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Anonymous posted in Child's Health Jan 13

Home remedies for nighttime cough due to post nasal drip

My daughter is 5 years old and every time she gets a cough it lingers for weeks and sometimes even months! And during that time she will go through a period of coughing all night long every single night, it is awful! I feel so bad because she will cough and then cry and say she is so tired and cannot sleep because of her cough and since she is up all night that means I’m up all night, we are ex... More

  • Marie
    Jan 14

    First of all, I am so sorry. I’ve been there, and it’s so hard to watch your child be uncomfortable and not sleeping is just brutal. You have done so much to help her! You’re a great mom! It might be helpful to see an allergist and/or an ENT to see if there’s something else going on, or at least get a second opinion. You will get this figured out!!

  • Anonymous
    Jan 14

    Doesn’t seem like you’re the type to be against meds since you offered have you tried the delsym yet? It really does work. Your daughter is old enough for the children’s version too. Children’s says 4+. Cough symptom is usually always the longest and last symptom to go away from an illness. Best thing you can do is to provide some relief which sounds like you’re already doing ev... More

Red hands and feet

Hi I just noticed my 1 year old son has very red hands and feet. He seems fine otherwise they don’t seem to bother him just wondering if anyone knows the cause? He has been sick for the past week or so and he seems to be feeling better the past 2 days. Something I should be concerned about?

HELP: Accidentally gave some honey to 8 mo old

Hey y’all I’m freaking out. I accidentally gave .5 ml of Zarbees nighttime cough syrup bc I thought it was the infant zarbees (I didn’t know we had adult zarbees, so I got the bottles mixed up). It’s not a full dose but it has honey and melatonin and my wife freaked out when she realized I gave our 8 month old a syrup with honey and melatonin. should I be worried??? How will I know if it’s o... More

  • Diane
    Dec 31

    I have no idea but Poison control should tell you. Call them. Ok- I just looked it up- read this- you should definitely tell your pediatrician. The article states it is treatable if any symptoms do develop.

  • Sara
    Jan 01

    I've accidentally given both my kids honey as babies and nothing happened. If you don't notice any symptoms you don't need to worry. It's always fine to call poison control (they give helpful advice) but I wouldn't worry too much.

C posted in Child's Health Dec 26

Seriously, what is it with grandparents who force babies to eat crap and skip sleep?

We’re staying with my 16 month old’s grandparents for the holidays, three and a half weeks. I already wanted to take my kid and leave by Day 5. For weeks I’ve told the grandparents what is safe or healthy to feed my son at his age. I’ve told them what he needs, how much sleep, why he needs this, etc. I find myself repeating this daily. I’ve also demonstrated the right things to do over and ove... More

  • C
    Dec 26

    He’s not much help. One time, during one of these feeding sessions, he said, “You sure you’re not overfeeding him?” Beyond questioning, nothing else.

  • anonymous mom
    Jan 09

    I would have my husband talk to them but would ultimately let everything slide with the exception being anything that would compromise my child’s safety. I find that my in laws annoy the crap out of me and things they do make me way angrier than when my own family does it. For this reason alone I just try to keep my nit picking to a minimum. It’s only 3.5 weeks of the rest of your child’s life.... More

C posted in Child's Health Dec 19

Training little palates during the holidays

Any tips or experiences to share? I’m resigned to the fact that my 1 year old will not be eating as healthy as he usually would during the holidays, when he’ll be with grandparents who have been looking forward to feeding him every indulgent treat. We’re already seeing the folks as I type this, and despite all my precautions and requests, they’ve already fed him cheesecake and deep fried food... More

  • Cathy
    Dec 20

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  • Vonda
    Dec 27

    Things happen over the holidays. But once you get home and get back into routine; with possibly a few requests for what he liked; it’ll pass. I just tell my son we don’t have it. Cause we don’t. And he lets it go. Just try to keep it in moderation and you’ll be fine.

Strange white raised bumps?

My son keeps getting these raised white bumps all over his body. It usually happens after we take his clothes off and he runs around. These happened after he got out of bed. We can’t seem to pin point what’s wrong, they don’t hurt him because we’ve poked and prodded and he’s fine.

  • Madilyn
    Dec 05

    See we thought it was bites but I’ve had fleas before when we had cats as a teen. We don’t have animals and we aren’t around them and none of us have gotten bitten. So I don’t think it’s bugs.

  • PK
    Dec 06

    Do they disappear within a few min or hours? My son gets these “hives” whenever there’s heat. So whenever someone holds him, certain folds in his area, where he sweats, or if he just runs around. It sounds like maybe he was laying on his arm in bed for enough time for those hives to pop up. We talked about it with our pediatrician and she said something about chronic hives. Recommended baby B... More

Tips on preventing sickness

What are tips, habits you use to help prevent your child catching sickness from daycare? Especially during this time of year it seems more and more kids are getting sick and passing it along to the other kids at daycare/preschool. Are there helpful preventatives for babies and toddlers?

