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Any tips on how to get a 2 year old to sleep in the travel crib? We have the BabyBjorn but my toddler hasn’t used in over 6 months and just used to the home crib. In the past, he knocked it over and managed to get out and get on the bed to sleep with us. Planning on a getaway but afraid he won’t sleep in the travel crib!

  • Anne
    48m ago

    When they were old enough to escape we just coslept with the kids in the hotel bed. Some hotels will also provide a pack-n-play or even a crib if you call ahead.


My husband works late, gets home at about 3:30AM. Now my 14 month old daughter has started waking up every night when he gets home and wakes up wide awake and is now up for 2 or 3 hours once he gets home. How do I stop this?

  • Stephanie
    6h ago

    Yes noise machine is good, we have music playing 24/7 so it didn’t cross my mind.

  • Anonymous
    1h ago

    We do have a noise machine but I will turn it a little louder for the next few nights to try and help with that. Thanks ladies

My son was sleeping for 12 hours a night from 5-7 months, but then he got the flu and it’s been a little over a month now of sleep problems. When he had the flu, he was waking every two hours for about 5 days. Now he is down to 1-2 wakes per night, and occasionally will sleep through the night. But it’s so erratic. Any tips on how to get my guy back on schedule??

My baby has just started pulling to stand and I cannot get him to nap anymore! I put him down drowsy like I have always done but now he pops up when I lay him down. Then he stands and cries in his crib and will not settle. I try to pat his mattress to get him to come off the bars but no luck and he screams even more when I place him back down. Any advice for getting naps back?

  • Lolo

    All good advice here, also, make sure to put baby in a jumper/walker to tire him out as much as possible before nap time. Trips outside help too! A tired baby will sleep!

  • Susan
    5h ago

    My 9 month old does the same thing. Been going on for months. I leave the room and let her cry for 5-10 minutes and return to rock her. Sometimes I do this 3,4,5,6 times before she goes down. I use to let her cry longer, but she would get too upset.

Any tips for transitioning to the crib? Our 10 month old daughter is STILL in her rock n’ play because every time I’ve tried to put her in her crib she just stands up holding the rail and cries. I tried to let her fuss hoping she would put herself down to go to sleep and she alternated between playing in the crib and standing up crying for an HOUR.

  • Susan

    We just did this not too long ago. :). Start during the day (naps) and slowly (over a few days) start including night sleeping. Ok, so here’s what we and several others we know did...Try elevating the head of the crib about 2-3 inches. Roll up something large enough to make a U shape at the foot of the crib under the sheet, or just on either side. Your LO might still need to ‘feel’ snuggle... More

  • Court
    8h ago

    Awesome thank you! It’s funny because I had already put a vibrating crib wedge under the mattress and used a rolled up towel to make that shape but then was always way too tired to attempt the switch since she would just cry or play when we put her in the crib. Glad to see we are making the right first steps. I too am hoping for longer sleep periods once we make the transition. She wakes up eve... More

My 15 mo has an ear infection and is having a lot of trouble sleeping through the night. I have to hold him if I want him to get a full night’s rest. I’ve tried laying him down on an angle so that he’s not laying flat but he still will wake up screaming until I hold him again. Is this just how it is when they have an ear infection? Any tips?

  • MichDacs

    Thank you @victoria. I was told to finish the whole bottle of antibiotics, but I still have half left. Just keep going? Or just give it a few more days ?

  • Victoria

    To my knowledge he has to finish it. At least that’s what my pedis always told me for my kids. Say, take 2 times daily for 5 days.. well there would be exactly the right amount in the bottle and my kids would have to finish the bottle . Even if they’re 100% better.

