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Travelling with 1.3 months old please share cruise experience

Hi, We are thinking to go on cruise with my 15 months old toddler boy on memorial day long weekend. Please suggest me where to go and which cruise is having baby sitting facility and kids friendly. Any websites where i can get good deals? We are from Virginia.

Santa Photos

Does anyone know where i can get good santa PHOTOS (plural) for a good proce? The parks mall has them priced at $37 for one 5x7 76018

  • Jeni

    Oh, also our local fire stations do photos with Santa and stuff. Usually they ask for an unwrapped toy or some kind of small donation. We did that last weekend and I got some photo card print outs via the Walgreens app right from my phone. they came out nice.

  • Samantha

    Cabela's gives free 4x7 and they have cheaper pacts you can buy. The nice thing is you get a ticket with what time your photo is so you don't have to wait in line and can enjoy the free crafts and activities in Santa's wonderland

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Wednesday

Working from home with 14 month old

I just started a new job working online from home. I love that I get to still be a stay at home parent while also being able to provide for us (single parent). However, I’m finding it difficult to keep my 14 month old entertained while I’m working. She is very attached and likes playing with me or checking in with me very often (not complaining, I love this! But I need to find a balance in orde... More

  • Elle

    Let her mimick you! If youre at a laptop, make her an toy one out of cardboard boxes and have her decorate it. Maybe she can place tbe letter keys herself. At thia age, children love to feel included, useful, successful, and helpful. Any chores you need done? Make them a challenge - or a bet - that she can't do them in X number of minutes / without spilling / etc. Two birds one stone - ha... More

  • Marcy

    I work from home. When I need my son occupied I let him paint with water colors. I give him his hot wheels type cars or legos or whatever to paint that he wants. It’s keeps him occupied. He makes a mess but it’s so worth the time I need to work. We also have kinetic sand that he loves “digging” in. Play doh is a winner. Even pouring rice in a Tupperware and letting him bury his toys in it. I se... More

Free things to do

What are some free things to do with an 18month old? :) it doesn’t have to be in phoenix

  • Crystal
    Dec 01

    Put them in a diaper only and let them have a paint party on a big paper

  • Anonymous Mom
    Dec 01

    If your looking for socially you can look into your local library for toddler time things and your local gymnastics place sometimes has toddler open gym usually free or like $5 for like 2 hours and if you contact your local early intervention or head start and ask them and ask them for their monthly magazine or flyer that offers things to do too that are free. Sometimes low income offices have ... More

Shy daughter

I am a stay at home mom for a four year old girl. My little girl is very shy. She goes to pre school from 8 to 12 and even her teacher has mentioned that she doesn’t speak up much. She is usually very active and speaks a lot at home. Her brother had moved out for college and he is much older so she doesn’t have any siblings to play with. I also don’t have friends with kids her age. I need ideas... More

  • May
    Nov 27

    Thanks everyone for the great advice. I am a shy person too it is good to know that there are other moms like me. I suppose I don’t want her to be like me especially that she is an only child at home. She does like dancing so I will look for dancing classes. She also likes soccer and gymnastics. I will see what she likes the most. Once again thank you all :)

  • Lauren
    Nov 27

    My son is the same way. He’s 3 and doesn’t like to talk to anyone or play with other kids. I found a moms group on Facebook for my town and set up some play dates and found a playgroup for him through that. Maybe your town has one too? I don’t have any friends with kids either so it’s helped me find other moms to connect with too. I also make sure I always strike up conversations with cashiers ... More


Out of nowhere, my 4.5 yo daughter wants her drawings to be PERFECT. She’s always loved coloring, drawing, tracing and she’s good at it! We’ve always given her big ups for her hard work and explain often about practicing.. she’ll try to draw something, in pencil, and if it’s not perfect she freaks out! We keep explaining how it doesn’t have to be and it makes it unique if it’s different. But s... More

  • Rachel
    Nov 28

    I showed her some pictures of Picasso’s work and I saw her little mind really take it in.. bc his work is so abstract (eyes in odd places) I’m hopeful that helped!

