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Long Sleep

Is is bad that I let me 6 month old sleep past 1030am? Shes goes to sleep at 10pm wakes up between 4 or 5am to have her diaper changed and drink about 2 to 3 oz of milk that back to sleep she goes. Then she won't wake up again until 10 1030am to start her day

  • Lauren
    14m ago

    If your baby wants to sleep, let them sleep! My son, since about 6 months old now 14 months, still sleeps in sometimes past 9:30 and he always goes to bed before 8. Unless you have something planned for your day and need them up, just let them rest!

  • Julie
    12m ago

    @Haley, daughter religiously pops out of bed like a jack in the box at precisely 6:20am every single day....

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Yesterday

Is it normal for a 6month old to wake up and nurse 3-4 times a night?

She wakes up and sometimes won’t calm down with just her binky, nursing usually every 3-4 hours. Obviously it’s tiresome, but I don’t mind it if it’s what she needs. I just want her to be getting enough sleep! And she’s been terrible and getting to bed lately, but once she’s out, she’s out for good for 3-4 hour cycles in night and nursing her for a few mins.

  • Lulu
    2h ago

    Absolutely normal. Do you cosleep? Might help you get more rest

  • Amanda
    2h ago

    That’s how my 8 month old is still. He loves to wake up 3-4 times a night

Anonymous posted in Sleep Yesterday

Advice for getting toddler to sleep in own bed?!

  • Khadydra
    1h ago

    My two year old has her own room with a tv and Peppa pig wall decals and bed set. I havent been able to successfully send her to bed. But I’ve been bathing her and then putting her to sleep in my arms/bed and then carrying her to her room and she stays sleep all night!

  • Candice
    44m ago

    We decided bedroom would be for sleeping only. We keep very few toys in there and I think it helped.

Christi posted in Sleep Yesterday

My one year old son still wakes up 2 times night for a bottle help!

He can’t live without his bottle and I’m trying to wean him off of it any tips??? He only likes sleeping with his bottle

  • Kelly
    7h ago

    At that age the bottle at night is only for comfort (ie, they don’t “need” around the clock nutrition), it’s just become a nighttime routine. You’re probably just going to have to go cold turkey....expect a few miserable nights, but he should get over it relatively soon. I’d suggest upping the quantity of his last bottle a little, or even just making sure he’s eating a very filling (favorite) d... More

  • Anna
    1h ago

    For me I just gave him water sippy cup... he cried until he realized he wasn't gonna get a bottle... took a couple nights... second time child I made sure no mid of night bottles with him so I didn't have to go through that again 😂

Jaime posted in Sleep Yesterday

3rd nap question!

Common disagreement in our house: our 5 month old baby takes her second nap and wakes up at 3:30pm. With her awake time being around 2 hours, she’ll need to go back down around 5:30pm. I am good with putting her down for that nap but my husband disagrees. He says to just keep her up until her bedtime at 7:00pm (and claims he can never get her to take a third nap). I usually have her nap for no ... More

  • Kelly
    7h ago

    Perhaps ditch the 3rd nap and just bump up her bedtime by 30-45 mins so she’s basically getting the same amount but in a more helpful pattern? My son was going to bed at 6:30pm around that stage (sleeping till around 6:30-7:00am). We found the earlier the bedtime the more soundly he slept. He’s always been a good napper, but he seems to function better when it’s two longer naps (1 1/2-2 hrs eac... More

  • Amanda
    1h ago

    My son at 7 months took 3 naps a day. 11AM, 2:30-3 PM which lands his last nap at 6-6:30PM. He would still go down to bed at 8-8:30 PM. If your baby is having awake time being 2 hours then she will be ready by 8-8:30. My son is 8 months now and takes two naps, so your lo will probably grow out of it as well. He naps at 11 and then again at 4 and is in bed by 8.

Jessica posted in Sleep Yesterday

Night terrors!?!?

LO is 5 yrs old and not sleeping at night. He screams, kicks and cries. It’s a terrible sight to watch. I’ve caught him sitting up in bed eyes closed swatting at nothing, turns around toward door and just sits there. We’ve tried drawing what’s bother him, monster spray, and getting the wiggles out before bed. Thoughts please?

