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Anonymous posted in Behavior Yesterday

Hostile nature in preschooler

I have a 4 year old son who worries me. He has a natural aggression in him that manifests itself during the most mundane and innocuous situations. I would never use the word friendly or happy to describe him (but he CAN be friendly and happy). He's just so serious- but talkative and verbally advanced. He scowls at people who are trying to be nice to him or he'll get mad about really rid... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Thursday

Hair twisting/pulling

My LO just turned two and when she falls asleep she twists her hair. It’s now become a habit and I’ve had to cut out sooo many knots because she winds them so tightly that I can’t untangle them. She now has bald spots in the back of her head. Any advice?

  • Genesis

    ⬆️⬆️⬆️Really good advice

  • Anonymous

    I agree with a doll with similar hair!!

Jess posted in Behavior Oct 15

My 3 year is horrible towards his 1 year old brother

My 3 year old is in that stage where he doesn't care to listen and is so mean to his 1 year old brother. He is nice to him sometimes and shows him affection but NEVER shares. I have done everything to try and help him share and be more loving towards him but he continues to hit him, take toys from him and push him down. We even tried taking him places alone without the baby. I know its prob... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 15

    When he pushes or hits your 1 yr old, remove the 3 yr old really quickly, tell him no. Then spend more time making sure that your 1 year old is ok. He might be doing it to get attention. When your 3 year old is nice and affectionate to your 1 yr old, be sure to really praise that every single time. Clap, say good job, thank you, get excited, etc.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Oct 15

    I also suggest asking your 3 year old why he did that after you comfort your younger one. You’ll be surprised at the answers likely. Also, it gives him practice verbalizing his feelings, since the real goal should eventually be that instead of hitting, he says what he’s thinking or feeling.

When your 2 year old makes you feel like a jerk

My daughter is usually pretty good and has never done anything like this before but I was leaving her daycare with her and I saw another mom walking in to pick up her younger child and she had her older school aged child with her. I was saying hello and my daughter skipped up to us and smiled and then threw something at the other mom’s daughter. It was a pinecone. It didn’t hit the girl but I a... More

  • Marie

    @mamanukesyopolo that was an excellent response. Thanks for sharing. It helps me to see a better way to communicate with my own child.

  • anonymous mom

    Thanks everyone. I felt terrible and I did talk to her on the way home. She acted totally nonchalant and like she didn’t really understand what the big deal the future I’ll use some of the techniques here. Thanks again.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Oct 13

Controlling Bad behavior

My 2 year old (only kid) has started being a two year old. Lol. Its not as terrible as i thought (yet!) but we have a family staying over who have 2 kids 6yr and 8 months and my guy is having a hard time. At best he didn't notice the baby was around and is minding his business and happily ran around the older one and they played. But on the other end he constantly grabbed at everything the... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 14

    Seems typical for a 2 yo. Does he send a lot of time around other kids, like at daycare? It kind of sounds like he doesn't if he is just suddenly doing this, he just hasn't had much experience socializing. Otherwise it may just be he's not used to kids being in HIS house with HIS toys, and that is going to be hard for him to share HIS things. He could also be overstimulated/ over ti... More

  • K.A.M.
    Oct 15

    I started taking love and logic classes once the typical two yr old behavior began. I really recommend, they offer at several different locations all over the place. I went to Mile High Church because it’s across the street from me and they offer night classes, with daycare! They really focus on letting the consequences do the teaching and taking any arguing out of the equation. For me, the clo... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Oct 10

Hitting problem

Hello parents!!! I'm having trouble with my two year old son with hitting and kicking. I try to say no hitting, or grab his hand. He doesn’t talk yet because he has a speech delay. Any techniques I could try with a non verbal child?

  • Vicki
    Oct 11

    Diana, I love giving the choice of a hug or a minute to themselves!!