  • George
    Nov 30

    Gifts of Imperfection by Brenè Brown is an excellent book to read.

Can anyone recommend a place to spend 7-8 days in California over New Years?

I have 2 boys 2 year old and 8 year old. Not looking to fly. Thinking of driving someplace a few hours from San Francisco. Tahoe is all booked. Not really a fan of Disney/LEGO/Universal lands around that time of the year. Probably be very busy. And some toddler and kid friendly activities would be welcome. Looking for ideas. Thanks

Memory crafts

I want to do some craft like things for our kids such as a blanket made of old onesies, memory box, tradition like things, etc. but am having a hard time looking things up and finding things. Anyone have cute things they do as their kids grow up? Or know what to search to find stuff? Thank you!

  • Michaela
    Nov 20

    I’m having a teddy bear made by a friend from one of baby’s newborn onesie

  • Elena
    Nov 20

    I made a blanket out of all hes new born onesies. A d I have made an email that I send pics videos and Wright important fmtgings as they happen like I wrote a out how I gave birth to him and how hes first birthday was with names of guests and details that are fresh so when he grows up I can read them to him as fun sories

Toy ideas

I have a 16 month old boy, he isn’t interested in the “traditional” toys, he loves things that he has to work for. Such as pushing blocks through the correct shape, anything with locks or buttons. All the toys I see just make a lot of noise lol I want something to stimulate his mind. Any ideas?! Thanks!

  • Jessica
    Nov 20

    These are super fun boards and you could even make your own (or if your husband is handy and loves this kind of stuff put him to work) I’ve seen people get really creative with them and it’s never ending fun for the kids

  • Cheryl
    Nov 20

    He loves to be challenged just like my baby does. If it's not a challenge she gets bored real quick

I need help filling my 1 1/2 year olds day.. Any ideas? Everything is welcome. We are crafty

We need things to do to keep his little brain and hands busy

  • Tianna
    Nov 20

    Bowl of uncooked pasta, beans, rice. Shaving cream with food coloring on the high chair tray, bin/ kid with slit to put coins in, homemade play doh, make thanksgiving turkeys, painting, string Pasta or beads, finger paint, make a water play station, build forts. Visit a state park, hike, go for a bike ride, library story times, parks.

  • Ashlie
    Nov 26

    Have you tried making going out grathering odd things like rocks wood chips and things like that then you can use that to make art or maybe go to the craft store and get the cardboard alphabet get the letter to spell his name and glue the things he finds on them

What are the 10 essential skills that a 10 year old boy must have

  • Anne
    Nov 20

    I’ll take a crack at this: 1. Can cook a few simple meals for himself. 2. Can schedule and pace himself to complete homework and school projects on time. 3. Can pack his own bag for travel. 4. Can do basic research on the internet and identify credible sites. 5. Has well-established daily hygiene habits such as showering, dental care, dressing well etc. 6. Can do his own laundry. 7. Can manage... More

What is there to do with two kids under the age of 1

  • Anasteja
    Nov 17

    Sensory activities you can look up on Pinterest. There’s one where you cook some noodles and let them play with them. Bubbles are always fun!

  • April
    Nov 18

    Walks. Indoor play areas can be good if you go during the week when older kids aren’t running around

Single mom with newborn + toddler ... help lol.

I became single within the last 8 or so weeks of my pregnancy with my second boy. My first, is two years old. I have been a stay at home mom for about 3 years so I have literally nothing to my name and have applied for all assistance and am staying with my friend until it all goes through (so I’m currently broke - keep this in mind). I also have epilepsy and cannot drive 🙃. So me and my kiddos ... More

  • Genna
    Nov 17

    Try making some crafts that you have with things laying around the house and if you have paint have them pant something with you and you can get your newborns prints at the same time.

  • Sophie
    Nov 17

    Crafts! Go for a walk and get leafs and make collages. Get pine cones and put peanut butter on them and bird seed if you can afford to get some. Hang them as squirrel feeders. Try to get creative with what’s around you!

