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E posted in Sleep Yesterday

Baby wakes up when placed on crib

Recently it’s been hard to put my 14mo in her crib when she’s asleep. It’s a hit and miss sometimes. But man it’s getting really tiring 😰

  • E

    I think it’ll be really hard to do at the moment since I’m staying with my mom cuz she already kind of tries to take over and she’ll just go to my LO or say something to me like I’m doing things wrong

  • E

    She’s somewhat overbearing

Jessica posted in Sleep Monday

Sleep and eating schedules for almost 10 month old to help sleep through the night please and thanks

  • Kerry

    My little one is 10 months and his meals are 4/5oz of milk around 7.30 (he gets up around 7/7.30) breakfast about 4oz of food either puree or mix of puree and table food. Nap around 10.30. Lunch around 12 around 6ozs of food or 4/5ozs food and 1/2oz of formula in a sippy along with the meal. 4oz of milk before nap, Nap around 3/3.30. 5/6ozs of food for dinner around 4.30/5 (depends on nap somet... More

  • Jaz

    Just spoke to my sons nutritionist about this last week (he too is 10m). 5:00- bottle and back to sleep for about 1.5h 7:00- bottle then Breakfast+ Water 10:00- 15-20min nap if sleepy 12:00- Bottle then Lunch +water 1:00- 3/3:30- Nap 3/3:30- snack + water 5pm- bottle then dinner+water 730- shower 8- bottle and OUT for the night! Bootleg first to get all nutrients from milk. Doesn’t have t... More

Triny posted in Sleep Monday

My 3yo keeps waking up in the middle of the nite, sometimes 2-3 times. Any advice? Im tired :(

  • Pila

    I broke my daughters habit of that by treating her to a visit to the dollar tree only if she promised to stay the night in her room totally worked!

  • Triny
    6h ago

    So i tried the blanket thing last night, and it worked!! Yey!... my husband said he heard crying in the morning but she never got up so she was probably dreaming something... i still didnt sleep well because i was expecting her to walk in our at any moment but she didnt, gonna try again tonight, hopefully we both sleep better 😊 thanks again to all of u!!

Jaime posted in Sleep Monday

8 month old suddenly cries when pacifier falls out.

She used to be fine when her paci fell out while sleeping but since the past few days, she’s been crying out when it falls out. Typically, she doesn’t need it when she sleeps either and she’s never done this before. We put a couple in the bed with her but she still wakes. She’s teething also.... are they related and will this habit stop? 😥😬

  • Kate Small

    My daughter did the same thing while she was teething. Usually she passes on the paci, but anytime she has been teething she has been attached to her paci. If after her tooth/teeth come in and she is still more attached to it than you would like, try to slowly phase it out to get her accustomed to not having it.

Natalie posted in Sleep Monday

Help with sleep

My 4 year old almost 5 goes to bed really late. Like 1 or 2 Am she’s with me Sunday night through Thursday night.. & then she’s at her dads the weekend, im not sure what time she goes to bed over there but can somebody give me advice on how to get her to go to sleep earlier?☹️

  • Frankie

    I have the same problem with my 8 year old. They stay up till 2 or 3 am at her dads on the weekends then she doesn’t get enough sleep at my house. We would up having to give her melatonin so she could go to sleep earlier.

  • Laura
    4h ago

    I got my son a weighted blanket and now he is asleep in under 5 minutes instead of being up for hours. Good luck.

Emily posted in Safety Sunday

Toddler Bed Transition

Hi - were about to transition our son, 18 months old, to a toddler bed. We were considering two different rail options - the $100 wood rail that goes with the convertible crib and looks nice OR the $30 rail that is compatible with any crib and doesn’t look as nice. How long do toddlers actually use the rail? Do we really need to get the nice looking rail? Also, any tips for transitioning to t... More

  • Erika

    Im surprised at these answers honestly. We have a convertible crib/toddler bed and when my son was 18 months we took the entire side off. No rail at all. He did amazing and never fell out or anything. He'll be 2 this month and we're about to transfer him to a twin size mattress soon.

  • Emily

    Thank you mommas! This is so helpful! We are wanting to transition because my son is starting a toddler program at a preschool in January where the kids have to sleep on cots for nap time so I want to get him ready for that. Unless anyone thinks I don’t need to worry about this and just let him continue to sleep in the crib at home?

Victoria posted in Sleep Sunday

Sleeping problems

My 20 mo. falls asleep in his own bed perfectly fine and with a full belly but likes to wake up 2 to 3 times in the middle of the night for a bottle. We try to just put him back to sleep without it but he will just sit there and cry or want to sleep in our bed.

  • Mikayla

    I’m gaveling the same issue with my 6 month old.. was sleeping through the night and now wakes up every 3 hours for a bottle.

  • Kirstie

    Try water down the bottles slowly until they’re completely replaced with water, then when you put them to bed give them a sippy cup or bottle of water. That’s what I did when my son turned 1 and now at 14 months he will wake up and feel around for his sippy cup then go back to sleep. (Unless he’s woken up for some other reason)

mommaCow posted in Sleep Sunday

My LO likes to guzzle bottles at night time and will wake up just for a bottle and return to sleep.