  • Alexis
    Oct 13

    I have a 4 year old girl with autism and she has huge temper tantrums, they get very bad and what my husband and I do is we make sure we are speaking in a calm voice and look at her in her eyes and tell her that we want to help her and that we love her very much. We notice she calms down greatly and very quickly as well! She tends to hit and does it a lot less now. She’s quick to get upset abou... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Oct 09

Toddler tantrums

My son(2years old) likes to dump all of his toys all over his floor everyday and "play with them". I have him help me clean up and sometimes it goes well and other it goes horribly wrong like today. I will give him 2 toys, legos and blocks, to put away and today he literally threw a major fit. I never know when to give up trying or how long to let him throw a fit. Sometimes I try to m... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 10

    I agree with ^^^ and also we ALWAYS no matter what clean up the living room toys after dinner. After I wash his hands I always say ok let’s go pick up the toys now. It’s part of a routine now. To be honest, some days he’s not too interested (can’t blame a 2 year old) and we put the toys away and ask often can you help? Or where does this one go? But still end up doing most of it. And other days... More

  • Brushme
    Oct 11

    Another idea that may help is to have less toys out. Or at least things with less pieces to clean up. Maybe rotate the toys every few weeks and see how he does.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Oct 06

Angry 14 month old

I am not sure if it’s anger or if he’s just learning to deal with emotions or if he’s frustrated with communication, but my toddler seems very violent. He hits and pinches and especially pulls hair. Should I be concerned or is this just a phase? It’s been going on for about a month.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 07

    I assume he isn’t very verbal? Sounds frustrated. Have you tried teaching some basic sign language? Even signs like hungry, thirsty, tired, help are all easy and really help little ones communicate without getting frustrated

Marilyn posted in Behavior Oct 06

Picky Eater

My soon to be 2 year old son is by far one of the pickiest kids alive. And i say that because my other 2 kids will eat the dirt from outside if they could. He’s a pigeon eater as i like to call it. Kid survives on a meal a day and snacks 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ve been looking into like pediasure and things of that nature. Any suggestions, recommendations even words of encouragement will work at this point

  • JEaton
    Oct 07

    My 2.5 year old has become very picky and I brought it up to my pediatrician because I was debating starting a multivitamin. He told me my son sounded just like his daughter who lived on goldfish, chicken nuggets, and macaroni and cheese for years (without a multivitamin). Since my son is developing and continuing to gain weight normally, he isn't concerned. So, neither am I. I just do ... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 07

    What kind of snacks is he eating? If you are leaving food out all the time then he has no reason to be hungry at meal times. If you stick to serving the same meals to him and don't offer new foods here will never try new things because he won't have the chance. For about a month now I've been putting 1 or 2 carrots in my 3 yo lunch box once in a while. It has always been there u... More

Jenya posted in Behavior Oct 03

My son is 18 months and he is starting his terrible twos! Help!!!

I am stay at home parent but I try to work from home, it’s becoming impossible as my son is more and more active. His tantrums are more frequent and he wants to be entertained all day long. The only break I get is when he naps for two hours during the day (please god dont let this change) what are your experiences with toddlerhood? where do you get patience? how do you get the energy to handle... More

  • Olivia
    Oct 03

    My daughter is a very active toddler who never sleeps and has given me a horrible makeover. She will be two in a week and no longer naps. When she throws tantrums I ignore her. Over the past two months she has learned what "frustrated" means so 90% of the time she will say "I'm frustrated" and were able to avoid a tantrum. The rest of the time we deal with 5 minutes of ... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 03

    Have you tried looking in to a YMCA? Where I live in NC they have a nursery that will watch your children for 2 hours a day! Every day! Every. Single. Day. Your son gets experience with other kids, expends MORE energy, and you get 2 or so hours to be by yourself. And lots of men and women who go to my Y bring their computers and work during those 2 hours instead of working out. And if cost is a... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Sep 26

