Advice and resources for lactating mothers who are nursing or pumping breastmilk to feed their children.

Trying to stop breastfeeding

Hey moms, I need help. My son is turning 1 this Sunday (on the 13th) and he has 8 teeth already. I’m trying to get him off the boob but he’s a fighter and doesn’t want to get off. Any suggestion moms

How long does it take for breast milk to dry up after weaning?

I just weaned my 14 month old daughter and my breasts are so full and sore! When will my milk dry up? What can I do dry it up faster.

  • B
    Oct 08

    Take cold medicine for a few days. Dried me right up

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Sep 15


My MIL keeps saying low key remarks about me not wanting to breastfeed my twins this winter.... I’m perfectly content in my choice and it mostly just irritates me that she isn’t, I’m not going to change my mind. Anyways- just wanted to say.... if you don’t want to breastfeed, then don’t and you’re still a bada$$ mom.

  • G
    Sep 16

    Well said!

Two periods after weaning

Expected my third period since ending breastfeeding. I’m a few days late. At what point should I expect my periods to normalize? I had been very regular prior to having my son 6 months ago. I’m wondering if I should be expecting weirdness with my period, or if I should be buying a pregnancy test?

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Sep 10


I’m a first time mom, my baby just turned 2 months and I’ve had trouble BF from the start. He gets a good latch because I can hear him gulping and my breasts feel empty after feeding but my nipples are on fire. I started pumping and bottle feeding him to give myself relief. I can only nurse him once maybe twice a day. I’ve tried lanolin nipple cream, coconut oil, aloe Vera. Nothing eases the pa... More

  • AA
    Sep 16

    I had thrush and my doctor said most people have external symptoms like nipple itching. I think it’s worth getting checked. Whatever it is, breastfeeding isn’t supposed to hurt so much.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 24

    Turns out he has a lip tie! It’s preventing a proper latch which is causing the trouble/pain. It’s very common but typically not diagnosed unless you’re specifically looking for it. Also look for a tongue tie. Thank you everyone who replied!

My wife isn't producing as much milk as she would like. Ideas for increasing production?

Background - My wife just gave birth a couple days ago. Our 4th child, she is 44, never had an issue with the others. Thanks

  • G
    Aug 19

    I had the same thing and was told it was normal in the beginning. My supply started to come in around 3 weeks but it was still low. I increased it dramatically by taking in more calories, pumping and breastfeeding, sleeping as much as possible and taking a lactation supplement. Many supplements on the market contain fenugreek which actually decreased my supply so I switched to fenugreek free su... More

  • Erica
    Sep 19

    I had similar issue, lots of water and BabaBella's organic lactation cookies helped a lot.


Any ideas on how to ween my 19 month old son off the the breast and out of my bed?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 19

    The hardest ones are just before bed and in the morning. For a week my boyfriend out her to bed instead of me so that she wasn't trying to nurse. When she woke up in the middle of the night, I would pick her up and rock her back to sleep instead of nursing her. In the morning, instead of nursing her right away I would take her downstairs for breakfast immediately. Anytime she wanted to nur... More

  • Bethany
    Aug 21

    It might be easier to do one at a time. Kids don’t like when a lot of things change at once. Maybe pick the one that he might ween off of easier and start there.

When did you stop bottles?

At what age did you start to wean little one from the bottle and what age did you completely stop? And how? Also same for breastfeeding.

  • Kieli
    Aug 14

    My first born daughter was breastfed, and I switched her from bottle to sippy cup at 13 months. The same time I switched from breast milk to cows milk. We kind of gave her sippy cups before the switch, but not really. I used Nuk sippy cup because it has a soft spout like the bottle nipple and she switched fine. It was the milk switching she had a problem with

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jul 10

Skin care

Anybody have any recommendations for a basic skin care routine that is breastfeeding friendly? I have pretty normal/maybe slightly sensitive skin. I’ve never had bad acne but will get the occasional zit. I’ve never had a skin care routine but am starting to notice some wrinkles and I know this is something I need to get started on. I’m specifically looking for a general cleanser, toner, moistur... More

Hi all , my 1 month angel spits milk from nose even when she gets good burp after feed.

