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What to do

So my daughter is growing up and I would like to create a closer bond with her, what should I do to do this ??

Christmas shopping recommendations

I’m trying to find good brain workout games for Preschool and Kindergarten age kids! Help?!?

  • Cooper

    A good gift idea would be LeapStart 3D Interactive Learning System 👌🏾

  • Keith

Any cool way on getting my 2 yr old to identify his numbers and ABC's

  • Stay-At-Home Dan

    I second Chicka Chicka Boom. Also A to Z by Sandra Bounyton is a really great alphabet book. My daughter loves that book.

  • Mysti

    I second the repetition!!

6 month old socializing

Hi mommas. I have a 6 month old boy and have been wondering how to go about getting him more socialized. He’s currently being looked after at home by his grandma while I’m at work. I guess I’m wondering with that kind of arrangement, I’ve noticed that he’s more at home because she doesn’t go out with him except for a walk around the neighbourhood. Weekends tend to be busy with errands and such.... More

  • Sally
    Oct 11

    Thank you guys! This is super helpful!!

  • Jessica

    Library infant story time for sure! I go with my 4 month old and he likes it. I've seen some grandmas there.

East Coast Vacation Recommendations with a 15mnth old.

Hi everyone! I need some recommendations for good toddler friendly vacation spots on the east coast. We live in Maryland and are looking to take a little fall road trip with our 15 month old. We are having a hard time figuring out where to go that would be equally fun for the kiddo and two burnt out parents! Thanks in advance!

  • Kristin
    Oct 09

    Great wolf Lodge is fun if you don’t mind spending a little bit

  • Diane
    Oct 10

    Lancaster PA has a lot to do! We just stayed in a cute cottage airbnb there a month ago with out 12mo old. Hershey Park, Dutch Wonderland, Kettle Kitchen, Central Market, downtown Lancaster, Amish activities, Turkey Hill Experience.

Zoosiana or other zoo!

What age do you recommend when taking your child to the zoo or aquarium?

  • Leah
    Oct 08

    I think my son started to really enjoy stuff like that around 2

  • Katrina
    Oct 08

    My little really enjoyed going to see starting around 11m. For maybe an hour. By 14m mostly looking with a little exploring for 60-90min. At 27m he loves to get down and explore and see for up to 3 hours. Start anytime, but just set your expectations to what little can actually handle. Babywearing helped immensely here as it kept baby and tiny toddler close enough to easily char about everyt... More

Traveling with 2

So my fiancé recently got a new job as a travel tech working on cell towers. We had decided that it would be best for our family so we can give our kids the most out of life. We plan on buying a mobile home so we don’t have to rent a motel while traveling back and fourth across the US and it’s easier to get into a KOA camp with a dog... so with all that being said, what are some suggestions to ... More

  • antigrav_kids
    Oct 06

    When we did this, we took books, one maybe two a piece, keeping in mind if there kids threw them in the floorboards we were going to have a problem. Most of all was resolved ourselves to stopping and getting out every two hours to do something active. Also! That sounds like a lot of fun! Also, I bet you already know this, but KOA has a frequent stay program!

  • Katrina
    Oct 06

    For a shorter stint (one day drive) I just pack along a selection of current favorite small toys and dole them out hourly, or if a change is needed. For a longer drive (we just did 5 days) I go to the dollar store and get some new items. Pass them out as needed. And in either situation, we stop every 2ish hours to stretch and play. Google Map to check photos of parks on the way. Although onc... More

Disney with Infant

We’re scheduling our Disney World vacation for our (then) 7 month old. I am very familiar with DW as I am an annual pass holder and go about twice a year, but this will be my first time going with an infant. Any suggestions from experienced Disney parents? We’re staying at Wilderness Lodge and have already booked some character meals.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 05

    We have gone twice. Stayed at the Poly, but booked Wilderness Lodge for next year because we liked their quick service restaurant! This summer’s trip, our youngest was 8 months. She loved the boat-style rides, like Pirates and Peter Pan! We aren’t a stroller family, so we just let her take naps in the baby carrier on my back. We did a lot of rider swapping for the rides my husband and I both w... More

  • Brett

    When our kids were under 3 we made sure to try to keep their schedule. We would make reservations for character breakfasts before the park opened and then hit as many of the rides as we could before nap. If your 7 month old is able to sleep in public then you don’t always have to go back for naps but my kids always needed somewhere less something less stimulating. (It also gives you a chance to... More

What are some fun activities to do with babies?

I have a one year old daughter who enjoys playing outside, climbing, and putting everything in her mouth. We go on walks and play in the house but it’s hard to take her to a playground since all our local ones have wood chips and she tries to eat them. What are some fun indoor and outdoor activities you’ve done with your 1 year olds?

