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Tj posted in Behavior Wednesday

Going to daycare meltdowns?

My two year old manages his tantrums fairly well, but recently he’s been struggling to accept he has to go to daycare. He’s been going since 7 months so it’s nothing new and he used to enjoy leaving in the morning. But he was sick a few weeks ago and got to stay home with me, and since then he’s been difficult with his morning routine. I should also mention we have a 3 month old who is stays ho... More

  • Kate

    I’m in a similar situation with our 23 month old who goes to preschool for half days; we also have a 2.5 month old. Our toddler started “school” in February, so she’s still pretty new at it. Some days, drop-offs are fine. Other days, she starts crying at home, in the car or right outside the classroom door. What’s worked for me is a combo of things: 1) I’ve tried to slow down when getting ... More

CJN posted in Behavior Wednesday

Picky eater!

My son is being extremely difficult! The think thats most shocking is that he now wont eat some food that he once loved! Any advice?! Please help! Lol

  • Julie

    Ps, my daughter is 20 months.

  • Kristen

    Try the Tiny Tastes program. I believe they even have an app now. It is an incentive-based program to get kids to try new things in a structured way, instead of just offering over and over.

Bathroom issues

So my daughter is almost 3 and is very stubborn and strong willed. It had taken her a very long time to get potty trained and has been doing really good the past 3 weeks. But when it comes to going number 2 she has a hard time. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that she’s scared to go in the potty even though she had before or if it’s the fact that she’s holding it in but she has not gone in now 3 ... More

  • Amanda

    I’m in the same boat my daughter turned 3 Monday and refuses to poop in the potty. She goes out of her way to not poop at all. She lays on her belly crosses her legs and flexes her butt cheeks! She still goes a little bit a day but it’s forced. Trying my best to not make such a huge deal to the point of everyone being miserable.

6 mo old waking up an hour after going to bed

For about a month now, my 6 mo. old babygirl is waking up every night about an hour after we put her to sleep for the night in her crib in her own room. She won’t stop crying unless we bring her into our bed (where she’ll then sleep mostly the rest of the night...sometimes waking to breastfeed around 3 am). She takes three great naps in her room during the day everyday and we have a pretty soli... More

  • Kwame

    Try the Ferber method of sleep training, you can google it. It’s tough at first but if you stay consistent over a month or so it’ll set in.

  • Colleen

    Thanks everyone!

Anonymous posted in Behavior Monday

My 2 year old hates me

I have been home with my 2 year old since she was born, I breastfed her the first 23 months and everything was pretty normal. We had a bed time routine and then she would breastfeed to sleep. The whole process would take 30 minutes tops. Now, it’s so stressful to get her down for the night. She has these outrageous tantrums every.single.night. I’ll just turn off the lights and she’ll begin scre... More

  • Tj

    I had a similar challenge. My son is now 26 months and I still struggle to put him down for bed or for naps. He goes down in minutes with his dad. But I don’t look at it like he’s a daddy’s boy. Actually I feel it’s more like he doesn’t want to sleep to prolong spending time with me. Sleep means the end of “us” time. His dad is boring so he just accepts it and goes to bed. Lol. So perhaps your ... More

  • Jenn

    Sounds like you stopped breastfeeding very recently. I'm guessing it's related to that. If you suspect that's the case, don't underestimate the power of a simple explanation (Mommy's milk is all gone, we don't do that anymore). I'd change up the bedtime routine too. If you're doing the same routine just without the bf, it's glaringly obvious to her that somet... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Monday

Sharing is caring!

How do you teach your children how to share?

  • Mrs. HHH

    Books videos about sharing help us. Also we make a big show about sharing around the house e.g. “oh dad would you like to share some of mommys muffin with me?”

Encouraging independent play

My son is an only child. He does not play well by himself. I always have to play with him or watch him do the playing. If I step away to do some “adulting“he’s begging that I watch this, look at this look at that. I try to mix up His toys but he is a child that really needs someONE to play with not things, I think. He’ll be an only child so he needs to learn independent play. How do I encou... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo

    He will definitely at moments need social Play. But there are also ways to encourage independent play. The hands on as we grow blog (, a pop up will show up in a few seconds inviting you to the challenge) has a week long challenge coming up next week that is focused on independent play, they give you an activity each day to try. My personal advice is it’s a combo of rotating... More

Toddler having a rough time

My ex boyfriend and i split up and are having a rough time with our two year old son with coping. We moved apart and we separated at the same time. He has been extra sensitive. If i ask if he needs to go potty, he responds with whining and screaming no no no nooo. I just say oh okay. But he gets angry and starts crying telling me to ask him again where he cries and whines some more. Its very st... More

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry about the breakup and the struggles with your little one. I think it will just take time. I’m not sure how long you’ve been apart but it’s hard on kids at first. As long as you’re both spending quality time with him and you listen when he’s upset that’s all you can really do. Get on his level, give lots of hugs, and heat him out. Good luck!!

