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Breastfeeding help?!

Hi, I’m exclusively breastfeeding my baby and the doctor gave me vitamin D supplement to give her 1mL a day, she just turned 4 months. Just wondered if anyone else was given vitamin D for baby. The doctor says breast milk lacks vitamin D...

  • Jennifer

    Our doctor asked us to provide Vitamin D (I also breastfed), but not 1mL. The dosage was basically one or two drops. We were using this one:

  • Rai

    Some people do it, some don't. We EBF and supplemented vitamin D until she started solid foods and we felt she was getting a daily dose from her food. They also get some from sunlight! 🌱 The dosage for over the counter varies by brand. Some have a daily dose in a drop, some in a mL, just depends on which one you buy.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jun 12

Breastfeeding in public

Is there a specific kind of clothing to wear? Like buttons etc? Do I pull the shirt down or up?

  • Anonymous

    Definitely will try the tank, I’ve tried using a muslin swaddle but it slips off or LO pulls on it and I’m still not use to breastfeeding so my supply is suffering. It just gets hot here especially with summer now. Thank you!

  • Asia

    I didn't use anything. Don't like it don't look is my motto

Milk supply

I was induced so that I could have my baby early due to my SO being diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to make sure that he was there for the delivery of our baby girl. But my milk supply hasn’t produced much yet and my baby girl isn’t eating a lot. Is there anything I can take or eat so that I can produce more milk?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 11

    Oatmeal, Mother's Milk tea, drink a lot of water and pump all day and night. But honestly it sounds like you have a lot on your plate and stress could be affecting your supply. I would ask a lactation consultant, and relax if it doesn't happen. Fed is best, and you have to do what's best for everyone in your situation so if they means supplementing or switching to formula then so be it.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jun 05

Giving 1 year old food.

My baby is breastfed and I am trying to get him to eat table food. When me and my husband eat I give him whatever we are eating but he only throws it on the floor and will only eat the baby foods. What can I do? Any suggestions?

  • Vonda
    Jun 06

    My son didn’t want solids until after 1yo. He only ate purée. So I made meals in a purée form for him. Got the book ‘baby foodie’ helped a lot. Had some purée be chunkier so it got him to start chewing a little. Until one day he reached over and took some food off my plate to try it. When they are ready they’ll let you know.

  • Damon
    Jun 07

    We went with baby led weening (BLW) with our first, and it was pretty successful. We started sharing steamed veggies and fruit at about 6 months. They mostly end up all over the floor and table. The saying is: food before one, is just for fun. They aren't getting their primary nutrition from the food, it's still all coming from the nursing so it's just about exploring textures a... More

Please Help an exhausted Mom

I really need to wean my 2 year old. She relies too much on nursing especially for nap. She can only nap for 40 mins or so and would need me to hold her for another hour. I am so done with it. She is exclusively breastfeeding from birth and has a strong association. She drinks a bit of milk from a small glass cup. I'm not sure if she accepts bottles.

  • Becca
    Jun 06

    Being that she’s 2, I would try and transition to a sippy cup. If you want to stop breastfeeding, I’d start pumping if possible and then supplement the breastmilk with cow milk and eventually, she’ll get used to it

  • Sargie15
    Jun 06

    First, great job on making it so long!!! That’s a feat in itself! When I weaned my daughter at 22 months, I started by cutting out one feeding a week. So first I quit letting her BF during the night. The next week I cut the morning session, the next week then nap, then bedtime was last. We never used bottles. Just went to cows milk in a sippy cup. Overnight was hard. I just quit going to her.... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jun 02

Starting cows milk

My son will be turning 1 soon and I have been trying to give him cows milk. I tried bottle/sippy cup, hot/cold, added a little bit of sugar or home made date paste to make it sweeter. Nothing works. He will spit it back out. He is exclusively breastfed and never took a bottle. I am so ready to wean him off. Desperate for suggestions... thanks.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 05

    Thank you all for your replies. Will keep trying

  • Jenn
    Jun 05

    I also just read that the APA says a 1 year old can get all the calcium they need from 8-12oz of milk and other dairy products, so that's what I'm going to shoot for.

Spills the milk

My 7 week old baby spills a lot of milk from her mouth. Whether she’s being bottle-fed or breast. Has anyone faced this issue before or does it get better with time? it’s not tongue tie.. I have checked with doctor

  • Makayla
    May 29

    My baby seemed like she was spilling milk out of her mouth a lot at about that age. I think my milk flowed too fast for her, so I pumped then fed her. That helped a bit. I would also try to make sure their face and body are positioned right.

