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Busy toddler

My son is 18m and he only wants to run all over the house without sitting down. Any ideas on how to make him calm?

  • Zareen
    4h ago

    I am on first floor when he run after watching tv the ground floor people start complaining 🙃 for noise . Usually on weekends I took him for indoor activities too and daily if not cold than walk / playtime in park

  • Anonymous
    3h ago

    Get carpets and let him run. Ask the people downstairs what time they wake up, and try to keep quiet after that, but this is apartment life n

John posted in Behavior Monday

Head bonking

My lo has a issue with bonking his head on the ground out of frustration. What do i do to stop this behaviour?

  • Noemi

    Could be a sign of teething. Try giving him a teether. Infant Baby banana teethers help get the back teeth.

  • Kerry
    4h ago

    If you feel its hurting your child you can just pick him up and place on a cushion, beanbag or something soft. I agree its frustration and it usually goes away with ignoring it. You could try to verbalize his frustrations at 1 they do understand alot.

Trevor posted in Behavior Monday

My 5 year old is angry...

My 5.5 year old boy is growing increasingly angry. There haven’t been any major life or environmental changes, my wife and Have a strong relationship, and we don’t see where it comes from. The anger shows up randomly and often without warning, and sometimes fades just as quickly, but at times not and it lingers. We’ve tried many things to calm him (calming methods, breathing, drawing, talking,... More

  • John

    He may be losing interest in his normal routine. This leads to boredom as he cannot find something that satisfies his time. My boy has this sometimes. It's normal for kids to feel emotions and they come and go randomly and suddenly. New emotions can be hard to cope with. With my 4 year old we use distraction and praise methods. If he gets upset we have him talk it out and explain what he ca... More

Lyalya posted in Behavior Monday

Baby is biting 😭

Hello ladies my one year old keeps on biting my boobies (she has 4 teeth in the front) I tried putting her on the floor right after & telling her she can’t do that but she continues to bite. Any tips?

  • KZR💛

    Take boob out and sternly say you can’t do that, it hurts mommy. My 13.5 no old does it very rarely- maybe a handful of times altogether, and each time she understands and continues without an issue. I think this is when they begin testing their limits. She’s even bit my thigh while wanting me to pick her up! 🙃

  • Anonymous

    Ah this is the worst! I’ve bled on at least three separate occasions! And it stings so bad! I usually scream loud enough (an honest reaction to the pain) that it scares my LO off and when he goes back on I make sure the latch is better and I’m more attentive, and it doesn’t happen again during the same feed.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Monday

2 year old wetting the bed, peeing alot and asking for water more often

  • 2Boys&aDog

    See the pediatrician about the possibility of juvenile diabetes.

  • A

    I second what first person said My nieces dad was diabetic and pediatrician always said to be cautious of water intake and excessive peeing so definitely see dr

Anonymous posted in Behavior Saturday

What to do?

My toddler is okay with other kids. There are times where he gets stubborn and doesn’t want to share and that’s fine I don’t always expect him to if he doesn’t want to share his toys. But how do I handle other kids bullying my son. In the form of taking items straight from his hands, pushing him, and taking over the area he is currently playing in (for example when he’s playing with toys at a t... More

  • Anonymous

    I would say... “hey, I would love to hang out with you but I feel like your kids are rough with my son. Can we do something about that?” Or since they’re 3, they should understand when an adult says no hitting, pushing, etc. so as you are there you can approach her kids and parent them in the moment. It sucks but it may be an eye opener for your friends. I know I would be embarrassed about some... More

  • Anonymous

    He will try and get the toy back but they’re bigger and stronger than him so he will start crying out of frustration. I’ll intervene when it begins to get more aggressive. The kids will push him to the ground it not an accident type of push.

When you disagree on discipline tactics

This morning my husband came down and was trying to get the kids to clean up their toys and they weren’t listening. I disagreed with the way he was handling the situation so I just sat there quietly. Then he got on me for not backing him up and supporting him. I didn’t want to start a disagreement in front of the kids and didn’t want to seem like we weren’t on the same page so I was planning on... More

  • PK

    We talk about it later. But in the moment we are supportive of each other even if one of us disagrees with the disciplinary action.

  • Anonymous

    My husband is bipolar and they’re still figuring out his meds. There have been times where my husband yells at our kid for dumb things or things that weren’t the child’s fault and there I step in and tell him he needs to cool off and take over the situation.

Potty training

I have a 2 year old girl and she gets absolutely terrified every time I try to get her to sit on her toilet. Any tips or advance ?

