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Anonymous posted in Child's Health Yesterday

Small rash in crease of baby’s arm

Any idea what this can be? Goingto call the dr if it doesnt get better but for now just wondering if anyone has an idea and what I can use to treat it.

  • Judy

    My thoughts certainly do not replace a doctors. Is it itchy? It looks similar to what I get in the warm weather. In the bend of my arm were the warm weather and sun irritates the skin. Sunblock helps reduce it and an eczema cream from the store really helped. Good luck with the doctor.

  • Ashley

    It looks a little bit like a heat rash to me but good idea to get it checked out. Good luck!

Mixed emotions after 20 week ultrasound

My husband and I just found out at our routine 20-week ultrasound that baby has a small ventricular septal defect between the heart chambers. It will be monitored further in case it doesn’t close on its own by birth. It caught us completely by surprise as our first pregnancy was straightforward for the most part. We already have a plan in place for the best and worst case outcomes (different de... More

  • Katie
    1h ago

    @Erika your care of these babies is so inspiring to hear! They really do so well in the hands of loving nurses and amazing doctors. Yes we are full of optimism and hear about miracles all the time. I try to stay positive and think about how baby will be following in her sister’s footsteps in no time we hope!

  • Sara
    33m ago

    I was born with an Atrial Septal Defect - I had a procedure to repair it (one night stay in the hospital) when i was in high school and I’m doing great! We didn’t notice an issue until high school when I started noticing a weird noise and got an ECHO. The hole was about the size of a dime.

6month old has chronic hives for past two days

Yesterday my 6 month old woke up with hives on her arm that went away and came back into her thighs and went away to come back on her hands back etc. I already was taking her for her wellness exam and shots. The only new food introduced was carrots and the day of the hives she did not have any. Two days prior she did. The doctor told me to give her Benadryl and hold off on carrots and reintrodu... More

  • Andrea

    I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but just in case - have you recently started using a different kind of soap, lotion, shampoo, or laundry detergent for either you or the baby?

  • Dana

    Andrea I have thought of that also considered what I ate. Didn’t switch anything or eat anything out of my norm. I’ve been reading that sometimes babies get hives went having a virus. Although she doesn’t show signs of a virus I do breastfeed and I know your milk changes to help them when they are sick. Maybe it’s the only sign of illness? She did have a fever tonight but she also got shots yes... More

Mealtime Struggle

Hello! New to the Winnie app. My son is going to be 2 in November. He has always been small in size (in the 1st and not on the curve for weight and height) but it’s becoming more noticeable as all similar aged kids are so much bigger. He isn’t a picky eater, but 75% if his food goes on the floor. We will no longer let me help him with the spoon or fork and takes two bites of something and then ... More

  • Valerie

    We got a large silicone tray with 3 separate areas/bowls built in. We told him, “food stays on the table” several times and also designated one of the divots as the place he can put food that he doesn’t want to eat. Give him small amounts on the tray. Literally a bite or two, not an entire meal at once. If he throws food. He leaves the table. No discussion, no whining, no more chances. Be clear... More

  • Jenn

    I was never on the growth curve as a child. Somehow I made it to 30 with a daughter of my own (who's an overachiever and actually has a percentile). Unfortunately for you/your anxiety, the attitude towards you helping him will get worse before it gets better. 2-4 year olds are just learning they can do things for themselves and really want to be more independent. Let him feed himself. He... More

My 2 month old granddaughter seems to be having some reflux issues?

What formula would help? Momma's not gettin enough zzzs.

  • Lily

    My baby was breastfed for Approximately 2 months and switch him over to Similac Pro Advanced Sensitive. We have had no issues whatsoever. We also bought a more sensitive one. Don’t ask me why? Lol

  • Amber

    Thank you all so much for all the great advice. I really appreciate it. However i have great news and amazing update : i just got grandbaby for my weekly gma visit n her mom says she been a different baby all week. Very happy n eating well since i switched her to Enfamil A.R. i agree she has been such a joy to have today, well a wonderful joy everyday but especially today because Ive been able... More

An important water safety reminder

This video of a kid climbing an "unclimbable" pool ladder is going viral. Pretty scary stuff. It only takes him a minute. It's pool season so just wanted to share as a reminder to all of us that you just never know what can happen! Be careful out there ❤️️ More

Hand foot and mouth

My sons daycare had a case of hand foot and mouth last week and now he has it. It’s really mild just a few bumps and some grumpiness and no fever. What worked for helping your kids recover?

