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Anonymous posted in Child's Health Yesterday


So I legit had a breakdown in my sons doctors office. He hasn’t been sleeping he started daycare 2 weeks ago the day before he started he broke out in a nasty rash (roseola) has 4 teeth coming through he’s not taking the bottle at daycare(he’s breastfed) it’s just me always has been and the constant crying and screaming is killing me I had a final in school today that I really shouldn’t have mi... More

  • Anonymous
    7h ago

    Baby is 13 months, the probiotics I was able to find cane in powder form that needs to be mixed into liquid but I can’t give it to him because he doesn’t take the bottle 😩 I started the BRAT diet, he’s drinking some green tea but not much. I just want him to feel better it’s been weeks that he’s been like this and the doctor said there’s nothing I can do

  • Lindsay
    4h ago

    Does he like oatmeal or anything that you could put it in instead of a bottle? That’s liquid-ish? Is he teething or has he had any dietary changes recently? Such as recent intro to dairy or whole milk or something else he’s never had before that May presenting as a food allergy? That being said my babe started daycare at 12mo and at like 13/14 had like a two week gastro upset and was like NOT e... More

Best formula for a very gassy one month old? I tried Enfamil Enspire but it’s not agreeing with him.

  • Amanda

    Enfamil gentlease

  • Cindy
    6h ago

    My 2 months old son is lactose intolerance and also experienced a lot of gas and severe constipation with several of the known formulas (similac pro, similac sensitive, good start gerber, enfamil etc) it wasn’t until I switched and tried Baby’s Only LactoseRelief Organic formula that I started to see a change. It really works well for him. He is now doing great! Less gassy and he is no longer c... More

Refusing bottles

Sooooo... I have a 7 month old baby boy. He's a heavy eater. Has been since birth. He is teething. He has decided he doesn't want his bottle at all. He only wants to eat baby food and oatmeal. I've been making him bowls of oatmeal with formula. Is this bad? Is that an ok way to get formula into him for brain development? Is he going to get dehydrated? His Dr already has me thickenin... More

  • Dena

    Last night I mixed 2oz of water, 1 scoop formula, 2 jars of baby food, and oatmeal. He loved it. His Dr has me thickening his bottles because he has such bad reflux and gi issues. He's on zantac also. So his bowls of food are only slightly thicker than his bottles.

  • Dena

    He actually chokes and gags on anything that isn't thickened

Constantly sick baby...

For the past 2-3 months, my now 9 month old son has been sick.. He has had cold like symptoms and two ear infections... I don't know if the medication for the ear infections has helped at all... Last night he spiked a fever of 100.0 F... I gave him Tylenol and it went down, but went back up this morning... I don't know what else to do... It seems like nothing I do is helping him...

  • Sammie

    The only thermometer I have right now is a temple one. I have to get a new one when I get paid. I know it's not totally accurate. He felt really warm before I took his temp.

  • Lori

    I went through something similar with my daughter. What most people dont realize is that most ear infections are viral and not bacterial so basically antibiotics do nothing but kill whatever antibodies are trying to fight the infection. Antibiotics are way over prescribed now! Talk to your doctor about probiotics and prebiotics and start building his immune system again. And remember fluid in... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Saturday

Has anyone tried Evivo?

If so, what was your experience like with it? Did it help with constipation and gas?

  • Lucy

    Following. Interested to know too.

  • Jenn

    I didn't evivo, but I do have my LO on a probiotic. I put it in 1 of her bottles daily. She is super regular and has gas sometimes, but I think now it's more because she is eating food.

How to determine if my son is allergic to dogs

im worried that my son is allergic to dogs. We have three at home that he absolutely loves and they love him. He dosent break out when they lick him or hes playing with him. However he does rub his head alot and has a horrible cough (which got noticably worse after crawling on the carpet) and a tendency to rub his eyes. Hes only a year old, how do I know if hes allergic? And could it be asthma?

