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Fever due to teething? Due to walking a lot? I’ve noticed for the last couple days my son feels warm

It’s mainly at night when he’s already asleep in bed. He’s not covered up and only has a onesie. I’m worried maybe he’s sick but hasn’t showed any signs. His feet and hands feel hot as well as forehead.

Baby sick

My son has had nasal congestion for a little over a week now. I have been giving him medicine for it, but it hasn't seem to go away. He also has little bumps on his face, neither white nor red. What is the best to get rid of his nasal congestion?

  • Kristina
    2h ago

    I agree with all the posts. My son had the same thing I took him to the dr like 4 times bc he had it for like ever. His dr even put him on meds in case it was something else since it was going on for a month. I did everything and it eventually went away a month in a half later. I would also put him in the bath tub with cough and stuffy nose stuff and if helped a lot

  • Kristina
    2h ago


My son keeps getting constipated. I have tried every food and juice, water, even a laxative the pediatrician prescribed. He’s so backed up he’s throwing up his food. I don’t know what to do.

  • Jasmine

    Thank y’all so much. His pediatrician got back with me and I took him in. He’s got the start of a stomach virus.

  • Lauren

    Suppositories were the ONLY thing that worked for our son. No prune juice, Karo syrup, anything would help get our baby to poop.

Baby diarrhea

Just a bit of info...if ur baby/toddler is having some diarrhea....I have found an amazing remedy! Diaresq is the most helpful thing when lil one is too young for any other meds. For 1 yr old and up! Tastes very sweet and they love it and usually helps within 1 dose!

9 mo old w/cold, I got hylands baby cold syrup all natural has anybody given their baby that?

  • Elizabeth

    Hylands had a recall on the teething tablets last year after 10 babies died from belladonna poison. After reading more into it any medication labeled “natural” or “homeopathic” which Hyland is. Is t regulated by the FDA because it’s considered the same as vitamins

  • Nicole

    Oh wow that’s sad I think I’m going to stick to Vic’s and simple saline

Anyone have a LO with keratosis pilaris??

My 20 month old had keratosis pilaris rubra, aka chicken skin. It’s severe red bumps on her thighs, arms, cheeks and buttocks. It doesn’t bother her too much but it keeps getting worse and more red. I’ve gone the the allergist to verify it is not a food allergy and the dermatologist just for them to recommend the same creams I’ve already tried. (cerave SA, hydrocortisone cream and KP duty) Do... More

  • Samantha

    I have this! My mother claimed it was the worst when I was a baby and it improved a bit with age. In adulthood, eliminating dairy and gluten both have helped, but nothing has made it go away completely. I’ve found that a goat milk with honey lotion works best at minimizing the dryness and bumps. Holistic or homemade products generally have worked better than other recommendations IMO. I found ... More

  • Caitlin

    My son has it, he doesn’t have much dairy (some cheese), so I think his is gluten sensitivity. It doesn’t seem to bother him, but I need to change his diet. Chiropractor said that would help

Brianne posted in Babies Tuesday

Best formula for acid reflux?

For those of you who found that changing baby’s formula helped with bad reflux, what formula worked? My 6 week old has terrible reflux and is upset most of day and night. We’ve tried the usual fixes like sleep on an incline, burp, keep upright after feeding, etc. but it hasn’t worked. I’m going to see if the pediatrician thinks a Rx is necessary, but I’d like to fix it without medication. He i... More

  • Alina

    Holle formula is the best in every way !!!! You only find it on internet but it’s worth it

  • Stay-At-Home Dan
    37m ago

    Happy Baby Organic infant formula helped my baby girl.

Any tips on getting my 1 yo to drink water or something else to drink?

I switched my 1 yo to whole milk this month but she wants more than the recommended amount and I can’t get her to drink any water. She drinks a bottle of watered down prune juice every day cause the milk makes her constipated. I don’t want to keep giving her formula cause she will drink two bottles of milk during bedtime alone.

  • Kristen

    I have tried water in every cup I have for her I always buy a sippy cup if she looks interested in it I have over 12 different ones and she doesn’t want any of them no matter what I put in them and she won’t drink water out of her bottle either. I’m not worried about her constipation I’m just trying to get her to drink water.

  • Lulu

    Maybe try a real cup? Or maybe whatever you drink water out of offer to her after she's watched you drink?

My 2yr old daughter has two top molars cutting through not eating...

She refuses food, she’ll maybe take a couple of bites but that’s about it! She will drink tons of liquids though. This weekend she’s been real cranky and now has a bad runny nose. Should I take her to the doctor for not eating? I don’t know what else to do. I give her Tylenol but doesn’t seem to help.

  • Mickey

    I would do a high calorie fluid like pediasure teething does come with pain and lack of eating. I would just leave your provider if you have a my chart or something like that with your hospital. N molars are also part of the sinus cavity too so that may play a part in the runny nose.

  • Maria

    Thanks everyone! I’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing and hopefully she’ll eat eventually 😁

Anyone else have a baby with a lactose issue??

