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Anonymous posted in Behavior Sunday

Sleep Regression During Quarantine

Are any of you dealing with sleep regressions? How are you handling it? Mid January my daughter was struggling with sleep. She would have frequent night terrors and wake up constantly. She threw tantrums a lot and would claw at herself all the time. We figured out she was going stir crazy and needed to get out more. We made changes to our schedules and began going to the library, playground, an... More

  • Anonymous

    She dances a lot. She spends a lot of time reading books with me, so much she has some memorized. We also do puzzles a lot.

  • PK

    My son is 3... he’s been sort of going through a sleep regression during this pandemic. Used to consistently nap 1.5 hrs and sleep at night for 11 hours straight with no issues. But now we are skipping naps (no matter how much activity and physical movement I get him to do) and trouble falling asleep and staying asleep through the night. We do busytoddler activities and more... obstacle courses... More

Anonymous posted in Sleep Wednesday

Desperate for sleep training advice

My 5 and half month old not only have been waking up every two hours for the last month but also started to scream and fights to go to sleep when we start our bedtime routine that I dread putting to sleep every night. He is exclusively breastfed however I have been pumping and giving a bottle for his last feed to avoid nursing him to sleep and make sure he goes down with a full tummy. I have b... More

  • G

    I did sleep training early on and after reading babywise...I highly recommend it!

I need some advice I have a 6 y/o son and I can not get him to bed :(

My little guy will not sleep in his room... I have to lay with him in my room then I transfer him to bed.. this is where it gets tricky he awakens and heads to my room and I take him back to his bed this occurs every hour until I give in and lay him in bed with me so I can get some sleep... he says he is scared which I understand and try talk to him but nothing has worked.

  • Chanda
    Mar 31

    There's a book called The Sleep Fairy with a reward system that we tried around 4-5. It didn't work for us, but if we had tried it before her sister was born, we might have been more successful. The new incentive is a canopy bed frame she really likes.

  • Solmary
    Mar 31

    Thank you Chanda I will take a look.

Suggestions for night time calming items?

Hi there everyone. Like most of the families here we are in quarantine and the little one’s are having a different routine now. My 3 1/2 yr old boy sleeps late and wakes up late. He always throws a tantum during naps and night time. He hits and kicks and bites and gets all high at night. I am looking for some suggestions on night calming items to help him calm down and sleep better at night.

  • Sug
    Mar 31

    Having a tough time with this also. Our son is 2.5 and naptime and bedtime have both become uphill battles. It wasn't like this when he was still going to school. I'm having a hard time figuring out if he's giving up his daytime nap and needs an earlier bedtime or if his routine is just royally screwed up and he needs more stimulation during the day. We use Young Living essential oi... More

  • Angel

    Thanks for all the reply ladies. I try to put him on a routine but am not able to stick to it that far with him. He has a indoor tampoline to vent his energy , We do blocks and puzzles etc. I try to make him dance but it all dependa upon his mood. He is spending most of his time on his ipad and watching tv. Will try with the roll ons and sleepize blend too . Thanks

Anonymous posted in Behavior Mar 24

Desperate For Advice

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and have a 2.5 year old that just learned how to open the door to his room and CONTINOUSLY leaves his room for hours on end at night leading to over tiredness from lack of sleep during the day and night and leading to two EXTREMELY exhausted parents -- especially right now with this virus outbreak and being home all day. We have tried consistently walking him back to h... More

  • Olivia
    Mar 29

    What is a “wake clock” & how does it work for a 3 year old? My son is 3, he sleeps with us, but we would like to transition him to his bed bedroom. - He was very excited when we got his new bed. He said he was going to sleep there, but it only last an hour when he wanted to be back with us. We let him be back with us. He still sleeps with us. We love him very much. We enjoy he sleeping wi... More

  • PK
    Mar 29

    @olivia - an ok to wake clock is just a visual alarm clock. The one we have turns red and green. Green for the time you set that’s ok for your child to wake you up. It also has a buzzer like a regular alarm but you can turn that off. Other than that, the light is red all night once you press the button to turn the alarm on. Every kid is different when it comes to transitioning into something ... More

Anonymous posted in Newborns Mar 20

Are Moses basket safe for all night sleep?

I’m looking for a bassinet that I could also use to have by my bedside but don’t know how safe they are when it comes to overnight sleep. During the day I’d be up so baby could sleep there and I’d be aware but is it built to handle all night sleep?

  • Anonymous
    Mar 21

    Nope. Never use it for the night.

  • B
    Mar 23

    I like the arms reach cosleeper. It goes next to the bed

Anonymous posted in Sleep Mar 16


My 2 year old still wakes up at least every 1-2 hours every night. It’s been this way since the day he was born. I’m exhausted and have no time to recharge- ever. I refuse to do cry it out because of the proven long-term psychological harm it causes. I’m a single mom but am able to stay home with him (very thankful I have the resources right now to do this) but this means I never get a break- d... More

  • EmmaD
    Mar 19

    I have a friend who faught with her pediatrician about this topic. Same problem. In the end she forced them to do tests and found out he has very small sinus channels and was sleeping with an open mouth and basically woke up because he wasnt getting enough oxygen. This might not be the case for you, but it doesnt hurt to check on the breathing or something else physical which may be disturbing ... More

2.5 y/o Sleep Regression - Advice Needed!