  • Vanessa

    My kids did the same thing at our old house and runny nose. It was the carpet. Dr said carpet is one trigger for children with allergy and asthma. You will probably start noticing other times as well if it is allergy’s

  • Vanessa

    Mowing, rain during pollination season, anywhere with dust and dirt I had to make sure he had allergy meds and asthma medicine

2 month old sleeper and not eating much!

My baby is almost 3 mos old. He has a protein/ milk sensitivity on top of which he also has GERD. I am bit concerned as he is sleeping in stretches of 5-6 hours and only eats a maximum of 3.5 oz. anything he eats beyond that he spits. He is gibing weight but really slow. Is this normal?

  • Vanessa

    They may need to put him on meds. For my son and daughter gripe water worked for reflux discomfort, sleeping inclined ( I used a wedge) my son had to be in soy. Did your dr say anything about a little less ounces more often? GERD is tricky, I can’t imagine! My kids were reflux but not GERD

  • Frances

    Yes he’s ranitidine..but dr said it’s for managing the Acid. That’s it. We’re taking an amino acid based formula.. tried breastmilk but that didn’t work for him either as I’ve been taking dairy . So yeah, it’s a challenge for us coz we have to make sure we don’t let him sleep more than 6 hrs.. it’s always 3 the most so that we can keep us with his 24 to 28 oz per day. But he doesn’t like it mos... More

I don’t know why but medicine seems to keep my daughter up at night.

If she gets Tylenol or cough medicine even night time cough medicine she gets wired up. I have tried name brands and store brands. The Dimetapp brand of cough medicine doesn’t seem to wire her up but I’m trying to find something to help with fevers at night that won’t keep her up

  • Rebecca

    My son is the same way.. He's 9 and had been diagnosed ADHD but anything night time wires him up... also caffeine has the opposite affect on him then it does on most people.

  • Cathy

    Motrin. If it’s a cough you can try Zarbees or honey.

Eating before medicine

My 9mo is taking amoxicillin twice a day, and the doctor said after a meal.. she hasnt been eating her whole breakfast so today i gave her a half portion of breakfast and then her formula, and then the medicine... is that considered food? Her formula?

  • Andrea

    I would think so. Usually when they recommend taking medication with “food” it’s because it could be harsh on their stomach. Since formula is most definitely still “food” at 9 months, I would imagine that you would be good.

  • Jasmine

    Thank you

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Friday

Swollen cheeks:((

1st time mom my LO has had swollen cheeks since yesterday and he keeps tugging on his ears. I gave him Tylenol for the pain but is it teething?

  • Elle

    Tugging at ears is the most visible/diagnoatic indicator for ear infection. Take him to the doctor.


Just heard about this recall on the news tonight. For children and infant ibuprofen for any ibuprofen sold at CVS, WalMart, and Family Dollar Store. If you have these brands- EQUATE, CVS , FAMILY WELLNESS, please pay attention to this and check to make sure your baby or child is NOT getting this. More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Thursday

Big belly

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it pretty common for babies/toddlers have big full bellies after eating? My lovely MIL called to let us know she thinks something is wrong with him because his belly sticks out so far....

  • Julie

    Well, I don’t know about yours but my mil has a habit of coincidentally forgetting everything as it suits her. I call it a severe case of the, “oops! I forgots!” Maybe your mil has a less severe case but through my non scientific research studies that I’ve conducted over the years every mil I know has suffered from this traumatic forgetfulness disease Maybe in your case your mil would only ... More

Amanda posted in Babies Thursday


Has anyone every taken their baby to the chiropractor? Why did you and how did it affect your baby? I had heard from someone that their baby would cry in the car seat and was told by someone to take them to a chiropractor and they did and no more crying. So I took my baby yesterday to c if it would help since we have a 2.5hr car ride Friday and she usually cry’s the whole time in hopes that... More

