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Erin posted in Sleep Yesterday

Teething & waking up early?

So my LO is 15 months. He is a GREAT sleeper...on the regular he sleeps from 9:30p-9:30a. However...he’s teething right now with molars. Chewing on hands, drool everywhere & soaking bibs...& he’s been waking up early (between 4a-6a) for the past week. I give him Motrin before bed & seems to give relief for a bit. When he wakes up he won’t lay back in crib...I will let him sleep on m... More

  • B
    1h ago

    Why not give more Motrin? It only lasts 6-8 hours

  • emily
    15m ago

    I use Hyland’s baby Nighttime Oral Pain Relief (they also have a daytime version!) They’re completely all natural and work WONDERS. I actually don’t even use tylenol anymore for teething pain (only if he has a fever, etc) I buy mine from Target, but they’re sold in other stores as well :)

ramon posted in Behavior Feb 15

Sleep routine - My daughter hates going to sleep

I have a 3 year old who absolutely hates going to sleep at night. Every night is a struggle to get her to go to sleep. I’m pretty sure that if it was up to her, she’d stay up until midnight every night. Her nap time is 8 o clock, which I think is reasonable, and only takes one nap during the day around noon, for about 1.5 hours. We’ve tried no sugary snacks after 5, lavender oils, night time ... More

  • Ciara Grey

    I’d cut the 8pm nap out.

  • Kerry

    If she goes to bed @8 when does she wake up? She may be getting enough night sleep and the nap could be too long. I worked in a day care and for some 3/4 year olds we had to do 30 min nap or no nap as it cut into night sleep. Id def try cutting the nap down to an hr and if that doesnt help then down to 30 mins and if your still having problems at bedtime just cut out the nap then maybe move bed... More

Cris posted in Sleep Feb 15

Sleep training

My son just turned 6 months old and at his check up his pediatrician suggested we start sleep training. A little back story- my baby has been a horrible sleeper since he was born. He’s wakes every 1-2 hours, he only falls asleep if my husband or I hold him, and sleeps in his pack n play next to our bed. I really don’t know how I feel moving him into his own room. I know eventually we have to do... More

  • Cheryl

    CRY IT OUT. I know, I know. I didn’t know how I felt about it. But after the first night of letting my baby cry it out, he is almost perfect about sleeping in his crib. All of my siblings and I cried it out and we are fine by the way. My baby is better now that we are all getting good enough sleep. He gets better sleep in his crib.

  • Dani

    My son is 3 and we have had many setbacks with sleeping in his own room over the last 3 years. We did the cry it out method. We will rock for 10-15 mins and then he goes into his room. When he figured out how to get out of bed and how to open his door it took a few weeks of retraining.

Sleeping habits

My lo is 9 months and she sleeps in her crib every night but struggles. She has a routine that we follow, it’s quiet and peaceful but she cries when I place her in the crib. As soon as she is done her last bottle of milk she wants to play and she rolls around. A couple minutes after that she falls asleep. But around 2-4am she wakes up for a bottle again. Last night she woke up crying with her a... More

  • Bobby

    At this stage it’s totally up to you and what you are comfortable with! It may be easier to stop cosleeping now, but some babies/toddlers have a very easy transition.

  • Dani

    You may want to invest in a weighted sleeper. They’re specifically made for babies and have worked wonders. Expensive, but 100% worth it for a bunch of my friends (including a set of twins).

Simon posted in Behavior Feb 15

My son needs to scratch my neck to fall asleep

Hey, my 16 mo son is so used to touching / scratching / squeezing the skin of my neck when falling asleep that it's really hard to break the habit. He wakes up when I try to keep his hand away. Any similar experiences?

  • Nurse

    My son was a breastfed baby and needed stimulation during feedings to the point he would punch my boob and sometimes himself with his little baby hands. He transitioned to pinching me or anyone else in his grasp. I would redirect his hand to his own body. He is now 4 and he pinches his neck when he is tired.

  • Ashly

    Following- My son has to touch someone to fall asleep.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Feb 14

When do you stop breastfeeding your baby to sleep at night?

I still breastfeed my 8 month old to sleep at night. She wakes up about once a night for a feeding. How do I get rid of this so other people can put her to sleep and not just me.

  • Andrea
    Feb 15

    Read “solve your childs sleep problems” by dr ferber. I used his method (online you will find different versions of this “ferber method” ) at 8 months with my youngest son. That is a good age to sleep train! My son adapted pretty quickly. It does involve crying... but the younger the baby, the less crying (cause they are more tired and can’t “fight” to stay awake as long as older babies). ... More

  • Copeley

    Honestly don’t ever start! I made the mistake with my first and she had to be rocked and nursed to sleep for the first 1 1/2 of her life! If they learn it and love it they own it and that’s when you are at the beckon call. I would try every kind of bottle you can with the pre made formula and warm it up a little. The pre made formula is more like breast milk and helps them to sleep for longer p... More

Lacie posted in Sleep Feb 12

Sleep remedies for 7 month olds

My 7 month old is wide awake @ 10pm what can I do

  • Jenn
    Feb 14

    Well that could be the reason. My LO goes through phases where she is up at 10 if I don't give her motrin before bed

  • Copeley

    Liquid melatonin! I order it on amazon and keep it refrigerated. I give my 10 month old about 0.5mL and she seems to sleep better...some nights. 😜

Noemi posted in Sleep Feb 12

My almost two year old doesn’t sleep on her own unless I rock her to sleep. What can I do?

