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Christa posted in Behavior 2h ago

11 month old hitting himself in the head

Wondering if anyone else has or is experiencing this with their little one. Whenever my son does something he isn’t supposed to and we tell him no he gets very upset and will either hit himself in the side of the head with his hand or he will lay on the ground and hit his head off the floor. It makes me very nervous but he only does it when he is told NO and then starts to cry. Any recommendati... More

Terrible Ones?

Lately, my 13 month old has been fighting me on everything and just gets upset about so many things. I feel like I don’t know what she wants/needs and I can’t seem to keep her happy or entertained. . .my patience is wearing thin. Any advice?

  • Yanis
    2h ago

    My daughter acts similarly whenever a new tooth is coming out.

  • PK
    1h ago

    The diaper change thing I heard people say that it’s because they’re not in control. My son is 21 months and still does that on occasion. I have a lot of random stuff where I change his diaper (small bottles of lotion, my hair clip, a spinning light up toy, plastic wrappers, some of his small toys) to appease him while I take care of his diaper. Most times it helps him calm down and stay still.... More

Lisa posted in Behavior 6h ago

My 12 year old daughter fights me about everything and her attitude stinks

What can I do to fix it?

  • Lulu
    4h ago

    Mine isn't 12 but I've seen it a million times. It's puberty, the sweet child killer. Pray. I would say try to hang out with her, be her friend and just realize she's going through the a$$hole stage. Respect her boundaries and try to respect her as a woman. Because that's what she is now. A strange tiny woman in your house. But I totally feel you. I wish puberty wasn'... More

  • Lisa
    4m ago

    Thank u me and her talk and she tells me all bout her day at school

Anonymous posted in Behavior Today

My 8.5 month old won't stop whining

Hes been so yelly and whiney lately no matter what I do. He doesn't stop weather hes playing or being held or eating or nursing. He doesn't seem to know what he wants, as he will gesture to be held but then immediately want to be put down. He just had a checkup and everything is healthy and normal. I'm at a loss of what to do and my patience is starting to take a serious hit. Please help.

  • Jennifer
    5h ago

    Teething maybe???

  • User46272&
    3h ago

    Mine is the same when he’s teething. Focus on natural teething remedies and break out the infant Tylenol on especially rough nights. My ped recommended only giving Tylenol twice a month tops.

Yarlin posted in Behavior Tuesday

Separation anxiety 2 year old

My 2 year old boy won’t let me go anywhere without him I could walk 2 feet away from him and he starts crying and just wants to be with me. Even if he stays with grandma or daddy. He wasn’t like this before until after he turn 2. Is this a stage ? How can i handle it? I mean I’m okay with it i know he’ll outgrow it but i just want to know if there’s ways to handle it since I’m going back to wor... More

  • Abigail

    Do you leave without saying goodbye or sneak out? I made that mistake with my first since it felt easier to get out to do things. Bad idea. I started to then telling him i will be back because im going to the Dr or grocery store and dad or gradma were going to be there and play with him. I felt that worked also doing short trips like taking the trash out and telling him ill be right back so he ... More

Elissa posted in Behavior Tuesday

Major defiance!

Long story.... my boyfriend won emergency temporary primary custody of his five YO son after his mother moved him two hours away, against custody orders, and refusing to let my boyfriend see him. Let him get so sick and won’t take him to the doctor - we almost had to hospitalize. (A lot more happened but that’s the main) Shortly before all this happened, I had moved in with my bf. I know there ... More

  • Miki

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts ladies. I find it hard to manage my emotions as an adult- I can only imagine how hard it is for a child . This thread will help me a lot with my parenting... I have strong willed child that I was struggling to understand.. reading the article and thread helps a lot.

  • Elissa

    And yes Alyssa. His mother moving him 2 hours away from his dad, in with an abusive boyfriend, refusing to let anyone see him at all, keeping him out of school, and refusing to get medical attention when he desperately needed it is a bit fucked up. We are extremely calm with him. I know that he’s dealing with a lot of emotions. I have never once yelled at him. And he loves me. It’s not that he... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Monday

Self protection in toddlers

I want my kid who's only 22 months to be safe when other kids hit and push and scratch and bite. Today at the library a 3 year old kid was playing rough by snatching toys away from my son and not sharing and If my son had insisted I'm sure it would have erupted into hitting. Luckily I was there to guide my son to other toys and I even attempted to facilitate sharing and cooperate play b... More

  • Jelissa

    Sharing is hard to teach kiddos especially at the my stage. I say keep explaining to him to share. Bring the baby around other family kids. That helped my daughter and i use to just take away from daughter after playing for 5 mins and told her now we share. She use to cry but got over it. I dont recommend that unless you wanna try because to some people it seems mean but this was back in 09 di... More

