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Anonymous posted in Behavior Yesterday

My 2yo Throws herself back

Whenever my daughter gets upset she throws herself back. I’ve told her not to do it, and explained to her she will get hurt; but as soon as she gets upset, she does it. She’s hurt herself in MANY occasions and will not stop. I have tried ignoring her, but honestly she’ll do it anywhere like on a concrete floor, or the edge of the couch or bed, so most of the time I find myself catching her befo... More

Anonymous posted in Bathing Sunday

Bath time question

This is going to sound weird, but our 1 yo baby has recently been trying to drink her bath water. She drinks a lot of water during the day (easily 3-5 sippy cups worth plus milk). We’ve offered her the sippy in the tub when she first started doing it, but she doesn’t want to drink. Then she goes back to lifting the water pourer (you know, like to pour over her head) up like a cup, or even le... More

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira

    This is totally normal! I feel like most kids do this.. She is just curious, I'm sure it'll pass. Maybe stop giving her the water pourer if it is bothering you?

  • K

    It will stop in time. It is gross to watch😣. I just keep telling my girls not to do it, sometimes they listen.

Stacie posted in Behavior Sunday

Toddler ripping books

Anyone have any advice for toddler ripping books? My daughter is 21 months and has a favorite paper book but lately she’s been ripping it! She loves to read it but then she’ll randomly rip it. We’ve told her the book has to go to time out and will put it away but now she’ll rip it and say “ut oh book time out.” 🙈 So clearly that isn’t working. Any advice?

  • Liza M.

    My daughter is 19 mos and went through this, and sometimes still does. We dealt with it by taking the book away and having her sit on her bed for a minute (she would burst into tears immediately and not stay on the bed-it was more of a symbolic gesture rather than a punishment). Now she responds to prompts to things like "what happens when we rip books?" by saying "crib" or ... More

  • Amy

    Have you thought maybe coloring books? There are some cheap ones at dollar stores that I've picked up for my son. I essentially use that as a means to teach him not to rip books meanwhile preserving the other books for story time or when he's older. He still gets the chance to learn how to touch and turn pages. Otherwise I do have several board books (several from Chickfila lol) and clo... More

Stacie posted in Behavior Sunday

Toddler screaming

Any advice on random screaming!? My 21 month old has also been randomly screaming. She’s not screaming at anyone but will just randomly scream in the house or sometimes will do it to get our attention if we don’t immediately answer her 🙈

  • Julie

    I’m so interested to see the answers. My daughter does this and then she says, “mommy?” As in, she wants me to scream back. Lolol. I do it sometimes if it’s not totally inappropriate (like when it’s 5am or when we are eating dinner). After I make the noise back she then asks my husband to do it too. Im guessing this isn’t the “right” way to handle it. I’m glad we don’t have neighbors who live c... More

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira

    @Julie you arent wrong for what you're doing.. she is making a game out of it as a way to have a special bond with you and your husband. My advice is try asking her why she is making that noise? Make sure you tell her that noise is called screaming. If you dont want her to do it all try then maybe try making up a story.. Tell her oh no... look outside you scared the birds! The animals have ... More

Katie posted in Behavior Saturday

Time Out Help

We recently started using timeout with our LO who is 19 months old. It’s not working, he thinks it’s fun. HELP!

  • Cathy

    Keep putting him back in the spot. Over and over and over again. “Sit here,” “Not being nice,” “gentle hands,” whatever language you use keep it simple and direct. Hang in there.

  • Mrs. HHH

    I took a behavioral class for parents and the instructor kept saying TOs don’t work on kids under 2. You should try taking away privileges bc they don’t understand the concept of a TO

Bree posted in Behavior Friday

3 yr old scared at night

How do you deal with a child at night that says he is scared, faking crying, and delaying bed time by 30-40 mins? Need help. My husband and I don’t agree on the right plan of action to deal with these behaviors. I say to leave it alone and don’t go in at all after reading and saying goodnight. He thinks to go in multiple times and try to console him until he falls asleep. Any advice?

  • Yomaris

    I think Ceecie is right, both ideas together may work! Comforting him when he's scared is a way to show him he is safe because his parents are there. This helps a child to grow confident and secure. But I think prayer over him and his room will help too! Children are vulnerable and sensitive. Us parents can protect them in all areas and aspects.

  • Bree

    Thank you everyone for the advice. We did try that technique tonight as it was a routine night for him unfortunately. He does have a night light, he has two actually. We didn’t even have to reach the 7 mins mark thankfully. It was hard for my husband to wait that long but I made him promise. I also pray every night with my son. Thanks again everyone!

When to start potty training?