  • Anonymous

    Suggest nipping that in the bud. That's a bad habit there (unless baby has developmental, gut, growth, weight issues).

  • Kerry

    How much does your child have during the day? Ive found what works with mine in the amount he needs during the day and if he has enough he wont wake up to eat. To me it sounds like they are hungry if they guzzle the bottle then go back to sleep. I found after a growth spurt when my son didnt need the milk at night he wouldnt drink much of his first bottle so i would give water one night and he ... More

Amanda posted in Babies Sunday

Sleeping on tummy

My 6month old rolled over in bed the other night and she is wanting to sleep on her tummy now but she isn’t figuring out what to do with her face so it wakes her up. She can fall asleep with in sec in her stomach but then she is awake because she can’t figure out her face placement. So the last few night have been awful because she isn’t able to turn back over and can’t figure her face out so s... More

Anonymous posted in Sleep Sunday

Toddler screaming at 3AM asking to sleep in the livingroom

My 2 year old wake up screaming very often now and asks to sleep in the livingroom. She wakes up everyone in the house while crying and screaming out of sudden. I talk to her but at that moment she won't listen. Anyone have any suggestions what to tell her while she is so fuzzy at night?

  • Diana

    Maybe she just did like sleeping on the sofa with her dad. Can’t he wake up to put her back to sleep so you don’t have to worry about the baby?

  • Anonymous

    He does night shifts for the rest of the week. It's me and kids alone. She never sleeps with anyone but me. And those times that she slept with her dad we were surprised. She is so tired whole day(she never naps) and still will wait for me. I just don't know how to convince her that she can't sleep there. Seriously you helped alot with your question. I had a breakdown and needed he... More

Tairys posted in Babies Saturday

How to get my 11 month old to sleep through the night?

I recently sleep trained my baby. While training, most of the nights she slept through until 5am. But now that she doesn't cry anymore, she been waiking up at 3am hungry or wanting to go to my bed. I'm not sure if i should let her cry it out or what. Her bed time is at 9. And that's when she gets her bottle. And at 12am i try to feed her a bottle while asleep but she refuses to drin... More

  • Kendall

    We ROUGHLY follow schedule number 2 for our 12 month old. I think it seems like you’re trying to feed and do funky timing and feedings. It’s not so complicated :) a good schedule is the key to good sleep and that goes for both naps and bedtime. It’s proven that babies/toddlers do better with an earlier bedtime I think 9 May be too late. This is from a book we used for sleep training! (Instead ... More

  • Elle

    This is a great sample schedule ^^^

Anonymous posted in Sleep Friday

Nap schedule for third baby.

Feeling pretty defeated trying to keep a nap schedule for my third child. She’s five months old and generally needs to sleep after 2 hours awake (max), but being on the go with my other kids makes a strict schedule hard to follow. I feel like we’re transitioning from the newborn sleep whenever wherever to needing something more consistent. I would love to let her sleep in a carrier (and sometim... More

  • Yopolos

    My third sleeps in the carrier a lot. Two tips: make sure the angle of the carrier is safe for her neck position (if in the car or snap click stroller you are good, other wise simulating that). Second is white noise. Put it on your phone and when you are moving her have it on relatively loud so it drowns out distractions for her. I also believe the more she gets used to the carrier sleeping th... More

  • Sara

    This is an issue right now with my second child. She's 6 months old and hasn't had a consistent nap schedule because she's constantly being shuttled around to her older sister's activities. Honestly though my take is "if it ain't broken don't fix it". My baby still sleeps great at night even without a consistent nap schedule AND her disposition is so chill. I ... More

Jennifer posted in Sleep Friday

Is this a typical sleep issue?

Our baby doesn’t seem to nap enough at daycare. Even when we have her on the weekends she also fights her naps (coming up on 7 months). She typically gets 1.5-2 hours TOTAL nap time at daycare lately, naps after feeding when we get home (~4/4:30), and then still crashes for the night anywhere 5:45p-6:30p. It’s disappointing on weekdays bc this means daddy doesn’t really get to see her except... More

  • Elle

    At our daycare, many of the babies including our own sleep better there than at home because they are sooo stimulated and are learning so so much everh minute than they nap for twice as long as they do on weekends with us. Even though we're engaging her and introducing new things to her often, there are still only 2 of us, vs all the stimulation at daycare. She usually sleeps muuuch better ... More

  • Jennifer

    Thanks everyone! She’s been in daycare since just after 3 months but sleeps through the night (no feeds, just maybe 1 diaper change) since around 2 mo. She sleeps well at daycare...I’ve arrived after a nap has just started and she sleeps soundly, no rolling or fussing even when the awake babies are louder than the white noise. I’ll just keep an eye on her and maybe try out a few new nap time... More

2 month old sleeper and not eating much!

My baby is almost 3 mos old. He has a protein/ milk sensitivity on top of which he also has GERD. I am bit concerned as he is sleeping in stretches of 5-6 hours and only eats a maximum of 3.5 oz. anything he eats beyond that he spits. He is gibing weight but really slow. Is this normal?

