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My child is 7 months and has a lot of gas problems and has some constipation problems as well.

Does anyone know any remedies to help solve this I hate seeing him straining so badly to poop. PLEASE HELP!

  • PK

    I’ve never tried this but my brother and friend stand by the q-tip and Vaseline trick! I think you coat a q-tip in Vaseline and just stick it in their butthole to help get them started. I would double check with your pediatrician first though and maybe look up a how to online bc I’ve never done it!

  • Anonymous

    You could try Mylicon gas drops in his bottles or bicycle kicks during diaper changes. I've heard of the Vaseline trick also, but never tried it.

Annie posted in Babies Mar 24

Gassy baby! Help!

My sister is breast feeding and it was going well for the first month but lately her son seems to be getting incredibly gassy at night after feeding and it’s killing her. She’s tried eating more dairy, she tries leg exercises to move stuff around, and she’s tried dr. Browns colic free bottles but he is just so irritable when he goes to bed and she says he is SO gassy that he can’t sleep. Any s... More

Bowel Movement

Has anyones LO not poop for more than day and half almost two days or more? My LO is eating normal, he’s peeing normal, sleeping normal and stomach doesnt feel hard. Ive tried massage stomach, warm bath, switched formula and thermometer in rectum but still hasn’t had bowel movement. He does keep farting but no output... feeling worried. I am currently pumping but not much so he gets supplemente... More

  • Pad
    Mar 23

    Just checking in.. has he pooped since your post

  • Crystal
    Mar 23

    yes thank u

Sara posted in Child Care Mar 16

Parenting & Pregnancy during Coronavirus

Winnie and Startup Pregnant held a webinar to answer questions about parenting, childcare, pregnancy and birth in the age of Coronavirus. Video of the event here:

Could my daughter have a UTI or yeasts infection opinions please?

This evening my daughter was whinny more so than usual I go to see what is wrong I notice she is grabbing her private and crying now at this point I am worried of what could be wrong this is my only daughter and yes I’m a woman, but never knew if babies get infections! Also to top that my daughter is on a dairy challenge so for two weeks she has had almond milk and drinking it a lot so now she ... More

  • Kieli
    Mar 13

    Both of my girls have had at least one. Call and see if you can pick up a UTI bag from them, and a cup. With my first daughter, after her first UTI they gave me a bag and cup so I can put the bag on to catch her urine and bring it in the cup back to the dr office without having to bring her in. May be the best option in this point in time

  • Rebecca
    Mar 14

    Yes. Don’t try to get a pee sample at the office. We tried and that was to much torture and pressure on me and my girl. Get a cup and bring it home. Is she potty trained ? If ahe is trained just have her go in a portable potty at home and poor into cup. Then take it in to the office. No big no fight. It will happen in her time. Now if she is not trained maybe the bag. They have this thing you ... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 10


I pierced my babys ears about 2 months ago. I've been cleaning them everyday. Today i noticed a ball on top of the piercing filled with puss and her ear lobe is hard. Any suggestions?

  • Sharon
    Mar 10

    Oh. No. I was just mentioning to someone how I’d like to have my daughters ears pierced as a baby. Hope you’re little one is ok

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 06

How to enforce child’s medications with your daycare?

My daycare has not been administering my toddler’s medications to him. They are topical creams that are prescribed for his face to help heal a potentially disfiguring injury. Per doctor’s orders, he’s supposed to get them daily for a year or else it will scar and heal improperly. If it heals improperly, the doctors say my child would need surgery to correct it. I’ve discussed my concerns with ... More

  • Jenny
    Mar 12

    Legally, the daycare does not have to apply the cream. If it was medically necessary (i.e. insulin or epi-pen) they would have to administer it. Did you filled out a medical permission form for them to apply the cream? How often does the cream need to be applied? Depending on how often, would it be possible for you to do it when you drop him off and pick him up, as well as the times you are doi... More

  • Caitie
    Mar 19

    From a daycare workers point of view, I am so sorry that this has happened to you. There is no excuse. That’s like saying that can’t put on diaper cream during a diaper change because it’s too much. Honestly, I would change daycares.

DIY hand sanitizer recipe

The stores and Amazon are all sold out of hand sanitizer but I read I can make some myself with rubbing alcohol. I found an old bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol so I’m going to try to make my own (I ordered Aloe Vera gel to mix it with). Any favorite recipes or gotchas when making your own hand sanitizer? I don’t want to mess this up because it’s also hard to buy rubbing alcohol right now too.