  • Molly
    Dec 05

    Following. We have been pretty much constantly sick since school started. I try to have us wash our hands when we come inside, but it’s hard with a headstrong 4 year old, a forgetful mom and a baby to boot. They are not good about hand washing at my daughters school, which is frustrating. Also, my daughter likes to finish her snack outside school after pick up, so she’s eating with those dirty ... More

  • anonymous mom
    Dec 05

    Wash hands all the time, teach your children early to sneeze/cough into their arm (elbow area) and to turn their bodies from others when they sneeze. It takes tons of repetition but my 2.5 year old is getting there. Also start early with repeating not to put their hands in their eyes or mouth without washing first. Elderberry is the new açaí berry. Lol. It’s become all the rage in the last 10... More

C posted in Behavior Dec 01

Is it always a struggle to make kids sleep on time?

I tell people my now 15 month old has been refusing to sleep since he was a young baby. They say he’ll pass out once he’s too tired, and then I know they are underestimating my situation, because this has never happened in his post newborn life. He will literally blast past nap times, sleep time, grow dark circles under his eyes, rub his eyes till they're red, get slow and cranky, even melt... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 05

    My fail safe is a car ride on a freeway, any long drive over 45 mph. I’m sorry though, if waking up is a problem as well I don’t have a tip for that. Is the diet good? Not a lot of sugar or fruit before bed? I wish you the best.

  • HR
    Dec 05

    Would it be worth it to try to get a referral to a sleep clinic? Maybe they’d be able to figure something out?

Silent reflux?

My one month old baby gags and coughs and usually has wet burps. I thought i was colic at-first because he kept us up at night but am giving him colic drops and it doesn’t seem to work. His stomach gurls a lot and he licks his lips like he’s thirsty he been gaining a lot of weight so i dont know if this is reflux. But when he cries he calms downs and then suddenly scream cries. What should i do... More

  • Liz
    Dec 01

    Sounds like gas. Hold baby upright while feeding. Hold upright and burp for 20 min after feeding. Ask doctor about reflux. We were on Zantac for the first 6 months. Offer tummy time and bicycle kicks to help with gas. Also look into gas drops

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Nov 23

Cradle cap in 4 year old

So weird but he has cradle cap!!! It’s not dandruff he says it doesn’t itch - he’s never scratching his head but it’s definitely cradle cap (he had it as a baby too so I know what it looks like). I’ve tried the oil scalp massage but results are short lived. I’ve never known anyone older than 1 who has cradle cap!

  • anonymous mom
    Nov 26

    My daughter has it. She’s 2.5. Even though it’s not dandruff I started using Happy Cappy shampoo on her 3x/week and it’s definitely working!! The flakes are much much less noticeable. I’m taking her to see a dermatologist in December and this is one of the things I plan to discuss with him. If I get any helpful tips I’ll be sure to share! ❤️

  • anonymous mom
    Nov 26

    I actually used the happy cappy shampoo on her daily for ~a week before i saw an improvement. Once it got better I dropped to 3x/week. Oh and I use Baja baby unscented conditioner too.


My almost 2 year old was diagnosed with pneumonia on Monday and he’s been on antibiotics since. His symptoms have greatly improved and he’s no longer wheezing just has a cough, and him and his brother are dying to get outside. It’s finally not raining and I’m tempted to do it but I don’t want him to get really sick again. What would you guys do?

  • Kendall
    Nov 21

    Does his ped have a nurse line you can call and get advice from?

  • K
    Nov 21

    My son had double lung pneumonia with a severe double ear infection when he was just turning one (he is 4 now). My doctor actually suggested taking him out into the cold air for short periods of time a few days after he was on antibiotics and the nebulizer. It was February. As others have suggested, give a call to ask. But, I think as long as the medicine is doing it’s job, fresh air is always ... More

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Nov 17

Sensitive skin or something else?

My 1yr old recently has had very sensitive skin, when being held, picked up etc the area that is touched turns red. He isn’t in any pain. Any other parents have this with their kid? Could it be anything worse than just sensitive skin?

  • Anonymous
    Nov 17

    How long is it red for? My son has sensitive skin like that. Some times he gets hives where there was contact 🤷🏻‍♀️ he’s 3 years old now and no issues with that. We are dealing with a fungal issue right now though - tinea versicolor

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Nov 16

Bed wetting with 7 year old

My daughter has recently turned 7 and has been up and down with bed wetting issues for several years. She’s currently in a pattern where she’s wetting the bed most nights to some extent. She’s had a history for her entire life with constipation and we’ve gone through treatments over the past few years and her doctor has stated that this can contribute to bed wetting. I’ve read the same. We make... More

  • Diane
    Dec 14

    I think since constipation effects the bedwetting, that you should see a gastroenterologist first to determine how to keep the constipation under control on a daily basis and address ways to be "vigilent" consistently. From what you wrote, if she is not constipated, the bedwetting is less. Possibly, if you can keep her from being constipated for a longer period of time, her system and... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 13

    My 7 year old had day time potty problems and then nighttime bed wetting issues from 2-6ish and also has reoccurring UTIs which the doctor is saying is constipation related. While I don’t necessarily have a solution for you (or my own daughter), just know you’re not alone with older kid potty issues! I think you’re taking the best approach you can, which is to be supportive and not make a big d... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Nov 14

Sleeping and eating issues.

