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Anonymous posted in Behavior Friday


We have a 1st grader and there is this boy in her class that keeps bothering her. He kicked her legs several times, took away her stuff, called her names, made fun of her name. So we send an email to the teacher. The teacher promised us that won't happen again, but the other day during dismissal the boy kicked her leg again. My husband called the principle. Since she wasn't there, he l... More

  • Anonymous

    Mrs hhh, I’ve heard people say that my entire life but I never actually saw it. I’ve seen boys who like girls tease them maybe, or maybe even tickle them. But kick them? Knowingly hurt them? I think that when a child at any age does that it needs and requires correction because ignoring it or shrugging it off as a boy being a boy essentially promotes toxic masculinity.

Crying non stop

Here is a topic how many days or weeks do you keep a littleone who is crying non stop all day long have done everything you can think of to make the littleone happy and i mean everything and still they are crying and it is at the point that it is affecting the other children in your care what do you do???

Anonymous posted in Behavior Feb 10

2 year old not listening to mom

I’m about to rip my hair straight out my head!!! My 27 month old listens to everyone but me. He will let anyone but me change his diaper and dress him. I get a tantrum and literally have to hold him down to get anything done. At first I thought Maybe I was hurting him but I’ve watched my husband do both and it’s no different than I do. He cuddles with me and likes me(lol) so I’m wondering if it... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 17

    Thanks anonymous mom for the informative response. It helps a lot.

  • Tumurkhuyag
    Feb 17

    Good advice

Yanis posted in Behavior Feb 09

Baby hates the carseat.

Hi everyone, I have a 3 month old and recently she started hating her carseat. I don’t know what to do. She’ll be fine for about 5 minutes and then starts whining and then full blown screaming/crying. She used to go to sleep in her carseat, but now she won’t. I always make sure that she is well fed and burped, I have tried trying to get her to nap it but that doesn’t work, so I have tried to pl... More

  • Jess
    Feb 09

    We went through that phase. We stumbled upon a song she would stop crying if played but otherwise, she would scream and not sleep the whole time. The mirror helped us too. She liked it better when we put her in a convertible but she was about 6months old so think she likes being able to see out as she sat up higher. But I feel your pain :(

  • Destin
    Feb 10

    Playing water sounds always helped for our daughter. We would connect YouTube through the car speakers so it played through and helped a lot. If there is anything at all that soothes her just try and bring that to the ride with you. Maybe get some little mobile/toys that connect to the car seat for her to look at...could be helpful maybe. Worked for us...good luck!

Anonymous posted in Behavior Feb 06

Social skills and confidence building in a 5 year old

My 5-year-old appears to be socially awkward even in a known environment. She shows very low self-esteem and is not open about her feelings to us so hard to help. She starts kindergarten soon so I want to be able to help her build confidence. Tried zillion play dates, exposures to activities and people, talking with her but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

  • Lexi
    Feb 13

    Does she seem nervous/anxious or just more reserved than other children? Lots of nonjudgmental positive reinforcement and trust building can be helpful. Point out small accomplishments; for example: "you zipped your coat up!" "That was hard for you and you did it!" Observational statements instead of "good job" go a lot farther when building a child's confidenc... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 13


Anonymous posted in Behavior Feb 01

Co Parenting with different mindsets

Ok so I am a step mama of 2 great kiddos. One is 7 and one will be 6 in September. The only problem is when they stay with their mom for long periods if time they come back with terrible behavior issues (hitting, yelling, lying, terrible attitude/back talking) and this does not happen when they spend extended periods of time with their dad and I, it only happens when they come back from a week ... More

Nicole posted in Bathing Jan 30

2 yr old hyperactive post bath and into bedtime

My son used to be a dream to put to bed. Enter terrible twos. Getting him upstairs for a bath is fine but when we take him out, chaos ensues. He hates getting dried off so we tried to let him do it himself. That really doesn’t work. He also hates getting his diaper on or getting dressed and runs around the bathroom in a hyper state. Story time used to be a dream as well and he would sit on our ... More

  • Nicole
    Jan 31

    Thanks all. I also find my son tends to behave so much better when I am doing bath time and bedtime solo. When my husband is around he gets so hyper. I have used a timer too to come out of the bath so will do that for books and bedtime too.

  • Tiana
    Feb 01

    We have a magnetic pecs board, and he is part of making a plan for the day/ evening. We slide the activities off the board as we complete them. I’m not sure why it works SO well. He slide off the last icon, “brush teeth” and go back to look at the remaining one, “bed time” and will simply say, “bedtime!!” All excited, when we had (sometimes an hour) of whining, wall kicking, screaming, running ... More

Shon posted in Behavior Jan 29


My 23 month old is starting to have tantrums and also starting to say no and hit and throw things. She cries all morning and cries all night and I can never figure out what is wrong. I am trying to find the best way to teach her to express how she feels while still not giving in to this behavior. Can someone give me some tips on how they handle the tantrum phase?