  • Kelly
    7h ago

    Are they actual night terrors or nightmares? With a night terror they can’t be calmed, and frequently can’t even be woken, although they may appear to be awake (similar to what you described) and may be having symptoms similar to what a panic attack may look like (racing heart, flushed skin, etc). With a night terror they shouldn’t have ANY memory of the event because they are happening in nonR... More

  • Jessica
    1h ago

    That’s prob why when I ask him in the morning he never remembers. He also does sleep walk too. Im just glad he’s not the only one. In due time he will sleep good :) Just was worried it was something more serious.

Caleb posted in Sleep Yesterday

When should ween your baby out of your arms?

I can usually get my baby to sleep and stay asleep while I hold him, my wife thinks I’ll spoil him to the point that he’ll only go to sleep in my arms. Should I be putting him down when he falls asleep?

  • Kristina
    2h ago

    Everyone says u can’t spoil a baby but let’s be real u deff can! My son is spoiled and he knows it. However the sleeping thing is what u feel is best. I rocked my son to sleep every night since he was born. He’s 7 months now and we r just now sleep training him and within a week he goes to sleep on his own without crying longer than a couple mins. I do rock him to sleep at nap times still tho. ... More

  • Lulu
    2h ago

    You know what's most important here? Not being divided as a parental unit. Decide what kind of parents you want to be together, compromise, and stay committed to the agreements. Besides, who stays home with baby? Whoever has the most opportunity to get baby to sleep will have the most say on how baby goes to sleep. I disagree with some of the comments here, but in the end, it's between... More

PH posted in Sleep Tuesday

How do I get my 5 month old to sleep thru the night?

I’ve been trying to get my LO to sleep through the night but no luck. He wakes up at least one time between 1-3 am to nurse and goes back down fairly quickly. I know I should be happy he sleeps for such a long stretch as I put him down around 6:30/7 pm but as I’m getting ready to start work soon, that night time feeding is killing me! I tried waking him to nurse around 11 pm when I go to bed bu... More

  • Kendall

    Daphne- ok I just emailed you!! I know!! Ahhhh I feel your pain!! It’s like damn coulda taken a 2 hour nap for yourself Lol I hope it helps :)

  • GiGi

    My baby is 4 months and feeds every 2hrs and only drinks about 3oz at a time. Maybe 4oz. Breastfeeding at night is easier for me since he sleeps in the bed with us and I can fall back asleep while he’s feeding. Once he’s done, he’ll fall back to sleep as well. I did notice that when he slept on his stomach, he sleeps longer. I can get 3 or more hours.

Night time feeding, when to stop?

My son who is now 8 months old, has always ate 3 to 4 bottles a night. I read something on google about night weaning and how I should start at 6 months. Anyone have any suggestions? He usually only goes back to sleep with a bottle. I’ve tried feeding him more throughout the day but every night he wakes up at the same time to eat. More of a routine then hunger. Is he old enough to sleep without... More

  • Elizabeth

    Just sit up with him and pat is back try and do that every night and just leave the room after a little while...maybe he will go back to sleep on his own. It worked for my LO

  • Michelle

    Yeah our pediatrician said my daughter didn’t need to eat at night at 8 months but I still fed her until about 10 months 😆. I would #1 check with your sons pediatrician first before starting anything. Good luck!

Jenny posted in Sleep Monday

Sleep techniques!

So ever since my baby was about a month old she would sleep through the night. Not waking up for feeding till the morning. Just recently at 4 months old, she fights sleep at night. She will wake up every hour and not want to go back to sleep. She loves to roll on her tummy and is hardly ever on her back. I get nervous when she sleeps on her belly. I just need some advice please!! I’m a first ti... More

  • Haley

    Second everything Andrea said. Our daughter had a huge sleep regression stage at 4 months. It lasted about 3 or 4 weeks (which felt like an absolute enternity) and then POOF she was back to sleeping through the night. It sucks, but it's basically just her growing. Give it some time.

  • Anonymous

    My doc said if baby can get to their belly and back on their own then they are safe to sleep that way. It’s just a phase, make sure she knows night is night. If she wants to wake up and be awake in the middle of the night then that’s fine but you don’t pick her up or turn on the lights or talk to her. It’s key that she knows nights are business only, if she needs to eat then feed her and set he... More

Anonymous posted in Babies Monday

How can I help my 9 month old transition into his own room?

