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Anonymous posted in Child's Health 7h ago

Stomach bug and now milk intolerance??!

So about 10 days ago my 20 month old got a stomach bug. Every time she drank milk she’d throw up. But cheese and butter and even meals with milk in them was ok. So the pediatrician told me to hold off on milk for about a week because that’s usually enough time for the bug to pass. So I waited till Saturday (gave her oat or rice milk all week) and gave her whole milk again and she was ok. Then l... More

How to keep daughter hydrated?

My 16 month old daughter won’t ask for water; even if I leave a cup of water around. She’s not a big milk drinker either. Now that it’s getting 🥵; how do I help her to keep hydrated? How do you keep your kiddos hydrated?

  • Julie

    I second the watermelon!!! It does wonders. Cucumber is also water dense. Besides that, just offer water as much as possible:)

  • Raji
    5h ago

    She’s not dehydrated but I want to stop breastfeeding and feel like she is getting some of her liquid intake from breast milk. I just want to make sure she won’t head toward dehydration when I stop breastfeeding.

What helps the flu?

Both daughters are coming down with the flu and they are both on medication but does anyone know anything that can help them get better more efficiently? any foods, tips, recipes Ages 4 and 3 :(

So I’m wondering what y’all think these bumps are.

My daughter has drool rash and I might have gone a bit overboard with the Aquaphor. I’m thinking they are just clogged pores.

  • Sara

    It doesn’t look too bad in the pic! I would just wash with soap and water then leave exposed to air and see if it improves.

My 3 year old is ALWAYS constipated

I have him drinking a lot of water, he eats a lot of fruits but it’s hard to get him to eat veggies( what 3 year old doesn’t fight u about that) even though he poop is soft he still struggles to make a poop. Any suggestion


Does anyone have kids with anxiety- how do you handle/deal with it? Help them deal with it?

  • Lanna

    Yes, i definitely do. My family has a history of anxiety. I was deathly afraid that my son would get it, and i believe he has!! I deal with it, (when need be) just like yourself would! Right now, actually- i have been trying a new way lately, and just staying more like; cool, calm & collected about the situation, I’ve also been trying to be more patient... and explain things to him a lot be... More

Bug bites on baby? Any remedies or preventative methods?

  • Sabrina

    Try baby aquaphor! It works miracles. All that redness will be gone before you know it. It also has antibacterial properties for healing

Anyone have experience with a young toddler (16 months) needing a ct scan and having to be sedated?

  • MamaNukesYopolo

    Thank you. How did you feel about WakeMed? I’ve only been to rex for births purely because that’s where my ob delivers and haven’t had an experience with WakeMed.

  • Anonymous

    My first was born in Virginia, and had his procedure at UNC. My 2nd was born at Wakemed Cary, and my 2nd has had 2 procedures at Wakemed Raleigh. I can't compare it to Rex, but both Wakemed experiences were positive. They are organized, and informative. UNC was a little more confusing to navigate, but still a positive experience. The biggest difference was UNCs anesthesiologist bills separa... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Apr 12

PAMF fremont - what does it say on 1 year old appt handout?

What does the PAMF pediatrician handout say about whole milk transition? My baby is still 10 months but I’m curious what they say about milk transition.. any moms been told they don’t need to give whole milk and alternatives were okay (incl yogurt or cheese)?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 13

    I’ve not had the best experience with PAMF, in terms of the advice they give and the reasoning for it. I suggest you do your own research and make a decision that makes sense to you, and you’re comfortable with. For what it’s worth, I transitioned my son to whole milk at 15 months. 50/50 breast milk to entirely whole milk. Some do it sooner, others do it later. I don’t recall having any conve... More

  • Shyann
    Apr 15

    Idk if it helps but we transitioned to whole milk when she turned one

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Apr 11

Stomach bug

Sooo my 20 month old has her first stomach bug😭. She threw up 3 times and since the last throw up she’s eaten most of one pedia pop and a couple of crackers. She loves milk and keeps asking for it but the last throw up was all milk so I don’t want to give it again. Is there another milk that you know of that won’t upset the tummy?? Like a nut milk or something? Also, any other tips?? The ped... More

  • Dominique
    Apr 13

    I think Almond milk is fine too. It’s the dairy that you want to avoid so just don’t do the whole milk or 2% (not sure what you normally give). But I’ve given almond milk to my daughter before as well and she was fine. Also, same thing happened to us too. No throw up for a day. I thought she was better. I gave her regular milk and then she threw up again. So we stayed “off” milk for at least a ... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 14

    Thanks so much!! I started giving her almond milk yesterday and so far so I gave a little bit of dairy via some cheese and a bit of butter and still okay....I really hope we are seeing the end, otherwise I’ll have to just stop all dairy for a week like you did. Thanks again for the help!!!!

Too much Tylenol?

My LO is almost 9 months and has her 6th tooth coming through. It obviously bothers her but i am really hesitant to give her Tylenol--given how many teeth she has dealt with plus two ear infections/colds and pain after shots, i feel like she has already had a lot of Tylenol over her short little life. My husband does not feel this way, he says to follow the guidelines and it shouldn't be an... More

  • Devon
    Apr 11

    Kate, that's really helpful. That is what my husband thought too so i feel a little better

  • Devon
    Apr 11

    Joanna, that's a good idea. I'm going to do that


Looking for some information/insight on radon in homes? We’ve been living in our home in Hamden for 2 years now and the radon levels were very high when we did the inspection before moving in. We took the necessary steps to “fix” the problem at the time but it’s something that still worries us. We know that the couple who lived here for a long time before us both had cancer in recent years, and... More

  • Stacey
    Apr 03

    There are tests you can pick up at Home Depot to test the levels to see if there is still a problem after fixing it or you can do some other mitagation steps to reduce the levels if thru are still too high. You should not have to move.