We put our 2.5 y/o into a toddler bed 3 weeks ago. At the same time we were attempting to re-train him to fall asleep by himself at night. Now he gets up 5x a night and cannot get him to stay in his bed! To give you a little background, my LO started crying when we left the room at bedtime around 1.5 y/o and we ended up sitting in the room until he fell asleep every night since. He slept thro... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 05

    You could try an "okay to wake" clock. Basically a clock with a light that is red on it through the night, and you teach them it is not okay to leave their room until the light turns green in the morning. ( They also make lever door handle toddler locks, but if you want him to be able to get up and use the bathroom this won't work)

  • Anonymous
    Mar 07

    Ok to wake clock, baby gate in door frame, flip door handle so you can lock it from the front, consistency. Keep putting him back and eventually he’ll give up

Anonymous posted in Sleep Mar 03

9 month old down to one nap?

Has anyone had a 9 month drop to one nap a day? This is crazy but I can't get the kid to take two naps and if he does he's up partying for 2 hours in the middle of the night.

  • G
    Mar 03

    My 9 month old just dropped to two naps from three. How long is his one nap? Maybe too long which is why he won’t take the second nap? I will not my LO nap for longer than 2 hours otherwise the second nap is a struggle. Hope it all works out!

  • Liza M.
    Mar 03

    My first baby (now 2) never took more than 2 naps, and switched to 1 map before she was 1. The nap she did take would be around 11:30am and be as long as 3 hours. It was a big chunk of time but trying to get her to take 2 naps was a struggle and she slept through the night very early on. It worked very well for her. As she has gotten older, the naptime has moved later on in the day and doesn... More

PK posted in Preschoolers Feb 29

The age of no naps 😱

I know it’s different for every kid, but at what age was your child completely done with naps? Do you do quiet time in their room in the place of naps now and for how long? Does your child benefit from this quiet time or is it more for yourself?

  • Z
    Mar 05

    2.5 for both. We did/do quiet time in their room, and it’s made bedtime a lot easier.

  • Jennie
    Mar 05

    I have 5 kids and the older 3 all aged out of naps around 4 or so. I also have a 2.5 year old who takes a 3 hour nap and a 6 month old. I homeschool and all kids are required to have a 1 hour quiet time reading in bed. They benefit from it and so do I. :)

Wenonah posted in Behavior Feb 28

Toddler bed

How old was your LO before you bought them a toddler bed? My LO keeps climbing out of hers in the middle of the night and when she wakes up from her nap. She’ll be 2 years old in April. Is it time?

  • Beverly Vantine
    Mar 05

    well... my kid coslept with us until he got to big, about 2. And so we transitioned him to a double size bed (boxspring on floor with mattress on top). Plenty of room for him to move and not fall off, but if he did fall off, he's pretty low to the ground. (he only fell off once)

  • Kathryn
    Mar 05

    My son went straight to a mattress on his floor in his room at about 15 months. It was a great time to transition because at that point he wasn’t fighting bed time and sometimes even put himself to bed. I got the Beddy’s bedding to ease my concerns about blanket tangles and haven’t looked back.

Anonymous posted in Sleep Feb 27

Sleep training

So my baby is 4 months old,and EBF. I have read books,watched videos...about sleep training.But I'm wondering if it's really feasable and possible to sleep train breastfed babies. I made the mistake not to sleep train my daughter who is 4 now and just she started sleeping through night in her own room, it was a long and tiring journey. I'm trying to avoid going through that again. P... More

  • Stephanie
    Feb 28

    Hi! So I was always trying something in regards to sleep training because I had to go back to work when my baby girl was 4 months, who is also EBF. We transitioned her into her own room around this time. But we would co-sleep sometimes , nurse her to sleep, and just give into her. She woke up every 2 hours after midnight since she was an infant. nothing seemed to work (also maybe just me givin... More

Laura posted in Sleep Feb 22

3-year old alternates btw bed and floor for sleep

We took the front off of our three-year-old's crib a couple months ago and since then she often decides to sleep on her floor or the small loveseat in her room. Last night she wanted to sleep on the floor just outside of her room. There's plush carpet and we make sure she has blankets and a sweater, so I think the floor is pretty comfortable for her. Just wondering if any other kids do ... More

  • Christin
    Mar 05

    I would check on my 2 yo in the middle of the night to find him with his blanket asleep on the floor. When I would go to wake him in the morning he would be back in his bed. I guess they just like to switch it up from time to time.

  • Chanda
    Mar 31

    My daughter suddenly stopped sleeping in her toddler bed just days after the transition. Every night we set up a comfy spot on the floor. Around 3.5 we started moving her to a different room with a regular bed (plus toddler rails).

