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Anonymous posted in Behavior Yesterday

Nipple addict

My daughter is 14 months and has been breastfed since day one (she’s now on solid foods too, don’t worry). When she is in a new environment, she sticks her hand in my bra to find and grab my nipple, when she is tired, her hand goes in my bra, while she’s nursing, my hand is constantly having to block to other nipple from her grabby little fingers. I’m worried that she’ll grow up having some sor... More

  • Ambria
    6h ago

    I think its called twiddling not sure if thats right but its a comfortthing and also their body wanting to keep bust and multitask

  • Lauren
    6h ago

    I ask my 17 month old to bring a stuffed animal to nursing time so she wraps her fingers around a mouse ear or monkey tail instead of me!! I also ask her “where’s mommy’s eye, where’s mommy’s nose” so she is focused on something else (and learning body parts) and getting her hand off my other boob. If that doesn’t work I tell her to please hold my hand because “it hurts mommy when she does tha... More

Eden posted in Behavior Yesterday

No stage?

Hi moms , i have a 2YO who loves saying NO to everything and anything and screams when he doesn't get what he wants... He wasn’t like that before it started 2 months ago... What can i do to change him?

  • Anna

    Lol. I SO remember when 20 months hit for us, and NO was her favorite word. I thought, what happened to my child?? I talked to our doc and at the time, she told me how wonderful this is-it means they are doing something that is very developmentally appropriate. They realize they are separate from us, and they have to assert their little independence. The best thing I found to get through it was... More

  • Jennifer
    7h ago

    My 19 month old does that too. I try to tell him I see it makes you sad but we have to do this thing and he seems to calm down a bit I also make sure to say I love you bunches even when your sad. Kids just need to get those emotions out.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Thursday

Spitting out fluids

Sometimes my 16 month old will sip from her sippy and spit it all out. Over and over again. Is this normal behavior??

  • Aje

    My son did that for a while. Just playing around and experimenting I think. He doesn’t do it anymore but now my nephew started doing it.

  • a

    YES! It is hard to handle as a parent. The more you try to stop it the more they love it! This too shall pass.

Sami posted in Behavior Wednesday


I’m a single widow mom raising a ten year old son who hates to be punished and thinks he is grown. I take his stuff off of him and he still acts up. I make him write 50 times of what he did wrong and it still doesn’t help. Please any advice out there I greatly appreciate it.


    Hey, what else does he like to do? If anything try to put him on a team, which ever sports he like? Maybe he needs a Male figure in his life. That can help. I’m sorry for your loss also. 🙏🏼 hope it get it...

  • Victoria

    I went through this stage when I was in high school. My parents locked up for my phone so I could only talk to family. I could only go out when everything was cleaned up and my hw done. It’s a stage that we go through, I see my sister going through it now. I wouldn’t make them do everything but definitely nothing above and beyond. No foods they want, don’t do their laundry. Tell them to go make... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Wednesday

10 m/o screams at top of lungs

She screams when I’m not paying attention to her at that very moment, when she wants something, and of course when she’s upset/frustrated. How do I stop this/discourage it? I don’t give her attention when she does it because I don’t want her to continue. But dang, it’s just horrible some days 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Angel

    Talk to her. Explain why she can’t do what she is doing. Ask her questions like “Are you upset/frustrated?” “What’s wrong?” If she continues to do this after words put her in a high chair or similar seat and have her watch you pay attention to other things like cleaning or cooking or whatever you can safely do with her near you. When she stops shift your attention to her and what she might need... More

  • Anonymous

    When my son started that constant whine is when we introduced sign language! It seriously took him 2 days to start religiously using “please” and it REALLY helps now because he says please and then points to what he wants. I think overall he just feels like he can communicate better so it makes him more chill. However, I do agree with not giving into every.single.cry. Just remind her, that hi m... More

My 3 year old is going through the crying while pooping. I know he’s not constipated. Any suggestion

  • Lisa

    My son will be 4 in April. He still has days he makes a big drama production out of pooping, especially if in public. It is getting better but I think it is a very long phase... hang in there. I had many a public stall where we walked out to a whole room of women waiting to go in and I would embarrassingly say he has to poop... wow talk about red faced, as he sounded like I was killing him w... More

  • Candace

    Awww man I’m sorry u had to go threw that hun. But yes my son is overly dramatic. We haven’t done public bathrooms just yet and I think my child is going to be that child where he only poops at home, me and my husband were like that when we were kids. But I hope this faze die soon

Anonymous posted in Behavior Monday

My 2 yr old agrees on her punishments

For ex: we had a party to go to in the afternoon. My daughter woke up grumpy the morning of & didnt want to brush her teeth or get ready at all. I told her if she didnt get dressed she wasn't going to be able to go to the party. So she agreed. She didnt want to go to the party. She does this even if I take something away. What can i do?

  • LisaP

    Read “how to talk so little kids will listen” If she has to go to the party with you you can’t use that as a consequence. You have to give different choices where you are ok with either outcome. “Do you want to brush your teeth or will mommy brush them”. “ do you want the blue dress or the yellow dress? I haven’t been consistent with it but I think their method really will work.