  • Taylor

    my daughter was the same way now i just lay her in bed with us get close to her hold her hand (in the dark btw no tvs on because apparently that is what keeps them awake) and about 30/45mins after she falls asleep I take her to her bed n tuck her in all comfy then shes good for the rest of the night. i wish i didnt have to do it that way but its ok for now as long as you NEVER forget to put the... More

  • Haley

    Cry it out.

Anonymous posted in Sleep Feb 12


Hello any tips for getting baby to sleep throughout the night? Thank you :)

  • Keylis
    Feb 12

    Build a really strong routine! That’s the most important. Without a routine u have nothing!

  • Danielle
    Feb 12

    A bedtime routine and working on getting the baby on a nap schedule worked for us. I read a lot and did a lot of research about baby sleep which all indicated that “sleep begets more sleep” and a baby that’s overtired during the day is likely to have restless and interrupted sleep at night. I am not a fan of cry it out for an extended period of time but around 4/5 months I did begin to give my ... More

Anonymous posted in Sleep Feb 11

16 month old waking up 10-13 times a night

I have tried literally every trick in every “book” I can find, my daughter just cannot sleep through the night. A solid 2 hours has become a blessing because usually she wakes up every 1-1.5 hours. I’m a single mom, so it’s all on me. I have gone to a sleep psychologist, I’ve tried all the cry/no cry methods, a consistent routine, consistent naps during the day, etc. Currently I am trying a no ... More

  • Lily
    Feb 12

    I would try what Lindsey did.....I cosleep with my 17 month old and she sleeps all night. I think sometimes they just need that time with mommy. It could be a way for you to get some sleep until your little one is a little older:)

  • Diane

    I put a bed in my daughters room and when she wakes (usually 3 hrs or so after she goes to sleep) I sleep in that bed with her. Eventually Im hoping she’ll transition into sleeping in that bed without me. I fought her night wake ups for sooo long and finally when she was 16 months I decided to do this and im so much happier. I didnt bring her into my bed bc I want my bed to remain mine and my h... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Feb 10

HELP! My 19 months old still needs to be nursed to nap and only take cat naps

I still need to nurse my 19 months old before she goes to sleep in the day time and most of the time she would wake up in an hour. I will then go to pick her up and continue to breastfeed her back to sleep. But she wont really fall back to deep sleep. Once I take off my boob, she opens her eyes. She sleeps well better in the night. She can go to sleep by herself as long as I lie beside and only... More

  • Kieli
    Feb 11

    I agree. Don’t offer the breast, you can start by offering a bottle then slowly take that away too, so she will learn to sleep with nothing

  • Lily
    Feb 11

    My 18 month old still nurses for a nap in the afternoon and at night. Not in a big hurry to get her off, she has a little sister coming soon. But, just remember if you get her on the bottle you will have to take that away at see point too!

Lindsay posted in Sleep Feb 10

When did your toddler's afternoon nap start getting shorter?

Our toddler was napping about 1.5 hours each day. He's now almost 22 months and it's an hour if we're lucky. Wondering if this is a regression or if it's just a natural decrease that occurs at this age.

  • Lily
    Feb 11

    If mine gets to sleep as long as she wants over night sometimes she doesn't nap. If she has to get up then she could nap for like 3 hours! She is 18 months

  • Taylor

    if he sleeps all night dont worry! hes growing! it wont always be that way since their nody does catch up on sleep but itll probably be like that for now on

Merlin’s Suit Transition/Face Down Sleeper/Torticollis?

My 5 month old has been rolling in her summer sleep Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit, so we have still put her in the heavier, bigger winter one. She has started trying really hard to roll in that one as well, so I called the company and they recommended I transition her out of that one too. They suggested keeping the room really cool and putting her in 2 cotton sleepers and a sleep sack to give it we... More

  • Anna
    Feb 11

    Thanks, Jenn! We actually decided to order this: Just wanted to have peace of mind! I’m sure she will learn, but it’d be nice in the meantime not to be up every 5 minutes panicking.

  • Cheryl
    Feb 11

    I agree with Jenn. My LO rolls over in his crib and likes to fall asleep with his face in the mattress. I gently turn his head. He’s NEVER liked sleeping on his back. I tried everything and eventually gave up. I just check on him as soon as he falls asleep and whenever I’m up in the night. Just last night he turned his head by himself.

