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DIY: No-sew last-minute ghost costume! 👻

This one is cheap, easy and super fast to put together and only requires a sheet or sheer fabric (I used this $10 IKEA curtain:, 3 safety pins, and sticky-back black felt. Just cut two rectangular equal size pieces of fabric, then gather one long edge of each and pin together at the shoulders. For the third pin, gather some of the side drapes into the center and pin on the inside at the bridge of the ghost’s “nose”. Cut the face out of felt and stick on (if you want the eyes to be less scary, just pin the center dart a little higher and make the eye shapes rounder. Trim the bottom hem roughly and cut some jagged edges if you like. That’s it! Throw it on over white or grey PJs and go. It’s practical for little kids too: easy to get on and off, leaves the arms free, and open at the bottom for easy potty breaks!