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Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Yesterday

My nipples need a break

We cosleep with our 5 month old, plus I nurse him to sleep. I really have no issues with either except the fact baby ends up on the nipple all night long. Even in his deep sleep I take it away and he starts getting fussy. Hubby is feeling neglected because he just wants a turn cuddling, plus honestly my nipples get sore. Is there any way to solve that problem without giving up cosleeping?

  • Bethany

    Yea my oldest was really about doing that we had to take hers away too im not sure what else you could do unless maybe it’s a growth spurt then it will end soon

  • Lulu
    5h ago

    Well tbh it is a phase, it is temporary, it will pass. It gets a little better, but if yours is anything like mine, that boob is everything.

How can we stop breastfeeding?

  • Brittany

    With my first one it was easy I just weened him completely off day feeding and he was fine than after two weeks stopped night feedings and he was fine with it. My second was younger and had a harder time I tried slowly weening but just seemed like he was eating more instead so I had to cold turkey him it was hard but after a few weeks he got there. You’ll definitely have some sleepless nights w... More

Tricks to increase my breast milk

I just had surgery last week and I feel like my breast milk supply has decreased. I use to make about 4 oz each time I pump whenever my LO is not hungry. Now I am only making 2 ounces if I am lucky. I am drinking plenty of fluids. What else can I do to help me increase my supply?

  • Jessica

    Thanks you guys!

  • Anonymous

    Offer the breast as much as possible. Baby will latch if he/she is ready to eat. And power pumping.

Nana posted in Babies Tuesday

Weening off the boob

I have two boys. My oldest never got to breastfeed due to difficulties early on but my youngest did. He’s going to be 2 next month and he’s still at it. He prefers the right boob and I know I may lactate a bit but not enough to actually feed. It’s mainly comfort for him since I work a lot. He sees me and he’s happy and hugs me but then tries goes to my boob 20 seconds later. Now it’s only at ni... More

  • Nana

    The bandaid idea sounds great! The thing that sucks is while I’m sleeping he whips my boob out and I’m just like 😴😴😴

  • Sujal

    I used the band aid technique too for my 20 month old son. It works. May be for few days, you have to give him sippy with milk. They forget actually very easily as we might think the opposite

Almost 2 years old and still nursing strong!

My son is 23 months and WILL NOT WEAN!!!! I think my supply is dwindling and he wants to nurse all the time. Wakes up at 3am hungry. Wakes up again at 5 and nurses on and off until we get up. Nurses before breakfast and then after! So on and so on throughout the day. He nurses more now than he did 6 months ago. I’ve always loved nursing but we can’t even be at home for 20 minutes without him gr... More

  • Cathy

    I nursed my daughter until 19 months. But at that point, it was just for bed time, nap time, & 3 times over night. I told her that boobies are for babies & she was a big girl. Then every time she wanted it, she'd point at them and say "boobie baby." She was very cranky and hard to get to sleep at first. 6 months later, she doesn't even ask for it.

  • Aixa

    I just stopped nursing my almost 23 month maybe a month ago.. she was just like your daughter wanted it all day no matter what, I went away for the weekend (she was fine with my mom, so she said) but once I got back first thing she asked was for her “cheech” she cried she pulled on my shirt she did everything.. had to be very very patient with her.. i offered water in a cup ( she never wanted t... More

Postnatal Vitamins

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good postnatal vitamin for a breastfeeding mom? The one I’m taking now seems to be affecting my nails a lot.

  • Lulu

    Yes! Perfect Postnatal by New Chapter. Found it on for the best price. I love it :)

  • Dana

    I’ve been using Honest prenatals for almost 2 years and I really like them. You can get them at target, amazon and Honest website.

Anonymous posted in Babies Monday

What on earth? BF distraction

My baby has been staring me in the eye and alternately talking with her mouth full, clamping, grunting, and suckling. What on earth is she doing? She’s 5 months and EBF. She isn’t distracted looking at something around us, but she’s also not eating like normal despite giving her normal cues...