She is on breastfeed, I am too scared because of this, when I approached her doctor, he gave one medicine (zentac), but I want to avoid medicine in such early age. Please suggest some good natural way to get rid of this.

  • B
    Jul 08

    Zantac was a godsend. She was so much happier-the reflux really hurt. If she’s got reflux I’d try it. Smaller feeds more often also help

  • Liya
    Aug 11

    Same here, Zantac helped my baby so much. I agree smaller feeds and hold him up for 30 min after feeding. If he is a very young baby then it is most likely acid reflux. It goes away usually around 4 to 5 months old

I’ve been supplementing with formula

I can only produce one ounce of breast milk per pump so I add some formula to the same bottle to feed my 1 week old. I feed her at 45 degree angle and make sure there’s enough in the bottle . It seems she makes the squeaking gulping noises so I’m worried she takes in a lot of air- and she gulps down super fast. I hope that’s normal?? She seems super hungry and can gulp down 1.5 oz in 10 mins... More

  • Megan
    Jul 05

    Have you tried Gripe Water? This worked wonders for our kids when they had trapped gas and hiccups

  • Anna
    Jul 05

    Pediatrician said gripe water doesn’t yet work for such a young bowel, only later... we do have it and attempt it from time to time

Baby 7 months old not eating solids

My baby girl just turned 7 months last week. I am trying to feed her solids like oat/ rice cereal and also introduced variety of fruits and vegetables but she is not at all showing interest to eat and she is not opening her mouth. And also she is only on breastmilk. Not taking formula too. I am scared that what if my milk supply gets low how she can survive? Please suggest me tips/ tricks in... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 01

    It's all new to her! Just keep offering and don't give up! I like to give mine puree and something for him to be able to pick up. Doesn't need to be elaborate, frozen peas are a good start, or half a banana because more than likely she will just play with it and explore. For the first few months he would make a disgusted face every time he ate something, but it can take up to 15 ti... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 01

    If your breast milk gets low she"ll learn sooner or later that she has to eat, especially since shes around the age Babies start solids.the more you offer it but dont force it the better she'll do.

She only takes the pacifier to soothe :(

My baby is only six days old but i figured to try and see how she'd take to the pacifier, as a test. It went too well - now it's hard to take it away. Anything else sets her into a hissy fit. Any suggestions or folks with similar situations? I understand this is far too young to start this habit :(

  • Anna
    Jun 30

    Thanks Samantha, its true...

  • Megan
    Jul 05

    I was determined to use pacifiers with my kids. I have a little sister that never used one and sucked her thumb. And that habit didn’t break til almost her teen years. It cause awful dental issues and she had to go through so much to correct it. Because of that I’ve been terrified to let my kids suck their thumbs. Also they say pacifiers help prevent SIDS so that was an extra boost to use them.... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jun 26


Can mastitis go away on its own? I’m not sure if I even have it... I woke up yesterday and my breast felt bruised. Today there is a red coloring and a large lump under. I’m still able to nurse/pump, and it isn’t super painful. I’m not sure if I should go in to the doctor to avoid it getting worse... or just ride it out n see if it’ll go away on its own?

  • PK
    Jun 27

    Don’t wait for mastitis to go away on its own. Once you have a fever or feel the slightest bit under weather, get antibiotics. First time I had it, i thought it would just go away on its own but I ended up waiting too long before seeking medical attention and was hospitalized for 5 days. It might just be a clogged duct at this point so really work at it... use hot towels, hot showers, and mas... More

  • Sara
    Jun 28

    I wouldn’t wait to go get it checked out. The antibiotics work really quickly, and mastitis can get really out of control if not treated right away (I had to ultimately have breast surgery for an abscess caused by a bad case of mastitis, so from experience, I would definitely recommend not messing around with it! From initial signs to abscess was just a couple of days.). Good news is, the diagn... More

Gaining Milk Supply!!!

