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Weaning 19 mo old

Any tips on weaning an extreme boob loving 19 mo old? He crys and hits me if I tell him no more milkies. Help!

  • Anonymous

    Let him cry.try your best to distract him. Have others help out when he wants to nurse.

  • Anonymous

    Leave with grandma for a weeekend, when he asks again just say your milk is all gone

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Dec 01


Can Mastitis go away without antibiotics? I woke up with a painful warm spot in my breast today. Should I see an OB for antibiotics right away or wait ? (Ps I had a Mastitis at the same spot with my daughter 4 years ago)

  • An

    Hi I would suggest to just check with your OB again. If mastitis is full blown sometime antibiotics will not work. OB will try different methods to remove mastitis. I was on antibiotics for 5 days it didn’t help at all. They had to do surgery to remove abscess

  • Vonda

    I had the boobie tubes by earth mama. Also took super hot showers to try and get clogged ducts taken care of before they turned into mastitis. Had my husband help if I just couldn’t get it out myself. Which helped a lot. I’m a big baby for pain so he’d massage them to get it out. And other ways. ;) But the best helper is your baby! They are born pros. Positioning baby to help get the clogged du... More

Breast Engorgement! Help!!!

Day 3 after birth. We were discharged last night from the hospital. My breasts are so engorged as I have chosen to not breastfeed I am reaching out for HELPFUL suggestions to relieve pain other than ice/heat compresses and pain medicine as I have already been doing those.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Nov 21

What are the best breast pumps out there now?

About to have a baby and I’m not sure which pump to get. I had a medela in the past. It was ok but super slow. Any other brands out there?

  • Karla
    Nov 30

    Everyone seems to love the Spectra and I had seen Motif Luna. I was torn between the two. I have never used Spectra so I can't compare. I got Motif and really felt a huge difference compared to my mendela. I think Motif hasn't gotten enough reviews but I'm very happy with it. I was able to empty my breast in less than 10 minutes.

Tips and tricks on breastfeeding and pumping??

I’m being induced this Saturday ( 23rd ) and plan on breast feeding. Was never able to breast feed or get enough through a pump for it to be useful. Any tips or tricks you fellow mommas have to share?

  • Christina
    Nov 19

    A pump will never be as good as your baby. Get baby to breast right away and as often as they want at at least every 3 hours. I’ve breastfed all of my kids including twins exclusively. See a lactation consultant. It might help to pump after each nursing session. Also, fenugreek worked well in boosting my supply along with plenty of good carbs like oatmeal. Keep hydrated! Congrats and good luck!

What kind/brand of breast pump do you recommend for newborn?

  • Kieli
    Nov 19

    I used Ameda Purely Yours with my first daughter while I was working. I liked it because rather than having a button to get the mode, it’s a nob so I can get it just as I like it. Plus the bag it came in was perfect fit for everything plus my snacks

  • Sarah
    Nov 21

    I had Spectra S1 and S2 and loved them both (same pump, one is battery charged and one plugs in). Everyone I know who has them loves them too.

Is my breastmilk hurting baby?

We welcomed baby no.2 about a week and a half ago, I was looking forward to ebf since it’s what we did with our first, but things have been a little different this time around. First of all we had problem getting baby to latch at all. She would just scream (not cry, scream!) whenever I brought nipple close to her, it was really bad at first but it’s gotten better. Except that then she started... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Nov 13

    My first pooped after almost every feed early on, and then it shifted from there. If you do think it’s something you ate, it takes at least ten days for that something to be completely out of your system. So if baby’s behavior changes like a day or two after you stopped eating something’sprob jus baby, not what you ate.

  • Liza M.
    Nov 16

    Don't ignore your mama instinct. This happened to me and my LO. It was so stressful for both of us and everyone kept offering heaps of advice and telling me it was normal. In the end it took about 3 months before she was diagnosed with a dairy allergy and we switched to formula exclusively. **Not suggesting this is your issue, just want to offer support in saying that it is OKAY to get a se... More


My newborn keeps choking and milk comes out her nose, is it something I'm doing?

  • Chelsa
    Oct 31

    I’m sure it’s not something you’re doing, but there can be something to help you both. Are you expressing your foremilk before feeding baby? I know sometimes it can be a lot coming fast, and can be too much. I used this natural pump with my 2nd son that helped take “a little off the top” so he wouldn’t choke from the fast flow or get sprayed in the face haha. It helped in the days where your br... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Oct 28

2 year old doesnt eat anything

My son turned 2 this August and i am worried as he doesnt eat anything sometimes whole day. Also he keeps coming to me to breastfeed and if denied screams at the top of his voice. We are having difficulty explaining to him that this is lunch/ dinner time and that he has to eat. Any suggestions on how to discipline toddlers.

  • Jennie
    Nov 01

    I've breastfed 4 children into toddlerhood (so far... I have a newborn) and one thing I'll say about toddler nursing is that it's ok to set boundaries. It's ok to say "No milkies right now, would you like a ???" If it's a snuggle because he's hurt or sad... a cup of water because he's thirsty etc. You can even have set times... like "we have milkies... More

  • Abigail
    Nov 05

    If he’s not eating solids at all, it could be for many reasons but you need to call early intervention and ask for an occupational therapist or feeding specialist. Especially if he used to eat solids and stopped.

What do you do with your old breast pump?