  • Amanda

    I did go to one that specializes in infants and I txted her this morning and she called me back a little later to explain what was going on with my baby. She said that is was normal for babies to feel weird after there first few times because they aren’t use to their body’s being aligned correctly and the toxin from getting adjusted are working there way out and stuff. She will explain more nex... More

  • Amanda

    My daughter do awesome on the car ride didn’t cry at all.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Wednesday

15 month old scared to poop and haven’t gone for 3 days

We transition my daughter from nutramigen to Lactaid (Monday) since she was cleared with milk allergy last week. So since Monday she haven’t poop yet besides a tiny marble poop this afternoon. I know she wants to poop but too scared because she was super constipated before so I think she knows that it’s gonna be painful. She tries to push, a lot of times today but nothing happened but she farts... More

  • Anonymous

    Thanks everyone! I’m gonna try to cut down the noodles hopefully she’ll eat whatever’s in the table. I’m getting tired of the noodles as well. I just need to step up on my cooking. 😅

  • G Nat

    Have you tried pedialax stool softener? Just to get out of this cycle and get things going again? Once the kiddos experience the pain of constipation they get scared to try again.... I’ve found the softeners to be helpful in that way. Talk to pediatrician but they say taking them on a regular basis is ok too, I think....

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Dec 05

Constipated Toddler

Hi guys!! Any remedies for my constipated toddler? I feel bad for him.

  • Kelly


  • Savannah

    Lots of water. Cut out all junk, and bread. Blueberries help my daughter poop but that one might not help for all babies


My baby is very congested and has a very runny nose and fever coming in and out, any medicine recommendations?

  • Bhavana
    Dec 05

    You can use saline spray and humidifier and Vicks vaporizer (plug in)for the runny nose and congestion, but for giving medications I would call the baby doctor. They can tell what you can and should give the baby and the amount based on the weight and age of the baby.

  • Kimberly
    Dec 05

    We have used baby vicks with the lavender in it as well as a johnson and johnson vaper bath. Hope the little one gets better soon.

Hello help my son’s first ear infection and has a lot of drainage any natural remedies

  • B
    Dec 05

    Agree that if there is a lot of drainage I’d go to the doctor (I’d go anyway). Ear infections are painful and doctor should make sure it doesn’t need antibiotics.

  • Kat

    I also recommend the doctor. Their hearing can get damaged if an ear infection gets too bad.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Dec 04

Seeking advice to avoid babies get sick at Daycare

Hi everyone: My twins are about to start daycare and I am looking advice to help them to build their inmune system. I have tried 2 times already but they ended up getting sick after 2 days in day care now they have 1 year and I believe they have better defenses. Thanks in advance,

  • T

    Elderberry syrup Lots of hand washing

  • Lindsay

    They build immunity by getting sick occasionally. It stinks and I try to avoid it too but it’ll be good for the twins when they get to kindergarten and isn’t sick every other day. But we do the vitamins and load up on fruits and veggies to keep my son healthy. He has a great defense so far but he still gets sick.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Dec 04


What is a good stool softener for a 20 month old lately he’s been having trouble using the bathroom he cries because it hurts please help!!!

  • Lulu
    Dec 04

    Mommy's bliss constipation ease saved my life

  • Lynn
    Dec 04

    I was an RN in a Burn Unit, and dealt with constipation a LOT due to the amount of pain medication that patients were on. First is always making sure he is well hydrated. Almost clear urine in the diaper is goal! And multiple wet diapers! Pedialyte helps with their compliance with drinking the fluids. Next, if it’s been a couple days, I’d try my “slick sauce” :D My special “slick sauce” is... More

My son is 2 months the other day his eye got super goppy and watery it didnt seem to botjer him?

  • Anonymous
    Dec 04

    Very common! Just wipe and massage with a warm washcloth, should only last a little while. If the eye ball is red it could be pink eye. But most likely it’s just a tear duct!

  • Cheryl
    Dec 04

    Squirting breast milk in the eye helps a ton!!

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