  • PK
    Jan 29

    What anonymous said has worked great for us! Also as far as expressing feelings, maybe find a few library books that talk about emotion. I started reading books to my son about it and out of nowhere one day, he started to tell me how he felt. And once they identify that, you can give them ideas on proper ways to deal with it. For being mad, I tell my son to tell me that he’s mad and then step a... More

  • Shon
    Jan 30

    Also very good idea

key posted in Behavior Jan 27

My 6 year is lying

My 6 year old has began lying about almost everything possible. We just had a baby and it started a little before that. She has made a comment if I feel like you hate me. She has been beating her Barbies and screaming at them. I know that it is common to have kids act out when a new baby comes but is it this bad?

  • Christina
    Jan 28

    My step daughter is the same way but she also has PTSD from trauma from her bio mom. She also started acting out really bad when I found out I was pregnant and my whole pregnancy and even now my baby is 3 months old she acts out. She feels we hate her and she says she’s angry. She rips her barbies heads off and says they look better that way. She has 3 therapist but I do know she loves being th... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 28

    I also think this is a sign that your daughter is craving attention. The same thing you describe was going on with some kids where I volunteer as an assistant to a mental health counselor for children and adolescents. The counselor’s analysis was that the children are compensating for feeling unseen. Once she started to address the children’s issues, and showed their parents how to constructive... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Jan 27

Hair pulling

My almost 2 year old son is pulling handfuls of hair from my head and I can’t get him to stop. It hurts so bad. He thinks it’s funny and none of the consequences or conversations I have with him about it are working. Any advice?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 27

    My son was doing this to me and usually when we were in the middle of playing. What worked within days was pretending to cry, tell him that I’m hurt and sad and just walk away. And then keep explaining that if he hurts people that they won’t want to play with him.

  • Donna
    Jan 29

    Ugh. Mine too. Got a huge chunk last night. Is there a pattern to it? Mine does it when he’s tired or aggravated. I try to be mindful of when it’s most likely to happen and keep my hair tied up.

C posted in Behavior Jan 26

How to get through picky eater phases?

My 17 month old won’t eat anything except plain Cheerios, bread, biscuits, croutons, crackers, and cookies - basically, bread products only. No additions, no toppings, nothing. And he only grazes or snacks, never a meal’s worth. I’m lucky if I can get him to drink 4 ounces of milk. This is a huge change from when he used to eat all his veggies and was open to full meals from all the food groups... More

  • Angela
    Jan 30

    Kids with autism can be so picky they will starve themselves. There are eating therapists: check your local hospital and service providers. My kid has autism. I think your doc is wrong. I feed my son what he’s willing to eat and give him gummy vitamins. I occasionally present other options I think he will like but he usually doesn’t touch them. I got lucky with freeze dried broccoli - he likes ... More

  • Leesa
    Jan 30

    Angela, what brand of gummies do you get?

Rachel posted in Behavior Jan 25

When can kids start having baths independently without supervision?

  • Pot Papi
    Jan 25

    My daughter has been talking bubble baths alone since 2yo. But if u taking about actual cleaning themselves it would be when they have learned how to do it all so around 5-6

  • Kieli
    Jan 26

    I can sit and see my daughter (2) from my rocking chair to the bath room, so I wash her the let her play while I can spy on her lol. She helps me while cleaning her body and hair, but I don’t think she’s ready to do it by herself. Like the above post, about 5 years old is when I think they can fully understand the concept of getting all the soap off and such.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Jan 24

Staying at in-laws

So Im staying with my in-laws for 4 weeks and then my husband (whose is traveling for this time) will join us for another 2 weeks before we get back home. My (only) toddler is regressing in every aspect in the past one week and its driving me up the wall (potty training, bed time routines, eating habits etc and its just been 10 days). There is a 6 hr time difference and he is a bit jet lagged. ... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 25

    It sounds like some of the frustration towards your in laws is being taken out on your son. When you get back home it will be a whole new battle. You need to set strict boundaries with his grandparents. <

  • Po
    Jan 25

    The child’s behavior sounds familiar. My child is doing the same thing since we have recently travelled. I just find things to distract her when she gets restless. Start discussing her favourite things, which gets her attention. Then ask questions like are you tired? Do you want to go to the toilet? Are you hungry? What do you need help with and whom do you want to help you. It’s a lot of work.... More