Our LO is 13 months and has turned into what I can only describe as a tiny demon lately when we change her diaper. She used to sit quietly and not mind anything at all. As she got bigger we *might* need to sing a song or hand her a toy, but generally she never even attempt to roll over. FF to now? She is literally trying to climb us to avoid putting on the fresh diaper. She hasn’t had any ... More

  • Jennifer

    Thanks everyone! I’ll be talking to her daycare soon, too, since the toddler rooms have the first potty (there are two levels of toddler for potty trained vs not). She can’t walk on her own yet, so I don’t think they can move her to the first room. She definitely seems ready—if you catch her grunting or squatting and ask if she is making a poopoo she will nod yes or no (and is correct like 9... More

  • Julie

    Sorry, just realized I thought you said you had a son, not a daughter!! Haha. Anyway, if she shows she’s ready then give it a shot!!! My daughter is in daycare as well. She’s 21 months and her room has two toddler toilets. She is really good at staying dry at school even though they make her wear a diaper. She always tells her teachers she has to go. Ask your centers teachers if there’s a... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Friday

Separation Anxiety or habit?

My daughter is 4 years old. From last 2 month or so (after her grand-parents left to India who took care of her whole day and after she was put in separate age group of kids) , I am noticing that she cries and resist to leave us for 5 to 10 minutes when I drop her to daycare, she cries if she doesn't see me around in shop (if I just move to the next aisle and she can't see me). I keep ... More

  • Anonymous

    Leaving her behind or in the previous aisle at 4 years old is probably not helping! Ask the daycare what she does on a daily.. I noticed my son started to hate daycare thats because we found out the staff was being mean to him.

Elvie posted in Behavior Thursday

Tips on getting your toddler to listen?

My son barely listens to me or his dad. When we tell him something it’s like he is ignoring us on purpose. When I tell him something he wants his dad. I’m so frustrated.

  • Sanna

    I don’t have anything to help just want to let you know that you’re not alone. My daughter does the same thing she’s 30 months old and doesn’t listen to anyone or follow instructions. She’s actually worse in public than home. It’s very upsetting but I hope she will grow and be better

  • Elena

    Same here I really wish I could give you advice but my 2yd is the same way and so far nothing worked no praise no time out nothing he just get worse at time out like he dont understand the concept yet

Nicolle posted in Behavior Jun 13

My two years old boy says “NO” to everything.

He says no to everything. No matter to what. Sometimes he wants something but he will still say NO. He is speaking a lot but his answers are always no. He is my first baby so I’m wondering if it is just a stage? How long it will be? Any tips?

  • Kieli

    May just be the first thing that comes to mind ... sometimes my 2 year old will automatically say “no” then about 2 seconds later nod head and say “yes yes yes!!!” And look at me kind like “why did you take it away?!” Because she originally wanted to say yes. I would ask “did you mean to say yes to ___?” For example if you are at a park, and ask him if wants to go on the slide and he answers wi... More

  • Cathy

    I always say, “you can tell me no, but we are going to -“

Sanna posted in Behavior Jun 10

Toddler crying all the time

I have a 30 months daughter who is literally crying over everything( food, drinks, tv, books, potty, going outside, coming back home, going to bed, leaving the bed..etc) she cries her lungs off and very loud which always bother my 2months daughter then i have two crying babies. I don’t know what to do im losing my sanity. Im a stay at home mom and husband works long hours. It feels like my whol... More

  • Anonymous
    Jun 11

    It sounds like she’s looking for attention. Maybe on the weekends husband can take baby and you can do something fun alone with her

1 year old hitting

My little one has started this bad habit of hitting herself and others. I’ve tried redirecting and telling her no...but it hasn’t really been working. Any tips?

  • Jennifer
    Jun 10

    My son is two and we still struggle with this sometimes. We had to use time outs. Afterwards we snuggle and talk about it and he will now say sorry and kiss the boo boo. It’s a phase they will grow out of it eventually but short minute or two timeouts worked well for us

Anonymous posted in Babies Jun 06

6mo screaming/shrieking

Has anyone else’s child done this? Normally she’ll just yell or growl when she’s playing but lately she’s just been doing this ear deafening scream/shriek. She’s too little to understand ‘inside voices’ so I’m at a loss, she’ll get so loud to the point where it gives me a migraine and I have no clue what to do. I’m hoping it’s just a phase but it’s been going on for over a month now.

  • Jenn
    Jun 07

    Yep, for months. Just testing out her voice 😊 if you don't like it, ignore it. It won't go away immediately but she will at least get the memo that mom doesn't pay attention to me when I do this. I kind of liked it at that 2 I'm definitely all about inside voices.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 10

    Thank you all for the advice, i’ll definitely be sure to try it!!

Anonymous posted in Behavior Jun 05

Toddler has an irrational fear of bugs

My 3 year old recently developed an extremely strong fear of bugs. We aren’t sure what caused it, and are at a loss for how to comfort him. I first noticed it a couple weeks ago when he kind of grabbed and hid behind my leg when he saw a butterfly in the yard. I explained butterflies are nice bugs and we watched it for a bit and he seemed fine. But then this past weekend we were at a friends ... More

  • Damon
    Jun 07

    I agree with lots of posters above, especially the one about communicating our own fears without meaning to. My son is 3.5, and has recently gone through something similar but not as extreme. Mainly focused around bees and wasps. We tend to react when we see a bee or wasp near our young kids with a rescue kind of behavior... Which communicates fear, and all the explaining in the world isn't... More

  • Raji
    Jun 07

    I just happened to be upon Janet Lansbury’s podcast Unruffled and she had a sessions of big fears. It’s featured on May 29 podcast. Maybe it might help u

C posted in Babies Jun 04

Active 9 month old still needs arms swaddled or else he will play instead of sleep 😩

How do I get him to sleep? Even with his crib bare, he will play with the crib walls, or his toes, fingers ... In other words, he will find something even when there is nothing to play with. It doesn't matter if he's tired or sleepy. He will stay up and play even if he's exhausted. I have to use an arm swaddle on him or he'll never sleep. This isn't ideal since he's able... More

  • PK
    Jun 04

    What’s the longest that he’s stayed up for before you intervened? Have you tried a white noise machine? We had a really bad sleep regression around this age. He just couldn’t stop fidgeting and moving around.

