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Adrienne posted in Sleep Tuesday

My daughter is 13 months and needs her pacifier to sleep. Any suggestions on how to stop?

  • Bethany

    Cut a small hole in the paci

  • Pad

    Cold turkey.. but in my opinion it’s too early. We waited until 22 months.. it was gradually taken back first during daycare then from car rides.. then naps .. 2 days after going cold turkey she didn’t miss it.

Two year old scared of his room (dead ghost cat)

So I have a two year old (3 in October) that suddenly hates his bed room. He has always liked sleeping next to someone since he was born but he will normally sleeps in his own room 5 or 6 times a weeks. However the last week he comes and sleeps with me after just being in his room for a few hours. I figured it because he's getting new teeth. Well I told him he had to sleep in his room becau... More

  • Rebecca

    i would use a magic potion( of water in a spray bottle) and spray it in his closet. Tell him something he needs to hear to calm him. Acknowledge his fears. Give him a out and do something to make it better.

  • Ganz

    We went through same thing. He got his molars & also completely normal to have those fears. Validate his fears because they are very real to him. I also can’t co-sleep (so much kicking!) so we got a kid cot for him to sleep in our room if he needs us. I also started wearing earplugs when he’s in our room. It dampens sound of snoring but can still hear if he cries.

Any cloth diaper moms out there?

Hi, I cloth diaper my 13 month old. Overnights are becoming a problem. We are starting to see a trend where she wakes up with a diaper leak. Stripping her crib, bath & change of clothes all first thing in the morning is becoming old. Also, it must be uncomfortable for her. She doesn’t cry just sits in all the wetness. She sleeps about 10-12 hours overnight now. Goes to sleep with 1 - 8... More

  • Rhianna

    Hi there, I recently was struggling with my little one leaking through his cloth diapers too. The number one way to avoid any heavy wetting at night is to limit the liquid intake before bed time. We don’t give my son any drinks or milk once we’re two hours out from our desired bed time. This has tremendously helped as he is able to potty one last time before falling asleep and will not go agai... More

  • Maria

    There’s an amazing organization called Fluff & CD science that can help!! They have a group on Facebook but also you can find them by googling. They have guides for this exact issue!

C posted in Sleep Sep 12

Bed solutions for toddler who naturally runs hot?

My one year old is a little furnace and gets hot easily. Though it doesn't seem to bother him, his hair will be wet with sweat within seconds of being laid down to sleep. Even if he was wearing only his diapers, the side of him that he is lying on will be overheating and that side of his head will have sweaty hair. I've tried fans but he seems bothered by the air flow and moves away fr... More

Angel posted in Behavior Sep 12

Does anyone else's baby (11 month) wake to play every night and stay up at least an hour?

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Sep 12

    There are other things that could be going on, but I know with everyone one of my kids somewhere between 10-18 months they each had a month or so where they randomly decided to wake up at like 3 am, and play for a while. There was nothing I could do except ride it out.

Lindsay posted in Sleep Sep 11

What time do you put your 2.5 year old to bed if they choose not to nap? Losing my mind here.

  • Cathy
    Sep 14


  • K
    Sep 14

    If my girls don’t nap or only have cat nap in the car I put them down between 5:15-6, depending on how well they are handling it. Earlier is always better bc they won’t get to the point of no return. They won’t wake up until about 6:30-7 am. If I put them down too late, like 7, it’s not a pleasant bedtime routine to say it nicely and they don’t sleep well. I did this for my son bc I read “Healt... More

Suddenly waking up an hour earlier

Wow for the last 2 weeks my son started waking up an entire hour earlier. Every morning. Last night we put him to bed an hour later and he still woke up today an hour earlier! He stays in his room but he cries or is super noisy waking us all up. For 9mos he’s been consistently waking up around 7:15. Now it’s 6:15 regardless of when bedtime is. He’s almost 4. He doesn’t nap/won’t nap. He ha... More

  • Ivana
    Sep 09

    Ugh, sorry to hear! 6:15 is more or less our daughters wake up time, so 7:15 sounds like a dream to me! Have you tried telling him he needs to stay in his room for quiet time (lay out toys, books, maybe even morning snacks in his room?)

  • PK
    Sep 13

    There’s something in the air!! My son has just started doing this too. He normally wakes anytime between 7 and 8 am which is great (I’m a SAHM so no rush to go anywhere). Now he’s waking up any time between 5 and 6 am 😱😱 He’s making it up with a longer nap during the day though.

Chris posted in Sleep Aug 31

Sleep regression

My daughter is 17 months and has been sleeping through the night since she was 4 months. This past month she has been waking up every night at random times and sometimes does not go back to sleep for an hour. Sometimes she cries and sometimes she just talks to herself. It can’t be teeth because I don’t see any coming in, and we’ve given Tylenol and she still wakes up. Anybody have experience wi... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 03

    Some times kids have trouble sleeping when they are on the verge of learning a new skill. My son just turned 1, is very close to walking and has been up every night this week for 1 to 2 hours. I think he is also teething, has been getting medicine, but still wakes up and rolls around but doesn't cry

  • Chris
    Sep 06

    She only takes one nap, and she’s been to the doctor since with no ear infection. I’ve only given her Tylenol before bed time, but I will try Motrin because even with the Tylenol, she is still waking up. It is just frustrating as shes been sleeping through the night since four months. Even through getting a bunch of teeth at once between 10-12 months, she still didn’t wake up like she does now.... More

Aleksa B. posted in Sleep Aug 30

Not sleeping through the night 16mo old.