  • Melissa

    My oldest daughter was afraid to sit on the potty. She was afraid she'd fall in or get flushed down the potty. So i would hold her while on it to reassure her she wouldn't fall in. Eventually she got comfortable and didn't need me to do it anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Just the toilet? Or any potty? Maybe you could get her a little toilet that looks like the real ones, or a potty seat that fits on the toilet so there is no way she could fall in. Take her to the bathroom when you go so it becomes normal, set her potty in there next to yours. Let her flush the toilet and say good bye to what she flushes. Don't push her sitting, but get her used to being aro... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Saturday

My toddler self harms and hates his dad.

My 18 month old son throws insane tantrums, smashing his head on any hard surface he can find. Smashing it hard enough to leave red welts and sometimes even small blood blisters. This happens at least 10 times a day every day for what seems like forever but probably for at least the last 4 months. As he gets older, his tantrums have become more intense. He also has started pinching, hard enou... More

  • Anonymous

    Yes, seek support, talk to your pediatrician, seek out early intervention or therapies. In the mean time, how does you child react when you show affection to your husband? Can you model a loving embrace? How about make it a family hug? Could you pick up your son and greet your husband at the door together to try and start the night in a good place?

  • Anonymous

    I agree that these sound beyond the usual toddler tantrum. I’d talk to your pediatrician about some interventions. In the short term, talk to your husband about family activities you three can do together so that they both have more positive interactions.

Alexis posted in Behavior Friday

My son is more irritable than normal...

My son is 25 months old. In the last week he has become extremely irritable and cranky. Everything makes him mad and hes hard to please with anything. He has his moments occasionally but is normally a good kid overall and is happy and playful. He has also been waking up overnight crying and is hard to comfort. We've had to just ride it out and it's really frustrating bc he gets himself... More

  • T

    Oh yes. Night terrors are horrible for us. They don’t remember. My oldest had them so often right after she turned 2. They were worse when she was overtired. 2.5 was really bad and she stopped taking naps then too. My youngest is almost 2.5 now and she’s beginning to have them. The only thing I found to get through them ASAP is to not interact at all. There’s nothing you can do to help and talk... More

  • Angie

    Sounds like teething and typical of this age. The twos Were tough! Hang in there and hope for the best by giving him Motrin nightly and wet washcloth to chew on during day.,

ramon posted in Behavior Friday

Sleep routine - My daughter hates going to sleep

I have a 3 year old who absolutely hates going to sleep at night. Every night is a struggle to get her to go to sleep. I’m pretty sure that if it was up to her, she’d stay up until midnight every night. Her nap time is 8 o clock, which I think is reasonable, and only takes one nap during the day around noon, for about 1.5 hours. We’ve tried no sugary snacks after 5, lavender oils, night time ... More

  • Julie

    Have you ever tried skipping the nap? It sounds early to me but she may be ready to let the nap go.

  • Anonymous

    Is she getting enough exercise and fresh air in the day? Mine sleep better when they are exhausted from outdoor play or/ and hike Also we begin downtime from around 6:30 for 7:30/8pm bedtime... needs time to unwind

Jenny posted in Behavior Friday

1 1/2 year old hitting and throwing

I need advice on what has worked for you if this happens to your kid. My son has been throwing thing either at people or the floor. He's broken glass before. He also would hit people. I tried telling and showing him to be more gentle and don't hit people. I tried raising my voice with a angry face to show him it's not good to throw things at or hit people. He still does it. He knows... More

  • PK

    Have you tried timeouts? My son hasn’t completely stopped but we are making progress. Another mom (who is a kindergarten teacher) advised me to grab his hands and tell him “hands are NOT for hitting.” Apply that towards the things he throws too.. “toys stay on the floor/table.” I give him a warning, talk to him about it with those statements, and if he keeps doing it then we do a timeout (which... More

  • Arnita

    Google Dr. Sears he has great articles concerning how to go about this in a healthy way all the while learning why your child may be behaving that way and how to understand him while making him feel understood.

Simon posted in Behavior Friday

My son needs to scratch my neck to fall asleep

Hey, my 16 mo son is so used to touching / scratching / squeezing the skin of my neck when falling asleep that it's really hard to break the habit. He wakes up when I try to keep his hand away. Any similar experiences?

  • molly

    Have u tried holding his hand in yours ( like u r waltzing) and that may calm him off to sleep...