  • Lindsey
    Mar 06

    The final alcohol percentage must be 60% for it to sanitize. If you are starting with 70% alcohol, the mix would be 85 mL 70% alcohol to 15 mL aloe to get to a 60% final alcohol concentration. Vodka is 40% alcohol, so will never work to sanitize.


I know that there is a lot of buzz about Coronavirus right now, so I wanted to start a thread on how to prepare for it. "Officials said that Americans should continue to practice protective measures -- hand-washing, staying home from work when sick -- while local officials should make sure systems are in place -- teleschooling, working remotely -- should face-to-face interactions need to... More

  • Sara
    Mar 04

    We stocked up on canned goods and pantry items like pasta, freezer food, medication. I got a 90 day supply of the medication I take daily to live. I also bought a home birth kit online because I'm 36 weeks pregnant but that might have been overkill.

  • Amanda
    Mar 04

    I second getting 90 day supplies of prescription medications. My physicians have advised the same thing, and I recently picked up 90 day supplies of all of my prescriptions. Stocking up on pantry items is a great idea, too! This is something that I will definitely do on my next grocery run!

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 02

2yr old leg pain ??

My 2 year old has been complaining of her leg/foot hurting the past two weeks. It always happens at night, she will wake up crying from her sleep. Massaging it seems to help a lot and goes back to sleep but there’s nighta where she’ll keep waking up several times for the same thing. The doctors don’t seem to help much and say to just give her Tylenol to help which I have and does help, but does... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 04

    I'm no doctor so please take this with a grain of salt, but I would wake up with crazy painful Charlie horses when I was pregnant, probably due to vitamin deficiency. If I were you I would think about your daughters current diet, and maybe there is something she's missing out on, especially if she's a picky eater. Low Potassium, vitamin D, magnesium, could all lead to cramping. You ... More

Please help

What can I give to my 2 year old for constipation? My pediatrician said pears and prunes but I can’t get her to drink or eat them. She doesn’t like the taste or texture. I need help I hate to see her in pain like this.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 28

    You can also try miralax, there was a previous post on this and a lot of parents said it worked for them :)

  • Becca
    Mar 03

    100% pear

How long does mucus and congestion last in babies??

My LO is 8 months and has been dealing with mucus and congestion for over a month now. We have been the doctors twice, the first time he hadn’t had a fever so they told us to run a humidifier at night and take the boogers out and it will go away. The mucus caused him to cough a lot and made him eat less formula. We did that for 2-3 weeks but then he started to get fevers so we went back to the ... More

Flu fatigue

My toddler, 3 has the flu, found out on Monday so he’s been sick since Saturday afternoon. His fever has gone and seems fine but he is so tired all the time. He has been sleeping so much and lying around. Does anyone with having experienced this know when my little man will have his energy back? I hate he’s not himself!

  • Kieli
    Feb 13

    This last October my daughter got a real bad stomach bug. She didn’t fully get back to herself for almost a month. Took her to the dr after a week and a half and they told me they couldn’t do much for her. But you should definitely take him in if you think you need to, you know your son better than anybody else! It is the worst feeling when your LO is suffering and you can’t take that suffering... More

  • Miranda
    Feb 17

    I am so glad my 4 year old isn't the only one. It seemed as if he had gotten better because the fever broke but sure enough the school called me to get him because he was laying around and a bit lethargic. This started last over a week ago Friday and he is just regaining strength and energy back. The Dr. said it was either the flu or stomach flu. Fever, congestion and vomiting at diffe... More

Saige posted in Babies Feb 11

Should I worry if my 10 month old isn’t wanting to drink his formula anymore?

My son loved eating food since we first introduced it to him, but now he’s not even wanting to drink his formula anymore! I know he should drink it until his a year old but he won’t take it in a bottle or a sippy cup. He’ll drink a little but after a few seconds he gets up or pushes it away. We’ve tried changing the nipple size but he still has no interest (we’re at the biggest size now). Shoul... More

  • Nora
    check_circleChild Care Provider Feb 11

    he's going to get a new tooth I bet - almost always a baby that refuses the bottle for a while pops a tooth about a week later and then goes right back to drinking the bottle - so mix the formula in with infant cereal in the mean time