We have moved to a larger apartment and my LO now has a room for himself. However, I’m struggling to get him to sleep there on his own. I’ve tried to spend as much time as possible during the day playing there with him to get him comfortable. But when it comes to nap time and bedtime he does not wanna go in his crib. He panics and clings onto me for dear life as I’m setting him down into his cr... More

  • Amanda

    Naps are easier for mine. It’s the staying in the crib at night and staying asleep for him. Tried taking night time bottles away throughout the night but he doesn’t go back to sleep without it

  • Jordyn

    Our baby monitor plays music, and my son actually won't fall asleep any other way than just being swaddled (he's only 4 months) and put in the crib with lights off and the music on. He cries for a few minutes and then falls asleep, and for the whole night

Hydie posted in Sleep Sunday

Toddler sleeping problem

I have a daughter who's about to be 4 in Dec. Every night it takes her about an hour to an hour and a half to go to sleep. Ive never been the parent to "sleep train" because I can't stand hearing my baby cry. It's never been a problem to lay and cuddle until she falls asleep, until recently. She does have a lil brother now who's 8 months and this maybe started a couple... More

  • Cynthia

    I give mine a .25 mg dose of melatonin

  • Dakota

    Something weird that worked with my little one...she would get so upset when I would leave, but as parents we have things to do. So I started telling her that if she was good I would come check on her, and for some reason it gave her a sense of peace that I would be back and she would lie quietly in bed until I returned. At first I would come check on her when I knew she was awake to prove I re... More

StephC238 posted in Sleep Sunday

Scared of MONSTERS?!

My daughter(6) loves the “how to catch a....” book series. We read the how to catch a monster book. Now my son is scared of monsters. He will be 4 very soon. He won’t go to bed at night. He won’t go pee alone. I gave him “monster spray” but this 45 minute night battle to go to bed. I can’t do it! He is a very hard child to start with this is killing me! HELP!!

  • Patricia

    Our son went through this for a little. So we would walk around together and look everywhere. To help ensure him that everything was safe. We placed 2 night lights in the room. Nothing close to him face. And left the door half open. We compromised and it worked. After only a week.

  • Mommy

    Our 3 year old son has been going in and out of this the past month. We had a bear in our yard and that's what started it. It's not just bears, it's monsters, bad horses, sharks (that can walk on land) once he gets over something another thing comes up. In his case its nightmares. We let him sleep with his toy sword, and he locks the house door every night himself. The biggest thing... More

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Sunday

Baby with sleep problem diagnosis?

Since birth my son has had trouble sleeping; he has trouble both falling asleep and staying asleep during naps and bedtime. He’s currently 8 months and from the time he was born he’s averaged anywhere between 9 and 11 hours of sleep a day (24 hour period). My partner and I have tried EVERYTHING, even the things you’re not supposed to do like letting him sleep in our bed. We’ve tried the followi... More

  • Anonymous

    Hey there, I just wanted to add, sleep training did take us longer than the three days it seems to take other people. It took about two weeks to fully adjust to the new routine. I honestly wish the books would stop selling the idea that it’s only three rough nights and then all is well. Changing habits takes time and effort. Some kids like what they like, but there comes a point where what they... More

  • Elle

    I just wanted to say... Tiffany's not lucky; she's strong. She stuck with it, despite how hard it was for her personally, because she was doing right by her kid and her developmental needs. If the baby is healthy (ie doesn't have disorder or ailment) and the parent is confident and consistent, the baby will follow. The sooner you train, the quicker it takes. Waiting longer means th... More

Dani posted in Sleep Saturday

How do you get your 18months olds to sleep on thier own..?

We sometimes have to rock him to sleep.. sometimes he sleeps on his own after watching his favorite movie..

  • Bonnie

    That’s pretty late bedtime for an 18 month old. I usually recommend bedtime between 7-8pm. Otherwise kiddos can get overtired and then often seem really hyper and not wanting to go to sleep. It is harder for kids who are overtired to fall asleep and stay asleep.