  • Vanessa

    They may need to put him on meds. For my son and daughter gripe water worked for reflux discomfort, sleeping inclined ( I used a wedge) my son had to be in soy. Did your dr say anything about a little less ounces more often? GERD is tricky, I can’t imagine! My kids were reflux but not GERD

  • Frances

    Yes he’s ranitidine..but dr said it’s for managing the Acid. That’s it. We’re taking an amino acid based formula.. tried breastmilk but that didn’t work for him either as I’ve been taking dairy . So yeah, it’s a challenge for us coz we have to make sure we don’t let him sleep more than 6 hrs.. it’s always 3 the most so that we can keep us with his 24 to 28 oz per day. But he doesn’t like it mos... More

Anonymous posted in Sleep Friday

Nap time for 2.5 yr old

So my son doesn’t really take naps anymore. I feel it’s best for everyone he if he still has some quiet time though. Is that okay? It’s like nap time but with books and a few stuffed animals. Also he’s recently started throwing a fit when it comes time for bed just crying and screaming and wants to snuggle. He was never like this before. Never threw fits, that’s still his really only fit is at ... More

  • Tara

    When our daughter (2.4) has her battling bedtime phases, then I might tweak bedtime routine a little. For example, her delay tactics were mostly around bedtime reading- which book to read, for how long, changing her mind halfway through etc- so I took out reading from bedtime and put it as the last activity during downtime/ before bath. Simplifying routine helped. Otherwise, I just took my tim... More

  • Kimberly

    I’ve done different things with different kids. My daughter responds well to knowing what we will do after nap time or bedtime. If I tell her we will bake or play outside or whatever when she starts to throw a fit then she will usually settle and goes down easy. She is 2.5 My son is a totally different monster at 4 lol. Sometimes we go back in a few times and sometimes we let him cry if needed.... More

Sarah posted in Sleep Friday

Taking the Pacifier

Help! My husband is adamant that when our daughter turns two, all pacifiers are being thrown away. She turns two at the end of this month. She does not need it during the day, only at night. She can’t even sleep without it, I’ve tried.. What is the best technique to handle this with a toddler who can’t sleep without one?

  • Madison Mertz

    Just let them cry it out. I’m about to sound horrible, but I lost all of my sons pacifiers when he was 4 months old 🤦🏻‍♀️ he fussed a little but never really wanted one again

  • Amanda
    5h ago

    Why is it so important to your husband to remove something that obviously gives her comfort?? If she's only using it at night, it's not as though it really effects anyone. :(

Jordan posted in Sleep Friday

Sleep Training a 3yr to put himself to bed!

My SO and I have done sleep training with our son on a numerous occasion! Every time we do and we get to where we almost have it down, something major has happened. Then we are back to square 1. Our son will be 3 next week and I’m still having to lay in bed with him, don’t get me wrong i love doing that because we read books and talk about the solar system, but when I’m having to lay there unti... More

  • Ivy

    Yes... he did! So that’s why my husband had to do it... and he left his arm there on the bed. There was a lot of explaining during the transitions. The first day I would say, is the worst. My husband didn’t rush to the next transition until our son was “ready”

  • Ashlie

    Well don't stop reading to him always read to him what you can do is after reading to him get up and sit down with your back to the door with it open if he gets out of bed just put him back that is how he will learn to self sooth

Bree posted in Sleep Friday

How can I let the baby self soothe or cry it out without waking the 2 year old?

Hi! I have a 27 month old and 10 mo old. We have a small house and in order to keep the baby from waking up his brother I have nursed him to keep him quiet during the night when he wakes. He will wake 4-8 times a night and I work full time. He hasn’t had a lot of practice self soothing. I’ve tried at naps or when he goes down before big brother but it’s not consistent. Any suggestions for helpi... More

  • Lisa

    I have the same type of issue. I have a 3.5 year old and a now almost 10 month old. Just in the last couple of months I have started to let the baby cry it out. Since birth I have slept on the couch with her or answered her cries rather fast to prevent my 3 YO from waking next door. I found that by closing the baby’s door muffles the sound enough that the 3 YO sleeps through her cries, and o... More

  • Vanessa

    Baby wise is an excellent book and helped me with getting my child on a schedule, how to know when they are waking to eat out of habit and is more going on...teething, wet diaper, pain, reflux...

Brenda posted in Sleep Thursday

My 2 year old talks in her sleep

Sometimes it's cute and funny but other times its terrifying.

  • Logan

    Mine is 4 and does the same thing

  • Aje

    My one year old does that. He also sleeps with his eyes open 😬

Anonymous posted in Sleep Thursday

Toddler won't sleep?

I'm so tired guys. My baby girl is almost 2. She's having a hard time getting off bottles and the pacifier. She only has bottles before bed. I let her fall asleep with the pacifier then take it away when she falls asleep. She'll wake up looking for it and will whine until she gets it. We have a small apartment so her crib is next to my bed. When she whines, she crawls over and lays ... More

  • Rebecca

    Here’s a life changer - this author is amazing. And I read a lot of sleep books

  • Sallie

    Hylands homeopathic teething tablets and earache tablets. Safe and works wonders!

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