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PK posted in Sleep Thursday

Moving toddler to toddler bed..

We haven’t done it yet but it is in the near future. My son has started moving his toys from the living room to his bedroom. I’m not sure why... should I put a halt to that and move his toys back in the living room to prevent issues when we transition him into his toddler bed? He’s always had toys in his room, but mainly quiet toys and books. He recently moved his big bag of blocks and variety... More

  • Nelly

    I just assumed it was a comfort thing. She asked us to read her the book while she was in bed. Maybe it helped her fall asleep?

  • PK

    I’m ok with having something in bed for comfort reasons.. he already has stuffed animals and security blankets in his crib with him for that. I was just worried that once we take off the crib wall that confines him and replace it with the toddler rail, he will get up and just play all night and scream at us through the door to come play with him. I figured the less toys in his room, the more ... More

Anonymous posted in Sleep Thursday

Sleeping alone

My daughter just turned one on Monday. She was doing great going to sleep on her own and staying in her own crib. Lately she wakes up crying and sits up. She won’t go back down until I pick her up and take her to bed with me. She is getting her first tooth. I don’t know if it’s just a new thing and is teething related or some stage. Any advice would be welcome

  • Kate

    Sounds like it’s more of a teething phase. It may last a couple more days before it gets better. You could consider giving her something soft in her crib, like a small stuffed animal or lovey. Those can often provide a little extra comfort during the rough nights. And Tylenol and/or Motrin will help her stay comfortable, too.

  • Kendall

    Sounds teething related! Should be back to normal soon. Try Motrin before bed

Bedtime routines

Hi! I have a 15 month old girl and she has been given a bottle in her crib to help her fall asleep. I’m trying to get away from that. I’m thinking of trying a new routine like a bath then a bottle and read to her then brush her teeth and put her down but I’m curious as to what everyone else does. I really want to incorporate books because she won’t let me read to her unless she has a bottle

  • Sanam

    My son is 20 months and has refused any other type of sippy cup. Our routine is read two books, bath, bottle during bath, then brush his teeth and then he goes to bed. He used to get a bottle during his nap also, but we cut that one out. I prefer he gets a solid serving of milk at least once a day. My doctor said it was fine as long as we brushed after. Good luck!

  • J

    we had to switch up the order of things so he wouldn’t fall asleep while feeding. it took a few days but he adapted.

Sleep aids between swaddling and nothing?

My 8 month old is able to turn on his side, and general advice is to stop putting him in things that restrict movement, such as the Halo sleep sacks that wrap the arms down and close to the body. He still needs the cozy, snug feeling of his Halo to fall asleep though. With his arms free he will. Not. Sleep. What can I use now that he's supposed to transition out of his Halo wrap position bu... More

  • C

    I should probably say that I meant sleep sacks; he got too big to fit in swaddles by month 4, but I've come to refer to anything that binds him in some way for sleep to mean swaddling, like Halo sleep sacks, etc. Sorry for the confusion. I'll edit the original post to reflect this. But yes, I thought that once they can turn in their sleep, babies are supposed to sleep without any sort ... More

  • Jackie

    Sleep sacks are fine. All it really is is a wearable blanket. Gives them extra warmth since nothing is supposed to be in the crib for first 12 months. Our sleep sacks aren’t “binding”.

Kitty's posted in Sleep Tuesday


My 5 year old won’t sleep in her own room, is there any suggestions that can help me to get her to sleep in her own bed

  • Elys

    The only thing that worked for us was keep putting them back in their room, be strict and lay them down assure them everything is ok and try to make sure “all scary things” are “gone” - sometimes finding out what scares them in their room helps - for my son it was the nanny camera we had installed... they can make believe things are something else in the dark. It took us weeks/months to get my ... More

Colleen posted in Behavior Apr 16

6 mo old waking up an hour after going to bed

For about a month now, my 6 mo. old babygirl is waking up every night about an hour after we put her to sleep for the night in her crib in her own room. She won’t stop crying unless we bring her into our bed (where she’ll then sleep mostly the rest of the night...sometimes waking to breastfeed around 3 am). She takes three great naps in her room during the day everyday and we have a pretty soli... More

  • Kwame

    Try the Ferber method of sleep training, you can google it. It’s tough at first but if you stay consistent over a month or so it’ll set in.

  • Colleen

    Thanks everyone!

2.5 yr old isn't asleep.

So my 2.5 yr old has always gone to sleep like clockwork. Even tonight right on cue he declares bedtime and we went through his ritual and said goodnight. But tonight he keeps getting up. He's not fussing or making noise. He is just sitting quietly in his room reading with the light on. If I go in he turns the light off and gets in bed. Then he is up again 5 minutes later. I am just really ... More

  • Cathy

    I think he might be going to bed too early? He just might not be tired. My son is two months younger than yours. We have a bath at 7. In bed by 8. Asleep by 9. Remember, the older they get, the less sleep they need. Also try to keep him active in the afternoon to help him crash. He could also be awake since it’s still light out.

