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Anonymous posted in Behavior Friday

Baby Hair Regrowth

Help! I thought that my 5 month old baby was losing his hair, but caught him tugging and pulling his hair out at night. Since then, we've started using mittens and that seems to be helping, but now he has several bald patches on the back of his head :( Has anyone experienced this? Will hair grow back? Any tips on helping my little one speed up his hair growth?

  • Anonymous

    His hair will grow back. Right now their hair is so fragile that it falls out easily. Bald spots are completely normal

  • Justyce
    6h ago

    Coconut oil worked for my baby

Help!! What are these?!

Both my kids have these. They don't seem like they are spreading or itchy, but one looked like it popped yesterday.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Wednesday

Hand Foot Mouth Disease??

Not sure if my child has it or not. Not sure if he got it from his baby sister (almost 7months) Baby only had those red spots on her body a couple places. 2yr old had sore/bleeding/swollen gums. A blister on his tongue and still little red spots on his face and arms. He had a fever the first night also. He hasnt been eating very much of anything because his mouth hurts and so also not much ener... More

  • PK

    It could be. Our whole house got it and my son actually recovered from it faster than my husband and I 😂. We were just told to take Tylenol and ibuprofen to manage pain and fever. To make sure we were drinking a lot of fluids since it might hurt to swallow anything. I would definitely talk to dr about it before taking my word, but we alternated Tylenol and ibuprofen because one medicine alone w... More

  • Anonymous

    Thank you hoping us parents and nanny dont get it. But its been about 5days now, ive had a sore throat, but not sure if its from them. Hoping its nothing too serious.🤞

My 7 month old daughter is constipated a lot.

I have been trying everything from prune juice mixed with her formula to otc aids+ prebiotics. She is now afraid to poop and cries when having a bowel movement. What can I do and will this ease up?

  • Liya
    Sep 15

    Water helped our baby too. We would give .5- 2oz /day until it’s better and stayed away from oatmeal/cereal.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 15

    My daughter had this issue and her pediatrician advised us to give her a small amount of miralax a day to soften her stool and help her get back on track. We tried the prune juice and all of the other tricks in the book, nothing worked but that.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Sep 09

Bug bite getting worse

My toddler had a bug bite (mosquitoe most likely) she won’t stop scratching it no matter how much I put on Anti-itch cream and now it looks like this, she has it on a few other spots on her body where she won’t stop itching it. I’ve tried mittens on her as well so it won’t get worse but nothing helps. Anyone know what it could be or what can help?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 11

    It use to be where a big bite was, after awhile the bug bite would swell down but she keeps itching it so that happens. It’s always where a bug bit her.

  • Cece

    Hello, I am not a doctor and I don’t know for sure what exactly that is but I know one thing there’s this lemon balm I bought for my son when he caught something in school and it was really bad long story short I wanted to find something natural that would help instead of just taking him to the doctor because they just going to send you back home and recommend some over the counter stuff this i... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Aug 31

Toddler fever

Anyone’s LO have a fever for a few days with no other symptoms except loss of appetite? I took my 1 yr old to 2 doctors and both said viral 😩

  • Kieli
    Sep 02

    How high is the fever?

  • Ivana
    Sep 02

    Yes! Mine just had this the previous week. High fevers for three days and no other symptoms. We were told to alternate Tylenol and Motrin and it was lots of screen time so she’d be less active. Give pedialyte and do baths a little bit on the cooler side (but not much cooler so they don’t shiver). Hang in there, the fevers will break likely after the third day!

C posted in Child's Health Aug 31

Best way to treat carpet burns on toddler?

Our one year old has them on his cheeks, elbows, and knees. He's in no pain and five days later the burns on his knees and elbows are fading, but they're still visible on his cheeks. Recommendations?

  • Jenn
    Aug 31


  • Robert
    Sep 02

    As long as they don’t seem infected... Maybe some Vaseline.

C posted in Bottle Feeding Aug 30

Spit-up at age 1, something wrong?

