Best Daycares in South Lake Tahoe, CA

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Lake Tahoe Child Development Center

3441 Spruce Ave South Lake Tahoe, CA

Provides educational childcare and after school care. Students receive homework help and can participate in interest-based clubs, FitKids, or open recreational...

2 yr - 12 yr After Care, Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

Step By Step Early Learning Childcare Center

981 Silver Dollar Ave South Lake Tahoe, CA

One of two locations offering comprehensive childcare and kindergarten readiness. Each class is given age-appropriate lessons to harness students' creativity,...

2 mo - 6 yr Full Time, Part Time

Sierra at Tahoe Daycare

1111 Sierra-At-Tahoe Rd South Lake Tahoe, CA

Childcare facility offering daycare services for guests at the Sierra at Tahoe resort. Children participate in a balance of indoor and outdoor activities,...

18 mo - 6 yr Drop In

Jan Roman-Gonzales

1978 Washoe St South Lake Tahoe, CA

Home-based childcare located between Tahoe Paradise Park and the outskirts of Tahoe Paradise Golf Course. Age-appropriate toys are available on-site. Property...


Joanne's Treasured Kids Daycare

1236 Beecher Ave South Lake Tahoe, CA

Residential daycare utilizing a hands-on approach to learning. Curriculum allows for ample outdoor time, and there is a fenced playground area on site. Students...

0 mo - 5 yr

Paradise Childrens Home

5.0 1164 San Diego St South Lake Tahoe, CA

In-home childcare located close to Tahoe Paradise Park. Fenced area available for recreation and outdoor activities. Provider offers a variety of toys that are...

Teresa Ramirez

560 Roger Ave South Lake Tahoe, CA

In-home daycare situated between the Tahoe Keys and South Tahoe High School. Property has a fenced backyard available for outdoor activities and offers...


Tamara Miller

2490 Cougar Trail South Lake Tahoe, CA

In-home childcare located near Sierra House Elementary School. Provider offers toys for children's use and enjoyment. Outdoor space on site with play equipment...

Mudpies And Mountaintops Playschool

1931 D St South Lake Tahoe, CA

In-home preschool offering frequent outdoor time. Curriculum is play-centered, and encourages creativity, in part through outdoor exploration. Students...

Robin Lafleur

1615 Pebble Beach Rd South Lake Tahoe, CA

Residential daycare offering a fenced side yard with play equipment and climbing structures for attending children. There are toys available on site. Provider...

Norma Ramirez

Al Tahoe South Lake Tahoe, CA

Home-based daycare offering a fenced outdoor area for play and recreation. Toys are available for attending children, and they are age-appropriate. Provider is...

Nora (Loretta) Morone

2307 Tahoe Vista Dr South Lake Tahoe, CA

Residential childcare located near the edge of the Tahoe Keys, a little less than 1.5 miles from the Tahoe Keys Resort. Age-appropriate toys and activities are...