  • Yessenia

    Time! If your son has it in mouth, give ice cream popsicles, shakes etc. & I gave my daughter Motrin around the clock! Good luck!

  • Hannah

    Motrin + Tylenol were our best friends when our daughter had HFM. We found that the meds actually hurt her throat, so we watered them down and then it was no problem.

Home Remedy Traditions

Anyone else still use old timey home remedies and old wives tales for kiddos ailments even though you know it doesn’t really do anything, you just did it because your Gram or someone else did it you? Because I do.

  • Luci

    Sarah, I say “sana sana colita de rana...” every time my LO gets hurt. So much so that the other day, he dropped something on my foot and when he saw it hurt, he ran over, patted my foot and said “sana sana.” So cute!

  • Kaitlyn

    My home remedy I swear on was google searched lol but it totally works. When my son's diaper rash just makes him scream in pain and he wont put his tush in a bath, I steep old fashioned oats in the water to really make the water murky. Then I add apple cider vinegar to kill the bacteria, and lavender essential oil for calming. It works very well and he likes the bath then. I notice it clear... More

Sick 2 year old

My 2 year old son had a fever yesterday and that's pretty much gone now but last night and tonight he woke up shivering and with a dry cough. His throat feels swollen but not sure what I can do for this at home before I decide to take him to urgent care. Any recommendations?

  • Kaitlyn

    Vicks vapor rub on the shirt, and cold mist vaporizer. Does he have all of his teeth? If not maybe try some motrin too. My son has similar symptoms but hey they could be for different things.

  • Rozee

    Thank you Kaitlyn. I tried the vapor rub last night and he slept a lot better. I took him to his doctor yesterday and he has a cold. But of course me being momma bear I had to make sure it was nothing else 😁

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Saturday

Stomach ache My daughter is really fussy and I think she has a stomach ache, she hasn’t pooped and she seems really gassy. Any suggestions?

  • Amanda

    Try gripe water works wonders for my baby - you can also try a suppository for the not pooping

Adenoid Hypertrophy

Hey, Mommas. So a while back, I put up a post about my son’s frequent stuffy nose and congestion and how NOTHING worked. He hates nose sprays, so that was out of the question. I took him to the ENT and Dr requested an X-ray. It shows mild adenoid hypertrophy. He had mentioned that it may be the case and can be removed. Are there any Moms out there who encountered this with their little ones?... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Jun 14

Sick baby, overreacting parent

My husband overreacts when our son gets sick. It’s stressful enough dealing with a sick toddler but he just badgers me about the what, who, where, when, why and how. What does he have? Where did he get it from? When did this happen? Why did you let it happen? How did it happen? Freaks out and tries to get me to take him to the ER.. gets mad at me for exposing him to something, lectures me to ke... More

  • Anonymous
    Jun 14

    Funny thing is that I’m more of a germaphobe than my husband. I was on him a lot about washing his hands before handling the baby or anything to do with the baby during the first couple of months. He told me he got sick a lot as a kid and he believes that because of that he doesn’t get as sick often as an adult. I used that to try to reason with him asking if that’s not what he wants for his ow... More

  • Ana
    Jun 14

    Yes my husband overreacts for everything. "I picked her up her bones cracked that's not good" "she's been sick twice since ahe was born (10months) that's not good" " she's coughing, that's not good, could it be TB?" Last week I told him he can not say "that's not good" anymore unless he has a valid and supported medical reason. So... More

Lactose Intolerant 1yr old

Hey guys do you have any advice on what to do to help your lactose intolerant baby get all the protein and calcium they need? Right now he's drinking almond milk which has some added calcium and protein but not nearly as much as whole milk. And how much milk should my baby have a day if it's almond milk instead of whole milk?

  • JJ
    Jun 14

    Dairy, legumes, egg, tree nuts, soy.