My baby is now a toddler, just turned one this summer. He still drinks breastmilk supplemented with formula (trying to use up our stash) through a sippy cup. Occasionally, perhaps once every few days or weeks, he will spit up. Not much at all, and he doesn't seem bothered by it at all but still: Is it normal for him to still be spitting up at his age? If so, then at what age can I expect sp... More

  • Jenn
    Aug 31

    It is most likely that he drank too much or too quickly or that he may have gotten more air than normal. If he isn't bothered, then it isn't hurting him. Maybe try switching him to a sippy cup so that he is drinking slower.

  • Robert
    Sep 02

    Acid Reflux? Is he exclusively breast fed?

Sleep study for my two year old

I’m not sure what to expect and I’m really anxious about how he’s going to respond.

  • morgan
    Sep 05

    Hi there Laura! I just wanted to share my experience with my son! Now he was 3 when he had his done back in February! We arrived at like 7pm & we were able to bring snacks, water, books, and our iPad, and any toys! When it was time to lay down per the nurses, he got all hooked up, and I layed with him until he would fall asleep but every time something came unhooked or too much snot was ... More

  • Jared
    Sep 06

    My son had 2 sleep studies done at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Lots of probes and sticky stuff attached to his head. Only one parent allowed in the room overnight. He didn’t really like the probes on his face but once he was asleep it was fine. My wife didn’t get much sleep on the first study, but I was able to get a few hours on the second. There was a TV in the room, small hospital bed to ... More

Would CBD oil help my son?

I have a 10 1/2 year old son with Down Syndrome and atypical autism. What is the proper dosage of CBD oil? I have given it to him before. It calmed him down and he slept calmly through the night. The morning dosage caused drowsiness. I have also tried NEUROPROTEK. It was expensive and made him more focused, but nothing more. I would like to speak with a parent who has a child as my own, who ha... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Aug 25


I took my child to the doctor over two weeks ago when this started. Originally the ER doctor said is was diaper dermatitis- four days later I took him to see his doctor and they said it was Hand foot and mouth. It’s been 15 days and it doesn’t seem to clear up around his legs feet and arms - nothing on his face or mouth or chest or back... does anyone have an ideas what it could be? I’m worried... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 28

    No complaints just scratches them like crazy

  • Anonymous
    Aug 28

    😕 I’m sorry. Did they offer any ways to help with the scratching? Or did they ask you to follow back up with them if it didn’t get better by a certain time?

Constipation issues.

My 2 year old has have issues pooping since she was really little. I even took her to the pedatric GI who gave lactulose. Which works but makes her poops very watery. She eats alot of fruits not very big on veggies but she does ok. All of this and she still has a hard time going. Any suggestions?

  • Alexis
    Aug 26

    Ask pediatrician about miralax

  • Sarah Jo
    Aug 30

    We’ve been dealing with chronic constipation since by LO was 5 months old it’s horrible I feel your pain. We have tried everything. She’s almost 3 and we are finally starting to see some relief. The things that have worked best for us are mirilax and mineral oil.

Constipation, continued - 1 mo old baby

Here is the situation. We've been struggling with a constipated baby, per the last few posts i've made. We've added probiotics, gas drops, gripe water from time to time. The pediatrician approved prune juice to test so we've been doing one ounce of juice added in two half portions throughout the day. It's been helping - but not without struggles! Poor girl cries and cries a... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 07

    my daughter had the same issue, she’s 8mo now and we mostly just did the q-tip and vaseline method and it worked like a charm for her. eventually she got used to the formula and as of 4mo she poops regularly. we started her on formula when she was 1.5mo and had issues at first. the prune juice didn’t really help her as much, more so just doing the q-tip trick every other day if she wasn’t poopi... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 07

    oh, we also did bicycle exercises with her legs to help get things moving, that helped a ton too.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Aug 03

Hand, foot, and mouth foods

Hi! What are foods to give when a child has Hand, Foot, and mouth?

Constipation: any pediatric nutritionists on here?? (Also welcome googlers and avid researchers)!

Hi all. I feel like most of my personal posts on Winnie are about constipation. My daughter is about to turn 2 and is always on the brink of constipation, or so it seems. She gets a daily probiotic, I limit her milk consumption, and she eats fruits, veggies, etc. I limit her “binding” foods (bananas, rice, etc), she drinks plenty of water. But she daily has hard poops, sometimes followed later... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 10

    Does your daughter like grapes? My daughter will go a few times a day when she eats them. Mango also helps.