  • Sara
    May 30

    I definitely am not a lactation specialist so take it with a grain of salt, but my son was a major milk dribbler really until pretty recently - and he’s eight months old. We just do bandana bibs when we feed him and sometimes a shirt change. He has a very high palate, so I don’t know if that had something to do with it? We tried several different positions with both breast and bottle, and he ha... More

Antidepressants while pregnant/breastfeeding

I am due with my first baby in June. Anyone on any antidepressants that are safe for pregnancy and for breastfeeding? My therapist wants to start me back on one before baby is here in case I have post partum depression.

  • Anonymous
    May 29

    I was on prozac but cut off all medications the minute I found out. For me, having a baby born and going through withdrawals wasn't worth it. Luckily, with my pregnancy my severe depression went away. My daughter is now 19mo and I have yet to deal with depression again (after having it for 7 years).if you go on medication, do an extremely low dose. Weigh the pros and cons.

  • KB
    May 30

    My ob/gyn put me on 50mg of sertraline (Zoloft) at the end of my last pregnancy. For me, being in a healthy state of mind to care for my sons (I have a two year old as well), and to still be a tolerable companion for my husband was of utmost importance. I recall her saying that starting the medication later in the third trimester lowered the chances of the baby having withdrawals. Fortunately f... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding May 24

Hand-me down haakaa breast pump?

If I boil it, is it safe?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 01

    This is not an electrical pump it’s a silicone pump, only one piece. So it doesn’t have attachments or anything.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 01

    I ended up receiving it a few days ago, I washed it and sterilized it and feel much better about using it. It looks brand new.

Trying to wean our 21mo daughter and it’s harder than it was with our boy (now 3yo).

With him we dropped the most easily distractible nursing’s until it was just overnight, then would tell him ‘all gone’ after a short nursing, then replaced with milk and then water... We also had the deadline of new baby coming. He was 16mo. Our daughter can’t seem to get over the morning nursing (we’ve dropped and she’s okay without boob to fall asleep) and can’t call back asleep with her hand... More

  • K
    May 23

    My son nursed until a little after 2. By that time it was only before bed for a minute or two. I was waiting fir him to wean but had to push for it myself bc I was early in a twin pregnancy (had no idea at the time) and the hormones made it excruciating! Now here I am with 18 mth twin girls who are not giving it up. Wtf? You have no idea how many people told me, as well as how many times I’ve r... More

  • Sarah
    May 24

    If you start to give her something that excited her and tell her she can have it if she doesn’t have milk that day, it may work! My mom did that with my pacifier and said I gave it up so quickly after that!

Start/Stop cycle

I am still BF and I started my period again. For the past few months I have had a period every other week. But now it’s been 2.5 months since having one. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m really worried about it!

  • Raji
    May 20

    Talk to your doc to put ur mind at ease. I still breastfeed and my period has lessened to 3 days from 6 days. When I first started getting my period it came one month and skipped two months. so it might change again. See your doc.

1 year old - How do I drop the last few nursing moments so I can be done with breastfeeding?

Hi - my baby turned 1 this month. I have been breastfeeding and pumping, no formula. A month ago, we started mixing in whole milk. She did great. At daycare, she’s now fully on whole milk - no more pumping! She does however still nurse once in the middle of the night (5am) and again when she wakes up (8am). How can we get out of this habit? And what do you give your >1 year old babies when t... More

  • Laura
    May 09

    For the last question, we always had a sippy cup of water by her bed that she could drink first thing in the morning, and then we'd offer milk with breakfast.

  • Whitney
    May 11

    Very helpful thank you!

Baby drinking less milk after starting solids.. is it normal??

My 7mo baby eats solids 2-3 times a day. She is EBF .. so she drinks less milk than before , i mean before she used to drink for 30 mins.. now she drinks for 15 mins n sometimes even less than that.. i feed her milk first and solids after that so that she drinks milk more.. but its still the same.. but her weight growth seems very good..

  • Julie
    May 08

    Yep. “Food before one is just for fun.” Is misleading and in many cases, 100% false. My pediatrician told me that as long as she was getting 18-25 oz per day after starting solids then not to worry. You can call your pediatricians office to make sure they’re on the same page but you should be ok!

  • Jennifer
    May 13

    Yeah it’s fine. My son loved solid food so much he stopped drinking much milk at all. He gained fine and didn’t have any issue. No worries. Babies have a way of telling you what they need.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding May 05

Extended breastfeeding

Hi all! Just wondering if any mamas have experienced anovulation (not ovulating at all or regularly) WITH menstrual bleeding while you continued to breastfeed beyond 18 months? My son is nearly 18 months and my cycles have still not returned to normal. I am seeing my doctor regarding this issue but wondered if anyone else has ever had this happen. Thanks!

  • Kelley
    May 06

    I’m nursing 3-4 times during the day, and then whenever she wakes up through the night (which is still A LOT) So anywhere from 4-8 times during the night. It is comfort for her as well, and for my sanity at the moment too.