  • Tara

    I’m also very sorry to hear about your break-up and the struggles you’re facing. I second anonymous’ suggestion re cuddles, quality time, listening and talking to him on his own level. My parents split when I was under 2, and if it’s any conciliation, they managed to foster a healthy relationship, and that’s all I know of their relationship... so I hope your son settles into this break-up, and ... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Sunday

My child only wants me to hold him for naps

At bedtime we cuddle but he will let me put him down. I just want my own mommy time while he’s napping. Anybody else?

  • Kristen

    I had a snuggle buddy for naps too. Sometimes he will let me use a carrier while he naps which helps. In the last few weeks, we’ve been able to use a swing instead after he gets really sleepy. We also started swaddling for naps as well as at night, which definitely helped.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Apr 12

Almost 9 year old daughter

I am so lost with my daughter. For the past month or so she has had a horrible attitude, she is acting like a teenager. Anyone else have this experience with their daughter at this age? It seems so early.

  • K10

    My 5 yr old rolls his eyes at me- says “whatever” calls me annoying. He’s 5. 5

  • Darnell

    The 9 year old age is an interesting one. They’re coming into their own personalities. I would say practice patience and and maintain your stance as the parent. It’ll get better

Jess posted in Behavior Apr 12

Sudden toddler sleep issues

My son just turned 2 and he has been a rockstar sleeper from the very beginning. He started sleeping through the night on his own by 3 weeks. Now, all of the sudden he cries and cries when put down. First it was just bedtime and now it’s nap too. I think at first he had a bad dream because he woke up screaming and terrified. Ever since though, nap and bedtime are a constant struggle. He cries a... More

  • Jess

    He has all of his teeth so I don’t think it’s that, but it could be growing pains. He’s been eating an absurd amount of food for the past couple of days. This has been going on for about 2 weeks so far. We tried putting a nightlight in his room and he freaked out. He doesn’t want ANYTHING unfamiliar in his room. It seems to really scare him. I just don’t know how to handle it. He kept crying on... More

  • PK

    🙁 I’m sorry. Maybe call the pediatrician and see if they might have suggestions or want to check him out? Maybe something hurts when he lies down? Maybe take him to the store to get a security blanket or doll? My brother gave my son a stuffed dog a while back and during this phase I sat down with my son and told him that dogs are great friends and that this dog here is for him and to protect ... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Apr 12


My 3yo (4 end of September) constantly when I’m speaking to someone likes to interrupt. He either runs around between me and other person or persons, he will want to ask me questions, etc. I am not sure how to continue handling the situation. I’ve asked him to be polite, say excuse me and more. I’m at my wits end! Any advice

  • Scott
    Apr 12

    When this happens to me I turn to my son and ignoring what he was saying tell him “Your words are important to me and I want to hear what you have to say as soon as I’m finished talking to _____.” Works every time but you MUST follow through.

  • jxn8tors
    Apr 12

    I taught my children to lay their hands on my arm, if I’m in a conversation and they need to speak out of turn. It gives me a moment to excuse myself for a second so that I can speak with them. I also have a 3 y/o that will be 4 in late Sept. he does the same thing. I use time out and step away from him. When I’m though with the conversation, I always give him 5-10 min of my time. It’s impor... More

Jackie posted in Behavior Apr 12

Change in sleep

My 9mo was doing so great with sleeping and napping. We were even able to reduce her down to 2 naps (a 1hr and a 2hr nap). About a week ago she suddenly decided to stop sleeping 11-12hrs a night and not to sleep more than 30min and 1hr for her 2 naps. She also won’t let us put her down anymore for naps. She’ll scream bloody murder if we do. I think it’s teething but even giving her Tylenol does... More

  • Rivera

    we also do the 730/8 bedtime sometimes it gets stretched as late as 10:30 but they still get up early. don’t know why. last week it was 7, then 6, then 5... mom says they don’t go back to sleep after i leave for work. *shrugs*

  • Stacey

    Our 18 month old goes to bed around 6:30ish and wakes up around 6 in the morning. But he just started fighting his naps. He will scream bloody murder when put him down. If we leave him for 5 min or so he might calm down but we can only get 1 nap in at about 90 min if we are lucky.

Erin posted in Behavior Apr 11

Did you notice a difference in your child's behavior after they started daycare?

I know my son very well. I kept him home for his first year but now that he's 12 months both my husband and I have exhausted our leave and we have had to put him in daycare. To me he's my baby but technically he's a toddler so the daycare placed him in the toddlers room. The first week we put him in for half days only and each day that he came home he seemed hyper at first then ... More

  • Mimi
    Apr 12

    How long has your son been in daycare? It took my son over 6 weeks to adjust and be comfortable enough to be himself again. I started putting him in daycare at 2.5 years old. Before that he was mostly with his grandparents who spoiled the heck out of him. So not only was he no longer getting one on one attention, he also had to adjust to a new schedule (wake up at 6:30AM instead of 9AM), new ty... More

  • Tara

    I’d go to the preschool at lunchtime to check-up on baby. For your own peace of mind. If he’s doing well, then great. If you can sneak a look, with the help of the staff, then super. If you’re not happy wit how you find him, then trust your gut (and head) as to whether you engage with him directly, to enjoy the connection, AND risk the upset.

