eat a lot at night?

HELP! MY 7m old son won’t take a bottle!

Hi moms! So I have a 7m old son who REFUSES to drink from a bottle. I have been breastfeeding him since day one.. he gets the concept of how to suck a bottle but he won’t drink breastmilk from a bottle. He will take a tad bit of water or juice, and just a few tiny sucks at that. He mainly just chews and bites and pulls the nipple. I have tried the tommee tippiee Breast like bottle, nano baby , ... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 26

    Have you tried a syringe with the longer feeding cord? Your pediatrician/lactation consultant could provide to you. You tape the end of the cord to your finger and fill syringe with milk. It’s what we did when my daughter was first born and not getting enough milk. Maybe it could help ease the transition to bottle since it still has the ‘skin’ contact?

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Jul 25

Tummy troubles with formula?

My LO is 3 and half weeks old and we just transitioned him to full formula from being full breast milk since he was born. With breast milk, he pooped almost every single feeding but now with formula he poops maybe once a day. During feedings though he is constantly pushing which frustrates him because nothing comes out. Is this normal? When he does poop it’s not hard. Is this his tummy getting ... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Jul 17

2 and a half week old eating every 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours, anything we can do stretch that out?

Newborn has just started to eat every 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours from the start of the feeding and is eating between 2 and 1/2 to 3oz of breast milk. Anything we can do to stretch this out? Is this temporary?

  • Kieli
    Jul 18

    Yes, baby’s will eat more when going throw a growth spurt. My 2 month old (EBF) cluster feeds, feeds about every 1-2 hours during the day and then sleeps longer stretches at night. Definitely not a bad thing

  • Samantha
    Jul 22

    This is completely normal. Nothing you can really do to stretch out the time between feedings. Baby’s stomach is so tiny right now.

I’ve been supplementing with formula

I can only produce one ounce of breast milk per pump so I add some formula to the same bottle to feed my 1 week old. I feed her at 45 degree angle and make sure there’s enough in the bottle . It seems she makes the squeaking gulping noises so I’m worried she takes in a lot of air- and she gulps down super fast. I hope that’s normal?? She seems super hungry and can gulp down 1.5 oz in 10 mins... More

  • Megan
    Jul 05

    Have you tried Gripe Water? This worked wonders for our kids when they had trapped gas and hiccups

  • Anna
    Jul 05

    Pediatrician said gripe water doesn’t yet work for such a young bowel, only later... we do have it and attempt it from time to time

Six day old still hadn’t pooped since Wednesday

We switched to formula on Wednesday to supplement since I couldn’t breastfeed the appropriate amount, per the hospitals recommendation. Since Wednesday my baby hasn’t pooped. No signs of distress really, she’s definitely gassy and we feed her 1oz every two hours. Still waiting nervously . Anybody go thru something similar in the early stages?

  • Megan
    Jul 01

    For both my kids the pediatrician told us not to worry til it hit 10 days without pooping as long as they are peeing a lot. They also don’t mind if you call and ask. We have called our nurses line so many times over the years and they are fine with it. That’s what they’re there for. And we never used the Q-Tip with Vaseline but pretty much the same thing. We would take the infant thermometer th... More

  • Anna
    Jul 01

    This q tip thing worked like a charm - thanks all for the suggestion. She finally pooooped!!

Jennifer posted in Babies Jun 28

How to drop the bedtime bottle?

We are currently struggling to get our (almost) 14 month old to drop her bed time bottle. She’s down to a bottle of whole milk in the AM (due to our schedule to get to daycare) and the same after dinner but before bed. I’ve tried offering more solids at dinner, moving dinner later, and even offering warm water instead (thinking she just needed that suckling/warmth combo for her final calm dow... More

  • Jenn
    Jun 29

    We give ours milk with dinner. I honestly just stopped one day and she didn't notice. I'd suggest stopping cold turkey and she will forget about it after a day or so. I read that it is important to stop those things before 15 months because that is when habits solidify and they become exponentially harder to break.

