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Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Wednesday

Big rash?

I call his doc and explain best I could on this rash. They think it’s his eczema. So they said if it spreads come in if not it’s that. Give him 1.5 Benadryl and rub Vaseline all over him..... idk this seem so much. Has anybody eczema gotten this bad. He’s only 17 months...... it’s also on his chest area.

  • becky

    Both my kids had this. Make sure to stop using anything with perfumes. Aveeno oatmeal lotions and soap s work wonders. They also have an excema lotion. Also tryo to limit bathing to every other day. If the baby is itching at it I would bring him to the doctor before it gets worse.

  • Kelly

    I’d recommend an appointment with a dermatologist if it gets any worse or comes back. My son has eczema and with treatment (including bleach baths, cortisone and lotion/cream (CetaPhil) he’s doing much better. Bad eczema is miserable and can also lead to scaring and infections (from scratching).


This might be a ridiculous question... Can I put neosporin on my 10 month old? He has a scratch down his arm.

  • Christa

    Yes, absolutely!! It will help heal the scratch!! Also, totally a reasonable question!!! When it comes to our children’s safety- no such thing as a ridiculous question!! If you’re uncomfortable putting Neosporin on baby, you can use aloe gel, or coconut oil- they both have amazing healing prosperities!!!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget that you can build up a tolerance to neosporin. Our own (grown-ups) doctor recommended you trade off using neosporin and generic polysporin (3 vs 2 active ingredients respectively) to help avoid that.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Monday

2 year old wetting the bed, peeing alot and asking for water more often

  • 2Boys&aDog

    See the pediatrician about the possibility of juvenile diabetes.

  • A

    I second what first person said My nieces dad was diabetic and pediatrician always said to be cautious of water intake and excessive peeing so definitely see dr

Coughing at night

18 month old toddler coughing like crazy at night! Cough syrup, warm almond milk, humidifier, vicks rub and still coughing like crazy :( it hurts to hear him like this.... Any other tips??? Thanks!

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira

    Keep him propped up on a pillow in bed with you for a few nights and use saline In his nose maybe hes having post nasal drip? My son is also coughing like crazy he has a bad cold.. honey is good too!!! You can also call your doc and ask for cough/congestion medicine

  • Teyen

    Thanks everyone! Hes finally getting better. We propped him up, rubbed vicks on his feet etc and hes finally good!

Nail biting

Y’all I need help. My 3 year old son chews his nails to nothing and then continues to chew the tops of his fingers. His finger tips look like he drug them on pavement, they’re raw and sometimes bleed! He moved to this after chewing his wrists to the point of being bruised. He does have a sensory processing disorder and the dr has said that may be his coping mechanism but he is hurting himself a... More

  • Dani

    And no he doesn’t have one, but I’ll definitely look into getting him one :)

  • Andrea

    I found they have necklaces for kids who have this sensory need!!! Different ones/shapes depending on what he chews. Go online and find teething necklaces for kids.

Stomach bug

My lo is nine months and has the stomach bug... she loves solids.. any Recipes? Thank you

  • Sarah

    The BRAT (banana, rice, applesauce and toast) diet is where it's at right now. Good luck!

Toddler dry skin

Hi everyone, My toddler has dry skin patches all around her body. I feel like they just came out of nowhere. She’s been scratching non stop. We are seeing her doctor on Tuesday, but has anyone dealt with this? I think she may even have eczema on her thigh, I’m not sure because I’ve never seen it before. Also, what are the best over the counter ointments to help soothe her? Any advice is welcome... More

  • Anonymous

    My sons skin gets like this in the winter! Our doc suggested an ointment and a humidifier in his room! The air is really dry in the winter and dries out his skin.

  • Brigitte

    My son got eczema every year in the winter. His skin just couldn’t handle the harsh winter air. We did aquaphor after every bath, bathe just every other day unless they’re especially dirty, and also did cortisone 10 on the scaly patches. He’s 5 now and doesn’t get it anymore.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Saturday

Constipation fixes for a 6 month old?

He hasn’t had a REAL poop in 4 days. Just little hard nuggets a couple times a day. He’s super grumpy and uncomfortable and unbearable to take care of all day. For his comfort and my sanity PLEASE tell me what I can do. I’ve given him some white grape juice with every feeding and some constipation ease. It’s the weekend so we can’t go to the doc. HELP!!

  • Julie

    Try feeding him puréed prunes, peaches, mangoes, or pears. If he’s not on any kind of solids yet then try some concentrated prune juice mixed in with his bottles. You can buy prune juice concentrate in any drug store in the baby section.

  • Kendall

    Yup! Agree w Julie. I keep a couple containers of baby food pears and prunes for this reason! I would also suggest that as you start introducing food to do foods that make you go and the next meal foods that plug you up. Just try and keep going back and forth to keep things regular and flowing, babies bellies take a little while to adjust to real food. For example, squash for lunch and pears ... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Saturday

My 2 1/2 year old has become picky

My 2 1/2 year old used to be a good eater and lately will not eat as much as he used to. He still wants something to drink often so our pediatrician has recommended subsidizing his caloric intake. Anyone had successes with toddler formula like Pediasure?

  • Anonymous

    You could always try smoothies. You can put so many good things in it, bananas, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, maybe even a little chocolate milk if he needs a little more incentive. If it's only been a few days to a week I wouldn't worry. My son spent last week refusing everything, now for the last few days he has eaten everything he can find! That's just what they do.

  • Anonymous

    My daughter is on pediasure. She wasn’t gaining weight and it’s helped enormously. And to anonymous, she often won’t eat when hungry. She will have two bites and then stop. doctor was actually worried about her starving or being malnourished. Pediasure as a supplement has helped her grow and actually makes her eat better because she isn’t so hungry that she feels sick and tired. It’s ... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Saturday

Weight or age?