18mo mad and aggressive

Hi parents, I have an 18 month old right now and he has quite a personality. Since he was younger he would never smile back at people on the street like other babies, or most of the time it was like that, and now if someone talks to him he gets mad and he turns around and when someone wants to carry him like my mom sometimes he gets aggressive and starts hitting himself. When we’re at home (... More

  • Lisha
    Oct 02

    Hello, i agree with mentioning it to the doctor. My doctors office started this website for behavioral problems with children. Here is the link -

  • Lisha
    Oct 02

    Sorry i meant to put behavioral problems with children.. lol . I am new to this site so bare with me. My son is 19 months old and he is over all a really happy baby.. but sometimes he gets this mean mug poker player face. Usually when someone is trying to talk to him that he doesnt know or someone trying to talk to me that i don't know.. barely know etc.. I think he feeds off my vibe change... More

Daughter having issues focusing.

Hi, my daughter just started kindergarten a month ago and turned 5 this last Monday the 23. She talks and mostly goes off topic, which makes her loose her focus and takes her away from whatever she’s doing. Sometimes even when she is not talking she doesn’t focus as well for example, everyday when she gets to school, her principal would be by the door saying hi to all kindergarteners, by giving... More

  • Mike Stemle
    Sep 29

    I don’t think that this is the right place for attention. It sounds like you may want a pediatric psychiatrist to help here. This could be ASD, it could be ADD, it could be social or general anxiety, and it could just be a personality quirk. You really need a good healthcare provider for this.

Stacie posted in Behavior Sep 24

Biting, hitting, tantrums HELP

Hi looking for some guidance about hitting, biting and tantrums. My 2 year old just started school and bit another kid! I’m horrified. She is also very verbal and is telling me she is hitting. We read books, talk about feelings etc. I’ve tried time outs in the past IF it happened in front of me. We have a 4 month old too so idk if that’s also the cause of this behavior. She also gets super upse... More

  • Jenn
    Sep 27

    Could be she's finally realizing the baby is here to stay, especially since you said it's out of character. It could also just be she's a 2 year old 🤷🏼‍♀️ who knows. Have you tried dedicating an object for the hitting, biting, etc? I don't know if she's allowed stuffed animals at school but I've taught my daughter it's ok to hit your stuffed animals but not people. T... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Sep 23

2 year toddler starts screaming if denied anything.

My son is 2 year old. I am having problems in telling him " NO". He would just start screaming and throw tantrums, sometimes he would bang his head on floor and tries to hurt himself. I am not sure how do we handle these situations as it becomes really embrassing in front of others and most importantly i feel that as a parent its my duty to inculcate good habits but he doesnt listen.... More

  • Yanis
    Sep 26

    Ugh my daughter used to do this. It’s so dangerous. Now that she is able to talk more she has stopped; but honestly nothing I did got her to stop. I tried ignoring her, trying to talk to her etc. Nothing worked. If you can, try putting his feelings into words and I agree with previous posts distract him.

  • Yanis
    Sep 26

    My daughter didn’t do the wall but she’d throw herself back wherever she was. Usually on the floor.

Jade posted in Behavior Sep 23

Is sleep-time separation anxiety something we just have to ride out?

My 20 month old daughter has suddenly starting screaming when we say goodnight. Before naps and bedtime. She IS currently teething (eye teeth 😩 send help) but, Motrin doesn’t seem to make a difference with this anxiety. She just clings to us and doesn’t want us to leave. It’s really hard! Any tips? Words of encouragement? Time travel device for getting through this stage?

  • Sug
    Sep 23

    We're going through this right now with our son who turns 2 next week. Bedtime is a battle unless one of us lays with him for 10-15 minutes before bed. I've noticed it helps when we get that time in to wind down instead of just closing the door and saying "goodnight." He still cries when we leave the room, but it doesn't last nearly as long and he eventually climbs into his bed and goes to sleep.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 24

    Yep, ride it out :( it’s hard but nothing lasts forever. I assume it will settle down for sure when teething ends. I hear there’s a “two year old sleep regression” (I don’t believe in regressions much) but I do know my son is also almost 2 and has been fussing a lot more and screaming a lot more before bed. I try to just keep things as normal as possible and remind him of what’s coming next. “W... More

Barty posted in Behavior Sep 23

3 year old daughter crying hard when a new friend joined classroom.