  • Vicki

    I would definitely suggest an earlier bed time. Between 7-8. My 4&5 year olds get put to bed around 8-8:30. Make naps earlier as well or at least shorten them. You will just have to juggle it for a few days until you get your rhythm down.

Lacey posted in Sleep Saturday

Sleepless in Cypress

My son is 16 m.o. and has never slept thru the night. His digestive system cannot handle rice cereal organic, whole grain, nothing! He is an extremely picky eater and still takes bottles to sleep nap and night. I've tried the CIO method, gradually moving away method, moved him out of my room, etc. Nothing I have done has worked. F.O.FB say to give him melatonin, have him tested for autism, ... More

  • Lacey

    Just fyi I put his crib back together instead of a daybed and he is not liking it but I am trying the eat play quietly go to crib. 1st attempt he only cried for 6 minutes. Yea! Heartbreaking but worth the mommy time and sleep requirement for us

  • Jessica

    That is awesome Lacey!!!! You got this! 🙌🏻 (it helps me to set a certain amount of time for CIO so I don’t make myself sob, that might help? We go to 15 now that he’s 22 months!)

2 year old son stills wakes up in middle of the night and takes a bottle

My 2 year old son stills wakes up in the middle of the night. The ONLY way I can get him to go back to sleep is to give him a bottle. I also have a 1 year son and they share a room, so I end up bringing the 2 year old in my bed because the 1 year old will wake up when the 2 year starts crying. My husband hates when I bring him in our bed. Please help. I need tips, advice, etc. On how to get him... More

  • Casey

    I switched my to water cold turkey. He still wakes up 2 plus times a night to drink his bottles :(

  • Noemi

    Cold turkey all the way, no milk , no water, at least he is sick.

Peterson posted in Sleep Saturday

So I have four children, my youngest just turned 1.

Since the day he was born he hasn’t slept well, he falls asleep then wakes up repeatedly either crying or screaming (yes there’s a big difference when it comes to him) he never sleeps I’m up at least four times a night with him. I have a routine we do everyday , I make sure his tummy is full and yet it persists . Anyone have anything similar with their lo’s ? I’ve asked the dr and they just tel... More

  • Jenny

    Mine is almost two and still a terrible sleeper. We thought gas was a big factor and when he was about 14 months, we started eliminating dairy at night, which helped keep the night bad, but not terrible. We’ve tried gripe water, gas drops, Benadryl, teething liquids, and prob more. Almost a year later, he is still an awful sleeper, but just is clingy. My oldest was never like this. Biggest advi... More

  • Peterson

    Thank u so much everyone I’m going to take everything and try it because I’m desperate and there all amazing ! Most def the chiropractor I’ve never even knew about that as a thing for small children until recently 😊

Amanda posted in Sleep Friday

Sleep regression

My little man has started waking up during the night from sleeping all night. He is 7mo olds. I'm hoping it will pass. He still naps well during the day. He'll wake himself up moving his arms or legs a lot at night. Mostly early to mid morning. I normally wait and see what he does and if he starts crying and patting him on the leg and binky don't help I'll make him a few oz of ... More

  • Amanda

    I will try that too! He normally goes to sleep listening to a certain song that plays on his cosleeper but it eventually stops.

  • Kerry

    My little one is 7 months almost 8 and was 5 weeks early. Ive had him waking recently due to tooth finally cutting been under the gum for a month. He sleeps with a white noise machine and i give him tylenol last night he woke once had milk and went back to sleep. His milk decreased now getting back to what he shud be eating so wont feed him at night unless i know he needs it. Also he moves alot... More

Jasmine posted in Sleep Friday

Just a question I'm a new mom

I was wondering if it's normal for infants to sweat alot when sleeping?

  • Jennifer

    I'm a new mom too.. I was always wondering if it was lil one sweats too.. She is eight months..

  • Kaitlyn

    You can get a fairly inexpensive room thermometer. I usually keep my sons room between 68 - 73 degrees. If it’s cooler I dress him a little warmer and if his room is warm I dress him lighter (t-shirt vs. long sleeve). Also be conscious of the sheets your using, are they thick and warm? I’m not sure if it’s “normal” or not but when I find my son sweating I usually adjust his clothing or the temp... More

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