  • B
    Apr 04

    I would test twice a year to make sure. But basically means making sure your home doesn’t have cracks it can enter. radon is a leading cause of lung cancer. I’d get an expert out to reinsoect and give some advice

Anonymous posted in Behavior Apr 01

Scab picking

My 2 year old got a scrape on his forehead a few weeks ago. Since then he’s made it way worse by picking at it. He tends to pick at it in his crib and in the car seat so I don’t see it. I have tried bandaids and he picks them off. I’ve also tried surgical tape, liquid band aid, cutting his finger nails and putting socks on his hands and night. Does anyone else have any ideas? I’m worried about ... More

  • Allison
    Apr 03

    My son had a wicked scab the last time we went to the trampoline park. It was the side of a half dollar and gross looking. Of course he picked at it everyday for a week until it bled sometimes. Twice a day I tried to put triple antibiotic cream on it. Sometimes more often and it healed up fine. Make sure hands are clean that should help.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Apr 01

Son is afraid to poop

My 4.5 y/o son has been potty trained since he was three. He was always regular up until recently when he had a few days of constipation which lead to a painful BM and some diaper rash and soreness, possibly a hemorrhoid. The constipation is gone but for the last three weeks he has been afraid to go poop because he thinks it will hurt. So now he holds it as long as he possibly can. It’s becomin... More

  • Christa
    Apr 03

    I was actually recently reading about this whole pooping issue. And what the article - I can’t remember the name other wise I’d post it- said with children that are afraid to poop, tell them that the longer they hold it the worse it will hurt, so it’s better to go when you feel like you have too. Also I give my son prunes, or orange juice when he’s not wanting to poop. I find it helps keep him ... More

Anonymous posted in Bathing Apr 01

How do you wash hair during an ear infection?!

Sorry this is so dumb. My 21 month old has her first ear infection and is on antibiotics. I forgot to even ask about washing hair for the next 10 days. I assume you have to avoid water in the ears!? I will call the office tomorrow but looking for answers now.

  • Fafa
    Apr 04

    I double the cotton ball in the ear.

  • Cathy
    Apr 04

    Never did anything different 🤷‍♀️

C posted in Babies Mar 31

How to fix itchy bald patch on back of baby's head?

Through a combination of "back is best" habits and his heavy preference of sleeping on his back, baby has developed a bald spot on the back of his head where his head touches his sleeping surface. It's also red and warm to the touch, but soft and not scaly nor bumpy. Often he shakes his head left to right to scratch that part of his head against things. So it's obviously itchy... More

  • Kelly
    Apr 01

    Tummy time, talk to your Dr. about the flat spot.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 15

    Oh and talk to your pediatrician about the flat spot...

J posted in Child's Health Mar 31

Urine test for baby

So my little one has been running this very sporadic and high fever (101-103.6) once a day for the last 4 days. We saw the doctor Friday for her Well Visit and they did a flu swab (negative) and pushed up her 12mo bloodwork (slightly anemic which she thinks could be related to an underlining virus). The doctor recommended if she continues to run a fever we should get a urine sample with a tube.... More

  • Christa
    Apr 02

    Awe poor little thing. Hope she gets better soon!! Sending our prayers to you and your family as she heals!

  • J
    Apr 03

    Thank you so much! She has been doing better 😊

What to do for colic

My 2 month okd will cry for hours after shes been fed and changed and nothing calms her down and its at the same time every day

  • Elizebeth
    Apr 03

    Discuss this with the pediatrician. I switch formulas with my oldest to finally try soy. If I knew what I know how I wouldn't have had her suffer like that though. Does it seem like your baby has stomach cramps after eating, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive spit up? My son also had gave swelling from formula. Make sure to discuss with pediatrician because some insurance companies can (not wel... More

  • Jes
    Apr 07

    I have a little guy who was starting to get crazy fussy- nonstop.... talked to the pediatrician and cut out dairy/soy.... now my baby is 10x better!

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 29

Should I be scared?

My 1 year old managed to take an inch of my husband's beer. I'm freaking out, should I call poison control?

  • Victoria
    Apr 01

    My sister drank half a beer when she was two and was fine.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 29

My LO is almost 8 mo old next week. She got her first cold/cough today.

She seems pretty herself just extra fussy. She’s congested and breathing from her mouth. I have a humidifier in our room. Given her mucus and cold medicine, baby vapor rub and a warm bath . Also bought saline spray but doesn’t seem to do the trick after using the bulb. She’s still congested. Any tips? FTM. TIA

  • El
    Mar 29

    You're doing everything that I did when mine had her first cold. Humidifier is key and constantly suctioning. I was also able to giver her oranges for vitamin C. Chest rubs help as well.

  • Lisa
    Apr 01

    Zarbee’s cough medicine for infants. Works great on LO, natural brakes up mucus and my kids get over minor colds in like 4 days. The medicine is good down to 2 months old!

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