  • Lulu

    Ok so you know how we are social eaters? She's socializing with you! It's a family meal as far as she's concerned 😁

  • Aye

    Mine takes the bottle and she loves to take breaks and chat 😅 she tugs on the nipple too, now she can hold the bottle so she plays with it as well. She use to push the bottle and pull it back.. kids are just weird sometimes lol

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Monday

Breast milk supply low

Hi mommas!! My milk supply has been pretty decent but over the last day and a half I have been very stressed out which caused my milk to go WAY down . My boobs are so small now, I’m not getting much milk out. What do I do ?!?

  • Lisa

    I used a tea with thistle and raspberry leaf but no fenugreek. I had to supplement with formula on and off for the first couple of months - it wasn’t my first choice, but it took off some of the pressure and I was less stressed/anxious and was eventually able to produce an ample supply. Hang in there!!

  • Des

    I’ve had the same issues and I find that drinking lots of water makes a big difference. Also try Mother’s milk tea.

urgent weaning for dodgy teeth

Been struggling to wean my 10 month old off night nursing, and he is still waking 3-5 times a night to nibble. I tolerated this, up until our first trip to the dentist last week: He is showing signs of potential ‘developmental decay’ on all of his 6 teeth! Apparently, this is down to baby nursing so often at night. I brush in the morning and after the last feed, but not after every night feed... More

  • Anonymous

    I feel like you’re on top of your game with brushing so often! I’m guilty of only brushing at night during bath time, (but this is before his last feeding!). I agree with everyone in that it isn’t about breast feeding at night, because you do have good oral hygiene for him!!

  • Anonymous

    I would get a second opinion. Some dentist are all for money.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Monday

I went from producing 12-16 FULL 4oz bottles to not even making 1oz per breast..

I eat a very healthy diet. Haven’t changed anything. I’m buying fenugreek tonight when my husband gets out of work.. I really hope this gets me back to where I was.I don’t know what am I doing wrong..

  • Julie

    How far post partum are you?? This could be your period. If it is just keep pumping and the supply should come back after a few days.

  • KT

    Some medications and birth control dry up your milk supply

Mirena & breastfeeding

Hello! I was just wondering if any of you guys are on mirena AND breastfeeding and if so do you get a period? My daughter is 19 months old and i haven't had a period since the one right before i got pregnant with her (may 2016). I used to breastfeed a lot but now that she is getting older i only breastfeed every other night so i don't know if that even makes a difference anymore. I jus... More

  • Amanda

    U may not have one. I got it after my 3rd child and never had a period until I had it out for about a yr.

Frozen breast milk

I have a 3.5 hr drive coming up and need to figure out how to store frozen breast milk for my baby.

  • Sara

    If it's just 3.5 hours then a cooler with ice packs should be fine. I kept my frozen milk in a cooler with ice packs for a 6 hour flight (so probably 9 hours door to door) and it was fine.

  • Alix

    Like said above. FYI. Breast milk is considered 'frozen' as long as there are crystals in the milk *even if its most thawed-if there are crystals it is 1000% safe to refreeze* i traveled with BM & found the best was a small cooler with those ice packs around & under. I flew & had a 4 hr delay, my 275oz frozen milk was still completely frozen after 15 hrs out of the freeze... More

Breast size

So my wife just gave birth on 10/10 and her breast are so huge that it’s painful. Has this happen to you and is there a remedy to helping with the pain or size. Thanks

  • Kristi

    Breastfeed or pump every 2 hours. She doesn’t want to develop Mastitis. If her breast become feverish she might want to give her OBGYN a call. If she has knots she needs to massage them out. While I pumped I put a rice pack on my breast and massaged them. It’s going to be painful but it will feel much better. Be supportive and show her lots of love. 😊

  • Sara

    Feed often and on a schedule. Pump if you aren’t able to feed enough or baby is spitting up. You can always taper off later

Help with latching!

How do I get my 2month old to open his mouth wider so he doesnt not have a shallow latch anymore. The lactation nurse at the hospital showed me wrong. Then the one at wic showed me correctly but he is so darn strong I cant do it. I have a pump but with two other kids one car and everyone going every which way it gets hectic.

  • Katy

    Mine wouldn’t open either! I started having to kind of tickle his upper lip with my nipple and make him try and search for it and when he searched he opened a lot bigger

  • Poop

    Look up the flipple technique! It was a life saver for us! Well that, and getting the lip and tongue ties fixed! Keep at it!