Do I go off of weight or age for Motrin? My son is one and 28 pounds..... Infant Motrin goes up to 23 pounds. Children’s Motrin starts at 23 pounds for 2-3 year olds.

  • Joanna

    Weight. Infant Motrin is concentrated while Children's is not.

  • Elle

    Weight, unless your baby is drastic on scale, like 5th or 95th percentile. Soome things have a time-to-develop component...mostly, though, its a weight thing.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Saturday

My toddler self harms and hates his dad.

My 18 month old son throws insane tantrums, smashing his head on any hard surface he can find. Smashing it hard enough to leave red welts and sometimes even small blood blisters. This happens at least 10 times a day every day for what seems like forever but probably for at least the last 4 months. As he gets older, his tantrums have become more intense. He also has started pinching, hard enou... More

  • Anonymous

    Yes, seek support, talk to your pediatrician, seek out early intervention or therapies. In the mean time, how does you child react when you show affection to your husband? Can you model a loving embrace? How about make it a family hug? Could you pick up your son and greet your husband at the door together to try and start the night in a good place?

  • Anonymous

    I agree that these sound beyond the usual toddler tantrum. I’d talk to your pediatrician about some interventions. In the short term, talk to your husband about family activities you three can do together so that they both have more positive interactions.

Candace posted in Bathing Feb 14


Hey moms, do y’all still give ur toddler baths while having a cold?

  • Katie

    Great news, glad he is feeling better!

  • emily

    Fridababy (company the makes the awesome boogie sucker! lol!) now makes all natural “bath bombs” for colds! they are wonderful :) (I found them at Target)

Stuffy/runny nose/cough no fever

My 15mo daughter has been having a runny nose/cough for a few days now but no fever. She is teething (molars) not sure if that has anything to do with it but any tips on how to clear the mucus from her nose? I’ve done saline drops and the suction bulb also I run a humidifier in her room but doesn’t seem to help much. 😕

  • Cathy
    Feb 13

    Adjust her mattress in her crib so it’s elevated. Will help with post nasal drip. We usually put a stack of books under ours. You can also give honey too. Sounds like you’re doing everything right. My doctor said most kids will have a cold twice a month lasting 10-14 days each. My rule of thumb is I go to the doctor around day 7/8 and especially if they’re getting up at night from coughing. Usu... More

  • María
    Feb 13

    Thanks ladies! I will definitely try the great tips. ♥️♥️♥️


Anyone give their toddler the zarabys elderberry gummies? If so do they only get it when they are sick or can you give them one a day like a vitamin?

  • Aaron Thompkins
    Feb 13

    I Understand with daycare being involved.

  • Stephanie
    Feb 13

    The research I’ve done is mixed but from my point of view I don’t think it can hurt her because it’s all natural right

How do I treat hand foot mouth for my two year old?

  • Stacey
    Feb 11

    Not much! I found Aveeno baby eczema cream helped a lot with the spots. I caught it from my kids too. When there are sores in the mouth it is very difficult to eat or drink anything at all!

  • Lizzie
    Feb 11

    You kind of just have to wait it out. Lots of fluids and we used Aquapher on the spots and it seemed to help them go away faster. We also sanitized all of his toys and the house regularly while he had it and kept him covered so as to try not to spread it more.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Feb 11


When I’m getting sick I do my best to get as much vitamin C as possible, drink emergency, airborne, etc. what can I do for my one year old? He’s been slowly coughing more and more each day... I know a sickness is comin on!

  • Anonymous
    Feb 12

    Just keep him hydrated and wash his hands regularly; that kinda things. If you breastfeed; then keep that up. I’ve heard dairy can congest them, so maybe not so much of that.

  • Ivy
    Feb 13

    I like to give my kids elderberry syrup/gummies, and Vitamin C mixed in his food. I also make smoothies with fruits high in antioxidants and mix the vitamin c in there too

2 year old allergic to dairy

My almost 2 year old has a milk protein allergy. We have been giving him a hypoallergenic formula since I stopped breastfeeding when he turned 1. We want to switch him to another milk. We tried hemp milk but he wouldn’t drink it. He can’t do any nut milk since he’s allergic to nuts. He’s also slightly allergic to peas so i don’t want to do Ripple. What do you think the healthiest Milk alternati... More

  • B
    Feb 11

    Oops. Sorry. My allergist gives us advice on what do give. Can you do soy? Or...why do a milk substitute at all?

  • Amanda
    Feb 13

    My son has a soy intolerance and a tree nut allergy and my husband has a milk protein allergy. We use oat milk a lot in our house. Both hubby and tot prefer Oatly original brand to silk. I mostly use it to make dishes like stroganoff and Alfredo that typically have a dairy factor or when they want cereal. I'm not sure it's 100% best alternative but it works for my family.

Brynne posted in Bathing Feb 09

My daughters hair stinks.

We wash her hair regularly and her hair smells bad. Any tip on what I can use to make it not stink?

Life insurance on your LO?

Exactly like adult insurance; something happens to your LO then the insurance company pays out. Should you have it, is it weird to have it or should you not have it? Basically one parent thinks it’s a good idea and the other is totally against it.

  • Caitlin
    Feb 14

    Erica, I’m so sorry to hear that. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Caitlin

    We have Gerber for our kid... and we don’t have it in case they pass away (God forbid). We have it so they will be able to take it over when they’re old enough. Your kids will be able to muddle through college (loans, y’all) if you end up not being able to put away money for that, but life insurance policies are expensive and being pushed to the side as kids grow up now. We don’t want our kid t... More

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