Hello! How do you put your baby to sleep? We have an almost 4 month old who can’t seem to fall asleep unless we bounce on a yoga ball while holding her horizontally. It’s really hard physically and can take up to 15 minutes, and then sometimes she wakes up when we put her down and we have to do it all over again. Not fun! I’ve read that you’re supposed to put a baby down drowsy but awake but she fusses and cries and squirms and does not fall asleep if she’s awake when we put her down. She’s currently sleeping in a rock n’ play and we’d like to transition to a crib soon. Looking for ideas so... More

  • Jessica

    Thank you everyone for the suggestions! We are going to try to start a more deliberate bedtime routine and see what happens :).

  • Alice
    15h ago

    Good luck.

My son is 14 months old and still bf'ing through the night. Any tips on how to wean and how to get him to sleep through the night - he has never slept through the night. This mama is tired!

  • MichDacs

    @crystianandBen- baby didn’t throw a fit if you didn’t nurse him to sleep? My 15 mo throws a big ol’ fit then wakes himself completely up, spiraling into making himself overtired if I don’t nurse him to sleep and middle of the night. What tactic did you use to distract them ?

  • brit

    I'm wondering the same thing @michdacs. My 14mo is the SAME way

My 2 year old used to be a great sleeper, then out of nowhere she refused to sleep unless someone was next to her. Now she is sleeping in my bed with me which needs to stop. How can I get her to sleep in her own room and bed again?! I'm going crazy.

  • Sam

    Do you recommend a certain one ?

  • Kayla💜

    I have the munchkin sound machine

My son, at least 3 times a night ends up completely horizontal in his crib where he’s hitting his head on the bars and wakes up crying. Is there anything I can do to stop this?


Anyone else's 10 month old suddenly waking to feed at night or waking and not falling back asleep?? She's been doing this for a week now and tonight she has been awake for over an hour!

Do infants have nightmares? There are moments my baby would cry from a deep sleep for a few seconds and then would just go back to a deep sleep.

  • Sara
    Feb 14

    I love the Wonder Weeks. My baby would wake up suddenly crying and yelling quite often, but it was definitely from gas pain. It always followed with gas and poop...eventually.

  • Teddy
    Feb 15

    Absolutely. My first child had them frequently, but she went back to sleep easily afterward. My 1 year old boy however wakes up WAILING/screaming bloody murder and won't open his eyes and won't properly wake up and it's really difficult to comfort him or get him settled again. The key with both kids is to get them to wake up fully to get out of the dream and realize their okay (saf... More

Any tips to get baby to stay and sleep in his crib? When do they start sleeping through the night? My son is 8 months and we’ve been trying to get him to sleep in his crib but he wakes up and cries and we pick him up and bring him to our room. I know this probably isn’t the best thing to do but it’s the only way he’d go back to sleep. Help!

  • Erin
    Feb 14

    That’s hard! Hang in there! Our daughter didn’t sleep through the night until she was a year. I read all kinds of books, methods, etc. and then finally just let it be! I did cut out a nightly feeding, which helped. Does he have anything that helps soothe him? With my daughter, she loved her pacifier. We would put several in the crib and once she found find and put them back in she woke us up less. More

Pacifier advice please - I need to know the pros and cons of a pacifier for my 8 month old. My nanny thinks the paci would be really helpful during nap time. But I am against it because I want him to be able to fall asleep on his own, and not rely on the paci. Also, if he falls asleep and wakes up because it’s not in his mouth, that would become a problem. He is able to fall asleep on his own majority of the time, but every once in awhile he has a hard time falling asleep. Should I let the pacifier help him sleep or keep the pacifier out of the sleep scenario? What’s your experience been?... More

  • Clong Clong
    Feb 14

    Same thoughts when he was a few weeks old. Although we’ve had our nightmare moments of him waking up constantly before, he eventually fell asleep on his own or would fall back asleep patting. Nothing against paci, though, just don’t want to have to think about how to wean him off it eventually

  • Laura
    Feb 14

    I have an almost 2 year old who’s still hooked on the binky. I also have a 7 month old who we weaned off the pack at 5 months and we’re not looking back. It’s really tough on our Toddler.