Help!!! I want to be able to breastfeed more. But I don’t produce much milk anymore. I hated pumping just wasn’t my thing. But do you guys have any advice on how to boost up my milk supply and fast?!?!

  • Andrea
    Jun 25

    I use a haaka... and it makes such a difference!

  • Chris
    Jul 02

    Moms make milk. Order their cookie mix. Works like a charm

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jun 24

Tips for weaning off nursing

What are some helpful times for weaning my daughter off of nursing??

  • Anne
    Jun 25

    Continue giving more solids throughout the day. Nurse in the morning and at night, no other time. Then drop one or the other, until you’re not nursing anymore.

  • Victoria
    Jun 26

    I started by not letting her nurse on demand so only at certain times. Then once a month take one session away and give a snack instead. It helps if you have someone else there during those times so they aren’t tempted. I’m down to morning, before bed, & we are almost done with before nap.

Breastfeeding help?!

Hi, I’m exclusively breastfeeding my baby and the doctor gave me vitamin D supplement to give her 1mL a day, she just turned 4 months. Just wondered if anyone else was given vitamin D for baby. The doctor says breast milk lacks vitamin D...

  • Mindy
    Sep 17

    I do the same. Vitamin d daily while breastfeeding exclusively. Pediatrician said he will need it too he starts his multivitamin and adults need vitamin D too. I trust my doctor- he always provides articles backing up his info if I ask. I take supplements myself so I believe this is common info for infants. My baby also had a little jaundice because he was late preterm.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jun 12

Breastfeeding in public

Is there a specific kind of clothing to wear? Like buttons etc? Do I pull the shirt down or up?

  • Amy
    Jul 26

    Depends on how well endowed you are, and how uncomfortable you are with the idea of someone catching a glimpse. I liked having a few specific nursing shirts that I wear anytime I anticipated a public feeding, or had guests over - and at home I mostly wore tanks I could pull down or shirts I could lift up. The two shirt method was just too hot mid summer, and too frumpy - I felt much more confid... More

  • Suz
    Aug 26

    I like Milk Nursingwear tops. You open the discreet nursing flap and get the baby latched and then no one can see much. The shirt is mostly closed / covering everything and baby’s head covers the rest. I loved it at airports. I do believe mommies can and should nurse however they want, including without a cover - but personally I wanted to be a bit more discreet / private.

Milk supply

I was induced so that I could have my baby early due to my SO being diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to make sure that he was there for the delivery of our baby girl. But my milk supply hasn’t produced much yet and my baby girl isn’t eating a lot. Is there anything I can take or eat so that I can produce more milk?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 11

    Oatmeal, Mother's Milk tea, drink a lot of water and pump all day and night. But honestly it sounds like you have a lot on your plate and stress could be affecting your supply. I would ask a lactation consultant, and relax if it doesn't happen. Fed is best, and you have to do what's best for everyone in your situation so if they means supplementing or switching to formula then so be it.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jun 05

Giving 1 year old food.

My baby is breastfed and I am trying to get him to eat table food. When me and my husband eat I give him whatever we are eating but he only throws it on the floor and will only eat the baby foods. What can I do? Any suggestions?

  • Damon
    Jun 07

    We went with baby led weening (BLW) with our first, and it was pretty successful. We started sharing steamed veggies and fruit at about 6 months. They mostly end up all over the floor and table. The saying is: food before one, is just for fun. They aren't getting their primary nutrition from the food, it's still all coming from the nursing so it's just about exploring textures a... More

  • Orid ivan
    Aug 09

    Babies are at times selective, if they want something different give them. Just ensure the food contains all the necessary nutrients for the child to grow well and avoid malnutrition. So in simple terms give the child what he wants and try to add a little of what you are eating. Slowly he/she will join u in that food in days to come

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