  • Michelle

    Our daughter never had a problem with Enfamil, but when we gave her whole milk for the first couple times (at 1 year), she couldn't handle it and had terrible runny stools/diaper rash. We thought she was lactose intolerant, however our doc didn't want us to give up on milk so we started mixing it with her formula. Slowly we would change the ratio to allow for more whole milk (over one m... More

  • Krisi

    We tried all types of formula and finally the pro sensitive is the one we went with then around 11 months he tried whole milk and was so sick so now he’s on lactose free 2% milk and the toddler pro sensitive formula. Six oz of milk and three oz of formula and he’s doing so well so far.


Our 11 months old daughter has constipation issues that began after she started solids (purée). She has been 99% breast milk fed via the bottle (my wife has pumped since day 2) and since moving to more solids she can go several days without pooping. My wife makes the purée and uses non constipating foods. Our pediatrician had us do a suppository in the pediatrics office once and it worked with... More

  • Cynthia

    For breastfeeding babies it's normal to not poop. Some can go 14 days.

  • Kaitlin

    I’ve never thought of apples as constipating. In fact just the opposite. Bananas yes. And carrots.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Monday

6mo keeps vomiting 10 minutes after meal

Three times in a row today he has spat up at least half of his bottle. He seems happy and perfectly fine before and after. I’m not sure why it is happening or what to do

  • Shey

    My daughter was the same one, she spits up like crazy after she eats. But she was acting fine and always happy, she doesn’t seem to be bother about it, around 9 months when she stop doing it. Now she’s 3 1/2 and such a picky eater :(

  • Lulu

    My stepson did this. Turns out he was hungry for more! Solids did the trick.

E posted in Child's Health Monday

Congested 11mo

My LO is in the late stages of her cold and she just has some phlegm when she coughs and some stuffy/runny nose. Any tips on clearing her passages faster? We already use a nasal aspirator to suck out her boogers.

  • Emily

    Warm bath And baby vapor rub or peppermint oil

  • Patrice

    We would run the shower on hot and I would hold our son for about 15 min three times a day when possible or just morning and night to help break up the phlegm.

Constipation 😬

My 5 month old just recently started baby food purées. She only eats 1 jar a day. My pediatrician told me to give her some water. She drinks it for about 4 seconds until she realizes it’s not formula then she doesn’t want it anymore. I’ve read you can give them apple juice for constipation. Do I get baby apple juice or regular apple juice? What else can I give her?

  • Haley

    My baby likes prune juice, just about 3/4 of an ounce in his bottle will do the trick most of the time, if not I give him another and that always works.

Iron Supplements

My baby's pediatrician said my baby should be taking an iron supplement every day from 4 months and on because he is EBF. But the internet (lol) said it's not necessary and even has negative effects? Does anyone give their baby iron supplements or should I not give them to him? TIA 😊

  • Jenn

    If you're still taking your prenatal vitamin you're likely fine. Babies have iron stores until about 6 months old. At that point they can get what they need from solids as long as you're mindful.

  • Valarie

    If your child is anemic when on formula then there is an issue with nutrient absorption. You should give them iron with vit c (orange juice) for 30 days. This can help to correct the disorder so their body can learn to absorb naturally. After a month check their iron levels again to see if it worked. If there is still an issue discuss further options with the pediatrician. And if you ever quest... More


Should I start giving my daughter vitamins? She turned one at the beginning of this month.

  • Kelly

    Our ped recommends Vitamin D drops only until age 3-4. Definitely check with your physician.

  • Audrey

    Our LO does a liquid multi

Multivitamin suggestions ?

I am looking for a multivitamin to give my daughter she is 19 months just wanted to get some ideas on what everyone uses ?

  • Nicole

    My newborn twins get Poly Vi Sol and my 2 year old gets Smarty Pants Organics Toddler Complete. Before he turned two he had Child Life Multivitamin and Mineral. The Smarty Pants Organics Toddler Complete has probiotic in it but before the 2 year old started taking that he took Garden of Life Raw Probiotics Kids.

  • Gitty

    Elderberry extract immune boosters worked great for us! My kids used to be sick more often than not throughout the winter and last year they had maybe 1 or 2 colds.

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Saturday

What kind of rash does this look like?

This suddenly appeared on my 1-year old when waking up this morning. All over cheeks, arms, legs, entire body. He doesn’t seem the least bit bothered and is behaving as usual, or I would be worried. He’s on day 7 of 10 day course of antibiotics for ear infection. Can’t think of anything else ... any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    Update: Like some of you, the doctor concluded it was a reaction to the antibiotic so he switched us off of Amoxicillin to take care of the ear infection. Also put us on antihistamine to help clear up the rash. Though it LOOKS pretty horrific, we’re just glad my son seems oblivious and not in any discomfort. Again, appreciate the responses!!!

  • sudha

    My daughter had same.. we gave Zantac.. She recovered within a day

Anyone dealing with acid reflux in a 18 month old?

  • Kendra

    Yes bile in the sheets too. He’s never spit up or thrown up. I’m hoping it passes. I won’t let him eat or drink milk 2 hours before bedtime as well. I wouldn’t want to give medicine either. Thanks.

  • Elizabeth

    Zantac!! Doc can prescribe is does wonders :)

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