In the middle of sleep training, my nearly 8 month old hit a wicked regression, and for the past 3 nights has woken HOURLY. I nurse back to sleep bc my husband and I can't bear to listen to screaming the whole night. Has anyone else been through this? Is there a way to work through it quickly? Also for context, she just started crawling, sitting up, and pulling herself up to stand in the past 10 days.

Did anyone sleep train in a diff room in like a pack n play then eventually transition to the crib? I have a 2 year old that gets woken up every time I try and let my youngest (9months) cry a little to see if she’ll soothe herself. I end up with two awake crying babies. I was contemplating the idea of sleep training her in the basement in a pack n play then when she’s starting to sleep better transition back to her crib... anyone try anything like this before and was successful ? I’m desperate for ideas.

  • Erin
    Feb 14

    thanks! Right now I see no end in sight but it’s time I get serious about it. I’m so tired of being tired and up all night. Did you pick your baby up at all through the night ?

  • Anne
    Feb 14

    It's hard but really helps to be consistent. I think for the first year I got up once in the middle of the night to nurse him, but always put him back in the crib when he was done. We basically just had this rule that if it was night and time for sleeping, he was in his crib, unless he was nursing or sick/teething and needed extra comfort.

Need some help! A week ago my 4 month old started to wake up 9+ times a night and refuses to take her naps. She'll be up for 3-4 hours at a time during the day. Sometimes fussy, sometimes happy, always showing signs of being tired. It doesn't seem to be teething. There wasn't any changes to her routine. We've tried making her room dark, white noise, making sure she's not too hot/cold, swaddled, unswaddled. No matter what we try she just isn't having it. At night she wakes up constantly sometimes crying, sometimes wanting her binkie. I've kept get bedtime routine ... More

  • Katie
    Feb 12

    Is she not just hungry and going through a growth spurt?

  • Blair
    Feb 12

    We've upped the amount during the day in case it was that, but it hasn't made an difference in her sleep. :/


Those who used the Ferber Method to sleep train- how long did it take for your baby to fall asleep easily? (If you dont believe in sleep training, no need to chime in, I understand your point of view) Night 1 was 42 mins, Night 2 was 22 mins, Night 3 was 26 mins, and tonight Night 4 was 32 mins. Im getting very discouraged. I dont want to give up yet so will give it a week but everything I read says it works in 3 days. Its torture and I cry every night but am at my wits end with trying to get her to fall asleep easier. If its not better in a week Im done.

  • Janine

    I used the Ferber method and unfortunately, it didn't work for us. I've found a great alternative: 'How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone' guide by Susan Urban with very clear instructions on what to do and with both my kids it took us only 2 and 3 days to sleep train with great results. I thought maybe my story will help

  • Angela
    11h ago

    'How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone' guide by Susan Urban is fantastic. I still can't really believe that it took us only 3 days to stop rocking our son to sleep! pretty amazing!!!

Sleep help! My daughter is 9 months old. I’ve heard of he 8,9,10 month sleep regression before. My first child didn’t hit a regression at this age but actually started sleeping through the night at 9 months. My daughter has never slept through the night and I don’t see any sight of sleeping more than 3 hours in a row even for quite some time. She is currently teething so I’ve been trying to be patient and comforting. She is waking up an hour after I lay her down for bed and up every hour after just about. I’m so exhausted I’ve been bringing her back to bed with me or sleeping in a recliner... More

  • Jennifer
    Feb 11

    Yes. Gosh it's hard.

  • Erin
    Feb 11

    How many nights did you go on before your baby started sleeping and self soothing

Hello everyone! When did you decide to move your child to a bed?

  • Melody
    Feb 10

    I asked her where she wanted to take a nap. Mama bed or baby bed (her own room). She said "baby bed". She climbed on the bed, tucked herself in and that was it. 😭. It has been a few months now.

  • Monica
    Feb 10

    When they came home from the hospital.

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