Water bottle in the crib with one year old

Yay or nay? I know it’s not recommended to send a bottle of milk to bed because the sugars on teeth overnight can accelerate decay, but other than spills I can’t think of a reason why water would be bad. We are also starting night weaning, and I’m hoping she won’t wake up thirsty and wanting to breastfeed as much if she has access to a sippy cup of water.

  • Ashley

    I am totally for this. If it works and she is thirsty.. do it. I know I get thirsty at night.. lol. But I just think about realistically.. is it that big of a deal and does it make her happy? Nothing harmful about that especially at 1 year +

Suppose to have whole milk after turning one while still breastfeeding?

My son had his one year check up and during the process, the doctor highly recommend that I introduce whole milk into his diet. She highly stressed on the whole as the fat content is suppose to help with his brain development. It just seemed odd to me as he still breastfeeds at least 4 times a day, sometimes more. Is that not adequate enough? Side note, he does eat low fat yogurt in the morni... More

  • Danielle

    I think it’s up to you and when you want to start weaning. I asked about weaning at her 9 month appt and Dr. said when she’s 11 1/2 months or so I can start doing bottles with breastmilk and regular milk. I think my daughter is going to be difficult to wean so I might introduce regular milk but continue breastfeeding also. Do whatever you think is best for him. He will be fine with breastmilk a... More

  • Kellie

    Don’t stress! Give him whole milk in a sippy throughout the day! My son will take a few swigs of milk and then go straight to my boob (and then back to his sippy.) We’re trying to figure out weaning now at almost 2 years. I remember when the doc said that to me, my first question was “won’t my supply go down??” It wasn’t until after I realized how dumb that was. That’s the point! If yours is an... More

Dry up my milk

I trying to dry up my milk and I fill like it just going to pump the rest of my life. I haven’t pumped for 3 days and I want to die it hurt so bad. I slowly stop pumping hr by hr min by min and got to the point I thought I could just stop since I was at about every 24hrs to relieve the pain but my baby wasn’t happy yesterday and my boobs grow like 3x bigger. 😬😱😢

Pumping at 1 year

Any moms only breastfeed the first year and then start pumping to build a supply to help ease the switch to cows milk? I wasn’t a great pumper when my son was born and I’m a stay home mom so I just stuck to breastfeeding, he just turned one and I’d like to be able to leave once in a while but I’m not sure how to go about pumping or getting him switched or both lol. Any advice on starting pumpin... More

  • Anisha
    Oct 12

    I discovered that I am most engorged in the middle of the night so I pump when baby wakes while my husband gives baby her bottle (expressed milk from the night before). It’s much easier to have him feed her and put her right back down than when I nursed her because she would cling to me.

  • Anisha
    Oct 12

    In fact, she’s now waking less too. I think she also figured out that mommy’s not coming in to see me anymore so I may as well just sleep.

Milk drying up?

I just had my first baby on Monday. I've been trying to breastfeed, but it hasn't been going too well. I'm trying to pump as much as possible to give to her, but today my boobs have started to harden and hurt. Is my milk drying up already or is it something else? What can I do to stop it?

  • Shanna
    Oct 11

    If you can't afford to hire an LC, there is probably some sort of support through your state. Our WIC program offers lactation consults as well as running a weekly breastfeeding support group. They are VERY supportive of breastfeeding here, bordering on pushing. Although they still acknowledge that fed is best.

  • B
    Oct 12

    Check your insurance. Many cover lactation consultants. But sounds like milk is coming in. Just keep putting baby to boob. And check out

Distracted breastfeeding

My three month old gets so distracted while I am feeding her. She looks around at everything!! I am worried if I feed her in an area with no possible distractions, she’ll never be able to eat with distractions. Any tips?

  • cocomac
    Oct 11

    I hear I will pass. But I’m stuff suffering this phase! The secret is feedinf before and after naps. And yes, to in the car and dream feeds. It’s slowly getting better for me so I know it will pass. Much love to you!

  • Julie
    Oct 11

    As my pediatrician said to me when I brought my 4 day old daughter to their office for her first visit, “every day is a new normal for a few months, then every month will be a new normal till she’s off to college. Embrace it or you will drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out!”

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