  • Julie

    The punishment thing seems to not work. My cousin has boy/girl twins who are 11 now. They know if they get in trouble they lose their iPads for a week. They just do whatever they want to do and then hand their mom their iPad and could care less. It’s like giving them a choice except they’ll choose to be bad every time. Instead maybe give two choices that result in the same outcome, just a diffe... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Monday

Having 15 months toddler boy. please guide me how to calm down his screaming, aggressive behavior?

Hi Ladies, my boy has started behaving very loud and screaming behavior from last 1 week also he become aggressive and start hitting him self to show his anger if i try to stop him. How you all handle such situation and how to Keep calm ?

  • Amanda

    My son is 2 and when he tried to bite himself because he was mad I let him. Trying to stop him only made it worse so when he did it I would calmly tell him that looked like it hurt let me know when you want to talk. Once I stopped reacting to it he stopped doing it. The only time I intervene is if I think he might actually hurt himself or he tries to hit someone else. If he tries to hit someone... More

  • Diana

    Find a better way for him to let his aggression out. Not necessarily during meltdown, but here and there. Pillow fight, crushing the blocks, ripping the paper and so on

Just trying to understand why my son does this?

My son keeps grabbing is hair and pulling it and scratching his head.

  • Rhiannon

    I just saw the pediatrician this week with my five month old because mine has been tugging at her ear. She told us they can do that and pull on their hair if they have pain from teething. I would definitely say to check with your doctor but that might be a possibility.

  • Rhiannon

    Also, they seem to feel the pain from teething most when they have nothing to distract them so lying down at night or without toys might increase that? Just a thought.

Ashley posted in Behavior Monday

Help with my Son’s attachment to his sweater.

My son is extremely attached to any sweater he is currently wearing and will not let me take it off of him. He cries for about an hour after I take the sweater from him to change his clothes. It’s just the sweater he is currently wearing, not a particular one. Does anyone have any advice on how to change his attitude on changing his clothes?

  • Glückskinder

    Maybe it gives him a feeling of safety. I don't know how old your son is tho but maybe ask if him if you can trade it with something else. Maybe a blanket?

  • Julie

    Unless it’s really dirty, would just holding the sweater help maybe??

Aida posted in Behavior Monday

First Lies

My son will be almost four this month. He is generally a great kid, very thoughtful and sweet, but in the last couple of days I’ve caught him lying to me. First it was a corner bumper we have on kitchen counter, he had tried to bite it off, when I asked him about it he said a bad guy did it. I asked if he did it and just stuck to his story. When Dad asked he told him the truth. Then he spilled ... More

  • Danel

    Its normal for kids at that age to lie. As Melinda said, they don’t have the emotional maturity for those things. I have a preschooler who bed wet and told me it rained on his bed!!! 🤦‍♂️ What I usually do is remind him that we make mistakes and I’d rather he tell me the mistake(s) and Him and I can correct it. It also helps to follow through with it if he lies about a mistake. Example; when h... More

  • Reena

    My daughter tells the occasional lie as well. I agree it's important to reassure the child it's okay to make mistakes and we're here to support them.

Kris posted in Behavior Sunday

recommendations on appropriately redirecting a 2 year old girl who is in the terrible two phase.?

  • Tiffany

    Also remembering to stay calm and try to understand their perspective. I read somewhere once that to them, having that blue cup or that purple bowl is just as important to them as paying off the mortgage is to us. We’d be pretty upset if we couldn’t do that. :) Gave me some perspective and compassion, and it helps to stay calm and understanding. Not sure if that’s something that helps in your s... More

  • Kait

    I put my almost 2 year old in the corner for 1-2 minutes.

Heidi posted in Behavior Sunday

11mo old phase?

My 11mo old son has started to FREAK OUT if I’m not within his sight or if he thinks I should be holding him suddenly, or if he just gets angry, and he just SCREAMS and yells and clinches his fists. My oldest didn’t exhibit this sort of behavior. He also had a baby sitter (my mom) for part of the day at this age, and my youngest is with me 24/7 (they both are now). Do you think this may be a fo... More

  • Heidi

    Mary, It definitely got worse just before and now after our trip to OK to visit my parents. Maybe he sensed the stress of prepping for a big trip and then the trip itself? Idk, but we’re on a normal schedule now, so hopefully it calms down!

  • Heidi

    Also, thank you so much for all of your responses, Mommas! I took each piece of advice into consideration, and it definitely helps to know it’s not just us that struggles with this!

Jericho posted in Behavior Dec 07

Help me!! I need tips tricks anything.

