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Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Thursday

When do you stop breastfeeding your baby to sleep at night?

I still breastfeed my 8 month old to sleep at night. She wakes up about once a night for a feeding. How do I get rid of this so other people can put her to sleep and not just me.

  • Andrea

    Read “solve your childs sleep problems” by dr ferber. I used his method (online you will find different versions of this “ferber method” ) at 8 months with my youngest son. That is a good age to sleep train! My son adapted pretty quickly. It does involve crying... but the younger the baby, the less crying (cause they are more tired and can’t “fight” to stay awake as long as older babies). ... More

  • Copeley
    1h ago

    Honestly don’t ever start! I made the mistake with my first and she had to be rocked and nursed to sleep for the first 1 1/2 of her life! If they learn it and love it they own it and that’s when you are at the beckon call. I would try every kind of bottle you can with the pre made formula and warm it up a little. The pre made formula is more like breast milk and helps them to sleep for longer p... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Thursday

Postpartum period help!

I’m 8 months postpartum and got my period back at 5 months and they have been regular ever since. This month I am now 7 days late and have taken pregnancy tests and all negative. Has anyone experienced just a missed period. I am still exclusively breastfeeding my daughter

  • Lily

    Mine came back about a month after I had my baby. I never missed a period, until I got pregnant at about 7 months postpartum. I never missed a period before being pregnant as well. If you are for sure 7 days late, you are probably not pregnant. You might just be really stressed or something like that. Also, I have been pregnant 2 times all while breastfeeding, so you can get pregnant while brea... More

Quitting the boob

I apologize for the long and a bit personal text ahead but, Does anyone have any tips to help stop breastfeeding? I have a 16month old daughter who is attached to the boob and I need to quit breastfeeding altogether. Before I get any backlash for the age, I have to quit breastfeeding for my own health. I have a sickness(can’t be passed to baby by breastfeeding) and i need to cure the disease b... More

  • molly

    That’s great Rileigh! Stay strong for u and her!

  • Copeley
    1h ago

    Go on a trip! You really only need to be gone 4 or 5 nights and she’ll forget she needs it! My first was 22 months and still nursing...I went on a trip for 5 days came home and she no longer wanted it. I just wish someone had told me months and months prior that all I needed to do was take a trip!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Thursday

Breast pain during weaning

Was feeling quite proud of myself that my 14 month old hadn’t breastfed for 48 hours. I also have a bad cold so was glad to take some decongestants, to battle on for me and reduce supply (I’ve come across that here). But one breast has been incredibly painful and as I had mastitis back in the summer in the other breast, which doesn’t actually produce much milk at all, I gave in and let him brea... More

  • PK

    I’ve never tried it but someone suggested putting cabbage leaves in your bra to help with mastitis and drying up your supply

  • MamaNukesYopolo

    Cabbage leaves are a myth. They’ll help as much as anything that’s hot or cold that you put on your breast. I think pumping would be the best way to go, do you have one? Or you can cut down his feedings. Maybe start with 3 a day, then in a few days let him nurse 2x a day. Or something like that. Somehow create a gradual decrease to hopefully prevent the mastitis. It is definitely the worst. Hat... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Tuesday

Working moms: how often do you pump at work/how long does it take?

I am evaluating changing jobs after my leave, and I’d be starting a new job 5-6 months after my daughter is born. I’d like to try to breastfeed until she’s one, but I’m worried about how to make it work. At that point, how many times a day should I expect to be pumping, and how long does each session take? I’ll have a Spectra S1 (and possibly a Willow, a gift from a friend). The company I h... More

  • Anonymous

    @bailey as an hourly worker they have to provide time to pump but the law doesn’t specify a time amount in the US. Technically an employer can say 10 min is sufficient bc there is no definition. And that 10 min could even include the setup and cleanup. Unless anon had a good lawyer in standby, law is a gray area in terms of the actual time allotment for pumping.

  • Bailey

    That is so awful. I don’t understand why our laws are like this for mothers! Half of my family is from Canada and their Maternity laws are amazing.

Breast feeding pain

Wife left breast has been hurting due to possibly her breast feeding our 4 month yo boy. Any ideas what to do to help relieve the pain? Thanks

  • Sara

    Nurse on that side. Moist heat (hot shower, hot wet compress). Ibuprofen. If the pain gets worse it could be mastitis and she should call her doctor or ob gyn to get antibiotics ASAP.