Late talkers

What activaties did u do with ur children to motivate them to talk. My son is 3 in January and he doesn't talk. Im taking him to EPU but i still want to do activities at home where i can motivate him to talk. Any suggestions from moms that have or had late talkers??

  • Melissa
    Nov 16

    Thank u so much:)

  • Melanie
    Nov 17

    Is EPU early intervention? The expectation is to have a 50 word vocabulary by around 2. My son has been working with early intervention since a little after 2 and has flourished in 6 months. I highly recommend working with specialists!

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Nov 16

A bored 3 year old!

I have a 3 year old and an almost 3 month old. It’s too cold outside to go to the park or go for a walk. Does anyone know any little games or crafts or something he can do during her nap time?

  • 2Boys&aDog
    Nov 16

    If he is a big fan of the bath that would be a great pastime. My sisters kids love the bath and are happy to play in there for an hour if she would let them. When she’s not napping you guys can always head over to the library or mall for some indoor fun outside of the house. Even getting out for an hour helps tremendously!

  • Lesley
    Nov 19

    1) lemon volcanos (he is obsessed) 2) baking! (Banana muffins, cookies) 3) practicing letters, numbers,writing 4) color/painting 5) building a fort 6) treasure hunt! I’ve made an “activity jar” for the children I’ve looked after.. we’d all tell out fun things to do at home and write them down on wooden sticks. Whenever we were stuck at home, one of the children would pick out a random sti... More

Ideas for indoor activities for 9 month old?

  • Schmoopy
    Nov 15

    Lauren: how do you make cornstarch paints? That sounds awesome!!

  • Lauren
    Nov 15

    You just do water, cornstarch, and food coloring (just don’t put too much or you will have a rainbow stained child).

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Nov 13

Teaching my 3 year old

For personal reasons, am having to take off work, take my little one out of daycare and be a stay at home mom. She has learned so much being at the daycare that it hurts me having to take her out. I’m feeling overwhelmed trying to teach her at home the letter, numbers, shapes, etc. I’m using ABC mouse but I feel like I should do more. Any advise one a day to day way of teaching her at home.

  • Rocio
    Nov 19

    Don’t feel overwhelmed mama! I started my own journey on teaching the kids at home too! I personally do 20 minutes a day with my 2 year old twins I take one at a time to the kitchen while the other two stay in the living room. I’ve separated their educational toys and they love it! They get really excited! I learned a lot from searching on YouTube homeschool preschool at home! Repetition thru o... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 24

    Thanks a lot for the pictures!!!! I like looking at ideas.


Now that the weather is getting colder you can’t take the little boy to the park anymore, are there any indoor parks or in door activities that me and my one year old boy can do together?

  • Treneice
    Nov 13

    My boys love to go to Chick fil a to play

  • Brittany
    Nov 14

    Look up tons of fun it’s a bday party place but they have free play

Stay at home mom.

Any ideas on things I can do? I’m a stay at home mom my son is only 2months old and I have two dogs. I don’t drive so it’s a little hard to think of things I can do while I’m home.

  • Rose
    Nov 19

    Walks with he dogs and the baby. You'll find it's an easy way to meet your neighbors in the area, and maybe you can meet some with other little ones and have get togethers

  • Erika
    Nov 20

    It’s hard to go one walks. There are no sidewalks in my neighborhood and people drive insane on our street 😪 and the weather has been all over the place here in San Antonio

Entertaining 6 month old

Hey there, my son turns 6 months in a few days and I find that he’s getting bored with the toys I give him to keep him occupied while I get things done around the house. How do you guys keep your babies entertained so that you can take care of your house like cooking and cleaning while not sticking them in front of the TV?

  • Ekaterina
    Nov 13

    Since my baby sit up I put her in front of me while Im cooking, and she helps. For example, I peel potatoes and put it in the pot with water, and my daughter puts her hands in the pot and play with potatoes (and sometimes she grabs husk and plays). I cut vegetables and put it in the bowl, and she 'mixs' it by her hands. It is messy, but is only one way to cook if she keeps awake.

  • Becky
    Nov 15

    Natalie, I know my daughter loved uncooked rice in a crinkled up water bottle. She'll still play with that sometimes.

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