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Kelsea posted in Sleep Yesterday

Sleep routine

I have an almost 3 month old who will not sleep earlier than 9:30pm. I start his bedtime routine at 7pm. He is usually wanting to feed for this whole time. Sometimes he won’t settle till 10:40 or later. He might sometimes sleep for a five and hour stretch. Sometimes only 3 and will sleep for 1.5 to 2 hours again. Any suggestions on how to get him to sleep earlier?

  • Lisa

    My daughter was the same way, I was able to get her to sleep longer by adding rice cereal to her breast milk bottles, and I was able to get her to go to bed earlier by waking her earlier in the morning... mine just turned 4 months, and she sleeps 12 hours a night. from when she falls asleep, so to change her bedtime you have to wake her earlier in the morning. So I try to put her to sleep wit... More

  • Breanna
    1h ago

    This is pretty normal for a 3 month old. Please do not add rice cereal to your babies bottle - it's is a huge chocking hazard! Plus babies should not start any form of solids until 4-6 months old. Solids should also not be used to fill up a babies tummy as they still need all their nutrients from BM or formula until 1 yr old. You can try changing bedtime by 15 minutes each night. Make sure... More

Floor bed

We are thinking of transitioning our 14mo to a floor bed and would love some feedback. Right now, we close the door of her bedroom for nap time and at night but I am wondering what happens when they wake up. I am sure she will be knocking on the door which is not really the idea of the montessori bed. Thanks :)

E. Jane posted in Sleep Tuesday

Baby Wakes Up Crying

When my baby was younger she used to wake up happy from her naps and sometimes from sleeping at night. But now, she cries every time she wakes up. Even when she wake up not crying, once she sees me, then she starts crying. But when she sees someone else like my sister for instance, she’d be happy. She sees my sister as someone who often brings her joy and laughter because every time they’re tog... More

  • Megan

    My son has cried every time he has woken in his 10 months of life 🤷🏻‍♀️ He’s a happy kid, just not when he first wakes up.

  • E. Jane

    Okay this is odd news but this morning and her first nap, she woke up happy both times. This is rare and I’m a bit confused 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😝 I’m happy though because I’ve been wishing for this for a long time! I’m guessing just well rested. At night, she tends to wake like every 2-3hrs and I just nurse her to sleep if she’s really crying. She doesn’t really sleep through the night unfortunately 😅

Caroline posted in Sleep Tuesday

Sleep issue 14 mo

Hello everyone, Our 14 month old has recently started to wake up again once a night. She cries in her crib until we pick her up and then just stays awake for 1-2h, eyes wide open... any ideas on how to fix this? We are exhausted! Thanks

  • Anonymous

    I had the same thought. So we only give it if she’s really distraught. Hence why I’m shoving as much fat into her as possible before bed. Seems to be working. She’s also really tiny so I hate to leave her hungry.

  • Caroline

    Yes I see. Ours is a big eater! So I don’t think she wakes up because she is hungry

Yessenia posted in Sleep Monday

Sleep training & 3 yr old

Please share any tips or tricks for sleep training a 3 year old. We just changed her crib to a toddler bed so she can get down from her bed now! Any tips would be helpful!! She needs me to sit or lay by her bed in order to fall asleep, & is waking throughout the night now! Thanks!!

  • Dana

    When my daughter did this we just kept walking her back to her room with little no interaction (positive or negative). It took 3-5 days, I can’t remember. When she stays in her room we always make a point to tell her that she should be proud of herself for staying in bed all night.

  • Stephanie

    Three is the perfect age to begin teaching the life skill of staying in bed. First step: learn the reward - what does your child want? Second step: link it to what you want. Third step: pre-frame Fourth step: Follow through This is a two step plan: First during the night time routine. “Timmy, would you like me to read you one story, two stories, or three stories” Timmy chooses thre... More

Anonymous posted in Safety Sunday

What’s the deal with crib bumpers?

Everywhere I read they aren’t safe, my ped says not to use them. But I keep seeing them sold in stores and on my used baby stuff listserv, and people asking questions here. Do you use them? Is it worth the risk?

  • Kaitlyn

    I used mesh crib bumpers because you can breathe through them. I stopped using them after my kid turned one because he puked multiple times in a week and it's a pain to change the crib sheets with the bumpers.

  • Breanna

    They are unsafe (mesh and padded). When my daughter was 5 months she stuck her leg through the bars and I considered buying them. But after googling I decided not to. The risk isn't worth it. I'd rather my baby have a bruised leg than a baby who suffocated.

Anonymous posted in Sleep Saturday

Transitioning to a crib from a rock and play.