A posted in Breastfeeding Feb 11

Supply increase after a year

Any tips on increasing supply after 1year. I’d like to build up my freezer stash so he can drink BM well into 2 years especially if I were to discontinue feeding him ....I tried pumping last weekend along with feeding and became completely frustrated since I only got about an ounce I’ve also been taking fenugreek- any suggestions are appreciated

  • Sara

    The best thing you can do to increase supply is nurse and/or pump more often. In the beginning you won't get much since your supply has regulated but if you continue to stimulate the breast with more pumping or nursing then eventually your body will establish more supply to keep up with demand. However, I'd caution against trying to really increase your supply just so you can build a s... More

  • A

    Thank you all appreciate the input

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Feb 10

HELP! My 19 months old still needs to be nursed to nap and only take cat naps

I still need to nurse my 19 months old before she goes to sleep in the day time and most of the time she would wake up in an hour. I will then go to pick her up and continue to breastfeed her back to sleep. But she wont really fall back to deep sleep. Once I take off my boob, she opens her eyes. She sleeps well better in the night. She can go to sleep by herself as long as I lie beside and only... More

  • Kieli

    I agree. Don’t offer the breast, you can start by offering a bottle then slowly take that away too, so she will learn to sleep with nothing

  • Lily

    My 18 month old still nurses for a nap in the afternoon and at night. Not in a big hurry to get her off, she has a little sister coming soon. But, just remember if you get her on the bottle you will have to take that away at see point too!

Anonymous posted in Babies Feb 10

Unpopular opinion (?):Haaka

Background- when baby was having light therapy for jaundice at 3 days old, I emptied out my engorged boobs with hospital grade pump because we had only 20 minutes outside the box per 2 hours including diaper change.. and it seems pumping that early on affects supply. At home on leave, I used the Haaka every time since baby only took 1 boob at a time. I built a great frozen stash. Now I’m re... More

  • B
    Feb 10

    That’s why people use the Haaka. They want to collect more milk than baby is drinking to have a stash. It’s why lactation consultants advise against it for the first month and your supply regulates. Milk is supply and demand. The more you take out the more you’ll keep making.

  • Valerie
    Feb 10

    I didn’t have this issue and the Hakaa didn’t work as intended on me. Oh well! We’re all different. I busted my ass for 1-3 oz and had to give up as my supply was nowhere near what my baby needed.

SAHM wants to stop breast-feeding

My daughter is 2 years old. I am a SAHM and she has constant access to me/breast and breastfeeds on demand throughout the day and night. I am ready to be done breast feeding. When I have tried to deny her access, she falls out, shrieks and screams like crazy and self-harms (head banging, slapping her face) until I give in. I need some suggestions on how to wean her. She will NOT drink breast mi... More

  • Lisa
    Feb 10

    Could your husband take a long weekend say a Friday and Monday off work, and you go out of town with friends or just a hotel and do things with friends for the weekend? Then she will be used to the sippy cup for milk by the time you return and no more problems.

  • Kellie
    Feb 11

    I started slowly weaning at 2. A month later, pregnancy hormones made latching hurt so bad that it was worth the struggle to finally cut him off. It took about 5 days of tantrums for him to finally get the idea that screaming bloody murder wasn’t going to work. We stopped during the day first for about a month before cutting him off at night. So during the day I would say, “boobies are for bedt... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Feb 07

I hate breastfeeding

Planning baby number two and I can’t get over the pressure of breast feeding. My first didn’t have a problem with breast feeding but it just wasn’t for me honestly. The day I gave him formula my mood changed, his mood changed, it felt like such a huge relief. I feel so guilty for not wanting to with my second.... the first question people ask is “are you breastfeeding?” I’d feel like such a fai... More

  • Stephnie
    Feb 10

    Breastfeeding is THE reason I won’t have a second. No shame!

  • Elle

    Why would you feel guilty? If his disposition suddenly changed for the better once on formula, I'd say you did the very best for him by giving him formula, rather than let him go undernourished in some way. The faster you can let go of other people's opinions, the more you can focus purely on doing what's right for you and your family without distraction and without doubts.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Feb 05


I have a 13 month old and I was thinking of weaning him off the boob.. but see here’s the tough part I was thinking of leaving him with his aunty for 3 days straight, no mom, no breasts in contact with him, just solid foods, water, milk, his cousin (5 yr old) and his aunty who will be watching him..Has anyone done this before and how did it go? I talked to my mom about doing this but she thinks... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 07

    You know you're not abandoning him but he doesn't. If you do it I would keep in touch and if he seems to be taking it hard go back. The last thing you want is for him to feel abandoned, get freaked out, and start trying to nurse more for comfort and reassurance.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 07

    Awww yes ur right I think that’s what my mom was trying to explain to me.