  • Shannon
    Jun 05

    We use a zipadee zip sleep suit. Our son is 10.5 months old and 26 pounds, 32 inches tall. He uses the large size.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Jun 03

Struggling with terrible twos

Hi I'm a stay at home mom to my 2.5 year old son. Lately he's been really difficult and I'm struggling with his behavior. He is defiant, stubborn, whiny and very willfull. Everything is a battle... changing diapers, brushing teeth, eating, getting dressed, getting in car seat. Everything is a struggle. He also hits and throws things, like food, toys etc. I hear this is part of ... More

  • Jessica
    Jun 06

    I also have very independent kiddos, so they get upset if they don’t feel like they are getting to make some choices so I offer them moments of control example, it’s time to get dressed, do you want to wear the red shirt of the blue shirt? Ultimately I’m in control, but they feel a sense of control and fight me less on getting ready...

  • Jamie
    Jun 06

    I started with hardcore attachment parenting, but it just did not work for my strong willed son when he hit the terrible twos. I had to be very firm with him on the things I couldn't tolerate, while also giving him lots of time for fun and to burn off energy.

Elissa posted in Behavior Jun 02

Ideas for dinner for my pickey 3 year old

I’m out of ideas I don’t know what to do anymore my son doesn’t like anything he was eating spaghetti and pizza and chicken and rice with veggies but now he gags and almost throws up if I make any of that for him he won’t try any new foods he will cry and scream to the point of hyperventilating his dr said not to give him anything till he tries what I’ve made but he’s gone a full 24 hrs without... More

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira
    Jun 04

    A lot of kids go through this. It's totally normal! My niece only wanted chocolate muffins for a while. The doctor said, as long as she is eating give them to her! It will pass.. just keep encouraging foods dont give up although it can be VERRRY frustrating. Try applesauce packages.. shape the food, get those cutters in his favorite characters or shapes. Make it more appealing for him. Also... More

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira
    Jun 04

    Pinterest is a lifesaver as well.. they have so many recipes for sneaking veggies in food ...

Ira posted in Behavior Jun 02

Smelling food

Does your 17 month old baby smell food before he/she eats it?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 03

    My daughter doesn’t trust me 😂. She’s 21 months, she needs to see the food before it goes to her mouth. If I feed her something she didn’t see she spits it out and put it back in just to check what food I put in her mouth. But when she’s eating by herself she’s ok cause she knows what’s on her plate.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jun 05

    I’ve seen phases of this. And honestly, it’s a good habit. We shouldn’t really want our kids to blindly accept food from anyone, and if their instincts say to check it out first, it’s a good thing!

Anonymous posted in Behavior May 31

I’m so tired of fighting with my 3 year old every time we go out to eat

I used to love going out to restaurants with my family but now I hate it! I never want to go anywhere to sit down and eat because yes miserable for me and my son cause he doesn’t want to eat anything so the whole time we’re out is spent with me trying to get him to try something or trying to keep him entertained so he doesn’t get bored and upset I hate it! I don’t get to eat I get anxiety and g... More

  • Gean
    Jun 06

    From reading these I guess Im the only one that had a mother that said, "If you dont like what I cooked, you can go with out"! I realize that that is harder when you go out, because there might be a scene. But trust me, The more you do it at home, the sooner the point will be made and understood. This is first hand experience here.

  • Nana
    Jun 08

    Make sure meal times at home are scheduled. Same rules go for restaurant behavior as home. Set the timer at home he doesn’t get up till the timer goes off. If you make food a stress he will also have anxiety over food. Relax enjoy the meal and conversation. Offer foods but don’t make it a battle.

Anonymous posted in Behavior May 30

4-Year old's behavior and daycare's feedback

My 4-year-old daughter doesn't necessarily follow instructions and she doesn't pay attention in one activity for a long time e.g. while eating she moves here and there. When it's time to clean up, she doesn't clean her stuff unless we tell her some interesting or motivating stuff. Many time we end up feeding her food rather when we are in crunch time. So it takes time to finish ... More

  • Anne
    May 31

    I dunno, this is pretty age appropriate I think! She may just grow out of it. My 4yo has difficulty with transitions so I just give lots of warnings: "5 more minutes to play, then we are getting our shoes on" or "5 more minutes to eat and then I'm taking the plate away. if you don't finish your food you'll be hungry later." Using simple commands also helps a lot... More

  • Anonymous
    Jun 03

    Thank you Anne and Ally. I will try these suggestions.

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