  • Lulu
    Oct 04

    Following because she is so bored and I ran out if ideas long ago!

  • Lulu
    Oct 04


Disney World with a 4 year old! Suggestions please!

Visiting Disney World with a 4 yr old this Nov for the first time! Any suggestions on what to do and tips! Thanks in advance😊

  • Francesca
    Oct 11

    Download the Disney park app it’ll help track the places you been and you won’t miss anything in the park and definitely bring your own snacks park food are overly priced

  • Ruth

    Thanks Francesca!


Kids eat free on Sundays!

Play outside with 1 yo

How do you play outside with your 1 yo? Mine is 13 months, been walking for a month. I can't always make it to the playground!

  • Katrina
    Oct 02

    Explore. Talk about the grasses in the yard. Have a ball to throw, kick, and roll. Find a stick with some leaves on it and shake it. Dig in dirt.

Activities with a 2 month old?

Does any have any suggestions for activities that I can do with my 2 month old son? Beyond story time, and shadow puppet shows, general ABC and counting sign language?

  • Jenny
    Oct 01

    Read aloud, listen to music, dance with them. Take it easy before they become mobile

  • Meaks
    Oct 01

    It’s funny I had asked this same question recently I visited the YMCA classes they have programs for babies which they learn through play and music but it starts at 6 months so until then we’re doing activists at the library

I have a 2 ur old and was just wondering what time blocks of activities should we do daily

  • Mindy
    Oct 01

    15 minutes to an hour per activity, depending. I like 30 to 45 minutes park first thing in the morning. Than a snack. Might run an errand around this time... Than educational show or video 30mins. Like pbs' super why or Netflix the magic school bus, while we do a fine motor skills activity. Like stringing beads, painting, or legos. We clean up together and have lunch. Than we'll rea... More

  • Michaelle
    Oct 02

    I love this thank u

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Sep 30

Tv for babies?

I try not to let my 4 month son watch too much tv but recently I have had to in order to get stuff done. It’s usually not more then 20-30 mins at a time, a few times during the day. I feel like it’s bad parenting and I’m failing as a ftm. I’m in school and have an internship. I always have so much to do and he needs constant attention unless the tv is on.

  • Amanda
    Oct 02

    My kids, 4 and 17 months, watch tv and they learn a lot! Pretty sure my son learned the alphabet, shapes and colors from tv. Don’t be hard on yourself. It can be a good educational resource while giving you much needed time to yourself.

  • Sheila
    Oct 08

    You are NOT failing! My daughter is 20 months and watches more tv than that. I watch it with her and we interact. It's always educational. My daughter knows a lot of songs/rhymes, her abcs, and can count to 12. You're doing everything you can, that means you're thriving not failing. Keep up the good work momma!

Might stay at home with baby.

I’m thinking about switching my work schedule so I can stay at home during the day with my 10 month old. What are some fall activities we can do to keep us both occupied during the day? Some good Toys? Learning books? That we can get. Advice from any of you stay at home moms? The only Time I’ve stayed home with him for days at a time is on my maternity leave. He usually goes to an in home dayca... More

  • Kaitlyn
    Sep 27

    I am contemplating leaving my job and staying at home too! So far I have looked into swim classes, little gym, and events at the library. I’m sure at any of these you can also meet other local moms home with their kids and get some play dates!

  • Julie
    Sep 27

    I don’t stay at home but it’s my dream job so kudos for making it happen!! 😊 If I was a SAHM, I would do swim lessons (we already do this but I’d do it during the week so saturdays could be family time!), music together, and look into mommy and me things (they offer them at Gymboree), I would also look into parents and me art classes, local library story times, things like that. There’s a g... More

How to entertain 4 month old.

My son just turned four months and is super alert. The problem is he is still too small to crawl or be mobile so he gets frustrated. How do you entertain babies at this age? I can’t get anything done anymore. His naps are also a lot shorter now, just about 30-45 mins 3 or 4 times a day.

  • Pegi
    Sep 26

    Thank you!

  • Kristin
    Sep 26

    My 5 week old is a terrible napper, so I’m constantly trying to engage him to wear him out. The app BabySparks is really great. They give you “activities” to do every day to strengthen baby physically and developmentally. The activities change along with baby’s age.

Teaching Toddler Letters and Numbers

I have a two year old daughter, my only child. I want to teach her to identify her letters and numbers. I brought a preschool workbook that focuses on tracing and counting. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that works for them? She’s very bright and I just want to channel that instead of assuming she’s too young.

  • Ivy
    Sep 26

    I pretty much just let my kids play with them as toys. And it got to a point where they would ask me what the letters were if they didn’t know it

  • Jennifer
    Oct 10

    I found a letter of the week curriculum on Pinterest I’ve been meaning to try with my two year old. My sister in law used it and said it worked great.

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