My 16mo old is still not sleeping through the night.... some nights is worse than others. Some nights I see him with his eyes closed and his arms and legs just keep kicking and moving around. He sleeps with my husband and I.... as that is the only way I can get him and me to go back to sleep quickly. Is this an issue?? Thank you for your responses and time :)

  • Samantha
    Sep 05

    Sleeping through the night is a developmental milestone that most kids don’t hit until around 18 months. Don’t worry girl! Cosleeping is not an issue as long as you are doing it safely- like both the parents in the bed cannot be on medication.

  • Elle
    Sep 10

    Just make sure he is getting the amount and quality of sleep necessary recommended for his age. Quality sleep is required for the brain and body to rest and recover so that it can take in more information the next day. Kids at this stage are learning, leaening, learning. Their brains are going all day long.

Sleep study for my two year old

I’m not sure what to expect and I’m really anxious about how he’s going to respond.

  • morgan
    Sep 05

    Hi there Laura! I just wanted to share my experience with my son! Now he was 3 when he had his done back in February! We arrived at like 7pm & we were able to bring snacks, water, books, and our iPad, and any toys! When it was time to lay down per the nurses, he got all hooked up, and I layed with him until he would fall asleep but every time something came unhooked or too much snot was ... More

  • Jared
    Sep 06

    My son had 2 sleep studies done at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Lots of probes and sticky stuff attached to his head. Only one parent allowed in the room overnight. He didn’t really like the probes on his face but once he was asleep it was fine. My wife didn’t get much sleep on the first study, but I was able to get a few hours on the second. There was a TV in the room, small hospital bed to ... More

Husband not on same page

I really believe we need to sleep train our 14mo, maybe the Ferber method. My husband is completely against letting her cry for more than 20mins. I informed him that I am going to start today and that maybe it would be a good idea if he sleeps out at his parents house for the next 3 nights (since he has to be up at 2am for work). His reply is great I’m getting kicked out of my own house. I told... More

  • Vonda
    Sep 06

    We did a slightly modified version of the Ferber method. We didn’t have him cry longer than 5/10 min. Because we noticed that if we waited longer he regressed. We go in and calm him but don’t take him out of the crib. I hugged him. Then once he calmed down I had him lay down and then I slowly leave. Pausing sometimes if he gets wound up again. But not going back to the crib until I have left an... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 10

    Don't start sleep t raining when molars are coming in. 1. It wont work well 2. Its kinda cruel to baby

Sarita posted in Sleep Aug 27

3 year old sleeping arrangements

Hi, My hubby passed away back on December 30 th of last year. Both our kids have slept in their room, since my hubby passed they have wanted to sleep in my room. My son is ok now sleeping in his room. My daughter has not wanted to sleep in her room. I have tried for two nights, to let her fall asleep and then transferring her to her room. One night she did alright only woke up once and it was ... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 30

    I’m really sorry for your loss. Consistency is my only tip in regards to your toddlers sleep issue. As many times as she wakes up in the middle of the night, go to her, calm her down and put her back to bed. It’s exhausting but it was the tip that we got and it has also worked for us. Except... we don’t have a loss in our family. I don’t have a 3 year old yet, but is she possibly still grie... More

  • Destin
    Sep 01

    I don’t know if this is the case, but is it possible with the loss of her daddy that she is worried about losing you too and doesn’t want to be away from you? Just a thought. It’s never too young to look into grief counseling. Loss is incredibly difficult and sometimes too much to deal with on our own. Best of luck!

Adriana posted in Sleep Aug 25

Bedtime and nap schedules. I have an 18 mth old.

Ive read and I've been told at his age should be sleeping earlier for bedtime and that naps are shorter now. His naps did change. It use to be 3 hrs. Now its half hour, 1 hour or hour and half. It's been pretty stressful as i would like to take my naps too when he's napping. As for bedtime i have been putting him sleep latest midnight but i went down to 11pm. Because of the late hou... More

  • Aria
    Aug 26

    Why not put him to sleep at 7pm and do the things you need to do after he is asleep. I used to put my son to sleep at 10pm because after work and having to do all the stuff I need to like making my son’s food for the next day, etc, it became 9pm after I’m done and he still needed his bath and night time routine. Then my son still work up early at 6-7am. Napped for 2 hours. This way sleepin... More

  • Cathy
    Sep 01

    Sleep begets more sleep. First start with a bedtime routine that signals bedtime and sleep for him. For us, we have a bath at 6:30, then he plays in the tub until 7, and then we have books and songs. My son is 3 in December and is in bed by 8pm and usually asleep by 8:30. Your baby should be getting 11-14 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. Does he take 3 naps a day? That sounds so stressful! A... More

Jenna posted in Safety Aug 23

What is the best baby breathing monitor For an eight-month-old

My baby is eight months old and she likes to sleep facedown and I’m worried that she’s going to smother her self .I have bought one baby breathing monitor but it was cheap and the alarm just kept going off on it. I need to find something that works.