  • Jessica

    I think learning to treat other kids gently is just as important as learning how to respond to kids who aren’t gentle. I like to tell my little one “say no thank you I don’t like that” and go play with someone or something else. It’s always easier when the other parent is there watching and helping the situation as well. My kid has been the one who has pushed or not shared a toy and that is co... More

Kasey posted in Behavior Monday

Attached Son

So we recently relocated & I've been a SAHM for most of our sons first year. Luckily my in laws relocated too so our son is able to spend time with his grandmother while I’m at work when his daddy is working. My question is, how do I make this transition easier for both of us! Understandably he is very attached to me (food source / main source of comfort), but between the move & his... More

  • Anonymous

    Just try giving it some time so his new normal will eventually become his normal normal. Sticking to routine is helpful for sure though. Also try calling during a break from work to check in (to make yourself feel better) plus he’ll get to hear your voice.

It’s sleepy time not play time!

Hi all, we are at 5 mo and running up against a new problem: baby is very congested at night and won’t go to sleep! Lately she’s been SUPER congested, though with minimal snot when I use an aspirator or nose Frieda. We have a cool humidifier in her room that runs most of the night and put saline drops in her nose before bed. Lately she has been waking up and wants to play around 3:30/4a. Sh... More

  • Jennifer

    @Jenn Name and baby twins! Ours just started rolling to her stomach constantly and has been doing it at night! She seems to have conveniently forgotten how to roll the other way to get back on her back. I had to turn our diaper changing nightlight on to get her to finally sleep—she’s mesmerized by lights. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Jenn

    Haha! Mine can't really roll from her belly to her back either. I wouldn't care if she slept on her tummy but she likes to suck her thumb so then she blocked her nose with her hand.

Leslie posted in Behavior Sunday

Forced coughing

I’ve recently noticed our 6 month old baby boy coughs a lot but only when he gets anxious or wants attention, it sounds like a forced cough and not one where he’s trying to clear his throat. No fever and no sickness. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Andi

    My 7 month old thinks the fake cough is hilarious.

  • Helena

    My 17 mo loves to fake cough- she just figured out how to fake sneeze as well

Sedrick posted in Behavior Sunday

Tantrums and preschool

So my three year old has become wreckless at preschool. She’s displaying bad tantrums, throwing legos and books. Normally she only does it when her mom leaves to go out to sea and is gone for a while but now she’s been on a streak and mom has been back here for a few weeks now. I’ve tried talking, cutting deals, exercise discipline and moreeee talking. Doesn’t seem as if anything is working. Id... More

  • Alexis

    Kids thrive on consistency with routine. This goes for everything and especially discipline time outs meaning you mean what you say and you will hold them responsible for their actions. Talking and talking doesn’t mean anything if there isn’t any consequences. Best of luck 🍀

  • Lisa

    I think she misses her mom, and is acting out for attention . When mom leaves, I would set aside time to do special things with her to give her extra attention when mom is gone. If there is a time that would work, maybe she can Skype with mom daily to know mom is not leaving her because she doesn’t love her but has to go for work. Maybe mom can bring her a little prize or something from her ... More

4yr old fake choking

So recently my 4yo daughter has started fake choking. We have no CLUE where this came from. Every time she does it every one jumps. I’m terrified that if we stop jumping, one of these times she’s really going to be choking. She only does it with drinks or food in her mouth. This is growing to be very scary for us. Tomorrow is day 4 of this. How can I make her stop? Any advice helps!

  • Rachel

    My son did this around that age. Our pediatrician told us it was for attention and to stop reacting... what I did was when he started doing it I would casually get up and start pretending to do something next to where he was without acknowledging it. That way I was close just incase but I was still ignoring it. Unfortunately the only thing that stopped it was actually choking on a cereal that h... More

  • Tiffany

    Hmm, I wonder if you have any books at the library about meal time you could read to follow up with all of this? And also, (piggy backing here) perhaps if you’ve made it clear this is not acceptable behavior, not safe behavior, and that choking is very serious, and she continues; then you can begin showing her the natural consequences of doing that with her food. Unfortunately, if you can’t be ... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Saturday


Why does my two year old force her arm in other children's mouth to bite her? Only at daycare never at home?