Boppy uses

I used my boppy primarily as a lounger, when she was younger, I draped a blanket over the Boppy and she laid there. I guess it’s the same as boppy newborn where basically the center is sewn shut? We also use it as a pillow on the couch, for adults. Any other uses beyond breastfeeding?? Also, I found out the Boppy goes around my thighs perfectly. 🤪 I’ve just never used it for nursing!

  • Ashlea
    Feb 03

    Tummy time with a cake pan with water and toys in it! My daughter loves the water and playing it

  • Jenn
    Feb 04

    An obstacle to help with learning to crawl over things.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jan 31

Boob size because of breastfeeding?

So son is 17 months and we only breastfeed at night when we sleep and then again when he gets up in the morning. So it’s only about 2 times..... maybe 3 times a day. Anyways he really prefers my right breast. Not my left. My question is that, if I stop the feedings will my boob shrink? Like the size difference is very noticeable in sports bras or if I point it out. My right is like a C cup whi... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 01

    The answer is yes, when you stop your other will shrink as well. If you really don’t like it, just encourage him to use the other side too. It’s pretty common though.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 01

    Depends on the person. My friend is now a c on one side and a d on the other because of brestfeeding

Anonymous posted in Behavior Jan 30

For cosleeping and night feeding mamas:

Do you ever have nights where baby stays on the nipple ALL night? Cries if he gets off, but at the same time you want to get comfortable, your boobs feel completely emptied, and your nipples hurt? Normally my son isn’t like this, he will only feed once or twice in the night so I’m wondering if you’ve noticed if nights like this correlate to anything, like maybe teething? Just wondering what’s m... More

  • Britteny
    Jan 30

    My nine month old is doing the same thing every night. I feel like a zombie 🧟‍♀️

  • Courtney
    Jan 30

    Every time my 15 month old has done this, I chalk it up to teething or a “leap”. Their brain is developing and learning new things so rapidly they’re trying to hold on for the ride!

Cold & breastfeeding

Hi, So I’ve had a bad cold that has been lingering for about 2 weeks (runny nose, bad cough, sneezing, congestion and phlegm - sorry tmi). My 3 month old exclusively drinks breastmilk (from a bottle). I’m not taking any medicine or over the counter meds. Other than taking more vitamin c ( ie tangerines, oranges, grapefruits)...does anyone have any other natural recommendations that are ok when... More

  • Margaret
    Jan 27

    Just a heads up with the Mucinex, decongestants can dry your milk supply.

  • Jo
    Jan 28

    Black elderberry. It works miracles and completely safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Drying Up Breastmilk Concerns

I've started the process of drying up my milk. I was already nursing my 9 month old on a 4 hour feeding schedule (he sleeps through the night, so it was basically 4 feedings a day). Last week I nursed him morning and bedtime, gave him bottles for the middle two, and only pumped once during. Then for about three days I dropped the midday pump, and then dropped the morning feeding. I offical... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 26

    My doctor told me to take Sudafed to dry up! It helped dry me up. In addition, I iced them when they were sore. If you are worried I’d say just try hand expressing a small amount in the shower. Obviously you wanna avoid mastitis, even if you delay a complete dry up for a few days to prevent it. For me, I never touched mine, I completely let them be and I was fine. But of course all boobs are d... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jan 25

Uricalm Max while breastfeeding

Hey breastfeeding moms! Anyone know if you can take Uricalm Max while breastfeeding? It says to "ask a healthcare professional" on the back but I don't have a doc I can ask😅 would like to get rid of this UTI pronto🙏

  • Anonymous
    Jan 26

    I think that’s just a pain relief... I would personally get an antibiotic. UTIs are the fricken worst and you don’t want it to get any worse than it already is.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 26

    You can go to an urgent care if you don’t have a primary I think

Breast feeding

Any one breast feeding after having nipples pierced??

  • Julie
    Feb 10

    Yes! It all depends on how much scar tissue you have but no problems.

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