  • Melissa Harmon
    Aug 25

    Does your daughter have a food allergy? Try taking her off of gluten-based bread items and lactose-milks for a week and see if her bowels improve. In that time, replace her milk with fruit and veggie smoothies, and see how that works. Also is she a fast eater? does she fill her mouth with food before swallowing? You might need to limit portion sizes, cut everything up super small and give her s... More

Eczema remedies?

My 6 month old has been scratching herself so bad, (bug bites have added on to the problem) I’ve put on mittens but she just sucks on it and it gets icky. We’re tried oatmeal baths (doesn’t really seem to help). Dove scent free baby wash, Aveeno oatmeal wash and cream. Non scented Vaseline like her pediatrician told me. We’ve tried baths twice a week and frequent bath schedule as well. It doesn... More

  • Heather
    Aug 03

    Try some elimination diets to see if it is food related. My son had really bad excema and through the dermotologist and allergist we did some tests and found out he is allergic to eggs, cows milk and some others. Once we took these out of his diet, the excema resolved and he is much happier. Been quite the journey!

  • Marta
    Aug 06

    CeraVe and go to your pediatrician for a special ointment or stronger. My daughter has it and her doctor gave her a stronger dosage of cortisone

Hello! Question about my 6 Yr old - Cramps

Hi! So everytime we go on a walk my son immediately complains about cramps. He loves walking and begs to go. Regardless of the amount of activity or frequency of our walks the complaint is always the same. I ask questions to determine if it is cramps or something else and it seems to be regular cramps. Any ideas?

  • Anonymous
    Jul 28

    I bet he’s dehydrated. If not, I’d talk to his doctor

My 10mo baby girl suddenly is not interested in eating solids.. what to do??

These past few months she was nicely eating solids: fruits, veggies everything... from a few weeks suddenly she is not interested in eating solids.. she hardly eats, only about once a day and the rest of the time she drinks my milk.. she has no teeth. Up until now she was super active.. I’m scared to force her to eat, so do I just leave it if she is not eating well.. is this normal?? What shou... More

  • Mini
    Jul 30

    Thanx a lot Molina.. it was a big relief to hear this.. yes my LO is healthy n gaining weight

  • Molina
    Aug 04

    Hi Mini. Happy to know your baby is healthy and gaining weight. Wanted to let you know that, my baby started to eat again. She’s not drooling, so gums are good for now to chew, ☺️ For sure this cycle will continue until all teething is over.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Jul 23

My 2 year old won’t drink milk

Hello... I’m wondering if anyone’s been through a similar situation and what they have done. My two year old refuses to drink milk or any dairy. I am very concerned about her calcium intake. I discussed it with her pediatrician and she suggested other alternatives such as yogurt cheese almond fortified calcium juice and kept telling me to keep trying. I keep trying but my kid is a very picky ea... More

  • Ashley
    Aug 22

    As with everything we want our kids to eat, it takes time. Keep trying mama!

  • Melissa Harmon
    Aug 24

    Try lactose-free milk and yogurt. She might be experiencing discomfort after consuming milk products due to an inability to properly digest them. There is more calcium in cauliflower, broccoli, and other vegetables. Maybe give her smoothies with fruit and veggies mixed together (make sure to steam and cool the veggies).

LOW MUSCLE TONE? Please help

my LO is 10months+, yet cannot bear weight on his own, not crawling though sitting but sits bending with spine obvious. Any cause to worry? Anyone experienced this with LO? What did you do? Thanks

  • Jennifer
    Jul 19

    See if you can schedule an evaluation with infants and toddlers. My LO due to medical issues has low muscle tone and qualified for PT from them. We also received physical therapy and occupational therapy. So your pediatrician may have some recommendations. With this services we do see a lot of improvement in her ability.

  • Crystal
    Aug 09

    Yes, you should speak to your pediatrician and get referred to CDSA (Child Development Services)- I’m sure most states have it. The evaluation is free and the my can arrange a physical therapy session- sounds like he might need a little coaching :)

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