  • Shantelle

    Is she around other children at home or just daycare? And it all depends on what type of play they are engaging in at daycare and what the daycare teachers say to your two year old about the action. I have worked in the daycare field for some time and went to school for childcare and I have learned around 2 years old they are exploring more and engaging in more play so she could think it’s funn... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Saturday


I posted recently about my son and his behavior as far as yelling goes. He’s going to be a year November 5th. He fell and hit his cheek on the corner of a coffee table because he triedgoing a wa he knew he didn't fit. He's ALWAYS falling and hitting his head. Makes me wonder if that's why he's always yelling and crying. And he keeps doing the things he knows gets him hurt. He... More

  • Lulu

    You could always get a second opinion. I'm no doctor but I say trust your instincts. If you feel like something is off, be insistent. Try to do some research or just take him to other doctors.

  • Lidia

    Definitely get a second opinion and don’t be afraid to ask for tests. I asked for tests and they denied to do them twice and I kept asking. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and I honestly don’t think that’s normal. He may be in pain or something might be bothering him but he can’t tell you that. Do your research and don’t only go by what doctors say.

Kelly posted in Behavior Saturday


Help!! I only have one child, who is almost a year and a half old who recently when he doesn’t get something he wants or doesn’t want to do something we want him to do just starts having a meltdown!! Is this normal for kids as they grow up to start this? As first time parents any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Diana

    That’s ok, that’s how kids check parents boundaries

  • LaToya

    That's my 19 month old all day.... Normal..

Anonymous posted in Behavior Saturday

9 year old attitude

I have and 9 year old daughter and a 14 month old son. Lately they have both been going through changes but I am struggling to figure out what to do. My daughter has been having more and more attitude issues. I feel like I have tried everything from sitting down and talking, giving more alone time with me, waiting for it to pass and taking things and privileges away. I feel like nothing is work... More


    You’re certainly not alone. Take a look at this article...

  • Cassi

    This probably sounds like more than what you would like to do because I’m sure that you’re doing an amazing job, but have you tried therapy? Some kids communicate better with someone who isn’t mom or dad. I’ve got my kids in therapy and it’s really made a huge difference, not only in their behaviors but in how I’m learning to communicate with them. We all learn differently so I have to handle s... More

Susan posted in Behavior Saturday

Bullying at school at 2.5 years?

Had anyone else dealt with this at such a young age? My daughter is not yet 2.5 and I think she is being bullied by a 3 year old who used to be in the same class with her. They were friends before and I think my daughter has a hard time understanding the age difference and that since this girl moved up she has new friends, but this girl says some mean things to my daughter and I’m pretty sure s... More

  • Vicki

    Definitely talk to the teachers first and see what is going on at school. My daughter had a similar issue around the same age... almost everyday she would come home and say this boy pushed or hit her or was just generally mean. She never had any marks though and other kids just said he was mean... my daughter seemed targeted with the hitting. The teachers were aware and kept them apart for the ... More

  • Birdie

    Talk with the mom. Don’t label it as bullying b/c she will immediately jump into defensive mode. Voice you concern that you feel their relationship has changed but you’re not sure how or what exactly is going on. You’ve noticed your daughter acting a certain & if she has noticed any changes in her daughter. Ask her to just keep an eye out on things so you both can get a better idea of what... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Saturday

Our kid is great, but...

Our 3.5yo boy is well behaved most of the time, but can have typical toddler moments too. My boss/friend has two sons 3 & 5 who behave terribly (hit, scream, whine, and manipulate to get what they want etc). When we have gotten together my son starts to act out like them and continues to do so afterwards. It requires so much “relearning” of good behaviors that it isn’t worth it to us to get... More

  • Alyssa

    No personal experience in this, but maybe try telling her that time away from the kids might be nice. That you and her can do lunch, and that you’d just love the parent free time! I know she doesn’t have a large support system and that it’s supposed to be a family thing, but that’s the only way I can see changing the situation.

Ebony posted in Behavior Friday

Daughter Keeps On Crying Wolf

My daughter keeps crying wolf, that she need to use the potty. I put her on it and she doesn't want to stay! Any tips???

  • Layna

    How old 2? Totally a developmental thing. I give my daughter a limit and tell her next time you have to hold it

  • Adamo

    M&Ms worked wonders for our 2 year old daughter. Gave her 1 for pee and 2 for poop. And celebrate her going to the potty like she just won the super bowl. The sense of accomplishment is amazing. She should start looking forward to going after that.

Megan posted in Behavior Friday

My almost 1 year old thinks it's fun to bite, especially after telling him no.

Any good tips to stop this bad behavior? It sucks when he goes for my knees cause I'm really ticklish so my laughing doesn't help..

  • Heather

    Hi! The hardest part would be not to laugh and be consistent but being ticklish in the spot would be hard. Sounds like he’s just making mama laugh and testing boundaries. Maybe put something where he bites that would taste bad? My mom corrected that behavior with my cousin when he kept biting me by biting him back (not hard, just as a shock) but he was around 4 and knew better. Good luck!!!

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