I have a two and a half year old and an almost four year old. They’ve been sharing a room for almost a year now. Recently they’re both suffering from sleep problems and eating issues. We can’t get them to eat much of anything. My husband and I are exhausted, so are they. They both walk are all day with dark circles under their eyes, neither one has half the energy they used to, and the emotion... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 14

    Oh that looks cool. Does it make sound or does it just change color? As far as not eating, I’ve never been one to push that they have to eat a certain amount. They are both expressing that they’re hungry and then when we sit down they refuse to eat anything. I’ve even stopped the “you have to eat what we eat” thing because I’m legitimately a little worried. We moved six months ago but I can... More

  • PK
    Nov 16

    It has a buzzer and it changes color. You can turn the buzzer off though. I don’t really have advice for the food issue... as far as the sleep, I’m glad it worked out for your 2 year old. I only have an almost 3 year old so I don’t know what to say about your 4 year old. Could it possibly be teeth related too? 🤷🏻‍♀️ hopefully someone who has older kids could chime in with their experience


Anyone else have their little ones getting bad bellyaches from too much gas? My 4 yo little one has been having a lot of belly aches from gas to the point that she comes crying to me, and it’s just like an infant where the gas is trapped in her belly, (several of my little ones were very gassy infants). Usually I will lay with her and rub her belly until she “Toots” some, but does anyone else ... More

C posted in Child's Health Nov 03

Painless way to treat painful diaper rash?

Is there a product that helps with diaper rash pain, maybe a diaper rash cream that also soothes or reduces the pain? Or a technique to change diapers while minimizing pain associated with diaper rash? When my son’s diaper rash gets really bad, changing diapers is a traumatic experience for him. At its worst there can be deep redness and bleeding. Opening the used diaper and using wipes sends... More

  • Bethany
    Nov 03

    Huggies gave my daughter super bad rashes!

  • Jenn
    Nov 04

    Warm water wash, no baths, and petroleum jelly with or without aloe. Heals in a day and immediately relieves pain.

congested baby

anyone have any remedies for getting rid of nasal congestion? doctor recommended a humidifier. how much does it help?

  • Destin
    Nov 01

    Baby nose spray and a bulb is the best way to get out a lot of it. We also found an all natural eucalyptus and lavender rub that works wonders!! We just put it on her chest underneath her sleeper bc you don’t want them to rub it in their eyes or anything. It helped a whole lot!! Do not use Vick’s or any mentholated products though!!

  • Chris
    Nov 02

    The best stuff I have used was the boogie spray , humidifier, nose freida all work magic!

Motion Sickness Remedies

My LO is 17 months and seems to have developed motion sickness. In the last few weeks, she has thrown up 3 times in the car. Previous to this, she had thrown up once in the car her whole life. Any remedies that don't include drugs? TIA!!

  • Jennifer
    Oct 17, 2019

    I use seabands and they are a lifesaver. They really work.

  • Crystal
    Oct 17, 2019

    Mommy’s bliss gripe water works well for motion sickness contains ginger, can buy at target or Walmart or online, try to give it at least 20 mins prior to getting in car

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Oct 08, 2019

Food Poisoning or Stomach Virus?

Hey Everyone! How can you tell if your child has food poisoning or a stomach bug? My girl has been vomiting but has no fever..she is still her playful and happy self. You would never guess that something is going on until she throws up. Is it food poisoning or stomach virus?

  • Anonymous
    Oct 08, 2019

    It's hard to say, but I've never vomit with food poisoning or seen many other ppl vomit from food poison, it's usually coming out of the other end if you know what I mean... with stomach virus vomit is a more common symptom that I've experienced and seen others experience as well

Foods or treatment for stomach virus in toddler?

Took my 1 year old to the children's ER for unexplained vomiting and diarrhea. The doctor's diagnosis is stomach virus and said nothing can be done except letting it run its course for the next 5 days. Absolutely nothing? Not even to quell the nausea, speed it along, or minimize the diarrhea? Did I just get a disinterested doctor or is chronic misery, vomiting, and watery crap all over... More

  • JEaton
    Oct 07, 2019

    My toddler is dealing with a virus as I write this (we're on day 4). There really isn't much you can do except keep your little one hydrated, eating bland foods a little bit at a time, and weathering the storm. *coming from the wife of a physician*

  • Sammie
    Oct 08, 2019

    Doctor is pretty much right. Though sometimes they prescribe zofran or something else for the nausea. They did that once for my son when he was a baby and ended up with a stomach bug. Though they gave me disolvable pills to cut in half for him, which was a pain because I also had to make sure he kept it in his mouth.

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