My son is 2 almost 3. He refuses to ANYTHING I ask him. I am at my whitts end. I ask him to get dressed he wants to do it himself but he will just throw the clothes for a while. I will then go in and help but he refuses help. It is like this for EVERYTHING this is just one example. I feel like my only choices are to physically manipulate him/force him to get him to do what I need him too or to ... More

  • Ashlie
    Dec 07

    Have you tried to put him in time out ? If not do this it works with my son and the kids I babysitting when you ask him to do something ask first then wait for a little bit like 10min then say 1 then wait 10min then say 2 then wait 10min if he doesn't by 3 you sit him down in a chair 2min and 30 second once when the time is up have him make eye contact and say why he went into time out and ... More

  • Lindsey
    Dec 07

    If he’s throwing clothes in the air. You could ask him if he needs help? Or just give a choice when he’s doing it..put your clothes on now or I have to come help. Give extra time for him to do things. Don’t rush. It’s hard for me not want to rush. I have a almost 3yr. He wants to do everything himself and try to give choices for him like putting toothpaste on. Even if they make a mess they are ... More

Elissa posted in Behavior Dec 06


My 5 year old has the most difficult time focusing on any task. He has just started this so it’s not something we’ve been dealing with and I don’t believe he has ADD. He just will not focus. Today, he kept reaching for stuff while doing homework. I moved it so he looked at me and spitefully reached for something else. And this happened a few more times until I made him sit on his hands (we were... More

  • Rebecca
    Dec 07

    Set a egg timer he can hear when you ask him to do something. We put one in my son's room and when it's time to put pjs on or clean his room we set timer and tell him he has until it goes off to complete his task. The ticking helps to remind him to stay on task.

  • Anne
    Dec 07

    Try just 15 minutes of exercise (jumping jacks, dancing, etc) before sitting down to do homework. Then after the exercise give a small cup of juice to sip while he works. The exercise helps with the fidgeting and the juice delivers some quick sugar to the brain to help with focus. 👍🏼

Tara posted in Behavior Dec 06

Screaming 9 month old

Any suggestions? My 9 month old son wants to scream ALL the time 😩 for any reason: frustration about not getting a toy, boredom, just because he seems to like it, etc.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 06

    Don’t give it attention, look away. If you give him what he wants or react he’ll keep it up

  • Tara
    Dec 06


April posted in Behavior Dec 06

Terrible Twos

My 2 y/o is starting to push his boundaries. He knows that I can’t get to him to put him in time out if I’ve got the infant feeding on me so that’s when he tries the hardest. Is there something I can say or do specifically, to keep him from getting too out of control?

  • April
    Dec 06

    The crib is screened in at the highest setting so it’d be easy for a toddler to escape out of. But I might be able to put him in the pack and play since we don’t use it yet

  • Makaela
    Dec 06

    There you go!

Nicole posted in Behavior Dec 06

Screaming and crying*full blown tantrum at times*when something doesn’t go his way.

How do you deal with your toddlers tantrums? My mom told me she “didn’t let you kids act like that” talking about my siblings and I. My son has BIG feelings and they get hurt easily. He is a physically tough kid but he knows how to use the water works! It even seems like me being around makes it worse. Like my toddler is using me lol he is very smart so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s figuring... More

  • Deb
    Dec 06

    Ignore it. Time out depend on the age around age 2 mine would go in the time out and I ignore his hussy until he says hes all better. Before that age, or when he is thrashing I have a pen he went in with a crib mattress on the bottom and was ignored until he was feeling better.

  • a
    Dec 06

    Daniel tiger has episodes on using your words. Watched it this morning with my 2 year old and it worked immediately. She even spontaneously role played it a few times with me. Never thought the tv could parent my child but hey it worked. She loves the little songs the show has.

Cecilia posted in Behavior Dec 05

My son is 17 months old and he is spitti ng at me when he is angry, just recently started hitting me.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 05

    I agree with a time out consequence to reinforce that it’s not ok. I’ve always done the number of minutes for the number of years (1 y/o = 1 min time out, 2 y/o = 2 minutes, etc). I use a calm, firm, simple verbal boundary so they understand what the consequence is for “Don’t spit on/hit/etc mommy. Time out.” When mine were that age I would sit near them to remind them to stay in time out an... More

  • Kat
    Dec 05

    My daughter started hitting us around that age. I would change my tone and facial expression to be very serious and tell her that she does NOT hit mommy or daddy. I would even explain how it hurts us. Then go on to explain I understand she’s upset or mad about whatever it was, and try to give her other options of expressing that anger like stopping her foot or something cause I didn’t want her ... More

Potty training and tantrums

Hi everyone. I’m new to this here. So I will just go right ahead and go on with my issues. I have 2 year old boy. I have no idea how to start to potty train him. He sometimes comes up to me and tells me he pee pee and goes to his potty but by the time we take his clothes off and diaper he already peed and just wants to sit on the potty for ever lol. The other thing is him biting and hitting peo... More

  • Cailin
    Dec 05

    I bought the little urinal on amazon (like 10 bucks I think?) best thing EVER clean up is 100x easier and my son things it’s awesome. As weird as it sounds, we stopped putting diapers on him and he ran the house naked forever (still rather be naked) but flipped the first time he peed on himself and never did it again 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Kait
    Dec 05

    I also bought a cute frog urinal that hangs on the wall in the bathroom. I have to say that’s the only thing keeping the potty training going. I also keep him in underwear now he’s been peeing every day in it with little to no accidents in his undies. He also is only wearing diapers at night.

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