Jessy posted in Sleep Feb 08

Naptime issues

Hi everyone! My little one is 9 months old and I’m a full time working mommy. While I’m working my mother in law watches our lo at her house, Which we are so Grateful! we also giving $$ every two weeks for helping us. Anyways she has a dog that barks all the time and I feel like my little-one isn’t getting enough rest during the day. She comes home super tired and jumpy. She’ll fall asleep in ... More

  • Laura
    Feb 09

    Have MIL put a white noise machine right next to your daughter while she naps to drown out the dog. Our daughter always naps longer at home than at school. We just put her to bed earlier on weeknights to make up for it. Also, at that age, our daughter was falling asleep on the walk home from school after work. Things like strollers and car rides put kids to sleep easily, and at that age they ar... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Feb 09

    Also, are you assuming the dog is waking her or is this relayed from her? How long has your mil watched her with the dog?We have a dog, and assuming your daughter has been going there for months now, she probably doesn’t wake. My kids never really were woken by our dog. But either way, best suggestion is definitely the white noise. I didn’t use it until my third child, but it definitely helps ... More

Anonymous posted in Sleep Feb 08

Need help for 9mnth baby waking up in the night

My 9mnth old baby waking up in every 1-2 hrs...n demand for breastfeeding...She is not hungry just learned this habbit...My ped told to not entertain her in the night n let her cry n sleep her own...Hows that possible to let her cry coz she just scream n cry very loudly...Any suggestions...need help???

  • Elle
    Feb 11

    Sleep train. Baby sleep studies show it doesnt matter if its breast milk or formula, babies can be trained to sleep thru the night and get the sleep they need starting at 2-3 months. Whatever method you pick, be consistent, and understand that it will take a little longer because she's closer to a year old.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 11

    Thank you. Kerry...but she doesn't sleep her own....but I can try with sippy of water.. Thanks elle

How to get my 6 year old son to stay in his bed all night?

  • Jackie
    Feb 08

    We made monster spray for my step son and he sprayed the areas he was afraid of and if he got up in the middle of the night to call instead of getting out of bed and we would come to him instead. It took about a week he’s 9 now.

Bonita posted in Behavior Feb 07

Sibling sleep issues?

My kids are 19 months apart my oldest is 4 and my youngest will be 3 in April. We recently transitioned our youngest (son) to a toddler bed, and since then he and our oldest (daughter) will get up multiple times a night to play. Once they are up there is no turning back! My husband and I have tried the clocks that change color, positive reinforcement/rewards, consequences (ie-no story time, tv... More

  • T
    Feb 07

    Get some finger Guards for the door, so it doesn’t close all the way or a door monkey that keeps it opened a couple of inches, but doesn’t open more. And the poop on the floor will happen anyways. It’s that age and seems to be the personality of your kid. Mine did it all the time. We figured out it was because she was ready to potty train. Potty in room. Don’t stress about the poop and have the... More

  • Bonita
    Feb 08

    Thanks for the advice ladies!! I really appreciate it! I will definitely give it a try!

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Feb 07

3Yr Old Sleep Habbits

How much sleep does your 3yr old get? We recently started experimenting with “quiet time,” rather than nap time. I have mixed feeling about it - on the plus my twins are going to bed around 7pm rather than 9. They also go down 100% easier and quicker. However, I’m worried they are not getting enough sleep ... they generally will wake up between 5 and 6 in the morning. They sometimes get cranky... More

  • Raychelle
    Feb 10

    Our 3.5 year old still naps every day for at least an hour & 1/2. He goes to school 5 days a week and they nap there so we just keep the routine on the weekends. Bed time during the week is no later than 8 pm. My son is very active and for his sanity, my sanity and the teachers- we push nap time!!

  • Caitlin

    We went cold-turkey on naps at around 3... She now goes to bed at around 10 and is up at 7-8. Which works for us. We’re pretty anti-schedule, so we just let her go to bed when she’s tired and get up when she’s ready. Go by how your kid feels. That being said, on nights where we know she has to get up earlier, we lay her down way earlier. Listen to your kid’s body, not what they’re saying 😂 The ... More

Marika posted in Behavior Feb 06

Night Time Fears - Fear of the Dark

My son is a sensitive little boy. We been co-sleeping for 3 years and recently started him on his own room. The start was not bad. Yes he would come into our room sometime in the night, but quietly and we do not discourage it. Lately however he stopped coming to our room quietly and is crying loud in his bed most of the time also wet with pee. When asking what is wrong that moment or during day... More

Marium posted in Sleep Feb 05

Sleep problem

My 8 month old wakes up multiple times at night, I tried everything,she sleeps in a different room.She has a night time routine, she will sleep immediately at night when I’ll put her in crib around 9ish but she will wake up in middle of the night 1:30, 2:30,3:30. I’ll go in her room after half n hour of crying and will pat her but I won’t take her out from crib, she will start crying once I’ll ... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 06

    Sounds like teething :( the first sets of teeth my son got that was sooooo him. Every single hour. Maybe try Motrin before bed? You may not see teeth actually erupting- but the most pain typically happens 1-2 weeks before a tooth even arrives! if it lasts longer than a week then maybe I’d say it’s something other than teething. Really look at her schedule! Is she sleeping too much during the ... More

  • Marium
    Feb 06

    Thank you! I have been doing Ferber method but I guess it’s teething because her lower incisor is erupting I can see the edge.ill keep doing Ferber method and won’t loose hope. Last night she slept well but I was awake all night lol. I saw on monitor that she woke up thrice but then she slept on her own. Let’s see how she will be tonight.

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