Now that insurances cover breast pumps all of my friends get one for free so I have no one to give my old pump to. Have any of you found a place that accepts old breast pumps?

  • Jenny
    Oct 31

    Post on FB or Craigslist. There’s an entire population that does not have the fortune of having insurance. I have given away my previous 2 pumps to moms who needed them.

  • annag
    Oct 31

    this is a reason to get medical-grade equipment. I wish more insurance companies would support that option!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Oct 23

How to stop breastfeeding

My son will be one in a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to start the transition to no longer breastfeed him. Right now he nurses about four or five times a day for about five minutes. He is great at eating solid foods and does not nurse to sleep. I am not sure how to transition him to cows milk (has never really taken a bottle) and stop breastfeeding him. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Anonymous
    Oct 24

    Thanks for the idea. He will take a bottle just fine. He just doesn’t get it often since I am home with him. Wondering if I could just cut one feeding a day and try a bottle of warmed cows milk in place of that to start to get him used to it...

  • Kieli
    Oct 24

    Oh I see. You could try that, I tried my daughter with just cows milk and she didn’t like it too much. But every kid is different

My milk supply is depleting what can I do to help??

  • Kieli
    Oct 23

    Mothers milk tea always helps me when I need a boost

  • Tina
    Nov 21

    You need to power pump for three days straight, but just in your morning pumps since thats when you make the most milk. 20 min on, 10 min off, 10 min on.

My 3 month is primarily breastfed but has never had a problem taking a bottle...and now she won’t!

  • Momof2
    Oct 18

    I’m so sorry that’s so frustrating! Both of my girls hated the bottle, and it was a battle to get them to take one! With our first daughter we tried different nipples/bottles &, different temperatures of milk but nothing seemed to make a difference. With our second we just used the same bottle/nipple the entire time. It was harder for my husband since he was the one doing it most of the ti... More

Trying to stop breastfeeding

Hey moms, I need help. My son is turning 1 this Sunday (on the 13th) and he has 8 teeth already. I’m trying to get him off the boob but he’s a fighter and doesn’t want to get off. Any suggestion moms

  • Candace
    Oct 12

    Porsche, I tried but he pulled them off

  • Erin
    Oct 22

    My son too! 1 year with 10 teeth! We started with before bedtime only offering bottle about 2 weeks ago. He screamed it out for about 20m night one, then 10m night two. And so on. He still wants the comfort of it in the middle of the night which is my next and final weaning step.

How long does it take for breast milk to dry up after weaning?

I just weaned my 14 month old daughter and my breasts are so full and sore! When will my milk dry up? What can I do dry it up faster.

  • B
    Oct 08

    Take cold medicine for a few days. Dried me right up

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Sep 15


My MIL keeps saying low key remarks about me not wanting to breastfeed my twins this winter.... I’m perfectly content in my choice and it mostly just irritates me that she isn’t, I’m not going to change my mind. Anyways- just wanted to say.... if you don’t want to breastfeed, then don’t and you’re still a bada$$ mom.

  • G
    Sep 16

    Well said!

Two periods after weaning

Expected my third period since ending breastfeeding. I’m a few days late. At what point should I expect my periods to normalize? I had been very regular prior to having my son 6 months ago. I’m wondering if I should be expecting weirdness with my period, or if I should be buying a pregnancy test?

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Sep 10


I’m a first time mom, my baby just turned 2 months and I’ve had trouble BF from the start. He gets a good latch because I can hear him gulping and my breasts feel empty after feeding but my nipples are on fire. I started pumping and bottle feeding him to give myself relief. I can only nurse him once maybe twice a day. I’ve tried lanolin nipple cream, coconut oil, aloe Vera. Nothing eases the pa... More

  • AA
    Sep 16

    I had thrush and my doctor said most people have external symptoms like nipple itching. I think it’s worth getting checked. Whatever it is, breastfeeding isn’t supposed to hurt so much.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 24

    Turns out he has a lip tie! It’s preventing a proper latch which is causing the trouble/pain. It’s very common but typically not diagnosed unless you’re specifically looking for it. Also look for a tongue tie. Thank you everyone who replied!

My wife isn't producing as much milk as she would like. Ideas for increasing production?

Background - My wife just gave birth a couple days ago. Our 4th child, she is 44, never had an issue with the others. Thanks

  • G
    Aug 19

    I had the same thing and was told it was normal in the beginning. My supply started to come in around 3 weeks but it was still low. I increased it dramatically by taking in more calories, pumping and breastfeeding, sleeping as much as possible and taking a lactation supplement. Many supplements on the market contain fenugreek which actually decreased my supply so I switched to fenugreek free su... More

  • Erica
    Sep 19

    I had similar issue, lots of water and BabaBella's organic lactation cookies helped a lot.


Any ideas on how to ween my 19 month old son off the the breast and out of my bed?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 19

    The hardest ones are just before bed and in the morning. For a week my boyfriend out her to bed instead of me so that she wasn't trying to nurse. When she woke up in the middle of the night, I would pick her up and rock her back to sleep instead of nursing her. In the morning, instead of nursing her right away I would take her downstairs for breakfast immediately. Anytime she wanted to nur... More

  • Bethany
    Aug 21

    It might be easier to do one at a time. Kids don’t like when a lot of things change at once. Maybe pick the one that he might ween off of easier and start there.

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