Best Preschools in San Bruno, CA

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Cultural Care Au Pair

San Bruno, CA Immediate Openings

Hosting an au pair means flexible, personalized childcare in your home. This cultural exchange...

3 mo - 18 yr Full Time, Part Time, Weekend

Crayon College Preschool

300 Piedmont Ave San Bruno, CA

Engaging environment where children are encouraged to learn at their own pace. Children spend time...

2 yr - 5 yr $435 - $970 Full Time, Part Time

Sheila's Inhome Pre-School

San Bruno, CA

Montessori-style home preschool near the San Bruno Library. Provides care for infants, preschoolers,...

$1000 - $1400 Full Time, Part Time, Drop In, After Care

Skyline College Child Development Laboratory Center

San Bruno, CA

Program providing care and education services to toddler and preschool-age children. Program...

12 mo - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

After School Rec Program ( Monte Verde Elementary)

Westborough San Bruno, CA

After-school recreation program providing care to children with the South San Francisco Unified...

5 yr - 11 yr $164 - $415 After Care

Bright Star

498 Cunningham Way San Bruno, CA

Small preschool near Grundy Park. Children learn through play and curriculum includes time for...

2 yr - 6 yr 11 mo Full Time, Part Time

Rollingwood Preschool

2500 Cottonwood Dr San Bruno, CA Temporarily Closed

School providing education and care services to young children. Curriculum includes math, science,...

5 yr - 12 yr Part Time

St. Andrew's Preschool (San Bruno)

1600 Santa Lucia Ave San Bruno, CA

Episcopal preschool located in San Bruno. Provides a secure environment along with a creative and...

2 yr - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

Bright Star Preschool/Child Development Center

498 Cunningham Way San Bruno, CA

Child care facility providing care services to toddler and preschool age children. Curriculum...

2 yr - 6 yr Full Time, Part Time

Stratford School (Crestmoor Canyon Preschool)

2322 Crestmoor Dr San Bruno, CA

Nurturing, private preschool and pre-Kindergarten with curriculum that incorporates creativity and...

$378 - $1693 Full Time, Part Time

Happy Hall School

233 Santa Inez Ave San Bruno, CA

Program focuses on the child's whole development and incorporates developmentally appropriate...

18 mo - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

Belle Air Preschool

450 3rd Ave San Bruno, CA

Large preschool held at Belle Air Elementary School. Provides indoor and outdoor activities.

Part Time

Hugs Hangout

500 Acacia Ave San Bruno, CA

Child care facility providing care services to young children and encouraging them to make friends....

Full Time, Part Time

California Montessori School

480 San Anselmo Ave N San Bruno, CA

Established Montessori preschool with capacity of 38 children. Students learn through inquiry based...

Champions Preschool (John Muir Elementary)

130 Cambridge Ln San Bruno, CA

Elementary school located in San Bruno that offers a preschool program. Aims to meet all aspects of...

3 yr - 4 yr

City of South San Francisco Recreation Department (Monte Verde After School Recreation Program)

Westborough San Bruno, CA

Large after school program located on the campus of Monte Verde Elementary School. Childcare takes...

FAQs About San Bruno Preschool

  • How many preschools are in San Bruno?
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    Based on Winnie provider data, there are currently 16 preschool providers in San Bruno.

  • How much does preschool cost in San Bruno?
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    The average monthly price for San Bruno preschools is $1354. This is based on provider data for preschools listed on Winnie.

  • How many providers in San Bruno accept preschoolers aged 3-4 years?
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    Based on Winnie provider data, there are 9 preschools in San Bruno that accept kids ages 3-4 years old.

  • What types of preschool curriculums are offered in San Bruno?
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    The 7 most popular preschool curriculum types in San Bruno include: Play-Based, Academic-Based, Montessori, Arts-Based, Blended Curriculum, Mixed Age, Religious.

More About San Bruno, CA

Located just south of San Francisco, San Bruno is home to 43,000 residents. Despite being a mixed urban and suburban development, many are attracted to the area for its small town feel. The cost of living is higher than average and the majority of residents own homes. Top rated public schools are Monte Verde Elementary School, Portola Elementary School, and John Muir Elementary School.