  • Anonymous
    May 07

    Yes, my son wakes in the night a few times a week. Sometimes more often when teething/not feeling well. I think my body is confused!

Birth control pill

Anyone get back on the pill after having your baby? Could you still breastfeed while taking it?

  • Anonymous
    May 04

    Yep! If you talk to your OB they can give you pills without hormones in it called mini pills, it won’t hurt your milk supply at all! Or some people do use hormonal BC and they were fine breastfeeding. I was on the mini pills and they worked great for me! You can also get the implant, an IUD, or other forms. Just make sure to check with your OB about your best option.

Kj posted in Breastfeeding May 03

How do I get LO to not depend on breast to go to sleep at night?

I try to make sure she eats some solids before bed so her tummy is full but she still wants boob when it’s time to settle down. Then maybe 10 mins in she’s fast asleep. How do I break the association without making her cry it out.

  • Kj
    May 06

    I’ve tried feeding her a heavy meal and making sure she ready to sleep and letting someone else try to get her to sleep but all she does is scream her head off until I come to give her the boob 😭

  • Jade
    May 06

    One thing you can try is letting her nurse until she’s almost asleep, and then using your finger, gently break her suction and remove your breast from her mouth. This way, she’s falling asleep without your nipple in her mouth. You might have to try a few times before she finally falls asleep without it, but it should start to break the sleep association without any tears. Hope this helps!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Apr 30

CBD usage and breastfeeding

Anyone have experience with using CBD oils or gummies while breastfeeding? And negatives?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 30

    Not recommended as there have not been enough tests done. It’s also not FDA approved. Most CBD company’s that claim to be 100% cbd and no thc aren’t. They just have to be under a certain percentage to say that. THC is very harmful for anybody and especially children whose brains are developing. And there are studies that say that THC passes through breast milk. I’d wait just to be safe. But hon... More

Anonymous posted in Babies Apr 25

Stopping night feedings

So I have a 3 month old and I nurse her during the night when she wakes up to get her back to sleep. The problem is I’m losing my milk supply. I’ve seen a lactation consultant and I’ve had to start supplementing with formula because my baby wasn’t gaining enough weight. I’m able to pump about 2 oz or less every two hours out of one side and about 1/2 oz out of the other. I’m taking sooo many su... More

  • Molina
    Apr 30

    Hello. I’m a first time mom. My baby started to breastfeed right away, but on the discharge day, practically hours prior discharge, noticed baby wasn’t eating as before. Asked for a lactation consultant since, I didn’t get any before. Was speed up for an emergency breast pump, and shown how to use a breast shield to help baby to latch on. Make sure you are using the right cup size on your brea... More

  • Aditza
    May 08

    Old momma: Just remember, the more you nurse, the more milk you'll have. Nursing at night is fine in the first 6 months, easier than heating up formula:)). Try nursing your baby between 9pm and 10pm, while you watch your favorite show. I did this for 9 months, my baby didn't wake wake up for the last six, she was so full. I did have 1 beer with every dinner:)). Good luck!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Apr 22

When does breastfeeding get easier?

I’m 5 days post c-section and seriously struggling. My baby is a great eater and my milk came in on day 2 so I should feel incredibly lucky, however, she has a very painful latch so I need to use a nipple shield, which is annoying, I struggle to find comfortable breastfeeding positions that don’t hurt my incision and I’m just. So. Tired. I am lucky enough to have help from my husband and family... More

  • Loris
    Apr 27

    Breastfeeding is incredibly time consuming and it probably will be until baby starts on solids and starts eating less milk. And you’re definitely making a sacrifice for your LO. You’re nipple will get used to it, definitely use a salve after - it helps! And there’s these things by Lansinoh called Therapearl 3 in 1 that you can use to warm up your breasts and make the milk come out easier. It wi... More

  • Lily
    May 09

    Get some of this, Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding, 1.41 Ounce Tube also, they have classes you can go to where other mom and a lactation consultant will help you get your baby on there right! Breastfeeding is hard, but don't give up just yet. Also put your own breast milk on your helps! But... More

Looking for ways to use breast milk

Hi everyone, I have a 21-months-old toddler, still breastfeeding but does not take breast milk in a bottle or cup (I hear this is common for toddlers) nor as a popsicle. I have some frozen breast milk from pumping on a trip, and would like to use it for her. Before I go through the trouble of baking with breast milk or making other things, I'd love to hear if there's a reasonable chanc... More

  • Sara
    Apr 21

    What does he/she take? If they like regular milk you could try mixing some breastmilk in. Or in a smoothie or milkshake if they’ll take that.

  • Mrs. HHH
    May 02

    You could also donate it

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