JEaton posted in Behavior Apr 11

Dealing with the "terrible twos"

My son recently turned 2, though the tantrums started a few months ago. This week, however, the sh*t has hit the fan! Colossal meltdowns over everything, not listening (more than usual), refusing to ride in the shopping cart and crying "walk" then trying to grab everything on the shelf or wander off when I attempt to give him freedom. The real crux has been during nap/bedtime. We&... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 12

    Can you try giving him more options? Like make it clear that it's time for bed or nap, so do you want red blanket or the blue blanket? Or when you are shopping, do you want to ride or hold on to the side of the Cart? But tell him if he can't hold on to the Cart then he will have to ride. When my son would melt down, run away from me, or wouldn't sit still at a restaurant I would ta... More

  • Elena

    I'm on the same boat its horrible especially in public and cars grabbing things meltdowns to the point we avoid taking him and we switch shopping trips so someone stays home with toddler. I have recently started watching jo frost on YouTube and TV so I can refresh my take on calming tantrums and learning about the timeout fase

Anonymous posted in Behavior Apr 10

Suggestions/advice needed on how to handle a two year old runner...

My son thinks it’s funny/a game... or sometimes he just wants to get away. He does this in stores, in the front yard (towards the street), and so on. I know he’s 2 and curious... but am I suppose to constantly chase him? Do I not let him walk on his own? I have a backpack leash I’m willing to try out... just didn’t know if anyone held the key to make a toddler listen and not run off.

  • PK
    Apr 11

    Red light, green light!! That’s such a great idea!! Stealing! 😁

  • Anonymous

    We saw a developmental pediatrician for this issue. It started at two and continued into three (and beyond). We were playing red light/green light for practice as others mentioned, but pediatrician strongly advised against a game as this age group won’t differentiate with what happens on street. She said use one, short word “stop!” or “freeze!” And practice in “real” (but safe) situations. Also... More

Yuyuita posted in Behavior Apr 10

Playground etiquette

Today I took my daughter to the playground she is 20 mo, she was gonna use the slide when a boy probably around 2 yo climbed back on the slide it was a dual slide so I thought it was enough space for both to play, when the boy got closer to her then stepped on my daughter’s hand and didn’t move so I proceed to move his foot from my daughters hand and said don’t do that, then finally I heard the... More

  • Kate
    Apr 12

    Just another idea here: You can use a situation like this to teach your kiddo how to assert herself. Use a calm, confident voice and say something like, “[Name], tell him to stop. If you don’t like that, tell him. Say ‘stop’.” And if you say it a little loudly (but still calmly), the other kid’s parent may overhear and try to help. We’re not always going to be around them, so we might as we... More

  • Yuyuita
    Apr 13

    My daughter didn’t cry but I wasn’t gonna wait until I had deal with a crying baby, right now she is going through a phase where she freezes when someone comes to close to her, there have been times where other toddlers come close to her to touch her or even push her but I can see clearly that is out of curiosity in those cases she just stands and do nothing so I just tell her come let’s go try... More

Alicia posted in Behavior Apr 09

Trouble with potty training my 3.5 year old (youngest of 3 boys)

So my first son instantly transitioned from diapers to undies, with no accidents whatsoever.. not even overnight! I was hoping to have him potty trained at 2.5 before my second was born, but he was good to go before turning 3!! My second, I started potty training at 2, but he just loved his diapers, he knew what he was doing just wasn’t ready to let go of the diapers, and again, by 3, he was on... More

  • CJ
    Apr 12

    Mine just turned 4 and just pooped in the potty twice in one week. Might be the biggest thrill of my life. Just breathe, and tell yourself that if it never happens you can always get adult diapers at the store. Just kidding. He’ll get it. I put my kid in a preschool that accepts kids who aren’t potty trained and I think that helped. Also, the rewards got bigger for pooping in the potty... Toys... More

  • CJ
    Apr 12

    (Also, I tried everything posted here and more so much more... I got to the frustration point where I had to defer to his father to handle him when he had an accident because I was pulling my hair out and I knew that my crazy wasn’t helping... I took a step back. Remember to be nice not nuts and it’s often nicest to disengage. If you’re the only grown up, see what I said about adult diapers.)

Keri posted in Behavior Apr 09

17 mo not sleeping through the night!

For the last 3 months my 17mo has been waking up at 3 or 4 am every night! We are at wits end! We work full time jobs and are zombies when we get home. My daughter slept through the night since she was 2 months old but not him. He screams and cries for 15 minutes plus and we are so exhausted and for the respect of everyone else’s sleep we grab him and put him in bed or guest bed. Why the same t... More

  • Ian
    Apr 10

    Our son did the same thing until about 19 months. Our quick fix was to heat up a bottle of milk and feed him and change his diaper. We did wait at least 5-10 min to let him cry it out first. We still have a bottle warmer next to our bed at night just in case with a small cooler with a bottle of milk so it’s easy to get ready. Eventually he just started sleeping thru the night. We’ve found that ... More

  • Keri
    Apr 10

    Thank you so much for your suggestions! We will have to give this a try!

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