She is a shy kid in general, but she has never had any issues with kids at her day care for the past year. But a few days ago a new boy joined her class, and her teacher tells me that she gets upset and breaks down crying when the new friend says Hi, or comes anywhere near her. Today while dropping her off at daycare I saw that happen myself. Please help! How do I deal with this situation? My ... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 24

    Maybe find the kids mom and do a play date so she can really meet him and have fun with him?

Anonymous posted in Behavior Sep 20

Baby Hair Regrowth

Help! I thought that my 5 month old baby was losing his hair, but caught him tugging and pulling his hair out at night. Since then, we've started using mittens and that seems to be helping, but now he has several bald patches on the back of his head :( Has anyone experienced this? Will hair grow back? Any tips on helping my little one speed up his hair growth?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 20

    His hair will grow back. Right now their hair is so fragile that it falls out easily. Bald spots are completely normal

  • Justyce
    Sep 22

    Coconut oil worked for my baby

Anonymous posted in Behavior Sep 19

Screaming all the time

My 2yo is constantly screaming all the time. He's pretty verbal but lately he's been responding to most things by screaming. If he doesn't get his way he screams. Nothing I do seems to work. Any ideas of what I should do?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 19

    I just calmly say “aw can you try and tell me without yelling” “I can’t understand your voice when it’s that loud” “can you try that again” honestly, its probably just a phase.... an annoying one lol I’d just say keep your cool and keep reminding him over and over that yelling and crying WILL NOT get him what he wants. My go to phrase is “can you please ask me again calm and quietly?” I say it.... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Sep 19

    I agree with the responses above. The trick is to ask them calmly to repeat it in a respectful voice. You can explain as well that it’s hard for people to understand them When they yell, which delays their ability to get what they want. You may also need to demonstrate the exact tone and phrase? It sounded like you yelled that you want a banana? Can you try saying “Can I have a banana please.” ... More

C posted in Behavior Sep 16

13 mos old suddenly refusing solid food. Huh?

A few months ago he was adventurous and curious to try all solids. He even had some favorites. That progressed nicely until just this past week or so, when his tastes regressed out of the blue. He won't even try foods that need fingers, utensils, bowls, or plates. Not even purée, unless I mix it with his milk/formula in a sippy cup. Two questions. What's going on here? And how do I get... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 16

    My daughter did this for almost 2 weeks to the point I was nervous she wasn’t getting enough food at all. It was just a phase and now she’s back to normal trying everything. I will say her tastes have become a bit pickier though.

  • Winifred Zhou
    Sep 16

    Agree with answers above about teething, involve him in the making of food, be creative with how food presented(cute food display maybe), he might want to eat food that he helped prepare.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Sep 16

22 m/o in hitting phase

My wife and I have a 22 month old and a week old infant. Our 22 month old has been acting out and is in a hitting phase. She’s making me feel absolutely crazy, where I am starting to feel instant anger. I want to be the best parent I can be, but the overwhelming negative feelings are getting more intense every day. Thanks in advance.

  • Rebecca
    Sep 18

    My life. My older was fine until the newborn came. It’s a hard adjustment and takes time. Sorry.

  • Genesis
    Sep 19

    My, now 5 & 6 year old, went through hitting phase when they were about 3 & 4. They would hit each other non-stop. It would drive me crazy because no matter how many times we explained that we have to keep our hands to ourselves, they wouldn't listen. It lasted a while but they finally got the idea when I would sit them down and I would play with them and show them how we communicat... More

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