  • Jacqueline
    Jul 03

    My daughter was the same way. I ended up only offering water before bed and when she woke during the night. She was upset at first but I stuck it out. Within a day or two, she didn’t want it anymore. It just led to her having a bigger appetite during the day and she no longer looked for calories at nighttime.

What type of water do you use for formula?

Mamas- is there a significant difference between purified baby water and filtered water from the tap? Just curious as my son is getting older (15 months) and is drinking more fluids as well as regular milk.

  • Dan
    Jul 01

    We live in Seattle and have been told by many pediatricians that tap water is perfectly fine.

Feeding schedule help

My LO turns 1 the end of the month!! Right now our feeding schedule is as follows: 730am breakfast 930am 8oz bottle formula 12pm lunch 2/230pm 8oz bottle formula 430/5pm dinner 730pm 8oz bottle formula Maybe 1 or 2 small snacks in there somewhere Should I continue this same pattern when she turns one but instead of an 8oz bottle of formula make it 5oz bottle of cows milk? Thanks!

  • Jackie
    Jun 11

    Thank you for responding. That seems like a pretty good schedule. What time does your LO usually wake up in the morning? I’m not too sure she’s really to drop to one nap yet. She usually gets up between 630-730(if we’re lucky) and goes down for naps at 930-11 and 230-4 then we start bedtime around 730. She can get away from the bottle with bed as we have done it before (changing to 2 naps). How... More

  • Kendall
    Jun 12

    Yeah the last bottle we gave up on was the bedtime bottle too! It’s tricky but it’ll happen :) my son wakes up about 7:30 in the morning. Surprisingly since he’s been on one nap he sleeps in much later than he used to (I assume getting in the extra hours- used to get up at 6-6:30). But those nap times sound like about what we used to do on 2 naps too!

Straw drinking?

When did your kids learn how to drink through a straw. My son is 10 months and can’t seem to figure it out. He is bottle fed and is also SUPER uninterested in holding the bottle himself.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 14

    My LO couldn’t figure out how to use a straw till around 10months as well. I had her suck on the pouched baby food a few times and then she miraculously started sucking through a straw too

  • Izzy
    Jul 15

    I just tried her randomly with straw at 6m and she took to it like she had had one all her life? Breast fed expressed a handful of times and so taken from a bottle like there's nothing to it....

Spills the milk

My 7 week old baby spills a lot of milk from her mouth. Whether she’s being bottle-fed or breast. Has anyone faced this issue before or does it get better with time? it’s not tongue tie.. I have checked with doctor

  • Makayla
    May 29

    My baby seemed like she was spilling milk out of her mouth a lot at about that age. I think my milk flowed too fast for her, so I pumped then fed her. That helped a bit. I would also try to make sure their face and body are positioned right.

  • Sara
    May 30

    I definitely am not a lactation specialist so take it with a grain of salt, but my son was a major milk dribbler really until pretty recently - and he’s eight months old. We just do bandana bibs when we feed him and sometimes a shirt change. He has a very high palate, so I don’t know if that had something to do with it? We tried several different positions with both breast and bottle, and he ha... More

My daughter is 7m, just getting her first tooth. When/how to start weaning off bottle night feeds.

She’s my second. She was introduced baby food at six months and it seemed as if right when she was getting used to baby food she started teething and wasn’t all for baby food anymore. Any suggestions on when and how to wean off the night feeds?

  • Jackie
    May 28

    My LO is 11 months and has 6 teeth and still takes a bottle before bed and sometimes wakes for a bottle during the night.

Alternating whole milk brand

Hi everyone, First time mom here.. working mom.. My little one just turn one a couple weeks ago we have switched her to horizon cow whole milk. And she has been doing great. She still wakes up once at night to have one 4oz feeding. Now that we are giving her cows milk... it’s so hard to wake up warm her milk in the middle of the night since both my husband and I work full time jobs. I was wond... More

  • Stephanie
    May 19

    I’m a dental hygienist lol. We went right to water at night once he got teeth. To be honest I don’t even think he noticed much. Google baby bottle tooth decay. Going to bed with a bottle is no bueno. Let me know how it goes!! Good luck mana 👍

  • Jessy
    May 19

    Thanks Stephanie I will do tonight!

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