  • Nurse

    My son was a breastfed baby and needed stimulation during feedings to the point he would punch my boob and sometimes himself with his little baby hands. He transitioned to pinching me or anyone else in his grasp. I would redirect his hand to his own body. He is now 4 and he pinches his neck when he is tired.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Feb 14

Anxious 3 Yr Old

My 3 yr old daughter is afraid of everything lately. She’s always been kind of clingy and scared of certain things -but lately it seems to have gotten worse. She has meltdowns if another kid even approaches her at the playground. A lot of the play areas we used to go to and she used to love she is now afraid of and just clings to me and asks to go home. She also bites her nails constantly - whi... More

  • Myrtle

    I heard about this website on the podcast I listened to. Haven’t tried it out but sounds great! Specifically for kids with anxiety

  • Dad

    Try CBD..

Whitney posted in Behavior Feb 13

Help! My 3 year old potty training

I have a 3 year old who is amazing at peeing in the toilet and goes almost every single time but she will not go poop in the toilet! We have "praised" her and disciplined her and everything! We don't know what else to do!! Anyone else have these problems?

  • Ivy

    So my son won’t poop on the toilet either. He has never pooped while sitting or squatting— he poops only while standing. But I notice he does sometimes hide to go poop. So yesterday, I decided to put his potty in the closet (a place he likes to poop) and lo and behold, he went right away! Standing still, but I helped bend him slightly to poop. He has been pooping in the closet now (day 3) and... More

  • Jennifer

    This is my daughter. She will pee on the toilet but not poop. She will be 4 in June. She doesn’t care, she will poop in her diaper and then say I have poo butt. There’s been 2 times she has voluntarily gone to the bathroom and actually pooped on her own. I am hoping she will just one day do it. Good luck!

V posted in Behavior Feb 13

2yo boy energy/behavior

Hi all, Lately I’ve realized that my 2yo son has gotten super active. I’m talking about ramming his body into mine constantly, jumping on and off everything, destroying snacks/toys, and even running in circles and growling and wiggling all limbs. Also, his behavior hasn’t been the best. He’s been really defiant, refusing to eat or drink, and a lot of tantrums. I just wanted to know if thi... More

  • Ivy

    Oh I sure hope not! I will tell you, age 3 has been my favorite by far! I really starting seeing the person he is becoming and his sweeter traits began to really develop the past year. His little brother is much more rambunctious and emotional, so I expect more work with him... I definitely relate to you, but hang in there! It can be rough, but be consistent with your expectations of him and f... More

  • V

    @Ivy thank you for the encouragement!! Will do my best 😁

Alex posted in Behavior Feb 13

I have a 1.5 year old who screeches - how can I stop this?

I know it’s a toddler thing to get upset about everything, but when my son doesn’t get his way, can’t do something (like open a marker) or doesn’t like something, he will screech/scream. I’m trying to teach him not to, but he doesn’t talk yet so it’s challenging. Any ideas on steps to take to help combat this? Thank you!

  • Alex
    Feb 13

    Oh good idea! He does some of them already (like hungry/eat, more) but I should learn some others. Thanks!

  • Kendall
    Feb 14

    Of course! Yes help, more and please can really help when frustrated 😁

Vanessa posted in Behavior Feb 11

My 1 year old and his Tantrums!!

My 1 year old is starting to have really bad tantrums and especially at night before going to bed... I tried putting music taking him a bath and reading to him and nothing works... I have 7 more weeks before having my second son and I’m trying to get him in a routine but nothing has worked..

  • Activemommy
    Feb 12

    Maybe make bedtime earlier? Im not sure the context of the tantrums but my 20 month old gets really upset if I’m running late with bedtime.

  • Porsche

    What is baby sign? I talk to my son regular

Anonymous posted in Behavior Feb 09

My almost 2 year old is constantly destroying my 4 year olds Magna tile creations.

As soon as my 4 year old finishes his Magna tile creation, my almost 2 year old breaks it. My 4 year is losing his mind and I don’t blame him. We have tried giving the 2 year old his own magna tiles to play with and also having him take a break.... nothing works. Any ideas?

  • Sara
    Feb 11

    I have a 3.5 year old and a baby who always destroys the 3.5 year old's creations. The rule in our house is if the 3.5 doesn't want her stuff destroyed, she has to play with it in her own room. That room is off limits for the baby. If she's playing with it out in the common area or play room, then it's fair game for her little sister to destroy.

Teyen posted in Behavior Feb 08

When to start time outs?

Our son is almost 18 months. Some suggest to do 1 minute time out already but i feel like he wouldnt get it... So we just resort to taking things away or walking him away from bad choices/situations. Opinions?

  • Teyen
    Feb 10

    Thanks for sharing everyone!

  • Taylor

    if youre asking for results, time outs are not really necessary we kindof have to reroute his energy for whatever you're telling him not to do into doing something that's more appropriate (for ex. throwing toys in the house to taking him outside to throw a ball) but of course if you have to say no its a given! kids don't know any better than to feel whatever they feel like doing at ... More

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