  • Mrs. K
    Jun 14

    We use canned red salmon to make patties all the time. Lots of protein, calcium and dha... make sure you mash the bones really well. Also calcium fortified orange and apple juices are good for some variety. I watered down the orange juice to start.

Thrush help

My 7 month old has thrush. I took him to the Dr and they gave him an antibiotic called Nystatin. The directions on the medicine say to swish around the mouth well and gargle, however my son is too little to understand that. Any tips on how to give it to him or get it to coat the inside of his mouth? He hates the taste and spits it out immediately.

  • Erika
    Jun 13

    My son had thrush for so long, 2 months I think. 3 rounds of nystatin because he hated it too. We finally tried gentian violet and it was amazing!! Thrush was gone in two days and has never been back. It’s a purple dye I got from cvs and a little goes a long way! If the nystatin doesn’t work for you, give it a shot!

  • Carissa

    Ours spit it out too. Had to have several rounds before it went away

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Jun 12

Eye injuries

My 1 year old hit himself in the eye with a hard object and made a mark. What should I do and will it go away?

  • Karen
    Jun 12

    Go to Ophthalmologist ! Mine did the same . They will dilated his pupils pupils and make sure there’s no damage to the cornea

My 4 month has sweaty/clammy feet all the time. Is this a normal baby thing or something I should bring up to the pediatrician? 4 month Apt on Wednesday.

  • Betsy
    Jun 12

    Mine too! My ped says it's normal

  • Daphne
    Jun 12

    Same here! Ped says it’s normal and to put socks on him, although that hasn’t really done anything but make damp socks! Apparently they will grow out of this when their body can regulate temps better, or something. Sometimes it gets real nasty...!

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Jun 09

Anyone experience a “Toddler’s Fracture” with their little one?

Our 3 year old fell off a platform at an indoor playground (not a big fall, but landed awkward, no swelling or bruising) and was ultimately diagnosed with a “toddler’s fracture” where the tibia twists and fractures. Nothing too serious, he’s in great spirits but won’t put any pressure on his leg or walk on it. He was put in a soft case & we were told to follow up with Ped Ortho Monday for p... More

  • Anonymous
    Jun 11

    Thanks! He’s 3, so not seeing him be able to/want to run, jump & play is hard. We go to the ped ortho today (happened over the wkend, so we had to wait for an appt) and will know more. 🤞it heals well & quickly.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 11

    Cast for 3 weeks, thank goodness it’s a bit shorter than I was anticipating. 😊

Straining When Pooping or passing gas

How long before our 2 month old baby stops crying and straining when passing gas while pooping normal healthy poops? As soon as he pushes it out he is back to smiling but during the process he is very grumpy!

  • Megan
    Jun 10

    My 7 week old is going through the same thing. Google Dyschesia, it’s because his little bum hasn’t synced up with his pushing. It will sort itself out eventually. But we did put him on probiotics and that seems to help. And we do lots of bicycle kicks too.

  • Franny
    Jun 10

    Totally normal. My baby girl is 12 wks and still does it. I had my pediatrician and she said it was normal for babies to do this.


A couple of months my wife and I took our 1.5 year old daughter to the toddler gym. We all got sick a day or two after going. I want to go back because we had a great time, but I'm worried about our family getting sick again. Does anyone else feel like this and what would you do?

  • Michael
    Jun 12

    Thank you all for the replies. I worry maybe too much and your comments help me feel less nervous about taking her and getting sick. Thank you all very much :)

  • CTmomx2
    Jun 14

    Yup. Our kid gets sick almost predictably when we take her to museums, etc. it’s part of life and developing an immune system. It will either happen now or when they go to daycare/school. So, it’s unavoidable unless you want to keep her inside all of the time!


I started a babysitting job this week but I found out they have fleas at their house because my daughter and I are allergic to fleas and both of us now have huge big red bites all over our bodies I don’t want to put my daughter through the irritation and pain but how do I tell them I can’t continue in a nice way

  • Lori
    Jun 08

    Make sure you are 100% about the fleas- take a picture of one you killed or something. Then just be honest with them. Let them know you don’t want to offend them but you found fleas and have bites and that you and your daughter are allergic. If they don’t believe you, show the picture. Good luck!

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