  • Amanda

    @ Cathy I was going to push his bed time back but he stopped napping altogether. Does your son still nap? We have an hour of quiet time in the afternoon instead now. I don't think it's because it's summer. He has blackout curtains in his room because it kept him up when he was younger. Update: he did it again. Did not nap today either.

Jennifer posted in Babies Apr 15

Help! Suddenly Clingy at Bedtime

Our 11 mo old has out of the blue gone from extremely independent and generally a good sleeper to a total crying tyrant at bed time. She has always been a relatively good sleeper and needed almost no sleep training (using the 3/5/7min method she was usually down by the 7 minute bout). Her top two teeth are coming in, and she just dropped to one nap at daycare (she was already 1-a-day at home ... More

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t sleep train my daughter, she fell into her own pattern of sleeping through the night early on but she is now doing the same thing !! She fussed to get to sleep the last few days and the last two nights has woken every hour to two hours. I managed to rock her to sleep and used her sleep soother / white noise machine which kept her sleeping for the last few hours of the morning this morn... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Apr 15

My 2 year old hates me

I have been home with my 2 year old since she was born, I breastfed her the first 23 months and everything was pretty normal. We had a bed time routine and then she would breastfeed to sleep. The whole process would take 30 minutes tops. Now, it’s so stressful to get her down for the night. She has these outrageous tantrums every.single.night. I’ll just turn off the lights and she’ll begin scre... More

  • Tj

    I had a similar challenge. My son is now 26 months and I still struggle to put him down for bed or for naps. He goes down in minutes with his dad. But I don’t look at it like he’s a daddy’s boy. Actually I feel it’s more like he doesn’t want to sleep to prolong spending time with me. Sleep means the end of “us” time. His dad is boring so he just accepts it and goes to bed. Lol. So perhaps your ... More

  • Jenn

    Sounds like you stopped breastfeeding very recently. I'm guessing it's related to that. If you suspect that's the case, don't underestimate the power of a simple explanation (Mommy's milk is all gone, we don't do that anymore). I'd change up the bedtime routine too. If you're doing the same routine just without the bf, it's glaringly obvious to her that somet... More

Anonymous posted in Sleep Apr 15

1st time mom needing ideas please

Hello! 1st time mom looking for some ideas on my 2 year old. We go to sleep at 7pm and wake up between 8am and 9am, usually closer to 9! Is this normal? I feel very lucky but dad feels bedtime is too early. We may nap around noon or 1 depending on days activities. Since we sleep so late and live an hour away from any play groups/ activities my son and I hang out all day. Again super lucky. But ... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 15

    Money is a big thing on this one, but my 18 month old thrives with playing w other kiddos and dancing/playing:/running...... all of the above! I got a part time job and work 4 hours a week and he goes to “school” 11:30-3:00. He gets to play outside have lunch and have a nap all while I make some bonus cash and socialize my damn self! BESTTTTTT decision ever

  • Kieli
    Apr 15

    I would definitely try to take him every once in a while if you can! I feel kids needs the socializing, to learn how to play with others and how to make friends. Like others have said, try a library that is close to you. If I had a vehicle during the day I would totally take my daughter to the local library for story time. Luckily, we recently moved and our neighbors have kids that love my daug... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Apr 14

My child only wants me to hold him for naps

At bedtime we cuddle but he will let me put him down. I just want my own mommy time while he’s napping. Anybody else?

  • Kristen

    I had a snuggle buddy for naps too. Sometimes he will let me use a carrier while he naps which helps. In the last few weeks, we’ve been able to use a swing instead after he gets really sleepy. We also started swaddling for naps as well as at night, which definitely helped.

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Apr 13

Mattress protection

My 4.5 year old is still wearing Pull Ups to bed at night and I am so over it. What is the best way to protect his mattress while we transition from Pull Ups to underwear only at bedtime? We have a mattress pad that goes under the sheet, but I know I will need more protection than that. Thanks all!

  • Joy
    Apr 15

    There are plastic zip on covers for all size of mattresses. To save my mattresses I have one on each bed. I hope it helps.

Jess posted in Behavior Apr 12

Sudden toddler sleep issues

My son just turned 2 and he has been a rockstar sleeper from the very beginning. He started sleeping through the night on his own by 3 weeks. Now, all of the sudden he cries and cries when put down. First it was just bedtime and now it’s nap too. I think at first he had a bad dream because he woke up screaming and terrified. Ever since though, nap and bedtime are a constant struggle. He cries a... More

  • Jess
    Apr 15

    He has all of his teeth so I don’t think it’s that, but it could be growing pains. He’s been eating an absurd amount of food for the past couple of days. This has been going on for about 2 weeks so far. We tried putting a nightlight in his room and he freaked out. He doesn’t want ANYTHING unfamiliar in his room. It seems to really scare him. I just don’t know how to handle it. He kept crying on... More

