Best Preschools in Palo Alto, CA

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Downtown Palo Alto KinderCare

University South Palo Alto, CA Immediate Openings

Childcare facility offering a variety of daycare and preschool services for children of all ages....

1 mo - 5 yr Part Time, Full Time

Building Kidz Palo Alto

Ventura Palo Alto, CA Immediate Openings

New comprehensive arts-integrated program using creative philosophy specifically focused on "whole...

3 mo - 6 yr Full Time, Part Time

Thumbling Child Care

5.0 Evergreen Park Palo Alto, CA

Bilingual family child care near Stanford University campus. Children are encouraged to learn...

0 mo - 5 yr 6 mo $1600 - $2000 Full Time, Part Time

Tikiland Daycare & Preschool

St. Claire Gardens Palo Alto, CA Immediate Openings

Bilingual learning and play-based daycare and preschool in a private home featuring an outdoor space...

0 mo - 9 yr $1500 - $2500 After Care, Before Care, Drop In, Full Time, Part Time, Weekend

HeadsUp! (Palo Alto)

Midtown Palo Alto, CA

Montessori preschool program located at a Child Development Center in Palo Alto. Children gain...

0 mo - 6 yr $1760 - $2900 Full Time

Parents Nursery School

5.0 2328 Louis Rd Palo Alto, CA

Parent co-op nursery school near Jordan Middle School. Part-time program gives children lots of...

2 yr - 5 yr $750 - $4000 Part Time

Grace Lutheran Preschool

Midtown Palo Alto, CA

Preschool focused on Christian values and education. Activities are geared towards preparing...

2 yr 6 mo - 6 yr $350 - $1700 Part Time

Challenger School (Middlefield)

Fairmeadow Palo Alto, CA

School that accepts children from preschool age up until the 8th grade located in Middlefield in...

2 yr 9 mo - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

Hope Technology School

2525 E Bayshore Rd Palo Alto, CA

Preschool that offers inclusive classes through innovation, technology, and community located in...

3 yr - 5 yr $190 - $860 Full Time, Part Time

Good Neighbor Montessori

Greenmeadow Palo Alto, CA

Program provides opportunities for free-choice activities, which allow children to develop skills...

2 yr - 6 yr $1590 - $1915 Full Time, Part Time

Young Life Christian Preschool Center

687 Arastradero Rd Palo Alto, CA

Non-profit Christian preschool near Terman Middle School. Curriculum includes gardening, math,...

2 yr - 5 yr $370 - $1535 Full Time, Part Time

Stratford School (Palo Alto)

Leland Manor Palo Alto, CA

Children are encouraged to use their imagination and be creative. Children also learn how to manage...

3 yr - 4 yr $3780 - $16300 Full Time, Part Time

Casa dei Bambini School (Palo Alto)

Evergreen Park Palo Alto, CA

Engaging environment that encourages students to think creatively and be life-long learners.

2 yr - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

International School Of The Peninsula Preschool

151 Laura Ln Palo Alto, CA

Bilingual preschool enriching education through language and culture. Thorough curriculum...

3 yr - 5 yr $2565 - $2565 Full Time, Part Time

Creative Montessori Learning Center

1421 Bay Rd Palo Alto, CA

Warm environment where children are engaged in activities that stimulate all their senses and...

2 yr - 6 yr $600 - $1200 Full Time, Part Time

Mustard Seed Learning Center

5.0 2585 E Bayshore Rd Palo Alto, CA

Providing early childhood education and care for children, while developing a range of skills that...

3 yr - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

The Children's Pre-School Center

5.0 Greenmeadow Palo Alto, CA

Award winning facility houses this preschool program located in the Cubberly Community Center....

1 mo - 5 yr 6 mo $853 - $2336 Full Time, Part Time

The Learning Center

Professorville Palo Alto, CA

Established, nurturing childcare facility. Children learn through curiosity and exploration and...

6 mo - 5 yr $997 - $3090 Full Time, Part Time

Periwinkle School

Downtown North Palo Alto, CA

A transitional kindergarten or young fives program where children play to learn and learn to play. ...

4 yr - 5 yr $2350 - $2350 Full Time

Milestones Preschool

Fairmeadow Palo Alto, CA

Preschool that enrolls 75% typical students and 25% students with special needs. Staff are...

2 yr - 5 yr $330 - $960 Full Time, Part Time

Preschool Trends in Palo Alto, CA

There are 49 preschool providers in Palo Alto.

The average monthly price for Palo Alto preschools on Winnie is $2739.

The 10 most popular preschool curriculum types in Palo Alto include: Play-Based, Blended Curriculum, Mixed Age, Language Immersion, Academic-Based, Montessori, Bilingual, Arts-Based, Project-Based, Technology-Based .

More About Palo Alto, CA

Palo Alto is a mixed urban and suburban development located in Silicon Valley. The city has over 67,000 residents with many being attracted to the area due to its proximity to technology companies and Stanford University along with a highly rated public school system. The cost of living is significantly higher than average and most residents own homes. Top rated public schools include Duveneck Elementary School, Fairmeadow Elementary School, and Walter Hays Elementary School.