  • Julie
    Feb 21

    Had the same problem too. My grandma told me it’s fine that he doesn’t need formula by 11 months as long as he is eating right drinking water and to introduce Nido once a day (before bed to drink in a sipping cup) that is what I did we didn’t have any problems he was peeing and pooping regularly. “Nido” a nutritional powder drink for ages 1-3 and it worked great for him

Trouble pooping

My 1 y/o son is having trouble pooping and when he does we have to push it out for him. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks

  • Jacqui
    Feb 18

    My kid had the same problem. It ended up being powder formula. I switched to liquid and things changed immediately. In the meantime you can buy over-the-counter suppositories that work great and provide immediate relief

  • Dayna
    check_circleChild Care Provider Feb 19

    Try lavender on his tummy right at the bottom of it rub it in and wait about 20 min use a good brand from the vitamin store or Doterra has a nice roll on you can buy on amazon DO NOT USE something that is meant for a diffuser like from Walmart that is not meant to put on your skin.

MRI for 17 month old

My son’s head at 16 months is measuring 51 cm so they request that we do an MRI to make sure everything‘s OK. What’s your thoughts. Thanks

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 07

    Hi Timothy! I think in general it’s good to heed medical advice and run a test like this. They most likely want to make sure everything is developing correctly. It’s so scary to think of all the things that could go or be wrong so I won’t even patronize you by saying not to worry...I’ll just say to do your best to wait on the results and see what the doctors think. Of course if you feel stro... More

Cleaning toddlers nose

My LO is 19mo and HATES/won’t let me suction the boogers from her nose. We used to use the bulb but never really worked so I bought the nosefrida and it works great when I can actually hold her down long/hard enough to get her not to move. This just isn’t working!! Any ideas/tricks to help me get the boogers out?

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 06

    For us, the only way to get the boogers out is to do it while she’s taking her bath. The steam and splashing water loosens up the boogers and then I use a warm, wet washcloth to clear them away. Those boogie wipe things work well too...surprisingly well, as long as the boogers aren’t completely hard and dry🤢. It’s never too early to start teaching kids how to blow their noses, too. My 2.5 y... More

  • Jackie
    Feb 07

    Thanks for all the suggestions.. she loves seeing the boogers after 😂 I will continue to explain why I’m doing it. Maybe I will try and teach her how to blow her nose. Whenever we blow ours we have to give her a tissue. She will put it up to her nose and sometimes try and blow or just wipe her nose.

Speech Therapy for 2 1/2 yr old

My daughter will be 2 1/2 at the end of February. She has been in speech therapy for about 2 months now, her therapist has said she has been making progress but I personally haven't seen a dramatic change. She also suggested she get evaluated to possibly start Occupational therapy on top of her speech. (I know things can take time) My question is to whomever can set my mind at ease. When sh... More

  • Tracy
    Jan 29

    I implement what i see her ST do at home down to buying everything she uses to use at home. My issue usually is the fact my daughter wont look at me long enough to mimic the word or sound to even try sometimes. ( which is why the OT referral)

  • Vee
    Feb 06

    My son has been in Speech Therapy for about 5 months and I saw him make progress within a couple weeks of him starting out. Every child is different. He's also on the shy side so I know he understands a lot of the words or things we say to him so dad and I try to get him to look at our mouths. Our ST told us to hold the item up to our lips so he can look at our mouth as we pronounce it. If... More

Allergy Medications for 2 Year Olds

My daughter has allergies what medications are good and what works?

  • anonymous mom
    Jan 24

    What kind of allergies?? To be honest it would be better to call up your pediatrician and ask a nurse...they can direct you! My daughter takes children’s Zyrtec but only on the recommendation of her pediatrician. Good luck!!

  • Aida
    Jan 25

    Mine takes Children’s Claritian. Since 18 months old per pediatrician.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Jan 23

My 1 year old was diagnosed with RSV a couple of days ago

He’s been sleeping all day and I’m extremely worried about him. He doesn’t stay awake for more then 10 minutes at a time. I’m going to be taking him to the ER when our ride gets here but just wanted to know if this is normal or not?

  • anonymous mom
    Jan 24

    Aww I’m so sorry. My daughters first ever illness at 12 weeks old was RSV and it scares the hell out of me just remembering her go through it. Sleeping a lot is definitely normal, as is super scary sounding breathing and coughing. Things that can help are humidifiers and even saline nebulizers if your little one is willing to do them (my daughter will not do nebulizer treatments anymore). Als... More

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