Annie posted in Behavior Jan 24

Every emotion=screaming

My daughter is 20 months and still doesn’t really talk much so she expresses every emotion with a loud shriek or scream of some sort. She gets scared she screams. She gets upset she screams. She gets excited she screams. She gets happy she screams. She even laughs with a scream. I want to help her express her emotions in a way that is more appropriate but I don’t want to make her feel as if I’m... More

  • Annie
    Jan 26

    My issue isn’t so much the not talking. I know when she’s ready she’ll do it. Of course it’s frustrating for both she and I when we can’t understand each other but like you said I’ve learned what she wants based on her babble like ‘help me’ is ‘me me me’ and I’ve taught her a few signs to express when she’s hungry and thirsty or if she wants more of something or is finished with something. what... More

  • Melissa
    Feb 02

    I am struggling with same thing, hoping she'll grow out if once talking well

Samm posted in Behavior Jan 22


My children absolutely don't respect their things, no matter how cheap or expensive. My 11 year old sons tablet has an absolutely smashed screen and I have told him that if he wants nicer things to take care of and cherish them. But to no avail he still destroys his things along with his 8 year old brother. And it's rubbing off to their 4 year old sister. None of them care for their things.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 24

    I agree. Or what might be even more impactful is if they have any money saved or little jobs, to show them how much work it is to pay off the fix. Make as real world as possible. The reason we care for our high cost items is because we know how much work we have to do to pay for them. So recreate that for them. Don’t sugarcoat it

Anonymous posted in Behavior Jan 16

Introverted or something more?

I have a 2.5 year old daughter whose been in daycare since she was 12 weeks old. She’s sweet and loving and I always get the nicest reports from her daycare teachers that she’s a “great listener,” “shares well,” etc. she’s also an only child and given the $$ we had to spend on multiple rounds of ivf and my and my husbands advanced age she will probably (99.9%) always be an only child. Her teach... More

  • Momof2

    Hey all! My daughter was evaluated at preschool and we met with the evaluater this week. I said I would share after she was evaluated so here is what he said: He feels like it’s just her personality and that it’s going to take her a long time to warm up to social settings. He encouraged us not to push her too much because that will probably make her retreat more. He Thinks she will likely learn... More

  • Anonymous

    So glad to hear it!! Thank you for updating

Brandi posted in Behavior Jan 14

I don’t know who this human is

I have a 12 year old daughter who is like a total stranger to me. This year has been a challenge to say the least. She has ADHD and needs additional motivation to do anything on good days. Right now, lying about everything. Goes to school and doesn’t do her work. She had a take home test I asked her about 3 times. I was told it was done days ago. Then Saturday and Sunday. She didn’t do it, took... More

Carissa posted in Behavior Jan 13

Is my 3 year olds behavior normal?

Okay 3.5 year old daughter has been acting out A LOT lately, I would say it started around a month after she turned 3. She does not listen to us at all! She is always talking back, yelling, and storming off. Before that, she was the sweetest little girl ever, very funny, very happy. It was almost like a switch flipped and lately she is just SO moody...we went to the park yesterday whi... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 15

    So we are basically living the same life, but I have a boy, and his anger comes out in aggression. He also has a little brother, his extra aggression started at 3.5, around the time his brother started being more mobile and was "so cute" to everyone. I'm sure it had some to do with it, but it also seemed to come a long with a major growth spurt, like blew past 4t clothes, and star... More

C posted in Behavior Jan 12

How to teach toddler to pick up after himself on his own?

My 16 month old will only put away his toys or pick up his mess/trash if I sit him there and make him watch me clean up. He’ll mimic, but only sometimes. I see kids who clean up after themselves without being made to do it. How do you instill that into a toddler?

  • Anonymous
    Feb 07

    I tell my son “first clean up then _____”

Momof2 posted in Behavior Jan 12

Suggestions on how to support my daughter?

My four-year-old started preschool in August. She’s always been an introvert so I knew adjusting to preschool would be a challenge for her. She has also always been the type of child that wants to observe what’s going on and once she’s comfortable will participate.She’s now been in school for four months and the teacher said she still having a really hard time. The teacher said most of the time... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 13

    Is it possible to do some kind of activity where you go with her, but are physically further away, swimming, or one of those inflatable places where only kids go in, and parents sit outside. Just thinking of some possible steps between total independence and mom by her side.

  • Nina
    Jan 13

    Ask for the preschool schedule. On the weekend, run the schedule and “play” school with her. Or our preschool had us do a whole routine at drop off where we stay 15 min and let him interact then make sure to say “bye and I’ll come back...”.

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