  • Trisha
    Aug 26

    We have the angel care monitor/breathing pad. Like it so far!

  • Laura
    Aug 29

    I like the owlet

Kels posted in Sleep Aug 22

Won’t sleep early!

My 21 month old toddler won’t sleep early, she goes to sleep around 2-3 am!! She wakes up around 12 pm. I’ve tried the whole waking her up early and keeping her up, and she will go to sleep around to 10 but still manages to wake up and go back to sleep around 3 am 😭 I try to get her really tired or give her bath at night but nothing works she has too much energy and I’m just so exhausted! Any t... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Aug 24

    I think a gradual adjustment works, but she’s also prob just a natural night owl. I was the same as a toddler and my mom tried everything but that was just not me. You’ll prob get her to bump to 10 or so over time and eventually not wake in that inbetween time, but that’s prob the best you’ll do. I found my oldest who fell asleep around 9-10 most nights didn’t start going to bed around 8 until ... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 24

    Mine also goes to bed after 10, and when we put him to bed at 8, he would wake up at 2 am and that's all we got. I was the same way as a toddler and if I napped AT ALL I would be up all night. Hopefully you can gradually move it forward!

Natalie posted in Sleep Aug 22

What time does everyone put a 1.5 year old baby to bed ?

I usually have my son in bed at 8-9pm but he fights it , he wants to be up moving any suggestions? (We go to the park everyday before nap time and walk after naps and it doesn’t seem to wore him out)

  • Natalie
    Aug 23

    Nap from 2-4; sleeps from 8/9pm to 7:30ish am

  • jennifer
    Aug 29

    My son is almost 19 months, and he tends to fall asleep between 7:45 and 8pm. His naps are usually from 12/12:30 - 1:30-2. He generally sleeps through the night, and wakes up between 6 and 6:30pm.

Stacie posted in Babies Aug 21

Won’t sleep more than 50 minutes, refuses crib

My 11 week old won’t sleep more than 50 minutes unless she is lying next to me. I’ve tried everything, different swaddles, putting down awake, putting down drowsy, putting down asleep, rocking, feeding to sleep, giving a bottle, a pacifier, swaddling, not swaddling, spacing out feedings. using a shirt with my smell, bassinet, a warm heating pad- everything. She will not sleep in the crib at nig... More

  • Suzzie
    Aug 23

    Use a pillow hahaha I used to put a pillow between me and my son when I would snuggle him to sleep. Then I’d slowly push the pillow off me and on the bed with my son on it. Totally fooled him every time. But also keep in mind they need skin contact. They love you. Embrace the attention they seek, its going to improve you mother/son or mother/daughter relationship

  • Ivy
    Aug 23

    My first was very much like this and had reflux as well. Had colic for months too. For the day time, I wore him a lot. Like A LOT. Also, I reclined with pillows and held him to sleep on my chest at night times too, until he was about 4-5 months, then we started walking him to sleep in the stroller every night, and transitioned to a bedtime routine. By 6/7 months, he was putting himself to sleep... More

How to wake up a child in the early morning for school?

My son is in pre-k and it’s so hard to wake him up even when he goes to sleep relatively early.

  • Momof1
    Aug 22

    With my son we put him to bed early enough so that he wakes up on his own without us waking him up. We just kept putting him to bed 15 mins earlier until he woke up on his own at the time we want. Now I don’t wake him up. He wakes me up in the morning for daycare.

  • Anonymous
    Aug 22

    Agreed with bed earlier then!

Anonymous posted in Child Care Aug 20

Refusing naps at daycare

My 2-year old son just started daycare after being home with a nanny. He's refusing to nap there (they do one afternoon nap that aligns with his naptime at home). He's a good napper at home and sleeps a solid 11 hours each night. The napping situation is different of course at school - a cot instead of a crib. Any tips for how to help him adjust to his new napping situation? The prescho... More

  • Sandi
    Aug 22

    It is not unusual for a child not to nap when they first start preschool. Give it a little time. Some children need to feel safe and comfortable before they will sleep at school. Once he bonds with the teachers and knows he can trust him, he will probably nap at school.

  • Pepper Crawford
    Aug 29

    Hello, from my experience nap time can be challenging for children coming from home. It could be that he was rocked to sleep, comforted with a pillow, suffed animal or blanket. However, in Child Development Centers the SIDS law does not allow us to put any extras in the crib. Also not being in his or her comfortable environment. We as adults are most comfortable sleeping in our own bed, and may... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Aug 16

2 year sleep regression

Is that a thing? How long does it last.... my son went from a champ sleeper to completely fighting sleep and throwing a huge fit until he throws up. He has slept in the middle of the floor at day care all week 🙄 what helped you!?!

  • Jenn
    Aug 16

    Oh....well then I'm out of ideas

  • Anonymous
    Aug 16

    Haha thanks anyways Jenn! Me too 😂

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