So my daughter is 2 and 1/2 months old and she had been sleeping in her Rock and play and then we got a crib she doesn't like to sleep in a crib very much I think it's due to the way she's able to sleep in the Rock and play. That she doesn't like sleeping in a crib but recently she's been sleeping in her bouncer my question is do you think that it will make it easier for he... More

  • Anonymous

    I get using the rock and play if that’s what you need (esp with reflux) but it actually isn’t safe unless supervised, which means not at night, and babies that spend a lot of time in it have a higher chance of flat head. They also get used to sleeping that way so cribs are hard. I’d try swaddling for naps and making the switch as early as you can.

  • Jenn

    My daughter slept in a rock n play at night (often bouncer and mommy's chest during the day) until 4 months old. I tried putting her in a flat bassinet and her crib before that but she just wasn't ready. We transitioned to her crib slowly, starting with only her morning nap. I put a vibrating crib wedge under the mattress and a rolled towel under her sheet (in a half circle so it felt c... More

Toddler Beds?

I’ve been at a loss on when I should transfer my son out of his crib into a toddler bed. He’s learned boundaries, so I don’t think he would fall out of it. I was going to get one with raised sides anyway. We want to surprise him with a race car toddler bed for his 2nd birthday, but I’m unsure if that’s too early. Does it really just depend on the kid? What has been your experience?

  • Vicki

    My two oldest, girls, were both in toddler beds by around 15-16 months old. They never fell out and would usually stay in their room or come into ours when they woke up. It definitely depends on the kid and the maturity level you think they have. My girls handled it well, and hoping my baby boy will too around the same age, but we’ll have everything super baby proofed, anchored, etc..

  • Kathie

    Thanks for your reply Vicki! If you started your kids that early and they did fine, then that really puts me at ease that there is a high chance of my son being fine at 2 years old. Thanks

Veronica posted in Sleep Saturday

My 5 1/2 month old won’t sleep in crib anymore. Could it be separation anxiety? He’s fine when he’s playing in his play spot. He’s ok with me leaving. He’s also really good about being held by other people. He does get really excited to see me in other peoples laps but he doesn’t fuss. Nap time I would rock him until he fall asleep and then put him down. If he would wake up he would roll o... More

  • Veronica

    Ok so my next question is im leaving in two weeks should I wait until then so it’s not another transition or it’s ok to start now ?

  • Anonymous

    Now is as good of a time as ever! 2 weeks should be fine, and if not, you can always pick back up and start again. I mean if your baby isn’t sleeping well as it is then it seems to me that the sooner the better

Anonymous posted in Newborns Friday

Co-sleeping? Thoughts?

We’ve been co-sleeping with our 3 month old because some nights that’s the only way he’ll sleep through the night...

  • Jackie

    We started out having our little one in a bassinet next to our bed but after a few weeks he would only sleep on us so in our bed he went. He is seven months now and I can’t imagine having him in the other room now. It will happen one day but for now we are fine having him in our bed with us. I agree with what the other posters said as long is its done safely and it works for your family its fine.

  • Drusilla

    Absolutely yes! We've been cosleeping since Felix was about a week old 🖤 its just another one of those to each their own things ^.^

Marlen posted in Sleep Friday


If you’re like me and love co-sleeping but also love cuddling your hubby here’s a cool tip. We bought one of those toddler bed rails and placed it on my side of the bed. I placed a small but big enough blanket over the rail, extending it over the top of the rail up to about halfway off the bed. Tucked the blanket in just a little with my hand in between the bed and the rail (stopping my baby’s ... More

  • Nathalyn

    We just bought a rail for our king bed. I haven’t set it up yet since it came in just today. Glad I’m not the only one doing this!

  • Marlen

    It was a life saver. My husband loved it more cause he didn’t have to be up checking to see where the baby was. He was able to to toss and turn since the baby was now on my side only.

I need some mamas help!

My son turns 3 months tomorrow! He’s been fighting naps, to the point that he will only nap for 5 minutes then wake up crabby as ever. He sleeps good at night but during the day he’s just awful. When he’s trying to go down for naps he flails back and forth, cries, falls asleep, then continuously does this. Idk what to do...I’m so drained 😞

  • Stacey

    We had to start getting creative with our swaddle around this time. We had to leave her legs free because she didn’t like being strapped down and would fight the swaddle but still had to keep her arms swaddled because she hadn’t completely lost the startle reflex. You’ll get through this. It’s just a phase but it does feel like it lasts forever while it’s happening.