  • PK
    Apr 15

    🙁 I’m sorry. Maybe call the pediatrician and see if they might have suggestions or want to check him out? Maybe something hurts when he lies down? Maybe take him to the store to get a security blanket or doll? My brother gave my son a stuffed dog a while back and during this phase I sat down with my son and told him that dogs are great friends and that this dog here is for him and to protect ... More

Jackie posted in Behavior Apr 12

Change in sleep

My 9mo was doing so great with sleeping and napping. We were even able to reduce her down to 2 naps (a 1hr and a 2hr nap). About a week ago she suddenly decided to stop sleeping 11-12hrs a night and not to sleep more than 30min and 1hr for her 2 naps. She also won’t let us put her down anymore for naps. She’ll scream bloody murder if we do. I think it’s teething but even giving her Tylenol does... More

  • Rivera
    Apr 13

    we also do the 730/8 bedtime sometimes it gets stretched as late as 10:30 but they still get up early. don’t know why. last week it was 7, then 6, then 5... mom says they don’t go back to sleep after i leave for work. *shrugs*

  • Stacey
    Apr 14

    Our 18 month old goes to bed around 6:30ish and wakes up around 6 in the morning. But he just started fighting his naps. He will scream bloody murder when put him down. If we leave him for 5 min or so he might calm down but we can only get 1 nap in at about 90 min if we are lucky.

New mom here! I have a 2 month old who recently quit napping for longer than 20 mins, any tips?

Her room is dark, I play sound machine, she sleeps through the night which is great but refuses to nap much during day.

  • A
    Apr 11

    I ended using a probiotic and massaged his tummy to help him poo. He would go up to 7-10 days without going sometimes. Massaging helped tummy time too I don’t like the idea of juice to early it has too much sugar....

  • Aryanna
    Apr 12

    Your baby might be going through a growth spurt possibly, so that may be causing the lack of napping. I went through the same thing when my son was two months old and then again either a month or two after that and it was because he was going through a grow spurt. So depending on how long he hasn’t been napping for I would give it about a week or so.

Keri posted in Behavior Apr 09

17 mo not sleeping through the night!

For the last 3 months my 17mo has been waking up at 3 or 4 am every night! We are at wits end! We work full time jobs and are zombies when we get home. My daughter slept through the night since she was 2 months old but not him. He screams and cries for 15 minutes plus and we are so exhausted and for the respect of everyone else’s sleep we grab him and put him in bed or guest bed. Why the same t... More

  • Ian
    Apr 10

    Our son did the same thing until about 19 months. Our quick fix was to heat up a bottle of milk and feed him and change his diaper. We did wait at least 5-10 min to let him cry it out first. We still have a bottle warmer next to our bed at night just in case with a small cooler with a bottle of milk so it’s easy to get ready. Eventually he just started sleeping thru the night. We’ve found that ... More

  • Keri
    Apr 10

    Thank you so much for your suggestions! We will have to give this a try!

Potty training nights

Potty training my 2yr. She falls asleep with no dipper on then crys before she has to pee so that I put one on. She doesn't want to physically wake up. Any tricks to phasing out of dippers at night?

  • Julie
    Apr 09

    Can you try putting the potty in her room and sitting her on it when she’s asleep but crying for the diaper?? That’s amazing she’s doing so well with training!! Congratulations!!

  • Stormie
    Apr 09

    Yeah at 15 months we got a little potty and after 2 weeks or so she would like to wake up in the morning and poop and it made me so happy.... then it got cold and she reverted and now we are communicating more but she enjoys the confert of a dipper when she goes #2. she really amazes me!

Anonymous posted in Child Care Apr 06

Daycare experience

My son is 18 mo and is going to start part time daycare. He’ll have lunch and a nap while he’s there. I am really worried about him napping, he’s the type that I put in his crib and he rolls around for a little while before falling asleep in his dark room with white noise...... at day care it’s lights on, probably some commotion and freedom of only having to lay on a mat AND their nap is an hou... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 06

    And it took me so long to get him to sleep well!

  • Anonymous
    Apr 09

    Look into buying a Tot Cot. It is made specifically for nap time at daycares. It includes a mat with attached blanket, so there would only be one direction he can roll. It also has a pillow and a "secret pocket" for a special stuffed animal.

J posted in Diapering Apr 05

Need diaper recommendation

My 9mo has been sleeping 11-12 hours a night. We purchased pampers baby dry 12hr protection and she has been wetting through them. We prefer pampers swaddlers but I haven’t seen any nighttime ones. I am willing to try other brands just not sure which people have had the most success with. Thanks for the help!!

  • Lily
    Apr 06

    Costco or Huggies! They last all night without problem. I have never liked Pampers, they never did well with my little one.

  • AVG
    Apr 07

    Target has pampers swaddlers overnight diapers now. At least that’s where I purchased them. You can also go up a size during bedtime.

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