Anyone else go through a "baby talk" phase?

About 6 months ago my 4 year old started to get really obsessed with babies and baby talk. I heard from his teacher it was a thing going around with his friends at preschool, so I didn't worry too much about it, but it's been going on for a long time now and I wonder if this is something I should try to nip in the bud. Anyone else deal with this? Do you just roll with it or try to insist on using a "big kid" voice? Pic for attention :)

  • Andy
    Apr 19

    My 4 year old is doing this too! I think it’s because we have a new baby coming though. If this keeps going I suspect that our baby’s first words will be “goo goo gaa gah” thanks to our 4 year old. 😂

  • Jackie
    Apr 19

    My 9 year old step son still does it!! His friends have even told him to use his big boy voice. I just say I don’t understand when you talk like that. Call me mean but it’s out of hand and my husband doesn’t say anything.

  • Beverly
    Apr 25

    I would nip it. Once or twice here and there to be cute/silly whatever; but much more than that, especially when trying to communicate with you about needs/wants... no.

  • Eric
    Apr 26

    My 3 year old daughter does this a lot and we usually cut her off when it becomes a problem (like answering a question or telling us what she wants for dinner).