  • Kate

    Ohhh, I remember month 3. Our gal had a terrible sleep regression at that time - they’re growing so much. Keep hanging in there. Call on your partner or friends/family for extra support to help you through this rough patch. It is only a phase, but it’s survival time for you! Do whatever you can to take care of yourself. For baby, we had to do whatever it took - I remember a lot more holding... More

Alys posted in Sleep Jun 14

11 month old having hard time sleeping at night

My 11 montg old is now having a hard time sleeping through the night. She had some night terror episodes around 3-6 months but has been fine since. But this whole week has been putting her to bed, she sleeps fine for awhile, then wakes up crying and thrashing, has to be put in bed with me, and even then thrashes around and doesn't get much rest. I'm not sure what I can do to help or why... More

Kcsvikes23 posted in Sleep Jun 13

Nighttime trouble

I have a 4 1/2 month old who will go down at bedtime fine and sleep for a couple of hours very peacefully without much movement but then all of a sudden he starts thrashing around; legs in the air, trying to roll vigorously from side to side, hands into his face, etc but while he is doing this his eyes are still closed. I usually end up picking him up and having to rock him for awhile before p... More

  • Tracy
    Jun 13

    My little girl has rolled to her side, kicks her legs up since day 1. Around 3 months we discovered The Magic Sleep Suit. It’s the only thing she will sleep in. Yup we are going to be screwed when she can’t wear it anymore but for the meantime it’s working 😂.

  • Alexandra
    Jun 14

    Check with dr. My boy had night terrors as a baby and i was advised never to pick him up when this happened. It may be something else but vigorously shaking is a big cue in my head.

CeCe posted in Sleep Jun 12

Just came back from a different time zone. Now my 10 month old son is having difficulty sleeping. I’m guessing it will take some time but does anyone have tips on getting him back on his normal sleep routine? Pleaseeeeeeeee Helppppppppppp :)

Heather posted in Sleep Jun 12

What are some tips you use/used to get your toddler to got to sleep alone at night ?

  • Meg
    Jun 13

    Bath, jammies, brush teeth and story time with whatever favorite stuffed animal he likes that day. Sometimes sing to him and that works too! Just need to find a routine that works for you! ♡

  • Rich

    Consistent pattern.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Jun 11

Do crib aquarium soothers work?

Do they help to get your baby to drift off to sleep or are over-stimulating? Was thinking of getting one for my 9mo old who is having a hard time falling asleep on her own.

  • B
    Jun 11

    Mine never worked, and my daughter is at best indifferent, at worst over stimulated. My nephew loved his and used it to self soothe. Must be baby specific?

Becca posted in Sleep Jun 10

Teaching 3 mo old to sleep alone

Advise to teach my almost 3mo old son to sleep on his own? I’ve been sleeping in the spare bedroom with him and nurse him when he wakes (about every 1 1/2-2hrs at a time). But when will he be able to sleep on his own? I don’t mind the feeding but I haven’t shared a bed with my husband in almost 3 months. Is this a progress where I just keep putting my son in the crib till eventually he learns t... More

  • J
    Jun 11

    oh, i have heard that wrapping him with something that smells like you might help. i would recommend start trying the crib with naps. try little by little, soothing when necessary. good luck!

  • Jenn

    You and your husband will get through this. Most people don't openly talk about it but having a baby is a huge strain on your marriage, especially in the beginning when everyone is sleep deprived, lonely, and still adjusting to new roles. You're right that your baby is too young to cry it out. You can start sleep training at 4 months, but cry it out isn't recommended that early (I&#... More

Anonymous posted in Newborns Jun 10

Nursing and sleeping

Hi - my 5-week old can only take naps and sleep after feeding and she’s using my breasts to soothe so it feels like she’s always on me nursing. I wait until she’s in deep sleep before putting her in her crib because she wakes up and cries and wants to nurse if I do it any sooner. So she’s on me for another 20mins after nursing. Any ideas on how to wean her off and get her to sleep on her own? T... More

  • Elle
    Jun 12

    Agree with everything that Emma said, and, for what it's worth, I guess we're those parents described in Emma's last sentence (we calm and soothe baby and then put her down and walk away for her to fall fully asleep). Some things we do/ do not do that might be of use: We do NOT feed her to sleep. She gets burped A LOT before she falls asleep. It's much better for her digestion... More

  • Jenn
    Jun 12

    Fortunately, and unfortunately for you, it's totally normal at that age. Just do whatever works right now. At about 2 months old, consistency starts to matter slightly so pick something and stick with it then. Motion helps.. swing, rock n play, walks, car rides, etc. if you just need a break. The newborn stage sucks but it'll pass :). You can start sleep training when she can self sooth... More

Alana posted in Sleep Jun 09

Refusing to Sleep in the Crib Now that He Can Roll

My son just turned 4 months and he can officially roll. He’s had this new found ability to roll for about a week but now that he can roll he refuses to sleep in his crib. I rock him to the point of being sleepy and when I put him down he immediately rolls and wakes up! In fact the only way I have been able to get him down is by putting him to sleep on my bed! I am so worried he will never sle... More

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