Lindsay posted in Sleep Feb 20

Suggestions for juggling the morning nap

Does anyone have suggestions for getting the morning nap in for my 9 month old? I am currently juggling a 2 year old, a 9 month old (who hates all sleep) and have to take the kids to childcare for work for a few hours each day. Feeling like if I could provide some consistency with naps that we might have a better sleeper. What have you done?

  • Avon
    Feb 24

    Is there a solid 2-3 hour awake window from when the 9 month old first wakes up? That might be the first helpful hint to make sure they have enough awake time. Also to make sure he or she is well fed and the same environment for that first nap like a super dark room, temperature, sound.

Sleep regression

I need advice about my 18 month old’s sleep regression and using the Ferber Method. We’ve used it for his sleep training in the past, and it’s become very difficult. Has anyone dealt with a toddler that cries for hours before going to sleep? HELP

  • Anonymous
    Feb 21

    When ever I think my son is in a regression, really, I have to step back and look at his schedule. Is his nap too long? Nap too short? Push bedtime back to ensure he’s tired enough? Did he burn enough energy (ie playing outside)? If I see all of these things add up fine then I definitely consider pain- especially with crying/screaming and laying down. Usually an ear infection or even teething... More

Anonymous posted in Family Life Feb 19

Room share toddler & infant?

Our almost 6 week old baby has just started sleeping large chunks (roughly 5-7 hrs from start of final evening feed to “middle-of-the-night feed). We only have enough room to have our 21 month old and baby share. Is this a good enough stretch or should we wait a bit longer? Baby currently sleeps in a pack n play in our room, but we have a mini crib already set up with the toddler bed (it’s j... More

  • Kieli
    Feb 19

    I would wait. My second daughter was doing the same thing for a while, sleeping almost all night! Then went through a horrible sleep regression and woke up every hour for at least a month straight. I did move her into her sisters room about a month ago, and she is doing great again. Waking 1-2 times a night

  • Rebecca
    Feb 20

    Try it for a night or two. We had a similar situation. A lot of nights the toddler slept through the baby waking. We also used white noise all the time. Helps reduce waking up. I put the baby down first. Read stories to the older in our room. Then put toddler down only tucking her in in tree dark. If they have to get use to sleeping in the same room I would start earlier. So it becomes normal.

Sarita posted in Sleep Feb 15

5 yo boy still waking up at night twice

Our only son wakes up every night at around 1-2am and again 5a. He wants to sleep with us and in our bed. I think he doesn’t understand yet that parents sleep together and kids by themselves. I always tell him when putting him to bed that mom and dad sleep in their bed. I reassure him that we’re there in our bed. Thank you for your suggestions.

  • Anne
    Feb 16

    Try a sticker chart! Every night he stays in bed until X o’clock (get him a toddler clock that lights up when it’s okay to get up) he gets a sticker and when the chart is done he gets a small toy or trip to the play place or something. This stuff works well at that age! We also had some luck with getting our 5yo some nightlights and a bedside reading lamp he can turn on because he’s scared of ... More

Christy posted in Sleep Feb 09

Bedtime Routines

I always had a bedtime routine from the time my daughter was 7 months old and up until she was 2 years old. The routine stopped because she refused to be read or sung to like we usually had done. The previous nighttime routine was this: Dinner (6pm), bath (7pm), brush teeth/hair (7:30pm), read a book and sing (7:35 - 8pm), bedtime/sleep (8pm). After she turned 2, she decided she didn't wan... More

  • PK
    Feb 10

    And that sleep schedule sounds very close to ours.

  • Nousa
    Mar 27

    My 3 years old daughter stopped to nap altogether when she turned 2.5, so lucky you that your daughter still naps. As for bedtime, she hated her room altogether around the same age and started to sleep in my bed. Unless I sleep too, she will be up all night if I let her. So I had to go with her in bed, pretend to sleep until she falls asleep, then get up and do my business. It took around an ho... More

My two year old just figured out how to open doors and now won't stay in her room at night/for naps.

My toddler has always been an excellent (though light) sleeper. No problem self-soothing, etc... However she recently learned how to open doors and has been coming out of her room multiple times when she is supposed to be sleeping. We have an ok-to-wake clock and she does seem to understand the concept but either stays awake staring at it waiting for it to change or totally disregards it. We al... More

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 10

    A baby gate or one of those door handle safety covers that make it hard for them to open should be okay. It’s so hard when they start opening doors, what’s next!? Lol. Also, I’m sure you’ve already done so but make sure all your doors that go outside have a lock that’s too high to reach on them....when my daughter learned to open our doors to the outside I was so scared! We got safety locks... More

  • Leslie C.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Feb 12

    My Granddaughter was doing the same thing, so what worked for my daughter was that she turned the door knob around with the lock on the outside, and locked it from the outside. That way my granddaughter could not get out! It worked!

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